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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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the, the news business data, but news live from berlin, you wafer under fire. as the euro's a piece of fuel arrives in covert infections, world health organization officials say social distancing rules have been forgotten, not just inside stadiums, but outside to after the tournament. will the continent wake up to a huge koran of ours hanover, also on the program for my south african president, jacob zoom, it defies a deadline to hand himself into authorities. he had been sentenced to jail for contempt. the supreme court says it will. his challenge and the us celebrates its
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independence day with a lavish firework show in washington. the biggest event so far as the buttons presidency, thought he was, it's still too soon to declare independence from the pandemic. ah, i'm rebecca writ is welcome to the program. the european football championships have given sports fans plenty of excitement this summer, but fees growing that the torment could speed up the spread of the delta varian in europe, with games taking place all over the continent and some massive stadiums at full or nearly full capacity. scientists, a warning that the years have already led to a rise in infections. the joy of euro 2020, summed up by scotland fans,
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they will you forage when their team under points against arch rivals, england, wembley. the tournament came to an end soon after. and there was another thing in the tale of it outbreak on and off the pitch scotland midfielder, billy gilmore tested positive, forcing him into quarantine, a post game chatman, england's bench hill. well, and mason mount also had to isolate even more worryingly. it was later revealed almost 1300 scottish fans were infectious when they went to london. the well health organization said supportive traveling to gain is a recipe for disaster. how are people getting the other traveling and large crowded convoys of buses? are they taking individual measures when they're doing that? what's happening off the games? when people leave the stadiums? are they going into crowded balls and pubs to watch the matches? if this mixing is happening among people who are not fully vaccinated,
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and there is the presence of the virus, there will be cases. this problem isn't restricted to the k finish or authority say at least 300 fans were infected while following their national team. mostly the 2 matches in st. petersburg that's contributed to a sharp rise in new cases at home. but despite these connections between euro 2020 and cove, it outbreaks you wafer is pressing ahead with increased stadium capacity for the semi finals and final, at wembley. and politicians in several countries are furious. german interior minister horse they offer accused the governing body of putting profits, either public health issue. i think that you way, 1st position is utterly irresponsible absolute for and for them to put more associations say clearly, we don't want it this way. we're reducing the numbers of spectators at wembley on
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sunday, one group of fans will be celebrating their countries great sporting success. but without further restrictions in london, fears of a coven hangover will only rise. i'm not joined by felix. comes with a freelance journalist base in cologne. why is you able to override these concerns? i mean, push so hard often successfully to get so many fans into stadiums. well, you would argue that you're making calls, but we've all seen that before the years there were 2 in dublin that were stripped of the right of hosting that tournament for not necessarily allowing him to stay in the spring here. and the message is, roy one, bang and use measures to it would use it to that it had to apply pressure if necessary to make that happen. absolutely. does the economic
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benefit then of hosting the euro matches, give us too much power of a whole country. it doesn't give way for lots of power. we all have to bear in mind that we believe we are doing the funds vaccination rollout, something to do with the content into, to get out of the corona practice at some point in the future and see if you have any kind of so what they have to offer to the work. so we definitely do that. you have the power and i believe, be directly read directly the leverage in be losing. now the number of new coven 19 cases in the united kingdom is now over 24000. we haven't seen numbers like that since the end of january. how can health officials really justify increasing crowded stadiums, wembley, the capacity, $60000.00, these massive fan gatherings outside of it's how can they be justified for help or
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do argue that the rates are very, very low, which they are. but they have been growing up of criticism in england and abroad. i mean germany, chancellor, i america of france leader minute, mcgraw, and it'll india both voice concern over the number of infections and over the outcome and the repercussions that the euro 2020, the final and final would have on the content into the whole. and i definitely think the last word hasn't been said in that regard. the games will be have in london, but the question is, what's going to be the aftermath of the whole thing? and this remains to be seen, of course, of course, and it will take a few weeks to save the aftermath, of course, from the us, from the euros this year. thanks very much phoenix comes in. come on
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for the south african president, jacob zoom or is defying a court deadline to give himself up to the authorities who has told hundreds of supporters outside his home that there is no need for him to go to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend to corruption hearing. the supreme court has agreed to consider his challenge to the verdict. sumac called on his supporters to keep backing him in his court battle. i call on all my support has to use peaceful means to protest against this injustice. i really must be clear. i'm not asking for sympathy. but justice de w correspond, christine wondered, what was outside the home of jacob's zoom in rural south africa and spoke to his
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supporters. she sent us this assessment. but where i am, if you didn't know any better, you would think that we're as a political ready, it is a celebratory atmosphere here. you've got people dressed in the colors of the ruling a and see that is the policy of mr. to my people dressed in the traditional hulu regalia, people are his support as opposed to the whole province where he does command lot of support. you have had gunshots being fired into the people rallying and crowds cheering around that the people here believe that they are here to support and shows on the barrier to the man who is being persecuted in the household. the atmosphere might be a little bit more somber. in the homes of south africans to feel that this is a man who has a lot to answer for. and his refusal to present himself and onto questions to alleged corruption in his administration and under his tenure is really a slap in the face of the law. so when the constitutional court or the supreme court handed down that that ruling that he wasn't contempt of court and then went
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on to sentence him 15 months in prison. a lot of people felt that that was a victory for the rule of law in this country. there is the feeling that the political elite get away with anything that they are not how to a concert about a peoplesoft that this would be a turning point for this country that people would see this. somebody like mr. zoom a former president who has really been at the highest of what you can be in this country going to prison for being in content that the law was equal and applied equally to everybody. and so that is what a lot of people welcomed, and that is certainly what a lot of people told me on the day that the constitutional court made that ruling. so that was the victory that this was views as now of course, things have sort of the winds have been taken out of the sale of the story in a, in a sense for a lot of people. because of course, mister, do my husband allowed to review his case, but this is what this means to people in a country right with corruption that anybody who is, seems to be corrupt, would be held to account. and that's what this symbolized for
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a lot of people w christine were at jacob's in his home in south africa when it's 10 to some of the other stories making headlines. more than a 1000 rescue is racing to locate. thousands of people still missing after a massive landslide in japan appears that isn't the story we're showing at the moment chilly has sworn in an assembly to draft a new national constitution. it will replace a legal framework from the era of military dictator. augusta penis shit. nearby. protest is classed with police and amount of freedom for people in prison during social unrest. 2 years ago. it's more than a 1000 rescue as a racing to located dozens of people still missing after a massive landslide in japan and flood waters tool through the say, san city of a tommy some 100 kilometers from tokyo. and they to 3 people unconcerned dead. the remaining part of a collapse condominium in miami has been brought down in a controlled demolition. the talent had been declared on stable and
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a threat to search and rescue if it's more than a week off of a disaster. 24 people are confirmed dead and 121 others are still missing. so frances is said to be doing well following surgery at a hospital in rome, the vatican said he responded well to the operation which was routine and intended to correct a narrowing of his large intestine. it took place only 3 hours, 3 hours after the 84 year old greeted the public instant he to square the kid. well, united states has marked its independence day. many had hoped that the country would also be celebrating its independence from the corona virus. thanks to a successful vaccination campaign, but worries about the delta various have dampened those hopes, even if celebrations a much livelier than last year when the virus was spreading rapidly. the st. parades are back all
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over the us. people came together to celebrate independence, a new phone, freedom in the wake of the receiving pandemic, the even b 11 to freedom. now to be able to go out and enjoy them. and it's been a long time coming down where july's vaccination rates in washington dc are among the highest in the country. but residents in the capital know that the battle against the virus is not yet one. the unknown, you know, with the variance out there, but i think we are trying to take advantage of as much as we can right now. well, case numbers are low in our area. president joe biden had promised americans that parades would be possible on the 4th of july, hoping that by now 70 percent of the population would be vaccinated that target has been narrowly missed. the president has to form
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a balancing act keen to reassure americans, while reminding them to remain cautious. biden must also convince as many of his fellow citizens as possible to get fascinated. he pointedly honored the nurse who was the 1st person in the u. s. to receive a job, an example to all he said was she had, she's out there making sure her patients and folks in their community are getting vaccinated. so they get back to their lives and their loved ones, hunger while back, and tries to unite the country behind his public health message. his previous answer is holding mass rallies. donald trump message, save america, not from the virus, but from the policies of the current administration. you know, what if they had good policy, i think could be hard to be, but their policies. so ben is so radical and it's so sick. it was the time the
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tunnel come, support remain strong. spies, meanwhile, has chosen a different way to connect with the people. and 1000 guests had been invited to a 4th of july family party on the white house lawn. i returned to normality in front of an impressive backdrop some small town and basketball. the german men team have qualified for the olympics for the 1st time since 2008. they beat brazil 75 to 64 in the final of the qualification tournament. and b, i sent it mark. wagner led the scoring by a large margin, putting up 20 points and grabbing 6 rebounds. and the to it a from been a corner one stage 9, but fell short of taking the yellow jersey the alien rider conquered. today's tough mountain finish is 2nd behind, defending champion caught a pocket shot in overall standings. monday is a rest day ahead of staged him earlier. last year's run around pretty much raw
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glitch had pulled out after falling well behind the main contenders. the sylvania had been struggling after you with her in a crash earlier in the week. watching w news up next, the 1st part of a documentary exploring what it means to be jewish in europe today. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the our thanks for watching the w. two's interest. the global economy. our portfolio e w business b on. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. analyze the flight for market dominance . with c w business beyond on youtube women in asia, i.


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