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the, you know, we are not afraid to catch and then it didn't have the african population is willene. and young people clearly have the solution to 77 percent. now every weekend on the w. ah. ah, this is deed of you news, and these are our top stories. the remaining part of a collapse condominium near miami has been brought down in a controlled demolition. the tower had been declared unstable and a threat to search and rescue efforts in the rubble below. more than a week after the disaster, 24 people confirm dead and 121. others are still missing. the
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former south african president, jacob zooming is define a court deadline to give himself up to the authorities. he told hundreds of supporters outside his home that there's no reason and need for him to go to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend a corruption hearing. but the supreme court, as agreed to considering his challenge to the verdict. chili has sworn in assembly to draft a new national constitution. it will replace a legal framework from the era of military dictator. augusta initiated nearby protesters class with police and demanded freedom for people in prison during social unrest. 2 years ago. this is dw news from berlin. there's much more in our website. that's d, w dot com, the whole ah
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the welcome to the label 3000. in 2015, i must die off nearly wiped out like life in catholics. we find out how they're doing today. the columbia coffee farmers face deplete futures, as temperatures rise even the high altitude. but 1st we had to the arctic ghost town of buckley, where residents pending the hopes on brushes, new comes for its polar region. in 2007, russia flaunted a flag full 1000 meters deep on the north pole feedback to stake its claim to the arctic as the ice cup smelt. competition for the reasons precious resources is
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heating up by 2035. russia plans to invest millions and infrastructure and the optic ocean. one key components is an increased military presence to defend rushing interest in case of conflict. as rushes, operations have jarred with other arctic nations like cameras, a norway. the most of the only icebreakers can get through the arctic ocean of russia. ah, melson, i opened up the ne passage between the north atlantic and pacific all around ships, could transport russian oil and gas straight across the arctic ocean. an opportunity for the northern russian regions to flourish. for the dying city of bucking tough, it could mean salvation. the growing emptiness in areas in the russian town is vanquished. lie abandoned
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around 2000 people, leave town in the arctic. but it's hardy, it's because still has a lot to do. she opened the beauty salon here in her home time, 9 years ago. around it doesn't customers come to her every day. she hopes her salon can give them a moment's break from the harsh reality of daily life. you can ship out for my, my opinion, the women involved more beautiful than anywhere else. you know many women on the planet and live in such a harsh northern crime. it is we days before, she knows all too well how hard life is here, but lies north of the arctic circle, 180 kilometer from the arctic ocean in the winter minus 35 degrees celsius is quite normal, even in the summer it can suddenly stop snowing. laquata is a mona town. the entire city is dependent on one industry cold. but the regional
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government says the deposits will be exhausted by 2037. there are mines all around this city, but only for if the original 13 is still in use. since the soviet era, more than 60 percent of the population has left walker, tom deal shamal. there aren't many people left and hardly any jobs we plan to leave to see how many of the houses are in terrible condition. you know, for shame that they will trust and everything's just going through just no, go from the. it's sad do. schools and kindergarten are close to group. oh, it's a vicious cycle. social institutions like schools are being closed because people are moving away because they close even more people leave. we shall board officials . so trying to regulate the number of people leaving, but a struggling to keep up. there are more than 14000 names on the official waiting
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list for resettlement to another region. that's almost a 3rd of the remaining residence bmt apartments in the suburbs have become a problem for the cities government entire districts have had to close. it is a lot of people get relocated and move away, and lots of some apartment buildings only have 2 or 3 families left here, but the central heating and sewer system will have to run for the whole building. so the city is paying for the empty apartments. it's a big problem. you follow the awkward char, soviet era monuments pay homage to the miners, more coal for the motherland. it says here, but the demand for that coal is falling, especially in europe. now russia has a strategy for the arctic that could offer a glimmer of hope for residence here, even though it's disputed internationally. russia wants to stop people leaving by investing an infrastructure, particularly for the extraction of natural resources like gas and oil. they've even
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factored in climate change. the warming of the arctic could open up new transport routes. barker talk would become a dry port, including for coal, with a railway line to the application. the region is counting on this on vicious project, even though currently it only exists from paper. steven foods instead of russia using traditional export routes to the west and south of the country, our northern regions could be linked to the northern sea route and the arctic. you know, we hope that as a result we can be connected to the global logistics networks again. yes. and that's grown and ideas the natalia sickle, it's hopeful as well. she's investing in her business beauty salon will move to a new building thing. the renovations are install swing, but she says she to might turn her back on her home town. one day, her son is about to graduate stickle dreams of buying salon and moscow. she says there's no guarantee that government projects in the article will work out before
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the teacher. it's difficult to say anything about the project for now because it's all just getting started will be good. we really want a breath of fresh air here. something new, more than maybe the idea of moving won't be such a burning issue for people anymore. but most people are no longer willing to wait. those who can a choosing to leave fucker tar rather than betting on a future in the russian outtake on me is a blue planet. around 70 percent of its surface is covered in water. climate change is causing temperature to rise. c has absorbed much of this excess heat so far, which has helped us that the increase. but now see temperatures rising significantly and with that sea levels escalation, melting, and the warm water is expanding. since the 1900 sea levels have risen by around 20
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centimeters, put about half a stop since 993. if the trend continues, levels could rise by another one meter 10 by the end of this century. in our unseen series, this week we had to times capital, bangkok, water has already become a real danger. i leave before the flood happened in the area. my daughter was 22 years old. to want to camps no need like one step and start getting bigger, weaker and weaker, and everywhere the sea is almost half off. the call is going to be under water. sea
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level is rising. 5 millimeters a year and inbound call. they also have the problem of sustenance, $12.00 centimeters a year. so it's a c t that just one meter above the home. so we need to be very adaptive if people have know in advance back come into the city of water. we have water in every direction from the pulling rain from arise and flooding from them. this is my home. and i'm actually trying to use my profession, the tools that i have as a landscape architect to tackle climate change in my city. a lot of damage have
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been because we do know suddenly the water attack, when the water doesn't have the area to stay. so stay on the road and the house of people millions of people type people and i are homeless. this place actually want all the way home from that. i have my parents that i have to carry and i have to taking care when the flood shot the host, it takes me, we need to increase so says try to integrate the registration phase. when the water goes through the services and can be reuse,
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everybody can help or slow down this chart to the need to increase as much as you can to be packed in space. so conway into, with a taishan service, we have $700.00 tempos in the city is con, word, back into queen area is a lot. and i think city level should have knowledge for sample every year. the flight comes you know i'm, i'm building my house right now. i spend a lot of money to building my house. i'm always thinking, you know, okay. one day i was thinking to be under the be anyway,
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and some people say going to happen in really still in the next 10 years. mm. i think rich people already by land in march and you know, like for people if really difficult for them to move you know, the whole life that the job that the family there many around is not actually designed to tackle this problem. what is change? so i just feel that early development, that's when we think the design architecture a, we house up, every buildings have to, we have a shot over from the top. it's actually the biggest move in asia. we actually have
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the requirement to have a beauty, be inclined to hope how student architecture and then use to so that to be part of the by, by choosing it, we call like a we got some rain. so normally we're not flown in the pipeline on the road is actually in a flood in the park and we have, we saw what a tank can keep the water the and we actually my do a, we are like the way we support our way of buying things on who issues to work with. maybe it helps only one can not be effective, but we have for millions of people here, bits my basis can help me
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this is probably how coffee was made a 1000 years ago, but a lot has changed since then. today, coffee is a global commodity, and it's grown in many countries across the world, around $175000000.00 bags when produced in 2020 each weighing 60 kilograms. coffee also with the mercy of climate change in income, be the 3rd largest coffee, growing nation off to brazil and vietnam farmers off bearings for that future. ah, she's just set off on her round through her coffee plantation, but clara largo is already feeling anxious. are the coffee cherries still healthy, or have they been attacked by the curse had beatles wouldn't come yet? the magic on climate change is feeling the spread of the coffee board beetle. me.
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you know, if you don't check the cherries all the time, they are more into the fruits and everything. you look on the whole lago family trudges along the steep slope after heavy rainfall. the path is slippery and indeed, there are beatles everywhere. remind out, okay, the problem is these critters, they've invaded the area and destroyed the entire being. look, it's eaten away the center. linda. it's heartbreaking for the farmers. once again, the harvest is mediocre at best. coffee plans are sensitive, they need a mild climate between 18 and 21 degrees celsius combined with moderate rainfall. but as the earth warms the weather patterns here are less predictable. nobody, really, none of them were ruined. we're going under because we don't earn enough money to buy food and we don't have enough to pay our kids wages. he was here at an altitude
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of 1300 meters. logos, coffee trees are dining. after 3 unusually hot summers in a row. there is nothing left but barren branches. it makes you sad, dan, down, you see how the plants are drawing up, even when they're watered, they don't survive. 7 years ago, the family took out a loan in order to cultivate in coffee. but because of the heat, not a single bean grew, all they have to show for their effort is debt. these small holder farmers are struggling to survive. life in the town of can revolves around coffee. it's been that way for generations. the roughly 3000 farmers here are proud of their traditions. here each coffee cherry is picked by hand, which is not the case elsewhere. that quality has made columbia
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a world leader in the coffee market. but as a result of climate change by 2050, the area used for coffee conservation may fall by half worldwide. coffee will become scarce. many farmers have already given up inside it, but it's not worth it any more than i don't even get half of the kilo price i used to get because the heat has ruined the quality of the beans. the beans are very small as well as the am we taking $500.00 bella cars out leaves at an altitude of 200 meters below cloud largo he's turning his back on coffee. he already cut down most of the coffee trees and he'll soon replace what's left with cocoa and sugar cane. c, s 3 to 4 k one because it said, everything here revolves around coffee. everyone's content. coffee is magical.
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everybody who produces it is happy that pose bone trail again everything his grandparents developed will vanish with sugar cane, taking its place. sugar cane is more robust in a warmer climate. still a 100 is worried about the future. sugar cane is sensitive to temperature. a time you came, i think oh, why don't stop climate change? everything here will come to an end. there'll be nothing left for tomorrow. if i don't, my son will destroy everything. so because of those still interested in growing coffee will have to acquire and clear land at a much higher altitude. that's not something that you will you borrow familiar has to worry about. i didn't altitude of 1700 meters. their coping with the effects of climate change. they had a good harvest this year. the year i've lived off of coffee my entire life. they don't think, i mean,
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i don't have a lot of money. but i was able to start a family and take care of them. thanks to coffee is really looking audio to quito his family and their neighbors have some advice from an organization that gets most of its funding from the netherlands. they now plant their coffee trees under larger shade trees. they also leave weeds in place to keep the soil cool and most of the in a short time, we have to stabilize the ground here by planting trees. that will help fight the effects of climate change. we can't stop climate change, but it will help to keep the coffee farmers in business longer. the coffee farmers in columbia are fighting for survival. warrior quito says he can't do it alone. but if he and his neighbors can work together, they might be able to manage ok. and what's that?
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sorry. we see the result of our bad treatment of the earth. the earth, which was given to us by god, cameras, and i have grandchildren here, and they're still small, but what will they do in 15 years? if we don't do all, we can now, one credit law goes family wants to start planting, shade trees to so that clara's son hummus can continue his ancestors coffee. growing traditions, the spring of 2015 se never witnessed before played out. and the catholic stat within just a few weeks, almost 90 percent of the population perished. why these animals died and more than anything? why? so quickly and so many was a mystery to the rangers and researches there at the time. experts wondered if the
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psycho would ever recover from such devastation in 201-6102 the mass delia and tina freezer to return to the catholic step. they wanted to find out how many so i had survived. ah, decided to spend days the thing, the bed packed down for the few remaining animals. this conservation area about the size of firms, was previously home 224-0000 cycle of which $200000.00. it wasn't easy for expedition leaders, stephanie food her to return to this place with the woman at visiting home. i was really shocked when i saw how many animals were dying back in 2015 and i was in the field myself and saw with my own eyes the 1st dead psycho lying there like long it was the 1st place where it happened. and i was right, there was stuff,
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hundreds of white deck for me, huge amount of us where thousands of animals were buried. still testified to the dieth along with the countess leech line among the bushes. ah, christmas veterinarian and antelope experts which had come also witness the disaster that was triggered by bacteria. the idea that the bacteria is present in the animals that we have confirmed that it does occur and healthy animals. and it overloads it. something triggers the growth of the bacteria and it kills the saga. the 2nd hypothesis is actually more of an environmental source of pass trailer which are ingested by the animal causing overload. and this would require an amoeba . this is a different organism which is infected by the bacteria, and then at that wet season period it may, may become active, the bacteria become active, and so the grazing animals in injustice and die as
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a consequence of the time the expedition members feared it would lead to the total extension of the saga antidote, ah, what happened? amazed everyone at baby being in the step and my spatial to me, and that's because at the age of one, females usually bear one calf of age. they tend to have twins and older, larger females may have triplets. i was living and that means they invest a lot in the production of off the brain. and that allows the populations to recover very, very quickly from the, even after catastrophic events like in 2015 or 9. fortunately, the the research has now estimate the number of saga at 250000 again, as many as before the mass die of the joy. the many offspring bring is offset by
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concern the saga and slowly returning to the area where the mass die off began. could death still be lurking there in the grass? the possibility of this occurring again is very high, and the question is simply when exactly what the trigger factors will be. but we can be reasonably certain. this will relate to, to whether it may be driven by climate. so the, the frequencies, if you like, of, of climate related events which dr. humidity, temperature, and then influence either the bacteria in the animal or the bacteria in the environment. it will happen again. i have no doubt. but human beings also pose a huge threat to the psycho poachers hunt. the animals will fail to china with horns are considered to have healing properties. the cycle habitat is also shrinking. there are 3 large populations of psycho in kazakhstan,
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the year old group in the west of the country. the stuart group on the border with his becky stone and the largest bed pock dollar in the center of the country. the saga herds moved back and forth during the yes, because the government wants to build a highway between the caspian sea and the cause of capital news. full time passing right through bad puck donna, even though there's an alternative route further north than when you get close stressed by every movement and especially car, even if they're far away on the horizon, they run away immediately. so if there was a road, it would be fatal. they wouldn't even approach the road anymore. been even if they weren't completely prevented from crossing, they would, at least he stopped for a while when their natural cycle of migration would be disrupted. you won't even do
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it right now, only a few sandy trunks cross through the steps. they don't pose a problem for the saga, but the pressure on the animals is increasing the side of the holocene extinction. so it's a pretty tough animal, but whether it can survive, the human answer for scenic sticks and i'm afraid is pretty marginal i think. so we have a number of factors coming up. you know, it, you know, the change in human impact on the environment directly. you know, we'll just complicate this further for the moment the saga have managed to come back from the bring in the long term. however, there's the bible depends on whether the catholic step is left as an untouched paradise. from us this week at global 3000. thanks for watching. we'd love to hear your thoughts. so write to us the label 3000 at the w dot com council, facebook page
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d w global. i did see you next time the the me the news. the news. ah, how does power? battery dead? not so i know who that again his team for lynn start up give me a 2nd life. a new job. tomorrow
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to do next on the koran says ah ah ah ah 2016 w ah. the news in december 2019, the european councils new president show me shows in order to honor the ground breaking mission. i have
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a clear ga to make sure the 1st time it's it's i don't the names on the planet by 2050 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required quite some time when the game of diplomatic poker, interesting power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august, 5th on d. w. me ah romantic and mysterious moon and have long captured our imagination. our weapons had a test in which became sant. biomass becomes piqued that makes them excellent coven things. and also the focus of a great deal of environmental research ah,
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all that i'm coming up a wilson tomorrow to day. you'll science show d, w. the story is covered 10 times as much land area, but move catch some more carbon dioxide that makes in tax morland's extremely important in the battle against climate change. the over the centuries movies have been drained for farming. some 15 percent of the world must have been drained and that releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. some regions of particularly effective, such as the european union, russia, and indonesia. today, some form of mood ends up being restored to restoring patients
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be inconspicuous looking moreland plans around drop sedation around the clock, an electronic scan. it takes readings once in our tracking their height, as well as the signs and angle of these researches at the university of christ in northeast, in germany, use that they tend to judge how well the plants growing at varying water, nutrient levels, their work also involved scanning the rates in the $100.00 class puff, longer these mean more heat could be home. crucial parameters when determining the best way to re wet a more must be when we've been able to re went around 10 percent of the morland's here in the northeast and, but how did those restored more work? and what we want to see is a system where carbon is retained in the soil long term of and this set up,
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combined with field studies and allows us to investigate those questions to the community between and that's why we bring together the heat and the plants and the greenhouse gas flow tables, gas, food stamps, were providing insights, that will be a concrete help and future land management of to have a good the water level, nutrient content, and range of plants all play a role in a moles ecosystem. the wrong combination could mean a re weigh it more, ends up producing too much me thing, affecting the carbon dioxide it stores striking the right balance is key in the right balance is also key when it comes to the plans that can be sustainably unprofitable. he grows on a requested more feminine of why the choice of options to the store comes from lakes and streams and rivers. and his rich and nutrients
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common read also is to the material for us. what is the insulation on fire proofing? ah, reach can i re graph and the common read potential buyer fuels in pilot form replacing oil and gas. so grabbing them on me which is more than half twice the climate benefit. animal photo can also be great for water buffalo, for example. all this means the wet sand and often many opportunities for sustainable farming. but it's a different story on upland. more baby lie only on a mortar, so then huge and content, it's very low. so we trans might thrive here, and that's another question. the research is from the university of great folks, are investigating spike in m. p small
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is very much at home screen conditions offered by upland. mo, i'm quoting you on a large scale might really pay off in northern virginia. legal affairs even miss asked me, you could been germany, we use around 7 or 8000000 cubic meters of pete a year for horticultural, some strength else. that's what most of the vegetables we buy and supermarkets are grown on just like or in a mental plan. what have you, not scanning on these and off that resource to grown over millennium, but it's being harvested and used in a short period of time, which is why we're cultivating piedmont to replace it on the top of that using the platinum replace the peat will only work if the scientists can breathe fast growing variety. the researchers are using this test field to see which
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kinds of spectrum most might be feasible options. they selected varieties 30 more across europe, primarily from sweden, norway, unfinished data. go dig a teen, perform regular checks to keep track of how the different varieties the growing the samples they take. and they to dry and weighed in the lab that allows them to judge how the bio mass in the field is increasing. their goal is to find the ultimate super mouth. me spec no more fish grow year round and are ready for harvest of the 3 years on experimental fields. the researches are still using a converted figure in the future. they hope harvesting machines will be able to go directly onto the fields. they'll know this back in the most,
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leaving the roots in the soil to give rise to a fresh generation of peat. my way the field was to be receded off the harvest. inspect them. it's not just useful as it can also be used in everything from insulation to diapers and packaging. it's a most versatile material, ah, that's a farming on re record more to drive. it will need the same kind of government support that conventional agriculture enjoys germany. $100000.00 pictures of land that is suited to growing spac namath. it's a sustainable climate friendly form of farming, with lots of potential for the future. ah,
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some of the plans that are grown on our fields don't end up on our plates. instead, they used to produce bio plastics for disposable dish where for example, but can such as cone and soy are important crops that help feed the world. so using corn starch, for example, to produce bio plastics isn't really sustainable. that's why one company in switzerland has decided to investigate the parts of plans that are used as food creating bio plastics from waste. that's the mission of fluid solids. is derek. the materials that arrived here would normally end up in waste disposal like the boat that have come from a mill. so how can i be used to make plastics?
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because that's the 1st, a quick inspect shows the suitable span cause says a wide range of natural waste materials can be used to fill all any cellulose based materials. i caught her o hamel, coffee grounds, grew as grain would powerful. we've tried more than 50 different things, but it is all for the car began experimenting 10 years ago if you noticed anything like that and out as an industrial design is. so i'm curious by nature and like to try things out and we took potatoes peeled them and extracted the starch. we try not show which we ground of a young man. we've really been very hands on from doing basic research and what are nice think lee, a big kitchen going off the phone at some point they came up with a solid material and the very 1st prototype was born back cause i used
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it to develop his own bio plastic, what's known as a composite 1st the tasks, the ground and mixed with 2 other components. mixing is owned by chemist francesca cheney, who's a binder and a secret ingredient, go into the ground. this sample is still to running. trial and error is still part of lab life here. yes, i found it open. you know, we have to optimize the niger to produce plastic material. which we can then process like regular plastic light in the normal stuff. and this is what it looks like when the mixture has solidified. it forms the granular the proportions need to be adjusted for each natural fiber. the 2 inventors illustrate this with their debut product soc hangers, theater, the these ones,
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the very elastic these once year though, you can definitely feel this difference within fluid solids produces hundreds of thousands of soc hangers in competition with conventional cheat. plastic. the plastic market is highly competitive. impact it's brutal decisions. if he's all till we move in chuck infested waters. ok, maybe that sounds a bit too negative. we thought of. i'm going to get to know. i think it happens in any industry with iraq changes and new approaches are developed. so you need to find your place me and told your ground against your competitors. my phone happened on the team members demonstrate just how well the stock hangers, decompose using compost oil. once buried in the compost, the bio plastic degrades,
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in 5 weeks. the much slower process in water. but even in water, the stockholder slowly starts to dissolve after 5 weeks. so this bio plastic is not completely waterproof. but the sure, depending on where it's used, that could be a problem because i wouldn't recommend using fluid solids, say 4 chairs, original area paneling. but there are plenty of applications that involve no direct contact with water. then it's excellent. you can compare it to untreated, would not the health fluid solid has already produced. several other prototypes, including a tv data bothers us be sticks, and decorative stars, water solubility isn't an issue with these products. but the big breakthrough is
7:43 am
yet to come via plastic looks set to take off in the near future. these boxes contain product designs developed with major food companies and furniture makers. until they're actually ready for market. they have to remain top secret, be ours, if it can be exhausting. firstly, it might help us grow the business if we were allowed to say with whom we are working on these projects with my mental health. and secondly, i get people saying to me, we will have a be with you anymore because you keep saying that it's all secret time making readily degradable bio plastics from waste is certainly a compelling idea whether large scale manufacturers will also make use of it remains to be seen biodegradable plastic should help solve one environmental problem. we asked you what other environmental issues do you think scientists should research and what are our biggest environmental
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problems. when chum from nigeria wrote for us in africa, science should focus on 2 things, waste disposal, and forrest bias. we didn't have many large companies, so the global warming caused by these companies isn't a problem of the daniel, overawed beliefs that scientists should focus on waste water treatment and on technologies that can capture the store and treat c o 2 we move some, a saw where says that scientists should investigate the causes of the flags that are destroying so many areas ah, who's in the grid? yano stood at home when scientists to focus on renewables and affordable energy, perhaps from hydrogen, which could replace fossil fuel. thanks for your comments. this week's
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question also touches on an environmental problem. traffic in our city is leads to congestion and home full emissions. moto right from allay had a question about how does living close to major roadways impact people's long term health? some studies suggests that living close to busy traffic on cerebral cross roads, it's quite deadly. particular master nitrogen oxide ozone noise. all these factors increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, asthma, diabetes, cancer dementia, depression and allergies. the risks to health directly proportional to proximity just full of toxins. annoies long study
7:46 am
conducted among 5400 post menopausal women in san diego, shows that the women who lived 100 meters from a major roadway were twice as likely to suffer from hypertension as women who lived 5 kilometers from a major roadway. the, however, the precise cause is that the increased likelihood of health problems isn't entirely clear. some research tends to focus on noise factors, other research on air quality. pollution, for example, causes approximately $8800000.00 premature deaths worldwide a year, according to a study conducted at the university of mind and the max planck institute for chemistry. but how exactly is the permit you just defined a day, a month, a year? research is calculated that the effects of abolition shows in people's lives in europe by an average of one year. recent studies also say people who's been exposed
7:47 am
to particular massive or extended periods of time, a more likely to die when in fact, if i was 19 basically living close to busy roads, it's bad for us. and anyone who can avoid it should me if i was let, is read, why do you have the science question? you'd like us to send it in as a video text to voicemail feature on the show. you'll get a little surprise from us as a thank you. come on up just on the news. you can find move fascinating stories from the world of science on our website and on twitter. news around the world. we produce mountains of much of it ends up in africa and asia for people who went
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to recycle of labor under terrible conditions and suffer serious health effects. that's because a lot of the ways contains many hazardous materials. batteries are also testified as hazardous waste, but researchers are looking for ways to make them more environmentally friendly. here at the swiss, federal, a bar trees for material science and technology research. as i working on the battery of the future, they'll need to store more energy, have a longer life, be more cost effective, and more code friendly than today's batteries. to do that, they're looking to improve the chemical composition of the battery. a battery always has a cathode and, and, and the positive and negative terminal generally made of element human copper to cathode side of a lithium ion battery is coated with compound such as nickel cobalt and manganese oxides. and the side with graphite in between. there's an
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ion exchange membrane called the separator. the caffeine and an ode i kept strictly apart, each lying in its own conductive electrolyte. as the battery charges, lithium ions are released from the coating of the cathode migrate through the separated to the entered and stored in the graphite. as the battery discharges the ions migrate back to the cafeteria to produce electrical energy. the electrons flow between the 2 ends via an external circuit course in batavia and its fellow researches want to optimize these lithium ion batteries. over the past 20 years, the amount of cobalt in batteries has already been reduced. cobalt is a critical raw material and they want to cut it even more cobalt has in properties that make it ideal for boosting energy density and battery life. that's
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what makes it so when dispensable and difficult to replace with an equally effective alternative. but industry is looking for alternative use. china has already invested at least $60000000000.00 in the electric cars sector. europe has been slow up, the mark thought up and it took the europeans used to wake up and see this new trend on the horizon. now we're fast followers, which means we 1st need to catch up on the expertise that asia has built up over the course of many years. in the meantime, europe is set up a range of research initiatives as well. so about 10 years from now, we should be able to assume a leading role in the battery sector. but the remark, the european battery alliance currently support some 70 different research projects, including at the swiss materials science research facility. it's experts are also
7:51 am
testing alternative electrolyte materials with a high lithium conduction, right? they've already succeeded in a bar tree. instead of the conventional electrolyte liquid, they use a lightweight solid version as the lithium conductor. that makes the battery lighter and safer. it's the liquid that makes lithium ion batteries hazardous. this is fine. i think there are safety benefit shuttle, but we also hope it will make them charge faster a lot, and then it would be okay for them to get warmer. batteries are part of a global undertaking to make a mobility fit for the future, making it safer, cleaner, and more sustainable. and the research is here determined to make that a reality in eco friendly battery that have huge environmental benefits. last year they were some 11000000 registered electric vehicles worldwide. and you record and 50 times
7:52 am
the number just line years ago. the person ration e cause will seen reach the end of their life. and what will happen to all those dead battery here in this former factory in berlin, a startup is found a solution to cut the overall carbon footprint of car batteries. i know her niche and his teens give them a 2nd life. as the company's name suggests, they call them gregory's cotton depot, and so on the but when we get the batteries, they storage capacity is down to 70 percent. first we dismantle them and we take the $48.00 modules out and analyze them. then we use them to build a new better packs. so the old battery still have about 70 percent of their original capacity and are far from spent. their dismantled check and reassembled. the old battery package up cycled into
7:53 am
a better pack, a compact 35 key, low energy storage module, reborn power pack that also benefits the environment. so get, this is our product vital energy supply system system. why are we doing this? that is why we want to help prevent c o 2 emissions and this is clean energy, the energy, the powers climate agreements, tory nations, to cutting c o 2 emissions to 0 by 2050, better pass could contribute towards that goal. they offer a clean alternative as an energy supply and for mobility to better fit comfortably into a truck. second lie for old car batteries. it's especially practical for parts of africa and asia as a handy option for clean mobility. i
7:54 am
know who it was, once a managing director, ed rolls royce, germany not only is pursuing a green agenda and he's looking for partners to get on board me at this facility outside paris. his idea is going to be wrapped up in europe 1st. factory dedicated to recycling cars. automaker they know, is eager to lead the way in sustainable mobility and is already set up joint ventures with start ups like batteries. well, who failed to see the flat as it on the metric we want to make our facility a pioneer. because we're also convinced of the economic benefit to cos, bulletin, movies, future of the automotive sector, meeting the demands of society and customers, climate and environmentally friendly lucian's was committed by example. it's already paying these for shipping containers are packed to the brim with $54.00
7:55 am
repurposed e car batteries. they're stuck in groups of 6, forming a miniature power plant connected to the electricity grid. they serve as a buffer to compensate for power fluctuations in the grid. the for containers together can supply $8800.00 households with electricity for one hour on the banks of the river send in paris. the former car batteries have taken to the water d. d spot runs a tour boat company and was quick to get them on board. me to be sure to do the future for everything connected with the transportation. both the 2, especially even all the criticism about their environmental pollution ah, spot is refilling his entire week with the revamped batteries. they already power his smaller boats with enough capacity for 2 trips
7:56 am
a day. he wants almost all his both running on electric power in time for the paris olympics in 2024. the supplied by 2nd life car batteries for today will be back next week with another exciting addition of tomorrow today. until then, by, by the news . the news the news, the news
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the the the koran says the conduct a rarities
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requiem 2030 minutes d w. ah. was right in front of it. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with $20.20 strong off course. during the qualifying round, not least for sports heroes, actually it was a weapon the face. but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. when i'm fired up and ready down during locked down, the lucky go to tokyo, georgia july 19 d w. how does a virus spread?
7:59 am
why do we panic by? and when will all of this? 3, the topics that we covered and i weekly radio. if you would like me for information on the cronan virus or any other science copies, you should really check out more podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find the w dot com, forward slash science. the in many countries, education is still a privilege. hardy is one of the main causes some young children working minecraft . instead of going to class can attend classes after they finish working the millions of children all over the world to go to school. the we ask why? because the education to make the world more just the make up
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your own. d. w. made for mines the the news business database news live from berlin. you wafer under fire. as the euro's a piece of fuel arrives in covert infections. world health, organization, officials say social distancing rules have been forgotten, not just inside stadiums, but outside to after the tournament. will the continent wake up to a huge koran of ours hanover, also on the program for my south african president,
8:01 am
jacob zoom, it defies a deadline to hand himself into authorities. he had been sentenced to jail for contempt.


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