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tv   Auf ein Wort  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 5:15am-6:00am CEST

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stay ahead of stage 10 earlier last years. runner up. pretty much rutlidge had pulled out after falling well behind the main contenders. this living need had been struggling after he was hurt in a crash earlier in the week. and you're up to date. i've told him berlin, thanks for watching the news. imagine how many portions of lunch turn out in the world, climate change stores. this is much less the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to. i'm doing all women in asia in that's me for all the money and
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money under the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire story this weekend on d. w me this week on will stories, medical activists some the threat in hong kong. the essence of beauty and diversity in london. we begin in afghanistan with a more than a decade line. the hi diary has been helping drug addicts and couple telegrams from surgeons is making help less difficult the
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earrings and because on and lena high diary is on her way to mother camp. it is one of the few privately run addiction facilities and caboodle. her diary founded mother camp on her way. she passes by poly, sucked her bridge, where many drug addicts live a lima. you know that i'm up with. but other, and we'll talk when i saw the bridge for the 1st time, it was like looking straight into hell. i thought this is what hell looks like. i remember the people were lying on the ground like animals and were dying. and they could have had promising life become maybe his after work at hamlet. there was another shock install for her diary. she hadn't seen her brother for a long time and found out that he was living under the bridge. high diary decided to take action. she wanted to help her brother and be many other addicts, and caboodle almost everyone in the city of 4 and
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a half 1000000. know someone whose life has been destroyed by drugs or rehabilitation center, located in western could boil instead, her son was once an addict himself. for 30 years. he suffered from harrison dependency. but with high diaries help, he managed to kick the habit. now he manages the center in her absence. meet is not an addict. he has been here ever since. high diary found him as a young child in a garbage can on the side of the street, most likely abandoned by his family. he was to do both patients stay here for about 4 weeks. there is a lack of crossly medicines to withdrawal symptoms. so patients usually have to make due with cold showers. we also have a lot of talks and music sessions. the high diary also has in mind to turn off the rehab. she also runs the restaurant,
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taj, big room, all employees are recovered, addict, the world helps them lead drug free lives and brings you perspective mohammed hussain is one of those who manage to turn his life around stuff. this is a special place for afghanistan. so we can feel pretty safe here. i'm very happy to work in this place because here in the restaurant, it's just difference. almost like a family that was thrown on a on a, on some take offense to the venue. the restaurant received threats from extremists also because it is run by women. high and diary has managed to build what she said out to build. but the situation and afghan of 10 is unstable. he was scrawl of international troops is under way and should be complete within the next few weeks. but been a hustle of
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a got on. i'm pretty pessimistic about just gone future with the husband really quick, cheeky as my the only one who can control wants the future of the taliban that are, that are radical muslims, that here and no, not the women was and d as the mommy lane and the future is uncertain, but at least for now laila, her diary knows what she is going to do. so part those with a drug addiction and couple for as long as possible. the one year ago, china passed a controversial law making it easier to the mainland government to abreast and charge pro democracy activists. now, very few activists have the courage to protest in public. the writing has politics and his love of hong kong into his skin. he'll be with one yet chin even in the darkest days. solving talk on the whole. i hope me remind me of
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the beliefs i started with, even if i'm jailed in the future. one started the group student politicize isn't last, may just after hong kong or is heard about the national security law all at 20. he's one of the oldest in the group. there is young as 15, there's some of the few still visible on the streets. many other groups are gone. sorry, it's not all lower. the why decided not to go to college last year. he got, i wanted to dedicate myself to activism while i was still free, though they are still work. i know many political influence are seldom speak in public fear. they could be coughed under the national security law, especially with it being so uncertain migalia how we feel like we have to step out, especially when prominent figures are either in jail or in exile. deli, all that i, paul, why one has been arrested 4 times in the last year. twice just this month. marches
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are banned under pandemic rule. he and his group hand out leaflets instead, but it's enough to get him into trouble. the pressure is intense. he knows national security officers are watching him. he doesn't go to sleep until 7 am. so he's awake at dawn. that's when police arrest people at home. he's part of what being says is an extremely small minority that the national security law targets to preserve stability. one thing has the stability brought by the national security law is just an illusion and is built on people's fear. there's no reason for further treat. what if even the terms freedom and democracy become to be one day. i won't compromise on my speech or that if he will. he and his groups support those already in jail. they take supplies to protest, years behind bars on. well y'all handle on hong kong future is more
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important in my one future, gaining when the political prisoners are released in years or decades to come. i don't want them to return to the worst. hong kong hong kong without home callers call in. we have many see we are the kids chosen by the time, but i think it's we who have chosen this era. i see all the symbols on his skin state, his certainty, the tattoos are messages of defiance to his future self the for decades, only east germany secret service side on it citizen, the information was stored on files. many people only found out later how extensively they will be in
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missouri and longer zebra. i read the door of their old building and east, and then they lived here when they were young. a nice that will anything but private going in on the display stealthy infamous spied on them from across the courtyard bank when this tree was much smaller. how did you see stumpy, people standing magical? now, i just found that when i read about it, we would never thought about it. the thought of them standing there. now, on the dash tati files contain hundreds of pages intercepted letters and informers reports including viva, and offers apartment layout game and had in my someone looked into my life and i had no idea why they described me as
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a person from their perspective. but it wasn't a very friendly one. i know this is on the last style the it said, but i live with this culture. but why? with a to women, spite on and they they came from the provinces to east berlin and found good jobs here working for the east german state newspaper, northeast georgia, and new germany. they made a fateful move. we tried to leave the country from 976 onwards circuit, awful and intimate zebra applied again and again to leave. always giving the same reason is lifeline day clubs. i do not believe trustworthiness of disgust. i have seen 1st hand how little human rights are respected in east germany. in these days, they tell people born after the war came down, having risk life and limb to leave east germany. old. i didn't want
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someone else to decide where i lived. you know me, i had a certain point i had enough and then i thought, well, no, i want out. i want freedom of loss is going to try and for that desire, they almost ended up in prison. the how do we define view team? dance is the question being asked by photographer christine, of our act. siena she knows beyond classic ideals. we visit her in london. the people with disabilities, with different skin colors, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. diversity in front of the camera, staged by a photo or me, a photo shoot in london with no decent mate. timble and joe in deal was born
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without buying them. and with milly, ellis brown, a person who identifies as neither male nor female. they are oem users of russian photographer christina vaccine. okay, very good sense of beauty is the name of this photo project. seen as aim as a highlight, people who are often under represented. and she wants to establish a concept of beauty that goes beyond the current standard with close to so many voices suppress and to be given a foreign powering a model that i have today. shan, this very important call it to me is that in a strength that they been able to understand themselves and find their place in the world and believe in the house and love themselves
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except their own money. their own uniqueness has earned international a claim for her photographs which are exhibited in galleries from new york to moscow. before moving to london and 2019, she worked in the us for 10 years, photographing people like artist marcia th massive discussion about females and was passed as being a woman and need to change the office 2021. it's time for change and direction wants to support that change with her photographic works and a little more with the news
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the gate forward, instead of a time, a tech now instead of an oregon firing off guy before we have this ministry in grammar and hardly anything they do is by the church in the living room. it's pretty catholic. ah me, wendy's daily life for jews in europe like beyond the framework of political debates . how much to anti in the conflict in the middle east effects daily lives, film producer, alice brown, and published cooler man, examined what it's like being jewish. the 45 minutes. these
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places in europe are smashing all the records into a ball. they venture the treasure map for modern globe trotters, discover some of us a record breaking site on google maps and know also in book form me the good conclusion. did any danger or idea is that the church comfortable room where you feel at home and what feels more at home than account? how is nick coach? don't be me. and it's just as i imagined, notion best and follow best case scenario is that in
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a few years time it won't just be us to time. here. might be everyone on sofas, beanbags and dec. janice, do you drink on some drink by the smell that black batman james bond address? the catholic we leave that out. that creates distance. it makes you into this big black wall. we where our normal clothes and i where capital jeans, trash and shoes. ah, the news the evangelical parish green who embraced half in northern germany, much bolder and christian to our friends and co passed as here. this is their 1st
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posting candle, vivian. gladder has been a parishioner for many years, man, cap, guns, nerve, and was exterior fester on the perfume. people get stuck in one style of music, especially counters. so i'm glad you too are making me think outside the box. i believe if we want to reach a lot of people, we have to be open to things outside of our experience. i'm happy to explore heavy metal techno or hip hop as long as it moves people that some learners mentioned leaked to kind of mature music, can touch people's hearts in a totally different way. what i need 4 minutes to say takes you just for bars and the whole room feel food doesn't 100 for me. that's called working and lot when people work together, something emerges that nobody can do alone. and that's amazing. oh my
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god. oh my no me. i yeah, i oh i i oh, you bring in 900 sixty's back then it was working class to street. these days unemployment is high here. and child poverty has become a problem. like my recent penny me plus 2. and we always say we're pandemic,
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pastors, and we don't know what it's like to be a pastor in normal times. but there's definitely a lot missing. and i haven't shaken a single person's hand and i'm a half. and you know, i haven't been able to give anyone a hug. you wanna pass pastors, we literally want to go beyond the church. we don't want to hide behind thick walls, but be accessible to people in the neighborhood. and i'm going to be in the state of god is that we noticed the church doors can act as barriers on. i'm like okay, classrooms and how is it fair that we expect people that come to us when we could also be the ones taking the 1st and then going out of them and also fit again makes you guess i we came here last summer. wish i know i genuinely like living here. people are easy to talk to me like like, oh, brians crisply. yeah. you know,
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i'm crazy about skateboarding. yes. escape board instead of a pastor's car. there are many things that the rookie pastors do differently. the the town is a parish counselor. she regularly visits the form of pastors grace, the company, nicholas about coffee, me one for me. and, and one black coffee machine. making me off, do you really like coffee? are going to be past us, it just feels right. he wasn't into flour and had tied in whenever we'd have
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a chat, he'd always have a coffee and a cigarette and a capital. but that's why me that was making and from that i had passed. i like to bring them a cup of coffee in coffee. me something chairs making post making pastor grows, cop was much loved pastor, filling his shoes is a big task. me. he had also and asked me he was already doing things differently as dins. it's an interesting to 5 o'clock church service once a month, which he didn't wear a catherine to log a, talking out, and he will require a jacket with pastor written on the back. and as it had all, he did things differently in his own way. and that later good foundation brought open people to change providers and stuff it up on the common concert on sure, there were some people, a few older people who care about tradition avoided criticism and these they're
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putting students for somebody over 80. it's important for the pastor to where cassock is this the stuff that puzzle and tolerate, but i think in those cases you just have to talk to listen and communicate with each other and explain the changes and the opportunities they offer home as possible and they should thompson be to does one increases 1st acts as pastor took him to the top of the bell tower. mcglatian as long after the very 1st morning we arrived. i noticed that at 8 am this bell rang for 5 minutes straight to share. with you right away? i thought that if we wanted to be accepted in this area, then this thing can't ring for 5 minutes at 8 in the morning because there are people who do ship work. and i also like to sleep past 8 on my days off and now the bell is silent at ha. and chris lives in the large rectory and his
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girlfriend. ah, he's doing one of the many rooms into addressing and exercise room. ah, i really enjoy experimenting with clothes, shoes, but me to tell you, but i should as young a fund. what totally surprised me when we started here was that i thought we'd get into trouble for things all the time in church was, but almost nobody cares. what really got people worked up were our cat dogs. i got calls from all over germany, about wearing caps during service and the emitter. and i have to admit that woke the rebel enemy, the tongue because frankly, i don't understand that kind of superficiality, the kind of god doesn't care what we,
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where in church we should just be ourselves. i thought, nor is epstein the issue. and i wouldn't say i'm vain. and for me, vanity is when you need others to notice you feel as if you exec i did that a lot in school and fell flat on my face to talk on other minor. we move too many time and so and for my classmates, i was always the one who was too sensitive. it was in the loop, cried too much. who dressed too colorfully. too much like a girl. when done, i'd often get told if you're not a real boy and if you and then they tried to beat me up to make a real boy out of me. since then, i couldn't care less about the man, woman things, coatings, me the way i walk around now is a bit in your face. but that's also reactionary and tossing
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pieces around $3000.00 dvds in his living room. him undefined. the for this was, i'm in with one when i started collecting dvds when i was still at school at emma. so not a cool thing about movies was that they were this journey into another world full of feeling with an issue that tries to north and know when things weren't going great at school. i could take an emotional holiday with a film. was me what hurt me back in school has now become something i really treasure and me stuff. and that sensitivity community management. when i talk to people now about something sad, i only have to flip a switch and my heart is on because i know exactly how it feels. it's vice. i know what downs due to you. it's not something i've learned from book. i know the feelings i've experienced emotion so strongly doubt, sadness, joy love met at some point. i couldn't deal with them. i'm and and i had to learn to live with each of the like, who leave him down at mac
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fleets, just around the corner. he made a conscious decision to take an apartment in one of these buildings. and he had coaxed the only half of the apartments here occupied, but hardly in high demand began. there was a period when this really vogue and high end, but that was a long time ago on the high end of a long. i've actually torn some buildings down, look up and there were still him. he flat on the morning sunlight quiz max was a popular kid. he doesn't have any expensive furniture in his flat, but his home has a lot of playful littleness,
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which he values the mess the most powerful, warmed in the world. us stop, the elder kind of this entire can do a little magic up and so not with for example, if i say alexa knox, i'm the light goes out. alexa lumen dot o. 7 mark received his ring as a present surpassing his starts exam, a german government licensing exam license usually i just think it's beautiful and cool about there have been times were often annoyed when things got to be too much me got a few and i look down to this ring and thought you passed the exam. this here is a much smaller problem. you kind of and that works and it's a little trick of my phone. yeah. give me, it's not so important that it's a ring from my grandpa. it's
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a special object. invest with the meaning of the daughter of florida. yeah. this is my little in the corner. let me get the light. and i'm complex by and i'm sitting with a completely white background and it's nicely lit the to tie really like that, a static and saw all just why. oh pastors work with social media. last exploding you claim lima scape here, there's no way to to record the housing on their smart phones and share the experience with you to follow the references. you'll be surprised. there's
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a lot to see here in the court creates a lot of jobs around a 5th of all work that's around 70 to 75000 jobs in the state of breyman depend directly or indirectly on the port on and have these gateways in the world are of enormous economic importance for germany. explain what you see in the group a morning commemorates 1200000 people who started their journey to the new world. from here in the 19th century, the the support facility in greenhouse
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4th largest in europe. the everyday 10000 shipments of cars, agriculture vehicles, and military transporters. a loaded onto ships in this harbor, along with the around 10000000 fish getting sported from each day the the the one session is probably not through our stories intact, so the contact is much more open and direct to post about their lives almost every day. also to make themselves approachable, they call it in the counseling i'm writing highway high will have to be a popular ship's name in order to know. so find people can reach
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us really easily. you just have to type and send a message and the message reaches us that makes us clickable pastors and they aren't the only clarity going digital. the german intern church even has its own network called eat on which christian influences regularly exchange ideas. chris gets paid to participate, so that allows them when everyone in this group would say they're not doing this to promote themself. coming to me, it's about getting colds. message out showing people that the church has also normally on it's about overcoming barriers and prejudices, meaning of which there are heaps director of the whole time. you've had copeland by the location, get social media is great for that. easy guy on easy on the be pretty cheap. it if we didn't use it as a communication channel for
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a lot of people. if something doesn't exist on their phone, it doesn't exist at all. in other words, this is a new living space that we all use and then have it together. so old media also have to develop a join in and find ways to get involved in people's lives. all we need to need to be a vehicle, a way of transporting god's message of love. well thanks guys. it was great. niga race is this guy, 111 the 2 friends woof instead of the make shift g d on the 1st floor of the rectory. they use it to record the video podcast. the format to get the message out. and then one of the topics i want to discuss today is how difficult it was to get internet in the church. oh, the now everyone. i'm chris morning when he hey and i mags. yeah,
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we're here at libra. alta. i 3 hays that wish i'll do it again. and if it doesn't feel right, i can say it well, but have another go. you always do such a good job. ok, good luck, john. night, everyone. i'm chris morning. hey and i max, we're here at libra. but with $300.00 and i know more than shot after money, we finally have internet in the church because we had to check thousands of possibilities until we finally found a way to have internet strong enough to stream our church surface when to mean english as internet industries con, i see, i remember when we started here in the parish, i came into my office and there was a yellow plastic case in the corner, plastic for charlotte, fun stomach. and i remember i said, what are we going to do now? and yet, who can still fix this super old technology?
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your response really impressed me. you said going backwards isn't the way. it's kind of a storm in practical terms, a cable doc had to be done from the rectory to the church. due to corona, the number of helping hands in the community is limited. i think just my guy looking good. i'm stream team. i'm on the stream team and i regularly see how our internet isn't working. we won't have better internet for the next 10 years. if we don't take matters into our own hands, that's why i'm helping you know exactly. now pull the parisian of don't mind working hard to support then you pastors next to fresh on their different my husband and now people my age i'm only to really feel like
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going to church sufficient to be and i think that's great as a speech. you know, it just offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities. this is good and i think it's good instructions that have grown over years or even centuries. get shaken up. mentioned to people who think creatively, who have new unusual ideas that have always change history. i'm changed the world of the church 6 and ruth lays the cable. the going online isn't the only development in the parish. you can see it here. very clearly reinforcing raj showing the plaster is grumbling . what time is chipping away at the church? it's falling apart. more and more, at some point, it will collapse justice trotter's time and i don't have a problem preaching in
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a shabby church, but it shouldn't fall on our heads. the big question is, does the church, but it's money and walls, or people would mention that life rules was born and raised in green hofer during the 20 years that he's been fixed and he's watched the church, his place, and society shrink. this used to be the parish hall. now a social services center stalls donated close here. in order to in all the local exit the church of or die. it's sad or, but what can you do? there are 2 sides to it. why you're tired. it's something new and that makes young people happy lawyers and, but the older ones don't like it. i'm, we missed familiar from these are, there needs to be a balancing act on this enough. i don't know the spark out within the bid for that. corona has accelerated,
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the speed of change together with the current or the past as planned. the online services almost like a shot, including a song choices. oh, i, i, man, law guy. cool. that's a 1st song. booked saved, voice to men, boys, boys, to men. you'll love them. yes, i mean, oh, boys to men i see in on. yeah. you know, when he's writing sermons much, withdraw him to his flask. whenever he gets stuck, he meditates. instead of a crucifix on the wall, max has a trinity, not on the ceiling. to symbolize the holy trinity
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without my faith, i think i'd be a much crappy person. it's thanks to my faith that i can step into the world, happy and motivate and be kind to others and not be in india. sunday. the service isn't until 5 pm preparations for the live stream begin at noon. let's do a sound check, and i like that sums up me, ah, max increase a co talk because also helps keep me grounded. especially during this emotional time, we've been showered with praise, but so it's been really important to keep each other honest. this disappointing the mirror in the right direction and the mainly upwards inside. so we don't deserve the praise. there's no for the price. got all the folks from max max can tell me
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anything. you can say that for chris that was crap and arrogant or i was impressed . that was great. no matter what he says. i know it comes from the heart and that's why i take it to heart melting morning. hey guys, the co welcome home. what a gift to be able to worship together again. i saw the next visit is aren't allowed into the building. it that this woman came to follow the la stream in front of the church. good afternoon. that sense of community is nice for
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everybody. not just for me, national for me. i'm on my own. i only have a small dog at home practitioners on line one total and the church has always been the place where i can recharge my batteries. voice. miss, man, i must come when we can go online. when all we can do is cry. god, god is there for us and says, i am your heavenly mother and my arms are always open to him. i often feel slam your heavenly mother who is happy when your oil light will never forget you against anti in whose forever their fears are men to make has meant that the young pastor christie has been very different to how they imagined. but slowly, they're starting to feel at home. oh
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yeah. oh mm. mm. use
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the daily life for genes in europe like beyond the framework of political debate. how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effects turn daily lives . producer alice bama and publish eve cooler mom examined what it's like being jewish. ah,
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there is a baby boom in the next step. and it's the psych antelopes were critically endangered after falling victim to a mysterious epidemic. and while the population is recovering, this species is still in danger. 3000 in 60 minutes on the w. o. against the corona virus pandemic. now has the rate of infection in developing what measures are being taken? what does the latest research say? information and context ah, my recent data, special,
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monday to friday on b w. the in december 2019 the european council president showed me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a 3 year job to make sure of the 1st time a gentleman on the planet by 20 not all member states supported some persuasion as required. a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power. the host of when the game diplomatic poker, the power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the sun. it starts august, 5th on d, w. the
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ah, excuse me, this is the w news line from berlin. jacob zimmer, defies a deadline to hand himself into the authorities. the former south african president tells cheering supporters there's no need for him to go to jail. the supreme court is reviewing a prison sentence imposed for contempt. the u. s. celebrates its independence date with a lavish buyer will show in washington.


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