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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 4:45am-5:15am CEST

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message which ones work best? and is there anything that amazon can learn from the pros? the, like racing required skills, strength and endurance can aim, competes and races regularly. so she needs to train effectively and recover quickly after each re good. she's taking part in this study, looking at various different methods of recovery. i'm doing this tech to find out what is the fastest and most effective way to recover after a hard training session or race. and if i have 2 races on the same weekend, how to make sure i'm feet on the 2nd day. both physicians swindling 1st tex kim's blood, he takes you real levels that can be raised up to exercise. and creating kinase
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o c k levels, which indicate tiny injuries in the muscles caused by hard training. kim, kim didn't do any training yesterday, so she should be arrested. animals and muscles won't have been work and particularly, and she shouldn't have had a negative energy balance. so c k and urea levels should be lower this morning. also giving a flat sample. she does a performance test. chemist feeling good and powers away 5 minutes full power. ok. mm. then she hit the road. mm hm. does a typical training session on the cross country tuesday of 20 minutes, full towers with a 5 minute break in the spring the cuz yeah, how to is a keen soccer player and just doing some of test sabrina. gorski will take his
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blood in the same way, but 1st he has to answer questions on how that he's feeling today. the study is time consuming, but the 27 year old was keen to take part. when i was almost as an amateur athletes, i want to know what my recovery time is like and how i am physically and was also told to rest before undergoing the test. paper has to do 3 spreads to see how that he is. after all, soccer players need to be in the cover and you can do better than that. he then begins a regular training session, 90 minutes of dribbling and passing all brief movement. it's quite a different form of exercise because i can't remember his ankle,
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but when you look at what happens during football, you can see there are a lot of fast sprints and stole that lead to inflammatory processes, which caused tiny injuries in the muscles and falls back monday, sunday, and so we'll need to stimulate other processes to age recovery. for doing that, i don't. both athletes try out various recovery methods during the test. mountain bike akins spends time peddling slowly off to training. ah, kristian meanwhile jugs change the full 15 minutes of these cooling down myth is known to be beneficial, but could at fashion role, for example, be more effective on the 2nd day. both athletes spend 20 minutes massaging their muscles after training emission, so it's a technique that i often use to help me recover after training. i like them cross,
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been my daily companion for years with years from the down and talk taking up a clatter from miss kim is also used to doing the training with a fashion, a role or black role. after a hard training session. it's quite painful 1st, but if you do it a few days in a row, it gets better. after the final training they go for the 3rd method, an ice boss complex time, it's 28 degrees celsius, outside the water is just 12 degrees. it's the 1st time christine has tried this out. the, but with this ot, whether it's not bad, it's can 1st time to the wow. it's called the cold water causes all the blood vessels to constrict and then
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dilate again afterwards, helping to repair the tiny tears in the muscles more quickly. the next day, the packet, the result. regardless of what type of school would you do, it always varies from one individual to another. as to which recovery method helps best. the results for kim and christy and similar peddling or jogging, slowly proved to be the least effective. so we've got your results. so kim, all 3 recovery meant to tell you the face your role was most effective. the play crow. thank the i spots felt better. but the face year roll would have been my 2nd favorite. okay. just him, but yeah, christian, 2 of the methods worked on you. but the ice boss offered the best result in terms of your body's recovery from for has not said, did you expect that with my impression to good christians going to go out and purchase a was while kim can stick with a more convenient fashion?
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well, water plays a hugely important role in regenerating the body and supporting 5 functions. ah, but drinking too much of it isn't good. i bet. more than 3 liters of water a day while she is vital folds out of our body. in extreme cases, the medical profession talks of water poisoning a condition that can be fatal. what else should we know about our water intake? drinking between one and a half and 2 leaders of liquid a day is ideal. the only question is, before a meal during a meal or spread out over the day that start in the morning. many swear by a large glass of water before breakfast is supposed to get digestion going.
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doctor's called the gastro college reflects. ah, it's a very natural reflex. you can do whatever you want with the jump started in the morning or not by drinking something new for hire. i know general recommendation because sooner or later the testing gets going by itself even without a glass of water. but don't dry out when the sleeping urgently need fluids in the morning when we wake up. in fact, our bodies, our masters, are conserving water. they can recycle fluids while sleeping. this works particularly well the longer in cheaper we sleep. researchers in the us have discovered because then our bodies release hormones that help to recycle water. that's why we don't usually have to pay at night. if on the other hand, we sleep too little, for example, less than 6 hours. we don't really so many hormones and the recycling process
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doesn't work so well. that's when you try out and feel mapped out in the morning. ah. why eyes those who sleep too little at night to compensate just straight away. so the greater loss fluid on to resume anyway, people should drink a large part of their daily requirement in the morning in order to prevent dehydration causing a headache or even a me grain. and then because in for 2 boys, and how about drinking while eating? many believe we should do it because of stomach acid. in fact, there is no evidence that drinking is bad for digestion. because it doesn't matter whether i drink something or not. networks with stomach acid, i don't have to worry that stomach acid is somehow diluted when i drink something.
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on the contrary, if anything digestion is stimulated along with onion, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with drinking while eating. however, a glass of water is not absolutely necessary for digestion, because here to our bodies use a recycling trick. our intestines filter uninstalled water out again at the bottom of the tracking at the end of digestion. regardless of whether it comes from food or what we drove in the fluid interest system and can be used again for digestion in all our intestines. recycle 5 to 6 leaders this way every day. even if we don't need it, drinking water, you can be very helpful, especially today, so much obesity and unhealthy food, n p and dis have. so we recommend that you drink a glass of water with your main meals because it promotes the citation process and prevents the absorption of too much energy to feed. but no matter when we drink
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whatever we drink should have a little sugar as possible. only then can i help with weight loss? why do we have to worry about when to drink at all? doesn't our sense of thirst tell us what to do by itself? not necessarily say medical professionals because we don't always get the right signals at the right time. cuz only, you know, bring the sensory regions for hunger and thirst close together. well, that's why it's so difficult for us to clearly differentiate between hunger. he 1st got an appetite in everyday life as a mine. so if you think you have to eat a snack, you should 1st have a glass of water. and most of the time a snack is then unnecessary. how does this dungeon starting, you know, or mid twenties, we very slowly lose our sense of thirst so much so that in old age we could no longer rely on instead of thirst. we then get a dry mouth headache or
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a difficulty concentrating. that's why our regular drinking habits make sense, whether after just waking up with meals or in between. the main thing is we get enough water regularly. that wraps up this addition of in good shape. join us again next week, until then it's good bye and take care. the news, the news
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the the the the the gate board instead of the tech know, instead of an oregon firing off god. messes with the ministry in grammar. and hardly anything they do is by the church in the living room, pretty catholic. ah dw
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me what does daily life for jews in europe like beyond the framework of political debates? how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east affects the daily lives? film producer alice brown and publish eve cooler man. examined what it's like being jewish. ah, in 75. ah . the news moving the
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the cause cool. but it just me in the room the frankfurt a hot international gateway to the back connection, sophia road and radio located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the whole world. experience standing shopping and dining offers, enjoying our services, be our guest at frankfurt, airport city, managed by from board o 3
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. the news . this is dw news line from berlin, jacob zoom to find a deadline to hand himself into authorities. the former south african president tells cheering supporters there's no need for him to go to jail. the supreme court is reviewing a prison sentence, imposed for contents the us celebrate independence day with a lavish firework show in washington. the biggest event so far of bite is presidency, warns is too soon to declare independence from the pandemic use. devastating
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wildfires tear through cypress dozens of houses and whole groves of ancient olive trees destroyed the separate president calls it the worst disaster in decades. ah, ah, i'm here and hilton, welcome to the show. former south african president, jacob zoom. it is define a court deadline to give himself up to the authorities whom has told hundreds of supporters outside his home. there's no need for him to go to jail and he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend to corruption hearing. but the supreme court has agreed to consider his challenge to the verdict is in the cold and his supporters to keep backing him in his court battle. i call on all my support has to use peaceful means to protest
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against this injustice. i really must be clear. i'm not asking for sympathy. but justice dw correspondent christina manuel was with supporters gathering at the house of jacob's duma in rural south africa. she sent us this assessment where i am, if you didn't know and you'd better, you would think that we're as a political ready, it is a celebrate treat atmosphere here. you've got people dressed in the colors of the ruling a and see that is the policy of mister summa, people dressed in the traditional hulu regalia. people are his supporters. this is his home province, where he does come on a lot of support. you have had gunshots being fired into the people rallying, and the crowds cheering around that the people believe that they are here to support and show solidarity with the man who is being persecuted in the household
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at the atmosphere might be a little bit more somber in the homes of south africans to feel that this is a man who has a lot to answer for. and he's refusal to present himself and answer questions to alleged corruption in his administration. and under his tenure is really a slap in the face of the law. so when the constitutional court or the supreme court handed down that that, that ruling that he wasn't contempt of court and went on to sentence him 15 months in prison. a lot of people felt that that was a victory for the rule of law in this country. there is the feeling that the political elite get away with anything that they are not how to accomplish. lot of people thought that this would be a turning point for this country that people would see this. somebody like mr. zoom a former president who has really been at the highest of what you can be in this country going to prison for being in content that the law was equal and applied equally to everybody. and so that is what a lot of people welcomed, and that is certainly what a lot of people told me on the day that the constitutional court made that ruling. so that was the victory that this was viewed as now of course,
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things have sort of the winds have been taken out of the sale of the story and in a sense for a lot of people. because of course mrs. human has been allowed to review his case, but this is what this means to people in a country right with corruption that anybody who is seen to be corrupt would be held to a constant. that's what the symbolize for a lot of people that was dw christina was at jacob's room, his home in south africa. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. the remaining part of a collapse condominium near miami has been brought down in a controlled demolition. the tower had been declared unstable and a threat to search and rescue efforts more than a week after the disaster. 24 people are confirmed dead and 121. others are still missing. chilly, has sworn in assembly to draft a new national constitution. it will replace a legal framework from the era of military dictator augusta in the shape. nearby
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protesters clashed with police and demanded freedom for people in prison during social unrest. 2 years ago, 47 people have been killed in a military plane crash in the philippines. as, according to the military chief of the country, 49 passengers were injured. the transport aircraft mister only during lending on the island to hold but tolerable, have seized control of several more districts in north enough to stand more than $300.00 african government troops fled across the border to g said, as the militants advanced, the taliban now control around a 3rd of afghans for kenneth and rather districts apprentice is said to be doing well following surgery at a hospital, enroll vatike and said, he responded well to the procedure which was routine and intended to correct a narrowing of his large intestine. it took place only 3 hours after the 84 year old agreed with the public in saint peter's square, and the denial states had just celebrated its independence day. many had hoped that
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the country worst hit in the pandemic could also be celebrating its independence from the corona virus. thanks to a successful vaccination campaign, but worries about the delta vary and have damping those hopes. even the celebrations are much lovelier than last year. when the virus was rapidly spreading, the st. parades are back all over the us. people came together to celebrate independence, day, new phones, freedom in the wake of the receiving pandemic. the even b 11 of read them now to be able to go out and enjoy them. and it's been a long time coming down where delighted vaccination rates in washington dc are among the highest in the country. but residents in the capital know that the battle against the virus is not yet one. it's
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unknown, you know, with the variance out there, but i think we are trying to take advantage of as much as we can right now. well, case numbers are low in our area. president joe biden had promised americans that parades would be possible on the 4th of july, hoping that by now 70 percent of the population would be vaccinated. that target has been narrowly missed with her immunity. still just out of reach the president has to perform a balancing act, keen to reassure americans, while reminding them to remain cautious. biden must also convince as many of his fellow citizens as possible to get fascinated. he pointedly honored the nurse who was the 1st person in the u. s. to receive a job. an example to all he said was she had, she's out there making sure her patients and folks in their community are getting
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vaccinated. so they get back to their lives and their loved ones, hunger while back and tries to unite the country behind his public health message. his predecessor is holding mess rallies. donald trump's message, save america, not from the virus, but from the policies of the current administration. you know what if they had good policy, i think would be hard to be, but their policy is so been, it's so radical and it's so sick it was assigned to tunnel come support, remain strong spies. and meanwhile, has chosen a different way to connect with the people. a 1000 guests had been invited to a 4th of july family party on the white house lawn. i returned to normality in front of an impressive backdrop. one of the traditions on independence day is naturalization ceremonies for new american citizens. some, 10000 people became american. this july, the 4th president, joe biden,
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himself presided over one such ceremony in washington. it came as, as administration rolled out, a strategy to encourage more immigrants to become citizens was earlier we spoke to d, w's, carolyn and shem, or at mount vernon, in virginia, where new american citizens were also sworn in. we asked her what the people there made of the event gave her name. i don't if i can recall the new american citizen, how are you doing today? or today until wonderful. so it's a special moment at central day for my family, for me, for myself, a mike there where my life changes completely, no longer strict data. and this can we can do some change. wonderful. and it's amazing what is like the most important thing to you. why you
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think it to be an american citizen at the mom or you said it to the country doesn't really matter where you're from. there's a 32 different countries from which people were citizen became a tell he doesn't really matter where you from. you will be our home here and it's a family that can protect 5 the worms. so yeah, it's amazing. thank you. that of course the 4th of july is the very 1st. they say it's not really basic 70 there. you can see the fire work. it's a very special day for 39 people here who just became american citizens. the worst wildfires in decades on the mediterranean island of cyprus have killed at least 4 people. raging fires have ranked dozens of homes and destroyed pine forests and ancient olive grows. the slippery president says it's the biggest tragedy from
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the civil war which split the island nearly half a century ago. as the wildfires raged through the troops, mountain range residence of at least 8 villages were forced to evacuate. homes and vehicles were gutted by the flames. entire communities raised to the ground. villages describe the moment they decided that they can look up about as soon as we saw the fire approaching, we got in the car and drove off the be have the benefit. if we told you already, there was a fire almost this the carpet. unfortunately, the planes on the fire services you arrived very late. but on the left help also came too late for, for a gyptian farm workers. their bodies were found 600 meters from their burned out car. police say they appear to have fled their vehicle on foot in an attempt to escape, but ran towards the wind found flames. the president of cyprus visited the area he
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promised to help all those affected by the fires says you have a bill. i reassure you that our support. so all the people will be decisive to you will compensate whatever is possible to give people back home and help them survive . this tragedy will be that it is more than 55 square kilometers of forest, and farmland has been destroyed by the massive fires from the air. the scale of the destruction is clear. authorities say the main blaze has now been partially contained, but the fear is that the flames could intensify. if strong winds reappear later in basketball, the germans men team has qualified for the olympics for the 1st time since 2008. they b brazil, 75 to 64 in the final of the qualification tournament. and be
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a center more. it's wagner, lead the scoring by a large margin putting of 28 points in, grabbing 6 rebounds in formula one max, 1st op and scored his 3rd when in a row, as he converted pull position into victory at the altering grand prix. it was a comfortable wind for the dutchman, but there was also plenty of clothes racing behind him. full red bull and macs for stuff and the austrian g. p is a race on home test, not least because of thousands of orange collab, dutch fans supporting the man starting in pole position. his team mates says your pet is enjoyed a tough stop to the race. dropping down several spots as lambda norris pushed him wide and left for the mclaren driver and himself a 5 2nd penalty for the maneuver. norris stayed competitive trading places with lewis, hamilton on numerous occasions as the 2 britons went head to head for 3rd place.
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then in a ram, move hamilton, let teammate voluntary bosses through who was deemed the foster of the 2 with 20 laps to go. the fin had to settle for 2nd though, while norris claimed 3rd ahead of hamilton, race leader, mac smith, steph, and cruise to victory with a cushion of almost 800 seconds. but that was late drama, further down the grid as veteran pac kimmy rake, an. an answer to boston settled, crashed on the final lap. but it was party time for the ducks, friends who celebrated stephens 4th when in 5 races. taking him 32 points clear at the top of the championship standings and in the 2 are different spin o'connor one stage 9. but so short of taking the eligibility. these trillion writer conquered today's tough mountain finish and his 2nd behind defending champion today pulled a shot in the overall standings. monday is a rest day ahead of stage 10. earlier last years. runner up. pretty much rutlidge
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had pulled out after falling well behind the main contenders. this live you need had been struggling after he was hurt in a crash earlier in the week. and you're up to date. i'm talking berlin, thanks for watching the news. so many portions of lunch turn out in the world climate change stores. this is much less the way from just one week how much work can really get we still have time to i'm doing all.


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