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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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after who was hurt in a crash earlier in the week, you're watching t w news up next, the 1st part of a documentary exploring what it means to be jewish in europe today. that's undock filled. you can remember, you can always go to our website, d, w, a dot com or heather for more information and there until berlin, thanks for watching the news. the goal was right in front of them. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo and 2023. of course, during the qualifying round these for sports heroes countdown during lockdown starts july 19th on d, w. ah,
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every day jewish life in europe that's rarely shown away from politics. the middle east and anti semitism, it was important for us to continuously go over and capture what's going on. ah, alice brown is one of the most significant jewish film producers in europe. i felt it was important to have this perspective to tell the story of europe, jewish community as we traveled across the continent. eve kugal, mine has always played a big role in our family, editor in chief of the magazine pack list. and he's written so many articles that we've discussed together over mealtimes. so i was really cheap to work with. the o
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the, it might come as a surprise that our journey of judaism in europe stopped in time. there are many branches of judaism, sephardic, judaism that started in spain, was a key part of mark graham. and morocco was the center for many, many centrist. ah, it's incredible that there was once more than 300000 jews living in morocco. but those surprising to me, the ah, me amazingly
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beautiful as him is very heterogenous and has many different influences. the 2 big ones are artic judaism, that most becomes from north africa and spain and european judaism, ash canarvy. me i since fallen click and here we're looking across a key part of jewish history movement across the beach, head from europe to africa and from africa to europe. but jews and also muslims were expound from spain in 1492 by 9. and then after the 2nd world war, many hundreds of thousands of jews travelled from north africa back to europe, and also israel, whole fucking. and it goes back to the old testament, if you want to look at a mythological and this whole aspect of judaism in central europe is something we're not really conscious of,
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not in the general community either in the open mind too much of that. and that's actually clearly had such a major impact on europe. migration flows in both directions. so we're now seeing another migration movement here in the same place they've been happening for centuries. and that's the reason we're starting our journey through europe from her . yes. so she'll open you up again in a ah ah,
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i've never been to mars day, but i'm excited to see what jewish life is like here. the . it's a typical pause city with lots of influences and immigration. and that's why city that's always been open to the jewish community. the life is obviously changed since the attacks on charlie. it's now considered necessary for the press in france to have security guards. the initials are different. hello. you're listening to radio g m. today will be playing
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a selection of the most beautiful songs by shot as no one who passed away. yes. it was known for his love of israel and the jewish community. jerusalem was hills that m g m a jewish radio. and marcia was established in 1982 shortly after the election of con swan milan. when many radio stations were created, that it was extraordinary for the development of jewish culture, your jewish music on the radio music from a israel. and teachings from rabbis was miraculous, wonderful than the other. you were you ever threatened with the demand? ask them what usually was on the come to received threats as have many jewish institutions. unfortunately, sometimes the threats are serious. sometimes they're more comical. but we have to
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take precaution, those will be $74.00, then they can. we now have bullet proof windows here and the security gate. like in a bank, we've been able to secure our premises with help from the government to the ministry of the carrier and the community. so france is a country that makes sure the june of living here, you'll see, often can with this effort to work with people in march, they are very open about their religion. aren't they? select the best port culture marsey culture until there's something magical about him or say magic my face, it's like a washing machine and you put everything in together, but the piece keeps its individual color piece. we're all washed together, but we retain our identity and that works about 95 percent of the time open. just say it as. marcia is still as exceptional as ever. it's a city that's open to the mediterranean. so i mean that's welcomed all waves of medication with open arms. i totally totally event because you're
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not was very confident, a nuanced discussion. he mentioned the good, but also the problematic aspect. i feel like you've looking at the picture of jewish life here. 3 will tend to spectacles. i don't quite believe it's all sunshine and rainbow. well then let's meet a woman who grew up here and has seen jewish lives develop here as a many, yet that's the policy yet because i need all these years ago, mostly in the 1970. it was less each to their own. people lived together, did the catacomb. i know why there was a neighborhood where you'd find jewish youth centers, eastern bakeries, and kosher butcher. it was more mixed,
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more side by side. there's also mostly then at some point people started to separate from one another in the city. and today, most of the jewish businesses and jewish schools are all close to the big synagogue . when on the coast, there are kosher restaurants, jewish doors, and youth centers. if i want to sort of cluster has formed partly because makes it safer and more convenient for the people who practice or their own key. gotcha. is that something you think the attacks have played apart? i don't say that this close knit lifestyle existed before, but it's true that the tendency to keep to oneself has intensified because of that, especially after the attacks and to lose and elsewhere in france. i think also there wasn't much solidarity when we protested. we were on our own,
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it was only after the attacks in paris and nice that people started protesting in bigger numbers when everyone felt effective, talk to often feel excluded. also, people say it's the muslims and the jews with the problem. but it's not, it's all of society. no, it's not muslims versus jewish. that's what worries me in the populism of the far right, right. somebody more nasty. now formerly the from nasty and it grows year on year, especially in the south. all of this affects me as a jew, and as a french person in the shoes are very religious, so we're happy there's the place right next to the school where we can get kosher read itself actuating. the more we huddled together,
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the more scared we become more scared, we become more we teach you feel okay. here we think. yeah, this just don't have a good life here. but there's always the fear when we take our children to school, that's something might happen there. are soldiers outside the school, and that scares us on the, the model of the room is the color. it's astounding that there are $48.00 synagogues and places of worship that are barely guarded. yes, it's very different to paris where they need a lot more security and guards, especially since the attacks things look very different in other french cities.
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often, i used to live in paris. i lived there for 10 years with my family, including my children. about e m. is often by i can tell you there's a fundamental difference in parents. my kids didn't dare to go out onto the streets wearing the kid up is certainly not onto the metro committee. and if they ever did, they would almost certainly get attacked verbally or sometimes even worse. it's different here. they can, where the kids out on the street. another factor is, must say, if their own cells say you, then you would, you keep the body that brings together the religious leaders of all religious communities. and the mayor of my say is your catholics, protestants, buddhists, jews, muslims, every one of the in the ship. what do you want?
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no more said the meetings, have a collective and common message that based on all religions problem, massage, collective a comma humana last and once a year we organize a huge event that attracts maybe 5 or 6000 people from the same media. he told you, man, if everyone can see all the different religious leaders there and it gives the community a sense of cohesion, a desire to live well together. and who is your need? something to be in the, the
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the the the the the, the ah . 2 2 2 ah,
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she's an am on the national my control. at some point i just wanted to discover my culture. my musical interest led me to my room tonight because there are very interesting aspects of jewish culture image that is, my mother is ash canarsie, and my father is 40 boots. those kids, i don't and they went to israel, but not because they felt jewish, not at all, but it was because at the time they were of a certain political persuasion and wanted to practice in a kid boots. my brother is israeli. i'm the only french one in my family and i ended up in my thing, which isn't really friends say is sort of separate to the country. i feel like a true marcia, because i really like the city, even with all its law. you must have seen them risky, and i will call that judy. why? see? so anyway,
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that's how i feel. what i could do shown there are lots of different people very mixed though. i like being in the busy neighborhoods and soaking up the life. excellent. when i liked living by the water too, because i feel mediterranean. so she was so many to me. yeah. oh oh, here 30. 0 oh oh.
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ah. i think it's great that we're traveling straight from say to one of the oldest jewish centers in europe, transport and not just to paris as you might expect. you see a whole other jewish life here. there are neighborhoods with a strong jewish presence at a scene that you will find almost nowhere else. because we want to lose passport has always had a label, so not in a derogatory way. on the contrary, in a very positive way, it has the label of being lonely community. in its intellectual sense. there were granted intellectual figures who are born or contents across the board. if you ask a random jewish person here and they tell you they feel no sense of anti semitism here, it's not a part of everyday life. you know, they tell you they feel alive here. transport is often referred to as little g,
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l m, sort of a little to read them. come 2nd. so yes, that's what people call strasbourg because jewish people can live here peacefully, totally independent from all the tension that arises elsewhere. totally tall, strong keep of exist. there is also a very special quality of life and stress because of a jewish community poly, peaceful lifestyle that we enjoy here every day as jews plays out right in the heart of the city. this will be the nazi somewhere on the outskirts, but write them a part of strasburg life of those was probably less, you know, you don't, you could use community is part of strasbourg culture, as it will show us. what quality of life is extraordinary. if you feel that acute distances are short, you don't need a car to get around. you can walk your children to school or did you stop? okay, cool. is that everything is going well into one place and is off on here. the call
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is on auto media. no big problems with anti semitism in strasburg for a few small incidents here and there. if you don't pass the ball, i was able to maybe see the community as good us as exist. of course the community is guarded by the police because there could be threats here too. but it's not something you are constantly aware of. i think that's one of the reasons jewish people choose to settle here, especially families with young children and will continue to nurture and develop our jewish way of life. they move multiple ah ah, here's the restaurant and down there is a school where the grill is right here and there you have the culture pastry shop. there's another synagogue nearby and another culture chart. notes on this little street. there are 7 or 8 of them. oh
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no, no, no, no, no. i don't know. i can show you can it's a little we're in a real kosher paradise. incredible. there's a closer shop on every corner. a closer supermarket, you can buy closer pot the closer popcorn, closer gummy bears. and the laid back atmosphere. wow. oh monica. oh good. mom. this
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o g. e. o. o, o. o. chavez . he's about so bud, some stuff is shavone of the saturdays a day of rest for all jews, no matter where you are and on my role is canter doesn't change much whether i'm strasburg or new york or a small town like fryeburg because the task is the same was still for i have to lead the prayer, read from the tora, seeing well, and so on. about shabbots in a big city like stress book. so i think that really is a wonderful experience because you see lots of jewish people out on the streets. months of this new than dressed in the traditional way for shabbat. yes,
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i'm sure but and they're happy, it's all they go to synagogues go for a walk and things like that and they invite you alone by them. and then i'm glad i realized having spent time in france, germany has a very different approach to judaism. the whole way of life is much less apparent, but the mindset is different to some of the holocaust hangs like a sword of damocles over the jewish people. you can't just forget it, it's not possible. come on. and in france i get the impression that they live much more in the present. people there aren't shaped by the past and such an extreme way that probably has something to do with judaism. so the one that came from morocco or spain, or an area around there,
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it's very different to your or eastern european judaism that went through the show . actually, are you 2nd generation, i tried to call not kings off on holocaust 2nd generation of children of holocaust survivors. even though the question is, what is a holocaust survivor around with my parents for young? my father was born during a wave off. he was a baby when the jews were being deported and it's actually thanks to him that they managed to escape to switzerland the same thing. so kind of been it's a long story. i'm probably not the 2nd generation, the psychologically i didn't listen to was day. i'll be that they were hidden from me or anything back sufficient, but the older you get, the more you wonder why your family came out of it relatively on, on the phone call me think about dining or more home after fleeing from france and germany. my grandfather ran the jewish refugee camp in bonds on the fish. he was
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also confronted with adams with the city of alba. but i know how to put it. i'm a free person and liberated person because i didn't grow up with these. dora has used in construction, so i've got oxygen as it was lava toppa, just to see what it will. i think what i've seen is that genes in france live a much freer, more present oriented and also future oriented lifestyle than we do in germany. as well as the
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i leave hello alice corona. how do you know me? and i especially know your sister right back, my cousins and christina going to yes, tod, refer from the mac and again, jessica. right. she helped us a lot on how you nice to see you. nice to see you. this is going to tell me we have mccarthy, sports clubs in germany, and it's awesome all over the world. are there non jewish kids in the clubs to help us as it is exactly as far as possible? we have jews and non jews playing together and again, we're very open. i think we want to build those bridges, but it depends on the place. there's mcafee munich that's open to everyone, but they're much stricter about the jewish traditions and religious practices. they don't play or train on saturday for example. and we do play on saturday because just like they do in israel's, and it's just a normal match day. so when you say that on stock we have 1603 active members and
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about 70 percent of them are non jewish and active on the, on the, on the roundabout. we've struggled to exist without non jews, wouldn't then that's what we want to show that we cannot assess the time we live here as jews in germany and so that interplay as part of life. we want to make that clear to our jewish but also our non jewish germans ones. when you didn't of missed you vision option, you can put them. i can. bill mccarthy is perceived as a jewish association and my son used to go to all the games and they trained for a year. and every time they played against bedding or no, i can ever, lynn. and it was incredibly difficult. if there was ever hostility, you wouldn't just hear the normal insult. it was things like you dirty to jewish pig, things like that. what's it like here? i've been asked. everyone is considered liable for israel. if the situation escalates in the middle east, things get protect really bad year,
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needed them. and then anyone in america be shared with the star of david on their chest is automatically a jewel. at one time there was a stabbing, and on the way to the hospital, it transpired that both of them, the attacker and the victim from our side, were both muslims from iran. and one said, if you told me that i wouldn't have attacked you, you idiot, and our mac, a be player said that just shows how stupid you are. not how stupid i am, because you attacked me for nothing. just because i was wearing a shirt with a star of david on it, and those are the values we want to convey. and of course the actions that we want to prevent to be making one under that. it's true that anyone with a star of david is attacked in the same way stand like the devastating that this sort of thing still happened today. unbelievable. it's hard to understand why we still have anti
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semitism, racism, and discrimination at all in a liberal society. it's good to see though that life in these communities is continuing to develop and evolve culturally that also goes for quincy in even ones that if i would give you all at once and then later we love the diversity of different cultures. so that's something we're always pushing in our establishment of money. for example, in bar shook us our newest play. when you go in, you see to neon signs that say friendship. i'm a brute and arabic, life, the balance of it, and that creature, and that goes for the staff to live in the kitchen. we have people from bangladesh, india, morocco, egypt, garden, and call us we're about to bring in a shift from israel, who's actually palestinian by the doctor. and we feel it's the best way to represent what we have to present on the news. i then we don't talk about
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ourselves as germans who live here, but as views who live here on distance in line tire. and that was just part of who we meant to show cloud sticks that we don't want to be pigeonholed. and we just wanted to no longer be an issue. and that's why i wonder, is that actually the case here? or have you been confronted with such growing anti semitic hostility in recent years? that you wrap yourself in a cocoon, so it can't get to the richness in i think because we have a very confident presence and engage in dialogue with every one anti semitism. it does happen, but in the test for some desperate punishment. it's subtle and behind our backs, but we know how much we can use. for example, last year for the jewish culture week, we opened a pop up restaurant with the jewish community, including chef. you'll see a lot on java off. it was a chance for the jewish community to present contemporary jewish culture site can
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that this could take us on here in the bar back look, we had a policy in the bar club with american de j's and d, j from israel's and d, jane, the owner of america often use what sort of boys from america also had jewish, rubies and a non jewish friend of ours was about to come in. and people outside was saying, you can't go in that place. there are loads of jews in their, in their lives. and in the unit in virginia, i used to be further ahead in terms of living side by side no matter where you come from. but in recent years have gone back to where are you from which religion are you, is it's become a much bigger topic and why and how that's happened is not just the problem in germany. but worldwide induction again, right? is in dives into the ball and all of actually we, german, we were born and raised here, but we have an immigrant background. what's routes lie in jewish and israel,
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the culture. and that's what ultimately defines us and it's, i'm in the target. the i love is really food homage to he me for lawful jackson ational. i like it a lot to but i often wonder what's the secret behind israeli quizzing and israeli cuisine requires 2 things. but i know i'm the 1st you need and israeli shit. and 2nd, you need to quit spur and it's the chef has chutzpah and is from israel. they can make israeli quizzes. me,
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i'm really looking forward to meeting one of germany's very few female rabbis. it's really an exciting development that a woman is allowed to officiate at one of the main synagogues all be its own in the side room at the community center. i still can't understand that. i ask you, in the 21st century why female rabbis are still not allowed to hold a service in the main room and use the synagogue reflects the turbulence of frankfurt. jewish history in its architecture are really interesting to play in the system. there wasn't a lot. is there a reason why a liberal synagogue became an orthodox one after the show? that of, of him definitely. the survivors who came to frankfort weren't necessarily original frank, for jews. some of them, yes. that's what the majority or survivors from displaced persons camps. d. p to
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port who had been led on death marches from the east, and happen to survive on german soil. off and others who later fled from eastern europe because of hostilities and pogroms taking place by dogs, beautiful homo. and i'm finally got fun on these mix of survivors wasn't necessarily interested in liberal judaism yet to see that they were more interested in their old home in the last traditional judaism. something that gave them security at us to happen as the best here. so that's been a bone of contention. the original main synagogue near to the old jewish ghetto wasn't liberal enough for some of frank birds juice in our own. people call it liberal, liberal and orthodox. and one look notice and that's why this temple was built, are 2 books and i am only speaking forwarded,
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and liberal jews in the 19th and early 20th centuries referred to temples rather than synagogues when the funds they were saying, we don't need to recreate the temple in jerusalem or the template and you're with an envy, the of the on we're quite happy with this temple. this house of worship in this form here in frankfort of poet. oh, the mind this is meant in terms of jewish life. my self image is that person and a jew was and still is not one of integration, much less of simulation. i'm fighting for emancipation conservation. i feel like you've been fighting a losing battle for years because things are getting worse rather than better and better, much less then monday she did it. you wouldn't open it if you look at the history
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of jews in europe over the century. i think we're still in a phase now where jews are protected, not by others, but by a system the other. and then i'll do the same system that protects every one else. that is just the neck, that's the negative spin. positive come on other things. but on a positive note, you could also say that we are free and as citizens of our countries, we have a voice. and then i understand, okay, and what about the group of all right as duties that florida this is from essence effect. we have a few fancy mention i position. well, it's hard for me to make a psycho gram from 24 people in anti semites must get annoyed by the fact jews a portrayed as being smarter than everyone else. yes, although we also see that choose not always politically smart. now they've made themselves into token to him and then we'll get these into kind of the a s d can use the pseudo argument that they can't be anti semitic because they have
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24 jews on boarding that i'd call that nevis going on. when he mentioned the situation has become significantly worse. so despite or perhaps because of the last 20 years, my human dignity should be respected independently of my jewishness. but we need to engage. and i hope that others feel similarly affected and threatened by these anti democratic movements in societies the way i feel threatened. the question is, are people sick of freedom and responsibility? do they believe that they can give up and not get eaten by the authoritarian systems that they are enabling? and to that question, all i can say is, as a jew, i will be among the 1st to be eaten, but i won't be the law if we are honest, we don't have a religious judaism, but we do live judaism every day. but we're not that over 90. i
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don't wear those areas with a giant star of david for one of those channels. easy to use them lives within me for sure. i grew up with it's in my school. i'm deeply religious, but i don't devote $365.00 days a year to judy is much more to film or to my kids. whatever the in the the the the
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the the bonus transience and sydney came to put in 5 and a half years ago. but i've been for a long time coming to germany, and i was, i was brought up with jewish music as a child in synagogue at home. my grandfather play the violin and i heard songs my whole life. my mother was born in casablanca, my father, in budapest. so what we grew up with was distinctly this jewish european music. so, and also playing violence from a young edge because i was inspired by my grandfather and being traditional, i've been going to synagogue from the high holidays getting sure, but cation, this sort of thing, in a there's, it's normal, the music just, just, it just comes very naturally, for summation,
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what i'm interested in the background of did you grow up jewish and how you grew up in a house of musicians? it's my you jewish. and once your bank is finished, according to the car, i'm not jewish because it comes from my father's side. he didn't speak yiddish either in the fifty's, he started these jewish evenings among his other projects and he wanted to know what makes a jewish evening. he wanted to present to coast, but he was also a german writer, digested as people would recite things that it had been translated from dish as well. sometimes he himself would resigned to the organism when he also played jewish records with the i listen to them to that. thank you from you. so i think jewish or not i absorbed at all and grew up with that background. he's a big one of the
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of the the the berlin have become a real hot spot for young israelis. i started seed has emerged here. israelis of open galleries and there are lots of restaurants to the as jews. they were in the majority in israel. and in berlin there in the minority. so they're confronted with being jewish. the
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living is doing a living with you. yeah, i think i think i never thought about it right away. thing i never thought about my was i never, i never thought about it to me. it's normal to go to the friday dinner. i just holidays with my family and it's for addition within the country like it was a separate here. we are all together together because we are mine our we have much more religion. yeah. i don't. i don't know. how do you think about, i think i'm still living in about is because it's something that i try to like being religious defining my so i like, you know, there's all this talk about. i feel like i'm not better than anyone. i'm that i'm semi 1st of all and i'm ready to do. but then all just like more here in the
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conflicts, it is for instance and it's off. and it was like once you walk through this like this, and i would like for my grandma to, i'm going to hide it. i don't even think about it. they used to give my grandma, my grandma because i'm afraid of varying if i know all the like even now and he was like, i would never whereas, and i know it's the he but i think, you know, i won't be able to get out of that because i'm because that's why that's why i'm because i couldn't. then i realize it's like it's everywhere and i'm going ask for sex. and if i have just a feeling and really that i'm let me, it's fine. me. i the
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news news. ah, this is where bio fuel and fertilizers grow in the futures 4000 families. and it's not easy to use for profitable business with exciting gross potential use in the next d. w as in good se if times the
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place for it. but when exactly early risers and night hours are put to the test timing is key. and so is method be in good shape in 30 minutes on the w. o. the news. in december, 2019 the european councils new president show me show embark on a ground breaking mission. i agree, you georgia to make europe the 1st time it's, it's, i don't on the planet value the but not all
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member states supported. and some persuasion is requires quite some time when the game of diplomatic poker, interesting power plays, and alliances behind the scenes of the d. you climate summit starts august 5th on d, w. ah, this is d w news. and these are our top stories. former south african president, jacob's duma is define a court deadline to give himself up to authorities. he told hundreds of supporters outside his home that there is no need for him to go to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend a corruption hearing of the supreme court has agreed to consider his challenge to divert it. preparations are under way to demolish the remaining part of a collapse condominium, near my.


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