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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 2:00am-3:00am CEST

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often go astray the will when the game of diplomatic poker was power please, and the lines behind the climate come, it starts august on d, w. ah, this is d w. news. and these are our top stories. former south african president, jacob's duma is define a court deadline to give himself up to authorities. he told hundreds of supporters outside his home that there is no need for him to go to jail sentence to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend a corruption hearing of the supreme court has agreed to consider his challenge to divert it. preparations are underway to demolish the remaining part of a collapse condominium. near miami, the tower has been declared unstable and
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a threat to search and rescue efforts. these have been suspended and will resume after the demolition. more than a week after disaster. 24 people are confirmed dead and 121. others are still missing. at least 4 people have died in the worst wildfires to hit cipher some decades. authority say the victims are egyptian farm workers. raging fires have wrecked dozens of homes and destroy pine forests in ancient olive growth, the european union, and israel has sent water carrying plains to tackle the blazes. this is dw news from berlin. there's much more nor website at c, w dot com. ah, ah cruise. the
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cruise is this courageous or just plain crazy into the show will find out why these extreme athletes are taking dare devil lead off a norwegian, cliff. hi everyone, and welcome to another edition of your max with me, your host. megan lee. here's a look at what else we have in store for you. the v b help in artist making stunning sculptures. and how a popular german delicacy called bismark harry got his name. but 1st, some people like to spend their money on cars, a jewelry or expensive homes, while others invest in art. well, one wealthy swiss art collector has decided to go
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a step further and create an entire campus dedicated to art. my hoffman, a swift millionaire, pharmaceutical heiress has founded the luma our call cultural center in south of france. but it's a campus is shiny new tower that has everyone talking $56.00 me to told talis in around $11000.00 elementary, and panels essentially, and i catch it in the french city of its worth of canadian us architect. punky. he's famous for his extravagant creations. the calorie zone is set to have cost 150000000 euros as part of the new our cultural complex initiated by swiss billionaire and our connect to my huffman. she wants me to tell us that passes my expectations so i think it harmonize as well with this the round in time. gary is perfect for this project on thursday as the sole
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creativity of an art has to be clear enough to the telecom lines. architectural brilliance with autistic the entrance hall for instance, both spiraling 52 meter long metal flight. oh, contemporary outlets are on display in the exhibition room. some works from my husband's private connection and her night grandmother's back in 2010. my off my client, the 11 hector former french railroads and construction work is still ongoing. ah, zoom. is one of us largest private project guns, in contrast to the picturesque old center of the southern french city and its landmarks like the roman empire the rectum list. if yochi welcomes this
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clash of old and new earl has always been home to monumental architecture, read them to theater was a phenomenal dimensions compared to the rest of the town. borrow also features medieval buildings alongside these antique monuments cuts and we're adding another new layer. the historical contacts with a unique project, my huffman wants to break new ground and create a very special place for visitors. but above all, for office and scientists, you can work together creatively and future oriented in the renovated railway building. for us, the most interesting aspect is to make visions possible to make the impossible happen to realize things are going to be alive anywhere else. that is a process for so creating and, and constructing deeply rooted relationships with artists with people. why?
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right, there's lots affairs with scientists with the culture producers design, this architect, sit down and this particular places for people who want to approach things differently. i'm all work in a completely new way you feel i'm i think the trailblazers in this regard to them and that will continue to develop in the future. many locals are still getting used to the center and it's striking the modern tower. but they appreciate you. thank you. soon. next all is 50 with the 2500 year old history. modern with down phenomenal you. it's still a whole world is now looking at are all the numbers or hayes. it's not the point to don't to the, everyone's talking about architectural much to pieces have proven crowd put it in the past. and even though, oh, really has changed to also the tower as you to know. the reason to
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have long been questions about the reckless behavior of lemmings the small road, and that throws itself off a cliff in great numbers. but in our next report, not rodents will see showing themselves off cliffs on mass, but rather people. now we traveled to an amazing event in southern norway to find out what drive some daredevils to perform death defined stance. the result of some 1000 meters high. the world's best face jumpers calculate their dive down to boss centimeter. when they take the leap from the shock put in southern norway to the courageous or foolhardy, it's definitely an extreme sport and very risky. but these based jumpers know exactly what they're doing. why? based on 1st, i just normal people wanting to have some fun,
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everyone to fly like a birdie, no fun to finally be on top of a mountain and actually fulfill the dreams of jumping out and fly safely down. the sure is a favorite with based jumper's due to its particular shape. vertical cliff has no ledges or irregularities that would make the jump any more dangerous than it already is. we can do it here in iraq because the exit here is very forgiving. the 1000 meters high, it's 12 2nd until the the mountain gives us a little bit of an edge. so that means that you can jump out and you can do from flips. you can do back flips because you can just fall vertically with the, with the mountain without being afraid of heating. and it's a base jumpers from the world over having, gathering for 4 days as a life short every summer since 998. for the help of the festival do to become a panoramic. not as many people have come this year. that doesn't make it any less
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fun. some participants even show up in costume. i'm a chicken on the flying. flying shaking a little bit of color on my socks, and then i have a pink wig. so it almost looks like a rock star from the 8 is doesn't really have to make sense to just has to be colorful and look fun. taking the helicopter up to the plateau or top of the sure makes it possible to jump several times in a day. the moment of truth has come the right now i don't really think about the outfit. i am very afraid. every single time i jump the day, i'm not scared of jumping. it's the day i'm going to quit because then i'm going to start doing mistakes. now i'm just focus on being in the press
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and having my direction the right way. after i open up the parachute i can suck in more of the environment than the fjords and the nature. it's for sure. a feeling of freedom of. 5 being able to do anything that everything is possible, ah ah, that was my 1st triple brunswick. i was like, i was, i thought i was going to do to that. then i was just like lou, this is awesome. and then when 3 and then straight out and everything was perfect, definitely like this chicken costume definitely brings out the little the fetters, the flying. yeah. the flying scale upgrades a little bit. and the fun doesn't end with a happy landing. in between, the adrenalin rush is in tears of joy based job. the community loves to celebrate
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it's magical, it's, it's crazy that this little place here can be filled up with 250 people that live their dreams. taking the leads from norway's sure i, cliff is a plunge into a very unique sensation. wow. all right, time now to sink our teeth into something yummy and some foods like pizza, margarita, the heart heart, or fettuccine alfredo are named after either historic figures or the people who invented them. now sometimes the origins of the name are obvious, while others leave question marks. in the 1st episode of our new theory, tasty legacies, we find out how bismark herring, which i have right here. we find out how this fish from germany's baltic
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ghost got his name. the class, something on my end. and i want to know why this, this specialty is named after germany period. chancellor. i mean, you could just call and pick up the herring, but we did say bismark here and, and today i will sign up why in? i'm in the north is the germany on the baltic sea, or bismark herring is tend to have gotten a name. maybe the local can tell me what the story is with this is not from this mark. was the an emperor. i think he was a german kaiser from the politician. the principal mark haven't said i must have some things to do with this mark. and so that's why like 150 years ago to be precise from 871-2891. from this mark was the 1st chance of the german empire
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team. awesome. and that the unification of germany, turning many smaller states into a single country. what he got to do with that because her enrolled me, i've heard that it all begin over there in this building. it was here at house number 6 on the new market square that merging young man and his wife colinas. pick up harris and i meet with the fly, not from tries and city archive to learn. it's a good, how did this man here and get its name and it has something to do with chancellor alter his money in his being many people revered. this important politician was one of them. so he sent his mark a little bottle of his pig harring hearing the 6. this is mark responses cardio once a week been plucked up the courage and asked if it would be all right, to call the hearing he and his wife producing mark harring. yes, the the,
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the chancellor gave us permission of him, which is why since $870.00 was it is because it is mark harris is lucky of all the improvements. and so that the legend one claims this max harring would be as popular as lobster or caviar if it were just one fish long islands carrying according to the original recipe. the henry rest. michelle, it's now run my a friend of mine. we make a modern version with home. it's hard to hear and you feel is onions pick up more on christmas time in the secret recipe. the secret recipes really secret, so i can show it to you. i can, i can show you
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a few tips on how to make it most revised, original recipe after buying it from your hand. this months. great. grant, awesome. it's gained was same after $1090.00 mca barrel of it to royals and presidents during the visit the years and the chamber of secrets. this is right for you. so what do we do? we need to skin the show. you ok must be fathers, skin, harris. fillings, a place and brian of salt and vineyards, living with him having now we've been hearing into the barrel just back met nothing . no, no, no, just put it in on him. baileys and all spies go into the barrel. and lastly, you'll have this month secret. now to live. okay,
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hold on. let me stay, then surrender. week herring must come from the bowl fishing. we had talked to tween the island of fluent island on the mainland. it's a good spot to fish. the hiring. look on the try, my wife and i cut our line shows out when the 1st bite i've got a hearing the good news. the unfortunately that was only hearing off that day, but still in the evening returned to the mainland. i've been that time
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now i know how this my carrying got its names and what's the recipe on? i guess we'll never find out which legend is really true, but it's a story. and the fish ah interesting stories. enthusiasm, smell and amazing. that chef with their best tip, from meat to diet and all the recipes secret. welcome to my well. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. lives. subscribe and enjoy. d. w. food. ah. me love him or hate them. bees are an essential part of our law.
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after all, a large portion of the world's food production depends on their pollination. bees are also essential to the work of artists. tom i should live at teeny. his b is not only make honey, they have proven to be great, the sculptors to ah, some 60000 busy be hard at work in forming the 3. the bodies of sculptures with a wax art and nature go hand in hand. and it's the brainchild of voc in bone artist, thomas teeny. the reason why i want to work with the b is that want to celebrate and not typical hero. in the story, bees are seemingly longer a book creatures, but they produce something that last time and time over again and survives everything. it's not a typical hero that you can expect. he makes the models and leads the rest of to
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nature. he schedules out his id is in his studio in the dutch city of russia, done the brain 1st on the computer, then in reality, by hand using wire on natural materials to the b. b flat, honeycombs the artist news. what these like. so when i work with these frames and variety of frames that i build, i have to be aware of one thing, and that is the bees love is voluptuous forums and beautiful changes between convex and concave forms. be love curves, liberty, nice b colonies live in a garden north of the city center where we came up to them. it takes lots of energy for the bees to produce their wax. they get most of the nectar they need from april to, to line. have lands on the abdomen that secrete scales
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collected on their hind legs. deniva needed with their mandible until they shape it into honeycombs me. but the artist is run away. the nation cannot be planned. it looks like it's quite cold outside and the bees have receded to protect their brewed. so i think they haven't built much in last couple days, which is normal. and we kind of expected that when you have some building activity already and at the bottom. so that's quite nice. the weather and the size of the salt it, it can take anything from 2 weeks to, to, to complete. i think this project is also very important besides being beautiful artwork in the context of saving the bees. i'm really happy and humbled that this
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project helps to promote these ideas in the kind of most entertaining ethical way. thomas live at teens. west sculptures has been services the world owes his famous version of if a t t was 1st exhibited in rosa dams, prince told me then in amsterdam, radiates his gallery. this work is on show at the music museum and news on switzerland. even new york city is moma, and one of the artist cultures ah, the most fascinating thing about the beast is that it's on one hand, extremely soft. on the other is extreme endurable. i love this contradiction, and it's a beautiful metaphor for how we should look and treat our society, that there are people around us that may look weak, but they possess something, a quality that extra strong and something to celebrate the make our lives. and are now making a contribution to the world of on me as
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pandemic, regulations are relaxed and people start track calling again. various tours are on offer around europe and for biking enthusiasts. switzerland has 3 different alpine circle tours in the south eastern part of the country. that will take your breath away. you can actually do them by car or on foot. but your omx reporter, deanna opinion was decided to tackle one of them on an e bike. and she shared some of the top sites with us the we've seen nature breathtaking, use stunning architecture, the swiss canton off copeland and has a lot to offer genuine c o root takes, you know, the highlights high. i'm going to be, you know, from d w euro marks for 2 days. i'm exploring the switch on a new bike to visit the most beautiful places in the region. let's go. my 1st stop
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is the feeder of course, where residents speak german pro much any daily and from switzerland, all the town, 3 d for an open sea roof lead you through them on one is 150 kilometers long. i know there's 20450 kilometers the mirror would lead me to stunning 65 meter high train bridge in finally the famous bird. nina express is coming up. i also know as the leader right to view is fun. tastic. ah, i continue to the foot of devices. okay. would you say, you know, school or heritage side is amazing. i need coverage from the racial re will company. what am i strain so special on saying right, isn't this a one meter gauge railway or narrow gauge railway? i mean the, everything is a bit smaller fabi. the red carriage is became the norm many years ago. and the beginning of the train was actually painted green. i didn't buy the talons referred
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to the bernina express at the train. you know, ross are also i pollution, although rough during the job but i want to keep up the spot. invite us by continue up them on whatever needs to be, you know, need to find. i saw a lot through in the 1st 100 kilometers. my 1st day comes to an end in the us, you know? oh, today the journey continues with a cable car. i'm driving up here to the south, a skew station at another good of almost 3000 meters. give or let's say most potent shots dropping use obligations and the highest more time in days during the peace than you know, the most rush and 1st glaciers called a total of 16 square kilometers was kind of what we're in up here. so them,
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and i'm here in the, there's a wonderful 10 kilometers, lay down the glacier to mortar auction in the summer. you can do the glacier trail, which also leads downhill from an idea of a later home to a $100.00 is 20 something the next 50 kilometer leg of the route to the next stuff takes about 3 and a half hours by bike car. it will be 50 minutes, then has around 11000 kilometers, applied to swiss national park, which is 170 square kilometers is the country's largest nature reserve here. so i can, it's not all out a c, r vibe and you have been working here for 20 years in what kind of animals have you seen? haven't see bill busted him so much. i feel a hit. she get a lot of deer and goats and ibex isn't summer and bad. bill boston and viola
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spotted bears and walls as well that and that and then be somebody. it was very special to see such predators easy. it also helped either to be boston, the trade or 30 the high did. hi, denise, you. we are these norms in village of, of the turn of mind inspire, 19th century swiss novel is johan as theories to write heidi? well say most children, it has been translated into other feeling which is tied into a 5 year old or fun growth up in new ground for his care. here, visitors come following her boots, that i have to say it was really the money to explore 5 different places in 2 days on a bike. but it was totally worth it. i especially like the, the lead some, a real experience that i can sort of recommend the route past over 20 highlights.
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it's a dinning room. you can explore by cars or even on who's told you there were breathtaking views. and with that, we come to the end of another show, but don't forget to check out our website for this week to draw in a chance, receiving this d w backpack along with some other fun stuff. and of course, be sure to follow us on facebook as always, thanks for tuning in and we'll see you against the the the news.
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the news, the news the me the, there's a baby boom in the and it's been a psych, antelopes were critically endangered after falling victim to serious academic and while the population is recovering, the species is still in danger. 3000 next on d w. what does daily life use in europe like beyond the framework
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of political debates? how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect their daily lives? film producer, alice bama and publish eve cooler man. examined what it's like being jewish. ah 45 minutes. ah, the increasing every many and working on me right. very holiday destination is a drowning. interesting way we might look at the year 01 way
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or another way. after all, the environment isn't recyclable. the make up your own mind. a d w. made for mines the oh, the welcome to the label 3000. in 2015, i must die off nearly wiped out just like antelope and catholics. we find out how they're doing today. the columbia, as copy farmers face the pete futures as temperatures right. even at high altitude . but 1st we had to the arctic ghost town of buck who talked where residents are
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pending that hopes on russia new comes for its polar region. in 2007, russia planted a flag full thousands need to be on the north pole feedback to stake, explained to the arctic as the ice caps melts. competition, so the regions precious resources is heating up by 2035 russia firms to invest millions and infrastructure and the optic ocean. one key components is an increased military presence to defend rushing interest in case of conflict. as rushes, operations have jarred with other arctic nations like canada and norway. most of the only ice breakers can get through the arctic ocean of russia. the melting ice has been opened up, the ne passage between the north atlantic and the pacific all around ships could transport russian oil and gas straight across the arctic ocean and opportunities
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for the northern russian regions to flourish. for the dying city of atlanta, it could mean salvation. the growing and entire areas in the russian town is i abandon oh, every year around 2000 people leave this town in the arctic. but it's hardy, it's because still has a lot to do. she opened to beauty salon here in her hometown 9 years ago. around it doesn't customers come to her every day. she hopes her salon can give them a moment's break from the harsh reality of daily life. you can ship out for my, my opinion, the women involved could tell a more beautiful than anywhere else. you know many women on the planet and live in such a harsh northern crime. it is 3 days before she knows all too well how hard
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life is here. buck retire live north of the arctic circle, 180 kilometer from the arctic ocean. in the winter minus 35 degrees celsius is quite normal, even in the summer it can suddenly start snowing. laquita is a mona town. the entire city is dependent on one industry cold, but the regional government says the deposits will be exhausted by 2037. there are mines all around the city, but only for if the original 13 is still in use. since the soviet era, more than 60 percent of the population has left walker tom, do you have shamal? there aren't many people left and hardly any jobs we plan to leave to see if you can see how many of the houses are in terrible condition. you know, it's a shame that they're all shots and everything just going through just, you know, to go from the sand to schools and kindergarten. i'm going to go for the vicious
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cycle. social institutions like schools are being closed because people are moving away because they close even more people leave. visual worth. officials are trying to regulate the number of people leaving, but a struggling to keep up. there are more than 14000 names on the a waiting list for resettlement to another region. that's almost a 3rd of the remaining residence. be empty apartments and the suburbs have become a problem for the cities. government entire districts have had to close. it is a lot of people get relocated and move away and some, some apartment buildings only have 2 or 3 families left, but the central heating and sewer system will have to run for the whole building. so the city is paying for the empty apartments. its a big problem. you, you've been all over the awkward soviet era monuments pay homage to the minus more coal for the mother land. it says here,
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but the demand for that coal is falling, especially in europe. now russia has a strategy for the arctic that could offer a glimmer of hope for residents here, even though it's disputed internationally. russia wants to stop people leaving by investing an infrastructure, particularly for the extraction of natural resources like gas and oil. they've even factored in climate change. the warming of the arctic could open up new transport rates. bock with talk would become a dry port, including for coal, with a railway line to the application. the region is counting on this on vicious project, even though currently it only exists from paper steven, instead of russia using traditional export routes to the west and south of the country, our northern regions could be linked to the northern sea route and the arctic, you know, we hope that as a result, we can be connected to the global logistics networks again. yes. and that's grown and ideas the natalia sickle, it's hopeful as well. she's investing in her business beauty salon will move to
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a new building soon. the renovations are in full swing but she says she too might turn her back on her home town. one day, her son is about to graduate sickle dreams of buying a salon in moscow. she says there's no guarantee that government projects in the article will work out before the teacher is difficult to say anything about the project for now, because it's all just getting started. what could we really want a breath of fresh air? here's something new, more than maybe the idea of moving won't be such a burning issue for people anymore. but most people are no longer willing to wait. those who can a choosing to leave fucker tar rather than betting on a future in the russian outtake is a blue planet. around 70 percent of that stuff is covered in water. climate change
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is causing temperatures to rise. see has absorbed much of this excess heat. so far, which has helped us that the increase but now see temperatures are rising significantly and with that sea levels play shows a melting and the warm water is expanding. since the 1900 sea levels have risen by around 20 centimeters, but about half a stop since 1993. if the trend continues, levels could rise by another one meter 10 by the end of this century. in our unseen series, this week we had to times capital, bangkok, water has already become a real danger and leave before the flat happen area. my daughter was 22 years old. the water camps noni like stuff and start getting bigger and bigger and everywhere
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. the in see is most often probably is going to be under water. the sea level is rising. 5 millimeters a year and inbound call. the also house the problem also lan substitute $12.00 centimeters a year. so it's a c t that just one meter above the home. so we need to be very adaptive if people had known in the back home is a city of water and we have water in their action. and from the pouring rain from
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the no flooding from the non this is my home actually trying to use my profession, the tools that i have as a landscape architect to tackle change in my city. a lot of spanish happened because we didn't know and suddenly to the water attack, when the water doesn't have the area to stay, stay on the road and the house of people. millions of people, high people and i are homeless. this place actually want all the way home from that. i have my parents that i have to carry and i have to taking care of then the child,
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the whole the me we need to increase so says try to integrate the visitation. so face, when the water goes through the surface and can everybody can help or slow down the discharge to the cd. you need to increase as much as you can to area. that's a big parking space. so conway into, with a patients service, we have 700 posts in the city. is con, word, back into green area is a lot. and i think citizen level should have knowledge for sample every year. the flight comes
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you know i'm, i'm building my house right now. i spend lots of money to building my house. i'm always thinking, you know, okay. one day i was thinking to be under this be anyway and somebody was gonna happen in really still in the next 10 us the, i think risk people already by land in march and you know, like poor people, it's really difficult for them to move. you know, the whole life that the job that the family there many around is not actually designed to tackle this problem. what is changed?
2:42 am
so i just feel that we do have to explain the design architecture of a we house up every buildings have to meet with other families. it's actually the biggest move in asia. we actually have the requirement to have a beauty, be inclined to hope how student architecture, and then use the surface of that to be part of the part by tilting it we call like a we got some rain. so now marie will not fly in the pipeline on the road is actually going to fly in the park and we have it still around what a tank can keep the water the use every ashes house my do a leave. i like the way we support our way of buying things on
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who issues to work with my baby. maybe it helps, only one can not be effective, but we have for millions of people here my base it can help me. this is probably how coffee was made a 1000 years ago, but a lot was changed since then. today, coffee is a global commodity, and it's going in many countries across the world, around $175000000.00 bags were produced in 2020 each waiting 60 kilograms. the coffee is also at the mercy of climate change. it can be the 3rd largest coffee, growing nation after brazil and vietnam farmers off bearings for that future. ah, she's just set off on her round through her coffee plantation,
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but clara largo is already feeling anxious. are the coffee cherries still healthy, or have they been attacked by the cursing beetles? when it comes to not be called climate change is feeling the spread of the coffee boar beetle. me, you know, if you don't check the cherries all the time, they'll bore into the fruit and everything. it'll look on the whole lago family trudges along the steep slope after heavy rainfall. the path is slippery and indeed there are beatles everywhere to remind out, okay, the problem is these critters, they've invaded the area and destroyed the entire bean. look, it's eaten away the center. mean. it's heartbreaking for the farmers. once again, the harvest is mediocre. at best coffee plants are sensitive, they need
2:45 am
a mild climate between 18 and 21 degrees celsius, combined with moderate rainfall. but as the earth warms the weather, patterns here are less predictable. nobody, hardly none of them were ruined. we're going under because we don't earn enough money to buy food and we don't have enough to pay our kids wages. i know he was here at an altitude of 1300 meters logos, coffee trees are dining after 3 unusually hot summers in a row. there is nothing left but barren branches. it makes you sad, and damn, don't you see how the plants are drawing up, even when they're watered, they don't survive. 7 years ago, the family took out a loan in order to cultivate a coffee. but because of the heat, not a single being grew, all they have to show for their effort is debt. these small holder farmers are
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struggling to survive or life in the town of can revolves around coffee. it's been that way for generations. the roughly 3000 farmers here are proud of their traditions. here each coffee cherry is picked by hand, which is not the case elsewhere. that quality has made columbia a world leader in the coffee market. but as a result of climate change by 2050, the area used for coffee cultivation may fall by half worldwide. coffee will become scarce. many farmers have already given up inside it, but it's not worth it any more than i don't even get half of the keela price. i used to get out because the heat has ruined the quality of the beams. the beams are very small. as for the present, am we picking. alejandro bella because out leaves at an altitude of 200 meters below clara lago. he's turning his back on coffee. he already cut down most of the
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coffee trees and he'll soon replace what's left with cocoa and sugar cane. c, s 3 to 4 to kinda cover. it said everything here revolves around coffee. everyone's content. coffee is magical. everybody who produces it is happy that pose bone to trail again. everything his grandparents developed will vanish with sugar cane, taking its place. sugar cane is more robust in a warmer climate. still a 100 is worried about the future. sugar cane is sensitive to temperature. so time you came, i think. you know what? i don't stop climate change. everything here will come to an end. there'll be nothing left for tomorrow. my son will destroy everything because some of those still interested in growing coffee will have to acquire and clear land at
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a much higher altitude. that's not something that you teach you borrow familiar has to worry about at altitude of 1700 meters. they are coping with the effects of climate change. they had a good harvest this year. i've lived off of coffee my entire life. they don't think, i mean, i don't have a lot of money, but i was able to start a family and take care of them. thanks to coffee is really looking to quito his family and their neighbors have some advice from an organization that gets most of its funding from the netherlands. they now plant their coffee trees under larger shade trees. they also leave weeds in place to keep the soil cool and most of the info. in a short time, we have to stabilize the ground here by planting trees. that will help fight the
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effects of climate change. we can't stop climate change, but it will help to keep the coffee farmers in business longer. the coffee farmers in columbia are fighting for survival of g. kito says he can't do it alone. but if he and his neighbors can work together, they might be able to manage a okay. and was already we see the result of our bad treatment of the earth? the earth, which was given to us by god within i have grandchildren here and there still small, but what will they do in 15 years? if we don't do all, we can now one credit one goes family wants to start planting shade trees to so that clara's son hummus can continue his ancestors coffee. growing traditions. 0 in the spring of 2015, a scene never witnessed or played out in the catholics,
2:50 am
that within just a few weeks, almost 90 percent of the population perished. why these animals dies and more than anything why so quickly and so many, with a mystery to the range of research is there at the time experts wondered if they would ever recover from such devastation in 2015, one year after the mass of a team of researchers returned to the catholic step. they wanted to find out how many psycho survived the scientists spend days seeing the bed puck dollar for the few remaining animals. this conservation area about the size of the front was previously home 224-0000 cycle of which $200000.00. it wasn't easy for expedition leaders, stephens food her to return to this place of dance. as find the woman at home,
2:51 am
i was really shocked when i saw how many animals were dying back in 2015. i was in the field myself and saw with my own eyes the 1st dead side lying there like a lung. it was the 1st place where it happened and i was right, there was some hundreds of white deck for me, huge mounds of earth where thousands of animals were buried. still testify to the dials along with the countess leech line among the bushes. a british veterinary and intellect expert which had coke, also witnessed the disaster that was triggered by bacteria. the idea that the bacteria is present in the animals and we have confirmed that it does occur and healthy animals. and it overloads it. something triggers the growth of the bacteria and it kills the saga. the 2nd hypothesis is actually more of an environmental source of pass trailer which are ingested by the animal course, you know,
2:52 am
overload and this would require an amoeba. this is a different organism which is infected by the bacteria, and then at that wet season period it may, may become active, the bacteria become active and so the grazing animals in injustice and die as a consequence. at the time the expedition members fit it would lead to the total extension of the saga antelope. ah, what happened? amazed everyone. a baby boom in the step and my spatial, that's because at the age of one, females usually bear one calf layer of the common chron age. they tend to have twins. when the older larger females may have triplets, i was living and that means they invest a lot in the production of off the brain. and that allows the populations to
2:53 am
recover very, very quickly from reach the even after catastrophic events like in 2015 or 9 percent of the the research has now estimate the number of psycho i 250000 again as many as before the mass die of the joy, the many offspring bring is offset by concern. the saga are slowly returning to the area where the mass die off began. could death still be lurking in the grass? the possibility of this occurring again is very high, and the question is simply when exactly what the trigger factors will be. but we can be reasonably certain. this will relate to, to whether it may be driven by climate. so the, the frequencies, if you like, of, of climate related events which dr. humidity, temperature, and then influence either the bacteria in the animal or the bacteria in the
2:54 am
environment. it will happen again. i have no doubt that human beings also pose a huge threat to the psycho poachers hunt. the animals will fail to china with horns are considered to have healing properties. the psych habitat is also shrinking. there are 3 large populations of psycho in kazakhstan, the year old group in the west of the country. the stuart group on the board was his becky stone and the largest bed pock dollar in the center of the country. the saga herds move back and forth during the year because a government wants to build a highway between the caspian sea and the cause, a capital neutral tongue passing right through bad pop donna. even though there's an alternative route further north than you never could get. so stressed by every movement and especially car, even if they're far away on the horizon, they run away immediately and there was
2:55 am
a road it would be fatal. they wouldn't even approach the road anymore. been, even if they weren't completely prevented from crossing, they would at least he stopped for a while when their natural cycle of migration would be disrupted. you won't even restrict right now, only a few. sandy tracks cross through the steps. they don't pose a problem for the psycho, but the pressure on the animals is increasing. the psych survived the holocene extinction, so it's a pretty tough animal. but whether it can survive the human answer seen extinction i'm afraid is pretty marginal, i think. so we have a number of factors coming up, you know, it, you know, the change in human impact on the environment directly. you know, we'll just complicate this further for the moment the saga has managed to come back from the bring in the long term. however,
2:56 am
there's the bible depends on whether the catholic step is left as an untouched paradise. from us this we could label 3000 thanks for watching. we'd love to hear your thoughts. so write to us the label 3000 at the w dot com, facebook page d w global. i did see you next time the the, the the
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the the, the, the, the, the daily life resumes in europe look like beyond the framework of political debates. how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect their daily lives, film producer, alice brown, and publish cooler man, examined what it's like being jewish. ah, 15 india
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bio fuel and fertilizers providing future for thousands of families. and it's a funny, profitable business with exciting gross potential use. in 16 it dw, ah. d w players are back with africa the most successful radio drama theories continues . all episodes are available online. course you can share and discuss on the w africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. the
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news, me because you know i
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me the news . this is the w news, lived from berlin jacobs. duma defies a deadline to hand himself into the authorities. the former south african president tells cheering supporters that there's no need for him to go to jail. the supreme court is reviewing a prison sentence composed for content. rescue efforts at the collapse condo in florida are suspended. the remaining structure is declared unsafe and reckon crews are moving in with the 120 people are still missing.


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