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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 1:00am-2:00am CEST

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the, the news . this is the w news line from berlin, jacob zoom. it defies a deadline to hand himself into authorities. the former south african president tells cheering supporters that there is no need for him to go to jail. the supreme court is reviewing a prison session, imposed for contempt. as the u. s. celebrates its independent state. president joe biden swears in new citizens and veiled plants to encourage others to do the same. rescue efforts at the collapse condo in florida are suspended for being structure is declared unsafe and wrecking fluids are moving in. more than 100. 20 people are
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still missing. devastating wildfires here from cypress dozens of houses and whole groves of ancient olive trees destroyed the separate president, calls us the worst disaster in decades. ah, i'm here until than welcome to the show. former south african president, jacob summa, is define a court deadline to give himself up to the authorities. zoom, a has told hundreds of supporters outside his home. there's no need for him to go to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend a corruption hearing was the supreme court has agreed to consider his challenge to the verdict as him a cold and his associates associates rather to keep backing him in his court battle . i call on all my supports has
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to use peaceful means to protest against this injustice. i really must be clear. i'm not asking for sympathy, but justice w corresponded christina, meanwhile, was with his supporters gathering at the home of jacob, zooming in rural south africa. and she sent us this assessment where i am, if you didn't know any better, you would think that we're at a political ready. it is a celebrate tree atmosphere. here you've got people dressed in the colors of the ruling a and c. that is the policy of mr. duma. people dressed in the traditional hulu regalia, people all his support, as opposed to the whole province where he does come on a lot of support. you have had gunshots being fired into the people rallying and
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crowds cheering around that. but people here believe that they are here to support and shows on there too, but the man who is being persecuted in the household. the atmosphere might be a little bit more somber in the homes of south africans. to feel that this is a man who has a lot to answer for and he's refusal to present himself in onset questions to alleged corruption in his administration. and under his tenure is really a slap in the face of the law. so when the constitutional court or the supreme court handed down that that, that ruling that he wasn't contempt of court and then went on to sentence him 15 months in prison. a lot of people felt that that was a victory for the rule of law in this country. there is the feeling that the political elite get away with anything that they are not how to accomplish. that. people thought that this would be a turning point for this country, that people would see this, somebody like mr. luma, a former president who's really been at the highest of what you can be in this country. going to prison for being in content that the law was equal and applied equally to everybody. and so that is what a lot of people welcomed. and that is certainly what
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a lot of people told me on the day that the constitutional court made that ruling. so that was the victory that this was viewed as now of course, things have sort of the winds have been taken out of the sale of the story in a, in a sense for a lot of people. because of course mr. zoom has been allowed to review his case, but this is what this means to people in a country right with corruption that anybody who is seen to be corrupt would be held to a constant. that's what the symbolized for a lot of people. dw christine wound was at jacob zoom at home in south africa. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. julie has sworn in an assembly to new to draft a new national constitution. it will replace a legal framework from the era of dictator augustus pinochet's, nearby protesters class for police and demanded freedom for people in prison during social unrest. 2 years ago the taliban have seized control of several more districts in northern afghanistan. more than $300.00 african government troops fled
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across the border to jacob's dead as the militants advance. the taliban now control around a 3rd of african districts. but frances has undergone what's being described as a routine surgery at a hospital in rome about a consent, it was intended to correct a narrowing of his large intestine. the operation took place only 3 hours after the 84 year old greeted the public in saint peter's square feet to the 70 and its independence day in the united states, which has been celebrating the 200 and 45th birthday of the country. one of the big issues facing the nation is of course, immigration. president joe biden himself presided over naturalization ceremony in washington, d. c, swearing in new us citizens. it came as, as administration rolled out a strategy to encourage more immigrants to become citizens. earlier we spoke to t w's, curling, a chin more at mount vernon, in virginia were new american citizens were also sworn in. we asked her what the
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people there made of the ceremony of credit card. i'm going you buy the new american citizen. how are you doing today or today until wonderful. so it's a special moment a central day for my family, for me, for myself yesterday. my they were my life changes completely. no longer state data in this country. i'm going to some change. wonderful. and it's amazing what is like the most important thing to you. why is it to be an american citizen not to belong to this? or you said it to the country doesn't really matter where you are from 30 to different countries from which people were citizen became a tell he doesn't really matter where you from. you will be on over there and it's
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a family that said i can protect 5 worms. so yeah, it's amazing. thank you. that of course the 4th of july isn't very fast. they say it's not really a ceremony there. you can see the fireworks. it's a very special day for 39 people here who just became american citizen in florida, search and rescue operations had been suspended at the collapse condominium outside of miami. once left of the structure has been declared unstable and is being demolished. wrecking crews are moving in. once the building has come down to recovery, operations will resume a week after the disaster. 24 people are confirmed dead. and 121 are still missing her over a week. the families of those still missing in surfside have been waiting in vain for news of their loved ones. now they face another excruciating delay to the
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recovery operation. as demolition teams prepare to carry as a controlled explosion of the size. preparation includes activities like drilling into column in the unsafe structure and we are continuing to receive updates about the condition of the standing structure. and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any sections of the pile that are safe to access. as soon as we are cleared, with tropical storm elsa forecasts to make landfill in florida in the coming days. officials decide that the rest of the collapse complex needs to come down. we have a building here in surfside that is pottering, it is structurally unsound. and although the b b i of this storm is not, not likely to pass over this direction. you could feel gusts in this area. we don't
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know, it's definitely a possibility. the instability of the size has been a major challenge for the search operation. it was already forced to pause for almost 24 hours on thursday. after dangerous movement was detected in the debris. it's hoped to demolition will reduce the dangerous faced by the crews when they resume combing through the rubble and that the families now living in limbo will soon have certainty about the fates of their loved ones. the worst wildfires in decades and the mediterranean, the island of cyprus, have killed at least 4 people. raging fires have rec, dozens of homes and destroy pine forest. an ancient olive groves, the cypriot president says it's the biggest tragedy since the civil war which split the island nearly half a century ago. as the wildfires raged through the through the mountain range residence of at least 8 villages were forced to evacuate. homes and vehicles were
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gutted by the flames. entire communities raised to the ground. the villagers described the moment they decided to leave. you got the look at the top about as soon as we saw the fire approaching the government, we got in the car and drove off. we told the authorities there was a fire almost before, but unfortunately the plains on the fire services arrived very late. but i left. pope also came too late for for a gyptian farm workers. their bodies were found 600 meters from their burned out car. police say they appear to have fled their vehicle on foot in an attempt to escape, but ran towards the wind found flames. the president of cyprus visited the area he promised to help all those affected by the fires will reassure you that our supports to all the people will be decisive to you will compensate whatever is
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possible to give people back home or help them survive. this tragedy will be that it is more than 55 square kilometers of forest, and farmland has been destroyed by the massive fires from the air. the scale of the destruction is clear. authorities say the main blaze has now been partially contained, but the fear is that the flames could intensify. if strong winds reappear later in basketball, the german men's team has qualify for the olympics for the 1st time since 2008. they b brazil, 75 to 64 in the final of the qualification tournament. and be a center monitor wagner. but the scoring by a large margin putting of 28 points and grabbing 6 rebounds and in formula one max for stopping, scored his 3rd when in a row as he converted pull position into victory at the australian grand prix was
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a comfortable wind. for the dutchman, but there was plenty of clothes racing behind him. full red bull and macs, the stuff and the austrian g. p is a race on home, tough, not least because of thousands of orange collab dutch fans supporting the man starting in pole position. his teammates sent you a pet as enjoy a tough stop to the race dropping down several spots. as lambda norris pushed him wide and left for the mclaren driver and himself a 5 2nd penalty for the maneuver. but norris stayed competitive trading places with louis hamilton on numerous occasions as the 2 britons went head to head the 3rd place. then in a ram, move hamilton let teammate voluntary bosses through who was deemed the foster of the 2 with 20 laps to go. the fin had to settle for 2nd though, while norris claimed 3rd ahead of hamilton. race leader mac smith,
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step in cruise to victory with a cushion of almost 800 seconds. but that was late drama, further down the grid as veteran pac kimmy, re can an answer. boston settle crashed on the final lap. but it was party time for the ducks, friends who celebrated for stephens 4th when and 5 races. taking him $32.00 points clear at the top of the championship standings. in the tour de france bent o'connor one stage 9 of the tour. what fell short of taking the yellow jersey. the trillion rider conquered. today's tough mountain finish and his 2nd behind defending champion de paul, a char in the overall standings. monday is a monday rather is arresting ahead of stage 10 earlier last years. runner up. pretty much rutledge had pulled out after falling well behind the bike man's remained contenders. this living had been struggling after he was hurt in
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a crash. earlier in the week. germany's under the crib has moved into the 4th round at wimbleton by beating alexander the assassin image. 202018 champion had struggled for the past 2 years, but she found good form just before the tournament carried it into the grass. grand slam of it is only the 4th wimbleton champion. less than the women singles wrong. she will say 17 year old cocoa in next row in the next row. roger federer has beaten camera in norway to move into round 4 at wimbleton. the record 8 time champion, one in 4 sets. fiddler, who turns 40 next month, has had some obstacle that the tournament has got through to the 2nd week. because with mice will be italian. lorenzo is an eagle in the next round. the
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you're watching d. w. news up next world stories meets a woman who's helping drug addicts and afghans to recover and the new danger she faces from battelle a month. remember, you can get all the latest news on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm here until berlin, thanks for watching the news. my 1st bye. thank a sewing machine i found from women are balanced by the ocean or something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle. since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle. and it took me years and finally gave up and went to buy my cycles. but return machine going, i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing a button. and now i want to reach out to those women back for bones by their duties
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and social rules and inform them about their basic rights. my name is david and i work at the news the news this week on will stories. political activists, some this rant in hong kong. the essence of beauty and diversity in london. we begin in afghanistan, where more than a decade line the hi diary has been helping drug addicts and couple of tally bums resurgence is making the
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earrings and because on atlanta, high diary is on her way to mother camp. it is one of the few privately run addiction facilities and caboodle. her diary founded another camp on her way. she pauses by poly sucked her bridge, where many drug addicts live a lima. you know that i'm up with. but other more told when i saw the bridge for the 1st time, it was like looking straight into hell. i thought this is what hell looks like. i remember people were lying on the ground like animals were dying. and they could have had promising life become doctors maybe have some work at hamlet. there was another shock in store for her diary. she hadn't seen her brother for a long time and found out that he was living under that bridge. high diary decided to take action. she wanted to help her brother and be many other addicts, and caboodle almost everyone in the city of 4 and
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a half 1000000. know someone whose life has been destroyed by drugs rehabilitation center is located in western could boil instead, her son was once an addict himself for 30 years. he suffered from herin dependency . but with her diaries help, he managed to kick the habit. now he manages the centre in her absence. meat is not an addict. he has been here ever since. high diary found him as a young child in a garbage can on the side of the street, most likely abandoned by his family. when he doing both patients to stay here for about 4 weeks, there is a lack of costly medicines to withdrawal symptoms. so patients usually have to make due with cold showers where we also have a lot of talks and music sessions. the high diary also has in mind to turn off the rehab. she also runs to restaurant taj
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big room. all employees are recovered addicts, the work helps them lead drug free lives and brings new perspectives. mohammed hussain is one of those who manage to turn his life around stuff. this is a special place for afghanistan, so we can feel pretty safe here. i'm very happy to work in this place because here in the restaurant is just different, almost like a family. those sit on on, on some take of tennis to the venue. the restaurant received threats from extremists also because it is run by a women. her diary has managed to build what she said out to build. but the situation and if ganeth tent is unstable, he was scrawl of international troops is under way and should be complete within the next few weeks. but when her so i was hoping to get on her i'm pretty
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pessimistic about has gone on the future when they get totally st. kiki as my the only one who wants the future. the taliban. that are, that are radical muslims, that here and double know not got any women was and as the mommy lane and the future is uncertain, but at least for now layla hi diary knows what she is going to do. so part those with a drug addiction and kaboodle for as long as possible. the one near ago china past the controversial law, making it easier for the mainland government to arrest and charge pro democracy activists. now, very few activists have the courage for testing public. the writing, he is politics and his love of hong kong into his skin still be with one yet chin even in the darkest days. solving talk on the whole. i hope me remind me of the
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beliefs i started with, even if i'm jailed in the future. one started the group student political system last may just after hong kong or is heard about the national security law at 20. he's one of the oldest in the group there. as young as 15. there's some of the few still visible on the streets. many other groups are gone. sorry, it's not all over the well, i decided not to go to college last year. so i wanted to dedicate myself to activism while i was still free on her though i still got no many political influences, seldom speak in public. they could be called under the national security law with all else, especially with it being so uncertain migalia how we feel like we have to step out . especially when prominent figures are either in jail or an exile. all that, like, well why one has been arrested for times in the last year,
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twice just this month. march is our band under pandemic rules. he and his group hand out leaflets instead, but it's enough to get him into trouble. the pressure is intense. he knows national security officers are watching him. he doesn't go to sleep until 7 am. so he's awake at dawn. that's when police arrest people at home. he's part of what beijing says is an extremely small minority that the national security law targets to preserve stability. one thing has the stability brought by the national security law is just an illusion and is built on people's fear. there's no room for further treat. what if, even the terms freedom and democracy become to be one day. i won't compromise on my speech or that if you will. he and his group support those already in jail. they take supplies to protest, years behind bars. on your handle on hong kong future is more
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important in my one future, gaining when the political prisoners are released in years or decades to come. i don't want them to return to worst hong kong hong kong without home college all. and we have got many see we are the kids chosen by the time. but i think it's we who have chosen this era c dot on the symbols on his skin state, his certainty, the tattoos are messages of defiance to his future self. ah, the full decade for my east germany, the secret service side on it citizen, the information was stored on files. many people only found out later how extensively they will be monitored to
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do my review. i read the door of their old building in east berlin. they lived here when they were young, a nice that will anything but private vendor then on the play store in whom i spied on them from across the courtyard bank. when this tree was much smaller. did you see stones people standing magical? no. i just found out when i read about it, we would never thought about it. the thought of them standing there. now i'm not in the rest of the files contained hundreds of pages intercepted letters and informers reports including viva, and offers apartment layout game and had in my someone looked into my life and i had no idea what they described me as
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a person from that perspective. which wasn't a very friendly one. i know this is on the pointless los star. it said, but i live with this culture. but why? with the 2 women spied on and they just, they came from the provinces to east berlin and found good jobs here working for the east german state, newspaper noise, georgia and new germany. they made a fate for move. we tried to leave the country from 976 onwards, circle or fall and in nevada applied again and again to leave. always giving the same reason is lifeline. dec. i do not believe trustworthiness of discovery. i have seen 1st hand how little human rights are respected in east germany. after these days, they tell people born after the war came down, having risk life and limb to leave east germany. old. i didn't want
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someone else to decide where i lived here. you know me, i had a certain point i had enough and then i thought, well, no, i want i want freedom to make sure that i was spending and for that desire they almost ended up in prison. the how do we define duty? there is the question being asked by photographer christine of our tina shakes flores beyond classic ideals. we visit her studio in london. the people with disabilities, with different skin colors, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. diversity in front of the camera, staged by a photo order. me a photo shoot in london with an n d from a timble and jill in deal both born with l. bind as a band with milly, ellis brown,
1:27 am
a person who identified does neither male nor female. they are oem users of russian photographer, christina vaccine. okay, very good sense of beauty is the name of this photo project, or actually as a, as a highlight, people who are often under represented. and she wants to establish a concept of beauty that goes beyond the current standard with close to so many voices are suppressed and to be given committee j, a foreign things were following a model that i have today shandy very important to me is that in a strength that they've been able to understand themselves and find their place in the world and believe in themself,
1:28 am
and love themselves except their own money. their own uniqueness has earned international claim for her photographs which are exhibited in galleries from new york to moscow. before moving to london in 2019, she worked in the us for 10 years, photographing people like artist masha key. actually. the massive discussion about females and was passed as being a woman and needs to change the office. 2021. it's time for change and roxanne wants to support that change with her photographic works and the little more with the news
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the do you like it? do you want the ok then like a love with the pedal to the metal. let's ride the rest on d w o. the crazy. more like totally the same space. jumping an extreme source for free falling as a hayley booby festival in norway. space jumpers from around the world can enjoy fall under 30 minutes.
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we've got some hot tips for your bucket list, the magic corner spots for food and some great helpful memorial to double your travels off we go. the we are living during the most extraordinary time. in history transport the electric reads the also and mobility
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was didn't like to drive an electric bus through the streets of a city like berlin. i think i want to do time to tie for all kinds of modern fear providers. and what can you expect from the new d s 9? today's car, a lot of friends. check out the design and performance of this hybrid plug in. and why does everything always have to go fast? we need an austrian artist who's built the slowest cars in the world. ah, so get ready for speed conscious sedation? read the lame jans. welcome to the ref, jake, today's car. 8th, a lot of the french one. the d. s 9. let's check it out. back in the days,
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ds was the premium line, 50 cars, but in 2015 it became an own brand. determined to build premium quality. until now they only had 2 s t v in folio the thing i really like about the car. the headlights, not only do they look cool, but they also have these moving parts on the inside. they can therefore debt the light though if you're driving into cars, that is of course an omar to the 1st day that had that cornering light, making the fifty's. so that was a real novelty back then. as you might expect to 1st glance the new d s 9 doesn't have very much in common with the old. on the back here, you will find another reminiscence to the old b s. and that is the positioning lied right here. the d s had the indicated up there, but today you're not allowed to put them that high anymore. and that's why those
1:33 am
are just positioning lights. but still a nice detail. me . another thing i really like about the d s 9 is the integrated door handle. it's right here. i know only a few years ago you would find such door handles only on very expensive cost. and now you will have that right here. you press the button, they pop out and then you can get in. so the interior is really high quality. you can tell that there is a lot of leather good. the color is not exactly my of choice, but you can also choose other ones. apart from that, you have very nice teachings here and everything looks high quality and somewhat, you know, what could you and that's what the es wants to have, like cars that represent or quit your. you can also tell that if you use the stop button, that by the way is here in the middle,
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then and then the log clock will pop up and also and hands the feeling of what could you get when you sit in that car? under the hood of our test car, you will find gasoline engine with 180 horse power combined with an electric engine and 110 horse power. so it's a hybrid, namely plug in high res, so you can charge it by a socket. mm. it can go up to 48 hours of range purely electric, according to w, l t p. i talking about charging that will take one hour and 45 minutes. no matter if you charge it at home or at a charging station at your workplace or somewhere else and then the car will be full again. so in theory, you can use it to go to your workplace fully electric,
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and then back and charge it at home. prices for a hybrid d. s. 9. 52800 heroes in germany. the car is also available as a pure gasoline version with 225 horsepower, starting from 47550 year rest. let's talk about the general driving impression vs claims that the glass is bigger than it usually is with other cars. so you will have really well insulated interior and what better play to check that then the german, audubon. and to say we're driving like a $130.00 right now. and it's quite silent in here. so i guess they were right about the glass. i really like it for me is 93 in length. the d s 9 office and lots of space. the driver and passenger and other nice feature the
1:36 am
car has is that you can preserve battery capacity. can do that by uh the touch screen right here. so you can choose either like 10 kilometers or 20 kilometers, or the full maximum range off around 48 kilometers. that way, if you end up in a big city where, you know, you're only allowed to drive purely electric without emissions, you can preserve the range and then switch into e v mode. once you get there, the d s 9 comes with a lot of standard equipment such as navigation system, active scan suspension and active l e d headlights. my final verdict, the s is trying to build cars that are high quality. and i have to say the d s 9 does fulfill that promise. it is a card that has no major weaknesses. the design is really striking. the only thing i would prefer if that chrome right here was also available in high, polished black, just like that grill here in the inside. also nothing to complain about. the only
1:37 am
thing i didn't like about all test car is the rad ledler. but of course, that is also available in different colors. so on all you have call that feature a lot of things and has a decent price. from me that's a thumbs up from the questionable choice of colors, but inside and out, the d. s. 9 is folded limousine with an extra touch of high quality. with that call you almost feel like bill strolling on the cap was in perry. this is yeah, not quite a lot of them on the look. by the time when i'm elect or send me the money to get some more analysis,
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i've had some issues. if once it's been fun to come out, i thought might start. this was for now and it was on i'm not 50 on with my know the man said, well, i saw him back on my lamps as we might have talked with tom tom as their their stories. because i've managed to do the school caused the full tough to shop. i just know by the use of condoms,
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he's annoying toggling absolutely gotten on the line just also as well as the inverse of the final will consist of an option for a z and b that are just on this design thing. on the top, the top screen for operations, i found the new dish. good gang of the and i just turned in all of this year to tom bob, i kind of touch flashes on on one of them, but then i'm one of the fish table. i'm on my list. possible, suzanne, and what else do you want to finish on
1:40 am
the fun fun to also trisha and a lot of fun. i didn't explore. it's not to shoot counseling. all i had was in town with the high school. the last name of progress on the months, many young con, can fly in yourself. be ready to kind of walk on the south side because that's why i need to talk to one of
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the money in san and this is yeah, it's mighty guy. it's not on up to speed and you manage ah, shouldn't i talk to the guy to buy a gun? the black one, i believe most scientists 100 more went off here lifting ah, come allison. i have to see now along with including feverish up terabyte of pre voc, god can demand me. what if i find all the advantages and the height of stainless steel and of monopoly was the vasa on board in the form of money from
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my ghana to come? well then the senior night. ah. but your site will not be upon booking. i don't know what some of us got when senior by will not. he said insufficient show in the complex and the completion me as amanda. 100 awesome. i'm power lot as team ones on the next billing or not or does yeah. in a pod. all the fast took off on the death side or even the apple upside
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office shop, visa us, and on gosh, on the soft complex of me. when a lot of fun. good one, john. good talked with him display upside down off glen loyce. just hi looters on yes, a moment. mm. ah, ah, ah, ah. such as your book choosing a test off site. right. and the thing love to shop. know his com said it on the move list of the funding calling. thank you. get the mind of this is hi because this gifts this fall by is
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not being honest, but you know, and because wanna fall under the muzzle, because again, i do want to do time just to tie for all kinds of home a lot of years. and let's find this to get this from spun as a good. i just kind talk to all the ones i here now. i just i see. and my son at the office pasa, in fact i've seen him when you ty, so much money. god woman, fat. me the the name thing, golden,
1:45 am
and other than the gold coating. the one big exterior feature with the ferdinand lee to 3. it's super size, the rear spoiler hicks boil off. ah say, i'm a luxury, i'm gong, i'm so simple and everyone can use looks like it is not that it was a gold coated portion cruising through the city of lin spin austria alongside of red ferrari. that looks very much like the 700 horsepower flagship enzo model. but when it comes to the jump at the lights, there are a pair of non starters. in fact, they're an art project celebrating the art of slowness. they're the brain child of harness long gave out. his $200.00 kilo contraptions are driven
1:46 am
solely on several power. all of this last slowness is definitely a bigger luxury than being fashion earthing. life than the fast lane can be a short one. what's the number on it to, and of course there's also the relaxation if you're doing 2 or 300 on the highway, i think the mat inevitably exist on my, on my speed of 3 to 5 kilometers an hour. you actually notice the things going on around, you know, come with the thing. if you don't have him on the wait time is long data versus well that fall out a deal that pits the artist against philosopher and in a race where the snail takes the checkered flag. the 2 men have been a source of mutual inspiration for decades. their artistic projects repeatedly
1:47 am
focused on the subject of mobility, and it being a crossroads between tradition and innovation. the flash flash off the artist introduced as lightning to restore glamour, to specific things, to delay the k p a. and keep so in reinventing big fat sports cars as bicycles, lots of organ, the artist restores things to the former glory they might have lost and through no fault of their own. lemme seen today, we close from one heart. the car has lost a bit of its old charm in the wake of ecological issues. going on this long gave his name to the creation foggy, a marriage of ferrari and the german word for bicycle. needless to say, it's carbon neutral and guaranteed 0 missions. says this is our deal, or the next 200 kilometers. samantha, human driver is the only engine with
1:48 am
a lifetime guarantee. and wherever they show up, the cars are guaranteed to turn provokes debate. this is bad and, and named after the founder of the course, a company, legal and pedestrian zones, to see sure. it's basically a bicycle even if it runs on 4 wheels. yes, because it's a one on one. this is say i'm a luxury and i'm golf. but i'm so simple and everyone can use that use a counter statement to the decadence of super rich people in buying the real thing in times like this is the work and it's across the when we, if we don't exercise that logical, common sense and modesty,
1:49 am
then we're going to cause a lot of damage done, marking this, you have to come from the for the philosopher the fog. heidi is the reference to the $960.00 s the heyday for cars as designer items and cult objects. left him to it in the 1st 3 decades after the 2nd world war and the introduction of the welfare state in europe. this gave people the promise of a brighter future will be convincing or if not for them then for their children. when it's competent was one plan, as people look to the future, or they were more fearless and willing to take on risks. that will change completely because i think people have lost that confidence in the future it's. that's why they've become fearful and anxious. interesting. if anything, they prefer to see us taking a step back rather than racing ahead moment for you can see. and the last nominate fear lists and home. it lists at the handlebars of cars that would normally be
1:50 am
considered status. symbols, pitany of a luxurious lifestyle. delay this list is owns that is it. the artist achievement here is our grading works is that also reminds us that we can derive pleasure from this kind of thing that they've done, things speaking, hey, i'm an artist. and now i also want to have something grandiose, something valuable, significant and beautiful, and impartial. so he makes his own portia. and the even manages to integrate himself into this reality that he, detecting to portia is already worth more than the genuine one that he's replicated here. we have the departure in the market ball tough on this long gated vehicles had braced galleries and museums all around europe. and to turn his works into 2 performance art, sometimes dresses up as ruth reynolds character from the movie. the cannibal runs
1:51 am
the just about the object itself, but also its reception in the media and among the public image. another important element is the association. it's obviously from an employee. so adding a personal performance is just as crucial as the promotion and online presence of all of it is as important as the car itself. the internet off trade secret head can also be secret, is the server named in gordon and other than the gold coating. the one big exterior feature with the ferdinand g t 3 as per sized rare boiler hicks boil off the hex paula at speeds and excess of 5 hello motors an hour. the spoiler exerts a considerable down for us on the rear axle we're giving me a lot of disability at higher speed is the huge air intakes in the front with oil or prevent excessive sweating on the part of the driver and front passenger. the
1:52 am
artist has also made videos parity and contests, as well as the classic promotional labs the in the process, earning millions of views on youtube. his works have become so popular that in 2013 his father body was invited to share the with real luxury cars. at the high profile, international motor, sho, in frankfort. bad for a vehicle whose chassis comprises cardboard cutouts and the body of plastic, tubing and cables, connected with packing tape. the result is one, perhaps the ultimate praise is something that i haven't seen yet, but could be not so far for the future. he looks like
1:53 am
a friday if he's not there for right. he's a very good call. the coming up when ferrari it's about a philosophy, not just going fast. no one for our is our works of art also gets on the coast here . come on, driving a ferrari and unbridled joy. to see our capacity for enjoyment should not be a latest and caters solely to gore maze and those who indulge inexpensive hobbies and it's important for people to repeatedly ask themselves what it is that makes life worth living august. if people stop pursuing that question and are content with merely functioning, and that means becoming extremely comply and politically speaking for you. we just accept everything because all we want to do is obey walking voice. ah, what's wrong with a bit
1:54 am
a poor man's portion of philosophy that is a common theme in the work of harness long data and speaking of philosophy, there's also a constructivist element to art as well. in this case, putting the sacred cow, there is the car on to to wheels. this is the is to be, this is my s, u v. the oldest mode. so then if you could call at the su via bicycles for this cause off clausen, it's inflatable and gets fatter over time. so you take up more space on the road, your that's important to tom and then 3 plots and booked on installs for k, as the movies to his latest creation is a vehicle that has 0 mobility, a statement on the state of the world during the pandemic, plan as long south is certainly getting out and about and after his gold porsha
1:55 am
cause the commotion on the cold, british tv. so top tier just even looking at a small scale market launch any into getting into this. i've even had people from the art scene mistakenly thinking, i'm some car free goals or not. you wonder who you are now? well, i guess i'm no longer an artist. and now more of a car designer auto. on the bought the constructor, you the weather artist or automotive architecture. hi miss long good. i will keep on commenting on mobility from his own maverick perspective. while teaming up would like minds to create unconventional visions of the vehicles of the future the perhaps society will change and people will be able to rediscover their love for life. and the aspect of a more positive future is if it's a few,
1:56 am
then i'm sure they'll also rediscover their love of cars taken. and so the old regular car is run out of energy at some point. how does long data creations will still keep on running red, which is the plenty of energy to keep running until the next episode safe driving? the the news
1:57 am
the the, the, the the all the oh the crazy morning like totally in the same state. jumping an extreme storage for a free falling town. as the haley movie festival in norway, bass jump from around the world can enjoy the rush. do you there is
1:58 am
a baby boom in the contact step. and it's been the psych antelopes were critically endangered after falling victim to a mysterious epidemic. and while the population is recovering, the species is still in danger. 3000 in 30 minutes on the w. o. the news? 2016. that's a good bunch of the queen wants to see if germany with me the last few years have been quite a ride early in touch with the germans averted on the home when it comes to jermel be it. and of course i would look in the eyes birches, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby, a 100 on approved. i got to be in the news. every person never comes when you're
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feeling multi giving your real life its culture. another way of living. are you ready to meet the german? enjoy me right. just do it on the w. the in december, 2019 the european counties, new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure the 1st time a gentleman planted by the 25th but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. choose that money can be a process flattery and best laid plans and
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often go astray when the game of diplomatic poker power plays, and alliances behind the scenes. the climate summit stores august 5th on d w. ah, this is d w. news and these are our top stories. former south african president, jacob's duma is define a court deadline to give himself up to authorities. he told hundreds of supporters outside his home that there is no need for him to go to jail sentence to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend a corruption. hearing of the supreme court has agreed to consider his challenge to divert it.


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