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tv   Lesenswert  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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agreed to postpone the game central care with 202421 strong off course. during the qualifying ground. not least for sports heroes. actually, it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the road to tokyo, july 19 d w. me the life it is in the great on is not people playing the music. people breathing. so difference will separate the drama man,
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that means really a lot for me because this music touched me really deep. i love every single me the church of san marco, in the heart of milan, it was here that use that a verity they viewed as requiem and $874.00, and exactly 145 years later. he currencies is that the conductor stand. he's directing his music. i town of orchestra. enquire, comprised of 180 musicians and for vocal services. me
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o. me me. i think the very beginning of the rec, on the, with the changing, whispering recruitment and donation looks. but when new to days on days away seems cause those these mysterious live and like we spur of the humanity from all the sensuous some luncheon ah
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ah, ah ah, ah me o me me the
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news you need to get the kind of spiritual, wandering, and spiritual adventure of searching the place. and then at one point you fell in the same pattern, was the composer and then you have a lot of information to bring here. yeah, i use that. they want to italy's most famous composer. he wrote 28 press, one to enroll, mess the message, directly dirty, compose the records in an honor of italian poet novelist, alexander my son. precisely a year after his death dante's requiem headed from me on the church of son, michael. the
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news. everybody knows, even with some critics that said, that was an altar and not sacred music, but everybody recognized broke from, from the 1st bad moment from the 1st mean. huge that it was a major work of art and master piece. moving everybody in a way that still is a fact different so in all europe, since the 1st performance seem, you know, everybody wanted to get the performance of missed that and it became one of the most important works by the end sacred music pieces. the not some in general performed and the last by, by the, the,
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me, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, the composer is music in a certain dimension and brings this music to our and dimension goes, music is not the nodes. is these the same metaphysic emotion
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that you can feel with your humper senses about something and then you start to find a way to bring him down to transcript in language or sound what it is in another unspeakable and undetermined place. then of course, the composer is not for me, this kind of creator that she creates from 0 this she just gets in this environment and brings it here. now the performer, what has to do is to start from this environment here and go back to this search that the composer was, take the music and brought it here. the
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me born in athens and trained in st. petersburg to do a currencies is one of the most exciting conductors of our time from 2004, 2010. he was music director of the noble, severe sc state opera, ballet theater. it was there where he founded his music. i turned ensemble and chamber quire, the ah, when he became artistic director of the opera and ballet theater in western russia . he took music. i turned along with him. right from the start, couldn't see demonstrated his passion for getting people excited about music. ah,
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so what i'm doing is order to prepare all this connection we and some inside of listening and gender and understanding and every mean and what is the function and then try to bring this mysterious light in doing the performance. and everybody gets transformed and use all these functions and all just quality doesn't remains in the 1st layer of quality, but becomes of sacred act between people in the in
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the me the the me the ah ah me ah
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ah, ah, ah, ah, i yeah, i
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i use when i met him, it was for me like the kind of artistic fusion because i, i immediately understood what he won said. maybe i could not give it immediately to him, but i understood what he wants and i totally approved what he was looking for. so the very special thing about his vision and of course the vision and we are all together trying to bring with him to you is finding again the original score. and what i mean,
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your original score is that we have to be aware that in birdies core, we are a moment where it's written 6 piano. and then suddenly you have, i think, 4 or 514 people. so in an hour and a half of music, we have to find a way to do 6 piano and $514.00. and you need to, to hear these differences the ah, ah, ah, the me
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o me. oh i this music takes a lot of effort from every musician playing and singing it. and of course the main challenge is to, to follow doors fluid to vision of this music. every time she changes details, she is like never satisfied with what he's doing. so he captures the exact moment
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of the birth and life of the sounds. and depending on how it goes, she can change really like really a lot. he could change really a lot anytime the oh the ah ah, the me
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the. 2 me ah ah, ah use we'll need to be timed at the same language. so considering that we are like really 100100 people. it's kind of a musician to get together and,
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and this is, this is very hard to get but when you get it, it's really amazing. oh, oh, oh the oh the me ah
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. 2 ah, oh, i like the fact that in this piece you feel being a part of something great. and as a solar you have to of course, very, very exposed solo moment. and then suddenly you have to metro voice in the course, the trio, the quite sure how to do it. and for example, the news day is the, the most exposed moment because you are at the octave with the soprano, you're seeing exactly the same thing, but it has to sound like a unique voice. the
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ah ah, the news . the news
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the aah! is not, this is going to be connected all the time with what these constant in life which is change. and this is something is very honest and very hard to follow and very has always for him to find the truth. everything about him is special and to work with him, of course it's a great privilege and that really deep satisfaction of, in, in a way of creating music together. and but also it's
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a great challenge because he's obsessed with the quality. i think he's a genius, meaning that he is totally in the music. he's completely involved in what he's doing. and for me, the genius is this person who is what he explores. what he magnified ah oh the. busy ah, oh yeah the the
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i. busy busy oh, with the wrong surely not engine is soon enough. protectionist and just i seeing sue a little bit different things in scores from other musicians. i'm a little bit individual. i would say that's the only thing i can say among
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and ups in that friend of the composer that i decided to interpret the the news the, the the, the
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me to be the who's
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regular rate. it's a great form for doing something because you deal with something that you deal every day actually just deal with death in life. and while you do rec, them your you, you are called to answer to, to, to from, to mental questions. if you believe in life after death, and if you believe in life before death, who need it? well, i mean it takes me
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all i me ah ah, ah, the news the news
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the news the the the the the the do you like it? do you want the okay, then local uh, put the pedal to the metal. let's ride
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in 30 minutes on d. w. oh, the crazy one line in the same face. jumping in extreme force for a free falling town. as haley booby festival in norway, bass termper from around the world can enjoy holland internal and rush, 069, dw. oh, the women in asian. i definitely will put all the money in on lunch and on the voices. the only way i can,
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the job is to create my own and the see their house standing stories in women in asia this weekend on d. w and above all how it feels jewish life in europe. that's what film producer and journalist eve coogan magnet, are exploring. delving into history and the present. i would never have thought the judaism convenient, so i need to remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. broad pluralistic
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jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on dw, the, in the, ah, ah, this is the w news blind from berlin, jacob zoom, i defy a deadline to hand himself into authorities. the former south african president tells cheering supporters that there is no need for him to go to jail. the supreme court is reviewing a prison session, imposed for contempt. as the u. s. celebrates its independent state. president joe biden swears in new citizens and unveiled plants to encourage others to do the same
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. rescue efforts at the collapse condo in florida are suspended, throbbing structure is declared.


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