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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the finest summit starts august, 5th on d, w. the news . this is due to the news law from berlin, jacob zoom and defies. a deadline to hand himself into the authorities. the former south african president chelsea tells hearing supporters there is no need for him to go to jail. supreme court is reviewing a prison sentence imposed for contempt. the devastating wildfires tear through cyprus, dozens of houses, and whole groves of ancient olive trees are destroyed. shipping president calls it
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the worst disaster in decades. ah, ah, i'm next vice are welcome to the program. former south african president jacob zoom is defying a court deadline to give himself up to the authorities. juma has told hundreds of supporters outside his home that there is no need for him to go to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend a corruption hearing. but the supreme court has agreed to consider his challenge to the verdict. juma called on his associates to keep backing him in his court battle . i call on all my support has to use peaceful means to protest against this injustice. i really must be clear.
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i'm not asking for sympathy. but justice and d. w correspondent christine wonder, was with supporters gathering at the home of zoom in rural south africa. and she sent us this report. well, where i am, if you didn't know any better, you would think that were as a political ready, it is as celebrate re atmosphere here. you've got people dressed in the colors of the ruling a and see that is the policy of mr. zoom. people dressed in the traditional hulu regalia, people are his supporters. this is his home province where he does command lot of support. you have had gunshots being fired into the people rallying and crowds cheering around that the people here believe that they are here to support and show funded there to the man who is being persecuted in the household at the atmosphere might be a little bit more. somebody in the homes of south africans to feel that this is
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a man who has a lot to answer for. and he's refusal to present himself and answer questions to alleged corruption in his administration. and under his tenure is really a slap in the face of the law. so when the constitutional court or the supreme court handed down that that, that ruling that he wasn't contempt of court and then went on to sentence him 15 months in prison. a lot of people felt that that was a victory for the rule of law in this country. there is the feeling that the political elite get away with anything that they all know how to accompany a lot of people thought that this would be a turning point for this country. that people would see this. somebody like mr. zoom a former president who's really been at the highest of what you can be in this country going to prison for being in content that the law was equal and applied equally to everybody. and so that is what a lot of people welcomed in. that is certainly what a lot of people told me on the day that the constitutional court made that ruling. so that was the victory that this was the views as now of course, things have sort of the winds have been taken out of the sale of the story and in
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a sense, for a lot of people. because of course mr. zoom has been allowed to review his case, but this is what this means to people in a country right with corruption that anybody who is seen to be corrupt would be how so constant. that's what the symbolize for a lot of people that was dw christine moonlight, jacob zoom his home in south africa. it is the 4th of july, and the united states is celebrating its 200 and 45th birthday. one of the big issues facing the nation is immigration. president joe barton himself presided over naturalization ceremony in washington. we swear in a group of new american citizens by came to office promising and more humane and orderly immigration policy. but his administration has been struggling to deal with a migrant crisis. she's threatening to overwhelm us, mexico border. earlier i spoke to d. w, carolina. she. moya, who's at mount vernon in virginia, were new american citizens,
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were also sworn in. i asked her whether this was a big change from the days of president trump. make what i tell you right now. there is some fire was taking place here. i can tell you that these kinds of different things and try because he didn't have that in place like really thing was at the cobra place. and we have during the last year because of that a lot. i've never really ceremonies work cams, but actually in the year 2019, there was a record number not really days is taking place in the united states. and today 39 people have to realize american citizens from 30 different countries. so that's the always there. that's the last time up there when you really are. and how are the people there that you're talking to feeling about this event in their lives? i think the value for them. you find the new american
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citizen. i wanted until wonderful since it's a special moment a central day for my family, for me and for myself that a mike there where my life changes completely. no longer state data in this country . i'm someone who can who can do some change. wonderful. and it's amazing what is like the most important thing to you. why is that to be an american citizen at the mom or you said it to the country doesn't really matter where you're from. there's a 32 different countries from which you were citizen became a real tells you doesn't really matter where you're from. you will be our home here and it's a family that said i can protect 5 the worms arm. so yeah, it's amazing. thank you least that of course, of course,
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up to like the very 1st they do not really facing ceremony there. you can see the fireworks. it's a very special day for 39 people here who just became american citizen. wow. yeah, we can feel the excitement and it must be an incredible memory. it will be an incredible memory for them as they begin their new lives. it's american citizens. but part of that is going to be of course voting and democrats and republicans are already campaigning for mid term elections. how much of an issue do you think immigration could be this time around? well, me, grayson, it's going to be a huge issue where we probably can't add to a crap towards the midterm elections. and we already see how the republican party is using the immigration as a political in order to create a fear among, among their followers. especially the lower support and because he was starting to
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build that will support him because he was using the immigration. is that correct for the fighting? we already know. it's definitely the accused before but like now people, as you can see, any kind of breaking here became american. correct? well, thank you for sharing all that with steve w. caroline. she was from mount vernon, you're washington dc. many things and further south in the united states in florida, search and rescue operations have been suspended at the collapse condominium outside miami. what's left of the structure has been declared unstable and its being demolished. wrecking crews are moving in. once the building has come down, the rescue operation will resume a week after the disaster. 24 people are confirmed dead. and 121 are still missing . for over a week the families of those still missing in surfside have been waiting in vain
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for news of their loved ones. now they face another excruciating delay to the recovery operation. as demolition teams prepare to carry as a controlled explosion of the size. preparation includes activities like drilling into column in the unsafe structure and we are continuing to receive updates about the condition of the standing structure. and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any sections of the pile that are safe to access. as soon as we are cleared, with tropical storm l soft forecasts to make land fall in florida in the coming days. officials decide that the rest of the collapse complex needs to come down fast. we have a building here in surfside that is pottering. it is structurally unsound and although the b, b i of this storm is, is not not likely to pass over this direction. you could feel gusts in this area.
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we don't know. it's definitely a possibility. the instability of the site has been a major challenge for the search operation. it was already for support for almost 24 hours on thursday. after dangerous movement was detected in the debris. it's hope, the demolition will reduce the dangers faced by the crews. when they resume combing through the rubble and that the families now living in limbo will soon have certainty about the fates of their loved ones. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. the taliban has seized control of several more districts in northern afghanistan. more than $300.00 african government troops fled across the border to to jacob. then as the militants advance, the taliban now control around a 3rd of afghanistan's districts. suez canal authority has reached
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a financial settlement with the japanese owners of a huge container ship that blocked the waterway for 6 days. enlarge authority is due to release the ever given after a signing ceremony. hope for us, this is in the hospital in room for colin surgery, appeared to be in good health earlier when he addressed thousands and st. peter square the vatican will give out more information after the operation router is in the worst wildfires in decades on the mediterranean island of cyprus have killed at least 4 people. raging fires have wreck dozens of homes and destroyed pine forests in ancient olive growth. distribute president says it's the biggest tragedy since the civil war which split the island nearly half a century ago. as the wildfires raged through the troops, mountain range residence of at least 8 villages were forced to evacuate. homes and vehicles were gutted by the flames. entire communities raised to the ground,
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the villagers described the moment they decided to leave here, that they can look at the little couple back as soon as we saw the fire approaching, we got in the car and drove off the be have the dedicated who told us already there was a fire, she got almost this before, but unfortunately the plains on the fire surfaces arrived very late. but i believe last help also came too late for for a gyptian farm workers. their bodies were found 600 meters from their burned out car. police say they appeared to have fled their vehicle on foot in an attempt to escape, but ran towards the wind found flames. the president of cyprus visited the area. he promised to help all those affected by the fires. says you have a real. i reassure you that our support to all the people will be decisive. you
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will compensate whatever is possible to give people back, hold them or, and help them survive. this tragedy will be that it is more than 55 square kilometers of forest, and farmland has been destroyed by the massive fires from the air. the scale of the destruction is clear. authority say the main blaze has now been partially contained, but the fear is that the flames could intensify. if strong winds reappear later in formula one mac, 1st off and scored his 3rd wind in a row as he converted pull position into victory at the austrian grand prix. it was a comfortable one for the dutchman, but there was plenty of clothes racing behind him. full red bull and macs for stopping the austrian g. p is a race on home turf, not least because of thousands of orange collab. dutch fans supporting the man starting in pole position. his team mates says your pet as enjoyed a tough stop to the race dropping down several spots as lambda norris pushed him
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wide and lap for the mclaren driver and himself a 5 2nd penalty for the maneuver. but norris stayed competitive trading places with louis hamilton on numerous occasions as the 2 britons went head to head the 3rd place. then in a ram move hamilton, let team make voluntary bosses through who was deemed the foster of the 2 with 20 laps to go. the fin had to settle for 2nd though, while norris claimed 3rd ahead of hamilton. race leader mac smith, step in cruise to victory with a cushion of almost 18 seconds. but that was late drama, further down the grid as veteran pac kimmy rake an. an answer, boston settled, crashed on the final lap, but it was party time for the duck friends who celebrated for stephens 4th when in 5 races. taking him $32.00 points clear at the top of the championship standings.
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and you are of course watching d. w. news live from berlin up next is sports life which looks at the rocky road to the tokyo picks. you can also go to our website, dw, dot com for the latest developments. spicer picture watch. the news news . the goal was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game said tokyo with 202021
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from off course. during the qualifying round, not least for sports, it wasn't lap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing super powers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the lucky you go to tokyo, starts july 19 dw the the the. 6 the,
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these athletes have a dream, it's more than a big competition. the olympic games. i just want to be part of it. the biggest sporting event in the world, we will do your very best and then you can beat anyone in love. but the panoramic has thrown everything into doubts. will the gains take place at all as well? we don't know if there will be any competitions that's pretty difficult to deal with. like how athletes dealing with the challenges for pandemic? we joined full on that road to tokyo, to already qualified to are still fighting for their tickets. will this boating dream come true with the fence, alexandra and dolo hasn't yet secured her place at the games today. after months of waiting and training, she finally back at
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a competition. she's finally feeling her adrenalin return, even if it wasn't there to help her pack her bag. i actually have to ask myself several times. if i've got everything i needed from usually i just get it right automatically. plus with international travel off the cards, the competitors, the old german. it's nonetheless an important test of the month of inaction. the endo still have to qualify for the olympics. and today's tournament is an important indicator of the level of competition. she was the favorite in light take. disappointingly, she wasn't the one who was still days like this.
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irreplaceable for an athlete like alexandra and dolo. even just hearing that late or ready go from the referee is something else coming back to the starting line as well. of course we do that in training as well, but it all lives together a bit. every now and again, we take the time, but it's not the same as it is here. about me. sylvia. hi, jump marie lauren's human flash has already booked her place at the games. but while she can train, she hasn't been able to compete since 2019 she supported by her family in the black forest. here in fryeburg is where her sporting journey began. it's really nice to be here and it was where i started my sporting career. i never had a really serious goal. i just enjoyed it. of course i wanted to improve,
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but i never made it to my goal to jump to meters or even higher. i just wanted to have fun on high used to jump a little higher at every competition. and i thought if this keeps up, turn out well when i get that, that was this good. she made it all the way to the lympics in 2016 age 25. she placed 7th in rio since then pressure and media interest being constance, visits to her mother healthy athletes. they grounded her. so here's what this is where her wrists are and her family and everyone else. it's important for her to come back to her room to reenergize, to cool off what to just be my home. i'm not necessarily the athlete that everyone always asks after. i think that's important for her, but i must say over human flesh wants to go to tokyo this year, the corona and look down on testing her patients. the local rules are strict and
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include a nightly curfew from a p n. dancer football, be still happy when it's finally over to be able to go out again like normal not to have to be home at age to be able to meet friends, do things spontaneously. i need that and i missing it all from me. also thomas roller, one golden, rio corona slowed him down by year to use those funds in 2020 we own. got to know our home towns a bit better going for a little his become the new people sports. we're all going out always. and if you can't travel, then you focus on what's right in front of your door the most. and the last to have for the house to thomas rayleigh has also been focusing on his javelin throwing technique.
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and we've done a lot of work on a number of different aspect for me. i wanted thank you back in terms of technique . so we're together with the coach to return to an older technique for it was well going back to the roots a bit and then in terms of strength, it's always a bit risky. smith filed, the ruler, has changed the moment at which he turns into a side on stands. he's yet to test the technique at a competition. still, he's qualified to the games and he's feeling positive lose. and i've got a huge advantage and that i'm in the middle of my career, i've already completed against the very best achieved a lot of success and relaxed me going forward. and it's a lot more difficult for people who are at the end or the very beginning of their career. come met lean thought man is preparing under plenty of pressure to her 1st and again,
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the more the biggest event there is. he was nominated for 2020, but corona has given her new chums when tokyo was behind the squad where we shuffled a dream is alive that the competition if this the competitions have been cancelled and training conditions are tricky. as a result of the corona restrictions the content, and i'm really missing group training because there we have different partners and we always get in a lot more practical, less one is february 2021. and alex and dolo back in kilo in her daily life. and the time of grown up
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jogging in the park is a welcome escape from us. i thought it was used to it, but it's hanging on a bit. i was since yes ma'am. it's been months almost a year now and since i had an international competition limping, qualifying it's set to mid march. it's in the deep end for the fence after a long time without any international competition who's had seen up monday. and we'll have to see whether it's possible to get right back into the, in the, in on to say, okay, this is how koreans tends. and i remember this is all be fine for me because the and yes, it's going to be interesting. but there's
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news for madeline phone, man, but it's not good. she's still not been able to compete. and in the end, the inevitable happens. mine when the pain i don't know me on my coach how me and said there, we nominating the previous harmonies and i'm not one of them on the on the stuff by but i'd only be there if someone else can make it or you might find the the dish up to 45 except it is. it was painful at 1st because i had a goal and i've been training towards it for a long time and it was me. so i found it's not easy. it's something i think about every day. of course you end up asking yourself is that worth carrying on what you have to look at it in a different light? i've still got a chance for parents, and i'd like to try and take it on
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a mat. lean fold man's wrote to tokyo, and here the next day me is paris? 2024. ah, the from the railroads. young place, paris. it's still a long way away. he wants to perform, but an injury is forcing her to miss the german indoor championship. despite the corona brake and the injury, she's trying to stay positive of the federal my, i've enjoyed the freedom from pressure and i've been an athlete for 1516 years that always competing either you can for this triple one and it's been pleasant to have a year all of my guns i'm going in corona has given many a chance to return to their routes and that includes the top athletes.
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marilla wrong says father is from the caribbean island martinique. as the oldest of 6 siblings, she's always been possessed of mental strength as it should be, wouldn't am. i really admire my daughter. she's unbelievable. it's my. she's been doing it for years. a lot of hardship. i'm strong. i think it's amazing. i really admire her. and say i was the human flesh hopes to return to competition in my part, it all depends on the inspection, right? yeah, i miss ones. i'm really looking forward to the 1st competition. i know that i'll be incredibly nervous, especially because i've got a new run under the i'm looking forward to jumping against others showing what i can do and what my coach and i've been working on these past months. i live in want to but will that tokyo gains take place at all? the idea of hosting such
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a large event is becoming less than less popular in japan. if they do happen, it's unsure how they look. present foggy. i think it's a huge shane and if the thought that it looks as if will be competing without spectators. but i look for with all the emotion with respect haters and their support. they give us real estate. the moment it looks like that's going to be in the business and shake the uncertainty continues in japan in germany all over the world. what happens if the corona case numbers start rising? it's annoying not knowing what'll happen. what's in store for all 3 remaining athletes. will alexandra and dolo qualify america. there are times when we're sitting at home a launch time. that's pretty hard to deal with. all 3 still dream of traveling to the world's biggest festival of sports in september. will their dream come true? the
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the gate board instead of a car now instead of an oregon firing off guard, whole message, soda and ministry in grammar. and hardly anything they do is by the church in the living room. pretty catholic. ah powers battery did not know who to get his team. ah, david per lynn start up is old batteries and a new job tomorrow
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today in 60 minutes you w. me what secrets and why behind the walls, discover new adventures in 360 degree. the and explore fascinating world heritage site. the v w world heritage 360. get the app now the good conclusion. did any danger or idea is that the church be comfortable room where you feel at home and what feels more at home than account?
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