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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 7:30pm-8:30pm CEST

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will you please places in your record? the step into all the time? sure. is the treasure map for modern globe. trotter's discovery. some of you to record breaking on. you know, also in book form. ah, is this courageous or just plain crazy into the show will find out why these extreme athletes are taking dare devil lead off a norwegian, cliff? hi everyone and welcome to another edition of your max with me, your host, megan lee. there's a look at what else we have in store for you really be helping artist making stunning sculpture and how
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a popular german delicacy called bismark herring got his name. let's 1st some people like to spend their money on cars, the jewelry or expensive homes, while others invest in art. well, one wealthy swiss art collector has decided to go a step further and create an entire campus dedicated to art. my hoffman, a swiss millionaire pharmaceutical errors, has founded the luma our old call cultural center in south of france. but it's a campus is shiny new tower that has everyone talking $56.00 me to told talis, clad in around $11000.00 alimony and panels essentially. and i catch it in the french city of it's the work of canadian us architect. he's famous for his extravagant creations. italy, we're known if it cost 150000000. it's part of the new luma. cultural complex,
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initiated by swiss bill in it, and i'll connect to my huffman suppose to mid italy passes my expectations. so this be awesome. i think it harmonize as well with it's around in the trunk. and gary is perfect for this project because he has the soul and creativity of an art has to say, create enough. ah, the telephone lines architectural, brilliant with artistic stuff. the entrance hall, for instance, both a spiraling 52 meter long metal flight. ah, contemporary artworks on display in the exhibition room. some works from my husband's private connection. and tonight, grandmother's the back in 2010. my off my client, the 11 hector former french railroad science and construction work is still ongoing
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. ah, zoom. is one of us largest private projects. it goes in contrast to the picturesque old center of the southern french city. and this landmark, like the roman m p theater. the director list of blue. how ya, he welcomes this clash of old and new role has always been home to monumental architecture. lacking them theater was a phenomenal dimensions compared to the rest of the town. borrow also features medieval buildings alongside these antique monuments, tutton and we are adding another new layer, this historical context. with a unique project, my huffman wants to break new ground and create a very special place for visitors. but above all, for artists and scientists who can work together creatively and future oriented in the renovated railway building. me most interesting
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aspect is to make visions possible to make the impossible happen to realize things that cannot be alive anywhere else. that is a process for so creating and, and constructing deeply rooted relationships with artists with people. why? right, there's lots of 1st scientists who the cars are producers, design, this architect, john and especially the places for people who want to approach things differently. i'm all work in a completely new way and i think we are trailblazers in this regard and that will continue to develop in the future. many locals are still getting used to the center and it's striking the modern tower, but they appreciated the thank you for the next all is 50 with the 2500 year old history. modern with some of them phenomenal to, to,
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to let down by the whole world is now looking at are probably the love it or hate. it's not the point who's going to the, everyone's talking about architectural most pieces have proven crowd put as in the policy, even though oh, really has plenty to offer. the tower is yet another reason to have long been questions about the reckless behavior of lemmings. the small road and that throws itself off a cliff in great numbers. but in our next report, not rodents will see throwing themselves off cliffs on mass, but rather people. now we traveled to an amazing event in southern norway to find out what drives some daredevils to perform death defined stunts the re following up with them. 1000 meters high, the world's best bass jumpers calculate their dive down to the la centimeter when
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they take the leaf from the sure are put in southern norway is a courageous or foolhardy. it's definitely an extreme sport and very risky. but these based jumpers know exactly what they're doing. why don't 1st i just normal people wanting to have some fun, everyone to play like a burden. no fun to finally be on top of a mountain and actually fulfill the dream of jumping out and fly safely down. the sure is a favorite with bass jumpers due to its particular shape. vertical cliff has no ledges or irregularities that would make the jump any more dangerous than it already is. we can do it here in sharah g because the exit here is very forgiving. the 1000 meters high. it's 12 2nd until the the mountain gives us a little bit of an edge. so that means that you can jump out and you can do from
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flips. you can do back flips because you can just fall vertically with the, with the mountain without being afraid of heating. and it's a base jumpers from the world over having, gathering for 4 days as a life you're to every summer since 1998 for the help of the festival. due to the covered pandemic. not as many people have come this year. that doesn't make it any less fun. some participants even show up in costume. i'm a chicken on the flying. flying, shaking a little bit of color on my socks, and then i have a pink wig. so it almost looks like i'm a rock star from the 8 is doesn't really have to make sense to just has to be colorful and look fun. taking the helicopter up to the top of the sure makes it possible to jump several times in a day. the moment of truth has come to the right. now i don't really think about the outfit. i am very afraid. every single
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time i jump the day, i'm not scared of jumping. it's the day i'm going to quit because then i'm going to start doing mistakes. now i'm just focus on being in the presence, having my direction the right way. after i open up the, the parachute i can suck in more of the environment than the fjords and the nature . it's for sure, a feeling of freedom of. 5 being able to do anything that everything is possible. ah, that was my 1st tripled brunswick. i was like, i was, i thought i was going to do to that. then i was just like lou, this is awesome. and then when 3 and then straight out and everything was perfect,
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definitely like this chicken costume definitely brings out the little the fetters, the flying. yeah. the flying scale upgrades a little bit. and the fun doesn't end with a happy landing in between the adrenalin rushes and tears of joy based job and community love to celebrate. it's magical, it's, it's crazy that this little place here can be filled up with 250 people that live there. dream. taking the leads, norway's sure i, cliff is a plunge into a very unique sensation. wow, all right, time now to sink our teeth into something yummy and some food like pizza, margarita. this is the heart heart,
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or fettuccine alfredo are named after either historic figures or the people who invented them. now sometimes the origin of the name are obvious while others leave question marks. in the 1st episode of our new theory, tasty legacies, we find out how bismark herring, which i have right here. we find out how this fish from germany's baltic ghost got his name, the class something. my name is justin and i want to know why the specialty is named after a german imperial chancellor. i mean, you could just call and pick up the herring, but we did say bismark hearing, and today i will find out why in i'm in the north of germany on the baltic sea bass, my caring is said to have gotten his name. maybe the locals can tell me what the
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story is with the fish not from this mark. was he an emperor? i think he was a german kaiser from the politician. the principal martin, i haven't said i must have some things to do with this mark. and so that's why it was 150 years ago to be precise from 871 to 890. what from this mark was the 1st chance enough, the german empire team. awesome. i'm the unification of germany. turning many smaller states into a single country, but what he got to do with that because hearing roll i've heard that it all begin over that and this building, it was your house number 6 on the new market square that merging young man and wife colinas for pick up sharing among things. i need with klein out from tri city archive to learn. it's a good, how did this man here and get it to me even though it has something to do with chancellor all to think this money in his being many people revered. this important
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politician was one of the longer he sent a little battle of his people hearing healing 6 small responses cordial. so beacon plucked up the courage and asked if it would be all right, to call the hearing he and his wife producing bismark harring yesterday about the the chancellor gave us permission of bushes. why, since $1870.00 was my call is mark harris with miss lucky of the improvements and so that the legend one claims this mike said harry would be as popular as lobster or have yeah. if it were just as expensive ones fish, long island dose has caring, according to the month, original recipes to henry referenced. it's now run my a friend of mine. we make
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a modern version with home. it's hard to hear and onions pick up more on with my time of the secret recipe. the secret recipes really secret, so i can show it to you. i can show you a few tips on how to make it most revised, original recipe after buying it from your hands each month. great granddaughter, it gained ra, same after 10 mca barrels of it to royals and presidents during that visit the years the chamber of secrets is really worth it also. so what do we do? we need to skin the show. you ok must be thought i skin feel is a place into
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a brian of salt and vinegar. gets thing with him having now we've been hearing into the barrel just like metal. nothing. no, no, no. just put it in seeds on hands. bailey's and all spies go into the barrel and you'll have this month's secret. okay, how long day man surrender week hearing must come from the bowl ticket. fishing. we had to stream the stop between the island fluid and i went on the mainland. it's a good spot to fish the hiring. look, i try my luck and i cut our line shows out. then a fish by the hearing. the
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good news. the unfortunately, that was only hearing off that day, but still in the evening, return to the mainland overtime. now i know how the bismarck carrying got his name and what's behind the rest of us. i guess we'll never find out which legend is really true, but it's like a story. and the fish ah, i see stories, suzy, as of now amazing. the best chef with their best tip, from me to the game diet and all the rest of the secret. welcome to my world.
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europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. lives. subscribe and enjoy. d. w. food. i love them or hate them. bees are an essential part of our lives. after all, a large portion of the world's food production depends on their pollination. bees are also essential to the work of artists to much live at teeny. his b is not only make honey, they have proven to be great, the sculptors to ah, some 60000 busy be hard at work in forming the 3. the bodies of sculptures with a wax and nature go hand in hand. and it's the brainchild of slovakian born artist commercially. well, teeny,
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the reason why i wanted to work with the bees is that want to celebrate and not typical hero. in the story. bees are seemingly longer book creatures, but they produce something that last time and time over again and survives everything. it's not a typical hero that you can expect. either he makes the models and leads the rest of to nature. he sketches out his id is in his studio in the dutch, russia, down the frames 1st on the computer. then in reality, by hand using wire on natural materials. later the b, b blast, honeycombs the news put these lines. so when i work with these frames and variety of frames that i build, i have to be aware of one thing, and that is the bees love is watches forums and beautiful changes between convex and concave forms. b love curves,
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liberty nice be colonies, live in a garden, noticed the city center where he looks after them. it takes lots of energy for the bees to produce their wax. most of the nectar they need from april to, to line have glance from the abdomen that secrete scales collected on their hind legs. deniva needed with their mandible until they shape it into honeycombs me. but the honest one with a nation cannot be planned. it looks like it's quite cold outside and the bees have receded to protect their broods. so i think they haven't built much in last couple days, which is normal. and we kind of expected that when you have some building activity already and at the bottom. so that's quite nice. the weather and the size of the
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cell, it can take anything from 2 weeks to 2 years to complete. i think this project is also very important besides being beautiful artwork in the context of saving me. i'm really happy and humbled that this project helps to promote these ideas in the most entertaining, sceptical way thomas liberty needs to happen. services the world does. his famous version of if a t t with 1st exhibited in most dams comes pell museum in amsterdam, radiation gallery. this book is on show at the music museum and is on switzerland, even new york, that he's moma, and one of the artist sculptures. ah, the most fascinating thing about the beast is that it's on one hand, extremely soft. on the other is extreme endurable. i love this contradiction, and it's a beautiful metaphor for how we should look and treat our society,
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that there are people around us that may look weak, but they possess something, a quality that extremely strong and something to celebrate. the make our lives sweeter and are now making a contribution to the world. yvonne's, as well as pandemic, regulations are relaxed in people start track calling again. various tours are on offer around europe and for biking enthusiasts. switzerland has 3 different alpine circle tours in the south eastern part of the country. that will take your breath away. you can actually do them by car or on foot. but your max reporter deanna pain year that was decided to tackle one of them on an e bike. and she shared some of the top sites with us. the nature breathtaking news,
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stunning architecture, discontent, copeland and fellow to others. then you all find your route takes, you know, the highlights. i am going to be, you know, from the w euro marks for 2 days. i'm exploring the switch on a new bike to visit the most beautiful places in the region. let's go. my 1st thought is the feeder where residents speak german pro much. any diane from switzerland, all this town, 3 different vehicle. ruth, leave you to them on thing. one is 150 kilometers long. i know there's 20450 kilometers. the mirror would lead me to your 65 meter hide train bridge in finally, the famous for nina express is coming up. i also know as the leader right to view is fun tested. i continue to the foot of the via dog. would you say, you know, school or heritage side?
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i think i need coverage from the racial re will company. so that's what i was trained so special on a one meter gauge railway or narrow gauge railway. i mean the everything is a bit smaller, fabi. red carriage is became the norm many years ago. and the beginning of the train was actually painted, green eyed in some bios, but talons referred to the bernina express and as the trevino raso also i pollution all the rough terrain. but i want to keep up the bottom vida by continue optim on whatever lives to be unit you buy it to 5, i saw last through in the 1st 100 kilometers. my 1st day comes to an end inventory . so you know, oh, today the journey continues with the cable car. i'm driving up here to the south,
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a skew station at another of almost 3000 meters. give or let's say most for shot dropping use obligations and the highest more done in the eastern as the piece. let me know the market rush and 1st glacier called a total of 600 square kilometers, plus, can know what we're up here. so them, and i'm here in the, there's a wonderful 10 kilometers, lay down the glacier to mortar auction in the summer. you can do the glacier trail, which also leads down from the laser home to the $100.00 is 20 something the next 50 kilometer leg of the route to the next stop takes about 3 and a half hours by bike car. it will be 15 minutes, then has the wrong 11000 kilometers off by the swiss national park, which is 170 square kilometers is the country's largest nature reserve. your site
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is not allowed. a c r vibe and you have been working here for 26 years in what kind of animals had you seen? how and see bill busted him so much the field a history to get a lot of deer, goats and ibex is in summer and that bill, boston volume spotted bears and walls as well that and that. and then based on that a, it was very special to see such predators easy, get all that data to be boston, the trade out on a 30 i believe you, we are this morning village of, of the ton of mine inspire $900.00 century novel is johan us theory to right? a one single children's. it has been translated into other feeling which is tied
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into a 5 year old orphan, grows up in the ground floor. you can hear these gun following her boots. that i have to say it was really the money to explore 5 different places in 2 days on a bike, but it was totally worth it. i especially like, did you ever listen? i real experience that i can totally recommend the route has over 20 highlight. it's a dinning group, you can explore by cars or even on who's posted there were breathtaking views. and with that we come to the end of another show. but don't forget to check out our website for this week's draw and a chance receiving this d. w backpack. along with some other fun stuff and of course be sure to follow us on facebook. as always, thanks for tuning in and we'll see you again. the
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the the news, the news the
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the, what's going on here. so no house of your very own from a printer, computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity, explains, delivers facts and shows what the future holds. living in the digital world. in 15 minutes on dw, the do you like it? do you want it? okay,
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then put the pedal to the metal. let's ride the rest in 30 minutes on d, w o. the news. sometimes seat is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning like global ideas. we'll show you how climate change and mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge of through sharing. download it now. a,
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me ah, and above all, feels jewish life in europe. that's what film producer and journalist goodman are exploring. delving into history and the present. i would never have thought that judaism could be lips open. and so i remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. broad pluralistic i jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on d w. the news
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. this is due to the news line from berlin. rescue efforts at the collapse condo in florida are suspended. the remaining structure is declared unsafe and reckon crews are moving in more than a 120 people are still missing. and is america celebrates the 4th of july president joe barton tackles the immigration crisis threatening to overwhelm the us mexico border. and former south african president, jacob zoom. i persuade the supreme court to take another look at his prison sentence for corruption. we'll hear more from zoom as hometown the
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next. spicer. welcome to the program. and we begin in florida where the collapse condominium outside miami is still being searched, search and rescue operations have for now, however, been suspended. was left of the structure has been declared unstable and is being demolished. racking crews are moving in. once the building has come down, the rescue operation will resume a week after the disaster. 24 people are confirmed dead. and 121 are still missing . for over a week the families of those still missing in surfside have been waiting in vain for news of their loved ones. now they face another excruciating delay to the recovery operation of demolition teams. prepare to carry as a controlled explosion of the size. preparation includes activities like drilling into column in the unsafe structure and we are continuing to receive
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updates about the condition of the standing structure. and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any section of the pile that are safe to access. as soon as we are cleared, with tropical storm elsa forecasts to make land full in florida in the coming days . officials decide that the rest of the collapse complex needs to come down 5. we have a building here in surfside that is pottering, it is structurally unsound. and although the b, b i of this storm is not, not likely to pass over this direction. you could feel gusts in this area. we don't know, it's definitely a possibility. the instability of the size has been a major challenge for the search operation. it was already for support for almost 24 hours on thursday. after dangerous movement was detected in the debris. it's hope the demolition will reduce the dangerous face by the crews when they resume
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combing through the rubble and that the families now living in limbo will soon have certainty about the fates of their loved ones. and joining me from miami is that the road as is even menia professor, structural engineering at florida international university. a professor, you've been to the scene of the disaster yourself. what did you see that set off your alarm bells they are really, they are not living anybody getting very close to the building. you can view the building, but you cannot see the level of the damage you've seen. i have seen those from the videos, but we have also looked at the design plans that have become available publicly. and what did you then think of the design plans and the pictures that you saw? was there anything that that sort of major concern up. i was
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concerned, i mean at this point it's going to take some time before we know exactly what triggered the and what factors played in collapsing the this building. but certainly, i mean there are several areas that would be good for the people who are investigating this collapse to take a very close look at. i think foundation system is a good place to start the floor system, the details that have been used, and also the system that was used for this building for resisting the lather all loads. another way, like you've been, was there are what's called a sheet of walls that resist the ladder alone. and it seems like the way the building that came down. you can actually see there is a correlation between that and the locations of the she was. and you were talking about the wind loaded and that's why of course they want to demolish what remains
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of the building. is that the danger the weather? yes, i think the more than that of course, did, and during the hurricanes, i mean right now if you are not sure exactly where the the i of the hurricane is going to pass for a setting. i mean, they're going to pick up some real loads and the, and the concern is that the buildings are damaged. and even if you don't do real loads, they were reporting that the building is moving. there's no saying that when the, the portion of the building, the collapse, how much damage inflicted to the portion that is standing off. and so it's a big ex. ok. well, thank you so much for the inside professor as you need from miami and it's of course, the 4th of july in the united states and the country,
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celebrating its 200 and 45th birthday. one of the big issues facing the country is immigration. president joe barton himself has presided over a naturalization ceremony in washington, dc. sorry, and a group of new american citizens biden came to office promising a more humane and orderly immigration policy. but his administration has been struggling to deal with a migrant crisis, which is threatening to overwhelm the us mexico border. and for more on this, i'm now joined by d. w is currently in a few more in mount vernon, the home of the 1st american president, george washington, where a large ceremony is about to take place this, wherein a new american citizens, kara, lina, this all is a big change from president trump. is it not the welcome changing rhetoric yet make well, well, you know, there's some fire was taking place here. i can tell you that these kinds of things and are trapped because they didn't have that implants really think what the cobra
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is, the place and we have during the last year because of that, a lot of ceremony work cams, but actually in the year 2019 there was a record number not really days is taking place in the united states. and today 39 people have to realize american citizens from 30 to the country. so that's the last time up there when you really are. and how are the people there that you're talking to feeling about this, this event in their lives? very, thank you. by the new american citizen i wanted i'm wonderful since it's a special moment at central day for my family, for me, for myself, just a mike there where my life changes completely. no longer state data in this country . i'm someone who can,
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who can do some change. wonderful. and it's amazing what is like the most important thing to you. why is it to be an american citizen, to belong to this? or you said it to go on to this country doesn't really matter where you're from. is 32 different countries from which people were citizen became a tell you doesn't really matter where you're from. you will be on over there and it's a family that now i'm proud to say that i can protect 5 the worms. so yeah, it's amazing. thank you lisa. and of course the 4th of july is the very 1st they say it's not really a ceremony. there you can see the firework snake. it's a very special day for 39 people here who just became american citizen. wow, yeah, we can feel the excitement and it must be, i mean, an incredible memory will be an incredible memory for them. as they begin their new
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lives of american citizens. but part of that is going to be of course, voting and democrats and republicans are already campaigning for mid term elections . how much of an issue do you think immigration could be this time around? why migration is going to be a huge issue for we probably have to press towards the midterm elections and we already see how the republican party is using the immigration issue as a political in order to create a fear among their forwards, especially the followers support him because he was setting to build that will support him because he was using to be great. correct. for the site. we already know. it's definitely the same as before. but right now people, as you can see, any kind of break here that's became american. correct?
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well, thank you for sharing all that with a c w. caroline that she was from mount vernon, you're washington dc. many things kinda take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the taliban have seized control of several more districts in northern afghanistan. more than 300 afghan government troops fled across the border to 10 just as the militants to bass. the taliban now control around a 3rd of afghanistan's districts for people have died in the worst wildfires to hit cyprus in decades. the victims are gyptian farm workers. raging fires have rec dozens of homes and destroyed pine forest and ancient olive groves, the european union and israel have set water carrying aircraft and tackle the blazes. thousands of rescuers have joined the search for survivors of a landslide in japan. torrential rain triggered
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a cascade of mud in the coastal town of autonomy. at least 2 people have died and another 20 are missing. more heavy rain is hampering rested efforts. south africa, the former president jacob zoom a has avoided starting a jail term. thanks. the supreme court zoom was sentenced to 15 months in prison for refusing to attend to corruption hearing. the court has agreed, however, to hear his appeal later this month, while hundreds of supporters have gathered outside the home. do miss 9 years and offers were overshadowed by corruption obligation to plead and d. w. correspond christine manuel is with supportive gathered at the home of jacob's zoom in rural south africa. you're outside the home of jacob through my in guns lane was one. that is how province and as you can see, a number of his support has had been converging. he had the singing song chanting slogans, the main snow going to be wednesday and also meaning what has summa done for people
8:12 pm
here? his support is at least they see his legal troubles at some form of political persecution, and they say that they're here to show their support. they're solidarity with the school system. so it's about what i'm supposed to someone who's not putting someone who's been, who's actually persecuted and put that this might be a yo, we love, we lived in my, my husband why he had so so fully support team coming out in full support. right. it was like military d, o m, k veterans, the military veterans, many of them would have the apartheid struggle. they are here to show their support at this address and a is the color of the color of the really amc zoom as part of the policy that i'll send him in 2018. and of course, at this, dressed in the traditional zulu regalia, this is what we call home office lulu. people can take up some himself,
8:13 pm
big blue man, and he commands considerable support in this part of the country. was of course due to these, christine munoz, jacob zoom his home in south africa time for sports now and in a formula one that max 1st stop and scored his 3rd when in a row as he converted pull position into victory at the austrian grand prix. it was a comfortable win for the dutchman, but there is plenty of clothes racing behind him. for red bull and macs for stuff and the austrian g, p is a race on home. tough not least because of thousands of orange collab. dutch fans supporting the man stuffing and poll position, his teammates sergio pet as enjoyed a tough star to the race. dropping down several spots as lando norris pushed him wide and lapped for the mclaren driver and himself a 5 2nd penalty for the maneuver. norris stayed competitive trading places with
8:14 pm
louis hamilton on numerous occasions as the 2 britons went head to head for 3rd place. then in a ram, move hamilton, let teammate voluntary boss us through who was deemed the foster of the 2 with 20 laps to go. the fin had to settle for 2nd though, while norris claimed 3rd ahead of hamilton, race leader, maximus staff and crews to victory with a cushion of almost 800 seconds. but there was late drama, further down the grid as veteran pac kimmy rake in an unsurpassed and settle crest on the final lap. but it was party time for the ducks, friends who celebrated for stephens 4th when in 5 races. taking him $32.00 points clear at the top of the championship standings. the and you of course watching d. w. news up next are technology series, shift living in these digital age finds out what makes means go viral. stay tuned
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for that. and for more news, for top of the our, our next fighter, thanks for watching news. the news in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time that jennings on the planet by 20 members state support it and some persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of power to win the game, diplomatic poker tree power plays. and the lines is behind the scenes
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of the climate sun. it starts august, 5th on d, w. me names have become casual artifacts. thanks to n s t technology, some self, a huge sum of money. others like the create of the young cat feel that's only fair, but learn that later. one thing is clear means that he had to stay. but what makes a good successful mean? that's our topic on shift today. the bernie sanders and the bat mobiles in an edward hopper painting or on the iron throne form game of phones. the photo of the american democrats wearing cells and mittens was taking a job by an in your ration it. the light at countless intimate users who use the image in your context. thus,
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the sanders mittens mean was born. but what exactly is a mean? when we hear mean, most of us probably think about the bunny picture that gets a different meaning when you change the caption. but these image macros are just one type of mean. a video can be a mean piece of text can be a mean. it's something that has remixed and recycled and copied. so something that is disseminated over and over again, and as it's disseminated, it also you take the ologist, it deal gamma is writing her ph. d on internet means key. describe them as units of culture that work as templates. you can change their meaning by changing the caption and have endless varieties of the same leave, like pictures that compare celebrities outfits too hot. yes. for this video where a man stickly introduce his rather quiet girlfriend,
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they are get to introduce you to my girlfriend with amazing which other internet users edit it into hostage situation. and because it's my birthday i get to introduce you to my girlfriend who is my one today, is also my birth date. and because of my birth date, marcus, you don't want to do the thing. i get the letter go, i mean, have become an important online communication tool. they can reaffirm community membership and are a great way to quickly and widely spread information. more commentary means they're successful because they're easy to disseminate their cheap to make. almost everyone has a smartphone, almost everyone uses an instant messenger app and very easy to decode. most of the time. sometimes they can be extremely difficult to their code as well. adding inventive captions to movies still there's one template that works across
8:19 pm
the world and another is responding with a reaction ship is who's and while some topics to appeal to the global mean community like overly demanding parents, there are also regional differences. i think the way the means are used in different places usually is dependent on how tightly controlled the internet as in that place. so in countries where there is more internet censorship, you might have you might have more dangerous means, so to speak. these dangerous means are often political and in countries with repressive regimes, people have been sent to jail for sharing names. in china, the government took offense to comparisons between sheet and ping and we need a pool. images of the children's book character were temporarily blocked and the
8:20 pm
cowardly b. i became a public enemy. so means on just online dogs. some help us understand will politics . when the ethic given containers have got stuck in the suez canal in 2021, it prompted a flood of new means. many incorporated scenes from movies or television series. others to parallel to person on problems like an overflowing email inbox or procrastination. for the ship had become a symbol of the agility of world trade, as it showed how dependent global economy is on free passage through this to this can out hundreds of ships were unable to get through and on twitter maps showing alternative routes for the positions of ships waiting to pass through got a lot of attention. even the communist philosopher calls marks quoting
8:21 pm
the example shows how useful means can be and helping us understand complex systems . many people started sharing. yes, and it was the funding both, both stuck and canal joke and then it turned into ok, where does this boat, where is this canal while is does all world trade depend on this one tiny can. now, why are we doing this? means are also a great way for making light of heavy feelings, such as political helplessness make an india which has been hard hit by covert 19, where the 2nd lockdown was recently extended. users shared numerous summer on going back to beds. others are not having enough, i'll call it and still others in your family. the means to help people communicate in the difficult situation. to means can be a form of a test. they protest and a creative outlet for difficult emotions,
8:22 pm
and by it's hard to assess how influential political means really are. they are playing a role in political debates, and that becoming more valuable, like the global hit yon kat and is rainbow trail. we asked the means create chris stories about the story behind the pop, top cat and animated cat with a pop type body. the on cap was one of the most viewed youtube videos of 2011, and the chip was a huge bio creator chris torres explains its humble origins. i was doing a charity drive for the american red cross way back in 2011. and i was gonna take this to chat room with a lot of people just drawing stuff for charity. and i just, you know, i finished it. i got like a 100 bucks, as a donation for it. then that night i decided to actually fix it. and then i just posted on twitter opposed to the wrong tumbler, and i just kind of called it a day. the nan cat went viral even more so after someone added playful japanese
8:23 pm
music. taurus made a bit of money for merchandise, but he's real profit team 10 years later when he sold a non refundable token or in f pete nonrefundable tokens, i like an authenticity certificate for digital artworks. yank, as was one of the 1st means sold as an entity in february. chris dollars auction it off on the theory unblocked and remedied sold for a high prize in the blood chains crypto currency etha. i was just wanting to test the waters but the 1st one i but the 1st, the cat that i put was the original. i re master it and i put it up there. and that's the one that sold for $300.00 ether, which is the value right now. one, well, i'm not sure what it is right now. but last night was 1000018 husband or something while like that at a dozens of new friends because in the universe, like a mexican indian cat crypto currency inspired me and he's still thanks to his piece of a problem,
8:24 pm
hearing me me create as i'm now also earning serious money, like with the mean overly it has girlfriend disaster girl or grumpy kit, which have all been soldiers and teeth. if you ever don't understand the mean, you can check out their website. no. your mean dot com is like if we can p d f o means, which is helpful because many have several layers of meaning. here's an example. this your video line. this is the line. again, i'm a cat over 15000000 pounds. what's the secret said success? let's have almost finished song from 928. it was rearranged in 1900. 95 by the courts had entered the meanwhile through youtube in 2006, a russian viewer combined with assurance german japanese animation creating a mix than anything which went by raw buddy buddy. but he was so successful that
8:25 pm
another version sung by an animated donkey soon followed that was mostly sold as is going on for mobile phones. when that was still a thing, the good again heard this song on the radio in late 2018. soon after, keep upload it his own version of the point that to you to the cat was an added until 2020. what's the story behind the cat? in april 2020 i take user posted a video of our cat net head bobbing tele trying to music. it quickly became a popular mean template where the vibe in cad is combined with your captions or use some of them at the moment you with some of them. and you know what i gotta do to get it to you. because i went by ben can was added to god against poker version.
8:26 pm
and november 2020, his drumming became a new mean template for enough people at trump dancing biden's. and of course the catch up about this song even makes me want to do that. but that is a little bit or enough. so that's how it came about. because i think it's great leon. but now there are loads of several of which have been mixed with other famous me an amazing story. music especially pop songs, a great me material. check this out. the, the most famous music mean today's is probably rick, at least 1987 hit. never going to give you up the if you're on line alive, back just to 1005,
8:27 pm
i 5 take time. it's hard not to come across this song for a single there's even the term rick rolling, which means to send someone a promising looking link that actually leads to the music video. that was another popular music means draws on canadian musician drake and his head hotline. glad to gesture symbolizing approval and rejection have become templates or means expressing personal opinion will use to come and there's even a drake hotline bring me a generator where there are also political music means like this mash up of this is america by childish gambino and congratulations my house alone. this logan, this is america and congratulations were combined to form
8:28 pm
a me. it was frequently used on tick tock to comment on protests in the us. to me means our form of truly global communication that are a great way for users to connect and it's change views. and as everything from nonsense job means to serious political commentary, do you also use them? what do means mean to you? and do you have a favorite? that is no on youtube or d, w dot com? i for now and take the in the do you like it? do you want it? okay,
8:29 pm
then put the pedal to the metal and let's ride the next on d, w. the whistle blower the easier for just a traitor. juliana assumes the price the once in hiding then arrested. but he continues. a film team has been following him up closely for 10 years. and 45 minute long d w. idea as it is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect habits?
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