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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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things before having to leave mother didn't go ok. tongue twisted. when i opened the door, everyone was rushing into the street. would it be a policeman? came up to me and said, what are you doing here? you have to hurry. everyone is evacuating the ground, collapse right next year. so i went out into the rain and in a hurry without changing and with just a back room that looked like with the diction. this is what she was fleeing from an avalanche of mot engulfing everything in its path homes, businesses and infrastructure. all flattened rescue curious did manage to find some people, but they're still looking for survivors. more rain and smaller land slides have
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hampered rescue acids, forcing workers to call off the search multiple times. the month side was triggered by torrential rains. a month's worth hit, the area in the space of just a few days. and there's more in the forecast, extra one that the danger of more land slides may not be over yet. and let's return now to our top story, of course, in cyprus, where at least 4 people have been killed in what's been called the worst wildfire to hit the island in decades. let's get more now from d. w radio correspondent nathan moly, who is on the phone with us in the town of napa. nathan, thanks for joining us. just tell us place how bad are they fired? what's your assessment? well, i think the coin to astonishing in the scale and, and speed did which they spread from the ignition to, to becoming a fire of 35 kilometers and perimeter took just one afternoon.
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so everybody i think was taken back by the fact that the fire spread so quickly by very strong winds. and by mid afternoon yesterday, you were mandatory evacuation some road closures by evening. the blaze of expanded through so much scrub line through the mountains of occupations were taking place in 7 or 8 villages. so yes, my assessment would be, this comes in my opinion about the last 2 years of covering these things, possibly the worst i've ever seen. and as you say, they have just spread so quickly over the last day, of course that made it necessary for the 5 fighting effort to, to become international. tell us a bit more about that. indeed. i mean, chris's equipped to deal with fires, but i don't think anything on the scale and we've had a life of 40 degrees of over the past few days. so there's a lot of wild porch scrub land. so the firefighters initially yesterday lunch time,
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were battling away and then it became quite apparent that they couldn't cope on their own to planes. with 25 men came from greece, they arrived earlier today. the force is coming from israel as well, was dropping planes and already helicopters, the royal air force, the british royal f. we'll have a base not too far away actually from the files. so they're using several of the legal to, to, to try and help extinguish claims. nathan, we understand super good authorities been making statements. what are they saying? well, it pretty much what you said of the store, but they, you know, this is taken them by surprise. the minister of the interior nicholas numerous here cody, the most devastating fire since the establishment of the republic of cyprus. i mean, i think he was suddenly look visibly shocked when news came that for people who died in the fires for a gyptian farm workers whose bodies were discovered this morning. that was a completely unexpected development. since they had gone,
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they weren't being such fool. but obviously everybody was in the shop when, when they were discovered, also the end of the fire department said something interesting. it's kind of echoing what the minister said. he said, this is the worst fires a professional working in this, in this, in this sphere, this occupation in the history of san christian. he said he's never seen anything like it and the public and now being warned to take precautions. of course, the usual precautions don't throw cigarettes in all the roads, no barbecues, in mountainous areas, basic common sense. they're trying to draw that message home now. and that was nice and moly, speaking to us from cypress, where at least 4 people have been killed in what's being called the worst wildfire to hit the island in some decades. nathan, molly, thank you very much. thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines today. at least 31 people have been killed in a plane crash in the philippines. a military plane missed the runway during landing
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on the southern island to follow. after the crash, the plane burst into flames. most of the 92 people on board with soldiers at least 50, have been rescued from the wreckage. 2 chinese astronauts have completed their 1st walk with millions, watching on national television for several hours. lube bombing and tang hung bo installed and tested equipment on the outside of china's gong space station that's still under construction. the station is expected to be fully operational by the end of next year and see that after one decade at the head, if a party my pen has been reelected as the leader of france's far right national rally the pen is that to run in the french presidential election next year, there were no other candidates for the leadership position. will work is underway to prepare the remaining part of the collapse apartment building in miami for demolition. with a storm approaching the area, destruction has been deemed to unstable. meanwhile,
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the search and rescue mission at the side has been suspended while preparations go ahead. authority say the mission will resume when the demolition has been completed . for over a week, the families of those still missing in surfside have been waiting in vain for news of their loved ones. now they face another excruciating delayed, the recovery operation. as demolition teams prepare to carry as a controlled explosion of the size. preparation includes activities like drilling into columns in the unsafe structure, and we are continuing to receive updates about the condition of the standing structure. and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any sections of the pile that are safe to accept. as soon as we are cleared, with tropical storm elsa forecasts to make landfill in florida in the coming days. officials decide that the rest of the collapse complex needs to come down. we have
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a building here in surfside that is pottering. it is structurally on down. and although the b b i of this storm is, is not, not likely to pass over this direction. you could feel gusts in this area. we don't know, it's definitely a possibility. the instability of the size has been a major challenge for the search operation. it was already forced to pause for almost 24 hours on thursday. after dangerous movement was detected in the debris. it's hope, the demolition will reduce the dangerous faced by the crews. when they resume combing through the rubble and that the families now living in limbo will soon have certainty about the fates of their loved ones. to football. now in the final 4 teams in the european championship on now fit, it comes off to england, hammered ukraine for neil in the last match of the quarter finals on saturday night
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. hurricane scored taught twice in rome to send the lions into the 1st year or semi finals since $996.00. england have yet to concede a goal in the tournament. early caspar adult grabbed what proved to be the winner for denmark in a to one we know of the czech republic, the danes next place, england in london after italy taken spain in the other semi final. and for more on these matches oliver media from d. w. sports is here. hi lisa. this was a huge result for england. what stood out most view in the performance? well, of course, the 4 goals take the headlines, you know, and no doubt they'll be particularly welcome for english, given that they struggled to find the net. in the group stage of this tournament, they're unequal to go in 3 games in the great stage. but i think what actually impressed me more than the the number goals is good, england is the calmness and the professionalism of the scene. we've seen so many
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talented english science turn off at major tournaments and crumble under the expectations and the pressure these england theme does not seem to have the same hang ups as those england seems of all they. they look comfortable within themselves. they look comfortable yesterday against crime, for example being the favorite playing the role of the favorites. they didn't feel the pressure they tried on it and, and i think it's this that makes england real contenders at this tournament. there's a belief in this team that they belong in the latter stages of major tournaments, a belief that they can go on to win the thing. and that is something that i think england seems at the past of lack. okay. they've got this real momentum behind them don't they? denmark have also made it throughout the, beating the czech republic, but they are under dogs. do they stand a chance? well, if you want to think about a month and then let's talk about them lately. yeah, look another great result for them yesterday to golden. the 1st off, i really think nicely for this one to go to showcase their strengths very well. say a government's that piece, thomas delaney putting ahead or away as to open the scoring and then some excellent
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women back play from you. i can model one of the stars of the tournament for me as to setup cost it all the to make it to $1.00. you know, it's strange. now looking back at the opening games of this tournament and thinking about how bleak it looks to denmark, you know, the trauma, of course, that they will suffer with christine erickson's cardiac arrest. and simply the fun . they lost the 1st 2 games of the tournament. they were on the brink of going out . now you look at the mis momentum game changing the medicine they have is still there and that's something that can disappear very, very quickly. but if they can keep going, they have a real chance of beating england and making it all the way from the final lots of come back stories in this 20. when isn't it? i'm going to put you on the spot. now lee, we have 2 teams. do you expect to make it to the final next sunday? okay. i would have to say in spite of them awesome and, and i think that calmness and not professionalism that i talked about with england . i think that should be enough to allow them to hope that juggernaut get through italy. spain is a hard one to predict, i think not least because as pain us in consistent in finishing. and italy,
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though i have to say, have been the most impressive to restore them and so far and i think they'll continue that. i think it'll be england again bitterly wembley next on the hill. but let's see what happens from the w. suppose. thank you very much. and there was one incident which upset denmark and fans that day. diamond back to the capital of azerbaijan, security stoffer moved around by flag held out by the dan, you supporters. of course it comes off the governing body. you. i was heavily criticized earlier in the tournament for not allowing the munich stadium to be lit up in the rainbow colors. if latest affair has been planned by the l g b t, q, community and you are watching dw news. we'll have more headlines at the top of the hour. i'm going to leave you now with images from the natural history museum in paris, which is using old men to reality to bring extinct animals back to life. enjoy. ah
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ah, [000:00:00;00] ah ah . ah. the goal was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or the game central europe 202021.
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thrown off course during the qualifying ground. not least for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. when i'm fired up and ready, down during walk down the rocky go to tokyo. of july 19 w. ah. we the the the, the. 6 the, these athletes have a dream, it's more than
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a big competition. the olympic games. i just want to be part of it. the biggest sporting event in the world and what's your very best and then you can beat anyone in slot. but the panoramic has thrown everything into doubts. will the game take place at all as well? we don't know if there will be any competition that's pretty difficult to deal with . like how athletes dealing with the challenges with the pandemic, we joined full on that road to tokyo to already qualified to we're still fighting for their tickets. will this both thing dream come true with the fence? alexandra and dolo hasn't yet secured her place at the games today. after months of waiting and training, she's finally back in a competition. she's finally feeling her adrenalin return,
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even if it wasn't there to help her pack her bag. i actually had to ask myself several times. if i got everything i needed from usually i just get it right automatically. with international travel off the cards, the competitors, the old german, it's nonetheless an important test of the month of inaction. the and don't still have to qualify for the olympics. and today's tournament is an important indicator of the level of competition. she was the favorite in light. take the disappointingly, she wasn't the one who won phil days like this
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irreplaceable for an athlete like alexandra and dolo. even just hearing that late or ready go from the referee or something else coming back to the starting line as well. of course we do that in training as well, but it all together a bit. every now and again, we take the time, but it's not the same as it is here about nicholas heroes. hi jump marie le wrong. young flash has already booked her place at the games. but while she can train, she hasn't been able to compete since 2019 she supported by her family in the black forest. here in fryeburg is where her sporting journey began. it's really nice to be here and it was where i started my sporting career. i never had a really serious goal. i just enjoyed it. of course i wanted to improve, but i never made it to my goal to jump to meters or even higher. i just wanted to have fun and i used to jump
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a little higher at every competition. and i thought if this keeps out, that could turn out well. i think that that she made it all the way to the lympics in 2016 age 25. she placed 7th in rio since then pressure and media interest have been constance. visit her mother, help the athletes. they grounded her. so he had to what this is where her wrists are and her family and everyone else. it's important for her to come back to her room to reenergize, to cool off what to just be my home. not necessarily the athletes that everyone always asks after. i think that's important for her, but i must be done. over human flesh wants to go to tokyo this year, but corona and look down on testing her patients. the local rules are strict and include a nightly curfew from 8 p. m. us and i'll be still happy when it's finally over to
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be able to go out again like normal not to have to be home at 8 to be able to me friends. do you think spontaneously i need that and i'm missing it. all from me also too much roller. one golden. rio corona has slowed him down by ear to the news by those funds. in 2020 we all got to know our home towns a bit better. going for a little his become the new people sports. we're all going out always and if you can't travel, then you focus on what's right in front of your door the most and the last to have for the house tomorrow. rayleigh has also been focusing on his javelin throwing technique a
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few times. we've done a lot of work on a number of different aspect. for me, i want to take a step back in terms of technique. so we're together with the coach to return to an older technique for what's well going back to the roots a bit. and then in terms of strength, it's always a bit risky. cost messages, and that's the rule has changed the moment at which he turns into a side on stocks. he's yet to test the technique at a competition spill. he qualifies for the games and he's feeling positive things going on and that i'm in the middle of my career. i've already completed against the very best achieve the lot of success and relax going forward. and it's a lot more difficult for people who are at the end or the very beginning of their career. come met lean thought man is preparing under plenty of pressure to her 1st ever again.
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the furthest in florida. it's the biggest event. there is, he wasn't nominate, it's a 2020, but corona has given her a new chance when tokyo, with this time, the squad where we shuffled a dream is alive, but the competition is did. the competitions have been cancelled and training conditions are tricky. as a result of the corona restrictions the painting fit and i'm really missing group training because there we have different partners and we always get in a lot more practical unless one is february 2021. and alex and dolo is back in kilo in her daily life and the time of grown up jogging in. the park is a welcome escape from us. i've
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gotten used to it, but it's dragging on a bit as a cynthia it's it's been months almost a year now and since i have an international competition that's a limited qualifying. it's set to mid march. it's in the deep end for the fence. after a long time without any international competition, who's had seen up monday and that comes we will have to see whether it's possible to get right back in to fix the moving on to say, okay, this is how korean stands. and i remember this is all be fine. yes, it's going to be interesting. yeah, it's fun. there's news for madeline phone, man, but it's not good. she's still not been able to compete. and in the end,
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the inevitable happens. mine was painted me. my coach called me and said there re nominating the previous anomalies and i'm not one of them on the stuff i've been. i'd only be there if someone else can make it. or you might find like the one i've except it was painful at 1st because i had a goal. i've been training towards it for a long time and it was me. so i'm not easy, it's something i think about every day. of course you end up asking yourself, is it worth carrying on what you have to look at it in a different light and i still got a chance for parents. i'd like to try and take it on a madeline fold man's road to tokyo and here her next aim is parish 2024.
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the from the railroads. human flesh, paris, it's still a long way away. she wants to perform, but an injury is forcing her to miss the german indoor championship. despite the corona brake and the injury, she's trying to stay positive of the federal my, i've enjoyed the freedom from pressure and i've been an athlete for 1516 years that always competing either you can for this problem on my end, it's been pleasant to have a year all of my guns i'm going corona has given many a chance to return to their roots, and that includes top athletes. marie laurence if father is from the caribbean, island must unique. as the oldest of 6 siblings,
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she's always been possessed of mental strength be, wouldn't them? i really admire my daughter. she's unbelievable. it's my, she's been doing it for years. a lot of hardship strong when i think it's amazing. i really admire her. wouldn't say i was the human flesh hopes to return to competition in my part, it all depends on the infection rate, the ones i'm really looking forward to the 1st competition. i know that i'll be incredibly nervous, especially because i've got a new run on the i'm looking forward to jumping against others showing what i can do and what my coach and i've been working on this past monday. i live with that to . but will that tokyo gains take place at all? the idea of hosting such a large event is becoming less and less popular in japan. if they do happen,
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it's unsure how they look present. it's foggy. i think it's a huge shanice. it's that it looks as if will be competing without spectators. i last with all the emotion with respect hated and their support. they give us real moment. it looks like that's going to be in the movies and shake. the uncertainty continues in japan in germany all over the world. what happens if the corona case numbers start rising, because it's annoying, not knowing what'll happen. what's in store for 3 remaining athletes? will alexandra and dolo qualify america? there are times when we're sitting at home a launch, and that's pretty hard to deal with. all 3 still dream of traveling to the world's biggest festival of sport in september. will their dream come true? the
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ah the koran says, ah ah, ah rec, we're 20 d w. d floors instead of a tech now instead of an oregon aspiring all the god messes and ministry in grammar hobbin. and hardly anything they do is by the church in the living room ah,
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in 60 d w. these places in europe are smashing records, stepped into a ball venture. the treasure map forms modern globetrotters, discover some of your works record breaking site on google to and now also in book form, the wife is a big tournaments and a great phone is not people playing the music, people breathing and so different and so separate


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