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and for 500 years, yeah, give me odd angle, we cannot leave our home. i'm up and i got a choice of the kashmir conflict has shaped relations between the 2 nuclear powers for decades. and there's no end in sight islam about pakistan's capital the government wants pakistan to be seen as a modern country, one that's opening up to the width. he's lumber buds, new shopping mall, fits into that image. polish floors, hip fashion boutiques. on the surface it appears pakistan is changing. ah,
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it's a transformation, however, that excludes christians like 25 year old shazad. he works 6 days a week as a janitor at the mall. his job puts him in the lowest social class in pakistan along with sanitation workers, garbage collectors, and how stuff was done over there. started i do this all day on 8 am to 5 pm monday. will this work difficult on the hours are very long. i always do the same thing and earn $15000.00 rubies per month. why don't you look for another job? sort of no, because i don't have a choice synagogue or any job i could get wouldn't be any better job. 15000 rupees a month is equal to about 80 euros shows, i will likely work jobs like this, the rest of his life because of his religion. the roughly 3000000 christians in
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pakistan, a generally treated as 2nd class citizens. they don't have the same employment opportunities, all right. a discriminated against or even persecuted because of their beliefs. me just lives 5 minutes from his work. every day he drives past the walls of garden luxury villas. he will never experience life inside with me. he lives with his family in one of islam about poorest areas. thousands of people live in this one square kilometer. most a christian the
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one of the movie adored christians have no way of climbing the social ladder. administrative jobs are forbidden for us. it's hopeless to get a well paid job the nevertheless, she considers himself lucky. where, where are you at work here, take this. the why she hasn't owns this house. he inherited it from his father. what's going on? why are you crying? and his wife sonya live here with 2 children who maya is 3. their son ion is only a few months old for sonya and she has odd. there's little hope of improving their
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being condition. a good you can but yeah, they're mostly doing mostly in depth in education. we cannot for that reason alone, they have better are we christians, live in poverty. we don't have the money to send our children to school without an education. the only thing left to do is the menial work. no one else sonya and she doesn't have not been persecuted for their faith. but their neighbor, malala was in 2015. malala cousin had won a hand of cards against some muslim players. in retaliation. religious fanatics accused her cousin of burning the koran and the countries blasphemy laws mean people convicted of insulting islam can be sentenced to death. i think we need to look into the muslims were shouting and started rounding up people through the village who's already but my husband and i decided to flee immediately to the touch
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of the muslim set fire to our house, burning all our belongings. so see, go to the host c c sound. they even went to the church and opened fire on a girl girl. who was he calling on the priest had to intervene to prevent a massacre. ling, i'm not enough. malala found refuge in this slum of islam about today. she works as a seamstress. she's forgiven her attack is i can, we can see when i was christians, we do not consider ourselves poor or a need to do adults. only god is testing to look and my son, the for to many muslims, also live in poverty and suffer to go to each sunday. shes odds only day of rest every
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week the family attends mass. sonya is catholic, shes odd is protestant. they alternate between the 2 places of worship. women sees on one side, men on the other. the christians in pakistan will remain under threat until the blasphemy lore is abolished, as there is always danger of falling victim to religious fanatics. the better. 8 0. 6 i in the center of the capital, one such extremist, runs in islamic school, a so called madrid. these influential leader calls for jihad holy war,
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and propagates the establishment of an islamic regime muddled on the taliban. the his name is abdul aziz ghazi. he's a known figure in europe. ah, in 2012 self proclaimed jihadist mohammed mirror, carried out a series of attacks in southern france. he killed 7 people into lose and monta bought, including 3 children in a jewish school. a few months earlier, he had visited pakistan, where he may also have met up do these guys, e. mm. thought perhaps i did meet him up. i. i don't remember. many young people come to me
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seeking advice. he doesn't condemn me. attacks. on the contrary, i like the killed in the name of islam. i got to see the martyr ought to get us not to have them. he does not hide his extremist ideology. i follow me. he shows or shelves packed with religious text or at the entrance, a sign reads, the osama bin, latin library matter me rom teaches us that life on earth is not eternal, that i, a true life comes after death, not dual as these guys. he openly preaches terrorism and violence. ah oh,
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in 2007, the cleric of the ultra radical red most he called for revolt. ah, how can there be peace when we pockets danis can't even own a small plot of land. the he's follow is to cut arms and terrorized islam about the capital was on the verge of an uprising in the army stepped in and stormed. the red mask, radical militants were dragged out. i'm de la these guys. he tried to escape, but he didn't get far. the police found him disguised as a woman, gets away, and arrested him. the depress, nicknamed him moolah booker. but he was not convicted. he was a quick,
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don't own charges. the and b o thorough ease negotiated to cease going on with him in the capital. upon his return, he was greeted by hundreds of his followers. ah, allah wielded. we will continue the war to impose shari'a law until my dying bram. i will fight to establish an islamist regime so that our country will finally have all the bonds of duleigh these guys he was placed under house arrest, but he's allowed to continue educating young students in his mac rasa. i ya, but we only have a few students here that are big. medusa is over on the other side
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in this room about 15 boys learn the koran by heart as well as a strict interpretation of sharia law. on this day he is preaching please students personally using a gold plated microphone. all will be this e all. a he claims to have 3000 boys under his instruction. the basement, he's reserved that the girls. yes, i don't. second, all of this is also part of the draw, sir. there's the basement or 2nd floor. and there we have a more reserved for the girl from here to there. we currently have 1600 girl law school, but you he says he has no trouble finding new students in
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pakistan. about 23000000 children do not go to school because their parents cannot afford to send them an address, educates and feeds children for free. many parents see this as an opportunity, yet this is one of our pantries. we have fresh vegetables delivered every 3 days. so tar open the storage dual as these guns, he refuses to disclose details about how the facility is funded. well, this is nothing. i want to open them address and france, where in france, me after an hour he takes off fanatics like him, spread hate with impunity. even while pakistan's government continues to claim it
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is fighting radical islam ism the here in the outskirts of islam above he recruits, follow is in droves. black smoke rises from large chimneys throughout the day. there are hundreds of brick making kilns scattered in the suburbs of the pakistani capital. the shaping bricks is backbreaking work all the tea and lack of education drive many people into the homes of extremists. but again, what's your name? say? they've been with the many bricks you make per day 1000. we're older you can
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my name's derek. older you and 5 years old. the youngest brother doesn't work yet, but he knows what awaits him. just like the children playing nearby. go kill him. what do you play, rick making? the ali is an african refugees. he receives one pakistani, repeat brick, the equivalent of half a cent. not long have you been working? since i was a kid, came it was another good me. how much do you earn in together up to 2000 and rubies?
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that's about 10 euros. poverty is pockets dunn's most glaring crisis. nearly half of the population lives on the equivalent of less than one euro, $0.70 per day. the cost of sending children to a secular institution is high between school fees, books and uniforms. so when a fundamentalist miller offers to admit children to their schools, free of charge, most parents find it difficult to turn down. it's a chance to escape poverty. but there are people fighting to stop families from falling into the trap of religious extremism. one is valerie con, a french woman who has lived in pakistan for more than 2 decades. okay. oh, i see. all right, let me now this afternoon, i have an appointment at the marshalls group. okay. were you were gonna give you t? yes. you fully integrated speak to language, long. so the language is an important tool for integrating. unfortunately,
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i didn't speak it perfectly because i didn't have time to learn in the academic way . i didn't sure valerie can moved here after falling in love with the pakistani men. they now have 4 children together. the country and its people hold a special place in her. the activist 1st made a name for herself here by campaigning for the rights of victims of acid attacks. the crime is now punishable by 14 years in prison. today con is channeling her energy into another cause. education about 380000 people live in the slums. 38 percent of islam about population. almost all the children are illiterate.
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families moved near the city because they had to have better opportunities. but most of the time they can't find affordable housing chevy. children work instead of going to school, there's hardly any drinking said we try to help them through her organization. valerie can build small schools in the slum. good morning or p, stay with you. i, for that most of the children have never held a pencil in their life. you say killed her and what shape has for equal side site this your law square. they have never been to school. we have to start slowly. i hope that these children can have a future to see a profession and not exploited for me
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it's amendments undertaking more than 18000000 children live in pakistan. almost a 3rd of them do not go to school. that evening can take some time off for her daughter's birthday way i have a to you where they say the human rights activists. notice that she and her family lead privileged lives. although there is still great injustice in pakistan, con, feels there's hope on the horizon. the trend is done is entering a crucial phase. the country is facing a historic transition, so i can need it. i think the next 5 to 10 years will be decisive. there is more and more awareness, not just a more thursdays, but in the population clear. we think it just takes time to
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process the next day. she has an important meeting. the culmination of a loan for battle. the done is not far from where are some of been not and was found hiding about a decade ago. the so called tribal areas a here b as lumber band government previously had no authority in the region. instead, the council of tribal elders known as the girl, was in charge. much of the population opposes reform. the. the city of ma done is on high alert. the regions 1st juvenile court is being inaugurated today while the military better and because the tribal areas used to have their own justice system
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and, and those are being reformed. this off an official court is being established, which not everyone agrees with me. i could be ryan goldsmith. i sent the valerie con, explains that the rights of mine is mostly disregarded in this region of pakistan. there are homicides, forced marriages and sexual abuse. prosecution is rare because these court presided over by a woman is revolutionary. and this is the 2nd female judge in the province. it's about women's rights to the most important deal. because the most of the cases are decided after concession statement, the guardians of the miners mostly compromised before the court could to maybe have bad terms matter with due to the pressure of this idea or so.
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but now we have to deal with all the offenders which can provide it, of course that families press charges and says, i think, right, what's your name? delani, emily? valerie county has invited children from an opening to see the building. she wants to show them that the court is there to stand up for their rights. from this room, the young victims can watch the trial proceedings from a safe distance or that way. the defendants in the court room will not come into contact with the victim before today. that was unheard of why this region is often portrayed as dangerous and conservative when nothing ever changes we proving
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that wrong today. okay, well let me just say this will release tonight, the juvenile justice system and in my opinion, it will contribute to stability from all those keys and as well as security. mm. filming 3 more juvenile court were inaugurated one more step towards democracy in part 2 to pressure from younger generations yearning for freedom. the proof of these is found in the increasing number of universities like the one in keta, in the baluchistan region, which board is afghanistan? it's one of the poorest parts of pakistan and tradition is particularly important here. but in this country of contrast, this is also home to a new university. the
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university of baluchistan is the country's most modern university. 10000 students study to pursue careers as engineers and computer scientists. mechanical, yeah. the students are unwinding with food today, with their exams behind them. the mood is up lifted and relaxed. me, the university's director introduces his latest facility, a start up incubator in just a few weeks. these 4 students developed a few that is supposed to be less harmful to the environment. the bodies in which
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we have produced from waste oil. and this is a byproduct from the process, a diesel chief source of can you, you can use an engine without engine modifications. and it has a lower price in there because they're already in negotiation with the investors. when investors in u. k. has already approved them. and he's ready to invest a couple of 1000000 rupees in the the success propels the students forward. sarah and miriam have started a food delivery service there among the 1st female executives in ketta. here is that woman calling outside. it is a better option for woman to be inside your home to the outside to buy that are going to change your time. and what i mean by that time is logged in
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to the initiated they are becoming graded and they are now starting to fight for the around a decade ago. they were hardly female students at the university of baluchistan. today women comprise about 20 percent of the student population somewhere he job, others not failed. and some where may come more of pocket stones contrasts on display here in this lecture hall again, or you can go into 3 things with it. i like in so many other general like nobody will stop me know maybe that like some of those we have 2 others, but i just have to go on my head. not the latest, not all over the mentality. that
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changing, although not as fast as some young people would like. the military grants permission to film at the border to afghanistan. the crew had seen a convoy to the chum on border crossing. look good by pakistan. and then they got the trade between the 2 countries adds up to the equivalent of more than $2000000000.00 euros each year. so the flux of individuals every day, from 125230000 other than that, the bridge which we had to hit that emotional 802000. and because 40, if you're going to be filming is not normally allowed here. but today, the military is making an exception. officials want to show everything is under
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control. pakistani authorities are suspected of cooperating with the taliban and letting them cross the border to find shelter in pakistan. today, office is searching everyone to do that, you can see all the wiggles coming, coming in single lane and custom staff is present here. they get it all the documents and we just go for the security check and let them go from there. on the 2nd side, there are no security checks in coming in when people are there from wednesday, their new checking system here. and you can see that when they come here, they're on when they just crossover in the, enter the country the lum about government wants to, we know over the international community at all costs. pakistan is building
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a board, a fence with that gun is done. got it around the clock to push back against extremism and protected phone image. but true, modern change is being hindered by decades of conflict over the countries external board is an internal strife. in north pakistan remains a country of contrasts. ah ah the koran says, ah ah, ah,
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ah 2030 minutes d w. lose my 1st by showing machines i found from women or bones by the ocean, was given something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle, even since i was a little girl. i wanted to have a bicycle off my but it took me years to finally gave up and went to buy me unless i return. because sewing machine sewing, i suppose was more appropriate for those than writing a bite. and now i want to reach out to those women back for bone to buy their duties and social rules and inform them about the basic rights. my name is deborah,
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and i work at the me the the was ah, this is d w. news wise from berlin, devastating wild i as his cypress, the bodies of full people have been found. and schools of how the destroyed by the flames, by fighting plains are flying in from abroad after authorities on the island issue and appealed for hill will speak to our correspondent on the ground for the licensed, also on the program. searching for the survivors of
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a deadly multiply in japan, rescue work is 15 through the modern debris. looking for 2 dozen people who are thought to be reported throughout.


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