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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm CEST

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i yes, the news . this is the w news alive from burly and searching for survivors in a deadly mudslide in japan. rescue work is the thing through the modern debris, looking fist on 2 dozen people who are reported missing in the city of atomic. also on the program foreman, south african president, jacob zoom, i avoid going to jail on content charges due to a review of the sentence by the supreme court. who get the latest from our
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correspondent officials pause the search and rescue mission at the collapse of the building in miami, florida. the remaining part of the apartment complex that is still standing to be demolished, to allow the search efforts to continue safely. and that the european football championship england thrash ukraine to ease into the semi font band that kind of go wild as the goldfish put england closer to the 1st major title in more than half a century post under dog denmark's after day defeated. the czech republic ah, i'm jared rate. thank you very much for your company. risky workers are searching for survivors of a huge mud slide that hit a coastal cd and killed at least 2 people in japan. 20 people are reported to be
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missing after the landslide cascaded through autonomy, which is about 100 kilometers southwest of the capita. tokyo torrential, rain fall has been falling on the region for days. the region remains on high alert with more rain expected. i. is anyone out there in treacherous conditions? these rescue work is a searching for survivors. 6 they call out into the darkness, but no one is yelling. those who did make it out alive now gather in shelters. most of them had no time to even grab their belongings before having to leave. mother didn't get on. when i opened the door, everyone was rushing into the street. a policeman came up to me and said, what are you doing here? you have to hurry. everyone is evacuating the ground collapse right next year.
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so i went out into the rain and in a hurry without changing and with just a back up mostly with evictions. this is what she was fleeing from an avalanche of mud engulfing everything in its path homes, businesses and infrastructure. all flattened rescue curious, did manage to find some people, but they're still looking for survivors. more rain and smaller land slides have hampered rescue acids. forcing work is to call off the search multiple times. the month side was triggered by torrential rains. a month was hit the area in the space of just a few days. and there's more in the forecast. experts warn that the danger of more land slides may not be over yet. south africa is full of president.
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jacob's una was due to begin to jail term today, but it's been delayed, pending a review by the country supreme court. last week zoom was found guilty on contempt charges and sentenced to 15 months in prison. hundreds of zoom as supportive have been gathering outside his home to show this holiday party with their former leader . zoom is 9 year term in office was overshadowed by corruption allegations. could i ask you to stand please? let's go now to w correspondent, christine moonlight, who joins us from candler where zoom is rural. home isn't where we can say lots of supporters have been gathering, christine, bring us up to speed, please on what exactly the situation is right now. we've jacobs, do my you see why lead to go to prison at all? j. excuse me, that is possibly the $1000000.00 question here. what's happened now is that he has
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had to go to a separate quotes, not the supreme court, to ask for a stay of his res quickly to postpone or hope the rest until time as he's still at the supreme court is heard. now that is going to happen tuesday depending on the outcome of that he could have to present himself at a facility, a jail on wednesday. but all analysis points to the fact that because the supreme court has allowed him or given him the opportunity to make his case, its ruling and tale sentence that that peter match, courts will probably towards allowing him it's a risk, meaning that he will not have to go to jail for the short term. okay, christine, this is clearly a math story for south africa. how are people reacting well, just behind me and in the hope for the project, there is
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a bit of a bridge the atmosphere, if you didn't know what was going on, you would guess and maybe think some people are dancing their charting before his eyes and they say that they're here to show support and see what the former presidents, as they say, that they want to show the country that they are standing with him. they believe that all these legal woes that the president finds himself in the fact that he has to onset corruption allegations. they believe all of that is part of some political conspiracy that this man has been persecuted. and so they say they are here to show support, so they've been singing dancing, chanting, of slogans like wednesday my what has to me at that because they believe that this is a very innocent man. of course i just called african see things very differently. they believe presence does have allegations to answer to the fact that he beside a court order to go and answer questions that that brought education is contempt of
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court and that he deserves to serve time in prison. so this is certainly in his home providence and possibly natal. this is where he has a lot of support and that's what you're seeing out here. today's support and solitary people dawning t shirts with the space on it chanting his name and logan's, it's really celebrate. drink w christine, why? and candler south africa. thank you very much and apologies there for the quality of the sound drink. some of that in to be. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines today. at least 29 people have been killed in a plane crash in the philippines. a military plane missed the runway during the landing on the southern island of hollow. after the crash, the plane burst into flames. most of the 92 people on board were soldiers. at least 40 have been rescued from the wreckage. at least 4 people have been killed in the worst forest fire to his cyprus in decades. the bodies i believe,
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to belong to gyptian farm workers who have been missing since saturday. the european union and israel, sending plains to help tackled applies a ruptured underwater gas pipeline, has sent flames boiling to the surface of the gulf of mexico. mexico di earned oil company says nobody was hurting the incident, and that the lake has been brought under control. it's unclear how much environmental damage was cost work is away to prepare the remaining part of the collapse apartment building in miami for demolition with the storm approaching the area, the structure has been deemed to unstable. meanwhile, the search and rescue mission at the thought has been suspended while preparations go ahead. authority say the mission will resume when the demolition has been completed. for over a week the families of those still missing in surfside have been waiting in vain for news of their loved ones. now they face another excruciating delay to the
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recovery operation of demolition teams. prepare to carry as a controlled explosion of the size. preparation include activities like drilling into column in the unsafe structure and we are continuing to receive updates about the condition of the standing structure. and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any sections of the pile that are safe to access. as soon as we are cleared, with tropical storm l. soft forecasts make land full in florida in the coming days . officials decide that the rest of the collapse complex needs to come down 5. we have a building here in surfside that is pottering. it is structurally on down. and although the b b i of this storm is not, not likely to pass over this direction. you could feel gusts in this area. we don't know, it's definitely a possibility. the instability of the size has been
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a major challenge for the search operation. it was already forced to pause for almost 24 hours on thursday. after dangerous movement was detected in the debris. it is hoped to demolition will reduce the dangerous faced by the crews. when they resume combing through the rubble and that the families now living in limbo will soon have certainty about the fates of their loved ones. ok to football now and the final 4 teams in the european chance championship on now set. this comes off to england, hammered ukraine for nil in the last match of the quarter finals on saturday night hurricane scored twice in rome to send the lines into their 1st years semi finals in 90906. england have yet to concede a goal in the tournament earlier capital bud grabbed what proved to be the win. if the denmark in a $21.00 win over the check republic, the danes. next, faith,
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england in london after italy take on spain in the other semi final and for more on these matches oliver media from dw sport to t. o. hi lisa. this was a huge result for england. what stood out most for you in the performance? well, of course, the 4 goals take the headlines, you know, and no doubt they'll be particularly welcome for english, given that they struggle to find the net. in the group stage of this tournament, they are going to go in 3 games in the great stage. but i think what actually impressed me more than the the number go very good. england is the calmness and the professionalism of this thing. we've seen so many talented english science turn off the major tournaments and crumble under the expectations. and the pressure this england team does not seem to have the same hang ups as those england seems of all they they, they look comfortable within themselves. they look comfortable yesterday against the graeme, for example, being the favorite, playing the role of the favorites. they didn't feel the pressure they tried on it and,
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and i think it's this that makes england real contenders. but there's tournament, there's a belief in this team that they belong in the lots of stages of major tournaments. a belief that they can go on to win the thing and that is something that i think england seems at the past of lack. ok, they've got this real momentum behind them don't they? denmark have also made it through after beating the czech republic, but they are under dogs. do they stand a chance? well, if you want to talk about a month and then let's talk about them lately. yeah, look another great result for them yesterday to go in the 1st off a really nicely for this one to go to showcase their strengths very well. say a government that based on the lady putting a head or a way to open the scoring. and then some excellent wing back place and you are more than one of the stars disorders for me to set up, cast it all day to make it to one. you know, it's strange. now looking back at the opening gains of this tournament and thinking about how bleak it looked for denmark, you know that the trauma, of course, that they will suffer with christine erickson's cardiac arrest. and simply the fun . they lost the 1st game of the tournament. they were on the brink of going out.
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now you look at them, this momentum is game changing them into. they have is still there and that's something that can disappear very, very quickly. but if they can keep that going, they have a real chance of beating england and making it all the way in the final. lots of come back stories in this 21, isn't it? i'm going to put you on the spot now, all the way to teams. do you expect to make it to the final next sunday? okay. i would have to say in spite of them awesome. and. and i think that calmness and not professionalism that i talked about with england. i think that should be enough to allow them to hold the danish juggernaut and get through italy. spain is a hard one to predict, i think, not least because spain us so in consistent in finishing. and italy though, i have to say, have been the most impressive team at this tournament so far, and i think they'll continue that. i think it'll be england against this li, wembley next on the let's, let's see what happened to me from the w 4. thank you very much. and you are
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watching. the w news will have more headlines at the top of the. i'm going to leave you now with images from the natural museum of national museum of natural history in paris, which is using old mentioned reality to bring extinct animals almost back to life using computer generated images and 3 d glasses. creatures like the maristane, dodo, leap from the display cases and roam the corridors. thanks for watching. oh, [000:00:00;00] i i
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me ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah! in the, in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission a clear job to make sure of the 1st
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time a gentleman on the planet. not all member states supported and some persuasions required so surprising, glanced into the very heart of our hostess when the game of diplomatic poker treat power. please, and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august 5th on d. w. ah, the news this week on will stories, medical activists some the threat in hong kong, the essence of beauty and diversity in london, was again in afghanistan with
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a more than a decade line. the hi diary has been helping drug addicts and couple of taliban through surgeons is making hope work difficult. the morning hearings and because on and linda hi diary is on her way to mother camp. it is one of the few privately run addiction facilities and kaboodle had already found that another camp on her way she passes by poly, sucked her bridge, where many drug addicts live a lima. you know that i'm up with. but other, and we'll talk when i saw the bridge for the 1st time, it was like looking straight into hell. i thought this is what hell look like. i remember the people were lying on the ground, like animals that were dying and they could have had promising life become doug. this is maybe work at how much there was another shock and stuff. why had
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she hadn't seen her brother for a long time and found out that he was living under the bridge. high diary decided to take action. she wanted to help her brother and the, many of the addicts, and caboodle almost everyone in the city of 4 and a half 1000000. know someone whose life has been destroyed by drugs rehabilitation center, located in western could boil, is dead. her son was once an addict himself for 30 years he suffered from herin dependency, but with her diaries help, he managed to kick the habit. now he manages the center in her absence. meet is not an addict. he has been here ever since. her diary found him as a young child in a garbage can on the side of the street, most likely abandoned by his family. to do both patients stay here for about 4 weeks. there is a lack of closely medicines too if there was crawl symptoms. so patients usually
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have to make due with cold showers. they also have a lot of talks and music sessions. the high diary also has in mind to 10 after the rehab. she also runs the restaurant, taj, big room. all employees are recovered addicts, the work helps them lead drugs re lives and brings new perspectives. mohammad hussein is one of those who managed to turn his life around. this is a special place for afghan. it's done. so we can feel pretty safe here. joy. i'm very happy to work in this place because here in the restaurant is just different, almost like a family that was wrong about is one of the nice things on it on that some take of 10 to the venue. the restaurant received threats from extremists also because it is run by women. hi diary has managed to build what she
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said out to build, but the situation in afghanistan is unstable. it was crawl of international troops is underway and should be complete within the next few weeks with her. but when her phone i was up and got on her, i'm pretty pessimistic about just gone to the future. it seemed totally really key as my the only one candidate. what's the future of the taliban that are that are radical muslims, that here and no, not danny women was and the mommy lane and the future is uncertain, but at least for now layla hi diary knows what she is going to do. so part those with the drug addiction and come to for as long as possible the, the one year ago china past that controversial law making it easier for the
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mainland government to arrest and charge pro democracy activists. now, very few activists have the courage to protest in public the writing, he has politics and his love of hong kong into his skin still be with one yet chin even in the dark his days. so the whole whole, i hope they remind me of the beliefs i started with, even if i'm jailed in the future. one started, the group student politicize isn't last may just after hong kong or is heard about the national security law at 20. he's one of the oldest in the group. there is young as 15. there's some of the few still visible on the streets. many other groups are gone. sorry, it's not all load officer, which i was like. well, i decided not to go to college last year. which i wanted to dedicate myself to activism while i was still free. i heard all, they are still like i know many political influences seldom speak in public. they could be coughed under the national security law with all else,
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especially with it being so uncertain. and how we feel like we have to step out, especially when prominent figures are either in jail or in exile. all thought, i ball why one has been arrested 4 times in the last year. twice just this month, marches are banned under pandemic rule. he and his group hand out leaflets instead, but it's enough to get him into trouble. the pressure is intense. he knows national security officers are watching him. he doesn't go to sleep until 7 am, so he's awake at dawn. that's when police arrest people at home. he's part of what beijing says is an extremely small minority that the national security law targets to preserve stability. one has the stability brought by the national security law. it's just an illusion and is built on people's fear. there's no room for further treat. what if,
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even the terms freedom and democracy become to be one day, i won't compromise on my speech or that if you will. he and his groups support those already in jail. they take supplies to protesters behind bars on where your handle, hong kong future is more important in my one future. when the political prisoners are released in years or decades to come, i don't want them to return to worst hong kong hong kong without hong callers. call him or how many c we are the kids chosen by the time. but i think it's we who have chosen this era since i've seen all the symbols on his skin state, his certainty, the tattoos are messages of defiance to his future self. ah, the for decades, for my east germany,
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the secret service side on its citizens, the information was stored on file. many people only found out later how extensively they will be in want to do my phone number is eva. i read the door of their old building and he fell in they lived here when they were young, a nice that will anything but private window than on the place stumpy and whom i spied on them from across the courtyard bank. when this tree was much smaller, how did you see stones people standing? magical, i don't know. i just found out when i read about it, we would never have thought about it. the thought of him standing there. now another doughty files contain hundreds of pages,
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intercepted letters and informers reports, including eva and offers apartment layout game and had in my someone looked into my life. and i had no idea why they described me as a person from that perspective, which wasn't a very friendly one. this was on the last saw it, but i live with that culture. but why with a 2 women, spite of them and then they came from the provinces to east berlin and tom, good jobs here working for the east german state newspaper, northeast georgia, and new germany. they made a fate for move. you're trying to leave the country from 976 onwards, circle or fall, and illness either applied again and again to leave. always giving the same reason is twice land day clubs. i do not believe trustworthiness of discussion. i think i
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have seen 1st hand how little human rights are respected in east germany, that in these days, they tell people born after the war came down, how they risked life and limb to leave east germany. old. i didn't want someone else to decide where i lived here, leave me. i had a certain point i had enough and then i thought, well, no, i want out. i want freedom of loss. if i had and for that desire, they almost ended up in prison. the how do we define duty fancies? the question being asked by photographer christine of our act, siena shakes flores beyond classic ideals. we visit her studio in london. the people with disabilities, with different skin colors, sexual orientations,
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and cultural backgrounds. diversity in front of the camera. staged by a photo. me a photo shoot in london with the from a temple angel in deal. both born with alpine is a fans with milly, ellis brown, a person who identifies as neither male nor female. they are oem uses of russian photographer christina vaccine. okay, very good sense of beauty is the name of this photo project. seen as aim is to highlight people who are often under represented. and she wants to establish a concept of beauty that goes beyond the current standard close to so many voices are suppressing to be given, sharing a story,
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really empowering a model that i have today. shandy very important to me is that in a strength that they've been able to understand themselves and find their place in the world and believe in themself and love themselves except their own money. their own uniqueness. roxanne has earned international a claim for her photographs which are exhibited in galleries from new york to moscow before moving to london and 2019. she worked in the us for 10 years photographing people like artist marcia as a massive discussion about females and classes being a woman and need to change the office. 2021. it's time for change and roxanne wants to support that change with her photographic works and the little more with
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the news the finding a job and learning new skills. young african teachers to themselves such was that to be the motto of her room opinion or who returned from the us, rosie, and it just makes me realize that we actually have a lot here in the 77 percent on the w. the gym for radical in pakistan moving towards
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a modern state pakistan the journey across the land of contrast, major contradictions and use on d. w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word, ben rico is in germany to learn german. why not learn with him? simple online, on your mobile and free w e learning course, the config german meeting would be welcome to a new edition of the 77 percent the show for africa youth. i'm the host. let me show on this we show will focus on how women often have to go to great lengths in order to find work for
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me, young, uganda and under printers who decided to take matters into their hands and create their own jobs. we get to know karen kanyes rising, are in the star who chose nairobi over boston for her rear. and together with you, we are fighting gender based violence. you sent us your videos, dancing to the song. she was there and produced by and maybe as ease and the 77 percent. now the phase is yours. work hard in schools so that you get a good job. that's what many of our parents told us when we were a little. but finding work is tough for many young africans and south africa youth unemployment rates are staggering. also in cape town, number not is one of those desperately looking for a job, but she knows that sitting around feeling sorry for herself won't help. so she's
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taking steps that she hopes will bring her closer to the launch of her career. me when i'm la and have friend school walk in in high street. rouzan and not by him is currently the only option. the 25 year old south african, it's unemployed and money is tight. i frustrated seems a lot of things that i want for myself that i kind of food for myself and also for my child as well. so it's a bit frustrating and it's disgusting as a whole number law study psychology i couldn't afford has student feeds anymore and have to stop by. she knows that even her classmates who graduated had difficulties finding the job. you have to have connections.
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people employ their own, they get their own causes their own to get jobs in their own working places. so it's hard for you as an unknown to, to get a job. in addition to that, many women face the expectation of having to offer sex to get the job. if you do have a job, you have to live with someone, and it's not easy for some of us. i am married and so i can't do that. and i can't live, i don't have feeling for so i would rather stay home with my husband. while i'm still trying to get other forms of jobs in, in south africa, every 2nd person under 34 is currently unemployed. women of color are especially vulnerable and economy in recession. it's one of the reasons for the job prices, but not the only one. north tommy chessie. she's chief operating officer of the youth, employment and geo her be the indication system fails. young people,
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young people are saying that they don't know how to go and look for the job, so they don't have the networks. they don't have the finances and they don't have the quality education. and they don't know what they'll be good at. so they, they don't know where to start with. number decided to tackle the challenge step by step the, to facebook post. she learned about how to be and apply for a course. the n g o partners with companies to help young jobs case find employment in the course number lie and their teammates learn about job essentials. they teach her how to make our own cd then now to do things with it because they know that okay, you've been an employee for a long time and then you don't really know how to tackle the challenge. is the team
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working with a team because you all all about to fax, the subbing we program. she's equipped with new skills and self esteem. i'm glad that as people can see that i am a positive person and i'm or is it shows that what i like to say. i also put an x since the end of the program, and i'm hello found a temporary job as a teaching assistant, a big step. and that's even hedging of getting permanent way. so there are 2 approaches to finding work, some like num land, she was to apply for jobs, others decide to create their dream, jobs themselves. and i was re debate to just been karen g, talked to young entrepreneurs in the uganda and capital compello. and they
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discussed the thrill and the pitfalls of starting your own business. hello and welcome to the 77 percent street. you bet my name is joseph ben. curren g and we are in company today with a young team of enterprise us and they're going to be speaking to us about the challenges, but also giving solutions that young people can pick from as they get into inter printer ships. so we're going to quickly start and i'm going to start with tori. sorry. who is a young person, you just graduated and why aren't you looking for, for my employment? i have been looking for a job since i started university. surprising. i've been looking for a job because i was like, i don't want to get out of university and then i don't have a job. but then when you apply for job, everything you know is going to find people asking for experience 5 years experience, 6 years, experience 3 as experience. i mean like i haven't studied walking it. so how am i going to have that experience? and besides that, i think i can only gain the experience when i'm giving them an opportunity to walk . also,
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the good thing about it is next to you at 2 people who've been in this field for a long time. but i'm curious before i move on to them, what do you think it's going to be like? do you have a plan and do you think it's going to be an easy journey? i love cooking. i love, i love would full. i mean a thing i've done so it gives me that the food we use the food and had done things . i love cooking and i've always wanted to have a restaurant of my own. but then also the restaurant i need copy to. i've been also to have that copy too. that means i have to have something undoing in order to get the copy to. all right, so sundry, you've been in business for a couple of years now. i'm curious to know what your tax was like. was it easy after my 1st degree? just like ha, i was looking for a job and i'd failed to find one. so at that point of time, i would want us killed and that's good was how to mix up. i say making the soap during that night during the day i would look for plans to buy from me the someone go to ricky who is a bit of a celebrity. what was it like for you at the start?
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i was in the bought about a industry as much like what actually rider and grew from being a motorcycle ready to being a tour guide and lost a friend in a border related accident. and set it up as an advocate road safety where i was just promoting, i'm wearing. and that's how the idea was built to now what we know today safe border which has grown to become the number one right. elling up a motorcycle taxi in africa. i think when i like them because they're fuss, they get us in place in time. but then it's the safety issues, marin, you're in one of the businesses that it's quite scary for a lot of people into money lending. tell me about the one thing that's happened to you in that business. that was situation that has had been to me was when i came mean you have laid out menu to people and you're seeing that tuition that's not an invalid working vantage doing anything. and then you have to recover your copy to
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back your why did proceed, but you cannot receive it because i don't want me. there is no way you can go from one. i want my money when they are not working next. ready and the challenges people, most policies, so by young people, you find a policy like if you go to the bank, you have to collect your and they're letting you at about 30 percent above 25 percent. that's very expensive plan. and we've been sharing into our business, which you're starting, you know, ricky, i'm curious about the challenges you fist along the way. you will hear some of the stories one day, a business that has been killed because of that fission and, and to, to, to, to be, you would really believe that that position is great for this country, but we don't want technician to really be like a tool that can be used based in units and government to kill businesses. thank you very much, ricky sandra. i'm curious about, you know, listening to what tricky saying. does this also speak to the investment climate?
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do you think that our climate here encourages investments? the environment does not favor investment. if you're going to go and burn money, you'll burn. that's about 85 percent. but if you go to many linda, you can get that money at 10 percent. 15 percent a month at the very high. she says, betty, present that you said test but very high for investment because you see yeah, i must show up when you are to i invest, we mostly impact looking at impact more. so when you give me this money, it's expensive. i'm of the metric tons that and then i may make, retard, may be up to i. yeah. so that's what makes that investment very expensive. so we need more alternative very, i'm curious about, you know, one of the issues you raised was lack of capital. and then i know that they, a lot of government programs for young people. so the youth livelihood program and so on. these things you've thought about, have you tried and failed? is it just not working? what is it? i haven't really tried out, but then i've had it from friends,
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i've had friends say the government programs that help. but then also, i don't know how to approach these people. how do we approach them? what is needed? where do you start from? i'm going to really since phase about the things and we are in school or about to leave school and stuff like that. ricky, you loved when we mentioned these, so when we spoke about government funding, you are laughing and i'm curious. had you tried this before? have you had stories? what is it about the pit? i'm actually laughing because i kind of see you as an agent or a promoter. you have what we call foreign investors. and the for an investors, mostly from $22.00 countries, india to be specific on china. these people have good, huge investment in your view here of stories that an investor is going to build a hospital and government is going to fund the invest that to build the spittle. and these are the things that really, really had to. and the reason this is happening is because they're able to really give money to a few other people will able to convince the government we want to government that we are you governance, we love our country. so my good support about that of young people,
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an employee and employee, they people making this uni that i was 1520 percent of the total population of uganda. let's get real about this issue that when you think about in inclusion for the people. and i think one of the key things that i hear you sort of hinted is the people who are making decisions youth as you should actually be, you know, the people are making this for, as i don't know, as one of the things constantly here is capital to start a business, it's one of the things that story mentioned, and i'm curious to, to the ladies and decide what are your solutions to tori's problem. so start from where you start with what you have. 80 percent is behavior. you have to lock the display and you have to keep on improving assault. i invest in a book every, every month. i read a book, i listen to different people speaking, mentoring me. i had to learn how to play. people had to learn how to hire. i had to learn how to fire. so i so much believe most businesses,
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that's the most key. so we have solutions, but we also have challenges and i think it's up to everybody out there to, you know, pick whether they're going to take them up and utilize them. but i think they've been really good solutions from people who have started from nothing to get to where they all. and so that's it for the 77 percent here in comp, alot. thank you for joining us. and that's it. thanks a lot to everyone involved in this debate, and you can check out a longer version of the rebate on youtube. well, making a korea sometimes comes with the wish to go abroad. and this is exactly what finger karen from kenya did. but when she was in the united states,
1:44 pm
she realized that the best place to make it is actually her hometown nairobi. so she is back on the continent. my name is karen. i some people who are not that cohen. i musician i thing i produce. i saw might play some instruments here, and i just got back from berkeley college of music. couple years ago i was in boston and i decided to come back and narrow me because i've been a part of my life. so apparently since the age of 4, i've known that i wanted to be a singer. and so i just pursued things that would keep me in line with that taking music lessons performing and every chance i got in school wasn't hearing to make the performance check for the dance team in school. i just always found myself doing something musical.
1:45 pm
i when i heard that 3 and 5 kids wants to leave the country. i'm not surprised. like conversations that i have my friends. everybody always like. yeah, but you can't do it. can you? so, you know, i'm working to get out of here, but even media, that's awesome. i, i work with without the cannon limitations in mind. and so i hope to travel. and so when i did get to leave the country for the 1st time, i've never been to the states, i'd never lived abroad. that was with cool, but i was also somewhat disappointed. i feel one of those you really want to leave the country. i would say, do it like, go, travel, go see the world, go acquire as much information as you can. and so leaving isn't always a bad thing. is this like, don't leave and then don't come back to need. we still need young great minds. again, my purpose is to break boundaries using music. and i think that's something that we did back income and something we didn't really set out to do. we just did it
1:46 pm
naturally, and that was all of our purposes at the time. and i feel like i just have to continue doing what i do just to show others that it's possible be just making pop music, making alternative music, being a female and african making music that can trans boundaries trans on borders. yeah, i think there's a lot of doubt self doubt in kenya, and a lot of suppressed artistic expression. and so i feel like i just need to hop that bubble and just allow the people to use that. it's not that we don't have talent, it's just that talented people don't see that there. are you
1:47 pm
good morning, super passionate about other artists. and i mean, i got into this industry by being supported by the 1st place. i had people like octopus, who would give me advice. 0 is the have my back blinky bill or the my back with the drama queen and they still do so. mentors and mentoring people. is that just open my mind up so much. i've met so many different kinds of people and then it just makes me realize that we actually have a lot here in kenya, and people are really talented. people are really cool. people are stylish, we have a lot to offer. and so to see dr. positions like being in the states, everyone talks about the state says so much opportunity and i really think that the opportunities are in africa right now. the so much possibility and our perspective hasn't really been considered. we haven't really explored what we can do.
1:48 pm
i just love what karen said about the fact that there are lots of opportunities in africa. i mean these days it's common to see women in managerial positions or working in sectors, but used to be male dominated for example, i t or engineering. but what we often don't hear about is how many women are being for us to have sex with men in power. in order for them to get a job. we asked women in lagos, nigeria, how common it is for men to ask for sexual acts during job interviews. me it's a common thing for the female ad of a story. okay, thank you. somebody so close to me. you know, she went for a job scene and she got to the place,
1:49 pm
the man told her that's before e can give her the job. she has to do some stuff in the like, gets a baby see my level of level of blood. and she would be, each has been laid the that the we, the man does for all the female stuff. walk in with him there, the money journal, whereby that's his position to employ them. we say he wants to go out to them before the car secure the job. so it really happens in this country. now we ask you few more get songs in. people do say, if you must get something, you use what you have to get what you want. so is for like those people in charge. they want to ask you to sleep with them one or 2 days before they can find the job. and you,
1:50 pm
that's really need the job you have to do or the access to do those testimonies are just shocking. and the sad fact is that this is not just happening in nigeria. on facebook, we asked you whether it is common for women in your region to be coerced into having sex for jobs. and here is what you wrote spar trutina says in namibia. it's a culture thomas, one woman says here and you gander. it's even worse, and honestly it's the only option for dear sisters. and finally, girl clod says it's a pitiful situation. in cameroon, it's everywhere from churches to schools and even companies. well, but my dear and woman in our next report is fighting against this. i said to cub wooden boy wants to protect women from sexual violence and she offers job opportunities to those who need them the most. the women in the refugee camp,
1:51 pm
in my degree in north eastern nigeria, one of the cities most affected by the local, harass insurgency. i should to couple dunbar is on their way to visit women live in the internally displaced. people come in my degree, their capital of nigeria, ne, in she's a gender equality activist and whole workshops. ah, i use the phone for the idp times with time to discuss with woman on the importance for their allowed to dad also to work and school was so talk to them on how to prevent them from issue that has to do with gender, dis, valez as case and the sexual ident, valez. 1600 cases of gender based violence who had enough history 9 in 2019 alone. this includes assault and 4th,
1:52 pm
marriage. more cases have been reported since the beginning of the book will harm and see in 2009 i said to herself was forced into an early march and most of it had to start her own n g u. i want to not is out why it is free for issue that has to do with sexual valez on all forms of gender. there's vaughn is, i want to not is, can i do the way when you want to face you want to, i spell for i want you to cut off, you know, what you will be able to, to, to, to, to bring her down using some cultural days. is a advocating for women in i, she just region is difficult and dangerous. religious fundamentalists have threatened her with physical violence and truth. how harassed her online. but i, she too, is more determined than ever. she has reached over 20000 women and girls creating job opportunities and vulnerable workplace skills is priority. that
1:53 pm
the sewing machine has helped me a lot. if i have financial problems, i can throw one or 2 items and get paid for them. so i can solve my problems myself . i'm so grateful to those who have taught me the skills. now go to the gills. i should just where shall possibly come said haven, after experience in trauma, the hands of the insurgents. taylor, they surrounded the whole place and started shooting, but we managed to escape from you at the camp. we've learned so many things. for instance, we don't send out our girls alone, but their male counterparts like i did it. we women have also become self sufficient. so we can take care of ourselves and our children. how are you today, adam? as she continues to grow, hey mr. t. c, i shit. his dream is to improve the lives of us. many women in northern nigeria as possible sexual violence continues to be an outraging issue. also in the media. some time ago,
1:54 pm
young women took to the streets with a powerful enough is enough. this inspired namibian musician ease to produce a song against gender based violence in collaboration with us. but that's not all you all joined in and sent us your video clips. so always feel free to get in touch on facebook or our new instagram channel because we always love to hear from our followers. and here as a final treat, i present you the version of ease of songs featuring you are 77 for centers, outlets show. thank you so much for being with us today and for always supporting the show. enjoy and see you next time.
1:55 pm
i know what you have, but to just back to you say you're the king, but you know what i mean because we always take care of that. we don't we really perfect. now we have been put on the great work to sign up for the gender place by live. right right. no problem with women girls, i'm going to make him this should be
1:56 pm
a state of the emergency. so this should be the kind of to the 2nd country down the entire country view of this moment. and we don't want to go through this again. no woman's result is that the quality of life i just was like, i don't know, i the good news
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the who's who's who's the the the gym for radical is pakistan. the moving towards a modern state packet in the
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