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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 11:15am-11:31am CEST

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oh i me ah, me, i me and how it feels jewish life in europe. that's what film producer, kona and journalist eve, cool, good moment, are exploring,
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delving into history and the present. i would never have thought that could be lips open. and so i remind myself, because i grew up in the completely different ways from broad explorer listed jewish in europe. the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d, w. the names have become casual artifacts. thanks to n s t technology, some south, a huge sum of money, slightly creat of yon kat field that's only fair, but more on that later. one thing is clear means that he had to stay, but what makes a good successful mean? that's our topic on shift today, the me,
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bernie sanders and the battle bill in an edward hopper painting or on the iron throne form game of phone. the photo of the american democrat wearing cells and mittens was taking a job by and your ration it delighted. countless intimate users who use the image in your context. thus, the sanders mittens mean was born. but what exactly is a mean? when we hear mean, most of us probably think about funny picture that yes, a different meaning when you change the caption. but these image macros are just one type of mean. a video can be a mean piece of text can be a mean. it's something that has remixed and recycled and copied. so something that is disseminated over and over again, and as it's disseminated, it also new tape. turkish sociologists to deal government is writing her ph. d on internet means key. describe them as units of culture that work as templates.
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and you can change their meaning by changing the caption and have endless varieties of the same means, like pictures that compare celebrities fits to objects. for this video where a man and introduce his rather quiet girlfriend, they get to introduce you to my girlfriend who is amazing which other internet users edit it into hostage situation. and because it's my birthday i get to introduce you to my girlfriend who is my one today, is also my birthday. and because of my birth marcus, you don't want to do that thing. i get the letter go, i mean, have become an important online communication tool. they can reaffirm community membership and are a great way to quickly and widely spread information. more commentary means they're successful because they're easy to disseminate their cheap to make almost every one
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other smartphone, almost everyone uses an instant messenger app and very easy to decode most of the time. sometimes they can be extremely difficult to the code as well. adding inventive captions to movies still there's one template that works across the world. another is responding with a reaction ship. ah. and while some topics appeals to the global mean community like overly demanding parents, there are also regional differences. i think the way means are used in different places, usually is dependent on how tightly controlled the internet as in that place. so in countries where there is more internet censorship, you might have you might have more dangerous means,
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so to speak. these dangerous means are often political and in countries with repressive regimes, people have been sent to jail for sharing means. in china, the government took offense to comparisons between sheet and ping and we need 2 images of the children's book character with temporarily blocked and the cowardly b. i became a public enemy. so means on just online dogs. some help us understand world politics. when the given container ship got to stop and the suez canal in 2021, it prompted a flood of the many incorporated teams from movies or television series. others to parallel to personal problems like an overflowing email inbox or progress donation for the ship had the kind of symbol of the fragility of world trade. as it showed how dependent the global
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economy is on free passage through this to this can out, hundreds of ships were unable to get through. and on twitter of maps showing alternative routes for the positions of ships waiting to pass through. got a lot of attention. even the communist pulled off or call marks quoting the sample shows how useful needs can be and helping us understand complex systems . many people started sharing. yes. and it was the funding boats, boats stuck in canal joke, and then it turned into, okay, where is this boat? where is this canal? while is, does all world trade depend on this one time you can? why are we doing this? means are also a great way for making light of heavy feelings, such as much helplessness, like an india, which has been hard hit by covert 19, where the 2nd lockdown was recently extended. user shared numerous me summer on
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going back to beds. others are not having enough, i'll call it and still others on the list in your family. the means to help people communicate in the difficult situation. to means can be a form of a test, a protest, and a creative outlet for difficult emotions. and why it's hard to assess how influential political means really are. they are playing a role in political debates, and that becoming more valuable, like the global hit yon kat and his rainbow trail. we asked the means create a restorers about the story behind the pop top cat. an animated cat with a pop tart saudi, me and cat was one of the most viewed youtube videos of 2011. and the chip was a huge by roll his creator chris torres explains its humble origins. i was doing a charity drive for the american red cross way back in 2011. and i was in the chat room with a lot of people just drawing stuff for charity. and i just, you know,
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i finished it. i got like a 100 bucks, as a donation for it. then that night i decided to actually pixilated. and then i just posted on twitter, posted on tumbler. and i just kind of called the day the cat went viral even more so after someone added playful japanese music. taurus made a bit of money for merchandise. but his real profit came 10 years later when he sold a non punishable token or n f t non fundable tokens. i like an authenticity certificate for digital artworks . yonkers was one of the 1st means sold as an entity in february. christ dollars auction it off on the theory, unblocked chain rabbit sold for a high price in the block chains crypto currency etha. i was just wanting to test the waters but the 1st one i but the 1st, the cat that i put was the original. i re master it and i put it up there and that's the one that's sold for $300.00 ether, which is the value right now. one, well, i'm not sure what it is right now,
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but last night was 1000000. a keen husband of some, something wild like that at a dozen of new friends because in the cat universe, like a mexican, me, and cat, or the crypto currency inspired me and he felt thanks to his piece of a play in the ring me, me created and now also earnings, serious money, like with the mean overly it has girlfriend disaster girl or grumpy kit which have all been sold us and cheese. if you ever don't understand the mean, you can check out their website. no. your mean dot com is like it. we can p d, f o means, which is helpful because many have several layers of meaning. here's an example. your video line is the line again and it can't pass over 15000000 clicks. what's the secret success? let's have a look at the components. the guy is the finish song
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from 928. it was rearranged in 995 by the quite that noise to the song entered the meanwhile, through youtube in 2006, a russian viewer combined with a shorter term, a japanese animation creating the extent which went viral. but it was so successful that another version sung by an animated donkey follows that was mostly sold as a range on for mobile phones back when that was still that thing the the la good again heard this song on the radio in late 2018 soon after he'd uploaded his own version of the portal to you to. 2 the cat was an added until 2020 . what's the story behind the cat? in april 2020, i take user posted
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a video of their cat net head bobbing. tell like trying to music. it quickly became a popular a mean template where the vibe and cat is combined with short captions or some of them at the moment you work with them and then what i gotta do, they get it. and i made it, went by the cat, was added to guard against poco version. and november 2020. his drumming became a new mean template. added trump dancing biden's. and of course the cat d o enough. this song even makes me want to do that, but that is the deliveries are not filled out. so that's how it came about. and i think it's great boldly and now there are loads that person's name, several of which have been mixed with other famous me the an amazing story. music, especially pop songs,
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a great me material. check this out. the, the most famous music mean today's is probably rick, at least 1987 hit. never going to give you up the if you're on line a lot, back just to 1005. i pod take time. it's hard not to come across this every single there's even the term rick rolling, which means to send someone a promising looking link that actually leads to the music video. another popular music means draws on canadian musician drake and his head hotline glare. to gesture, symbolizing approval and rejection, have become templates or means expressing personal opinion will use to come and
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there's even a drake hotline blink mean generator. where there are also political music means, like this mash up of this is america by childish gambino and congratulations myself alone. the slogan, this is america and congratulations were combined to form a me. it was frequently used on tick tock to comment on protest in the us to me means our form of truly global communication that are a great way for us to connect and exchange views. and as everything from nonsense job means to serious political commentary, do you also use them? what do means mean to you? and do you have a favorite that isn't on youtube or d, w dot com? i for now and take care. ah,
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in finding a job and learning new skills, we need young african teachers to themselves for way such of what that would be a model of coming tenure thing or who returned from the us, robi, it just makes me realize that we actually have a lot here 7 percent dw, do you like it? do you want it? okay, then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and let's ride the
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read seems 60 minutes on d w. the a there i'm david and this is climate change briggs, it happiness in 3 books. this is the best for you. you'll get smarter for free, and welcome to a new edition of the 77 percent. the show for africa was you with. i'm your host lead show on this week. so we'll focus on how women often have to go to great lengths in order to find work for me as a young uganda and under printers who decided to take matters into their hands and
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create their own jobs. we get to know karen kanyes rising r and b star with children. i will be over boston.


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