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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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hey, ah, ah, ah cruise this is data, but he lives from berlin. official pulled the search and rescue mission at the collapse building in miami, florida. the remaining parts of the apartment complex that is still standing is to be demolished, to allow such effort to continue stifling. also coming up form of south african president, jacob zoom avoid going to jail on contempt challenges review of the sentence by the supreme court. and it's back to the dance floor for dutch club as we take a look at them night life is covert 19 restrictions
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a fully listed ah, i'm rebecca writt as welcome to the program. work is on the way to prepare the remaining part of the collapsed apartment, building in miami for demolition. the structure has been deemed to unstable with a storm approaching the area. meanwhile, the search and rescue mission at the side has been suspended while preparations go ahead. already say the mission will resume when the demolition has been completed. for over a week the families of those still missing in surfside have been waiting in vain for news of their loved ones. now they face another excruciating delay to the recovery operation of demolition teams. prepare to carry as a controlled explosion of the size. preparation includes activity
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like drilling into column in the unsafe structure and we are continuing to receive updates about the condition of the standing structure. and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any section of the pile that are safe to access. as soon as we are clear with tropical storm l soft forecasts to make landfill in florida in the coming days. officials decide that the rest of the collapse complex needs to come down fast. we have a building here in surfside that is pottering, it is structurally unsound. and although the b, b i of this storm is not, not likely to pass over this direction. you could feel gusts in this area. we don't know, it's definitely a possibility. the instability of the size has been a major challenge for the search operation. it was already forced to pause for almost 24 hours on thursday. after dangerous movement was detected in the debris.
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it's hope, the demolition will reduce the dangers faced by the crews. when they resume combing through the rubble and that the families now living in limbo will soon have certainty about the fates of their loved ones. i think out some other stories making headlines. a ruptured under water gas pipeline has sent claims boiling to the surface of the gulf of mexico, mexico state and oil company says nobody was hurt in the incident and that the lake has been brought under control. it's unclear how much environmental damage would cause at least 17 people have been killed in a plane crash in the philippines. a military plane missed the runway during landing on the southern island of jolla. the plane with carrying a crew members and more than 18 passengers. most of them soldiers, at least 40, have been rescued from the burning wreckage. hundreds of palestinians have demonstrated in the west bank city of rama la,
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demanding president bus. resigned the protests with when activists news. our banner died in custody last last month and it was a local critic of the palestinian authority protest. this calling for justin south africa, former president jacobs, that was due to begin a jail term today, but its been delayed pending review by the countries supreme court last week, very much was found guilty on contempt charges and sentence to 15 months in prison . hundreds of them as supporters have been gathering outside his home to show the solidarity with their former leader, whom as 9 year term in office was overshadowed by corruption allegation was well on the line for as if they w correspondent christine wonder where she joins us from the cobbler wisdom as rural home is, christine, what's the situation with jacob's him and now is he likely to actually go to prison
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while rebecca that's something that he's managed to put on needs for the meantime. he made an application in a local pool that is going to be on tuesday. that's going to make a decision as to whether or not he should be in prison, pending the outcome of the deal at the pool. now, here is, will be on tuesday depending on the outcome of that. you could have present himself on wednesday already. but i want to do that because he's been successful in making that appeal in having the constitutional court. i listen to his appeal, listen sentence, and of course it's really a lot of people feel that support you're applying that on tuesday will probably allow him to stay here. now this is obviously a huge story from south africa. quite a polarizing one to one was saying how people they're reacting. well,
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we're just outside his home, say it in, in guns, in the properties of ones in the next. how and they are supportive of he's out here . they're singing song. they're showing. there's probably derek in support. they're happy about the outcome of things. the fact that he does not have to present himself as a curriculum is an a teach at night. but the country then, you're not seeing opinion differing a lot of people here. i say we're excited about the idea of being before the president of jail. so he's supported very much view all of that as political persecution, if you will, and everybody out not want people to see this. and because the man having god say another one, it's basically to be locked in the center. how many like that's one of the fights the 1st time though, the former president has been sentenced to prison. what does it mean to south africa? well, this is a lot of people, this may not necessarily be about the man himself, but about the, you know,
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this is a country where corruption is right. and the feeling has always been that there is a level of impunity, particularly when it comes to the political elite. and so what mr. present for many people was nobody is about the law. that's the me, the sentiment and a lot of people were giving when i was speaking to them, what their reaction was to the competition was ruling that this was a message to everybody that doesn't matter who you are. you have been for the president kamani, the kind of support that the president gave me, my dad, but no one is about the law. and so many people, this delay, if one of a delay of justice will then because they honestly believe that the prisoner was to be in contempt. but then you should it onto the place and presented himself at that corruption inquiry. and the fact that he didn't mean that he had to do his time for that. so this is a very, very important moment for this country. and this is why it's taking such presidents here. hi, christine. thank you very much. date of is christine linda. nicola football now,
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because the final 4 teams in the european championship are now fit that off the england hammered ukraine for nil in the last match of the quarter finals last night . hurricane scored twice in rome to send the lines into their 1st year a semi finals since $996.00. england have yet to consider goal in the tournament. early a capital the grabbed what proved to be the women for denmark and to one when over the check republic, the danes. next phase england in london after italy take on spain in the other semi final on those matches oliver moving from dw full to here. only thanks for coming in. well, a huge results. england, you must be very happy as a brit yourself, what a particular stood out about a performance, a very happy about a lot of things. yeah, i think the fall goes have to be the headline the, the question that we had about england after the group stage was at the attack. you know, the defense was clearly solid. no goals conceded in 3 games. you know,
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that's obviously going well. but only to those scores in the, in those 3 games. and that led to a lot of questions back in england. you know, shoot garrath southgate, a coach, change up the system should make things more attacking. let the play as the talent to the talking players express themselves a bit more. he ignored those calls, he played his game, his strategy. and now that bearing for you can see that the talented can play. but i mentioned, you know, they know that the back door is locked. well, they know that the defense is stable and that gives them the confidence in fact, and 6 goals in one and a half games. now show that you know, that confidence is really bad and for what really stood out for me. that was the professionalism of england. you know, so often we think when turn up at these major tournaments with a lot of talent and a lot of expectations. and they just collapse in on themselves under the weight of this expectation. now this england scene looks only comfortable in itself. they look comfortable last night against ukraine in their role as favorites. there were no nerves on show whatsoever that a c change in mentality. studying was national theme and that's what impressed me
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the most. and just to the other game, denmark also made it through what chances did they have? well, demo got on a roll at the moment. you know, they look like a very dangerous team, but it could have been so different. years 2020, they lost their 1st 2 games at the tournament, obviously heavily affected by christine ericsson cardiac arrest. in the 1st game, they were on the brink of going out, bought a huge win in the last good game against russia. put them on a roll, and since then they've just been on fire. i really liked the balance of this danish team. you know, they've been quite defensive through the middle, the 3 center backs into quite defensively minded, mid failed as the when backs give them real threat out wide and yaki marla, in particular, has been one of the styles of the tournament for me. he got another assist last night, denmark's 2nd go and look them up. you've got the mentioned at the moment is great, incalculable in football, it can depart at any moment. but while you've got it, it's so powerful and it can change game. so then we'll be hoping that sticks around for a little bit longer. i'm sure they will just
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a couple of matches left until the final who is going to make it through. and they put me on the spot. i think england, that professionalism that i mentioned from england, i think that should see them through against them, or they should be able to hold the danish juggernaut. but the other game is hard to call italy and spain to very good seems quite evenly matched. a lot depends only have been playing. they have been playing fantastic. they have the quality, they have the mentality, they have everything you need and spine a quite unpredictable when it comes to their finishing that they place a lovely football. they control pretty much every game that they play. the question is how often they can actually put the ball in the net. i think it's really have the edge, i think is going to be england against italy at wembley next sunday. a right ahead . as europe gradually lift restrictions, clubs in the netherlands are celebrating clubs and live music venues are open. once again, our reporter sampled to amsterdam world famous night life, as it sprang back into action. a warning this report contains
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a flashing images for hunting base dots. nightclubs can officially reopen welcoming back johnson says yes after more than a year. but to open the doors to this parallel party universe, then use like amsterdam power d, so must implement type check, all 1500 attendees here. need a state issued coded pass showing they are fully vaccinated, recovered or have tested negative or very big. we only let people in with a valid through our code and the id check. so you can copy this or show it to somebody or give it to somebody else, refer a very strict on this for safety reasons. i haven't gotten in some people who for 50 years for the ticket will make because much haven't received my results for the test. so that good thing. but for those who get that magic green light, once you're in anything goes actually there are no rules on wearing masks
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where you know, on keeping your diesel can open it full capacity all night long. but could this be a recipe for disaster? so dave, i really feel good to be honest. i just said, well, you know, i don't see job. i knew a lot of l was part of the lead, didn't to reopen after a terrible year for the life music industry. he's convinced it was the right decision, a life of, with everything you do. but i do believe that our government quite smart about is they have a lot of very bright people working to advise them to see if it's possible. music
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and music dancing. it's more important they would think next truck, but people need it. you know, people need to party to good. meet new people. just say music. 3 or 4. i said this cozy clubbing bubble. the threat of the virus i knew very, it's still very real thought for tonight. down is parking. like there's no damage. you're wanting date of the news. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. but we live now with images from the national museum of natural history in paris, which is using or when to reality, to bring extinct animals back to life. thanks for watching. oh, i, i
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me. ah, me, ah mm. mm. mm. and how it feels. jewish life in europe. that's what film producer, kona and journalist eas could.


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