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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 9:15am-9:30am CEST

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oh, i use every day for us and for our planet a little divide yours is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities screener? how can we protect animals and their habitat?
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what to do with all our ways? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling for disposable martin solutions overseas set in our ways. earth is truly unique and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive ideas, the environmental global 3000 on d, w, and me the news this week on well stories and medical activists. some this rant in hong kong. the essence of beauty and diversity in london. we begin in afghanistan, where more than a decade, 9 diary has been helping probably i think some couple taliban through surgeons is
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making hope works difficult. ah. because earrings and because on atlanta, high diary is on her way to mother camp. it is one of the few privately run addiction facilities and caboodle. her diary founded not a camp. on her way. she pauses by poly sucked her bridge, where many drug addicts live a lima. you know that i'm up with that and we'll talk when i saw the bridge for the 1st time, it was like looking straight into hell. i thought this is what hell looks like. i remember the people were lying on the ground like animals and with dying. and they could have had promising life because it was maybe that was that was another shock. and still for her diary she hadn't seen her brother for a long time and found out that he was living under the bridge. high diary decided
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to take action. she wanted to help her brother and many other addicts, and caboodle almost everyone in the city of 4 and a half 1000000. know someone whose life has been destroyed by drugs rehabilitation center, located in western could boil, is dead. her son was once an addict himself for 30 years he suffered from harrison dependency. but with high diaries help, he managed to kick the habit. now he manages the center in her absence. meet is not an addict. he has been here ever since high diary found him as a young child in a garbage can on the side of the street, most likely abandoned by his family. push to do both patients stay here for about 4 weeks. there is a lack of closely medicines to withdrawal symptoms for patients usually have to make due with cold showers when we also have a lot of talks and music sessions. the
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high diary also has in mind to turn off to the rehab. she also runs the restaurant, taj, big room. all employees are recovered addicts, the work helps them lead drug re lives and bring new perspectives. mohammed hussain is one of those who manage to turn his life around this stuff. this is a special place for our dentist on so we can feel pretty safe here. joy. i'm very happy to work in this place because here in the restaurant is just difference . almost like a family goes on a on some take a tennis to the venue. the restaurant received threats from extremists also because it is run by women. high and diary has managed to build what she said out to build . but the situation in afghanistan is unstable. it was crawl of international
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troops is under way and should be complete within the next few weeks. the 3rd, but when her phone i was up and i got on i'm pretty pessimistic about just gone down future it seems hopelessly co cheeky as my the only one who can want the future of the taliban that are, that are radical muslims. that harry, no, not the women was d as the mommy lane and the future is uncertain, but at least for now laila high diary knows what she is going to do. so part those with a drug addiction and couple for as long as possible. the one year ago china past that controversial law making it easier for the mainland government to arrest and charge pro democracy activists. now, very few activists have the courage to protesting public the
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writing. he has politics and his love of hong kong into his skin still be with one yet chin, even in the darkest days. solving talk on the whole. i hope me remind me of the beliefs i started with, even if i'm jailed in the future. one started the group student politic ism last may just after hong kong or is heard about the national security law. at 20, he's one of the oldest in the group. there is young as 15. there's some of the few still visible on the streets. many other groups are gone. sorry, it's not all that. well, i decided not to go to college last year, but i wanted to dedicate myself to activism while i was still free. though they are still like, i know many political influences seldom speak in public. people fear they could be coughed under the national security law, especially with it being so uncertain dahlia how we feel like we have to step out.
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especially when prominent figures are either in jail or in exile. deli, all that young boy why one has been arrested 4 times in the last year. twice just this month. marches are banned under pandemic rules. he and his group hand out leaflets instead, but it's enough to get him into trouble. the pressure is intense. he knows national security officers are watching him. he doesn't go to sleep until 7 am. so he's awake at dawn. that's when police arrest people at home. he's part of what beijing says is an extremely small minority that the national security law targets to preserve stability. one thing i tried stability brought by the national security law is just an illusion and is built on people's fear. there's no room for further treat. what if even the terms freedom and democracy become to be one day. i won't compromise on my speech or that if he will,
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he and his groups support those already in jail. they take supplies to protesters behind bars, on your handle, on hong kong future is more important in my one future. when the political prisoners are released in years or decades to come, i don't want them to return to worst hong kong hong kong without home college. all in many see we are the kids chosen by the time. but i think it's we who have chosen this era, sally said all the symbols on his skin state, his certainty, the tattoos are messages of defiance to his future self. ah, for decades, only east germany secret service side on it citizen. the information was stored on
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files. many people only found out later how extensively they will be in do much longer viva. i read the door of their old building and he fell in. they lived here when they were young allies that will anything but private window. then on the display stealthy and whom i spied on them from across the courtyard bank. when this tree was much smaller. how did you see stones people standing? magical. no. i just found that when i read about it, we would never thought about it. the thought of them standing there now and they start the files contain hundreds of pages intercepted letters and informers reports including viva,
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and offers apartment layout game and had in my someone looked into my life and i have no idea why they described me as a person from that perspective, which wasn't a very friendly ones, i know this was on the leash law as a style, although it said that i live with that culture but mind with a to women, spite on. and then they came from the province as to east berlin and found good jobs here working for the east german state newspaper, northeast georgia, and new germany. but they made a fate for move. they tried to leave the country from 1976 onwards, circle or fall and in nevada applied again and again to leave. always giving the same reason is lifeline. dec. i do not believe trustworthiness of discovery. i have seen 1st hand how little human rights are respected in east germany. in these
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days, they tell people born after the war came down, having risk life and limb to leave east germany. for all, i didn't want someone else to decide where i lived here, leave me. i had a certain point i had enough and then i thought, well, no, i want i want freedom on me loss. if i had and to that desire, they almost ended up in prison. the how do we define beauty fancies? the question being asked by photographer christine, of our acts, dina laws beyond classic ideals. we visit her studio in london. the people with disabilities with different skin colors, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds, diversity in front of the camera, staged by a photo or the me,
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a photo shoot in london with the some attendance and joe in deal. both foreign without bind is the bandwidth milli ellis brown. a person who identifies as neither male nor female, they are oem users of russian photographer, christina vaccine. okay, very good sense of beauty is the name of this photo project. seen as aim as a highlight, people who are often under represented. and she wants to establish a concept of beauty that goes beyond the current standards related with close to so many voices all suppress and to be given. can you share your story? things really empowering. the models that i have today, shani very important or,
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and believe in themself and love themself, accept their own money. their own uniqueness has earned international a claim for her photographs which are exhibited in galleries from new york to moscow. before moving to london and 2019, she worked in the us for 10 years, photographing people like artist marcia key at the massive discussion about females and cost as being a woman and need to change the office. 2021. it's time for change and roxanne wants to support that change with her photographic works. and the little more with the news
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the koran says, ah ah, ah, requiem 20 d w. in the heart of berlin, reconstructed in controversy all the time to check it out. the opening is right around the corner. the serve as an educational platform for berlin and the world news, the humble forum. 45 minutes on d, w. o. in the i change the africa mega.
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what's the story here? what did they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity, multimedia insight, cancer. the me the it isn't great on people playing the music. people breathing inside sacred the drama man. that means really a lot for me because this.


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