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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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the jewish senior, the 2 part documents, starts july 5th on d, w. the news date, every news live from berlin, brazilians protest countries. president 1000 demand, impatient and viable scenario over his handling of the quote of ours pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of present. and also coming up, it's back to the dance floor dot club is we take a look at amsterdam night life has code 19 restrictions listed. and you are paying
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football, championship, england, thrashing crime for now to ease into the semi final yes . back home, go wild as the goldman was england, closer to its 1st european title in move and half a century underdog denmark after they defeated the check republic. ah, ah, i am rebecca ripple, welcome to the program. thousands across brazil has marched in protest. won't they say is president jaya, both in ours mishandling of the pandemic. more than half a 1000000 brazilians have died from cove at 19. and now the supreme court is investigating claims that the hotline later, later, ignored corruption in a vaccine deal. they want to both the noro,
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the under cooling, that president genocidal me, the protests a peaceful but many brazilians are angry. and they've been demonstrating in the streets for a month. when we come, tolerate this behavior any longer, the countries being led by a genocidal president the cardboard sign says lives worth more than $1.00. it's a reference to allegations that a health official asked for bribes of $1.00 per dose in a deal to buy corona, virus vaccines. their accusations that president both sonora turned a blind eye. with the parliamentary inquiry, we have the information that besides being incompetent and genocidal,
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he was also corrupt. he knew about corruption and did nothing. there are more than half a 1000000 people dead. what everyone knew is now confirmed, there is corruption. so keeping a government like that, it's crazy. oh, the scenario is now being investigated by the supreme court. he denies any wrong doing. the allegations have forced the government to counsel vaccine contracts just when doses a desperately needed. these protests are angry, but both on our supporters point out that he survived coming down with coven 19 and will more than likely write out this later storm rescue workers in japan and searching for as many as 20 people still missing off for a town was hit by a mudslide, at least 2 people were killed when
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a torrent of mud swept through the hillside. town of tommy south west of the capital, took a mudslide, followed days of heavy rain in the region. the water logged ground swallowed buses . the heavy rain swept up cars and dumped them, the landslide destroyed homes and businesses. the big electricity pylons here was shaking all over the place. why didn't know what was happening? then the mob slides were already there. and in the street below, i was really scared in some way i made all this devastation on dozens of local residents who couldn't get away in time. 2 of those have already been found dead. rescuers are looking for more survivors in just
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a few days. the area has see more rain than it usually does in an entire month. as rescue efforts and evacuations get underway, officials warn but more downfalls are in the forecast. scientists say that the increased rainfall that led to this event. it's like a link to climate change. has tangled mount some of the stories making headlines around the world. at least 17 people have been killed in a plane crash in the philippines. a military plane missed missed the runway during landing on the southern on and of jolla. the playing with carrying more than 80 passengers. most of them soldiers at least 40, have been rescued from the burning wreckage. hundreds of palestinians have demonstrated in the west bank city of ramallah. they're demanding president a bus resign the pro, respond when activists news are not. ban us, his name died in custody last month and i was a vocal critic of the palestinian authority. so testers,
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according to justice preparations are on the way to demolish the remaining part of a high rise apartment building that collapsed in florida. the demolition could happen as early as monday, search and rescue efforts. as the sign has been suspended with the bodies of 24 people recovered so far, 121 of those remained, unaccounted for iraq to the underwater gas pipeline has sent flames boiling to the surface of the gulf of mexico. because state and oil company says nobody was hurt in the incident and that the lake has been brought under control. it's unclear how much environmental damage was caused authorities and parts of western canada and preparing to evacuate towns at risk from dozens of wildfires. at least 175 burning in the province of british columbia fuel by days, very hot weather conditions. many of the fires have been sponsored by lightning strikes. meanwhile, a forensic came has been sent to the town of lytton,
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which was almost completely destroyed by a wildfire in a matter of minutes. last week, 2 people confirmed to have been killed by that fire. a former president of the european council, donald pers case hoping to make a political come back in his homeland poland to escape taking over as the leader of the main opposition party that he founded the liberal civic platform. he wants to challenge the ruling right wing law and justice party in elections in 2 years time . the government has clashed with brussels over law reforms and l g, b, t, q, and women's rights. earlier, we start to date every correspond. magdalena, palate caught in war, so we also what to plan, come back is likely to mean for polish politics. it could be dangerous for the really party, for years of cookie, and we know that he happened to win the next election, which will take place in 2 years in poland. and his ambition is for now. yeah. and
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it's clear he will buy the property and get his name if it's going to happen. we feel that 2 years. so we have to to what to do was going to happen. but he came back, you know, compete, he came back to class one when she called found us to get to go. and she feel like home, hugh, which we could he today, he were very positive who are both health confident and he's he will get courage to, to point to when the next election. well, i know some are well headlines. a global cyber attack has for hundreds of supermarkets in sweden to close pack, has targeted a florida based software group which supplies several swedish retail chains co op clothes, more than half of its $800.00 shops after the cash registers stopped working. south africa talk court has agreed to hear former president jacob zoom is appealed to a 50 month child sentence,
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the signing to attend. the corruption hearing judges have delayed the start of the sentence. hundreds of people gathered outside the home in support. thousands had taken to the streets and became a sa, says capital duty to demand a stronger government action against hottest violence group to al qaeda. and the so called islamic state as long as regular attacks in the north and 8th last month. the massacre less more than $130.00 did. as europe gradually lift coven restrictions clubs in the netherlands are celebrating clubs and live music venues are open. once again, our reporter, sampled amsterdam world famous night life as it sprang back to life. a quick warning, this report contains flashing images dash floors hunting base. dots night calls can officially reopen welcoming back dances. yes, after more than a year. but to open the doors to this parallel party universe.
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then use like amsterdam power d, so must implement type check. all 1500 attendees here need a state issued coded pass showing they are really vaccinated, recovered or have tested negative for very big. we only let people in with a valid code and the id check. so you can copy this or show somebody, give it to somebody else, refer very stick them in for safety reasons. that mean some people who for 50 years for the ticket will make because much haven't received my results for the test. so but for those who get that magic green lights, once you're in anything ghost, actually there are no rules of wearing masks where no room on keeping your power diesel can open it. so capacity all night long. but could this be a recipe for disaster? no. i really feel good to be honest. i in fact
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we're just really low back knowledge. i don't see. do i knew you're gonna build was part of trying to lead to didn't to reopen after a terrible year for the life music industry. he's convinced it was the right decision, a life out of risks with everything you do. but i do believe that our government is quite smart about it. they have a lot of very bright people working to advise them to see if it's possible. music and music dancing. it's more importantly within the next truck, but people need it. you know, people need to party. good. meet new people. just say music 3. and i said this cozy coping bubble the threat of the virus i knew very,
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it's still very real thought for tonight. amsterdam is parking like there's no verbal now in england has had ukraine for neil to go into the semi finals of the european championship. hurricane school twice in rome to send the lines into their 1st euros sammy since 1996. and i have yet to concede a goal in the tournament. earlier cast the delva grabbed what proved to be the winner for denmark in a to one when the check republic, the danes now face england in london on wednesday after italy take on spain in the other semi final. on tuesday, there was one incident which upset denmark fans at the game in the as a vision and capital back security stuff removed a rainbow flag held up by danish supporters governing body. you. i was heavily criticized earlier in the tournament for not allowing munich stadium to be met in
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rainbow colors. this light is to fit, has also been signed by the l g b t. community to tennis now and roger federer has been cameron north to move into around for wimbledon. the record 8 time champion, one in 4 sets. federal who turns 40 next month has had some obstacles at the tournament, but has got through to the 2nd week with maestro will play the italian renter for nager in the next round. yeah. oh, that's it. you're up to date on all the international needs this hour. we'll be back in 45 minutes with more. but i'll let you know. and some images from the national museum of natural history in paris, which is using all men to reality, to bring extinct animals back to life. take a look. oh, i i
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use me use ah ah was, ah,
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[000:00:00;00] was, ah, was, ah, every day for us. and for our planet, little divide years is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities screener? how can we protect animals and their habitat?
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what to do with all our waste?


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