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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 7:00am-8:00am CEST

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the cool it was just me in the room. ah ah, this is the w news and these are top stories. more than 170 wildfires, our region across western canada. many were sparked by lightning strikes in kinder dry conditions. one town has been almost completely burned down with emergency cruise searching for missing residence. the blazes follow a deadly record breaking heat wave. the government is warning of a difficult summer ahead. thousands across brazil have march in protest and what they say is president jr. bolton rose,
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mishandling of the corona virus pandemic. more than half a 1000000 brazilians have died from cobra, 1900, so far. as now the supreme court is investigating claims that the hard line leader ignored a corruption deal in the vaccine deal. england fans or celebrating their countries advanced to the european championships, semi finals after humiliating ukraine for nil. it'll be england's 1st appearance in the semi finals in 25 years. the face denmark would advance after beating the czech republic to the one, england will have the home advantage and wednesdays clash in london. to g w. news from berlin. there's much more than a website that's d, w dot com. the world ah, exercise gives us a challenge,
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pushing us to think performance movements can also flooring feelings, keep our brain alert and adoptable the science of school coming up on in good shape . the me, we each have our own individual sleep wake cycle inside. typically it's referred to your prototype. some people are ready to go. first thing in the morning, others reach top form much later in the day. but do these different? it also influences sports performance.
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i can't imagine life without sports because it helps me stay balanced in everyday life. i enjoy it and that's why i like to do it for the body and trains more than once a week. he prefers outdoor activities or marshal us like take the was the best time for him to do this. i wouldn't do kickboxing in the morning because i'm not quite in here yet. but relax. kayak ride is a good morning activity. what's the ideal time of day for work out this thought student is interested to know when exercising is most effective. professor honest may talk, says, is looking into this question at the university of barton fabia and is one of his test subjects. probably on probably and gets up at around 7 am and goes to bed at
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about 11 pm in this regard. he's a pretty normal guy in my to most people with a normal corner, biological passion, almost mentally fits between 10 am and noon, and also between 4 and 6 pm. what about our muscles? if i don't recall, if we want to use the endurance study to find out where the performance varies, over the course of the day, we have various tests. as we start at 7 am and end at 9 in the evening. we spread them out over the entire day to do this study and has to sweat it out on 6 different days at different times each day. either in the morning at noon in the afternoon or later in the evening. bush go go. no harder to break it is record his heart rate's oxygen saturation as the amount of lactic acid in his blood in the next room. because who is
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looking into whether certain muscle groups are stronger at a specific time of the day. saturday is one of his test subjects. at least, i prefer to train around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. that's the ideal time for me. yet my performance is probably best for some point and go all the way forward my up until now, research has have a ceilings at the average person like sunday achieve their best performance between 4 and 7 pm. when body temperature is like increased and metabolism is at maximum output. but this study came to another confusing people to form best at the very different time. said a, it's around 7 in the morning. the died that, that, that means that now we can actually assume that everyone has their own ideal time of the day when they should exercise and when they will feel best. and you enjoyed the home best and food service studies are now under way to see if the results can
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be replicated. and what about endurance? do our internal clocks also tick individually? because i know there was one exception at time of day when old test subjects actually performed poorly and that was at 1 pm. maybe it has something to do with lunchtime. right now we can't yet say exactly what causes it. the form is also goes downhill for many after 10 pm. the cardiovascular system closed as the body prepared to rest. this is a problem, especially for top athletes because many sporting events and competitions often take place late to the evening at prime time. but i'm sure it took sense has found means to boost performance in the evening. it's what he calls a light shower or light treatment. the blower went on to meet on no pushing the blue mel and not the light has an effect on the ganglia themselves in the retina. then it's out. when done has an effect on a certain part of the brain,
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which is responsible for alertness. and as we've examined and also has an impact on performance guy and he sat athletes in front of light with a high proportion of white normal room light and blue night each for 60 minutes. then they had to ride a stationary bike for 12 minutes. after the blue light treatment, the athlete posted a higher performance rate. after breaking down the numbers, the scientists concluded that the funding was significant was on the 8th and a half seconds faster, which is really a lot when we're talking about a time trial over 10 kilometers. and, but it's important to be cautious too much blue light can mess with our internal clocks, andy, to sleeping disorders. so saudi on an image, athletes, light treatments of this kind is currently out of the question. for now, he'll just keep choosing the time of the day if that feels this for him.
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or teach, you know, exercise could even extend your lifespan 8 markets which kept the ends of d. n. a strands called kilometers, show less wear and tear in physically active people. a number of studies have shown that those who get regular exercise have longer than expected kilometers for their age. how's that for motivation to get your work out? care? professional athletes know what their body needs to complete the workhouse, but what should amateur sports enthusiasts know about nutrition? the internet is full of information, much of a contradictory. so let's ask an expert i
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compare it with the car. if you are driving the race car, of course you want to tend the best gas that you can find that if you are driving your common car, you're not going to tack water. you also want gas. the high octane concentration is the same for someone participating at sports or so. just take so sizing you want to have the right nutrition, not something just to feel you of the ball. copper hydrates are a source of energy, complex carbohydrates, and whole grains and vegetables release energy slowly. whereas simple cubs from white flour and sugar into the blood quickly. some of them are very highly concentrated. for example, ensure you have high concentration of carbohydrates in a small partial. the others, for example, in rise or renewals are not so concentrated back. you have other substances, there are other nutrients. for example, the to means or minerals already billed is made. pricing sources include may
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fish, dairy, and eggs. some athletes can see in person right after training, but it's better processed if ation throughout the day. assume that if you eat more proteins you are going to build up more muscle is wrong. it depends only on exercising. if you exercise and eat enough both days, you are going to be enough muffled. if you do not exercise and you only eat protein, nothing's going to happen. to want to build muscle often rely on amino acids and supplements. so called supervisor, it's a high on the list for many athletes. if you want to be a champion, everything must be perfect including nutrition. but if you're just exercising for your fitness, it is not necessary to eat super foods. most important is to avoid garbage foods which are going to reduce your physical ability or your ability to exercise what
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a vast aging before exercising. it depends on you. some people can stop eating 5 minutes before a race and they have no problems and most needs at least one hour between the last interest and decided to exercise. and otherwise they develop stomach problems or teachers. i recommend at least 60 minutes without ingestion, and after the run you can eat whatever you want. and how long after exercising, should you white take? after exercising? it depends on you. the idea is to feel against your research and you can eat whatever you want, whatever you do. if it's healthy, you can eat it. and of course, drink enough fluids, but which are the best drinking exercise is important because you have to replace what you lose during spots. and that is principally water,
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some minerals and some with. and i didn't say alcohol, i didn't know the richest isis, walter. you know that minerals and determines you find in most sport rings, and that is enough to follow these tips to achieve your sporting goals the healthy way. the demon body has $650.00 muscles, each of them with its own specific task, interacting with other muscles, tendons. but in day to day life, some muscles tend to get recollected which ones exactly. um, what can we do to train them up? the sport sports scientist. of course, i look at people a bit more closely revealing how they move on. unfortunately, you know,
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they move less and less sometimes wrongly symmetrically, unbalanced. once you know, how can you do it better? this is what you guys teaches different students at the i s t university in door. it shows which muscles are neglected in everyday life and during sports at which exercises can be used to strengthen them. he's prepared some tips for us covering for important muscle groups from head to toe. let's start at the bottom. when you start getting the most muscle often forgotten are on the lower legs. the muscles which lift the foot in the front, the area of the shins, which is also often weakened in older people. so this leads people to trip and fall similarly on the foot extension muscles, thickness training. these muscles is actually very simple. it can be combined in one exercise, namely and normally nice and upright to see. and then we go on tip toe as high as we can. and down again on the top. now the opposite. let's get toes fits. and here
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i stumble a bit, but it doesn't matter. just repeat about 10 to 12 times with great work out of a lower legs on the video and the next stuff, the core, the feeling that was lead to the training of the call. most of the dreamy, important, for instance, when you're carrying shopping bags, you may only want 11 sided does come all of this can lead to imbalances and problems in the trunk and spine on all fours. now the risk, the roughly under the shoulder, the knees under the hip joint tips of the feet slightly on the ground with long back pull your belly button and would slightly now lift your knees a centimeter from the floor. i'm centimeter on board and and don't forget the shoulders for the noise. the muscles in the shoulders that are often neglected include the rotator cuff, which works very deep within the shoulder joint and the muscles between the shoulder blades. these are so important because we often have such
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a slightly forward leaning cost you in everyday life. the g one was sitting at the computer or a simply not seen a good mood computer. it's what i don't want to compensate. so this again, compensate to the imbalances that arise there. there is a very nice exercise with the tara band, with all out woods in the direction of the thumbs hosen stone, and rises a little forward. the shoulders drawn back and down on the shoulder blades approach each other. this short letter, which i'm lonely, relax again, spun. and lastly, something for nickname. philip mentioned. many people often have problems in the muscles in the neck area. it goes from the pectoral girdle up to the neck, and you can easily counteract this with strengthening and stretching exercises under. and then we'll just take to water bottles here and let them hang down loosely. and now just pull our shoulders up as much as we can, than the muscles, 10, so on systems. and then drop very low again, 5 and you get
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a little bit of self awareness, whereas up and a level. whereas down when i say, when the muscles relax, speaking of relaxing, professional athletes have to be, generate their strengths as fast as possible between competitions to get back to peak performance. this week from china, if using cold chambers acupuncturist to recuperate me. but of all the different message which one works best. and is there anything that amateurs can learn from the pros, the mountain bike, racing required skills, strength, endurance, me can aim, competes and races regularly. so she needs to train effectively and recover quickly after each race. does good. she's taking part in his study,
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looking at various different methods of recovery. i'm doing this test to find out what is the fastest and most effective way to recover after a hard training session or race. and if i have true races on the same weekend, how to make sure i'm feet on the 2nd day. sports physicians letter swindling 1st checks. kim's blood taxi, real levels, which can be raised up to exercise. and creating kinase o c k levels, which indicate tiny injuries in the muscles caused by hard training. kim, i guess i will talk kim didn't do any training yesterday, so she should be arrested animals. her muscles won't have been work and particularly, and she shouldn't have had a negative energy balance. so c k and urea levels should be lower this morning. also giving a flat sample. she does a performance test, can a ceiling good and powers away? 5 minutes full power. ok.
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mm. then she hits the road. me him does a typical training session on a cross country tuesday of 20 minutes, full palace with a 5 minute break in between the the christiane, how to is a keen soccer player and just doing similar tests, sabrina kosky will take his blood in the same way but 1st, he has to answer questions on the house that he's feeling today. the study is time consuming, but the 27 year old was keen to take part. as an immature athlete, i want to know what my recovery time is like and how i am physically i'm. i was also told to rest before undergoing the test. paper has to do 3 spreads to see
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how he is. after all, soccer players need to be in the cover and you can do better than that. he then begins a regular training session, 90 minutes of dribbling and pasting, all brief fast movement. it's quite a different form of exercise disliking somebody's ankle, but when you look at what happens during football, you can see there are a lot of fast sprints and stops that lead to inflammatory processes, which caused tiny injuries in the muscle and have falls back monday, sunday and so we'll need to stimulate other processes to a recovery for doing that, i don't but athletes try out various recovery methods during the test mountain bike kim spend time peddling slowly after training.
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ah, meanwhile, jugs change the full 15 minutes. both of these cooling down men is unknown to be beneficial. but could it's actually a role, for example, be more effective. on the 2nd day, both athletes spend 20 minutes massaging their muscles after training mission. so it's a technique that i often use to help me recover after training. i like the black role and it's been my daily companion for years with years from the on and take up a class for ms. kim is also used to doing the training with fashion role or black role. after a hard training session. it's quite painful 1st, but if you do it a few days in a row, it gets better out of it. after the final training, they go for the 3rd method, an ice boff complex time, it's 28 degrees celsius, outside the water is just 12 degrees. it's the 1st time christine has tried this
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out. the but into with this thought, whether it's not bad. in the 1st time to the wow, it's called the cold water causes all the blood vessels to constrict and then die late again afterwards, helping to repair the tiny tears in the muscles more quickly. the next day, the peg if their results regardless of what type of what you do, it always varies from one individual to another as to which recovery method helps best. the results for him and christy and similar peddling or jumping slowly proved to be the least effective. so we've got your results.
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so kim, all 3 recovery methods help you and you know, the face your role was most effective. the play crow. i said that i felt better, but the face year i would have been my 2nd favorite. okay. just him, but the christian 2 of the methods worked on you. but the ice boss offered the best result in terms of your body's recovery from forehead locker. no said, did you expect that? that was my impression to good christians going to get out and purchase a water tub? well kim can stick with a more convenient fashion. water place a hugely important role in regenerating the body and supporting vital functions. ah, but drinking too much of it isn't good either. more than 3 liters of water a day while she is vital folds out of our body. in extreme cases, the medical profession talks of water poisoning a condition that can be fatal. what else should we know about our water intake?
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who's drinking between one and a half? and 2 leaders of liquid a day is ideal. the only question is before a meal during the meal or spread out over the day that start in the morning. many swear by a large glass of water before breakfast, it's supposed to get digestion going. doctor's called the gastro colleague reflects it's a very natural reflex. you can do whatever you want when he jumps started in the morning or not by drinking something new for her. i know general recommendation because sooner or later the testing gets going by itself, even without a glass of water. but don't be dry out when the sleeping urgently need fluids in
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the morning when we wake up. in fact, our bodies are masters at conserving water. they can recycle fluids while sleeping . this works particularly well. the longer in deeper we sleep, researchers in the us have discovered because then our bodies release hormones that help to recycle water. that's why we don't usually has to be at night. if on the other hand, we sleep too little, for example, less than 6 hours, we don't really so many hormones and the recycling process doesn't work so well. that's when you try out and feel down in the morning. ah, why eyes, those who sleep too little at night to compensate straight away so the grades a lot of fluid on to be doing anyway, people should drink a lunch part of their daily requirement in the morning in order to prevent dehydration causing a headache or even a me grain and then because in
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a for to boy and how about drinking while eating? many believe we should do it. because it to the stomach acid. in fact, there is no evidence that drinking is bad for digestion. it doesn't matter whether i drink something or not. networks with stomach acid, i don't have to worry that stomach acid is somehow diluted. when i drink something . on the contrary, if anything digestion is stimulated along with onion. so there's absolutely nothing wrong with drinking while eating. however, a glass of water is not absolutely necessary for digesting it. because here to our bodies use a recycling trick, our intestines filter, all water out again at the bottom of the tracking at the end of digestion. regardless of whether it comes from food for what we've dropped the fluid interest
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system and can be used again for digestion in all our intestines. recycle 5 to 6 leaders this way every day. even if we don't need it drinking while you can be very helpful, especially today, so much obesity and unhealthy food emptying dis, have so we recommend that you drink a glass of water with your main meals because it promotes the citation says and prevents the absorption of too much energy to feed. but no matter when we drink, whatever we drink should have a little sugar if possible, only then can i help with weight loss? why do we have to worry about when to drink at all? doesn't our sense of thirst tell us what to do by itself? not necessarily say medical professionals, because we don't always get the right signals at the right time. donkey, whom the, you know,
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bring the sensory regions to hunger and thirst close together. well that's why it's so difficult for us to clearly differentiate between hunger. first, gannon, the appetite in everyday life as a mine. so if you think you have to eat a snack, you should 1st have a glass of water. and most of the time a snack is then unnecessary. how does this dungeon starting in our mid twenties, we very slowly lose our sense of thirst so much so that in old age we could no longer rely on instead of thirst. we then get a dry mouth headache or a difficulty concentrating. that's why our regular drinking habits makes sense, whether after just waking up with meals or in between. the main thing is we get enough water regularly. but not set this edition of in good shape. join us again next week, until then it's good bye and take care. the
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news. the news, the news i am in the gate flores instead of a car tech now instead of an oregon, firing off god method for the magazine and ministry in grammar. and hardly anything they do is by the church in the living room pretty ah w o.
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be more like totally insane. based jumping in extreme sports for free falling. as a haley movie festival in norway. space jumpers from around the world can enjoy the holiday rush. 0 dw, people in trucks injured was trying to see the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. the families to be treated. people seeing extreme around getting 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge.
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because no one should have to use make up your own mind. w. need for mines. the me, the good conclusion. did any danger or idea as to the church? i'll be a comfortable room where you feel at home and what feels more at home than account . nick coach. i don't want. it's just as i imagined notion best and follow best case scenario is that in
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a few years time it won't just be us to time. here. might be everyone on sofas, beanbags and dec. janice, do a drink on drink by the smell that black batman james bond address? the catholic we leave that out. that creates distance. and it makes you into this big black wall. and we where our normal clothes and i where capital jeans, trash, and shoes to put jewel, ah, ah, the evangelical polish green, who say embrace half in northern germany, max border and chris lake,
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our friends and co pastors here. this is their 1st posting candle, vivian. gladder has been a parishioner for many years, montana. i don't know if i'm was excuse fest on us procedure. people get stuck in one style of music, especially counters. so i'm glad you too are making me think outside the box. i believe if we want to reach a lot of people, we have to be open to things outside of our experience. i'm happy to explore heavy metal, tech know or hip hop as long as it moves, people that some learners mentioned, leaked to kind of music, can touch people's hearts in a totally different way. what i need 4 minutes to say take you just 4 bars and the whole room feel food doesn't tend to be for me. that's called working and lot when people work together something emergent but nobody can do alone. and that's amazing . oh my
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god. oh my, me, i yeah, i oh i i prefer you bring in 900 sixty's back then it was a working class to st. these days. unemployment is high here. and charles poverty has become a problem. like my recent planning, the past one,
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we always say we're pandemic, pastors, and we don't know what it's like to be a pastor and normal times. but there's definitely a lot missing. and i haven't shaken a single person's hand and i'm a half. and one, you know, i haven't been able to give anyone a hug. why not class pastors? we literally want to go beyond the church. we don't want to hide behind the walls, but be accessible to people in the neighborhood. i'm going to state us get out of that. we notice the church doors can act as barriers on. we'd like to keep close. and how is it fair that we expect people that come to us on when we could also be the ones taking the 1st and get them going out to them on the vault and fit again? you said we came here last summer when i know i genuinely like living here. people are easy to talk to me like like, oh, brians could play you know,
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i'm crazy about skateboarding escape board instead of a pastors car. there are many things that the rookie pastors do differently the the towns parish counselor. she regularly, the former pastors grace. the i took country nicholas. i bought coffee from one for me and and one black coffee from me matos you really like coffee are going to be past us. it just feels right. he wasn't into flower and had
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type in whenever we have a chat, he'd always have a coffee and a cigarette and a kid by the me that was me. he and from that i had passed, i like to bring them a cup of coffee in coffee. me sitting chairs making post me, he passed a group club, was much loved pastor filling his shoes. is a big task me. he said, had also and asked me, he was already doing things differently as will not ins. it's an interesting to 5 o'clock church service once a month, which he didn't wear a catherine to log to talking to you or acquire jacket with pastor written on the back on as it had all he did things differently in his own way. and that laid a good foundation and open people to change providers and just offered us one common content on sure there were some people, a few older people who care about tradition, avoid criticism these,
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that 100 students for somebody over 80. it's important for the pastor to wear cassock like your mom and your box is 50 stuff there, puzzle, intolerable. but i think in those cases, you just have to talk to listen and communicate with each other and explain the changes and the opportunity for us all. and they should be one of chris's 1st acts as pastor took him to the top of the bell tower. mcglatian as long after the very 1st morning we arrived. i noticed that at 8 am this bell rang for 5 minutes straight to share with you right away. i thought that if we wanted to be accepted in this area, then this thing can't ring for 5 minutes at 8 in the morning because there are people who do work. and i also like to sleep past 8 on my days off and now the bell is silent. chris lives in the large rectory and his
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girlfriend. he's doing one of the many rooms into addressing and exercise room. ah, i really enjoy experimenting with clothes, shoes. ah, me to tell you, but i should as what totally surprised me when we started here was that i thought we'd get into trouble for things all the time. and church was almost nobody cares what really got people worked up were our cat. i got calls from all over germany about wearing caps during service and that's in the middle. and i have to admit that well, the rebel and me the 10th because frankly, i don't understand that kind of superficiality, the kind of god doesn't care what we where in church we should just be ourselves.
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you don't know what the issue is. i wouldn't say i'm vain for me, vanity is when you need others to notice you feel as if you existed. i did that a lot in school and fell flat on my face and other, other from mine, and we moved to many time. and for my classmates, i was always the one who was too sensitive. it's within the mood cried too much. who dressed too colorfully. too much like a girl. when done, i'd often get told you, you're not a real boy and if you and then they tried to beat me up to make a real boy out of me in your office and then i couldn't care less about the man woman thing coding. i mean, the way i walk around now is a bit in your face, but that's also reactionary. and tossing the
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creases around $3000.00 dvds in his living room. if i'm the phone, the for this was i'm going to one when i started collecting dvds when i was still at school. so not cool thing about movies was that they were this journey into another world full of feeling with an issue that tries to north. and i know when things weren't going great at school, i could take an emotional holiday with a film. was me what heard me back in school has now become something i really treasure and me, stephanie, and that sensitivity community to me when i talk to people now about something sad, i only have to flip a switch and my heart is on because i know exactly how it feels it's vice. i know what doubts do to you. it's not something i've learned from book. i know the feelings i've experienced emotion so strongly doubt, sadness, joy love met at some point. i couldn't deal with them. i'm and, and i had to learn to live with a dealer who leave them down at max
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leads just around the corner. he made a conscious decision to take an apartment in one of these buildings and coaxed the only half of the apartments here occupied, but hardly in high demand began. there was a period when this really vote can high end, but that was a long time ago on high end of the the long i've actually torn some buildings down, look up and there were still empty flat on the morning sunlight. chris marks was a popular kid he doesn't have any expensive furniture in his flat, but his home has
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a lot of playful elements which he values didn't miss the most powerful, warmed in the world. stop the elder kind of this and how i can do a little magic up. and if not with for example, if i say alexa knox and the light goes out. alexa, loom us dot o, mark received his ring as a present surpassing his starts exam. a german government licensing exam mice and usually i just think it's beautiful and cool about there have been times were annoyed when things got to be too much me got to feel and i look down on this ring and thought you passed the exam looking at this here is a much smaller problem kind of us and that works and yet it's a little trick of mine from the get me, it's not so important that it's a ring from my grandpa. it's a special check. can i invest with
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a meaning that i don't think of florida? yeah, this is my little in the corner. let me get the light. i'm complex by and i'm sitting with a completely white background and it's nicely lit. the tie really like that, a static or all just why oh pastors work with social media. last explore the new crime. rima house. when the escape the here, the new way to with to the record, the housing on this smart phones and share the experience with you to follow the references. you'll be surprised. there's
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a lot to see here in the port create a lot of jobs around a 5th of all work at around 70 to 75000 jobs in the state of breyman depend directly or indirectly on the port coming up these gateways in the world are of enormous economic importance for germany suffers from extreme war with see in the morning commemorates the more than 1200000 people who started the journey to the new world. from here in the 19th century. the the support facility in greenhouse is for
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the largest in europe. the everyday 10000 shipments of cars, agriculture vehicles, and military transporter's. a loaded onto ships in this harbor, along with the around can medium fish to get exported from each day. the ones that will probably know us through our stories intact so the contact is much more open and direct to post about their lives almost every day. also to make themselves approachable. if they call it, instead of counseling and writing highway highway seems to be a popular ship's name. in order can also find people can reach
7:46 am
us really easily. you just have to type and send a message and the message reaches that makes us clickable, pastors on me, and they are the only clients going digital. german lutheran church even has its own network called eat on which christian influences regularly exchange ideas. and chris gets paid to participate. so this allows them when everyone in this group would say they're not doing this to promote themself. coming to me, it's about getting golds message. i'm also showing people that the church is also normally on. it's about overcoming barriers and prejudices, meaning of which there are heaps direct at the church over time. you've had copeland wisely because you get social media is great for that. easy guy on easy be pretty stupid if we didn't use it as a communication channel for
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a lot of people. if something doesn't exist on their phone, it doesn't exist at all. in other words, this is a new living space that we all use and then have it together. so old media also have to develop join in and find ways to get involved in people's lives as well. i thought we each need to be a vehicle, a way of transporting god's message of love. well, thanks guys. it was great niga race is this guy was one of the 2 friends of also set up a make shift gd on the 1st floor of the rectory. they use it to record the video podcast. i said the format to get their message out and i'm one of the topics i want to discuss today is how difficult it was to get internet in the church. oh, the night everyone. i'm chris morning when he hey,
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and i'm maggie here. we're here at lee bow tie, but i with 3 hays. that was i'll do it again. and if it doesn't feel right, i can say it well, but have another go. you always do such a good job. okay, good luck on. now everyone, i'm chris. morning. hey, and i max, we're here at lee bahama, but with $300.00 and i know more than shot after month. we finally have internet in the church because we had to check thousands of possibilities until we finally found a way to have internet strong enough to stream our church surface. when garcia, dream english corners. in any case of con, i see, i remember when we started here in the parish sim, i came into my office and there was a yellow plastic case in the corner, plastic for charlotte, fun stomach. and i remember i said, what are we going to do now? and you can still fix this super old technology. your response really impressed me
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when you said, going backwards isn't the way it's kind of a storm in practical terms. a cable doc had to be done from the rectory to the church due to corona, the number of helping hands in the community is limited. i think just my guy looking good, the dream team. i'm on the dream machine and i regularly see how our internet isn't working. we won't have better internet for the next 10 years. if we don't take matters into our own hands, that's why i'm helping you know exactly. now pull the parishioners don't mind working hard to support tenure, pastors next to fresh on very different.
7:50 am
now people my age i'm only to really feel like going to church. i'm going to be and i think that's great as a species. i'm so you know, it just offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities. all this is good, then i think it's good instructions that have grown over years or even centuries. get shaken up mentioned to you and it's people who think creatively, who have new unusual ideas that have always change history and change the world of the church 6. and ruth lays the cable. the going online isn't the only development in the parish. you can see it here, very clearly reinforcing raj showing the plaster is grumbling. what time is chipping away at? the church really don't have an active now. it's falling apart more and more. at some point it will collapse shortest time. and i don't have a problem preaching in
7:51 am
a shabby church, but it shouldn't fall on our heads. the big question is, does the church put money in walls or people? what i mentioned that left the room was born and raised in green hoffer during the 20 years that he's been fixed and he's watched the church as place and society shrink. this used to be the parish hall. now a social services center stores donated close here. in order to in also people exit the church of or die. it's sad or, but what can you do? there are 2 sides to it. why you're tired. it's something new. and that makes young people happy. lawyers and, and, but the older ones don't like it. i'm over, we miss familiar from these are there needs to be a balancing act on this enough. i don't know the spark out within the b for that. corona has accelerated,
7:52 am
the speed of change together with the current or the pastors plan. the online services almost like a show, including their song choices. oh, i, i man la. guy. cool. that's a 1st song. booked. saved voice to men, boys, boys to men. you'll love them. yes. i mean, oh, boys to men. i see in on, you know, when he's writing sermons much, withdraw him to his flask. whenever he gets stuck, he meditates, instead of a crucifix on the wall, max has a trinity, not on the ceiling to symbolize the holy trinity.
7:53 am
without my faith, i think i'd be a much crappy person on it. thanks to my faith that i can step into the world, happy and motivate and the kinds to others and not be an idiot. sunday, the service isn't until 5 pm preparations for the live stream begin at noon. do a sound check. i like that sums up me. i could max increase. co pastors also helps keep me grounded. especially during this emotional time, we've often been showered with praise. and so it's been really important to keep each other honest. it's a point in the mirror in the right direction, in the mainly upwards and say, we don't deserve the praise. there's no golf designs. frank. got all the folks from max max can tell me anything. he can say for chris that was crap,
7:54 am
an arrogant or i was impressed and that was great. but no matter what he says, i know it comes from the heart and that's why i take it to heart melting morning. hey guys. they come welcome home. what a gift to be able to worship together again, i saw the new me visit is aren't allowed into the building it. but this woman came to followed the la stream in front of the church. good man. shops here. absolute. that sense of community is nice for everybody. not just for me,
7:55 am
national for me. i'm on my own. i only have a small dog at home practitioners on line one also and the church has always been the place where i can recharge my batteries. pull, boys off time. miss me, i'm not can. then we can go online when all we can do is cry. god, god is there for us and says, i am your heavenly mother. my arms are always open to you often feel i am your heavenly mother who is happy with your high flight. you'll never forget to get on in who's forever there are men the band to make is meant that the young pastor 1st has been very different to how they imagined, but slowly they're starting to feel at home. oh,
7:56 am
who? the yeah. the ah, in the me the news, the news the news,
7:57 am
the news 03. the more like totally insane. faced jumping extreme floors for free falling. the haley movie festival in norway. space jumping from around the world can enjoy all rush w the koran
7:58 am
says, ah ah, ah rec, we're 20 minutes, dw, ah, was against the corona virus pandemic now has the rate of infection in developing what measures are being taken the, what does the latest research say information and context
7:59 am
with data special monday to friday on d. w. the in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time since i don't see on the planet by 25th or any member state supported and some persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of the power of god, who will win the game of diplomatic poker, the intrigue power please, and alliances behind the scenes of the film, it starts august, 5th on d. w. ah
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ah ah ah data. but he live from berlin wildfires, rage across western canada, breski cru, struggling to contain the blazes and full cost is a concern. lightning could spark even more fires. government is warning of a long and challenging summer ahead. also coming up thousands of on the impeachment of brazilian president giant, both to narrow over his handling.


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