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tv   Glaubenssachen  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 3:30am-4:01am CEST

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the oh, what to say to us me, that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. the . the is this courageous or just plain crazy into the show will find out why these extreme athletes are taking dare devil lead off a norwegian, cliff. hi everyone and welcome to another edition of your max with me your host. megan lee. here's a look at what else we have in store for you really be helping artists make
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dunning sculptures and how popular german bill is just being called bismark harry got his name. but 1st, some people like to spend their money on cars, a jewelry or expensive homes, while others invest in art. well, one wealthy swiss art collector has decided to go a step further and create an entire campus dedicated to art. my hoffman a swiss billionaire pharmaceutical errors has founded the luma are all call cultural center in south of france. but if the campus is shiny new tower that has everyone talking $56.00 me to told power plant in around $11000.00 alimony and panels essentially. and i catch it in the french city of the work of
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canadian us architect. punky, he's famous for his extravagant creations, calories zone is set to have cost 150000000 euros as part of the new luma. cultural complex, initiated by swiss billionaire and our connect to my husband was kinda mid italy passes my expectations. so this be awesome. i think it harmonize as well with its round in s t c. and gary is perfect for this project on thursday as the sole creativity of an artist. to say clear enough. the telephone lines architectural, brilliant with artistic. the ancient, for instance, both a spiraling 52 meter long metal flight. ah, contemporary artworks are on display in the exhibition room. some works from my husband's private connection. and tonight, grandmother's
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a back in 2010. my off my client, the 11 hector former french railroads, science and construction work is still ongoing. ah, you know, it's one of us largest private projects. it goes in contrast to the picturesque center of the southern french city. and this landmarks like the roman m, p theater, the rectum list of blue. how ya? he welcomes this clash of old and new earle has always been home to monumental architecture, knocking them to the theatre was a phenomenal dimensions compared to the rest of the town. borrow also features medieval buildings alongside these antique monuments cuts and we're adding another new layer. the storage contacts with a unique project. my husband wants to break new ground and create a very place for visitors, but above all,
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for artists and scientists who can work together creatively and future oriented in the way of a railway buildings. when i say most interesting aspect is to make visions possible to make the impossible happen to realize things are going to be alive anywhere else. that is a process for so creating and, and constructing deeply rooted relationships with artists with, with people. why. right? there's lots of 1st scientists with the cultural producer design, this architect done, and especially places for people who want to approach things differently. i'm all work in a completely new way and i think we are trailblazers in this regard to them. and that will continue to develop in the future. many locals are still getting used to the center and it's striking the modern tower. but they appreciated
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the thank you for the next all is 50 with the 2500 year old history. modern with some of them phenomenal to collect the whole world is now looking at are probably the love it or hate. it's not the point who's going to the everyone's talking about architectural most pieces have proven crowd put us in the past. and even though, oh, already has st. you to also the tower as you to know, the reason to have long been questions about the reckless behavior of lemmings the small road. and that throws itself off a cliff in great numbers. but in our next report, not rodents will see throwing themselves off cliffs on mass, but rather people. now we traveled to an amazing event in southern norway to find out what drive some daredevils to perform death defined stunts the free falling of them.
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1000 meters high, the world's best face jumpers calculate their dive down to the last centimeter when they take the leap from the shock clip and tell their norway, is it courageous or foolhardy? it's definitely an extreme sport and very risky, but these based jumpers know exactly what they're doing. why jumpers are just normal people wanting to have some fun, everyone to fly like a birdie, no fun to finally be on top of a mountain and actually fulfill the dreams of jumping out and fly. say for sure on is a favorite with face jumper's due to its particular shape. vertical cliff has no ledges or irregularities and that would make the jump any more dangerous than it already is. we can do it here and sir rog because the exit here, it's very forgiving the 1000 meters high. it's 12 seconds until the the
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mountain gives us a little bit of an edge. so that means that you can jump out and you can do from sleeps you can do back flips because you can just fall vertically with the, with the mountain without being afraid of heating. and it's a base jumpers from the world over having, gathering for 4 days as a life you're to every summer since 998 for the help of the festival. due to the covered pandemic. not as many people have come this year. that doesn't make it any less fun. some participants even show up in costume. i'm a chicken. so flying, flying, shaking a little bit of color on my socks, and then i have a pink wig. so it almost looks like i'm a rock star from the 8 is doesn't really have to make sense to just have to be color full and move on. taking the helicopter up to the plateau or top of the sure
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makes it possible to jump several times in a day. the moment of truth has come to the right. now, i don't really think about the outfit. i am very afraid. every single time i just use that day, i'm not scared of jumping. it's the day i'm going to quit because then i'm going to start doing mistakes. i'm just focus on being in the presence, having my direction the right way. after i open up the, the parachute i can suck in more of the environment than the fjords and the nature . it's for sure. a feeling of freedom of. 5 being able to do anything that everything is possible. ah,
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that was my 1st tripled run. flips i was like i was, i thought i was going to do to that then i was just like, this is awesome. and then when 3 and then straight out and everything was perfect, this like this chicken costume definitely brings out the little the fetters, the flying. yeah. the flying scale upgrades a little bit. and the fun doesn't end with a happy landing. in between the adrenalin rushes and tears of joy, the face of the community loves to celebrate its magical its. it's crazy that this little place here can be filled up with 250 people that live their dreams. taking the leads, norway's sure are, cliff, is a plunge into a very unique sensation. wow,
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all right, time now to sink our teeth into something yummy. and some foods like pizza, margarita is la tort or fitted genie alfredo are named after either historic figures or the people who invented them. now sometimes the origin of the name are obvious, while others leave question marks. in the 1st episode of our new theory, tasty legacies, we find out how bismark herring, which i have right here. we find out how this fish from germany, baltic ghost got his name. the class, something might and i wanted to know why the specialty named after germany period chancellor. i mean, you could just call and pick up the herring, but we did say bismark here, and today i will find out why in i'm in the north is the germany
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on the baltic states, a bismark having to have gotten his name. maybe the local can tell me what the story is with this is not from this mark. was he an emperor? i think he was a german kaiser from the politician. the principal mart hamilton must have some things to do with this mark. and so that's why like 150 years ago to be precise from 871-2891. from this mark was the 1st chance that the german empire team awesome. and that the unification of germany, turning many smaller states into a single country. what he got to do with that because her enrolled her that all begin over there in this building. it was here at health number 6 on the new market square that merging young man and wife colinas because harris, among other things i meet with sly, not from tri city archive to learn goods. how did my hair and get its name?
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and it has something to do with chancellor all to his money in his being many people revered. this important politician was one of them. and so he sent a little barrel of his people harring hearing the 6th with small mark responses cardio once a victim and plucked up the courage and asked if it would be all right, to call the herring he and his wife producing bismark herring hole yesterday. over the chancellor gave us permission of the bushes. why since 1871. my call is mark harris. please ms. lucky of the improvements. and so that the legend one claims this max herring would be as popular as our cap. yet, if it were just as expensive one fish long island still says this not carrying according to the original recipe to henry roughness. did not run my friend of mine
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. yesterday we make a modern version with home. i had a thought to her and phyllis onions pick up and more on christmas time of the secret recipe. the secret recipes really secret, so i can show it to you. i can show you a few tips on how to make it most revised. original recipe after buying it from your hands each month. great granddaughter it gained ross. same after get america barrel of it to rails and presidents during the visit years. the chamber of secrets therefore says is right for you. so
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what do we do? we need to skin the show. you ok must my for the father skin, the harring phyllis, a plate into a brian of salt and vinegar gets thing with him having now we put the hearing into the barrel just back metal. nothing, no, no, no. just put it in the bailey and all spies go into the barrel and leave your hand. this man's secret hold on. no stay then surrender. weak herring must come from the bowl fishing we had to sleep. when the thought between the island flew island on the mainland, it's a good spot to fish bearing look, i'll try my luck, my life. and i cut all lined out when the 1st by
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hearing the good news. unfortunately, that was only hiring us that day. but still in the evening returned to the mainland . in that time now i know how the bismark harry got its names and what's the rest of all, i guess we'll never find out what's legend, it's really true. but it's like a story, and the fish ah geometry. stories. enthusiasm,
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such as the smell is amazing. the best chef with their best tip, from meat, to dig in diet and all the recipes secret. welcome to my well. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. lives. subscribe and enjoy d. w. food. i love them or hate them. bees are an essential part of our law. after all, a large portion of the world's food protection depends on their pollination. these are also essential to the work of artists to much live at teeny. his b is not only make honey, they have proven to be great, sculptors to ah, some 60000 busy be hard at work in forming the 3 the bodies of sculptors with a wax art and nature go hand in hand. and is the
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brainchild of slovakia borne artist commercially? well, teeny, the reason why i wanted to work with the bees is that want to celebrate and not typical hero. in the story. bees are seemingly with their book creatures, but they produce something that last time and time over again and survives everything. it's not a typical hero that you can expect. he makes the models and leads the rest of to nature. he sketches out his ideas in his studio and the dutch does, he rush down to create the frame 1st on the computer. then in reality, by hand using wire on natural materials later the be will be black honeycombs the artist news. what these like. so when i work with these frames and variety of frames that i build, i have to be aware of one thing,
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and that is the bees love. this will actually forums and beautiful changes between convex and concave forms. be love curves, liberty nice. be colonies live in a garden, north of the city center where be came that looks out to them. it takes lots of energy for the bees to produce their wax. they get most of the next, they need from april to, to line have glass from the abdomen. that's a creek. scales the biggest collective on their hind legs. deniva needed with amanda bulls until they shape it into honeycombs. me be honest, this runaway, the nation cannot be planned, it looks like it's quite cold outside and the bees have receded. busy to protect their brewed. so i think they haven't built much in last couple
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days, which is normal and we kind of expected that. but you have some building activity already and at the bottom. so that's quite nice. the weather and the size of the scale to it can take anything from 2 weeks to 2 years to complete. i think this project is also very important besides being beautiful artwork in the context of saving the nice. i'm really happy and humbled that this project helps to promote these ideas in the most entertaining aesthetic away mostly that he needs to happen. services. the world is famous version of nefertiti was 1st exhibited, and most of them couldn't tell me in them in amsterdam, radiates his gallery. this work is on show at the new ducks museum and news on switzerland. new york said he's moma and one of the artist sculptures. ah, the most fascinating thing about the beast is that it's on one hand,
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extremely soft. on the other is extreme endurable. i love this contradiction, and it's a beautiful metaphor for how we should look and treat our society even. there are people around us that may look weak, but they possess something, a quality that the extremely strong and something to celebrate the make our lives sweeter and are now making a contribution to the world of ours as well. in as and m a regulations are relaxed in people start track calling again. various tours are on offer around europe and for biking enthusiasts. switzerland has 3 different alpine circle tours in the south eastern part of the country. that will take your breath away. you can actually do them by car or on foot, but your omx reporter deanna opinion was decided to tackle one of them on an
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e bike and she shared some of the top sites with us. the scene made you breathtaking news, stunning architecture this. we can turn off copeland and has a lot to other than you all by and see a route takes. you know, the highlights high. i'm going to be, you know, from the w euro max for 2 days. i'm exploring the switch on a new bike to visit the most beautiful places in the region. let's go. my 1st thought is the feeder. who are where residents speak german pro much, any deleon from switzerland, all this town, 3 different things. the roof lead you through them on things. one is 150 kilometers long. i know there's 20450 kilometers the meter would lead me to stunning 65 meter high train bridge. and finally, the famous for me, next breath is coming up. i also know as the leader right to view is fantastic.
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ah, i continue to the foot of the via dog, which is a unique school or heritage side. i need the coverage from the ration re will company. what strengths of special bonds are one meter gauge railway or narrow gauge railway? i mean the everything is a bit smaller. fabi help. red carriage is became the norm many years ago. in the beginning, the train was actually painted green. i didn't buy the talons referred to the bernina express as the tra nino roster. also. i pushed over rough terrain. but i want to keep up the spot. invite us by continue up them on time. whatever living to be, you know, knew by like 5 i saw a lot during the 1st 100 kilometers. my 1st day comes to an end in front of us,
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you know? oh, today the journey continues with the cable car. i'm driving up here to the w h q station. another good of all the street tells me to give a live site is famous for shopping use of occasions and the highest mountain indies there. as the peace let me know, that rush and play shall cover a total of 600 square kilometers was kind of what we're up here at. so them and i'm here in the there's a wonderful 10 kilometers, lay down the glacier to mortar arch. that's in the summer, you can do the glacier trail, which also leads down from the latest the homepage. ah, one scenery is really something the next 50 kilometer leg off the route to the next stop takes about 3 and a half hours by bike type car. it will be 50 minutes,
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then has the wrong 11000 kilometers off by the swiss national side, which is 170 square kilometers is the country's largest nature reserve here. so it's not all out ah see, vibe and you have been working here for 20 years. in what kind of animals have you seen? haven't see bill busted him so much the feel he think i get a lot of deer goats and ibex isn't summer and bad. bill boston involve spotted bears and walls as well that and that, and then be somebody. it was very special to see such predators, easy goals, growth, outdated to boston. the trade of 13, the height is height each year. we are the village of, of the turn of mind inspire night to center is listen,
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i really do harness theory to right heidi. a one famous children's book. it has been translated into other feeling which is tied into a 5 year old orphan growth up in your grandfather's care here. these are those gun following her footsteps. i have to say it was really demanding to explore 5 different places into days or no bike, but it was totally worth it. i especially like the double. it's a real experience that i can totally recommend the route has over 20 highlight. it's a scenic route. you can explore by bike cars or even on who's told you there were breathtaking views. and with that we come to the end of another show. but don't forget to check out our website for this week's draw and a chance receiving this d. w backpack along with some other fun stuff. and of course, be sure to follow us on facebook. as always, thanks for tuning in and we'll see you against the,
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the the, the, the, me use the news. the news, the
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the, the, the, the o, it's the balance, billions. it's about. it's about the foundation of the new world order the silk road. china wants to use the network of trade with to expand its influence including europe. cons west are inevitable. china's gateway to europe, in 15 minutes on dw,
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ah, was, who's the in december 2019 to the european councils. a new president show me shows embarked on a ground to mission your job to make you the 1st time a gentleman on the planet by 2050 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. us to price it goes into the very heart of power negotiations among the collateral incentives. but best laid plans often go astray who will win the game of diplomatic poker. the entry power plays and the lines
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is behind. hi miss. somebody starts august dw, for your buys, keys to see for food, keeps clean to prevent contamination. the separate raw and cook food to avoid cross contamination. cook thoroughly kill microorganisms. keep food at safe temperatures, cold enough to prevent bacteria growth. you see water and see raw materials to avoid contamination. food producers are the
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ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by applying the 5 keys to safer food use them. you also have a role to play the ah, this is d w. news and these are top stories. more than 170 wildfires are threatening towns in western canada. thousands have already been evacuated and one town has burned down completely. many of the fires were sparked by lightning strikes. this comes during the country's recent record breaking heat wave, which has caused hundreds of deaths. thousands across brazil have marched in protest at what they say as president julia wilson was miss handling.


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