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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 3:00am-3:15am CEST

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the jewish in europe, the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d, w. ah. the news . this is the w news line from berlin. wildfires range across western canada. as crew struggle to contain the blazes forecasters worn, that lightning could spark even more fires. the government is warning of a long and challenging summer head, also coming up thousands demands impeachment of hard line brazilian president jr. tomorrow from watching the pandemic as the supreme court investigate the claims of
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corruption in a vaccine dealed. and at the european football championship, favorites england have thrashed ukraine for niels to ease into the semi finals. the 3 lines ward in rome, and has yet to consider go on the tournament. the host underdogs, denmark, on wednesday, after the things be to the czech republic. ah, more than 170 fires are burning across western canada fuel by a drought and record high temperatures. many of the fires were sparked by lightning strikes. towns have been evacuated, and emergency workers are searching for missing residence in linton, in the province of british columbia, locals had only a few minutes warning before the town was nearly wiped out. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau has linked the fires to climate change and said is expected
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to be a hot and dry summer for the country. what's cross over now to local radio reporter and anchor a cold davies. he joins us from. ken lives in canada, just east of litan. golden. thanks for joining us. thanks for having me. so tell us how is what is happening, enlighten affecting people in your community. it's. it's dark, it's heavy. aaron it's, it's a very difficult time. the damage that's happened in the last week, we didn't really have a fire season. we could go over the damage that has happened in the past week has been catastrophic. and b, outlook is, is dire when we talk about the conditions because we're going through something truly historic in terms of our weather conditions and the fire read ministry that we haven't seen before. cannibals and live, and other communities in this area i part of wildfire country and this time of year in british columbia and canada. but what we're seeing right now are conditions that
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we have is be right now. thousands of people are weighted as we know, as, as you know, most of the town about 90 percent were told burned to the ground fire starting wednesday night then just the way and then change your dry conditions for that to just take off. and you know, we have and burden that there are these to a holidays from that and there is concern and worry that there is more to come in kamloops within the city limits. there is also significant fire unites ago. and as you mentioned, there is more than 170 across the province, 175. at this moment for speaking active wildfires and british columbia as we're starting with smoke outside and heat continues. alright, scientists worry that wildfire like these could be the new normal. what are people telling you that they'd like to see from the government to prevent this from happening in the future? intermediate term people are looking for a scene of emergency. shockingly, we don't have the state of emergency right now in the past 7 days before today,
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though, more than 700 people die from this extreme heat because we've been breaking the heat records when the day before that catastrophic fire broke out of the all time heat record in almost 50 degrees celsius and that no place in canada has gotten that. so in the short term, a lot of people in this area are surprised that there is no provincial state of emergency. although we do know that there are resources coming from the federal government with the military, even the united states sending fire fighting personnel. and i think in the long term, a lot of people want changes to legislation to try and prevent some of the activities that can potentially cause buyers. certainly it takes a long time to confirm human cars buyers, but they do happen more than half of the wild cars that we get every, any given year are from human activity. so a lot of people want stricter navy tougher rules for changes to prevent some of the catastrophes we'd see. all right, that was cold and davies, anchor, and reporter with radio and l. 610. thank you for joining us. in japan,
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a powerful mudslide has swept through a seaside town flat in nearly everything in its path. at least 2 people have died and 20 more are still missing. the military has been deployed to at tommy southwest of tokyo. these of torrential rains triggered the disaster. the the water logged ground swallowed buses, the heavy rain swept up cars and dumped them. the landslides destroyed homes and businesses the big electricity pylons here was shaking all over the place. i'm not from my didn't know what was happening. then the mob slides were already there, and in the street below, i was really scared somewhere amid all the devastation on dozens of local residents who couldn't get away in time. 2 of those
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have already been found dead. rescuers are looking for more survivors in just a few days. the area has seen more rain than it usually does in entire month. as rescue efforts and evacuations get underway, officials warn but more downfalls are in the forecast. scientists say that the increased rainfall that led to this event, it's likely linked to climate change. let's take a look now and some other stories making news around the world. hundreds of health stimuli have demonstrated in the west thanks to dave remote. they're demanding president mood about resign. the protest were sparked when activists. these are but not died in custom. the custody rather last month. and that was a vocal critic, the palestinian authority. protesters are calling for justice. search efforts have been put on hold at the site of last week's partial building collapsed in florida.
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preparations are under way to demolish the rest of the high rise by any dave mayor signed the emergency order to protect rescue chris demolition could happen as early as sunday. so far, the bodies of 24 people have recovered a rupture under water gas pipeline has been flings, boiling to the surface of the gulf of mexico. mexico state on the oil company says nobody was hurt and the incident and that the leak has been brought under control. it's unclear how much environmental damage was caused. thousands across brazil have martian protest at what they say is president variables and was mis handling of the kobe 19 pandemic. more than half a 1000000 brazilians have died from the disease. and now the supreme court is investigating claims that the hard line leader ignored a corruption in vaccine deal. they want to both sonora out aah and
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a cooling their president genocidal me. the protests a peaceful the but many brazilians are angry. and they've been demonstrating in the streets for a month. uh huh. we can tolerate this behavior any longer. the country is being led by a genocidal president. to compet signed says lives worth more than $1.00. it's a reference to allegations that a health official asked for bribes of $1.00 per dose in a deal to buy corona virus vaccines. there are accusations that president both sonora tend to blind. i with the parliamentary inquiry, we have the information that besides being incompetent and genocidal, he was also corrupt. he knew about corruption and did nothing.
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i mean, there are more than half a 1000000 people dead. what everyone knew is now confirmed, there is corruption, so keeping a government like that, it's crazy. oh, so sonora is now being investigated by the supreme court. he denies any wrong doing . the allegations have forced the government to counsel vaccine contracts just when doses a desperately needed. these protesters are angry, but both scenarios supporters point out that he survived coming down with cove at 19 and will more than likely write out this later storm. the former president of the european council, donald tusk, is hoping to make a political come back in his homeland of poland. toast is taking over as a leader of the main opposition party that he founded the liberal civic platform.
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he wants to challenge the ruling right when law and justice party in elections. in 2 years time. the government has clashed with brussels over law reforms and l g, b, t, and women's rights. earlier we spoke to d. w correspondent, magdalena goose, paula cotton, warsaw. we asked her what to supplant, come back rather rather we asked or what to plan, come back is likely to mean for polish politics. it could be dangerous for the really 5 to 4 years for good. she key and we know that he happened to win the next election, which will take place in 2 years in poland and his ambition for now. yeah. and it's clear he will find the, could you keep that he's a, if it's going to happen, we feel that community. so we have to do what was going to happen. but she came back, you know, compete high school. he came back to the platform where she found us predict to go and she feel like home, hugh,
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which we could teach today. you were very positive who are both self confidence and he will give courage to, to teach to when the next election. well, let's do the football now and england have hammered ukraine for nil to march into the semi finals of the european championship . harry came scored twice in rome to send the 3 lines into their 1st year a semi since 1996. england have yet to concede a goal and the tournament earlier concert goldberg grabbed what he pro or what proved rather to be the winner for denmark in a to one. when over the czech republic, the deans now face england in london on wednesday after italy take on spain in the other. so my final on tuesday, mark meadows from d. w. sports has been following all the quarter final action for us. so mark, let's start with england when over ukraine was it as one sided as it sounds?
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yes it was. it was very, very dominant, right from the off harry cane got said in there, we can actually look at some of the action now from the game. and yet it's pretty v, as i say, k new kind of slow start to the tournament. and now go to got 3 goals in total in the last 2 games. so that was a very good stuff. ring them. and they just kept on going, and ukraine had actually know what's the weather? i mean, it should have been more goals before time than or even glass, or just after the break. great. cause luc. sure he'd been criticized a lot. the tournament. great against germany. very good against you. again and then . sure again and sets up harry came the 3 know and was walking about and then jordan henderson made it for and he 1st of a go bring them so ed room was happy just worked out perfectly. alright. and now the semi finals in the finals are going to be at wimbledon will be in london, and england had not conceited to go get in the tournament. so could we say that football is coming home? well, as an englishman, i know that it's a bit early to be saying things that, that given we have one of the major titles in 966 and yes, it is 3 semi finals in
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a row now for this england side, but they have gone out in the last season we finals the nation's league and the will cope. so it's a bit early to say, but yes, the send me the women's are going to have 60000 friends, wembley, which a lot of people think he's very high. give them that grown virus cases rising again in england. so yeah, it's, you have to say their favorites looking at that going forward. alright. and looking forward, england face denmark on wednesday in the dean's themselves are kind of enjoying a fairy tale tournament. after what was almost a tragic start to the contest? yes indeed. i mean obviously we had christine ericsson collapsing on the pitch in the 1st game. happily he recovered and the danger sort of take him back on, there's really spurred them. they've been fantastic. the last 2, then we can look at some of the reactions to the, to the early goal from thomas delaney against the chair republic. they $1.00 to $1.00 in the end. but while i didn't seem to nail, cast the ball the, the check the one back. but we're always sort of in, in control in the game that was so why unsavoury moment where an l, b, g,
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t, q, banner, rainbow banner was kind of confiscated by the backend security staff and the danes . very upset about that. no, of a see, it's not a good look for you way for after everything that happened to me, where they weren't allowed to illuminate the stadium in rainbow colors, but the danes won't really be worrying about that. they'll be concentrating on that semi final again thing and, and i have to say it will be a bit wary of facing denmark, given the kind of story this fair retail that's built up around them. all right, mark meadows from the w. sports. thanks for keeping us up to date. and finally, fans of rock legend and doors for men. jim morrison have flocked to his grave in paris to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. some even broke into her edition of his most famous song. morrison died of a heroin overdose at the age of 27 in 1971. while he was living in paris,
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his grades still attack attracts rather thousands of tourists each year. the hand you're up to date coming up next. her finding mr. wright, i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news from around the world. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our website. that's d, w dot com, and there until berlin. thanks for joining us. the news oh, where i come from, we have to fly for wordpress. i was born and raised in a meter wood dictatorship with just one tv shadow and a few papers with official information as a journey. i had work off the train for many cameras and the problem.


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