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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2021 1:00am-1:31am CEST

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the news this is the w news line from berlin. wildfires, rage across western canada. rescuers search for the missing in towns force to evacuate. the government is warning of a long and challenging summer ahead. also coming up thousands demand, the impeachment of hartline, brazilian president jr. bull tomorrow from punch in depend, demik as the supreme court investigates, claims of corruption in vaccine deal. and at the european football championship, favorites england have fresh ukraine for niels, the ease into the semi finals,
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the 3 lines forward into rome, and have yet to consider gold to tournament. they will host underdogs, denmark on wednesday after the dean's b check republic. ah, i'm here until dinner. welcome to the program. more than 170 fires are burning across western canada. towns have been evacuated and emergency workers are searching for missing residence. enlightened in the province of british columbia. locals had only a few minutes warning before their town was nearly wiped out. a drought and record high temperatures have fuel the blaze. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has linked the fires to climate change and said it is expected to be a hot and dry summer for the country. what's crossover now to local radio reporter and anchor cold davies. he joins us from kamloops in canada,
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just east of litan. cotton. thanks for joining us. thanks for having me. so tell us how is what is happening, enlighten affecting people in your community. it's, it's dark, it's heavy air and it's, it's a very difficult side. the damage that's happened in the last week, we didn't really have a fire season. we could go over the damage that has happened in the past week has been catastrophic. and the outlook is, is dire when we talk about the conditions because we're going through something truly historic in terms of our weather conditions and the fire red stream that we haven't seen before. cannibals and live, and other communities in this area i part of wildfire country and this time of year in british columbia and canada. but what we're seeing right now are conditions that we have right now. thousands of people are weighted as we know, as, as you know, most of the town about 90 percent were told burned to the ground fire starting
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wednesday night then just the way and then change your dry conditions for that to just take off. and as you know, we have a burden that there are at least 2 holidays from that and there is concern and worry that there is more to come in kamloops within the city limits. there is also significant fire unites ago. and as you mentioned, there is more than 170 across the province, 175. at this moment we're speaking active wildfires and british columbia as we're starting with smoke outside and heat continues. alright, scientists worry that wildfire like these could be the new normal. what are people telling you that they'd like to see from the government to prevent this from happening in the future? in immediate term, people are looking for a state of emergency. shockingly, we don't have to state of emergency right now in the past 7 days before today, though, more than 700 people die from this extreme heat because we've been breaking the heat records when the day before that catastrophic fire canada all time heat record
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in some degree celsius, no place in canada has gotten that. so in the short term, a lot of people in this area are surprised that there is no provincial state of emergency. although we do know that there are resources coming from the federal government with the military, give me an id, state, sending firefighting personnel, and i think is a launch here. a lot of people want changes to legislation to try and prevent some of the activities that can potentially cause buyers. certainly take a long time ticket for human cause buyers. but they do have more than half of the wild cars that we get every at any given year are from human activity. so a lot of people want stricter navy, tougher rules for change is to prevent some of the catastrophes we see. all right, that was cold and davies, anchor and reporter with radio and l. 610. thank you for joining us. thank you. in japan, a powerful mudslide has swept through a seaside town flattening nearly everything in its path. at least 2 people have
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died and 20 more are still missing. the military has been deployed to tommy southwest of tokyo. days of torrential rains triggered the disaster. the water long ground swallowed buses. the heavy rain swept the cars and dumped them. their landslides destroyed homes and businesses, the big electricity pylons here was shaking all over the place and i didn't know what was happening then the mob slides were already there. and in the street below, i was really scared. somewhere i made all the devastation on dozens of local residents who couldn't get away in time. 2 of those have already been found dead. rescuers are looking for more survivors in just
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a few days. the area has see more rain than it usually does in an entire month. as rescue efforts and evacuations get underway, officials warn but more downfalls are in the forecast. scientists say that the increased rainfall that led to this event is likely linked to climate change. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world. south africa, the top court has agreed to hear former president jacob zoom was appealed to a 15 month sentence for failing to attend to corruption. hearing judges have delayed the start of the sentence. hundreds of people gathered outside zoom at home in support. rebel forces in northern ethiopia have brought more than 7000 captured government troops to the regional capital of make michela. the t great defense force to control the city after federal government soldiers pulled out a global cyber attack has for hundreds of supermarkets and sweden to close
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hackers. targeted florida based software group which supply several swedish retail chains. co ops closed more than half of its 800 shops after the cash register stopped working. ruptured under water, gas pipeline hasn't flames boiling into the surface of the gulf of mexico, mexico state owned oil companies. there's nobody was hurt in the incident. and the leak has been brought under control. it's unclear how much environment the environmental damage was caused. thousands across brazil have march in protest at what they say is president jr. bolton was mishandling of covered 19, more than half a 1000000 brazilians have died from the disease. and now the supreme court is investigating claims that the hard line leader ignored corruption in fact, seen deal. oh, they want both scenario out ah, and
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a cooling that president genocidal me. the protests a peaceful but many brazilians are angry and they've been demonstrating in the streets for months. we can't tolerate this behavior any longer. the country is being led by a genocidal president. the cardboard sign says lives worth more than $1.00. it's a reference to allegations that a health official asked for bribes of $1.00 per day in a deal to buy corona, virus vaccines. their accusations that president both scenarios turned a blind eye with the parliamentary inquiry, we have the information that besides being incompetent and genocidal,
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he was also corrupt. he knew about corruption and did nothing. i mean, there are more than half a 1000000 people dead. what everyone knew is now confirmed, there is corruption, so keeping a government like that, it's crazy. oh, the scenario is now being investigated by the supreme court. he denied any wrong doing. the allegations have forced the government to cancel vaccine contracts just when doses desperately needed. these protests are angry, but both scenarios supportive point out that he survived coming down with coven 19 and will more than likely write out this later storm. the former president of the european council, donald took his stage and a political come back in his homeland poland. took is taking over as leader of the main opposition party,
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that he found it the liberal civic platform. he wants to challenge the ruling right wing war and just as party in elections in 2 years time. the government has clashed with brussels over law reforms in l g, b t, and women's rights. earlier we spoke to dw, corresponded magdalena goose polo caught in war song and asked her what tusks come back is likely to mean for polish politics. could be dangerous for the ruling party for years, for the key, and we know that he happened to win the next election, which will take place in 2 years in poland and his ambition for now. and it's clear he will fight the produce, get his aim is gone. it to happen, we do, let's come years. so we have to do what to newport going to happen. but she came back to, you know, compete high school. he came back to class when she called founded, predicted, oh, and she feels like home, hugh, which we could see today,
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you were very positive. who are those self confident and she had, he will give courage to, to point to when the next election. well, let's do the football now in england have hammered ukraine for neil to march into the semi finals of the european championship. harry came scored twice and roamed his into 3 lines into their 1st euro, semi since 996. england have yet to concede a goal in the tournament earlier concert door that grabbed what proved to be the winner for denmark in a to one when over the czech republic, the danes now face england in london on wednesday after italy take on spain in the other so my final on tuesday, mark meadows from v w. sports has been following all the quarter final action for us. so mark, let's start with england when over ukraine was, it has one sided as it sounds. yes it was, it was very, very dominant, right from the off harry came said in there,
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we can actually look at some of the action now from the game. and it was pretty easy, as i say, came in kind of slow start to this woman. and now let's go to got 3 goals in total in the last 2 games. so that was a very good stuff ring and, and they just kept on going and ukraine had actually know whether, i mean it should have been more goals before time. but then i remember glasgow just after the break. great cross from luke. sure. he'd been criticize a lot along the tournament. great against germany. very good against you. again and then sure again and sets up hurricane the 3. know, and it was a walk in a box and then jordan henderson made it for nearly 1st of all golf ring. and so ed room was happy just worked out perfectly. alright. and now the semi finals in the finals are going to be at wimbledon will be in london, and england has not considered a goal getting to tournaments. so could we say that football is coming up? well, as an, as an englishman, i know that it's a bit early to be saying things that, that given we have a major titles in 966 and yes, it is 3 semi finals in a row now for this england side,
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but they have gone out in the last season we finals the nations league and the will cope. so it's a bit early to say, but yes, the same is that women are they going to have 60000 friends, wembley, which a lot of people think he's very high. give them that, groaned virus cases rising again in england. so yeah, it's, you'd have to say they favors looking at that going forward. alright, and looking forward, england, these denmark on wednesday in the deans themselves, are kind of enjoying a fairytale tournament after what was almost a tragic start to the contest. yes, indeed. i mean, obviously we had christine ericsson collapsing on the pitch in the 1st game. happily he recovered the dangers, sort of take him back on. there's really spurred them, they've been fantastic. the last 2 games we can look at some of the reactions to the, to the early goal from thomas delaney against the repub. they want to one in the end, but then it seems to me, i guess the build the, the check the one back. but we're always sort of been in control in that game that was so white on the feeder a moment where an l b, g, t, q, banner,
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rainbow banner was kind of confiscated by the backend security staff and the danes . very upset about that. no oversee, it's not a good look for you way for after everything that happened to me, where they weren't allowed to eliminate the stadium in rainbow colors, but the danes, what really be worrying about that? they'll be concentrating on their, their semi final again thing. and i have to say in them will be a bit wary of facing denmark, given the kind of story this fairy tale that's built up around them. all right, mark meadows from the w. sports, thanks for keeping us up to date. when he leaves founder julianna's songs has spent his 50th birthday behind bars, supporters and parker, and to put on a picnic in london as arms being held in prison in the u. k. while he waits for an extradition ruling, a fashion designer vivian westwood ceremoniously stabbed a birthday cake describing the songs of the quote, the sacrificial victim. i
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and you're up to date coming up next is sports life in part 2 of our look at the rocky road to the tokyo olympics. i'm here until berlin catch you back at the top of next hour. the imagine how many portions of turn out in the world climate or it can be very cost the stores. this is much less the way from just one week. how much less can really get when we still have time to go. i'm doing all women in asia in that's me for all the money and
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lunch and on the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire story this weekend on the w. yeah. the the the the, the, the, these athletes have a dream. it's more than a big competition. the olympic games. i just want to be part of it. the biggest
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sporting event in the world. you have your very best and then you can beat anyone in the panoramic has thrown everything into doubts. will the game take place at all as well? we don't know if there will be any competitions that's pretty difficult to deal with. like how athletes dealing with the challenges for pandemic, we joined full on their road to tokyo, to already qualified to are still fighting for their tickets. will this boating dream come true with the fence, alexandra and dolo hasn't yet secured her place at the games today. after months of waiting and training, she's finally back in a competition. she's finally feeling her adrenalin return, even if it wasn't there to help her pack her bag. i actually had to ask myself
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several times. if i got everything i needed from, usually i just get it right automatically with international travel off the cards, the competitors, the old german is nonetheless an important test of the month of inaction. the i and dolo still has to qualify for the olympics and today's tournament is an important indicator of the level of competition. she was the favorite in light, but disappointingly, she wasn't the one who one still days like this. irreplaceable for an athlete like alexandra and dolo, even just hearing that play or ready go from the referee or something else to be
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coming back to the starting line as well. of course we do that in training as well, but it all together a bit and every now and again, we take the time, but it's not the same as it is here. about mr. hi jumper marie le wrong young flash has already booked her place at the games. but while she can train, she hasn't been able to compete since 2019 she's supported by her family in the black forest. dear in fryeburg is where her sporting journey began. it's really nice to be here and it was where i started my sporting career. i never had a really serious goal. i just enjoyed it. of course i wanted to improve, but i never made it to my goal to jump to meters or even higher. i just wanted to have fun on high used to jump a little higher at every competition. and i thought if this keeps out,
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that could turn out well. but i think that she made it all the way to the lympics in 2016 age 25. she placed 7th in rio since then pressure and media interest, they've been constant visits to her mother help the athletes stay grounded to her. so here's what this is where her wrists are and her family and everyone else. it's important for her to come back to her roots to reenergize, to cool off what just the hall, not necessarily the athlete that everyone always asks after. i think that's important for her, but i must be over human flesh once to go to tokyo this year. the corona and looked down on testing her patients. the local rules are strict and include a nightly curfew from 8 p. m. and i'll be so happy when it's finally over to be able to go out again like normal not to have to be home at age to be able to meet
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friends, do things spontaneously. i need that. i missing it all from 2 months, rolla, one golden. rio corona has slowed him down by year to ah, my funds in 2020 we all got to know our home sounds a bit better going for a little his become a new people sport. we're all going out always and if you can't travel, then you focus on what's right in front of your door the most. and the last for the house to my rayleigh, has also been focusing on his job and throwing technique a few times. we've done a lot of work on a number of different aspect. for me,
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i wanted to take a step back in terms of technique. so we're together with the coach to return to an older technique for what well, going back to the roots a bit and then in terms of strength, it's always a bit risky. cost message isn't the rule i had changed the moment in which he turns into a side on stuff he's yet to test the technique at a competition. still he qualifies for the games and he's feeling positive reason for that. i've got a huge advantage and that i'm in the middle of my career already competed against the very best achieve the lot of success and relax going forward. and it's a lot more difficult for people who are at the end or the very beginning of their career. carter com met lean thought man is preparing under plenty of pressure 1st and again, the more it's the biggest event there is. he
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was nominated to 2020. the corona has given her new chums when tokyo, with best times the squats were shuffled. dream is alive, but the competition is the competition have been cancelled and training conditions are tricky. as a result of the corona restrictions the school containing fit and i'm really missing group training because there we have different partners and we always get in a lot more practice homeless long as i focus more help me february 2021. and alex and dolo is back in kilo in her daily life and the time is grown up. jogging in the park is a welcome escape from us. i've gotten used to it, but it's dragging on
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a bit since it's me in the morning. it's been months almost a year now, and since i had an international competition that a limping qualifying is set to mid march. it's in the deep end for defense after a long time without any international competition whose members been of man. and that comes with see whether it's possible to get right back into the, in the moving on to say, okay, this is how korean stands. and i remember this is all the fine because it's going to be interesting. but there's news from that lean folk man, but it's not good. she still not been able to compete. and in the end, the inevitable happens when the pain,
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i don't know me young. my coach how me and said there, we nominating the previous anomalies. and i'm not one of them on the, on the stuff i've been, i'd only be there if someone else make it. or you want me the chair we stand up when i'm except it was painful at 1st because i had a goal. i've been training towards it for a long time and as me, so i focus on easy, it's something i think about every day. of course you end up asking yourself, is that worth carrying on what you have to look at it in a different light? i still got a chance for parents. i'd like to try and take it on the. my name was madeline fold man's road to tokyo and here the next day me is parish 2024 ah. from the
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railroads, human flesh, paris is still a long way away. she wants to perform, but an injury is forcing her to miss the german indoor championships. despite the corona brake and the injury, she's trying to stay positive already said cannot my, i've enjoyed the freedom from pressure from either been an athlete for 1516 years. always competing, either either debit can for this trip on. i know it's been pleasant to have a year all guns on him. corona has given many a chance to return to the roots and that includes the top athletes. marilla wrong says father is from the caribbean island martinique. as the oldest of 6 siblings, she's always been possessed of mental strength as it should be one of them i
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really admire. my daughter, she's unbelievable. it's my, she's been doing it for years. a lot of hardship was strong. i think it's amazing. i really admire her when they say i was the other human flesh hopes to return to competition in my thought. it all depends on the infection rate. the school miss. i'm really looking forward to the 1st competition. i know that i'll be incredibly nervous, especially because i've got a new run and i'm looking forward to jumping against others, showing what i can do and what my coach and i've been working on these past months . i didn't want to. but will the tokyo gains take place at all? the idea of hosting such a large event is becoming less and less popular in japan. if they do happen, it's unsure how they look from is presented foggy. i think it's
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a huge shanice, but it looks as if will be competing without spectators. i love school with all the emotion with respect teachers and their support to see that they give us real estate at the moment. it looks like that's going to be in the business to unchecked . the uncertainty continues in japan, in germany all over the world. what happens if the corona case numbers start rising, knowing not knowing what'll happen? what's in store for all 3 remaining athletes? will alexandra and dolo fine ah, the american, there are times when we're sitting at home a launch game. that's pretty hard to deal with. all 3 still dream of traveling to the world's biggest festival of sport in september. will their dream come true? the the
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nothing like a brain to see, to calm the soul whose it is an island as copernicus, and as jeremy's longest speech, some 1900 hours of sunshine a year. the charm of a bygone era on the medical baltic sea island of louisa. don't check in next on d w in good say it's time to play sports, but when exactly early risers and night hours are put to the test. timing is a key though is method in good shape. in 30 minutes on d w. they want to know what makes the janice love
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be a bad thing that way. i'm not going to have to go to my own car and everyone with later holes and everything. getting you ready to meet the german then join me, rachel? do it on the w i i use me sunny skies, sandy beach and the ocean. wait. i'm on the don't. the 2nd biggest german island in the baltic.


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