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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am CEST

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up and ready the hell down during walk down the go to tokyo, start july 19th on d w. the me ah was, ah! this is the news live from berlin, wild pars rage across western canada. rescuers search for the missing and towns forced to evacuate. the government is warning a long and challenging summer. i had also coming up with thousands demand, the impeachment of hard line brazilian president j are both an arrow for boxing. the pandemic supreme court investigate claims of corruption in vaccine dale
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and the european football championship favorites. england have just thrash ukraine for mil, insistently finals, denmark on wednesday after the games be attract the public. $992.00 winters are still dreaming of another shock. ah, i'm next nicer welcome to the program. and we begin in canada were military aircraft, have big, mobilize to help deal with more than 170 wildfires raging in the west. a record breaking heat wave is fueling the blade blazes. rescuers are now searching for missing people in lytton, in the province of british columbia. at least a 1000 people have fled the town, which was almost entirely wiped out. for many, it was chaotic escape. we've just minutes to spare residents of leech and
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escape through thick smoke und dash the fire front moved so quickly. they had almost no warning before the town was engulfed in flames. right. so it looks like the fire went out over them and it's about to get everyone that stuck on that side of the mountain. me and my i'm just trying to, we could see the house literally in fire. i was leaving, and i didn't turn them on to the door. the blaze ignited a day after the town swelter through almost 50 degrees celsius. breaking candidate temperature record. emergency workers is searching for missing residents. as the smouldering town remains unsafe to enter. today our thoughts are mostly with families that are grieving that are facing terrible loss. but of course, we also have to reflect on the fact that extreme weather events are getting more frequent. your climate change has
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a significant role to play that the unprecedented hate wave and wildfires have left the country reeling and worried. this will become the new normal even if the world wasn't warming, the pacific northwest and stuff of canada would be having an exceptional heap waiver now. but it won't be quite as severe. it wouldn't be blowing past existing records. or if it did, it would not be blown past them by very much. and so climate change less waves be much more severe than they otherwise would have been in a world without any change. more than 105 still burning across west and canada, threatening the towns prime minister justin trudeau has conveyed an emergency response group and promises to help communities recover. we've been able to get in touch with our reporter and difficult communication conditions. e met a guy, he is in boston bar, a canadian town 30 kilometers south of little where the residents were evacuated.
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you've been covering this disaster for days. now. how has the situation developed in the past few hours? while it kind of gives you an idea of how difficult it is to be where we are geographically with sort of cell phone and why fi connection issues? that not only are people on the ground looking to cover this fire, having but personnel were in charge of emergency response have had trouble with communication. linton is a community of $250.00 people, essentially 90 percent of that is gone. so schools have burned home that have burned ambulance stays in hospitals. the fire has moved its way through the town and up to more forested hilde areas. so it is grown, but certainly the damage in human damage,
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it is already caused and the fatalities to have been confirmed. but i have sources that have responded on the ground saying that there is potentially more the number is difficult to confirm because the town is very hazardous at the moment. what's left behind in the town. so corners service of british columbia, the r c m p, the police agency, federal police agency of canada are standing outside but cannot go in until it is a safer place to be. and that's where some of the, the work essential work can be done. meanwhile, people who have been evacuated from the town are scattered. they are trying to find loved ones try to reconnect with people who they are accounted for. and we have got confirmation from officials that there are people on accounting for how many we don't know yet. okay, well doesn't
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a lot of questions and i guess one of the big ones is i mean, weather wise and in terms of logistics and fighting the fires, how long can this go on? how long did people have to be worried for in british columbia? behind me we, we live amongst the for a lot of community are built very close to heavy for a station. and unfortunately this is just the beginning of our traditional wild fire season. and usually the season severity depends on the weather, leading out to it in the month of june. and in the month of june, the entire south coast of british columbia in the interior, had little rain and record high temperatures that give me an idea. the village of litany which had been in the headlines because of the tragedy and the fire. a week before the fire, only days before the fire really was making national headlines for breaking
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temperature records all time. canadian temperature records the day before the fire linton be registered a temperature of 49.6 degrees celsius, which is the hottest canada has ever been. we've seen that and incredible incredible temperatures and devastating pictures we're looking at. thank you so much for your reporting from the ground. he met a guy he, thanks so much. in japan, a powerful months live has swept through a seaside town flattening nearly everything in its path. at least 2 people have died and 20 more are missing. military has been deployed to autonomy, southwest of tokyo days of torrential rains triggered the disaster. the water logged ground swallowed buses. the heavy rain swept up cars and dumped them. the landslide destroyed homes and businesses.
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the big electricity pylons here was shaking all over the place and i didn't know what was happening then the mob slides were already there. and in the street below, i was really scared some way, amid all the devastation, dozens of local residents who couldn't get away in time. 2 of those have already been found dead. rescuers are looking for most of my views in just a few days. the area has seen more rain than it usually does in an entire month. as rescue efforts and evacuations get underway, officials warn but more downfalls are in the forecast. scientists say that the increased rainfall that led to this event is likely linked to climate change. thousands of people across brazil have marched and protested. what they say is
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president share of both scenarios, mishandling, the cobra, 1900 pandemic. more than half a 1000000 brazilians have died from the disease. and now the supreme court is investigating claims that the hard line leader ignored corruption in a vaccine deal. oh, they want both sonora out aah! and a cooling that president genocidal me. the protests peaceful. the but many brazilians are angry and they've been demonstrating in the streets for a month. wow, we can't tolerate this behavior any longer. the countries being led by a genocidal president the cardboard sign says lives worth more than $1.00. it's a reference to allegations that
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a health official asked for bribes of $1.00 per day in a deal to buy corona, virus vaccines. their accusations that president both sonora turned a blind eye. with the parliamentary inquiry, we have the information that besides being incompetent and genocidal, he was also corrupt. he knew about corruption and did nothing. there are more than half a 1000000 people dead. what everyone knew is now confirmed, there is corruption. so keeping a government like that, it's crazy. the yellow o, sinatra is now being investigated by the supreme court. he denied any wrong doing. the allegations have forced the government to cancel vaccine contracts just when doses desperately needed. these protesters are angry,
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but both scenarios supporters point out that he survived coming down with cove at 19 and will more than likely write out this later storm. the football in england have hammered ukraine ford to zeros and march the 70 finals of the european championship. hurricane scored twice in rome to send the 3 lines into their 1st year o semi since 1996. england have yet to concede a goal in the tournament. earlier, caspar dilbert grab will prove to be the winner for denmark and a $21.00 win over to check republic. danes now faced england in london on wednesday after italy take on spain and the other semi final on wednesday. and mark meadows joins us from a w w. sports talk all about the quarter finals. i start with england over ukraine . was in really that dominant?
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yes. pretty much. i mean, straight from the off they were right. actually we can have a look at some of the, the forty's now from the game and yeah, he came with with him and he scored after the 3 minute great ball from sterling one of the play to the tournament sofa came in at the very top of the tournament and there's never stored 3 golden in the store against germany as well. so then it looked a little bit if they maybe didn't go when they should have done straight after the resa mcguire. great ball from luke shaw who's been really excellent, especially against jimmy and again against ukraine. so then it was easy from there and then came go to another, go again, cross and shore. so it was done then and then jordan henderson, go over england, routed all for now. absolutely. ok. and looking for the semi final, the final we've played when the stadium is, you know, england have not yet conceded a goal. is there a chance that they can win at home and the country that invented the game? yeah, i mean everyone says football coming home, but as an englishman,
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i know it's been a long time since they want to major trophy of the 1966 and the last woke up, they went out in the semi finals. so it's not done yet. but yes, having that backing wembley should be very important to them. they're lying 60000 into wembley for the same reason. the final, which a lot of people think is very strange given that corona virus cases are increasing in britain. but it's not a done deal yet. you know, there's still a way to go, but you have to say that must be favorites. and the way they play tonight after the you for beacon germany to be so solid and so concentrated. and yes, it's not considered the goal yet, but they've got to concede sometime, so maybe the semi finals is the moment. so. well that's been quite a story. but look, denmark has been having quite a fairytale championship as well. yeah, i mean, we can see the reaction from so in the fancy when they go the 1st go against jet republic, again, a reasonably early go. i mean, thomas delaney got that and the fans go absolutely wild and then casanova, he wasn't due to this sort of one, but no, they may strive to get
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a 2nd check. got one back, but it was pretty comfortable for the day to be honest with you. there was actually one unsavoury incident here with some data fans and build the rainbow flag on the back to security officials took it away. no, it's not a good look for you a for after what happened with the munich stadium, where they asked for it to be illuminated with rainbow colors. again, hungary and you know, and, and this has happened, but, you know, danish found a very happy they're not going to worry about that too much tonight they're going to think about playing in the, in the semifinal and obviously with christine ericsson, that story collapsed on the beach in the 1st game. he's recovered and clearly the danish players are playing for him. so that's quite a story and they were surprised when is it 992? no one thought that it sounds and they wouldn't want it. so it's not done yet. england will be wary of denmark to 2 incredible stories really and we'll see how it all plays out. thanks for that insight into the european football championship. mark meadows from the sports where he found julia, natasha spent his 50th birthday behind bars, orders including his partner, 2 sons,
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put on a picnic in london is being held in prison while he waits for an extradition ruling westwood, the fashion designer, make the birthday cake and stab calling him a sacrificial victim. i you're watching the news on the spicer. thanks for watching the ah, the tags and if you are not locked to you any more, we will send you back. are you familiar with the steps of the what's your story. ready with and
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i was especially victims to sign and date part and send us your story chain. only understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not against you, want to become a citizen into migrant. your platform for reliable information ah, names have become casual artifacts thanks to n s t technology, some south, a huge sum of money artists like to create of the young cad field that's only fair but learn that later. one thing is clear means that he had to state, but what makes a good successful mean? that's our topic on shift today. ah,
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bernie sanders and the battle beal in an edward hopper painting or on the iron throne form game assaults. the photo of the american democrats wearing cells and mittens was taking a job by ends in duration it delighted countless internet users who use the image in new context. thus, the sanders mittens mean was born. but what exactly is a mean? when we hear mean, most of us probably think about funny picture that gets a different meaning when you change the caption. but these image macros are just one type of mean. a video can be a mean piece of text can be a mean. it's something that as remixed and recycled and copied, so something that is disseminated over and over again, and as it's disseminated, it also you take the ologist, the deal gallant is writing her ph. d on internet means you describes them as units
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of culture that work as templates. you can change their meanings by changing the caption and have endless varieties of the same means, like pictures that compare celebrities. bits to objects. for this video, where a man is yes, stickly introduce his rather quiet girlfriend. they get to contribute to my girlfriends with amazing which other internet users edit it into hostage situation . and because it's my birthday i get to introduce you to my girlfriend who is my one today, is also my birthday. and because of my birth marcus, you don't want to do that thing. i get the letter go, i mean, have become an important online communication tool. they can reaffirm community membership and are a great way to quickly and widely spread information or commentary means they're successful because they're easy to disseminate their cheap to make almost every one
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other smartphone, almost everyone uses an instant messenger app and very easy to decode. most of the time, sometimes they can be extremely difficult to the code as well. adding inventive captions to movies still there's one template that works across the world and another is responding with a reaction ship is who's and while some topics appeals to the global mean community like overly demanding parents, there are also regional differences. i think the way means are used in different places, usually is dependent on how tightly controlled the internet as in that place. so in countries where there is more internet censorship, you might have you might have more dangerous means,
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so to speak. these dangerous means are often political and in countries with repressive regimes, people have been sent to jail for sharing means. in china, the government took offense to comparisons between sheet and ping and when you pool images of the children's book character with temporarily blocked and the cowardly beer become a public enemy. so means on just online jokes. some help us understand world politics. when the effort given container she got stuck in the suez canal in 2021. a crumpled up flood of many incorporated scenes from movies or television series, others to parallel to person on problems like an overflowing email inbox or procrastination before the ship had become a symbol of the agility of world trade. as it showed how dependent the global economy
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is on freight has an edge through the suez canal. hundreds of ships who are unable to get through. and on twitter maps showing alternative routes with the positions of ships waiting to pass through. got a lot of attention. even the communist, last summer call marks, we quoted example shows how useful needs can be and helping us understand complex systems. many people started sharing. yes. and it was funny boats, boats stuck and canal joke and then it turned into okay, where is this boat? where is this canal? wow, is does all world trade depend on this one tiny can hope. why are we doing this? means are also a great way for making light of heavy feelings, such as helplessness, like an india, which has been hard hit by covert 19, where the 2nd lockdown was recently extended. users shared numerous summer i'm
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going back to bed. others are not having enough. i'll call it and still others understand your family. the means help people communicate in the difficult situation. means can be a form of test, a protest, and a creative outlet for difficult emotions. and by it's hard to assess how influential political means really are. they are playing a role in political debates and that becoming more valuable, like the global hip cap and is rainbow trail. we asked the means create a chris stories about the story behind the pop top cat. an animated cat with a pop tart body, and cap was one of the most viewed youtube videos of 2011 and the just was a huge by roll his creator chris torres explains the tumble origins. i was doing a charity drive for the american red cross way back in 2011. and i was in the chat room with a lot of people just try and stuff for charity. and i just, you know,
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i finished it. i got like a 100 bucks, as a donation for it. then that night i decided to actually pixilated. and then i just posted on twitter, posted on tumbler, and i just kind of called it a day. and cat went viral even more so after someone added playful japanese music. taurus made a bit of money for merchandise, but his real profit came 10 years later when he sold a non refundable token or n f t non fundable tokens. i like an authenticity certificate for digital artworks . yank, as was one of the 1st means sold as an entity in february. chris dollars auction it off on the theory unblocked a rabbit sold for a high price in the block chains crypto currency etha. i was just wanting to test the waters but the 1st one i but the 1st, the cat that i put was the original. i re master it and i put it up there. and that's the one that sold for $300.00 ether, which is the value right now. one, well, i'm not sure what it is right now. but last night was 1000000. a keen husband of
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some, something was like that at his dozens of new friends to the cap universe, like a mexican me on cap, was a crypto currency inspired me and he felt thanks to this piece of a problem hearing me me created. i'm now also earning serious money, like with the mean overly attached girlfriend disaster girl or grumpy kit, which have all been soldiers and teeth. if you ever don't understand the mean, you can check out their website. no, your mean dot com is like if we can p d f o means, which is helpful because many have several layers of meaning. here's an example. if your video lines, musicians be like get again and a cat has over 15000000 clicks. what's the secret said success? let's have a look at the work i just finished song
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from 1928. it was rearranged in 1900. 95 by the course. had noise to the song entered the meanwhile, through youtube in 2006, a russian viewer combined with assurance from a japanese animation creating the extent which went viral buddy, buddy, buddy. but he was so successful that another version sung by an animated donkey. soon followed that was mostly sold as is meant for mobile phones back when that was still a thing. the good again heard this song on the radio in late 2018. soon after he'd uploaded his own version of the point to you to the cat was an added until 2020. what's the story behind the cat? in april 2020, i take user posted
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a video of their cat net head bobbing tele tronic music. it quickly became a popular mean template where the vibe in cad is combined with short captions or music video. some of them at the moment it was done with what i got it figured it went by the campus to guard against poker version. and november 2020. his drumming became a new mean template. i'm poor enough. people added trump dancing biden's. and of course the can you or enough this song even makes me want to do that because it is a little bit or enough feel. yeah. so that's how it came about. so i think it's great leon. now there are loads that person's name, several of which have been mixed with other famous me the an amazing story. music, especially pop songs,
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a great me material. check this out. the, the most famous music mean today's is probably rick, at least 1987 hit. never going to give you up the if you're on line a while back to 2005 i pod picked up. it's hard not to come across this song for a single there's even the term rick rolling, which means to send someone a promising looking link that actually leads to the music video. that was another popular music means draws on canadian musician drake and his, his hotline blank to gesture, symbolizing approval and rejection, have become templates or means expressing personal opinions do use to come. and
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there's even a drake hotline blink mean generator. where you me there are also political music mean. a like this mash up of this is america by childish gambino and congratulations myself, malone. this logan. this is america, and congratulations were combined to form a me. it was frequently used on tick tock to comment on protest in the us. to me means our form of truly global communication. there are a great way for users to connect and exchange views. and as everything from nonsense job means to serious political commentary, do you also use them? what do means mean to you? and do you have a favorite that isn't on youtube or d, w dot com? i for now and take me ah ah,
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ah, into the conflict with tim, sebastian, american, secretary of state one's in a blink i was in craig last week, is to offer words of comfort and support for the country after rushing to mass in huge numbers because who is border, my guess is really cranes foreign ministers in the labor. what did he get out of the visits? and what was conflict zone next? on d, w the gate force instead of a company, car, metals instead of an oregon firing off guard whole method. and just ministry in grammar. and hardly anything they do is by the
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church and living room city ah, in 30 minutes w. these places in europe are smashing the records into a ball. big thing. sure. is the treasure map for modern globe trotter's cover? some of you have to record breaking on your next to and now also in book form the this is our lives. we will be defending it if they had cross that border. what do you think the west would have done for you? our judicial system is in a bad shape. america, secretary of state anthony blinker, was in your crime last week exam, apparently to offer words of comfort and support for the countries after rushing to mask in. huge numbers says to the border, my guess is we simply is ukraine foreign ministers in nature to lay about. what did
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he get out of the visit? and what was he asked to give me a call about welcome to complex zone. good afternoon, the us secretary of state was visiting last week and said he stand strongly with your country. what do you understand that to mean standing strongly with you? that means the political, me and military and the reforms support for you create. we count on our partnership with the united states as much as we count on the partnership with the european union. and it's key capital's. your president was clear that he wanted more than that. a few days before blinking arrived, he posted
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a tweet, calling for a clear signal about the european and euro atlantic prospect. in other words, a clear signal about your big for a membership of the you and nato. did you get that clear signal? well, most perspective, your atlantic and european membership are long over you. and i would like to recall that for example, when it comes to nature, the promise was given by allies in 2008 summit. so we've been, it's been 13 years now and my president, to reiterate the ambition to achieve that. we have not heard affirmative positive response yet, but this is, you know, we aspirants, we are seeking membership so we will keep pushing the story forward. so you didn't get what you wanted to sell in effect. mister lincoln just bought
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a basket of fine words and that was it? no, it would be not entirely correct mister blinking was not entirely but found to it. well, he did not bring with himself a promise that ukraine will become a member of need to this year or next year. but he reaffirmed that the united states stand by the decision of 2008, where it saves clearly ukraine and georgia because it applies to both countries, will be members of nato. and we will be working with our friends and partners on the chief goal. but the problem is without a time table, it's meaningless, isn't it? well, what we need, we currently have a time table which is called the national ano program of cooperation between ukraine and nature. it is structured very much along the pattern of the
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membership action plan. but what we do need, and i can agree with you here is a clear timeline of granting ukraine membership action plan. and what will follow after that, this is the next step, you know, integration with the alliance. how far did you get with your shopping list? because you are known to be looking for enhanced anti drone and anti aircraft capabilities. you also want the patriot missile is washington going to meet those requests. while we did submit to the united states list of the most urgent needs for your korean army, some of the items on the least more easier to get some more difficult. we did not expect to get everything at a time, but we are making progress on those items on those positions which, which are feasible. and this at this point,
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you say you're making progress so you didn't get any of them. you haven't signed any deals to get them. it's not, it's not fixed. mr. mill, secretary, blinking did not bring an anti sniper complex with him. but know that he will give you one either nor a date. i have no doubt that we will, we will receive a number of items from our list. this does not require a reiteration. it's a meant a matter of cooperation of certain technicality is, but i have no doubt that we will give them miss today. but let's talk if we may about the frozen law in the eastern part of your country. if we can talk about it that way, there's been some de escalation intention with moscow. it withdrew many of its troops off to the southern massive deployment close to your joint border. if they had crossed that border, what do you think the west would have done for you? expressions of condemnation, maybe some sanctions. while 1st,
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there is no withdraw low, adequate to the number of thrashing troops and military machinery assembled along the border of ukraine and in the occupied territories. what is happening can not be called withdrawal. russian forces largely stay where they are. what has changed is a drop in military for x. this is true, but the threat is still there. and you know, in the soviet union, the had to show trials, trials without justice. and now what we observe is a show withdrawal and withdrawal without removal forces and this we should be, we should be, we should remain vigilant on this when it comes to your 2nd question is this, this is all land. this people, we will defend it, we will fight for it. we do not expect for in troops to arrive and help us. but we
11:37 pm
do expect from partners to provide ukraine with all the assistance they can offer to make us prevail in this struggle for our country. so you are not expecting nato to go to war with you. with russia, you're clear on that to defend you? absolutely, we are not a member of nato yet, and i would like to see again, clearly and squarely, this is our land. we will be defending it, but partners can help us to defend our land. and i'm sure that this is what this will be happening when it comes to negotiations. your president has made it clear he no longer thinks the minister to agreement is laid down 6 years ago. is the way forward. is that because not be, you know, of the russians know the separate is the actually done what you signed up to do? well, the, the key demand off russia in minsk is to recognize
11:38 pm
so called a little dance can donate the people's republic s party to the conflict which will effectively turn an international armed conflict between ukraine and russia into an internal armed conflict between ukraine and separatist. this is the cornerstone of the discussions that are taking place in in means. now my president is saying that our goal number one should be peace and security and lives of people and not the political, political, recognitions. and we call on moscow to focus on the same on bringing peace to dom bus. and on making progress on a number of drug decisions which are ready to be adopted, they are pending green light from moscow. moscow can easily give the green light, but the continuous playing this game with the demand to recognize donors can
11:39 pm
a little dance, gas particle, the conflict. so this is an essence what is happening in music. and this is why we're making steps to ensure a way forward out of the stalemate. the midst to agreement is, you know, contains political commitments on you. and on the other side, article for a dialog on local elections was supposed to start the day after a heavy weapons were pulled back from the conduct line. article 11, a new ukranian constitution should have entered into force by the end of 2015. its key element was to have been decentralization. none of these things happened today and each side, blame the other for not fulfilling their side of the bargain. where do you go from here? you are absolutely right. this is, this is the word to word by word russian narrative about means when moscow a meet the fact that item paragraph,
11:40 pm
one of means is security. first you stop shooting. and then you proceed to political settlement. ukraine spared the no effort and made a number of painful concessions to ensure a cease fire. unfortunately, the fire has been violated on the systemic basis and more and more and many korean soldiers had been killed. i would like to assure you that we are absolutely committed to moving along the political part of the over the midst of the means agreements. you really think you to differ. you think you get those through your parliament, those political aspects of them. it's do agreement. well, if we see, if we see that russia is not killing our soldiers is withdrawing it's heavy machine that have a military machinery from ukraine and that is a bytes by security provisions. this will give us an additional argument in the parliament to convince that this is the road to the 2 piece. this is the road to
11:41 pm
settlement, and this is what my parliament once. but we will never accept any russian idea of federalist zation of ukraine. because in this country, we have a very advanced reform of decentralization. and by the way, i would like to thank the government of germany in helping us with this reform to really empower communities on the ground and to keep them more right. rights. and when certain regions of donors can lugens parts of ukraine, which are currently occupied by russia, returned to ukraine, they will enjoy all those vast possibilities for development and prosperity. yeah, but why does your president say he's not going to talk to them? russia says, talk to the separatists, your president refuses. i'm curious as to why he refuses because the people and that's going to look at castille ukrainian citizens. why is your president refusing to talk to you craniums if he 15 area back under his control?
11:42 pm
my president will talk to legitimately elected ukrainians in the currently occupied parts of donors can i ask, we will not talk to hold their so fresh and passwords who vigorously in newly implement only instructions coming from moscow. they. we should not mix these 2 categories of when we hold elections as provided by the means. agreements when there are legitimately elected representatives, they will be become part of the political system and we will talk to them. but today, the only party that makes decisions and instruct people on the ground, how to act is moscow. it's not the so called separatist, yes, but this process is going nowhere, isn't it? and the fact is that your out of ideas for how to pursue it, something that the president's chief of staff actually admitted at the end of last
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month and a year mark on television, he said it's necessary to continue working in all directions and it all formats because in the end, we don't know what format will bring peace to our land. 7 years after the seizure of crimea, that's an extraordinary admission of both failure and despair. isn't that you don't know how to continue. there is no fate. neither failure, no despair in here we have number 3. while we are upset with the behavior of moscow with its unwillingness to play constructively, to reciprocate sincere willingness of ukraine and of germany and france to put an end to the war in don't us. when it comes to crimea, we launched, we came up with a very good idea of a crimea platform. and they say, this initiative is gathering more and more international support. so no,
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we are not running out of ideas. but unfortunately, russia has adopted a very, very unhelpful tactics of simply downplaying every, any idea that they did not like or ignoring them. but we will keep trying because as i said, just a couple of minutes before this is all when we cannot sit down with and lay down our hands, we have to come up. we have with new ideas, we have to be creative and we will be doing that. this is all lent and it may take some time. but in the end we will succeed. the fact is that your president was elected 2 years ago on a promise to end the war in the dumbass region. he didn't do it even blame the continuing conflict on his predecessor, president shanda saying it wasn't russian aggression. that was the problem. it was the ukrainian side being unreasonable that came back to bite him as well, didn't that effect he's over promised and delivered. the biggest sin a politician can commit, isn't it?
11:45 pm
while my president still has a couple of years in office to deliver on that and the 2 before the end of his 1st or the 2nd point is that in just 1st year of his presidency, there were some very good achievements in our relations with russia and they were promising, for example, the exchange of prisoners, including the return of the famous director or all x in so who was a political prisoner in russia. russia returned our vessels captured at the carriage trade. so there was a good period. now there is the best period, but it doesn't mean that we will not find a solution that will bring back the good period. and we will find we will settle the conflict without crossing our lines miss greeley. but it's clear that if you want more help from washington and the west, you're going to have to do more to deal with the ramp and political corruption in
11:46 pm
your country. and you, the state department says that's key to securing ukraine's democratic institutions . it's economic prosperity in euro atlantic future every year. the same message from the us from europe, year after year. why are you not doing better on this front? well, 1st we're doing it for ourselves. not for the sake of support. when you're not doing, you're doing, you're not doing it until you're not getting to grips with well, you on your, your, your, your, your, your either misinformed or exaggerating. it was under the president of under the president zelinski. the anti corruption court finally started functioning the ukraine, and it was a very long battle to set up the court and make it operational. unfortunately, the previous president did not allow that to happen. president lensky did, and he does not interfere in the operations of the court when the constitutional
11:47 pm
court of ukraine, another body of judicial system, tries to destroy an anti corruption reform. it was the president who stepped in immediately. and then if he was followed by the government and the parliament who restored parts of critical legislation that was declared new and void, another invoice by, by the constitutional court. things are happening. and you know, every country is, is a difficult combination of various factors. but this country is moving in the right direction and those who are calling on us to move foster, they are cordially invited to come enjoying us and help us this easy. well, those who are you cordial, inviting with those who were there last week? if you look at the state department, human rights report, the latest one, what, what's clear is what's damaging western confidence in you is this continue drumbeat of human rights abuses that are reported in your country. as pointed out in the
11:48 pm
latest human rights report from washington. the concerned that's highlighted is not just the abuse, but with a corruption, the abuse or torture that's carried out by state employees in your security service that mad enough, but the impunity that surrounds them. the fact they can violate the, or with a pretty strong assurance that they'll get away with it. are you happy about that? when it comes to human rights abuses, insecurity institutions, you know, this is something that is not just neither systemic nor large scale. and unfortunately, to my deepest regrets present not only in ukraine but also in other countries of europe. we follow recommendations of the european committee against torture on that and we enjoy excellent cooperation with them. otherwise, i do not understand what kind of systemic violations of human rights you are referring. well, it's quite clear in the report, the report says, abuse of detainees remains a widespread problem. the government generally failed to take adequate steps to
11:49 pm
prosecute or punish. most officials who committed abuses, most officials resulting in a climate of impunity that couldn't be clearer, could it. that's for no friends in washington. you are probably, you are referring to the situation in prisons with regard to the imprisoned imprison persons. this is a big scorch. not only for ukraine, but also for other european countries, but this is not a large scale systemic oppression of human rights happening across the country. as i said to you answering my previous question, we are absolutely cooperating with all human ride bodies, including the council of europe and the european union to address out standing issues related to the treatment of prisoners in in prisons. one of the
11:50 pm
other key issues which has been raised by washington is the low level of confidence reported in your judges. the u. s. says that despite efforts to reform the judiciary and the prosecutor general's office corruption among judges and prosecutors remained endemic in demick. why is it that you're absolutely unable to guarantee the rule of law in your country? well, 1st, the rule of law and judiciary is not the same thing. tradition is part of the rule of law. and the reason a rule of law in this country. but one of its weakest point that requires a systemic attention is judicially. i'll judicial system is in bad shape. i can fully agree was that it's i, as a citizen, i regret it. and the presidents and the government and the parliament,
11:51 pm
they are all addressing this issue in close to ration without international partners and the venice commission of the council of europe. because we all realize that the judiciary is an essential, important element for foreign investments. and for bringing also for, for, for bringing justice to the country for, for protecting human rights in the country. so we are addressing it this, this problem through a set of reforms conducted in the closest possible corporation with international institutions and international partners. the say good barman says some judges were pressured by high level politicians. others reported lead to bribes in exchange for giving particular verdicts. if they're found to be breaking the law like that, why can't they be removed from office? i'm not aware of any report that a member of the government of the president's office would be pressuring,
11:52 pm
pressuring a judicial accord, or a judge. quite the contrary, as some of the elements of the ukrainian judiciary, putting pressure on the government and by issuing ill legitimate judge judgements. in particular. the one that i mentioned that the judgement of the constitutional court that tried to destroy the anti corruption reform that was designed and implemented by ukraine and its friends and partners from abroad. but i'm sure that we will come this problem as well, because no corrupt the judge can succeed against the government and the people of ukraine that are willing to overcome the resolve and overcome this problem. what about the press journalists to a feeling the heat in your country when they deal with sensitive topics? washington says violence against the press remain the problem with human rights
11:53 pm
groups blaming government inaction in solving crimes against them. why this inaction on the part of the government? well, the problem of press should be considered from 2 sides on the one side. it's the problem of disinformation flowing into the country and the spreading around among, amongst citizens. this is something that the government should be addressing and ease addressing to ensure security of over the country. on the other hand, you, we do have to ensure the freedom of speech and we are absolutely committed to it. and of course, to ensure safety of journalists, i'm not aware of any recent cases where a government agent or representative or someone associated with the government would be conducting would be suppressing freedom of speech. in fact,
11:54 pm
the criticism against the president, the parliament government as a whole, is coming from many, many media coordinators and that's normal because we live in a democracy and the it's vibrant and there are many different opinions. all these can, can exist can, and should exist. and if democratic country, however, we will not allow this information specifically coming from russian media to destroy our peoples and people's minds. yes, a question is all set to what extent you're protecting your journalists? because the state development report mentioned a journalist from ahmad scale, who was beaten by a police officer while he was filming processed in front of a government building that was april last year. 7 months later, the state bureau of investigations was still quote, looking into it. is that good enough as far as you are concerned? well, if we start picking up one specific case and focus on it,
11:55 pm
of course the situation will look doom and gloom. i. i'm where i'm aware of this case, i find it disturbing as well. and i stand on the on the side of jordan, at least in this particular case. but please do not try to create a picture of doom and a doom and gloom picture. but no, i'm not doing any cases taking out, taking out of the context now. we are in a, in a dialogue with you. i'm just trying to make the point. yes, i'm not creating any, any image that hasn't been reflected in the state department. human rights report, just one final question. you talk about how you're protecting your country and you talk about getting your land back. do you seriously imagine a day when the russians will fade, you? sorry, we took crimea big mistake. have it back. well, has that train left the station? well, did you imagine that the soviet union was one day would seriously say eastern germany
11:56 pm
can go back to germany and reunite again? i'm sure that if your leadership in your position is never imagined, that they would never succeed. mr. co labor, it's been a pleasure having your colleagues on. thank you very much. thank you. the the the me the, the the
11:57 pm
news the the the, the the the gate for instead of a car, a tech know instead of an oregon firing off, god only messes with soda in the past. as ministry in grammar, hardly anything they do is by the church in the living room. pretty catholic.
11:58 pm
ah, nico africa, lose more weight than water in that case of the nation has blessed you have the water and restructure in the water that goes underneath there. so again, just direct to come out, it goes immediately to the democratic republic of congo. here you see in 30 minutes on the w o. the against the corona virus pandemic has the rate of infection in developing
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what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information and context. a central monday to friday on d. w. the in december 2019 the european council president showed me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear job to make sure of the 1st time a gentleman on the planet by the 25th but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requiring a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. sometimes the money tends to be
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a process. flattery and laid plans often go straight to most of the will when the game, diplomatic poker, the power plays, and the lines behind the scenes climate. some it starts august on d, w. me ah, this is d w. news and these are top stories. more than 170 wildfires are threatening towns in western canada. thousands have already been evacuated and one town has burned down completely. many of the fires were sparked by lightning strikes. this comes during the country's recent record breaking heat wave, which has caused hundreds of deaths.


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