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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 8:30pm-9:00pm CEST

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will you the secrets lie behind me discover new adventures in 360 degree? ah, and explore the fascinating world heritage sites. he w world heritage 360. now the news this is the news africa from berlin is africa. the problem with isn't the terrorism getting worse wrong and responding states in west africa say they're joining forces. we'll find out if this is a game changer for the region. also coming up we meet father, kind of a catholic priest in nigeria, raised money to his neighbors, billed a month to show that we can live together. we can work together. well children of god,
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religion is not for hatred. want to show love and south africa has top court the orders, former president j consumer to go to jail over failing to attend a corruption inquiry. the declared that mistake g called is guilty of the crime of contempt of court. just put on a pair of feast on her eye glasses and take a look at the high text future through the lens of the black culture. ah, the hello i'm a human homage is good to have you with us. african nations have a growing problem. countries across the continent on facing attacks by isn't this inspired insurgencies, the so called a stomach state may have lost influence in syria and rock. but its now claiming
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voss territory across africa, expanding and strengthening its influence together with affiliated armed groups. i'll be talking to a security analyst in a moment, but 1st here's a look at northern nigeria where to foes of battling for a common cause. the violent rivals know, joining forces this future purports to show bullhorn fighters, pledging allegiance to the islamic state and west africa province. long january, it would, harold, the disturbing development for nigerian security forces. we have no june with who i am but. but i've got some mistakes that has occurred in between us and we know together. so we are st or who we should not relent in the 255 years,
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the 2 militias had been fighting each other that came to a head last month. when a tory, a leader backer chicago scene here in 2018, reportedly killed himself in a battle with i. yes. fighters, i know that i like, i don't know. but you know that it's field fears that the so called islamic state is consolidating control of the insurgency. in northeastern nigeria, that's at the heart of a string of conflicts involving various extremist groups from mauro, tanya, to chad. no, there are warnings. i activities growing in the horn of africa and northern mozambique too. when they came as the global coalition against r. yes. met to room to discuss the resurfacing of the terror group, sometimes called dia sh. today we began, of course with the meeting of the coalition to defeat isis. and what we have to do to eradicate what's left to the terrorist group. and very critically, as italy,
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as been emphasizing to prevent its emergence in places like like africa, the italian foreign minister wants to sharpen the focus on the continent. democracy can provide a proposal. i proposed a working group dedicated to africa, which could identify install diane related terrorist threats on the continent. continuing feature. at the end of the 1st impasse and meeting in 2 years, the global coalition added 3 new african countries to their ranks. and these propaganda images of form, i suppose burying the hatchet and nigeria only serve to underline the urgency of the situation. i huh. what do i need to discuss this from london is belong mccarthy, senior africa analyst at the tony blair institute for political change. he's also a coldness for the daily trust, and i jerry newspaper. great, happy with us on t
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w. news, africa law. thank you for being with us. thank you for having me. now our reports touches on the growing presence of the so called a stomach states in africa, but i'd like to get your thoughts on how widespread the operations on how they are growing geographically and able to conduct these attacks. i mean, unfortunately i is so widespread today and i'll cover that, you can see it across the continent. now i'm not talking about countries. you are talking about countries in each of the regions. and when you start, for example, with the region you region range to give julia, i need to come in and chide, where the ice is called mix did with africa probing for prius in this i held the nomics in. greer is active and it is, it's an operator in my li, new jersey, i'm booking are possible and he's becoming
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a threat now to start with african countries like pool ivory and guy now. and then when you go to south africa, it is mostly actually in the northern region and beyond 10. and i feel it more of it is pretty widespread. and unfortunately the, the, the, the more robust is not, i didn't, i just wrote it up or i would, you know, kelly and i've been fighting in that region for long. i know they have very well the how effective will this international task force be to counter this threat? and what would this look like in practical terms? it depends on how it is out. if it grows out in the right way. which is, i mean, in my opinion, look at the lead is actually to be to be effective priority
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to be content in the violent, contending the violence require my look at the lead stand on. it's not on the group that is led by looks, but that is no just technically supported by western countries. i think what it's mentioned you region is not much the west presence if you look at it, but supported by that, what's been called in terms of logistics and technical support, but also in terms of the building. now these insurgencies are driven by a number of grievances from humanitarian crises and poverty as well as the social and economic grievances as well. could you just expand on that and explain how it is exploiting these grievances? yes, i did. the security of what is necessity, but it's got new content, the violence, it is insufficient. why do we need to do is to tackle the root causes and the root
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cause is include paula graham and not what will be educated in many parts of africa are also this ability do this or the affiliates on the ground to exploit religion and local grievances and so you and you might think investment in education investment in the economy invest not job, but also, i mean was by no kind of lead and community lead to contact the narrative and reduce mapping all of these groups. these as one of our abilities that i expose a quote that i had, the ability like quarter borders, like, i mean, but in many parts of africa. that's what i, what i did about 5 big war and the international community and local government behind and fortunate me with africa has all the abilities
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that met. i'm going to spend terrorism now will be addressing the african governments and why they're always has not been able to get this issue under control. what do they need to do to address better governance and tackle issues like poverty, local populations, dissatisfied with how government are delivering democracy has worked well in that part of the country and it is high time, but it has started anybody. and so government, what invest in education infrastructure that you can any i'd like to spend in the relationship between the government, the government, so about what that extremist groups will not be able to exploit. which kind of reminds is cool. young people into violence. all right, to pull up a car t, thank you very much for your time and analysis. thank you very much for having me.
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in nigeria, schools, churches, and villages have long been targeted by the group of boca huron. now one catholic priest is trying to help a community by building a school clinic and a mosque in a muslim majority area. he w. a. fred boonie traveled to the village of pagoda outside the capital of butcher . this every sunday christians gathered worship in these church. then they pray for their mission, nigeria they ask god for peace and harmony. but the priest has been doing more than just praying. his building a bridge between muslims and christians, through his actions. he helped raise funds to be the most in our climate that he's very divisive of hatred, religious inter intolerance,
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bigotry. we have shown to this singular act that we can walk together, that we as christians and muslims, where all children of don't x, but the religious interagency, that man cause of tensions between christians and muslims have been killed in tough shape virus. recent, he has to pay the mom. i do that the ministration has failed nigerians and they just called free have already been extra baited by poverty or lack of resources. this part of the touch towards these predominant museum community is seen by men and i did. and as a unifying factor between muslims and christians, the most was completed in may this year due to by museums and paid for with money raised by father or used to local people from the museum community can worship
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for the kids the via job target never had anything like this, so it means a great deal to them. emily, who are they doing? again? everybody will respect one another, why? my dean is requiring are going to team and they will respect each of the state. my know by then she with entry and i will not tonisha image of your religion and nor will utah's minds move in. and christians have come to support extended by the catholic church. and i'm new law in glory. be to go look um when do that you? of course we are happy indeed. someone comes to build you a place of worship that you would be happy to be love. but i didn't see anything wrong by christian judy in. most schools are working because we are all athletes
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created by god for fund that i used to work to view of the sorted on society is work in progress. the essence is to show that we can live together, we can work together. well children of god. religion is not for hatred. to show love to be there but not to must be knighted. he said. and he hopes every single nigeria and can do their part to the building a united nation free coffee watching dw news africa still to come. it's a mash up of trash and frank to see a future fused with africans. folklore condition mixed with science fiction. it's afro patricia rhythms, who's i would be faithful to the republic of south africa. ended up, they observed,
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hold and maintain the constitution and all the low you have followed the charges that have been put to you now from the document. am i correct? how do you be to them? i plead not guilty. it is declared that mistake you call gigi. she says, rumor is guilty of the crime of contempt of court. that was 50 come peppa. so the africa is constitutional. court judge sentencing, former president jacob zoom out. now this is the 1st time a form of african president will face jail time, luminous, about 15 months in prison, on challenges of contempt for failing to attend a corruption inquiry. he's also come under fire for a series of financial scandals. while he maintains his innocence, he does have very few legal options left cuz the wind was, has more from cape town at the heights of jacob's uhm, his presidency in 2014,
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he boasted an approval rating of 60 $0.09. but soon, a string of corruption scandals emerged at these popularity nose dived. a court found that he used a 1000000 from the public for lavish upgrades to his private home. in 2017 opposition, m. p. 's heckled through maturing his state of the nation address here in parliament. not going to live, let he live within months, he was record from the presidency by his own party. the amc zoom was out of office, but not out of the headlines. witness after witness alleged widespread corruption during his tenure whom i denied all wrong doing and refused on such a specific education. even if i was ordered to do so. anger gripped this all the african public people tell me what was about the law. so when the
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highest or rural, then you welcome to ford and hand it down to the jail. it was like, well come the when the victory constitution and the rule of law floor in this less me to, for most of africa, public protector telling mother and seller, she spent 7 years exposing corruption at the highest level of politics before that she was part of a team that dropped at the constitution for the news of africa over 20 years ago. professor, i don't sell it. welcome to t w. news africa. good morning and thank you for the present age. now it's taking a long time. kaylee, a long period of developments to get to this point. what's your assessment of the decision by the constitutional court? there are 2 things that come from the decision in the paradoxical because on the one hand it, he's a moment of joy at ground raising moment in that is the master off the
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supremacy of the constitution. then there are no flaw and it gives its courage. and encouragement that the constitution of who it is is doing its job is an anthony, glad to know that it is also moment of fitness in 2 ways. firstly, that a person who has this country is a struggle veteran in those days. the principal who have to go to chain because he doesn't want to account to a commission and to the cost. the cost has moved into the political realm and the muscle has a strong support based as many people who don't believe that he's guilty. is he able to challenge this and potentially drag it out even further? what options does he have politically and legally? even those who support him,
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they do agree that he was guilty of contempt because it's a simple legal test. it's lucas left with is the difference is where they should have been to send him to jail or a pension. and of course, isn't to continue to shouldn't do, to mobilize him. but he will not be able to still believe that he does. don't have to be the 1st one is the fish, and i don't know which one is already saving time. in me approach the principle. i didn't and he must show quotation in the awesome new 2, south african spin into the introduction. if he feels that in the land has not and behaved no fully and his finally this is raised
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both about upholding the phone of law as you said, and tajir a former leader. but what does it tell you about the states also the african judicial system, and simply the rule of law and democracy. when he does say about today, the south african legal system is in mortal to behold. i remember when i was at harvard, some of my colleagues were complaining that they were not able to hold to the president at the time accountable because of the capitals and the team. and he, we had a system that allowed in chapter 9 institutions such as the public for to hold the principal to call. but it's not just it, let me have a great constitution that his good for all seasons. we also have charges, but to take the job seriously that they're prepared to to do the show of making findings that they know are going to say that someone in the me make them,
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i'm popular, but they do so because we do understand enough law does not hold democracy will crumble, and peace will go. we could just have winder implications for others accused of corruption across the african continent. absolutely, it does have wider implications. i remember, for example, that when the populated south africa was taking his job to seriously a whole lot of similar to shoes in africa, had to their own fines, strengthened and, and in things strengthened to those countries in if we look at the constitutional court, it has influenced such as quotes in kenya and tanzania. and, and i do think that this decision by the constitutional court will have seen it in a similar snowball effect in the country. it, it, that means that if the courts are going to do the job properly, the nation should stand up and protect the courts against any politicians who
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believe that they should be treated as above the law in the other. no more human beings till he might ansel out. thank you very much. indeed for speaking to d. w unions, africa the now to a concept that is re imagining high tech future through the lens of black culture. i feel feature isn't days back to the civil rights era of the 1900 fifties and sixties, african american musician, sun ra, made a link between the ancient egyptian and the space age. the trend aims to highlight african traditions in music science fiction and art. take a look in the art of cyrus could bureau, the started technology is given new life and and the radios become space,
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age communication devices, rusting, fixed your bicycles, called black mumbles. i turned into sculptures that could have been left here by an alien civilization to bureau had been making our for years before a gallery in italy, gave it a label, acro, futurism. i didn't know about for future. that's my 1st time to hear that one of his series of eyeglasses called c stuff to make it through famous, constructed from crash collected on his travels. there are masha, both different cultural traditions to me after that is for future late. it's a combination of different cultures and decent material from like global. but it's something that you currently be more often. more asia know it's more awful. pizza. with black
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panther, hollywood finally gave the world a new perspective on africa. the superhero movie set and the high tech african land of conduct brought afro future them into the mainstream. a world away from hollywood in a boot nigeria, apple futurism, is also taking root. a new generation of african artists is looking at their own culture from a new angle, comic book artist the you to g ma, kinda credits black panther aqua card before. no, i've been known to be for about the 3rd was called 3. and then black concept went to the phone, i think was power that is completely loaded with technology. it was my glory. african said we were wow. in this comics mckindoe's uses sy fi and fantasy to address real world issues and political power. corruption hand
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abuse. lucky lou set in 2050 a de imagined africa as a world power battling on the global stage alongside china and the u. s. space ships modeled on cynical, east fishing boats, a post apocalyptic world, inspired by west african folklore, through a bubble in super hero. just some of the comics published by googling media which brings the best and acro future of the art and animation to the world. well, also within that is the same price. this is just so much in that would be on. this will be a way if it was going to get to different disney is listening, the hollywood drive is backing. he watches a sy fi animated series created by who, golly details of the plot are still top secret. it's pretty much because patients
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story taking place in the leg was that the club inequality and other fields. i'm very careful. yeah, yeah. that's all i can say. whether in comics, movies, muse, or design, the art of acro futurism, combines tradition with imagination, provision a brighter future for africa and the world, the while this is the w news, africa, be sure to check out our other stories on t. v dot com, forward slash africa, or you can also go on to facebook and on twitter, i will leave you with more afro futuristic artwork by kenyan photographer osborne, much area, helium home, and take care of the
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news . the news, the news, the news.
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the news, the news the the oh, it's a balance 1000000000. it's a power. it's about the foundation of a new world order. the silk road. china wants to use the network and trade with to expand its influence, including europe. convoys are inevitable. gateway to europe. in 15 minutes on d w ah,
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the nico germany, to german pinnacle, why not learn with him w e learning course pico fake all was right in front of them. gave it their all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game said tokyo $22421.00. thrown off course. during the qualifying ground. not least for sports. he rose. actually it was a weapon, the face. but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down doing walk down the walking go to tokyo. starts july 19 d w. the
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news? mm. oh. because you oh no. no, no. i
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