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tv   Kochen mit Martina Moritz  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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the reports on the inside all the trends. my task to use is 60 minutes on d w. these places in europe smashing records me step into a all big picture of the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of your record breaking on youtube. and now also in book form the welcome to a new it isn't of the 77 percent the show for africa. you with your host, let me show on this week. so we'll focus on how women often have to go to great lengths in order to find work . for me to young, you got an entrepreneur is who decided to take matters into their hands and create
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their own. we get to know karen kanyes rising. are in the star who chose nairobi over boston for her rear. and together with you, we are fighting gender based violence. you sent us your videos, dancing to the song, choose their produce sign, and the 77 percent mouse, the stages yours, work hard and school. so that you get a good job. that's what many of our parents told us when we were little. but finding work is tough for many young africans in south africa. use unemployment rates are staggering. also in cape town, numb's not is one of those desperately looking for a job, but she knows that sitting around feeling sorry for herself won't help. so she's taking steps that she hopes will bring her closer to the launch of her career.
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me when them and have friends, school walk in and pick tiles. hi st. rouzan and not by and this is currently the only option. the 25 year old south african is unemployed. and money is tight. frustrating because there are a lot of things that i one for myself that kind of food for myself and also for my child a row. so it's a bit frustrating and it's distracting. as a whole number law study psychology, i couldn't afford her student fees any more and had to stop by. she knows that even her classmates who graduated how difficult is finding the job. you have to have connected people employ their own, they get their own cousins, the owner to get jobs in the only places. so it's hard for you as
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an unknown to, to get a job. in addition to that, many women face the expectation of having to offer sex to get the job if you want to have it. so if you have someone and it's not easy for some of us, i am married, so i can't do that and i can't sleep well. i don't have feelings for, so i'd rather stay home and wait for my husband salary. while i'm still trying to get other forms of job in south africa, every 2nd person under 34 is currently unemployed. women of color are especially vulnerable and economy in recession. it's one of the reasons for the job crisis, but not the only one north tommy charity. she's chief operating officer of the youth, employment and geo her. i'm be the indication system fails. young people, young people are saying that they don't, no have to go and look for the job. so they don't have the networks. they don't
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have the finances and they don't have the quality education. and they don't know what they'll be good at. so they, that are no way to start numb law decided to tackle the challenge step by step, the 2 facebook post. she learned about how to be and apply for a course. the n g o partners with companies to help young jobs case find employment in the course number lie and their teammates learn about job essentials. teach her how to make our own c read and now to do things with it because they know that okay, you've been an employee for a long time and then you don't really know how to take all the challenges between working with a team because you all all about to fax the
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program she's equipped with new skills and self esteem. i'm glad that as people can see that i am a positive person and it shows that what i like to say. i also put in since the end of the program, i found a temporary job as a teaching assistant, a big step and even has dream of getting permanent. so there are 2 approaches to finding work, some like non plan. she was to apply for a job. others decide to create their dream jobs themselves. and our 3 debate just been carol and she talked to young entrepreneurs in the uganda and capital kampala, and they discussed the thrill and the pitfalls of starting your own business. the hello and welcome to the
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77 percent st. tibet. my name is joseph. encouraging and we are in company today with a young team of interpret us and the going to be speaking to us about the challenges, but also giving solutions that young people can pick from as they get into enterprise ships. so we're going to quickly start and i'm going to start with tardy tardies, who is a young person. you just graduated and why are you looking for for my employment? i have been looking for a job since i started university. surprising. i've been looking for a job because i was like, i don't want to get out of the university and then i don't have a job. but then when you apply for jobs, everything you know is going to find people asking for experience 5 years experience, 6 years experience 3 as experience. i mean like having studied walking it. so how am i going to have that experience? and besides that, i think i can only gain the experience when i'm giving them an opportunity to walk . those are the good thing about it is next to you at 2 people who've been in this field for a long time. but i'm curious before i move on to them,
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what do you think it's going to be like? do you have a plan and do you think it's going to be an easy journey? i love cooking. i lot. i love would full. i'm is a thing. i don't say give me that images the food we used before. when you had done things, i love cooking and i always wanted to have a restaurant of my own. but then also the restaurant i need copy to. i've been also to have that copy too. that means i have to have something i'm doing. you know that to get the copy to. all right, so sunday you've been in business for a couple of years now. i'm curious to know what your tax was like. was it easy? after my degree? just like ha, i was looking for a job and i'd failed to find one. so i like think of time i would want us killed and that's cool was how to mix up. i say i'm making the soap during that night during the day i would look for plans to buy from me that someone go to ricky, who is a bit of a celebrity. what was it like for you at the start? i was in the bought about a industry as
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a motorcycle taxi rider and grew from being a motorcycle ready to being a guide and lost a friend in the border related accident. and saturday, the advocate of road safety was just promoting m at wearing. and that's how the idea was built to now what we know today safe border which has grown to become the number one. right. elling up a motorcycle taxi in africa. i think when i like them because they're 5, they get us in place in time. but then it's the safety issues, marin, you're in one of the businesses that that's quite scary for a lot of people into money lending. tell me about the one thing that's happened to you in that business. that was situation that has had been to me was when i came in, you have link out money to people. and you are seeing the tuition that super van. what's working vanna, to doing anything. and then you have to recover your copy to back your went to the proceed, but you cannot receive it because i don't moment,
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there is no way you can kill someone. i want my money when they are not working. i've tried. these are the challenges people, most policies, the young people, you find a policy like if you go to the bank, you have to collect your i'm telling you about that. you buy above 25 percent. that's very expensive. and we've been sharing into our business, which you're starting, you know, ricky, i'm curious about the challenges uses along the way. you will hear some of the stories one day of business that has been killed because of that fission and, and to, to, to, to be, you would really believe that that solution is good for this country. but we don't want technician to really be like a tool that can be used base 10 units in government to kill businesses. thank you very much, ricky sandra. i'm curious about, you know, listening to what you're saying. does this also speak to the investment climate? do you think that our climate here encourages investments? the environment does not favor investment. if you're going to go and borrow money,
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you're burned as about 85 percent. but if you go to money, linda, you can get that money at 10 percent, 15 percent per month at the very high. she's i bet you present that to pass a test that's very high for investment because you see me, i must have shown up when you are to i invest, we mostly impact looking at impact more. so when you give me this money, it's expensive. i'm always metric tons that and then i may make a 1000 maybe up to i. yeah. so that's what makes the investment. yep. very expensive. so we need more alternative very, i'm curious about, you know, one of the issues you raised was lack of capital. and i know that there a lot of government programs for young people. so the youth livelihood program and so on. these things you've thought about, have you tried and failed? is it just not working? what is it? i haven't really tried out, but then i've heard it from friends, i've had spring, se government programs that help. but then also, i don't know how to approach these people. how do we approach them? what is needed?
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where do you start from? i'm going to really since phase about the things and we are in school about the school and stuff like that. ricky, you left when we mentioned these, so when we spoke about government funding, you are laughing and i'm curious, had you tried this before? have you had stories? what is it about it? so i'm actually laughing because i kind of see you as an agent or a promoter, you have what we call foreign investors. and the foreign investors, mostly from $22.00 countries, india to be specific. i'm china. these people have good judy investment and you've, you hear of stories here that an investor is going to build a hospital and government is going to fund the investor to build the spittle. and these are the things that really, really had to. and the reason this is happening is because they're able to really give money to a few other people will able to convince the government we want a government that we use governance. we love our country so much goes supported by that of young people and employee. and employee, the people making this uni that i was 1520 percent of the total population of
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uganda. let's get real about this issue that when you think about in inclusion for the people. and i think one of the key things that i hear you sort of hints at is the people who are making decisions. youth as you should actually be, us, people are making this for asked, don't know, as one of the things you consent to here is capital to start a business. it's one of the things that story mentioned. and i'm curious to, to the ladies and decide what are your solutions to tori's problem. so start from where you start to what you have 80 percent is behavior. you have to lock the display and you have to keep on improving. so i say i invest in a book every, every month i read a book, i listen to different people speaking, mentoring me. i had to learn how to play people. i had to learn how to hire. i had to learn how to fire. so i so much believe for most businesses, that's the most the key. so we have solutions, but we also have challenges and i think it's up to everybody out there to pick
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whether they're going to take them up and utilize them. but i think they've been really great solutions from people who have started from nothing to get to where they all. so that's it for the 77 percent here in kampala. thank you for joining us . and that's it. thanks a lot to everyone involved in this debate. and you can check out a longer version of the debate on youtube. well, making a korea sometimes comes with the wish to go abroad. and this is exactly what finger karen from kenya did. but when she was in the united states, she realized that the best place to make it is actually her hometown nairobi. so she is back on the continent. 2 2
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to my name is ken i some people, one asset kern, i'm a musician i thing i produce. i saw light, i play some instruments here and i just got back from berkeley college of music. couple years ago, i was in boston, and i decided to come back and live narrowly me, because i've been a part of my life. so apparently since the age of 4, i've known that i wanted to be a singer. and so i just pursued things that would keep me in line with that taking music lessons performing and every chance i got in school wasn't hearing to make the performance check for the dance team in school. i always found myself doing something musical. i when i heard that 3 and 5 kids wants to leave the country. i'm not surprised. like conversations that i have with
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my friends. everybody always like, yeah, but you can't do it in kenya. so, you know, i'm working to get out of here or even media. that's awesome. i, i work with without the cannon limitations in mind. so i hope to travel. and so when i did get to leave the country for the 1st time, i've never been to the states, i'd never lived abroad. that was with cool, but i was somewhat disappointed. i feel one of those you really want to leave the country. i would say, do it like, go, travel, go see the world, go acquire as much information as you can as a living as an or the bad thing is this, like, don't leave and then don't come back to need. we still need young great minds and can my purpose is to break boundaries using music. and i think that's something that we did back income le. and something we didn't really set out to do. we just did it naturally. and that was all of our purposes at the time. and
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i feel like i just have to continue doing what i do just to show others that it's possible. be just making pop music, making alternative music being a female and african making music that can transcend boundaries trans, on borders. yeah, i think there's a lot of doubt, self doubt in kenya and a lot of suppressed artistic expression. and so i feel like i just need to pop up bubble and just allow the people to use it, but we don't have talent. it's just that talented people don't see that there aren't, can be more than super passionate about other artists. and i mean, i got into this industry by being supported by other artists and i had people like
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octopus, who would give me advice. you'd always be have my back blinky bill. i was, i have my back with any of the drama queen and they still do so mentors and mentoring. people see that i've opened my mind up so much. i've met so many different kinds of people and it just makes me realize that we actually have a lot here in kenya, and people are really talented. people are really cool. people are stylish, we have a lot to offer. and so just seeing that dr. position is like being in the states. everyone talks about the states as much opportunity. and i really think that the opportunities are in africa now. the so much possibility and our perspective hasn't really been considered. we haven't really explored what we can do you by me. i just love what karen said about the fact that there are lots of opportunities in africa. i mean,
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these days it's common to see women in managerial positions or working in sectors, but used to be mailed dominated for example, i t or engineering. but what we often don't hear about is how many women are being for us to have sex with men in power. in order for them to get a job. we asked women in lagos, nigeria, how common it is for men to ask for sexual act during job interviews. the common thing for the female i had of a story. okay. faint. if somebody so close to me, you know, she went for jump or thing and she got to the place, the man told her that's before he can give her the job. she has to in some sense, like,
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good ability level of level of blood. and she told me each has been like that, that's the way the man does for all the female stuff. working with him there, the money journal, whereby the symposium to inflate him. we say he wants to go out to them before the car secured job. so it really happens in this country that we ask you few was gets on seeing people do see a few more get something you use, what you have to get what you want. so is for like those people in charge. they want to add you to sleep. we then one or 2 teams before the cow file, and you, that's really need the job you have to do or the absolute to do those testimonies are just sucking. and the sad fact is that this is not just happening
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in nigeria. on facebook, we asked you whether it is common for women in your region to be coerced into having sex for jobs. and here's what you wrote for our trustee. not says in the movie, it's a culture thomas one man says here and you gander. it's even worse. and honestly it's the only option for our dear sisters. and finally, golf club says it's a hit the full situation. in cameroon, it's everywhere from churches to schools and even companies. well, there, my dear and woman in our next report is fighting against this. i said to cab with them, bull wants to protect women from sexual violence and she offers job opportunities to those who need them the most. the women in the refugee camp, in my degree in north eastern nigeria, one of the cities,
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the most affected by the local, her insurgencies. i should to couple dunbar is on their way to visit women live in the internally displaced. people come in my degree, their capital of nigeria, northeastern states. she's a gender equality activist, and whole sweatshops. the. i use the phone for the i'd if you can, time to time to discuss with woman on the importance for them to allow to dad also to walk to school was talk to them on how to prevent them. so isn't that has to do with gender, dis, valez as case i do, sexual gender, there's violence. $1600.00 cases of gender base violence. well, water in north eastern nigeria in 2019 alone. this includes rich assault and 4th. marriage, mark cases have been reported since the beginning of the book her, i'm insurgency in 2009. i said to herself, was forced into an early march. not much visit, had to start at own n g, u,
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b. one i want to not is the out why it is free for issue that has to do with sexual valez on all forms of gender vis. vaughn is, i want to not is, can i do that way when my face you want to, i spell for you to call office. nobody will be able to, to, to, to, to bring her down using some cultural days is ah, advocating for women in ice. you just region is difficult and dangerous. religious fundamentalists have threatened her with fiscal violence and truth. how harassed her online. but i, she too, is more determined than ever. she has reached over 20000 women and girls creating job opportunities and vulnerable workplace skills is priority. then i need to make the sewing machine has helped me a lot. if i have financial problems, i can say one or 2 items and get paid for them. so i can solve my problems myself.
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i'm so grateful to those who have taught me the skill. now go to the gills. i should just, well show possibly come, said haven, after experiencing trauma, the hands of the surgeons taylor. they surrounded the whole place and started shooting, but we managed to escape from you at the camp. we've done so many things. for instance, we don't send out our girls alone, but their male counterparts, why do i do that? we women have also become self sufficient so we can take care of ourselves and our children today. she continues to grow. hey, initiative. i should just dream is to improve the lives of many women and not niger area, as possible. sexual violence continues to be an outraging issue. also in the media. some time ago, young women took to the streets with a powerful message. enough is enough. this inspired namibian position,
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ease to produce a song against vendor based violence in collaboration with us. but that's not all you all joined in and sent us your video clips. so always feel free to get in touch on facebook or our new instagram channel because we always love to hear from our followers. and here as a final treat, i present you the version of ease a song feature ring. you are a $77.00 per centers live show. thank you so much for being with us today and for always supporting the show. enjoy and see you next time. i don't know what you have to tell you say yes, a king, but you know what? i mean?
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because we take care of it we we don't relate to what you want to know by live mom. i don't know what it is, right? no problem . we have women girls. i'm going to be funny. this should be making these kinds of country down the entire country. we'll this moment
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and we don't want to go through this again. no gorman's going to go through this. recall is that equality end of life? right? i don't know the good news the who's the news, the news,
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the news, the the, the, the, the the the show i told the issues shaping the continent of africa, the government. what's making the headlights and what's behind the way on the street to give you enough reports and insights,
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all the trend stuff to use in 30 minutes on the w o. it's about billions. it's about it's about the foundation of the new world order, the silk road. china wants to use the network of trade with to expand its influence, including europe, conflicts are inevitable. china gateway to europe. in 75 minutes on dw, ah, was when i was on lunch and on
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the voice, the only way i can be taught is to create my own the see they're standing stories in women in asia this weekend on d. w. the case and above all how it feels jewish life in europe. that's what film producer and journalist, he's good mind are exploring. delving into history and the present. i would never have thought that judaism could be live. so i remind myself this because i grew up in a completely different way. broad pluralistic
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jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on d, w. the in the news . this is the news line from berlin wildfires, rage across western canada rescuer, search for the missing in towns force to evacuate. the government is warning of a long and challenging summer ahead also coming up a deadly mudslide cloud through a seaside town in japan. authorities here is a heavy rain could now figure another disaster and the shameful story of the young
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germany fan locked when her team last to england and football, 02020, a fundraising.


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