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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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but it won't be quite as severe, it wouldn't be blowing past existing records. or if it did, it would not be blown past them by very much. and so climate change less weights be much more severe than they otherwise would have been in a world without any change. more than 105 still burning across west and canada, threatening the towns prime minister justin trudeau has conveyed an emergency response group and promises to help communities recover. in japan, a powerful mudslide has swept through a seaside town flattening nearly everything in its path. and these 2 people have died and 20 more are missing. the military has been deployed to atomic. southwest of tokyo days of torrential rains triggered the disaster. the water lump ground swallowed buses. the heavy rain swept top. com and then dumped them. the landslide destroyed homes and businesses
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the big electricity pylons here was shaking all over the place. i'm not from them. i didn't know what was happening. then the mob slides were already there. and in the street below, i was really scared. somewhere amid all this devastation of the dozens of local residents who couldn't get away in time tea, while those have already been found, dead rescue was looking for more survivors in just a few days. the area has seen more rain than it usually does in an entire month. as rescue efforts and evacuations gets under way. officials want that more downpours are full cost. scientists say that the increased rainfall that led to this event is likely linked to climate change. and we're going to go back to the canadian
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story because we've been able to get in touch with our reporter and difficult communication conditions. e met a guy, he is in boston bar canadian towns, 30 kilometers south of lit where the residents were evacuated. you've been covering this disaster for days now. how has the situation developed in the past few hours? while it kind of gives you an idea of how difficult it is to be where we are geographically with sort of that cell phone and why fi connection issues? that not only are people on the ground looking to cover this fire, having but personnel were in charge of emergency response have had trouble with communication. linton is a community of $250.00 people, essentially 90 percent of that is gone. so schools have burned home that have burnt ambulance, they same hospitals, the fire has moved its way through the town and up to more forested hilde
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areas. so it is grown, but certainly the damage in human damage, it is already caused and the fatalities to have been confirmed. but i have sources that have responded on the ground saying that there is potentially more the number is difficult to confirm because the town is very hazardous at the moment. what's left behind in the town. so corners service of british columbia, the r c m p, the police agency, federal police agency of canada are standing outside but cannot go in until it is a safer place to be. and that's where some of the, the work essential work can be done. meanwhile, people who have been evacuated from the town are scattered. they are trying to find loved ones try to reconnect with people who they are accounted for. and we have got
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confirmation from officials and there are people on accounting for how many we don't know yet. okay, well there's a lot of questions and i guess one of the big ones is i mean, weather wise and in terms of logistics and fighting fires, how long can this go on? how long do people have to be worried for in british columbia? behind me we live amongst the forest. a lot of community are built very close to heavy force base and and unfortunately this is just the beginning of our traditional wild fire season. and usually the season very depends on the weather, leading up to it in the month of june. and in the month of june, the entire south coast of british columbia in the interior, had little rain and record high temperatures that give you an idea. the village of
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litany which had been in the headlines because of the tragedy and the fire. a week before the fire, only days before the fire really was making national headlines for breaking temperature records all time. canadian temperature records the day before the fire linton be registered a temperature of 49.6 degrees celsius, which is the hottest canada has ever been. we've seen and incredible incredible temperatures and devastating pictures we're looking at. thank you so much for your reporting from the ground. you met a guy he, thanks so much. let's take a look now. it's some of the other stories making news around the world. rebel forces in northern ethiopia have brought more than 7000 captured government troops to the regional capital of mckayla. t great defense force to control the city after federal government soldiers pulled out at least 8 people have been killed in the
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rebels stronghold of if they've been serial. the syrian observatory person in right as showing from government controlled areas. it children and activists fighting between the syrian government and rebels has flare, despite a truce, agreed to last year. dozens of feminists have demonstrated against sending out a traditional system in the capital. the car officials take a soft line on violence in women and one more government support for victims. a vatican judge has indicted an italian cardinal and 9 other people for financial crisis charges are related to a london real estate deal. prosecutors accused the suspects of embezzling millions of euros from the whole lease. the former president of the european council, donald to ask is teaching a political come back in his homeland. poland just gets taken over as a leader of the main opposition party, the liberal civic platform. he wants to challenge the hours left to show you the
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ruling right wing law and justice party in elections. in 2 years time. the government has clashed with brussels over law reforms and l g, b, t, and women's rights. and joining me now from warsaw w, corresponded magdalena goose to palo kat, magdalena. the thanks for being here, donald tuk is back. what is all this mean? well, and we never know what it means, but we know he could be dangerous for the ruling party for years. could she keep and we know that he has a vision to wind the next election, which will take place in 2 years in poland. and his ambition is now. yeah, and it's clear he will fight the coaches to get his name is going to happen. we feel that come years, so we have to to what was going to happen, but he came back, you know, compete high school. he came back to class one when she called founded to go. and
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she feel like home, hugh, which we could do today. you were very positive who are those self confidence and he's had he will get courage to teach to win the next election. well ok, so he's back in the game. what agenda does he have? how did you want to change the country? well, he did not say a lot today about his political agenda. he didn't talk about interval of papers and political, but what he said, and what reminded me a little bit of a joe biden is said poland. poland needs to be back. she said also about himself, i am 100 percent back in poland has to be also back and he said he would like to be polling for patient in the world and we published poland to be respected, the country in the international. yeah. so that's what we have today from him. he didn't talk a lot about legal again, but it was, although it's
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a very strong time that he's back. ok, he's back. he wants talk to you back. someone else who's back as you know better than i 0 stuff kasinsky reelected as the leader of the governing right wing populous law and justice party. so who wins the fight between the 2 men? that is a good question, but not if i think the only one know who kit could be really dangerous for yourself . could she key and you know, when we sound today he speaking and speaking, you know, normally all summer would look at the other day. they change the rules, so it's already today, dangerous percussion, keep it up to you and we don't know what's going on with the economy population, which looks quite, you know, we don't know how the internal pipe in the really part will devil. and it's hard to predict now, but you know, once done
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a already one election and gave it to tell you 7 people wash, you know, say maybe she could repeat it. but leslie. okay, well, thank you for that insight and will be of course, watching that content very closely. mcglenn english telecom in wars. not thanks so much for that inside of their turn of donald, just to polish politics. the looking ahead in sports england take on ukraine in the euro. 2020 quarter finals in a couple hours time. derrick, south gates, england team, our hot favorite having beaten germany in the last round. they're looking to reach their 1st semi final since $996.00. ukraine are full of confidence after scoring a winner in the last minute of extra time against sweden, ukraine's president voted me as the lensky has told the team, the nation will be cheering for their heroes share guide. it's too early to go
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home. all of ukraine will play with you, all of ukraine will root for you for your luck, and if god will have all of you cry well when loop. all the tennis and wimbledon, where german onto the count has jumped into. the round for beating. alexander says, no rich please me. 2018 champion struggled for the past 2 years, but he found for me just before the tournament and has carried it into the grass. grand flan hemma is the only form of wimbledon champion left in the women. england saw a 17 year old cocoa off in the next round dutchman max fish stop and has sealed pole position yet again for the austrian grand prix. the red bull driver gave himself the perfect chance to extend his overall lead and the championship 2nd on the grid will be mc clarence lando norris, after
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a surprisingly strong run in qualifying sergio paris was greatest 3rd quickest. pardon me? meeting mercedes world champion. louis hamilton will have to start 4th, they are now up to date coming up next to our digital tech. so shift takes a look at internet names on the spicer. thanks for watching the news news. so going was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. we agreed to postpone the or the game central care with 202021. thrown off course during the qualifying ground. not least for sports heroes.
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actually it was a flap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. when i'm fired up and ready to help down during walk down the block, you go to tokyo starts july 19 d, w. the names have become casual artifacts. thanks to n s t technology, some self, a huge sum of money. others like to create a new young cat field that's only fair, but more on that later. one thing is clear, means i have to state, but what makes a good successful mean? that's our topic on ship today. the bernie sanders in the battle beal in an edward hopper painting or on the iron throne form game assaults. the photo of the american democrats wearing cells and
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mittens was taking a job by ends in duration it delighted. countless internet users who use the image in new context. thus, the sanders mittens mean was born. but what exactly is a mean? when we hear mean, most of us probably think about the funny picture that gets a different meaning when you change the caption. but these image macros are just one type of mean. a video can be a mean piece of text can be a mean. it's something that as remixed and recycled and copied. so something that is disseminated over and over again, and as it's disseminated it also you take your socio just still call. it is writing her ph. d on internet means he describes them as units of culture that work as templates. and you can change their meaning by changing the caption and have endless varieties of the same means, like pictures that compare celebrities outfits too hot. yes. for this video where
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a man is yes, stickly introduce his rather quiet girlfriend. my birthday i get to introduce you to my girlfriend with amazing which other internet users edited into hostage situation. and because it's my birthday i get to introduce you to my girlfriend who is a met. one today is also my birth date. and because of my birth date, marcus, you don't want to do that thing. i get the letter go. i mean, to become an important online communication tool. they can reaffirm community membership and are a great way to quickly and widely spread information or commentary means they're successful because they're easy to disseminate their cheap so make almost every one other smartphone. almost everyone uses an instant messenger app and very easy to decode. most of the time,
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sometimes they can be extremely difficult to their code as well. adding inventive captions to movie stills is one template that works across the world. another is responding with a reaction ship with and while some topics to appeal to the global mean community like overly demanding parents, there are also regional differences. i think the way the means are used in different places usually is dependent on how tightly control the internet as in that place. so in countries where there is more internet censorship, you might have you might have more dangerous means, so to speak. these dangerous means are often political and in countries with repressive regimes, people have been sent to jail for sharing means. in china,
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the government took offense to comparisons between sheet and ping and we need to images of the children's book character. what temporarily blocked and the kindly beer became a public enemy. so means on just online dogs. some help us understand world politics. when the effort given container she got stuck in the suez canal in 2021. it prompted a flood of new means. many incorporated scenes from movies or television series, others to parallel to personal problems like an overflowing email inbox or progress donation. for the section had become a symbol of the fragility of world trade, as it showed how dependent global economy is on free passage through this to us can out hundreds of ships were unable to get through and on twitter maps showing alternative routes, but the positions of ships waiting to pass through got
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a lot of attention. even the communist philosopher karl marx with protests sample shows how useful needs can be and helping us understand complex systems. many people started sharing. yes. and it was the funding boats, boat stuck and canal joke, and then it turned into, okay, where is this boat? whereas this canal while is, does all world trade depend on this one tiny can. now, why are we doing this? mean are also a great way for making light of heavy feelings, such as helplessness, like an india, which has been hard hit by covert 19, where the 2nd lockdown was recently extended. user shared numerous summer i'm going back to bed. others are not having enough. i'll call it and still others in your family. the means to help people communicate in the difficult situation.
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means can be a form of a test. they protest and a creative outlet for difficult emotions and why it's hard to assess how influential political means really are. they are playing a role in political debates and then becoming more valuable, like the global hit yon kat and his rainbow trail. we asked the means create a chris stores about the story behind the pop top cat. an animated cat with a pop tart body. and cat was one of the most viewed youtube videos of 2011 and the chip was a huge bio creator chris torres explains its humble origins. i was doing a charity drive for the american red cross way back in 2011. and i was in the chat room with a lot of people just drawing stuff for charity. and i just, you know, i finished it. i got like a 100 bucks, as a donation for it. then that night i did it to actually fix it. and then i just put
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it on twitter posted on tumbler. and i just kind of like called the day, the cat went viral even more so after someone added playful japanese music. taurus made a bit of money for merchandise, but he's real profit in 10 years later when he sold a non refundable token or n f t nonrefundable tokens, i like an authenticity certificate for did last works. yeah, it was one of the 1st means sold as an entity in february. chris dollars auction off on the theory. unblocked chain. revenue sold for a high prize in the block chains crypto currency, ethan. i was just wanting to test the waters but the 1st one i but the 1st, the cat that i put was the original. i re master and i put it up there. and that's the one that sold for $300.00 ether, which is the value right now. one, well, i'm not sure what it is right now, but last night was 1000000. a keen husband or something well like that, it had a dozens of new friends to the cap universe like
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a mexican cat or the crypto currency inspired me until the soap and thanks to n. s. t's of a pay in the ring. me me create us. i know also earning serious money, like with the mean overly it has girlfriend disaster girl or grumpy kit which have all been sold us and the cheese. if you ever don't understand the mean, you can check out the website. no. your mean dot com is like it, we can p d f o means, which is helpful because many have several layers of meaning. here's an example. this your video line musicians, the line again, the cat has over 15000000 time counted. what's the secret success? let's have them as the guys finish song from 928. it was rearranged in $900.00. 95 by the courts had noise to the song entered the meanwhile, through youtube in 2006,
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a russian viewer combined with assurance from a japanese animation, creating the lease which went viral buddy, buddy. but it was so successful that another version sung by an animated donkey. soon followed, that was mostly sold as a range on for mobile phones back when that was still a thing the, the la good again heard this song on the radio in late 2018. soon after, keep upload it his own version of the point that to you what it was. 2 the cat was an added until 2020. what's the story behind the cat? in april 2020 i take user posted a video of our cat net head bobbing tele trying to music. it quickly became a popular mean template where the vibe and cad is combined with your captions or
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some of them at the moment you put some of them again, what i gotta do to get it to you for a minute. went by the count was added to guard against poco version. november 2020 . his drumming became a new mean template for i'm poor enough. people added trump dancing up biden's. and of course the cat had your enough this song even makes me want to do that. but that has been a little bit or enough feel. yeah. so that's how it came about. and i think it's great. and then those are those that person's name, several of which have been mixed with other famous me the an amazing story. music especially pop songs, a great me material. check this out. the the most famous music mean today is probably rick astley,
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987 hit. never going to give you up the if you're on line or why greg? back to 2005, i thought it's hard not to come across this song. for a single there's even the term rick rolling, which means to send someone a promising looking link that actually leads to the music video. that was another popular music means draws on canadian musician drake and his head hotline, blank to gesture, symbolizing approval and rejection, have become templates or means expressing personal opinion will use to come and there's even a drake hotline blank mean generator where you name there are also
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political music, me like this mash up of this is america by childish gambino and congratulations myself alone. this logan, this is america, and congratulations were combined to form a me. it was frequently used on tick tock to comment on protest in the us. to me means our form of truly global communication. there are a great way for us to connect and exchange views, and as everything from nonsense job means to serious political commentary, do you also use them? what do means mean to you and do you have a favorite? that is no on youtube or d, w dot com. i for now and take care. ah, ah, in the
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finding a job and learning new skills, we need young african teachers to themselves. so that's what dr. be a motto of cartoon opinion, or who returned from the us tonight, robi, we realize that we actually have a lot here in the 77 percent on dw, the show that the issue is changing the continents and news africa, the government, what's making headlines and what's behind the industries to give you in the report all the trends to use in 60 minutes on d w. these places in europe are smashing the record. step
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into a all big picture. the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover some of you have to record breaking on july, you tube. and now also in book form the welcome to a new or this in of the 77 percent. the show for africa was you with host, let me show on this week. so we'll focus on how women often have to go to great lengths in order to find work for me to young, uganda, and entrepreneurs who decided to take matters into their hands and create their own jobs. we get to know karen kanyes rising are in the star who chose nairobi over bus.


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