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tv   Glaubenssachen  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 5:03pm-5:30pm CEST

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climate change less waves be much more severe than they otherwise would have been in a world without any change. more than 105 still burning across western canada threatening other towns. prime minister justin trudeau has convened an emergency response group and promises to help communities recover. lets speak now to forest and fire ecologist johan, go down. he is the founder of the global fire monitoring center at the university of fiber key in germany. dr. thank you very much for your time. welcome to d w. when you look at what's happening in canada right now as a fire expert, what's of most concern to you? well, the most concern is that politics so far has very little responded to the warning signals that have been sent out by the scientific community. because the climate change and the consequences on changing pirate genes,
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increasing flammability, increasing vulnerability of people that has been predicted since more than 30 to 40 years. and people worried, of course, in canada and, and all around the world that this might become the new normal. you're speaking about climate change, will this, do you think it will become the new normal? yes, absolutely. because it is an avoidable, and we are serving many similar developments in the higher latitude of eurasia, notably in siberia, and the russian federation. where the fires spreading more and more to the north and we see more activities in regions and visitation, tides where less buyers have been observed in the recent history because also to places like greenland. let's bring our attention, of course back to canada as well. when we're looking at this wildfire,
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what makes the season different to previous years? well, i mean, the coincidence of a heat wave coupled with long term impact of rainfall shortage desk, occasional ecosystems. this is indeed a new problem to becoming more severe, more difficult to control. and populations of villages and towns which are embedded in this natural relevant environment have to be prepared to face these kind of these assets including investigations. so a lot of the majors have to be taken in the future to make these communities more alien again, satisfy. and what are some of these measures that you're talking about? when we are serving in north america in canada and british columbia,
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as well as the neighboring west coast of the united states, the construction of buildings has to be adjusted to this increasing threads on the use of what he would material for building houses makes them extremely vulnerable, so i think that the north american engineers have to have a look to, to europe, where the has the houses, the settlements and towns and villages are constructed differently with some of the materials. well, we also have to, to look at the asian routes and other precautionary measures that may include even bunkers, you know, huge places where people can investigate in the middle of their environment and towns without necessarily needing to travel through a zone. which otherwise is also in danger by fire,
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and people could be tracked on the road out of the place. very serious picture, indeed forest and fire ecologist, dr. johan gold. i'm a thank you very much for your time. but let's go to japan now where a powerful mudslide has swept through the side town flattening nearly everything in its path. at least 2 people have died and 20 more and missing. the military has been deployed to a tommy southwest of tokyo days of torrential rain triggered the disaster. the water lumped ground swallowed buses. the heavy rain swept top. com and then dumped them. the landslide destroyed homes and businesses. the big electricity pylons here was shaking all over the place and i didn't know what was happening then the mob slides were already there. and in the street below,
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i was really scared somewhere amid all this devastation of the dozens of local residents who couldn't get away in time t while does have already been found dead. he was looking for more survivors. in just a few days, the area has seen more rain than it usually does in an entire month. as rescue efforts and evacuations get underway, officials want the more down port a full cost. scientists say that the increased rainfall that led to this event is likely linked to climate change. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. a group of heavily armed men are engaged in a standoff. we police in the us date of massachusetts. some fled into woodland. dr . office is because 2 men had been arrested on the brazilians have been protesting
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in rio de janeiro against president jaya bolton arrows handling of the pandemic. half a 1000000 people have died in the country so far. both scenario has repeatedly played down the dangers. i've quoted 19 boma european council president donald took has returned to polish politics. he is once again taking over the leadership of the biggest opposition party pacific platform. took the valid to make up the ground. they make up the ground that his party has lost since he headed to brussels. yeah, let's take a look now at some of the latest developments in the coven 19 pandemic. indonesia says the next 2 weeks will be critical to raining in one of ages worth outbreaks. tough lockdown restrictions are likely to be extended. case numbers have quadrupled in less than a month. iran is facing a 5th wave of infections as the delta variance spreads there, the government is blaming
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a flu vaccination roll out. and us sanctions and russia has seen a 5th straight day of record death, again, driven by the delta variant. many russians are reluctant to get their vaccine. as europe gradually lift restrictions, club club is in the netherlands. philip, writing clubs and live music venues are open again. our reporter, sampled amsterdam, the world famous not life as it springs back to life. a quick warning though, this report does contain some flashing images for hunting base. don't nightclubs can officially reopen welcoming back johnson. after more than a year, but to open the doors to this parallel parts, the universe then use like amsterdam power d, so must implement tight check. old 1500 attendees. here need a state issued covered pass showing they are really vaccinated, recovered or have tested negative or very big. we only let people in with
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a valid code and id check. so you can copy this or show it to somebody or give it to somebody else, refer a very strict on this for safety reasons. that mean some people who for 50 years for the ticket will make the cuts much haven't received my results for the test. so but for those who get that magic green lights, once you're in anything goes actually there are no rules of wearing masks where no room on keeping your diesel can open it. so capacity all night long. but could this be a recipe for disaster? so dave, dave is good to be honest. i really
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don't see, do i need to build in this part of trying to lead didn't to reopen after a terrible year for the life music industry. he's convinced it was the right decision life out of risks with everything you do. but i do believe that our government is quite smart about it. they have a lot of very bright people working, advised them to see if it's possible music and live use against the it's more important they would be the next truck, but people need it. you know, people need to party to good. meet new people. just say music 3 or 4 site this cozy clubbing bubble, the threat of the virus and you very, it's still very real thought for tonight. down if parking like there's no damage to football now and easily have set up the euro. 2020, semi final with spain. italy got goals from nicholas by the ela and lorenzo
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insinuate to help them defeat belgium in the 1st of the quarter finals. and spain beat switzerland in a dramatic penalty shoot out to end this spot in the semi finals. spain's goalkeeper when i see him on made to save the match, had ended off to extra time despite switzerland playing a man down. now switzerland made history just by playing in the quarter finals. it had been newly 70 years since they lost the since they made it that far at major tournament, and they got a warm welcome on their return home to zurich, a crowd turned out at the airport, reminding the team of this drum showing, including a win over the world champions drunk, and in the round of 16 that victory also came in a penalty and looking ahead now to the other 2 quota. finally, the chick republic play denmark than england take on ukraine. garrett, south, south gate, england team, our hot favorite,
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having beaten germany in the last round. they're looking to reach their 1st euros semifinal since $996.00. ukraine are full of competence. so after scoring a winner in the last minute, extra time, again, freedom and ukraine's presidency. lensky has told the team, the nation will be cheering day heroes on corporate chair guys. it's too early to go home. all of ukraine will play with you. all of ukraine will root for you, and if god will have all of you, crime will win. now in gulf, it's agreed that play must proceed at a reasonably brisk pace. otherwise there are hold ups on the course. but what would 2 of the world's best gulf is supposed to do about this field nicholson and ricky fowler, who died in the way as a family of duck waddled past in detroit. fortunately, the police helped the ducks and the golfing traffic jam was
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a vestige. lucky for them, you're up to date. now coming up next on d w. a documentary looks at the case of the wiki lick, found julian nathan say is more on the w dot com and d w. new on instagram and twitter. i'm sorry. great, thanks for watching the green. do you feel worried about the plan? on neil's host of the on the green fence, it's clear we need to change. join me for think sides into the green transformation for me to use the plan. ah.
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the distance learning all i felt danger. i'm all right. i'm here with you for doing the the me the
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people who made publications of which usually into just want to take one example. they come in when they, when missouri and murder, the, the, the war duke. and that's to be expedited for reporting. it was i me the story of wiki leaks began the, in the middle of the iraq cool. the us military's worst nightmare came true when a handful of hackers and a few journalists leak to classify the video to the well the
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about me when i saw it actually didn't have that much because i didn't know where it was when it was what was the circumstances with these people, which would only by public reason anything, how relaxed and sort of innocent most of the that the con inch then became. the footage was complex to decrypted, the wiki leak, founda and his team moved to reykjavik the capital of iceland. bad. they rented this great house, they named the bunker to prepare the video for relief. the
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this footage is from july 2007, and showed an apache helicopter flying over a neighborhood in baghdad. the on board cameras, boats, a group of rockies on the ground to look to be carrying weapons. the pilot and radio contact with his face requested permission to finance your order was once i started discovering more and more detail when it became more emotional to understand. yes, this person was a journalist and this was a driver from among the victims wiki leeks and identified where saw each more of roy has driver and photographer.
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now me in your l. d, in the helicopter pilot, obviously sees the site in surgeon and instantly the sites that the weapons are. this is what that's all up on the the the thing was wanting me a few minutes later. the nature of the incident change is the ab or mission becomes a war crime. scene, a black van approaches to the wounded in size. there are no
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competent just 2 men with 2 children. the pilot reports an imminent threat and requests permission to fire again. during the caller glare around me on the grounds, there are courses everywhere. the helicopter then captured on film, the arrival in a group of soldiers among them. ethan mccord,
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the. this is me here. i was one of the about 6. you are dismounted at the time. running up on to the scene. i've never seen anything like that before i saw on the corner what appeared to have been 3 men. they were completely destroyed by the 30 millimeter. thr, claire, they'd almost to me didn't seem real. it kinda seems like something that you would see out of a bad horror movie claire. the soldier realizes the severity of being that he approaches the. he locates 2 wounded people. a 4 year old girl under 10 year old boy me. i originally thought that the boy was, was deceased because he had a went to the right side of his head and he wasn't moving. and when i went back at
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the end, he made like a labored breath movement. and that's when i started screaming that the boys alive, the boys alive and i grabbed and started running into the bradley, which was now at this point, he looked up at me and i looked down at him. and i told him it's going to be ok. i have, you don't worry, it's going to be ok in his eyes rolled back into his head and at that point i thought that he possibly just died in my arms around me. after this day, i couldn't justify what i was doing and i rag anymore. i became very angry with the war, the death and destruction of innocent people. that's not what i joined the military
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for on april 5th, 2010. we can publish the video online with the title collateral murder. the public could see the true horror of this war. in baghdad, the families of the victims learned the circumstances of what happened in the man driving the van died. but the boy you saved by ethan mccord. survived. i'm doing good job. and she she said that she knew she was only because
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ah, well, good afternoon to you. i am doing rad against breaking news this afternoon. a shocking and graphic video from iraq, apparently showing us troops and gunning down innocent civilians. and just dropping my kids up at school back in april, 2010. and i went home, grabbed a cup of coffee, sat down on the couch and turned on the news. and there i was running across the screen of my own television. i'm carrying a child. i knew immediately what it was. and it actually felt like a huge slap in the face. i've spent so much time trying to forget that incident. and then here it was being pushed in my face again. ethan mccord was discharged from the army in 2010. said then he has been an anti war activist. the 6th of
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the clutter on the release was, was very important. the video is iconic, symbolic. it was a stunning testimony of a war crime. there was no question about it. and the people saw for little eyes what the war and tales we thought would shoot to teach we. helix is undoubtedly not above criticism, but we helix has revolutionized access to information. and wiki leaks has enabled the revelation of war crimes perpetrated by the american army. it would undoubtedly not have been revealed without wiki lately. someone kicks the wiki leaks exploded in the national media the, the world wanted to know who was behind it. here julian authorities and another
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prominent spokesman for the project. we can make this $500.00 uses from 5 people to $100000.00 for operational costs. it was built in a way that was the lowest, remain anonymous to the project itself. so whenever something was received, it was not clear where it came from. so with a lower should feel secure in the way that if he feels something should be out in the public. there is not an instance that is then judging about his feelings. mm. me. which was set up to guarantee anonymity to all its officers. but just one month after the video which released the us army, arrested, a young soldier near baghdad. ah,
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the soldier's name was bradley manning. he spent his days finding military documents and was suspected after leaking. the footage proudly managed to the young, 22 year old army intelligence specialist only a couple of years in the army. you felt that they were operations going on. and he felt that there had been civilian deaths and other things about war that the american people in the world should know about. with high level security clearance, bradley manning was able to download millions of confidential documents, military report. diplomatic came off strategy memo about iraq and also afghan, this dan bradley manning 1st off at the documents to the washington post and the new york times. but neither responded. oh,
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that's when he contacted wiki leaks, and known the soldier within a found her position. he chatted with adrian latino, a young hacker, telling him everything was all all. thank, adrian lama reported bradley manning to the f. b i. this is how he explained the move during a meeting with other hackers. is what i do believe private 1st class, manning doing which in acting one conscience in that case,
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i can tell i don't believe the word manning receive support from activities. however, on that pales in comparison to the fire power from conservative commentators the idol riley. thanks for watching is tonight, there are traders in america that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wiki leaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. whoever in our government leak that information is guilty of treason i think.


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