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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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we got some hot tips for your bucket list, the magic corner, check for food and some great help for the mortgage to boot the w travel off we go. oh the the is this courageous or just plain crazy into the show will find out why these extreme athletes are taking dare devil lead off a norwegian, cliff. hi everyone and welcome to another edition of your max with me your host. megan lee. here's a look at what else we have in store for you really be helping artists making
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dunning sculptures and how popular german bill is called bismark harry got his name. let's 1st some people like to spend their money on cars, a jewelry or expensive homes, while others invest in art. well, one wealthy swiss art collector has decided to go a step further and create an entire campus dedicated to art. my hoffman, a swiss millionaire pharmaceutical errors, has founded the luma our old call cultural center in south of france. but it's a campus is shiny new tower that has everyone talking 56 needs a told talent clad in around 11000 aluminum panels essentially. and i catch it in the french city of the work of canadian us architect. punky,
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he's famous for his extravagant creations. the tower unknown is said to have passed 150000000 years. it's part of the new luma, our cultural complex, initiated by swiss bill in it. and i connect to my huffman. she was kinda excited, mid italy passes my expectations. so i think it harmonizes well with it's around in a long time. gary is perfect for this project. on thursday as the sole creativity of an artist what to say, clear enough to the telecomm. mine's architectural brilliance. without to fix the engines. for instance, both spiraling 32 meter long metal flight. oh, contemporary artworks are on display in the exhibition room. some works for my husband's private connection and her nate grandmother's ah,
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back in 2010 my off my client, the 11 hectic former french railroad science and construction work is still ongoing . ah, you know, one of us largest private on project stones in contrast to the picturesque old center of the southern french city. and this landmark like the roman m p theater the director list if i blew her. yeah, she welcomes this flash of old and new oral has always been home to monumental architecture. lacking them theater was a phenomenal dimensions compared to the rest of the town. borrow also features medieval buildings alongside these antique monuments, touch you and we are adding another new layer, this historical contact with a unique project. maya hoffman wants to break new ground and create a very so place for visitors. but above all,
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for artists who can work together creatively and future oriented in the renovated railway buildings. when i say most interesting aspect is to make visions possible to make the impossible happen to realize things that cannot be alive anywhere else. dot is a process for so creating and, and constructing deeply rooted relationships with artists, with people who writers with lots of fairs with scientists, with cars or producers design this architect done and especially places for people who want to approach things differently. i'm off work in a completely new way and i think we are trailblazers in this regard to them and that will continue to develop in the future. many locals are still getting used to the center and it's striking the modern tower, but they appreciate the thank you soon. next all is sitting with
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a 2500 year old history, modern with some of them. phenomenal, 0 to to like the whole world is now looking at are all valid the love it or hate. it's not the point who's on to the everyone's talking about architectural, most the pieces have proven crowd put isn't the policy. and even though, oh, already has changed to also, the tower is yet another reason to this is there longer questions about the reckless behavior of lemmings the small road, and that throws itself off a cliff in great numbers. but in our next report, not rodents will see throwing themselves off cliffs on mass, but rather people. now we traveled to an amazing event in southern norway to find out what drives some daredevils to perform death defined stunts. the boeing up at the
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1000 meters high. the world's best based jumper's calculator, died down to the la centimeter when they take the lease from the shock, but can tell their norway is courageous or foolhardy. it's definitely an extreme sport and very risky. but these based jumpers know exactly what they're doing and why jumper's, i just normal people wanting to have some fun, everyone to fly like a birdie, no fun to finally be on top of a mountain and actually fulfill the dream of jumping out and fly safe down the sure is a favorite with face jumper's due to its particular shape. vertical cliff has no legend or irregularities that would make the jump any more dangerous than it already is. we can do it here and share rog because the exit here, it's very forgiving. the 1000 meters high,
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it's that 12 2nd until the mountain gives us a little bit of an edge. so that means that you can jump out and you can do from flips. you can do back flips because you can just fall vertically with the, with the mountain without being afraid of heating, anything based jumpers from the world over having, gathering for 4 days as a light short every summer since 1998. for the hell of a festival, due to the cover panoramic, not as many people have come this year. that doesn't make it any less fun. some participants even show up in costume. i'm a chicken on the flying. flying shaking a little bit of color on my socks, and then i have a pink wig. so it almost looks like a rock star from the 8 is doesn't really has to make sense to just has to be colorful and move on. taking the helicopter up to the plateau or top of the sure
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makes it possible to jump several times in a day. the moment of truth has come to the right now, i don't really think about the outfit. i am very afraid. every single time i jump the day, i'm not scared of jumping, it's the day i'm going to quit because then i'm going to start doing mistakes. i'm just focus on being in depressed. having my. 9 direction the right way. after i open up the, the parachute i can suck in more of the environment than the fjords and the nature . it's for sure, a feeling of freedom of being able to do anything that everything is possible. ah ah
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that was my 1st triple from flips. i was like i was, i thought i was going to do to that then i was just like, this is awesome. and then when 3 and then straight out and everything was perfect. this me like this chicken costume definitely brings out the little the fetters, the flying. yeah. the flying scale upgrades a little bit. and the fun doesn't end with a happy landing. in between the adrenalin rushes in tears of joy. interface jumping community loves to celebrate. it's magical, it's, it's crazy that this little place here can be filled up with 250 people that live there. dream. taking the leap, norway's shrug cliff is a plunge into a very unique sensation.
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wow. all right, time now to think our teeth into something yummy and some foods like pizza, margarita tort or fettuccine alfredo are named after either historic figures or the people who invented them. now sometimes the origin of the name are obvious, while others leave question marks. in the 1st episode of our new theory, tasty legacies, we find out how bismark harring, which i have right here. we find out how this fish from germany is bolted. ghost got his name, the class, something mine and justin, and i want to know why they're named after germany. period. chancellor. i mean, you could just call it pickles herring, but we did say bismark here. and today i will find out why. i mean,
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i live in the north of germany on the baltic sea. my carrying is said to have got my name. maybe the local can tell me what the story is with this is not from this mark. was the an emperor. i think he was a german kaiser from the politician princes bismark have some things to do with this mark, is that and so that's why i like 150 years ago to be precise from 871-2891 . from this mark was the 1st chance, not the german empire. he maximized that the unification of germany, turning many smaller states into a single country. but what's he got to do with that? because hearing rolled me, i've heard that it all began over there and this building, it was huge. house number 6 on the new market square that merging young man and wife colinas pickup parents among things i meet with fly, not from slide from city archive to learn. it's
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a good how did my hair and get its name and number from those? it has something to do with chancellor auto money in his being many people revered . this important politician was one of them. he sent a little battle with his people, harring, healing, the sick with his marks responses cordial here once a victim and plucked up the courage and asked if it would be all right, to call the herring he and his wife producing bismark herring hole yesterday, over the chancellor gave him permission of the bushes. why since $870.00 was it is because it is mark harris is lucky with the improvements and so that the legend one claims this max harring would be popular or have yeah. if it were just one fish among the islands, just as this mac harring, according to the original recipe, the henry roughness. it's now run my
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a friend of mine and you have sent me stuff. we make a modern version was home. i had a thought to have onions, pickup, and more on christmas. can you tell me the secret recipe? the secret recipe is really secret, so i can show it to you. i can, i can show you a few tips on how to make it most revised. original recipe after buying it from johan beach, my great granddaughter, its game was same after 1090 mca barrel of it to royal and presidents during the visit the years the chamber of secrets also show you.
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what do we do? we need to skin the fish. i'll show you okay. must my father skin the harring fillings are placed into a brian of salt and vinegar. gets living with a hearing now. we've been hearing into the barrel metal. no, thank you. no, no, no. just put it in on yan bailey's and off by. go into the barrel and leave your hand each month. okay. hold on. most day that he surrendered week herring must come from the bowl ticket fishing. we had to stop between the island fluid and as time went on the mainland. it's a good spot to fist the hiring look, i try my luck, my life and i cut our line mathias shows out when
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a fresh bites got a good get the unfortunately that was our only hiring off that day. but still in the evening returned to the mainland. in that time now i know how the bismark herring got its name. and what's the rest of us, i guess we'll never find out which is really true. but it's like a story. and the fish ah stories. enthusiasm,
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the smell amazing. the best chef with their best tip. from me to vague and diet and all the rest of the secret. welcome to my well. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. subscribe and enjoy. d. w. food ah! me love, i hate them. bees are an essential part of our lives. after all, a large portion of the world's food production depends on their pollination. well, these are also essential to the work of artists to mush liber teenie. his be not only make honey, they have proven to be great. the sculptors to ah, some 60000 busy be so hard at work in forming the 3. the bodies of sculptures with a wax arch and nature go hand in hand. and it's the
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brainchild of slovak in bone artist thomas river teeny. the reason why i wanted to work with the be, is that want to celebrate and not typical hero. in the story, bees are seemingly longer book creatures, but they produce something that last time and time over again and survives everything. it's not a typical hero that you can expect. he makes the models and leads the rest of to nature. he sketches out his ideas in his studio in the does that? yes, russia down. she creates the frames 1st on the computer. then in reality, by hand using wire on natural materials. later the bees bees black honeycombs the artist news put these like so when i work with these frames and variety of frames that i build, i have to be aware of one thing and that is the bees love. this will actually
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forums and beautiful changes between convex and concave forms b love curves. live t nice be calling ease live in a garden, north of the city center leaking looks after them. it takes lots of energy for the bees to produce air wax. most of the nectar they need from april to, to line have lands on the abdomen that secrete the wax scales. the base collected on their hind legs live needed with the mandible until they shape it into honeycombs. but the owners did run away that nature cannot be planned, it looks like it's quite cold outside and the bees have receded to protect their brewed. so i think they haven't built much in last couple days,
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which is normal. and we kind of expected that when you have some building activity already at the bottom. so that's quite nice with it and the size of this, it can take anything from 2 weeks to 2 years to complete. i think this project is also very important. besides being beautiful artwork in the context of saving me, i'm really happy and humbled that this project helps to promote these ideas. in the most entertaining aspect takeaway thomas liberty nice west sculptures has been services the world over hispanic version of if a t t was 1st exhibited. and most of them comes pell museum in amsterdam, radiate gathering cars on show at the new museum and news on switzerland. new york city is mona, one of the artists sculptures. ah,
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the most fascinating thing about the beast is that it's on one hand, extremely soft. on the other is extremely durable. i love this contradiction, and it's a beautiful metaphor for how we should look and treat our society, that there are people around us that may look weak, but they possess something, a quality that extremely strong and something to celebrate. these make our lives sweeter and are now making contribution to the world. yvonne's, as well as pandemic, regulations are relaxed in people start track calling again. various tours are on offer around europe and for biking enthusiasts. switzerland has 3 different alpine circle tours in the south eastern part of the country. that will take your breath away. you can actually do them by car or on foot. but your max reporter deanna pena was decided to tackle one of them on an
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e bike. and she shared some of the top sites with us. the theme nature breathtaking, stunning architecture, the swift canton of copeland and has a lot to offer genuine c, a root takes. you know, the highlights. i am going to be, you know, from dw euro marks for 2 days. i'm exploring the switch on a new by to visit the most beautiful places in the region. let's go. my 1st stop is the feeder schools where residents speak german pro much, any deleon from switzerland, all this town, 3 different things, the route lead you through them. one thing one is 150 kilometers long. i know there are 20450 kilometers. the mirror would lead me to stunning 65 meter high train bridge in finally the famous bird. nina express is coming up. i also know as the leader right to view is fun. tastic. i
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continue to the foot of devices. would you say, you know, school or heritage side? i think i need to do could reach from the ration or re, will company to make this train so special on saying right, isn't one meter gauge railway or narrow gauge railway? i mean the everything is a bit smaller. fabi. red carriage is became the norm. many years ago, in the beginning the train was actually painted green. i didn't buy the talons referred to. the bernina express at the trevino roster. also i was, you know, the rough during the but i won't give up the spot. invite us by continue of them on whatever living to be and i need to 5, i saw a lot during the 1st 100 kilometers. my 1st they come student in the us,
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you know? oh, today the journey continues with the cable car. i'm driving up here to the w. a school station at another of almost 3 tells me either give or let's say most for a shot, dropping use of pleasures and the highest more time in the eastern. as the piece let me know, the motor rush and post glaciers got a total of 16 square kilometers, plus can know what we're up here. let me here in the there's a wonderful 10 kilometers down the glacier to more to rochester. in the summer. you can do the glacier trail, which also leads down from the laser home. with this $100.00 is really something the next 50 kilometer a leg off the route to the next stop takes about 3 and a half hours by bike car. it will be 15 minutes,
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then has the wrong 11000 kilometers off by the swiss national park, which is 170 square kilometers is the country's largest nature reserve here. so it's not all out. a c, r vive. and you have been working here for 20 years in what kind of animals have you seen? how and see bill busted him so much to feel a he think i get a lot of deer goats and ibex isn't summer and bad bill. but that involves spotted, bears, and wolves as well that and that and then be somebody. it was very special to see such predators easy. it also could also help deeded to be boston the trade off 30. the high did hi denise. here we are, this morning of off the top of my inspire 900 century switch. novel is johan as
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theories to write heidi a while famous children. it has been translated into other 50 languages, tied into a 5 year old orphan, grows up in her grandfather's care here, visitors can following her food stamps. i have to say it was really the money to explore 5 different places into days on a bike. but it was totally worth it. i especially like, did you ever listen? i real experience that i can sorta you recommend the route has over 20 highlights. it's a dinning group. you can explore bike cars or even on who's told you there were breathtaking views. and with that we come to the end of another show, but don't forget to check out our website for this week's draw and a chance receiving this d. w backpack along with some other fun stuff. and of course, be sure to follow us on facebook. as always, thanks for tuning in and we'll see you again the
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the, the the ah, the news, the news, the news,
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the, the, the, the the finding a job and learning new skills. we meet young african teachers for themselves from way. that's what dr. be the motto of cartoon opinion, or who returned from the us. you know, roby. it just makes me realize that we actually have a lot of in percent 30 minutes on dw,
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the whistleblower. the easier for just a traitor. julian assumes that's probably the one been hiding that arrested, but he continues to fight. a film team has been following him up close for 10 years in 75 minutes on w. ah. the news i was secret y b. discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore the fascinating world heritage site w world heritage 3. get the now the
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goal was right in front of the then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with 2020, from of course during the qualifying ground for sports heroes down during lockdown starts july 19th on dw frankfurt, hot international gateway to the best connection, self road and radio. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the world experience and standing shopping and dining offers, enjoying our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frank bought. oh.
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the news . w. news alive from berlin. wildfires range across width and canada. rescuers search for the missing in town for to document the government warning of a long and challenging summer. also coming up a deadly month slide cloud through the side town in japan. authorities via the k b rein couldn't out we get another disaster. and in the european football championships, the czech republic is counting on the found out player from the top german league. can public chic.


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