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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm CEST

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the make up your own mind, me w. need for mines. ah ah. the w news lived from berlin wildfires rage across west in canada. resa rescuers search for the meeting in town, supposed to evacuate dry conditions and extreme heat. fueling the fire, the government want of a long and challenging summer ahead. also coming up the battle between african forces and taliban fighters. that last foreign treat. leave bad from well here. why
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many afghans down that government troops can hold the line against the millet in advance and drama and disappointment? spain to q was placed in the euro, 2020 semi finals with the penalties. who's how big 3 over the dealt. they usually next after they win the belgium. ah, ah, i'm jared raid. thank you very much for your company. we begin in canada, where military aircraft had been mobilized to help deal with more than 130 wildfire tearing across the waste of the country. a record stating heat wave has field the fires, rescue as anal, searching for missing people in the late in british columbia. roughly $1000.00 people fled the town, which was almost entirely wiped out. for many, it was a chaotic escape with just minutes to spare residents of legion escape
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through thick smoke und dash, the fire front moved so quickly. they had almost no warning before the town was engulfed in flames. right, so it looks like the fire went out over them and it's about to get everyone that stuck on that side of the mountain. me and my daughter just trying to open it up. we could see the house, literally in fire as i was leaving. and i didn't even have time to go on to the door. the blaze ignited a day after the town swell to through almost 50 degrees celsius. breaking canada's temperature record. emergency workers is searching for missing residents as the smouldering town remains unsafe to enter. today our thoughts are mostly with families that are grieving that are facing terrible loss. but of course, we also have to reflect on the fact that extreme weather events are getting more frequent. climate change has a significant role to play in that. the unprecedented hate wave and wildfires have
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left the country reeling and worried. this will become the new normal way. even if the world wasn't warming, the pacific northwest and stuff of canada would be having an exceptional heap waiver now. but it wouldn't be quite as severe. it wouldn't be blowing past existing records. or if it did, it would not be blown past by very much. and so climate change less, you please be much more severe than they otherwise would have been in a world without any change. more than 105 still burning across west and canada threatening other towns. prime minister justin trudeau has conveyed an emergency response group and promises to help communities recover. and d w new spoke to renee bernard, she's a reporter for radio station, news $1130.00 out of vancouver. and she described to us exactly what happened in listen. well, like you heard of that report,
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right. it was so sudden it comes after incredible. he'd like close to 50 degrees, which is on heard of in western canada and from you know, report from the folks in town. it just took minutes. it was the early evening and before you knew it, they saw the smoke and then they could feel the heat. and then some reports at the flames were traveling like 30 kilometers an hour just from one end to the town to the next. and they didn't really have a lot of time to respond or you can even see some footage up some cars at an intersection and they literally don't know where to turn. did they turn left? do they turn right? it was just chaotic scene. we've dispatched our reporter to a town where people are congregating after they have been evacuated. so there's emergency centers where you're supposed to check in as an evacuation to let people know. yes, you're a lie, but now you need red crosses assistance and you need a home and you need toiletries in that kind of thing. so there's a various towns that i'm set up such as that. so we have dispatched our reporter 2
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locations that so you can actually talk to survivors and people who, who manage to escape that day. this is vancouver like mid twenties is considered really hot and vancouver were talking oper, thirty's, and it was unbearable for our homes. people had to sleep on hotel rooms, people had to sleep where there was air conditioning. most people like myself don't have air conditioning, and a lot of people don't even have fans and that kind of thing. so we're just starting now to feel a little bit more comfortable now in the mid twenties and i think and another thing too with that, yes, we had a heat wave, but he didn't go away overnight. so again, on the west coast, we're used to having very comfortable evenings. it might be hot a little hot in the, in the day time, but it will cool off completely at night. well, this did not happen this time around. it was hot all 24 hours a day and it was really, really hard to escape. and that was renee been out of radio station use 1130 speaking to us a little bit earlier from vancouver. let's go to japan now where
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a powerful mud flood has swept through the seaside town of a tommy flattening nearly everything in its path. at least 2 people have died and 20 more remained missing. the military has been deployed to the town, which is southwest of tokyo to assist with the search. days of torrential rain appeared to have triggered the disaster. above sinking into mud cause violently over the homes and businesses destroyed. somewhere amid all this devastation, a 20 local residents who couldn't get away in time to others have already been found. dead rescue is looking for more survivors in just a few days. the area has seen more rain than it usually does in an entire month. as rescue efforts and evacuations get on the way,
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officials one that more down pause or in the forecast sign to say that the increased rainfall that led to this event is likely linked to climate change. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today. florida residents are in the part of hurricane elsa has already pounded barbados and st. vincent high speed wins. rick, the rooftop rooftop of hines toppled trees and cut power. while heavy rain flooded stream, emergency crews have not been able to reach everyone in need bought so far, no injury or death have been reported. a vatican judge has indicted an italian cardinal and 9 other people on financial crimes. the challenges are related to a london real estate deal. prosecutors accused this aspect of embed, embezzling millions of euros from the whole thing. in 300
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taliban fighters have been killed by afghan security forces. over the past 24 hours . the ministry of defense says many of those casualties resulted from air strikes. the fighting coincides with the departure of the last remaining american and nato troops from background, a base just brought reports from the battlefield. if we can many afghan fear that the military will struggle to repel a resurgent taliban without us support. this is the sound of us troops leaving us gone to stone to its fate. in 2001 after the 911 terrorist attacks us troops, stoned burger into a key military base to hunt down militant groups responsible for the atrocity. now the afghan government is getting control back, even though talks between them and taliban militants have made no headway. president vitamin believes that can work. look, we're in that war for 20 years. 20 years. and i think i met with
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the african government here in the white house in the oval. i think they have the capacity to be able to sustain the government. africans do not have as much faith in their government as biden as military to depart. they too are looking for a way out people are flocking to passport offices in capital to plan their exit the very veteran about a possible return of the taliban. so we want to leave the country before the situation gets worse. i'm all for your most districts have fallen not a single district, but not fighting. they've even reached the chief of police of office and provincial capital. i've come here to get my passport and get out of a found histone not safe for the soldiers of the african national and defense
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forces. that's not an option. some field a country is finally their own and they intend to hold it, keeping the taliban at bay, or know, lots of this land belongs to you, went out on the russians were here and they left and the americans came and now they have left this country is ours and be, be protected even without bay or equipment. meanwhile, the taliban are gaining ever more ground in afghanistan. over the past weeks, they've been on the offensive releasing propaganda videos and taking control of many districts. it won't be until the not us to pull out on september 11th, that the world will finally known what the taliban have planned the will more than a year now into the cove. at 19 pandemic. scientists are still searching for answers on how exactly to stop the disease, a deadly toll. a recent study may offer some answers,
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research is queried more than 2000 frontline medical workers in 6 countries about the dietary path. and the result suggest that those with plant base diets could be in better shape to deal with a coven 19 infection. the idea that diet has a role in preventing disease has been around for decades, as has the victim to eat a range of foods, including fruit and vegetables to day, the outcome of a covey 19 infection appears to be the latest in a string of ways in which vegetarians may fare better in terms of health? a recent us study published in one of the british medical journals publications looked at how being predominant vegetarian impacted the severity of a covert infection. people who mostly followed a plant based diet was found to be 73 percent less likely to develop a moderate to severe case of cove. it if they did get infected
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have compared to those who ate the high protein, low carbohydrate diet. it's sort of embedded in a huge discussion of how the diet help the big problem is, how do we find this out? and this is a interesting study because they use a population which is likely to, to be effective as co it and like it's exposed to call it so that, that is really interesting because of the participants in the study with frontline health care workers in france, germany italy, spain, the u. s. and the u. k. more than 2000 doctors, nurses was to record what they ate, whether or not they got coded, and if they did, how low and severe their illness was. those who follow predominantly, plant based diet, were much less likely to get seriously l if they became infected. even when age an exercise, habits were taken into account. what we eat also reflects who we are more broadly.
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in western countries, vegetarians are also more likely to be well educated, health, conscious, and female. these factors all have a bearing on the outcome of a covert infection. a minute vishal point of view is always, i think it's worrying about nutrition is generally not a good idea. it's, it's in most cases the diet is fine. if you sort of get some of the balance them, those go to one extreme or the other. i think that the risk to push people into it, you can just, all of this is often worse than, than the benefit one could of the for years. that's been a debate about the relationship between lifestyle choices and disease. pivot is just the latest reason to do so. and it shows that a healthy diet doesn't necessarily protect against disease, but it can support immunity to football and easily have set up a euro 2020, semi final with staying off the beating belgium to one goals from nickel or berella
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. and lorenzo in senior put easily to nil op, and although penalty penalty gave one to belgium just before half time, easily held onto when they remained on calls for their 1st european title in more than half a century. and that's off to spain. bate switzerland in a dramatic penalty shoot out in st. petersburg. spain's go keep it when i see him on made to save his country 131 in the shoot out. the match had ended one all after extra time, despite switzerland playing a man down after a red card. now in the sport of gulf fits, the great play must proceed at a reasonably brisk pace because any one or anything slowing that pace will cause gulf traffic jams bought. what were 2 of the best players supposed to do about this? well, at the latest stop on the for golf tour, phil mickelson and ricky fowler could only wait as a family of ducks strolled past their tea. fortunately though detroit police helped
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the ducks path and the traffic jam was averted. and you're up to date up next on dw is doc films. i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour. i'm great, thanks for watching the news . ah, what people have to say matters to me. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every
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weekend on d. w. ah. in the after world war to the people, if you just love you, lived in peace under the grip of an all through a terry and leader yasser brought to the union. in 1980 tito died and the regime began to crumble in the 6 constituent republics. a new generation of leaders used nationalism to window the people you grew up in society where your neighbors are different religion and you didn't see them like enemies. now suddenly you have this, you know, parties coming around talking that your neighbors enemy, that you need to be watching, where it carefully. yeah. in 1989 slow bought in milosevic
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became president of serbia, costing himself as defender of the service. i don't think he believed in nationalism g, use nations to one in one and only to keep slipping them a loss of age in power. and if you want to fear the other, it's an incitement to violence and then comes very quickly in 1992 roll broke out in bosnia milosevic supported the bosnian serbs, his army, led by a rattled on coverage. and the radco march committed genocide, insurrection. it's yeah, in 1998 milosevic then truth to cause the resulting in movement because milosevic became the 1st head of state to be tried for war crimes. the start of a new era for international justice
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i i was born in a small town in coastal. there was a small number of serbian families, the majority of the, the population where you could field tension good that it's sunday. as on saturday for mark and day and it gets really busy. i like it when i give to my father was thrown out where things were getting bad. i think my parents decided to leave the country to, to have
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a better life for us. they decided to move to sweden, they already had family members there, but then unfortunately we were back we will not consider those refugees at that point because things hasn't been as bad. for example, it was happening in me after the break up a few slow via kosovo, was a disputed region. at the time it was part of serbia, though more than 80 percent of its population were close to the albany and they wanted independence. but for milosevic, kosovo belong to serbia. the in the mid 19 ninety's, kosovo, albanians formed the kosovo liberation army. in response, milosevic increased his troops in the region. in 1998,
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the war in kosovo began. i remember rose as tanks, entering the town. house is just really shaking and especially knowing what was happening in other parts of my family must really been so worried of where things were going to leave. but for me was very difficult to think that something like that could happen to my family. he sort of see it happening and you see that is possible, but do you think that's just something like that to happen to my family is just impossible. the initially like to cover was refugees coming into north and hoping you see a huge number of refugees that they've been shot by, the serbs, women, and children. people who are deeply due to frighten me at your level of
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surprise, but what makes your worst? why might you be warning that this was going to happen since $991.00? that nobody did anything. in late, 998. the untruths attack the obedience and cause of with relentless force. they also killed unarmed civilians. domestic case were strongly reminiscent of the ethnic cleansing that had shaken both near just a few years earlier. but this time the international community was determined to intervene. aggressive nationalism of mister milosevic routed into 30 is not in the ninety's of the european. european politics must be stopped and will be stall. i would just like to remind president milosevic that nato stands ready to take whatever measures are necessary. thank you.
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and i remember watching the news and family being together. and i remember they were talking about the nature intervention and we really thought i remember thinking that the day that happens, the next day we're going to be free. that's how i saw the in march 1999, natal launched as strikes on serbia to force milosevic to withdraw his troops from cost me might 24th of march when the bombing started, things called there was a lot more mature presence around town. my family decided that the men
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would leave the house, so they were around the town that they were hiding. and i remember that he was said that because when the soldier to come in and they're sick in the mail and they're killing overman. so i guess they must just be the women and children. we would be safe. 4 days later, the 28th of march. it was sunday. police army car stopped in front of the house. we could see them entering other neighbors houses. and we, we can see, you know, they were like, you know, smashing things and shouting and breaking. we thought they would take us out just like they were doing with everyone else. when they entered, they took us behind in one of the cotton behind the house.
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one of the soldiers pushed my own p shelter in the back and then my cousin started crying by the time i looked at them, he already changed. it's kind of thought a shooting at us. they took 2 rounds. the 2nd time was because the one couldn't breathe, making a noise. so they shot again. and then after some time they it was quiet, so they left so we edison this wage and the house used to be here. and this tree used to be very small. during that time so
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these are x, the silver holes from the bullets so on that day i lost my mother saw i know and i lost my 2 brothers spanish but i lost my cousin, nora. so all to 21 people only my 4 cousins and myself, one of the 5 of us some 8000 kosovo albanians civilians died in the war. in 1999 milosevic was indicted by the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia. b i. c, t y in the hague may 22nd. i presented an indictment for confirmation. again slow but then the loss of it and for others,
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charging them with crimes against humanity, specifically murder, deeper cation and persecutions, and with violations of the laws and customs of war. the but is known as low burden milosevic, stayed in power of wasting him was not possible. the opportunity came when he lost the presidential election in 2000 milosevic refuse to concede defeat until angry protest is stormed element in june, 2001 milosevic was extracted to the hague and charged with war crimes committed in cost of the croatia and bosnia one of the longest and most important trials in the history of international justice was about to begin
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the rector slow, graham lotion, which was really momentous. galvanized the officer, the prosecutor the stakes were higher and maybe the credibility of the i, c 2 wise and institution was more play. we really had to show that we knew what we were about. then today we see intimation justice in the district and just try him. but he can give the most powerful demonstration that no one is above the mill or beyond the reach of inclination and just
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the crime of genocide. crimes against humanity affects all of us throughout the word excused absence because his office is charged in respect of these events. issue is or maybe did he know they were happening? of course he did. he cannot not have and we may find in the case of this accused little or no expression of regret for what was happening to the victim of the complex launch, which was a very interesting human being. camacho, he treated the court with as near insolence as he could. the judge is for reasons that i simply do not understand,
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started off by allowing him to sit. so the rest of us had to stab to address the court to lead a witness in evidence to cross examine. and was there any reason why the accused should not be accused wanting to be his own counsel? should not do that? no, he was allowed to sit in large and low with a loss of h. i see that you're not represented by counsel. today. these proceedings will be long and complex. do you want some time to consider whether you wish to be represented? i consider distributing for strip, you know, and in di expense, post investments show i have no nice point to illegal or not. you want to have the indictment read all lot
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this your problem people like so most of these people in power like being in the spotlight like be in front of the cameras and being able to present themselves and make a case to that own supporters were requirements this is the 1st opportunity i've been given after 7 months here to address the public american see to the americans go all the way to the other side of the globe to fight terrorism, productive canister, in a case and point what we're going to start right to the other side of the world on christ. and that is considered logical and normal in our money. but the struggle against terrorism in the heart of one's own country, reason in one's own homes, one's own nation, which is considered a crime sniper a lot. you know. it's really interesting these
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processes because of course, even though he's the, he's the, the, the mastermind of everything that happened. but yet there's 2 aspects of respecting of human rights the right to defend yourself and so on. and i felt that the whole process, unfortunately, again, it gave him some power in terms of even, again, how he treated the victim there when he was questioning them. now what did you say that you took your family to a shelter underneath the staircase that had been prepared previously? but i mean, because typically now when did you prepare the shelter? you mentioned in your statement look sense this cool. many events, 3 him. i didn't say that when you went to replace the shelter,
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but we stayed in our home call. we made a shelter under the stairs and our home knocked at the florida. us typically, but i mean when did you prepare the shelter that you mentioned in your statement substrate for another whole minutes? 5 events that you may need. i will tell you what kind of shelter i had missed my son lear took a carpet from the room and spread it out to him because he was a child and was frightened. so you thought it would be safer under the stare? johnson just called the kids mum, you need to make sure that i didn't understand you to be talking about. it was because you wrote the word shelter was for mrs. hardy. she said, you're an intellectual, as was your husband, us? are you aware of the citizens of kosovo into the war and the tragic events that followed as an advocate, he was hopeless because he couldn't resist the temptation to cross examine. every
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was the effect of all that was terrible on him because it showed him to be actually quite a nasty person. me more than 5000 witnesses testified before the war. crimes tribunal among them were politicians, soldiers, and foreign service. mm. the vast majority with those who survived violence during the war, victims of rape, torture, and genocide. ah, ah, do you know me wanting to know what to do when i go to the memorial now?
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as soon as my feet feel like someone else's feet. my legs no longer carry me, burying your own children, it's something that destroys you. your soul dies also to a filmy. everything dies. resolution hush looked at. they contacted me from the hague tribunal, the same, the fear that they asked if i would agree to testify. and i said, yes, i didn't hesitate, but if i had nothing else to lives in my life, so i wanted at least to be helpful to others, fit some ideas in that role. i solemnly declare that i will state the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth smell. this is the agenda de la castillo, so that's it. i was surprised when i got in the courtroom, and i saw that everything had been photographed for us. every stone from public chat is threatening. suppose i asked the prosecutor,
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why are you inviting us to the hague tribunal? if you already know everything, he explained, they could all be fake photographs for them. so without witnesses, there was no vetted to the name of breast 2 fields with it like a tree. it's really important to have that acknowledgment of what you've suffered. it's quite an empowering experience. you have perpetrates right there, and they have to sit there and after listen, you know, they can get up and shoot you because you're you know, speaking about what they've done the we also decided
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to testify in belgrade. it was not very long after the war ended. i just remember really being anxious all the time. people here were in the garden who are still walking free. you know, you have an idea in your mind that when you have that experience, because there's something like that goes, i can forgive the ones who did it and the ones who gave orders to do it and you know, the ones who started this whole thing. but i can't say about every single person that lives in this country. but for me was really striking, is the reaction of families for traits. family were all there right behind him and you know, let alone that he didn't show any remorse. i was stunned to see the reaction of the
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family they, i mean they were there for 2 hours listening of every details that he could give of what had happened on that day. and yet they felt that it was unfair that he was being tried for it. it was really hard for me to even fill of compress the whole that whole reaction the court with which i started beating detainees. it a 3rd or 4th person i head fell on the floor later died in the infirmary of the cast. you know that you're not even if i knew it somewhere, deep down. yes, i did some,
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but i didn't want to believe in that. i just, i was soldiers doing things for my country for my people. i was not wrong. my shot was not wrong. we did the right thing. this is what can you remind yourself me? many of the accused did not recognize the hague tribunal all their guilt. even though it could have reduced their sentences just 20 of the $161.00 accused, pled guilty. ah, bosnian sir politician, piano club ships, pled guilty to one of the charges against her in return. the others were dropped really enough last turned herself in the un war crimes tribunal on wednesday. she's accused of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. ah,
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georgia has just gotten to know the trials lasted for years, though. sure. they told me i could get a life sentence. yes, someone should. once i entered the court room with my blood pressure at 220 because some, when more or for my lawyer said vienna, there's only one solution where she will not lead guilty this prison. i could do a national car was for a to some bill or now our leadership of which i was apart and blood and effort, which victimized countless innocent people, mary menu. at that time, i easily convinced myself it was a matter of survival and stuff to send you some of the menu. neither shall go was the most important thing for me as a clear conscience or to leave the do you believe me?
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little i sleep very well. try chamber has to pass sentence on 72. we are a former president for her participation in a crime was the utmost gravity on the other hand, very significant mitigating circumstances. in particular, the guilty plea of the accused let the accused of having given due ways to the fact of set trial sentences due to a period of 11 imprisonment orders. and yet the major nato might stick to the hague tribunal. not an international institution attacked the entire serv nation crush.
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ah, the sort of movie. i'm not saying the serbs were, angels could read those, but you just have to look at the distribution on my floor of the prison virtual. this a cinema device set of 10 services through my crow ads. and one muslim smear, i found very amusing or you said, i'm just here to make up the muslim quota. not a trace of justice. need to room. well, the navy to be any. it's true that most of the accused war service context that's due to the context of the conflict to do it after the dissolution of yugoslavia. but the
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federal army was dissolved automotive headquarters were in belgrade and serbian hands. so this federal army became a serbian army on your model though, of course they had plenty of weapons ships. those in the bosnian army was formed on the go and barely had any weapon mobiles go in the same was true for the croats. go to the court about the i supposed to do what was that's why the serbs committed more crimes. tolben of course that doesn't mean serves are a criminal people. that's just how the situation was at the time. that will be the 4 years after it
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started, the trial of floor bought in milosevic was still unfinished. hearings were often delayed as milosevic as health deteriorated. on the 11th of march, 2006 milosevic was found dead in his prison. so of a heart attack, chamber has been advised of the death of the accused flaw, but on the loss of which we express or regret at his passing. we also regret that he's on timely debt has deprived not only him, but indeed all interested parties of a judgment upon the allegations in the indictment the
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i was very sure that he would be convicted. what happened in the end. it's for me, very disappointing. but also what really bothers me is this rhetoric of people within sir b. i say no, he didn't commit to the crime because he was never convicted for it. well, milosevic was mourned in belgrade b i c t wise most wanted fugitive for hiding in serbia. that over on courage and radical markets which charged with all crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in the bosnian war. but many still regarded them as heroes. ah, so early january in 2008 years of age died 2 years before it was obvious that the main frustration you'd say was college and these are still out there.
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you know people i college and luggage. even today you will find people in serbia and we pick a subs gus to supporting them. so getting cooperation and getting a ref, it's very, very difficult. and what you need as intentional prosecutor is really political support from those countries who have influence and impact on those congress who are not arresting the fugitives. and we've all countries in the form because loud yahoo has as a political objective to join sooner or later europe union, whether europe in union had a lot of leverage saying that if you want to go there, one of the many conditions you have to fulfill is full cooperation in arresting the remaining the other one, which is now in the custody of international criminal tribunal or the from english
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as the person. yes, at large here arrived in the netherlands early this morning and has been transferred to the united nation detention center in the something like 5 o'clock one morning. i got a phone call rather than carriage has been captured. would you like to prosecuting for the siege of sarah evil? and i said yes. heritage remained a fugitive from justice and he did that through a very clever disguise as a faith healer and it was a disguise that worked. the man was arrested in 2008 looked nothing like rather than carriage but what was very interesting was when carriage made his 1st appearance in court after his arrest. everything
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was shaved off, the hair was short, and the man that he once was was back. mr. courage, i see that you alone. just, i did not see. com, so assisting or representing you at this moment is it's your choice not to be represented by counsel. at this initial appearance, i have an invisible advisor. i have decided to represent myself, but i am in the car. i found, rather than heritage extraordinarily well prepared. he was a master of detail who is really good. this is on counsel. good morning to everyone,
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and you miss my log in large. good morning. first of all, i would like to express my sympathy for your loss and the suffering we went through the roughly and measured team. however, your statement is rather broad door start sheet. so i do have to put some questions to be done fairly quickly please. so you're out of everyone. i testified against. he was the last few psychopath. his every word with ally english, you know, osmond molig, it's the yes. don't be more you, as my brother in law, you know, he was a prominent military commander. school was common that my brother in law was killed at the very beginning of the war early on. and i don't know when
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he could have become such a great commander as i don't think he had enough time, a voice go you seem to an email, but i mean, as i go into your excellency, this family was a prominent family, a military family that made a major contribution to the fighting board about paying andrews to my family. okay. listed our names and called the military family. so i told him not to worry too much about this family. a site survey because they were like buried at the memorial like an account of sardine and for some of the so he could sleep peace in the hague. ah, in 2011 the tribunals last fugitives was finally and pretended. after 15 years on the run, rosco, march was arrested in serbia and handed over to the hague luggage.
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you can do the rise and make the solemn declaration please. i saw i do not recognize this hague court. there is a nato creation. it is to court a court of justice. so and this is trying us because we are so busy because we protect people from the bus. i'm continue, please be seated. but again, general sir, did you ever inform me either orally or in writing that the prisoners from scrubber anita would be, were being or had been executed? let's press mister president on rather than young and i cannot and do not wish to
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testify. a reason of my helen he could have taken 7000 muslim men prisoner, that he could have helped cloud to his previous 4 years of murder and rape. but yet he chose to be the, the monster that he is and kill those people mr. courage. it could you please stand the chamber here by sentences you rather than courage to a single sentence of 440 years in prison. we don't me is it is not. i was glad he was convicted with me. i also felt pride because i contributed to that verdict with my testimony. see that the list does with mr. lavish listing. there's some luggage sit mr. on lies. mr. if
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you continue like this, we mr. martin will be removed from the courtroom. curtains down. mr. blanch filled the room from the courtroom the chamber fines roscoe marriage guilty of the following codes, genocide, persecution, extermination, deportation, unlawful sex on civilians. violation of the laws or customs of war. the chamber census mr. upcoming adage to life imprisonment. with the i c t wise last trial, finished in 2017. from 996 on the tribunal indicted
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161. people for crimes committed during the yugoslav was more than 90 were found guilty. no one indicted by the tribunal is still on the run. ah, in 2000 t b i c t y was joined by the international criminal court in the hague. the i c. c. is a permanent court withdrew addiction of genocide, all crimes and crimes against humanity. but many of the world's most powerful nations have not signed on the future of international justice is far from certain it was the united states that play the major leadership role in establishing the tribunal for their former yugoslavia. however, there is very little american involvement in that war and so they are very little chance at an american could ever be considered
2:54 pm
a work criminal. and that was the way things were in 1993. currently the u. s. is one of the biggest obstacles right now. they felt that the, i see, she may prosecute american soldiers. i don't think this much chance of getting either the people's republic of china or the united states of america, or federal russia. to agree that is a good idea to say yes, ok, we'll put ourselves and everybody else on trial. now my fear is justice has lost its gloss sparkle. the arc of its importance may be on the downward side unless we do something about it. the
2:55 pm
i again see why the percent guarantee that are not saved my life. they make me a better person not by sentencing me to present to 15 years that didn't change anything in my life. i think the help that i see from them did out me i work on myself. i was 10 years with therapist ecologist. i came out of the prison, they paid for my therapist. if i say the bush now, i would never change. ah. you know, when i go in, but i never heard anybody criticize been there. we say, oh, you are, you know, good guy eat them up. well, you know, i don't care what you, nobody went to realize that war ended up a long time ago and that terrible things happen
2:56 pm
using that history. lots of times happened in this area, but no one voice pioneers daughter asked this. now it was the 1st time happened and no one can deny that. we have denied very very around the heavy stablish tax equal pretty at the end of the school. but i had so many friends and colleagues, they used to come to our house. we were often together, 17 years now, i walk freely through 70, which on my errands, and i sit and talk and when i see them, so i think that you, i hold my head high those as the though they look the other way to maybe they're ashamed or hate lee? i don't know if they have any contacting the sky colleagues and friends says they
2:57 pm
don't want to be friends anymore. even when the last for date has been given, if never, it's not enough. it doesn't bring back your loved ones. but your hope is always that society and those individuals understand the wrong doings. that what you go for someone else doesn't because unfortunately these man hasn't shown any remorse, any way of feeling bad about what they've done. but it's really important that we did everything that we could so that our families not just lost, that people understand who they were and that their lives
2:58 pm
ah ah ah, ah me . oh, the crazy. more like totally insane. based jumping in extremes, floors for free falling. haley booey festival in norway, jumpers from around the world,
2:59 pm
can enjoy holland internal and rush through oh the in december, 2019 and the european council president showing me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear job to make you the 1st time this i jones evenings on the planet by 2050 not all member states supported and requires the surprising glance into the very heart of power supposed to win the game of diplomatic poker. the tree power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the summit starts august, 5th on
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d, w. the ah was ah, this is dw, can use live from berlin. wildfires rage across west and canada. rescue is search for the missing in town, both to evacuated dry conditions and extreme heat. fueling the fire, the government warned of a long and challenging summer head. both are coming up, a deadly slide cloud through a seaside town in japan. authorities, one people along the coast that days of heavy rain could trigger another dissolve
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and drama and disappointment spans the q is.


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