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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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the me the news the news live from berlin wildfires, rage across western canada rescue search for missing in towns both to evacuate lightning has bought several blades feels further by a wrinkled, breaking headway. also coming up. the last us troops leaf back from ghana, some of the patches that leaves many afghans with dread as the telephone white in the wings and drama and disappointments things. the key was placed in the euro. 2020 semi finals are the penalties, shoot out victory over switzerland equally maxed out of there when over
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the ah ah, i'm rebecca writ his welcome to the program. military aircraft has been mobilized to help evacuate towns and fight more than 130 wildfires carrying across western canada. a record setting hate wave has fueled the fires rescues and now searching for missing people in little british columbia. roughly a 1000 people fled the town, which was almost entirely wiped out. for many, it was a chaotic escape. we've just minutes to spare residents of leech and escape through thick smoke und dash. the fire front moved so quickly. they had almost no warning before the town was engulfed in flames. right. so it looks like the fire
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went over them and it's about to get everyone that stuck on that side of the mountain. me and my daughter just i know, but we could see the house literally in fire. i was living and i didn't turn them on the door. the blaze ignited a day after the town swelter through almost 50 degrees celsius. breaking candidate temperature record, emergency workers is searching for missing residents as the smouldering town remains unsafe to enter. today, our thoughts are mostly with families that are grieving that are facing terrible loss. but of course, we also have to reflect on the fact that extreme weather events are getting more frequent in climate change has a significant role to play in that the unprecedented hate wave and wildfires have left the country reeling and worried. this will become the new normal even if the world wasn't warming, the pacific northwest and stuff with canada would be having an exceptional way
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right now. but it won't be quite as severe. it wouldn't be blowing past existing records. or if it did, it would not be blowing past them by very much. and so climate change less waves be much more severe than they otherwise would have been in a world without climate change. more than 105 still burning across west and canada threatening other towns. prime minister justin trudeau has convened an emergency response group and promises to help communities recover from all at speak with renee van on. she is a reporter at radio station news $1130.00 out of vancouver. she joined us now by the on the phone a. renee, thanks for joining us. can you describe forth what happened in latin? well, like you heard of that report, right. it was so sudden it comes after incredible. he'd like close to 50 degrees, which is on heard up in western canada and from you know,
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report from the folks in town. it just took minutes. it was the early evening and before you knew it, they saw the smoke and then they could feel the heat. and then some reports that the flames were traveling like 30 kilometers an hour just from one end to the town to the next. and they didn't really have a lot of time to respond, or you could even see some footage of some cars at an intersection and they literally don't know where to turn. did they turn left to? they turn right. it was just a key arctic scene. and we've also heard that people are now not being allowed into the town for obvious reasons. how is your station been reporting this disaster while like a lot of other stations. so we've dispatched our reporter to a town where people are congregating after they have been evacuated. so there's emergency centers where you're supposed to check in as an evacuation to let people know. yes, you're alive, but now you need red crosses assistance and you need a home and you need toiletries and that kind of thing. so there's a various towns that have been set up such as that. so we've dispatched our
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reporter 2 locations like that so she can actually talk to survivors and people who, who manage to escape that day. i, of course the fire comes, i made a record breaking hate wave. we've all been reporting on it over the last days and weeks western candidates been experiencing. it's still ongoing. what's, what's it like there at the moment? it's a little bit better, like i can tell you personally, it was very difficult to sleep in my apartment. again, this is vancouver like mid twenties is considered really hot and vancouver were talking, oper, thirty's, and it was unbearable for our homes. people had to sleep on hotel rooms, people had to sleep where there was air conditioning. most people like myself don't have air conditioning, and a lot of people don't even have fans and that kind of thing. so we're just starting now to feel a little bit more comfortable. it's now in the 20s. i think another thing too with that, yes, we had a heat wave, but he didn't go away overnight. so again, on the west coast, we're used to having a very comfortable evening. that might be hot a little hot in the, in the day time,
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but it will cool off completely at night. well, this did not happen this time around. it was hot all 24 hours a day and it was really, really hard to escape. and it's only the beginning of summer. renee been at news 1130 out of the canada. thanks so much for your time. stay safe. you're welcome. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. authorities in japan say at least 19 people are missing after a powerful mudslide and floods slip through, swept through the seaside town of a tommy south, west of tokyo, dozens of homes may have been buried. the local government has off the army to help the rescue efforts. japan has been hit by days of torrential rain. search and rescue teams have pulled. nobody's from the rubble of the collapse. high rise in florida. one of the victims is the 7 year old daughter of a miami $55.00 to a recovery brings the death told to $22.00 officials have evacuated. another
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building in the area of a fi is that it is also unsafe. residents were given to ours to leave. more than 300 taliban fighters have been killed in battles with afghan security forces over the past 24 hours. and ministry of defense as many of the casualties resulted from s tribes. the fighting coincides with the departure of the last remaining american and nato troops from the back room airbase outside the capitol cobble, despite reports from the battlefield this weekend, many afghans fear the military will struggle to repel a resurgent taliban without us support that can move from afghanistan with marian soft a. she's the founding director of the organization for policy, research and development studies. i pro democracy think tank in cobble 9. thanks for joining us with these farm for post forces pulling out. can we expect the taliban to retake afghanistan including the capital cobble
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well, that's a question that's actually on everybody's mind right now. we have last about a quarter of a jonathan districts to the taliban. since approximately end of april and me when the announcement of the withdrawal had taken place, not up by the 29th of june alone, we had about a $127.00 districts that have holden to the total intent had been re taken by the national security forces at this rate, it certainly seems that the total band have left the p stops in the negotiations table and have resorted to a military takeover of districts approaching the courts of couple which they had been in the past, but far more aggressively. now. the potential for military takeover of the taliban of the entire country is something that both afghan officials get people,
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members of the community are now concerned with. is there a way to get those paced talks with the combo government and the rebels back on track? there are efforts underway the i can negotiate in team in doha right now as we speak and they are there to start talks with the taliban reports come out that the taliban are not willing to sit on the negotiation table at the present moment. what about the gains that have been made by african women in the last decades i have, are we going to say a rollback of that? is that an area of concern in afghanistan? there are already reports emerging of districts in certain provinces like the har, very recently we have reports that just districts that have been taken over by the taliban. they have already imposed restrictions on women on media.
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for instance, women are in the ha, reportedly not allowed to leave the house without a male chaperone clinics have been closed. there's also reports of media blackout in certain districts of the telephone have taken over. so there is no coverage of the atrocities that are taking place in those areas. and men are told to now keep a beard. and certain of these are reflective of what we saw in the ninety's when the taliban were empower. and. and so we're seeing that happen, there are reports that are emerging over scenario, and that is indicative of a very horrifying scenario where we are very much of the, of the belief that there is going to be a rollback in many, many games, and particularly women's rights if this continues at this right now, we're running out of time, but we as we hadn't that report, we're seeing a lot of people leave afghanistan. do you expect that to continue?
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yes, there are line ups all across the i've got passport office here in cobol where we are, there are line lineups behind embassies, hopkins, or they have their dreading what the future would hold for the country. they're uncertain. and the uncertainty of what is provoking atkins to leave the country at this present time. in addition to the collective memory of what had happened in the ninety's. marion said he founding director of the organization for policy, research, and development studies in cobble, thank you very much. for your time, the football now and easily have set up a year or 2020 sammy final with spain after beating belgium to one in a thrilling match in munich. gold from nichol, berella and marin, so infinity put easily to nil op. and although a remote revenue taco penalty hump the deficit just before half time italy held on
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during the rest of the game, they remained on course for the 1st european title in more than half a century. it's him from oliver moody. now about the italy, we're not a very tiny victory by staying over switzerland. but all the 1st things 1st, belgium versus italy was billed as the pick of the quarter finals. did it live up to expectations a more than live dr. expectations? rebecca blue, those expectations away. this was really exciting game, a really high quality game as well, some great goals in it. and ultimately it was a game where italy proved their credentials as being the team to be at year 2020. what a tournament had been for them and for their found the course back home. so far. don't forget the last major tournament we had. italy didn't even qualify for the 2018. whoa, whoa, cause they weren't there. and that was by italian people's standards, a scandal. and now look at what a turn around the into the semi finals of year 2020 beats one of the top favorite
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belgium on the way, doing it in some style as well. and my ad. and yeah, you know, there's been a strong feelings in the tournament with anyone who can be easily we'll go on to win it and now look at it. we're in the semi finals. and that still seems to be the case. dave, really well, much better than spain, who are the other favorites going in that other game that we referred to with spain went to penalties. how close was that to me and yes, they were pushed all the way by switzerland. it felt a little bit like early in the tournament west by and created a lot of chances really struggle to take any of them. you know, in this game they did school one go through jody alba, but it was a deflected shot that went in. and other than that they couldn't find a white past switzerland side that was stubborn. that was well organized. they equalized through jet and such cheery and off that they manage the whole spain it by even when they were reduced to 10, then they go to red cars and youngs on the go key. but he was very big, this huge size that he made to keep spying out. and when we went to the shootout,
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and sergio bus gets us by miss the very 1st i don't, they did look like an upset might just be on the card, but i lost the switzerland. it wasn't. they had some terrible penalties. i asked that i missed 3 out of one of the bloss did way over the bar, and that is what allowed space to squeak through into the semi finals. well then looking ahead to spain playing italy, i know where i'd be putting my money. so what do you, what do you think about that? look, this is a game that really puts the cream of the crop years 2020 against each other spine. keep the ball better than anyone, but they're finishing and so on. predictable, you can give him the same johnson and 3 games and in one they go 5 and then the other, they school one or 0 even. you know, it's lee. they would look like the best balance team at the tournaments. i think that good quality all over the pitch and i think they should just about edge the semi final and make the final. all right, well, money on italy them. thanks oliver. really from date of least thought. and as a reminder of the top story we're following for you already have mobilized military aircraft to evacuate towns and help find more than 130 wildfires in western canada
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. roughly a 1000 people have fled the town of linton and british columbia. a record breaking hate wife has fueled the while. he's been watching the news on film theories is up next. we'll have more headlines at the top of the news. the goal was right in front of them. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the olympic games that tokyo with 2020 from of course, during the qualifying ground these for sports heroes. downtown during lockdown starts july 19th.


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