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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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the ah was, ah, this is data be nice, live from berlin. wildfires, rage across western canada. rescuers search for the missing in town for to evacuate . flattening has bought several blades and still further by a record breaking have also coming up for us and nato troops lead back from air bank enough dennis phone a departure that leave many afghans with dread as taliban white in the wings and drama and disappointment, things to keep their place in the road. 20. 27. the final penalty. shoot out
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victory over switzerland. else i easily next there when over belgium. ah, i'm rebecca reaches welcome to the program. military aircraft has been mobilized to help evacuate towns and fight more than 130 wildfires carrying across western canada. a record setting hate wave has fueled the fires. rescue is anal searching for missing people in little british columbia. roughly a 1000 painful plans, the town which was almost entirely wiped out. for many, it was a chaotic escape. we've just minutes to spare residents of leech and escape through thick smoke und dash. the fire front moved so quickly. they had almost no warning before the town was engulfed in flames. right. so it looks like the fire
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went out over them and it's about to get everyone that stuck on that side of the mountain. me and my just i know we could see the house literally in fire as i was leaving and i didn't turn them on to the door. the blaze ignited a day after the town swelter through almost 50 degrees celsius. breaking canada's temperature record emergency workers is searching for missing residents as the smouldering town remains unsafe to enter. today, our thoughts are mostly with families that are grieving that are facing terrible loss. but of course, we also have to reflect on the fact that extreme weather events are getting more frequent. your climate change has a significant role to play in. the unprecedented hate wave and wildfires have left the country reeling and worried. this will become the new normal way. even if the world wasn't warming,
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the pacific northwest and stuff of canada would be having an exceptional heap waiver now. but it won't be quite severe. it wouldn't be blowing past existing records. or if it did, it would not be blown past and by very much, and so climate change less waves be much more severe than they otherwise would have been in a world without any change. more than 105 still burning across western canada threatening other towns. prime minister justin trudeau has conveyed an emergency response group and promises to help communities recover from all its banquets. renee van, on. she's a reporter at radio station, news $1130.00 out of vancouver. she joined us now by the on the phone a. renee, thanks for joining us. can you describe forth what happened in listen? well, like you heard of that report, right? it was so sudden it comes after incredible. he'd like close to 50 degrees, which is on heard up in western canada and from you know,
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report from the folks in town. it just took minutes. it was the early evening and before you knew it, they saw the smoke and then they could feel the heat. and then some reports that the flames were traveling like 30 kilometers an hour just from one end to the town to the next. and they didn't really have a lot of time to respond or you can even see some footage of some cars at an intersection and they literally don't know where to turn. did they turn left to? they turn right. it was just chaotic scene. and we've also heard that people are now not being allowed into the town for obvious reasons. how is your station been reporting this disaster while like a lot of other station. so we've dispatched our reporter to a town where people are congregating after they have been evacuated. so there's emergency centers where you're supposed to check in as an a vacuum to let people know. yes, you're a lie, but now you need red crosses assistance and you need a home and you need 20 trees in that kind of thing. so there's a various towns that are set up such as that. so we've dispatched our reporter 2
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locations like that. so she can actually talk to survivors and people who, who manage to escape that day. of course, the fire comes amid record breaking hate wave. we've all been reporting on it over the last days and weeks western canada has been experiencing. it's still ongoing. what's, what's it like there at the moment? it's a little bit better, like i can tell you personally, it was very difficult to sleep in my apartment. again, this is vancouver like mid twenties is considered really hot and vancouver were talking, oper, thirty's, and it was unbearable for our homes. people had to sleep in hotel rooms, people had to sleep where there was air conditioning. most people like myself don't have air conditioning, and a lot of people don't even have fans and that kind of thing. so we're just starting now to feel a little bit more comfortable. now in the mid twenties, i think. and another thing too, with that, yes, we had a heat wave but, but he didn't go away overnight. so again, on the west coast, we're used to having
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a very comfortable evening's. it might be hot a little hot in the, in the day time, but it will cool off completely at night. well, this did not happen this time around. it was hot all 24 hours a day and it was really, really hard to escape. and it's, you know, the only the beginning of summer. renee, then news $1130.00 out of vancouver. canada. thanks so much for your time. stay safe. you're welcome. let's take a look now. some of the other stories making news around the world. search and rescue teams have pulled more bodies from the rubble of the collapse. high rise in florida. one of the victims is the 7 year old daughter of miami firefighter. recovery brings the death tell to 22. officials have evacuated. another building in the area of affairs that it may also collapse residents. we've given 2 hours to leave florida residence or in the path of how can elsa. it's already pounded. barbados and vincent high speed wins, ripped the roof tops of homes,
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couple trays and cup power. while heavy rains flooded streets, emergency crews have not been able to reach everyone and need so far, no injuries or deaths have been reported. un officials have told the security council more than 400000 people in ethiopia, t gra, region, and now suffering from famine. the region has been cut off from ice and fighting, broke out last year. un warned of new clashes despite the unilateral faced by the government. the last remaining american and nato troops have left the main international military base in afghanistan. diagram just north of cobble was the center of a 20 year campaign against talib and taliban extremists. the taliban is celebrating the departure of the western troops and has already re taking control of much of the country. afghans worried about what will happen to them now that most of the international troops have gone. this is the sound of us troops
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leaving of gonna stand with state in 2001 after the 911 terrorist attacks us troops stoned bugs into a key military base to hunt down militant groups responsible for the atrocity. now the afghan government is getting control back, even though talks between them and taliban militants have made no headway. president biden believes that can work. look, we're in that war for 20 years. 20 years. and i think i met with the african government here in the white house in the oval. i think they have the capacity to be able to sustain the government. africans do not have as much faith in their government as biden as military to depart. they too are looking for a way out people are flocking to passport offices in capital to plan their exit the very valid about
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a possible return of the taliban. so we want to leave the country before the situation gets was the problem all of your most districts have fallen when there's not a single district without fighting. they've even reached the chief of police and office and provincial capital. i've come here to get my passport and get out of a stand histone not safe for the soldiers of the african national and different forces. that's not an option. some field, a country is finally their own and they intend to hold it, keeping the taliban at bay on this land belongs to you when the russians were here and they left than the americans came. and now they have left. this country is ours and we will protect it even without pay our equipment. meanwhile, the taliban. a gaming ever more ground in afghanistan. over the past weeks, they've been on the offensive releasing propaganda videos and taking control of
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many districts. it won't be until the not us to pull out on september 11th, that the world will finally learn what the taliban have planned the of moreland to alina tc. he's a journalist in campbell alley. welcome the tell him and seem to be advancing at lightning speed. even before the final troops have left, they expect the telephone to take control of i'm going to sound including the capital cobble. once everyone, when pull the foreign troops around i think that, you know, there isn't a high possibility. there is a possibility that we can say that they would be able to take over the entire country. i think it's a little paper bolling because at this point they have yet to take and take provincial capital for very long. so no,
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i don't think the building over the whole country will come under serious threats and they are wrapping up everything and going into overdrive. but at the same time as much as we're seeing district faults and it's all of on grants and several districts in the northeastern, probably count for the one. we also get reports every day, more districts back into the government. and so it really just continued cat mouse game between the to what's the feeling on the ground there from ask and how worried people are we likely to say more people trying to leave the country? you know, we have to remember that the people had to leave the country. are those with me, you know, weren't able to get a passport office who can afford a passport office even if they leave, you know, get, you know, get a v. i mean, look at how many, one germany rather than just getting out and it's all integrated caroline. and then you know,
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millions of people can join isn't really reading and trying to get access to a passport. and then as i said, they were to read somewhere. turkey in supporting my mom, germany the pointing even james passport isn't necessarily guaranteed or i don't see jonathan. ca will have to leave it there. thank you very much for your time. ah, a football in italy have set up a year. 02020 semi final with spain activating belgium to one in a thrilling match in munich. gold from nicolo berella. i'm a rental infiniti. you put italy to mill up. and although a rebellion, like who penalty helped the deficit just before half time italy held on during the rest of the game, they remained on cause for their 1st european title in more than half
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a century. less office spain, bates, switzerland in a dramatic penalty shoot out in st. petersburg, spain. goalkeeper, ny simon made to save his country 131 in the shoot out. that had ended one all off the extra time despite switzerland playing a man down off the red card. and in today's games, the ticker public will face denmark hoping to advance to the semifinals for the 1st time since 2004, but not considered among the pre tournament favorites. the checks have proved themselves one of the most dangerous teams in this competition. thanks. lovely to labor cuz the striker, patrick, shake. the check national team have given their fans plenty to celebrate at the euro's. their decisive round of 16 victory over the heavily favored netherlands has help solidify the checks dark horse status. now they're preparing for a class with denmark in buck victory would stamp the checks ticket to their 1st
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semi finals and a major tournament. since 2004. they know it won't come easily though saying they are not that external. we just need to play as a team and be eager to when i think we can do that to mr. jones is a total costumer, lod note, mississippi. what do i expect? a game that can go both ways full of tackles that will be decided by details on a level match up that will be decided by the details. sounds like a perfect opportunity for check striker patrick. check a familiar face to book this week, a fans for his exploits at lever cuban shake as a bit of an under the radar talent leading the line for a quietly effective check side. notching a goal against denmark. we'll give him 5 on the tournament, tying him at top spot with christiana, rinaldo, whose portugal have already been knocked out. so that we sped this and you know,
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we just want to be successful. i think both our team and their team, we really play cohesively. we don't have big stars, but we have players from great leaks with arctic that he had. i always felt like we got it. chicken company can keep punching above their way. no. be back in the semi finals and shining brightly on everyone's radar. thanks for watching. ah, my 1st vice i was a sewing machine i found from women are boned by the potions or something as simple as learning how to raise a bicycle, even since i was a little girl. i wanted to have a bicycle of my but it took me years to finally gave up and venture by me and by sizes that return because sewing machine going, i suppose was more appropriate for those than writing a bite.


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