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not these 4 sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. when i'm fired up and ready, down during walk down the rocky go to tokyo, started july 19 d w. the me the the news we are living during the most extraordinary time in history. transport electric motor down the red sea also and mobility with what seemed like to drive an electric bus in the streets of
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a city like berlin. i think i want to do is to tie for all the ones because i just come here for 5 years. okay. and what can you expect from the new d s 9 today's car? 8th of 21. we check out the design and performance of this hybrid plug in and why does everything always have to go that fast? we need an austrian artist who's built the lowest sports cars in the world. ah, so get ready for speed, conscious edition of red lane and jan's. welcome to the raft. check today's car. a lot of the french one,
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the d s 9. let's check it out. the back in the days ds was the premium line for 2 cars. but in 2015, it became an own brand, determined to build premium quality. until now they only had 2 s t, v in folio the thing i really like about the car. the headlights, not only do they look cool, but they also have these moving parts on the inside. they can therefore, that the lights know if you're driving into cars. that is, of course an oman to the 1st day asked ned had that cornering light making the fifty's. so that was a real novelty back then. as you might expect, the new d s 9 doesn't have very much in common with the owner. but here you will find another reminiscence to the old b s. and that is the positioning lied right here. the d s had the indicated up there, but today you're not allowed to put them that high anymore. and that's why those
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are just positioning lights. but still a nice detail me nothing i really like about the d. s. 9 is the integrated door handle. it's right here. i know only a few years ago you would find such door handles only on very expensive cost. and now you will have that right here, you press the button, they pop out and then you can get it. so the interior is really high quality. you can tell that there is a lot of leather good. the color is not exactly my type of choice, but you can also choose other ones. apart from that, you have very nice teachings here. and everything looks high quality and somewhat, you know, what could you and that's what the s wants to have, like cars that represent or quit your. you can also tell that if you use the stop button, that by the way is here in the middle,
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then and then the log clock will pop up and also and hands that feeling of what could you get when you see it in that car? under the hood of our test car, you will find gasoline engine with 100, a v horse power combined with an electric engine and 110 horse power. so it's a hybrid, namely plug in high res, so you can charge it by a sucking me. it can go up to 48 hours of range purely electric according to w l t p. i talking about charging that will take one hour and 45 minutes, no matter if you'd charge it at home, or at a charging station at your workplace or somewhere else. and then the car will be full again. so in theory, you can use it to go to your workplace fully electric,
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and then back and charge it at home. prices for a hybrid d. s. 9 started around $52800.00 heroes in germany. the car is also available as a pure gasoline version with 225 horsepower, starting from 47560 us let's talk about the general driving impression vs claims that the glass is bigger than it usually is with other cars. so you will have really well insulated interior and what better place to check that then the german autobahn. and i have to say we're driving like a 130 right now. and it's quite silent in here. so i guess they were right about the glass. i really like it for me is 93 in length. the d s 9 office and lots of space. the driver and passenger and other nice feature the
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car has is that you can preserve battery capacity. can do that by other touch screen right here. so you can choose either like 10 kilometers or 20 kilometers, or the full maximum range off around 48 kilometers. that way, if you end up in a big city where you know, you're only allowed to drive purely electric without, since you can preserve the range and then switch into e v mode. once you get there, the d s 9 comes with a lot of standard equipment such as a navigation system, active scan suspension and active l e d headlights. my final verdict, vs is trying to build cars that are high quality, and i have to say the d. s. 9 does fulfill that promise. it is a card that has no major weaknesses. the design is really striking. the only thing i would prefer if that chrome right here was also available in high, polished back, just like that grill here in the inside. also nothing to complain about. the only
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thing i didn't like about our test car, if the rad ledler. but of course, that is also available in different colors. so on and all you have call that feature, lot of things and has a decent price. from me that's a thumbs up from the question of a choice of colors both inside and out the d. s. 9 is folded limousine with that extra touch of high quality. with that you almost feel like bill strolling on the cap was in perry. it is quite a lot of them the school gave up on the mob. by the time i elect or asked me to do the money to get some more analysis,
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i had some issues. and once i find the data, i come out with your voice. now, i was only, i'm not happy with the high school for him very on my mentor, as we might have talked with him on their, their stories because i managed to do the school because the so tough i just know by the time then come, then he's annoying electric water,
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that's all the water on the line. just also wall as the inverse of the final comes, which doubled an option for v vi did this, and this is i think on the topic that's the monthly cost screen begins observations i does his pan renewed to the gang of the and on the tune up and out of that this year to tom, bob kind the touch operations on me, but on i'm one of the fish they plan on that might yeah, i was possible. so i'm, i'm sure what i'm going to try and, and you want to finish up on
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the phone. also hon. why didn't it's not truly, it was so holler, counseling, all likelihood on since then time with the high school. there will be a lot of the month 1000000 young can come in yourself by the time when i was on the phone. okay, that's fine. and you can talk to him
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about his math isn't round the money in some and this is mighty guy. would not one of the sri manage ah, shouldn't i talk to the truck has to run out of the blood to one. i have one more scientists, 100 most of the missing most fine ah, come allison's for job hires have seen out along with a cleanser, finished up terabyte or pre vodka she got on can demand me where to find the advantage and i had to finish the deal and off monopoly was done on board
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and only fall out on the phone down my dana, the off to calm down the senior life. ah, i will not talk to us for some of the solution. gotten on union by will not. she said and pushing for the complex and the completion. me as amanda. 100 awesome. i'm is team one is on the next billing post on lot of the school. yeah, i know all the facts took off one from when i was in deb sides or even upside football foot shop visa us and i had fun josh on the complex of
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a lot of fun. good one. now john. good doctors helped him display because it's done all going listed on the title design yet some women's because of me. ah ah, she's, she's on both sides. the nice fight and the thing to know who's come said on the best move list of the funding. colleen? thank you, get this in mind of this entirely new because this gets this for not being honest
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with you, you know. and because want for us under ca, mazel because again, i do want to do time just to tie for all the ones i just home, a lot of years electrical, so fun to get this from spun. i was good. i just was his answer all the comments i here now. i just fussy and much fun at all possible. in fact among needs are seen, a blue tie ends after much muzzle got one fellow dog woman fat. as i stood me laughing because the the name been golden and
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other than the gold coating. the one big exterior feature with ferdinand lee. 3 supersize the rear spoiler hicks boil off. oh it say i'm a luxury, i'm golf but i'm so simple. everyone can use, it looks like it already built the medical a gold coated portion cruising through the city of lin, spin austria alongside of red ferrari. that looks very much like the 700 horsepower flagship enzo model. but when it comes to the jump, the lights, there are a pair of non starters. in fact, they're an art project celebrating the art of slowness. and they're the brain child of harness long day about his 200 kilo contraptions are driven solely
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on pebble power. all of this loss slowness is definitely a bigger luxury than being fashioned. and life in the fast lane can be a short one with the number on it. and of course, there's also the relaxation. if you're doing $200.00 on the highway, i think the mat inevitably exist on my own while at 8 of 3 to 5 kilometers an hour. very few actually noticed the things going on around you all come with the thing that you don't have on both. on the where name is ludgate versus well bet. follow a duel that pitts artists against the term in a race where the mail takes the checkered flag. the 2 men had been a source of mutual inspiration for decades. their artistic projects repeatedly
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focused on the subject of mobility, and it being a crossroads between tradition and innovation. the fluff flash off the artist introduced as lightning to restore glamour, to specific things, to delay, and keep so in reinventing the big fat sports cars as bicycles. lots of organ, the artist restores things to the former glory they might have lost and through no fault of their own being. today we close from one heart. the car has lost a bit of its old charm in the wake of ecological issues. going on this long gave his name to his creation 5 are the marriage of ferrari and the german word for bicycle. needless to say, it's carbon neutral and guaranteed 0 emissions. since this is our new york or the next 200 kilometers the main, the human driver is the only engine with
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a lifetime guarantee. and wherever they show up, the mock cars are guaranteed to turn and provoke debate. this is better than and named after the founder of the porsha company. great legal and pedestrian zones, to see sure. it's basically a bicycle even if it runs on 4 wheels. yeah, yeah, because it's a one off. it's say, i'm a luxury and i'm golf, but i'm so simple and everyone can use the counter staying until the decadence of super rich people. them buying the real thing in times like this is the working to cost the if we don't exercise ecological common sense and modesty, then we're going to cause
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a lot of damage done marking this you have to come from for the philosopher. the thought heidi is a reference to the 1900 sixty's, the heyday for cars and designer items and cult objects. nothing to it in the 1st 3 decades after the 2nd world war and the introduction of the welfare state in europe. this gave people the promise of a brighter future will things or if not for them, and then for their children and it's competent last month. as people look to the future, they were more fearless and willing to take on risks. that will change completely because i think people have lost that confidence in the future. it's for that's why they've become fearful and anxious. so if anything, they prefer to see us taking a step back rather than racing ahead moment for you to see nominate, fearless and home at less at the handlebars of cars that would normally be
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considered status symbols, andrea pitany of a luxurious lifestyle. the delay is left his own. that is the artist achievement here is creating works is that also reminds us that we can derive pleasure from this kind of thing that they've done the thing that speaking, hey, i'm an artist. and now i also want to have something grandiose, something valuable, significant and beautiful, and impartial. so he makes his own portia and the even manages to integrate himself into this reality that he protecting georgia is already worth more than the genuine one that he's replicated. here we have the departure in the market ball on this long gave his vehicle said grace, galleries and museums all around europe. and to turn his words into 2 performance art. sometimes dress itself is ruth reynolds characters from the movie. the cannibal runs
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the chest about the object itself, but also its reception in the media and the public image. another important element is the association. it's obviously from an employee. so adding a personal performance is just as crucial as the promotion and online presence of all of it is as important as the car itself. the internet off put, your head can also be stick. it is all the server named in gordon and other than the gold coatings. one big exterior feature with ferdinand g t 3 as sized rare. boiler hicks boil off the hex paula at speeds and excess of 5 kilometers an hour. the spoiler exerted considerable down for us on the rear axle giving me a lot of stability at higher speed is to huge air intakes in the front. euler prevent excessive sweating on the part of the driver and front passenger. the
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artist has also made videos parity and contests, as well as the classic promotional lives. the in the process earning millions of views on youtube. his work said become so popular that in 2013 his father body was invited to share the stage with real luxury cars at the high profile, international motor, sho, in frankfort. not bad for a vehicle whose chassis comprises cardboard cutouts and the body shop is that a plastic tubing and cables connected with packing tape. the results is one, perhaps the ultimate praise is something that i haven't seen yet, but could be not so far for a few ciocca he looks like if,
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if he's not there for right, he's a very good call. the come up with ferrari. it's about a philosophy, not just going family things, no one for our is our works of art. also gets articles to come, a song driving ferrari and unbridled joy to see our capacity for enjoyment should not be a latest, and caters solely to gore maze. and those who indulge inexpensive hobbies and it's important for people to repeatedly ask themselves what it is that makes life worth living august. if people stop pursuing that question and are content with merely functioning, then that means becoming extremely comply. and politically speaking, we just accept everything because all we want to do is obey voice ah, what's wrong with
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a bit of poor man's portion of philosophy that is a common theme in the work of harness long data. and speaking of philosophy, there's also a constructivist element to art as well. in this case, putting the sacred cow there is the car on to, to we'll be, this is my s, u v, your, this current, the mood. so then if you could call at the su via bicycles for this cause off blossom, it's inflatable and gets fatter over time. but that's how you take up more space on the road. your that's important to tom and the people out of town booked on installs and for canada's movies to his latest creation is a vehicle that has 0 mobility statements on the state of the world. doing the pandemic plan as long data self is certainly getting
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out in about and asking his gold porsha cons to commotion on the cold british tv. so top here is even looking at a small scale market launch familiar with a didn't getting into this. i've even had people from the art scene mistakenly thinking, i'm some car free play goes with the model number you wonder who you are now? well, i guess i'm no longer an artist. and now more of a car designer auto ot the bought the conflict deal. the weather artist, automotive architect. hi, miss long good. i will keep on commenting on the mobility from his own maverick perspective. while teaming up with like mind to create unconventional visions of the vehicles of the future, the age of the 8, perhaps society will change. well then people will be able to rediscover their love for life. aspect of a more positive futures. if it's a coffee,
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then i'm sure they'll also rediscover their love of cars will be taken and showed all regular cars run out of energy at some point. how does long data creations will still keep on running red, which is the plenty of energy to keep running until the next episode safe driving? the ah me the use
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the the, the the ah, the thing like a break to see to come the so it is an island as copernican and as germany's longest speech, some 1900 hours of sunshine a year. the charm of a bygone era on the medical baltic sea and of taking in 30 minutes on d. w. the gym for radical pakistan
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moving towards a modern state pakistan and the journey across the land of contract major contradictions and use of d. d. w. how does the virus spread? why the repairman and when will all of this, just 3 of the topics that we've covered and i weekly radio. if you would like more information on the kroner virus or any other final topic, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com slash science. in
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december, 2019 the european council's new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission of georgia to make you the 1st time to try to turn the planets by 2015 but not all in new member state supported and some persuasion is required a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. mine's been the flattering incentives, but best play times, often go astray who will win the game of diplomatic poker. intrigues power plays and the lines behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august. 5th on
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the news . ah, this is data be nice live from berlin. wildfires rage across western canada. rescuers search for the missing in town for to evacuate. lightning has bought several blades and still further by a record breaking hate wife. also coming up for us and nato troops leads back from enough dennis film and departure that leaves many afghans with dread as the taliban white in the wings and drama and disappointment. things vicki was there in the road 2020 sammy finals.


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