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are very difficult, i want to say to colleague who said, if we looked at these museums today, we would probably never billed them. and if we looked at these collections today, we would probably never assemble them, but they're here. they exist and we now have to decide what to do with them for the interview. so what will the humbled forum do with the problematic collections? it has been built to display to find out, we toured the exhibition space in the humbled forum in 2021 with jonathan, fine and tim than to media. so this is the pedestal where we're going to be putting the throne from the kingdom remarkable object. it brings to a point, a lot of this sort of questions that people have about the colonial era cation point. a throne is degrade the new old palace, but it did not come from the whole southern dynasty. rather it belonged to king,
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enjoy of bar mom of western cameroon. i always thought it was a gift to the kaiser. it's not the story. well, it is, but it's gifts are complicated. we know that he really didn't want to give up the throne and be what went through his mind. what calculation did he have to make? was he going to lose face if he didn't give something important to the cause or was he going to lose power? if he didn't give something important to the cause of a right royal gift from one ruler to another or a tribute, it had to be paid to the colonial master. phil home. the 2nd and 2017. we went with jonathan, fine to cameroon, to find out more about the throne. what do people there? think of the country's colonial past. if the throne had not gone to berlin, it would now belong to this man,
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the sultan of bomb sim. bumble enjoy the grandson of king enjoy, who reign during the period of german colonial rule. ah, the mom's director of cultural affairs works closely with the sultan. the throne is a sensitive subject. he tells us. ah, ah, we keep. no day passes without us having to talk about the throne, to a tourist who come here always ask you, what is the throne of the king of moon doing in berlin? say? and then, ah,
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some say the german stole the throne or what either one of those think it wasn't a gift or if it was one, then a full gift card to foresee a common police. what do you say to that valley? we think that the moon people maintained a marriage of convenience with the germans back then. how would i characterize the relationship nowadays? who are they divorced in the off? we don't. we hope not to we. we very much hope that ties will be revived through
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greater cultural cooperation. feel bad and you can reach us instead of the germans will appreciate the mutual benefits of helping us preserve our cultural heritage. the throne in berlin is an ambassador of our rich culture. returns your life to me. you know, one of the things i took away from our discussions in somebody was the clear wish for germany to live up to its historical promise of friendship. and i think one of the things we can do is make that expectation clearer to the german public. and to make that expectation clearer. to german politicians in berlin, we go to savvy contemporary art space to meet its director, move on to the comb. he's
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a renown curator who has also put together shows that the famous documentary art exhibition in costume. he's interested in the impact of colonialism and the way europe and museums display non european cultures. on to the kong grew up a 100 kilometers from from bon and has heard the story of the throne ever since he was a child. the cultural ambassador of germany to the us doesn't belong to the us. that belongs to germany, right? then we should apply if we want to use the analogy of the culture ambassador didn't, the throne should belong to the people from one, right? so i'm all for cultural ambassadors. so like jimmy sent, also a very important work from it's, you know, culture to come as a culture ambassador and she put it in the museum as well. it is fine. but until we
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do that, it's just a one way street. so if you want to look at shit, here it is, let's shit everybody's every day and not just some people and the others not. what should happen to the turn in the future for me is very much an open question, because like many of the things in the humble forum, we now have this past. we've looked into it, we are looking into it. and as we know more about it, we may want to make different decisions about what should happen to the objects for the future. should they go back? should they stay in germany? the debate about the humbled forum has brought such difficult questions to the attention of a wider public. in preparation for the move from dalim, jonathan fine and restores inspected some of the most highly contested items in the s no logical museum. the beneath bronzes, the masterpieces from the wild kingdom of beneath were looted by british forces during a punitive palace rayed in 897. in what is now nigeria, later,
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many pieces were eventually sold. what the humbled form does with the bronze and ivory works is a key test of its avowed commitment to explore new ideas and truly pursue cultural exchange with other countries. as equals for decades, nigeria has demanded the return of its looted treasures. it wasn't until 2021 that any progress was made regarding the benign bronzes. how does restitution work? and why are museums so often reluctant to for fun, better competition that our procedure for returning items looks like that is good to visit with the board of the prussian cultural heritage foundation has to make the decisions director towards the president or museum director can't do so it really has to be the top level bodies before this and, and then there's the question of the recipient is too clear. and for any object to be rest of today, we have to determine who the rightful owner and i was. the on the status is a national museum, a local community,
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and they can get complicated. but what i can say is that we shall give back to beneath bronzes and sort of keep some will go to a new foundation being set up in nigeria. other items will remain on display in the humble forum. the question is, how would these objects with such a troubled past be presented to the public? this is where this multimedia program, which is really a multiscreen film right, will be presented, and all the voices from europe and africa, including the va and scholars from africa, will talk about the provenance of the bending bronzes. the idea is using very simple questions to get people to open up and talk openly. what are the been in bronzes? what do they mean to you? what should happen to them in the future? and then to really hear what people have to say about that topic, this concept of really exhibiting the discussion of provenance and the work of the
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been in dialogue group was already there when i started 10 years ago. and that's been really the central theme of this entire room of the exhibit. what is the future? what should happen to these objects? that's an openness that i really treasure about this process. cultural institutions should be relevant to society. the need to address the colonial past is not only a weighty responsibility, but also an opportunity for museums to take a leading role in an important societal debate. as for the humble forum, the symbolic significance of the new old royal palace is always in the way a group of enormous angels exemplify the problem. they formed part of the lantern on top of the palace dome and support a huge golden cross. they were formed in wax than coated in clay to create a mould for pouring in bronze at
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a temperature of $1150.00 degrees celsius. that is, by the way, the very same technique used to create the benign bronzes. the christian seem dome has proved controversial inscribed, rounded space is a quote from the new testament that at the name of jesus, every knee shall bow of those in heaven and of those on earth. and of those under the earth in may 2020, the cross was mounted on top. it's almost 5 meters tall and an unmistakable projection of faith and power. it too was financed by a hefty donation. it may be a historically accurate replica, but it highlights the disparity between the buildings, retrospective, exterior and the forums. progressive agenda, the cross as an ideological statement. allies the pluralist vision of the forum.
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just a few meters beneath the cross under the dome buddhist painting speak of the peaceful power of meditation. sincere efforts to promote understanding among cultures are overshadowed by such unequivocal imagery. hardwood dog hello is general. director of the humboldt forum is lava does either side. each ear, or has defined its own answers to such questions in architectural terms for these poor nasty feel hota bills and via today, i expect we would have gone with a different architectural solution. because only about impala and i'm sure the discussion about the palace of the republic would have been very different from what it was right after the fall of the berlin wall. the flower dusky is of, if you'd like, think we much more aware nowadays of the implication for the messaging of a fixing royal crowns to a facade or sticking crosses or talk her rock inscriptions the reconstruct and is never innocent. and the foolishly constable young lawyer, in late 2020 the humbled forum, had
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a digital opening and refilled the 1st glimpses of its interior. who was eman. they're hungry for just me on it's a great pleasure to welcome the humboldt for him to the world of museums, lions, the house. but it has yet to prove itself to a steady stream of visitors and rotating events. you feel that by yvonne has humbled for him is the surface onto which many varied ideas and wishes projected we are not a museum, but a cultural, dental, dental. oh, the humbled form will join an ensemble of institutions from the museum island, but will truly be a meeting place for cultures from around the world. perhaps it might start out as a place where we address our historical blind spots. oh, i mean setting off on an adventure to humble forum has to talk about this adventure, even though we don't know where it will take us.
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the who's, who's me who how does power? battery not so. i know who again whose team for lynn start up is old family's life. a new job
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tomorrow today in 30 minutes, w o. the crazy morning, like totally in the same face. jumping in extreme sports for free. falling at the haley movie festival in norway. space jumpers from around the world can enjoy all of it. minutes on the w. o. these places he stepped into a big venture in the tree for modern globe trotter's cover. some
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of you have to record breaking on you tube and know also in book form the news . this is the w news fly from berlin. the end of a 20, your mission against islam is extreme. it's an afghan, a stand. last us and nato troops leave bag room air base, put africans fear for the future. as the taliban waits in the wings. uncle america aims to reset the stream relations by breaks it on her last visit to the u. k. a chancellor also
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a hint as lose her travel restrictions for persons arriving in germany and drama and disappointment. spain secures their place in the year of 2020 semi finals with penalties should of victory over switzerland. they'll faced italy next after their wing over belgium. ah and tilden mocking to the program. the last remaining american in nato troops have left the main international military base and afghan is tan. bag room was the center of the 20 year campaign against taliban extremis. the taliban is celebrating the departure of western troops and was already overrun much of the country. afghans are worried. what will happen to them now that the international troops have gone? the, this is the sound of us troops leaving of gone down to its fate. in 2001
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after the 911 terrorist attacks us troops stoned by graham into a key military base to hunt down militant groups responsible for the atrocity. now the afghan government is getting control back, even though talks between them and taliban militants have made no headway. president biden believes that can work. look, we're in that war for 20 years. 20 years. and i think i met with the african government here in the white house in the oval. i think they have the capacity to be able to sustain the government. africans do not have as much faith in their government as biden as military truth depart. day to are looking for a way out people are flocking to passport offices in capital to plan their exit either be a very veteran about
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a possible return of the taliban, so we want to leave the country before the situation gets worse. all of your most districts have fallen when there's not a single district without fighting. they've even reached the chief of police office and provincial capital. i've come here to get my passport and get out of the sandstone. not safe for the soldiers of the african national and different forces. that's not an option. some field the country is finally their own and they intend to hold it, keeping the taliban at bay. this land belongs to you, went out on the russians were here and they left than the americans came and now they have left. this country is ours and be be protected even without bay or equipment. meanwhile, the taliban are gaining ever more ground in afghanistan. over the past weeks, they've been on the offensive releasing propaganda video and taking control of many
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districts. it won't be until the last us to pull out on september 11th, that the world will finally loan what the taliban have planned. the earlier we spoke with us on the bus distinguished professor at the national defense university in washington d. c. he says that while the situation of dentist and is still unstable, there have been some success in the last 20 years of war. but i think last 20 years were able to get to challenge us and western alliance had gone to a blind on not to necessarily deal with thought, yvonne, but in principle to, to defeat a guy. that's a guy that has very small presence. there dashes this, but a dollar bond would never be paying target. and one can debate that one can argue that should have been the case dollar bond. yes, but it turned out of power. they were pushed back and they will get it as well. but
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the prime reason was to provide space to the army of hans in cobble today, the upon security forces to represent the not some of the educated people, women, they all are far more empowered now than national community cannot spoon feed bond forever. millions of dollars. i should say trillions of dollars, but it expected over spend. so now be the limit to all but the rest enroll can do. there are mistakes committed there are blenders committed. there's no doubt about it. i mean, this also tells you the limitation of international roles. perhaps we tried to do too much of this done, which was not possible. maybe a different approach would have, but these are lessons to be learned also. and we must not shy away from accepting that they were blenders and mistakes that were committed by the western lenses. but let's be honest that was on the bus from the national defense university in
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washington d. c. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. search and rescue teams have pulled more bodies from the rubble of collapsed high rises in florida. one of the victims is a 7 year old daughter of miami firefighter. the recovery brings the death toll to 20. 2 officials have evacuated, another condo building in the area over the years that it is also unsafe. presidents were given 2 hours to leave florida residence, or in the path of hurricane elsa is already pounded. barbados and st. vincent high speed winds rip the rooftops of homes, toppled trees and cut power while heavy rain flooded streets. emergency crews have not been able to reach everyone in need, but so far, no injuries or deaths have been reported. on below, russian leader, alexander lucas shanker, has ordered the complete closure of the border with neighboring ukraine, alleging that weapons were coming into the receipt i did at
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a ceremony mark in 30 years of independence. he also said, authorities have expose sleep or terrorist cells linked to germany, the u. s. and ukraine. more than 2008 workers have formed a human chain in northwestern syria, stretching from the border with turkey to the rebel held city of england. they opposed russian efforts to close the only remaining border crossing that allows aid into areas held by steering and surgeons. listen, the town at the center of canada's unprecedented heat wave has been almost completely wiped out by a wildfire residence had just minutes to flee before the fire cleaned their homes. at least 2 people are believed to have died. prime minister justin trudeau warned that canadians should braced themselves for more extreme weather events like this one. as the climate continues to change with just minutes to spare. residents of little escape through thick smoke und dash,
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the fire front moved so quickly. they had almost no warning before the town was engulfed in flames. all right, so it looks like the fire went over them and it's about to get everyone that stuck on that side of the mountain. me and my dog just right outside of the house, would it be in fire? as i was leaving? i didn't turn them on to the door. the blaze ignited a day after the towns swell to through almost 50 degrees celsius. breaking canada's temperature record emergency workers is searching for missing residents as the smoldering town remains unsafe to enter. today, our thoughts are mostly with families that are grieving that are facing terrible loss. but of course, we also have to reflect on the fact that extreme weather events are getting more frequent in climate change has a significant role to play and that the unprecedented hate wave and wildfires have
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left the country reeling and worried. this will become the new normal way. even if the world was warming, the pacific northwest and stuff of canada would be having an exceptional heap waiver now. but it won't be quite as severe. it wouldn't be blowing past existing records. or if it did, it would not be blown past them by very much. and so climate change less would be much more severe than they otherwise would have been in a world without any change. more than 105 still burning across western canada threatening other towns. prime minister justin trudeau has conveyed an emergency response group and promises to help communities recover. uncle america has been in britain on a mission to reset relations strained by brakes. it is her last official visit to the u. k. before she steps down as the german chancellor macklin held wide ranging talks with the british prime minister. and of course, there was also time for tea with the queen at windsor castle
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far is johnson on a charm offensive as he well pins the e u. the longest serving leader this is angular medical's. 3rd visit to check his country residence by british prime ministers. far is johnson is the 5th british nita. she's dealt with in her 16 years in german chancellor and her last. she prepares to step down in september angular on behalf of the u. k. i want to thank you for your truly historic commitment. not just to the u. k. germany relationship, but to global diplomacy. more generally, you can, this meeting was about researching relations between germany and the u. k. after the tensions of bricks, it also was with britain's exit from the you. it's
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a good opportunity to open a new chapter in german, british relations, and find practical ways to have close contacts. this includes regular government consultations which we have agreed on the conduct so good. the to also discuss the vaccine rollout among other issues. macros, signaling that battling could soon relax quarantine rules for britons traveling to germany has been double job. it's no secret though, that the german chancellor has found johnson at times difficult to deal with. but she is the queen of diplomacy. so knows, and we look at how different people are and make the best of it. and that works wonderfully ah, macro. she finished her british visit with all the pomp and ceremony. a world
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leader would expect. good afternoon, windsor castle. she had an audience with queen elizabeth, and no doubt they had a good chat over a proper cup of tea. told them to football now and italy have set up a euro 2020. so my final, with spain, after beating belgium to one in a thrilling matching munich goals from nicole barella and lorenzo in sydney put italy to nail up. and although aroma lew cargo penalty have the deficit just before half time italy held on during the rest of the game. they remained on course for the 1st european title in more than half a century. that's after spain did switzerland in a dramatic penalty shoot out in st. petersburg. spain's goal could keep united simone made to save as country 131, and the shoot out the match and had ended one all after extra time. despite
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switzerland plane, a man down after a red card. earlier we spoke to dave brenda from d w. sports. he had this to say about spain's chances of winning the tournament. it was an incredibly close match with a real nail biter and spain really are almost a bit lucky to have squeaked through. we do have to give switzerland all the credit they deserved. they really have punched way, way above their weight, a tournament and done a lot better than people give them credit for the least to say the least. but spain were clear favorites in this match and did struggle. and i think this match was really indicative of one of their broader issues where they had a boom bust attack and 2 of their matchers, they've scored 5 goals now. and 3 of their matches, they either were shut out or only scored one goal. so it's either kind of feast or famine. i think if they can get that figured out, then they really are one of the better teams in the tournament. they're also kind of in a transitional period. this isn't the same team that won the 282012 euros and the
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2010 world cup. there are younger team, which means there's less pressure turning to tennis now and world number one, novak joke of which is through to the 4th round of wimbleton, after straight sets joker, which at the can who can be seen here. rather, the top here screen didn't have it all his own way against dennis coo dollar. but he had one of the key points when it mattered to keep the american qualifier joker, which is chasing a record equally 20th, major title and 6th wimbleton. in the women's draw ownership board became the 1st arab woman to reach the 4th round. at wimbleton, the denisia came from a set down and overcame vomiting on match point. due to nerves to be 2017 wimbleton champion, rena and lucca tour show next faith on coming up next on our daily covered special, we take
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a look at birth rates during the pandemic. i'm back at the top of the hour with more world news, and don't forget, you can get all the latest news information, run the clock on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm here until berlin. thanks for joining us. use the site against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research thing, information and context? the corona virus. 19 special next on dw,
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sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. when bringing environmental conservation to life.


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