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the ah was, ah, this is the w news live from berlin. the end of a 20 year mission against illness extreme. this last gonna stand. the last us in needle troops leave bag room air base, but africans fear for the future as the taliban wait in the wings. uncle america aims to reset relations strained by bricks. it on her last official visit to the u. k. the chancellor also hymns at loose or travel restrictions for persons arriving in germany and drama and disappointed. fame secures their place in the
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year 2020 the semi finals with a penalty shoot out victory over switzerland. they'll face it next after their win over belgium. ah, i'm here until the new book and the program. the last remaining american and needle troops have left the main international military base and i've got this done bag room with the center of the 20 year campaign against television extremists. the taliban is celebrating the departure of western troops and has already overrun much of the country. africans are worried about what will happen to them now that the international troops have gone. the, this is the sound of us troops leaving us gone down to its state. in 2001 after the 911 terrorist attacks us troops stoned by graham into
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a key military base to hunt down militant groups responsible for the atrocity. now the afghan government is getting control back, even though talks between them and taliban militants have made no headway. president vitamin believes that can work. look, we're in that war for 20 years. 20 years. and i think i met with the african government here in the white house in the oval. i think they have the capacity to be able to sustain the government. africans do not have as much faith in their government as biden as military truth depart. day to are looking for a way out people are flocking to passport offices in ca, boone, to plan their exit either be a very veteran about a possible return of the taliban, so we want to leave the country before the situation gets worse. i'm all for york,
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most districts have fallen not a single district without fighting. they've even reached the chief of police of office and provincial capital. i ask them here to get my passport and get out of sandstone. it's not safe for the soldiers of the african national and defense forces. that's not an option. some field a country is finally their own and they intend to hold it, keeping the taliban at bay on this land belong to you when the russians were here and they left and the americans came and now they have left. this country is ours and be protected even without bay or equipment. meanwhile, the taliban are gaming ever more ground in afghanistan. over the past weeks, they've been on the offensive releasing propaganda video and taking control of many districts. it won't be until the not us to pull out on september 11th,
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that the world will finally loan what the taliban have planned. what get more than that with us on a boss, he's distinguished professor at the national defense university in washington dc. mr. boss, welcome to d. w. news with the u. s. and other allied troops moving out of canada and how would you describe the situation there right now? the situation is tense, of course, but it is nothing unexpected. we knew that taliban are forced to reckon it. and they have strong support pace in the rural areas, and they will ultimately grab more space. that's why the whole little deal with thought a bond was cut. but also we were expecting that the hon. security forces we hope will be able to hold on to the time there is an internal dialogue or internal sentiment that takes place. so i am not as worried about goblins as about the other areas. hopefully will be defended in a sense of security forces will show that they also have enough courage
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and enough resources and training to be able to defend the, the hon government sitting in cobble. so with the taliban gaining more and more ground, what does that mean for everyday people in the country shed little everyday people in many cases in the, in the fall to end and all of a $100.00 bond has support base without support based they will not they did not outside is i would argue they would not have been able to get intelligence information support based if they were not popular in certain area in certain areas in rural areas and small back in small segments. i teach in some places and other places, insignificant areas they have their support based. yes, they are not democratic oriented. they use also but, but they have some linkage with some elements and society as well. so they,
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they even be able to now the issue is, is the st. lavonne, which was the most important one by the bond? or are we seeing those doha negotiators who appear to be going to more than in terms of the know how to negotiate, communicate they have they have of, after all got to deal with united states after so many discussion. so is that new taliban will be that the leadership will be able to kind of establish their length and go back and take jobs off of the taliban. that taliban, perhaps you can talk to. and we don't know over the field commanders, some of the drug dealers, some of the other local insurgents who will actually grab the thought about leadership. and that's a big question. so international troops are leaving the country, but the situation is still highly unstable. so was the last 20 years for nothing.
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no, i think last 20 years were able to get to challenge either us and western alliance had gone to atlanta on not to necessarily deal with donovan, but in principle to, to defeat a guy that's got is, has very small presence there dashes this, but a dollar bond would never be pine target and one can debate that one can argue that should have been the case dollar bond. yes, but it turned out of public, they were pushed back and they will get it as well. but the prime reason was to provide space to the army of hans in gobble today. the hon. security forces to represent the not some of the educated people in women. they all are far more empowered now than rational community cannot feed on his bond forever. billions of dollars, i should say trillions of dollars were expected over spend. so now maybe the limit to all the rest and all can do there are mistakes committed there are blenders
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committed. there's no doubt about it. i mean, this also tells you the limitation of international roles. perhaps we try to do too much of on this on which was not possible. maybe a different approach would have, but these are lessons to be learned also. and we must not shy away from accepting the beaver blenders and the stakes separate, committed by the western length. but let's be honest, that was on a boss from the national defense university in washington d. c. thank you for your assessment. thank you so much. let's take a look now and some other stories. making news around the world. search and rescue teams have pulled 2 more bodies from the rubble of a collapsed high rise in florida. one of the victims is a 7 year old daughter of miami firefighter. recovery brings the death toll now to 20. 2. officials have evacuated. another condo building in the area of a fears that it is also unsafe. un officials have told the security council that
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more than 400000 people in g o. p as t gray region are now suffering from famine. the region has been cut off from aid since fighting broke out last year. the u and warned of new clashes despite a unilateral cease fire by ethiopia as government. more than 2000 or 8 workers have formed a human chain in north western serious stretching from the border with turkey to the rebel held city of england may oppose russia's efforts to close. the only remaining border crossing that allows aid into areas held by syrian insurgents. angle america has been in britain on a mission to reset rest relations strained by bricks. it is her last official visit the u. k. before she steps down, as the german chancellor miracle held wide ranging talks with the british prime minister. and of course, there was also time for tea with the queen at windsor castle. the
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far is johnson on a charm offensive as he welcomes the use? longest serving leader, this is angular med cause 3rd visit to check his. the country residents for british prime ministers. before is johnson is the 5th british need a she's dealt with in her 16 years in german chancellor. and her last. she prepares to step down in september angular on behalf of the u. k. i want to thank you for your truly historic commitment. not just to the u. k. germany relationship, but to global diplomacy. more generally, you can. this meeting was about researching relations between germany and the u. k . after the tensions of bricks it lost him also with prisons exit from the you. it's a good opportunity to open a new chapter in german,
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british relations and find practical ways to have close contacts for this includes regular government consultations, which we've agreed on the hub and conduct so good. to also discuss the vaccine burleigh among other issues. macros, signaling that battling could soon relax quarantine rules for britons traveling to germany has been double job school. it's no secret though, that the german chancellor has found johnson at times difficult to deal with. but she is the queen of diplomacy, sonus, and we look at how different people are and make the best of it. and that works wonderfully ah, macro. she finished her british visit with all the pomp and ceremony. a world leader would expect. good afternoon, windsor castle,
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she had an audience with queen elizabeth and no doubt they had a good chat over a proper cup of tea. told the ta football now and italy have set up a euro 2020 semi final with spain after beating belgium 2 to one in a thrilling match and munich goals from nickel barella and lorenzo and sydney put italy to nail up. and although aroma lew cargo penalty have the deficit just before halftime, italy held on during the rest of the game. they remain on course for their 1st european title in more than half a century. that's after spain beat switzerland in a dramatic penalty shoot out in st. petersburg, spain's goalkeeper were nice in one made to save as country 131, and the shoot out. the match had ended one all after extra time, despite switzerland playing a man down after a red card. earlier we spoke to dave brennan from
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d. w. sports. he had this to say about spain's chances of winning the tournament. it was an incredibly close match with a real nail biter. and spain really are almost a bit lucky to squeak through. we do have to give switzerland all the credit they deserved. they really have punched way, way above their weight this tournament, and done a lot better than people gave them credit for the lease to say the least. but spain were clear favorites in this match and did struggle. and i think this match was really indicative of one of their broader issues where they have a boom bust attack and 2 of their matchers, they've scored 5 goals now. and 3 of their matches, they either were shut out or only scored one goal. so it's either kind of feast or famine. i think if they can get that figured out, then they really are one of the better teams in the tournament. they're also kind of in a transitional period. this isn't the same team that won the 282012 euros and the 2010 world cup their younger team, which means there's less pressure turning to tennis now and world number one. novak
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joker, which is through to the 4th round of wimbledon, after straight sets victory joker bitch at the top, which can be seen rather at the top. your screen here didn't have it all his own way against dennis could live. but he won the key points when it mattered to beat the american qualified joke of chasing record, equaling 20th major title and fix the windows. and in the women's drive, when esther bore became the 1st arab woman to reach the 4th rounded wimbleton. denisia came from a set down and overcame vomiting unmatched point due to nerves to be 20. 17 wimbleton champion, bring them move a router show next face poland in garcia. she take robots will be here after a short break with the w business and a welcome boost to employment in the us. i'm back at the top of the hour with more world news,
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and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at t w dot com. i'm aaron chilton. berlin, thanks for joining the w. two's people and trucks injured was trying to feed the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families don't treat people seeing extreme dreams. getting 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are speaking with huge
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because no one should have to flee. make up your own line. w. need for mines. the. the, the u. s. is getting back to work. employers created 850000 jobs in june, not more than expected sectors. a struggling to find workers will speak black responding to the off phase else brunson, old must, will tell you which space is best. billionaire is voiced a black themselves in to be a mining for crypto currency is required as much energy as it takes to power some countries we'll look at if you
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can do it. agreement. this is data on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. the u. s. jobs market, so an encouraging hiring spurt in june and poll employers out at $850000.00 jobs. well of the average from the previous 3 months. us economy is continuing to rebound . we've pandemic restrictions easing on demand returning by days report from the labor departments just that workers are enjoying the upper hand. the desperate companies tempt applicants with higher wages in june, average hourly pay with over $3.00 and a half percent on a year ago. president biden is clearly upbeat about how the panoramic recovery guy put simply our economy is on the move and we have co 19 on the run. yes, we have more work to do to get america vaccinated and everyone back to work. we're aiming for full employment. and that means keeping our patient job growth,
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including for black, hispanic and asian workers. let's cross financial correspondent in new york now again, quarter young. 850000 jobs created last month, but still, some employees are struggling to fill vacancies. why is that? well, i mean what we're still hearing at number one reason from an employee where it's still shy of returning to work is the fear of a cobit but then clearly what we're also seeing is that a lot of workers they just decided to not go back to pretty badly pay to jobs if you look at some waiters in the country, some of them make less than $3.00 an hour. so that totally depend on a tips. but also if we look at truck drivers, we're getting reports that for example, gas station, they're running out of gas because they don't get the deliveries. or if you look at over all lift drivers, also often we heard stories in the past that those jobs are really badly paid. and
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a lot of people are just hesitant to return to those low point a paying jobs at this point. and well, that is possible at the moment because we still get some extra weekly unemployment age and that will expire end of august. so that could change the dynamics of the labor market coming to fall. and just briefly, imports far outstripped exports. last month in the united states is, is that cause for concern? well, i mean, yeah, so their trade deficit actually reached the 2nd highest level and us history. it is regard to concern as to high deficit actually could put a damper on economic growth. but so far, economists are not too concerned because they believe the spending habits of americans will change less buying imported goods, but spend more on domestic services. and that should actually come to
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that would mean that we might actually see a certain patel when it comes to the trade deficit overall. culture in new york. thanks. as in virgin galactic skyrocketed to join friday trading. sorry. following use, it's next test flights will carry found richard branson into space. amazon's jeff phase also had looked on course to become the 1st billionaires to leave the atmosphere. but now it appears he'll lose the space race by a matter of days. mm. it's the last test for the v. s. s. unity followed by us authorities approving the space ship for man missions. the 1st trip is scheduled for july 11th, and it will include mission specialist, richard branson. the british billionaire has been reading himself for a while. well, i can say when they tell me that i can go to space how i will, i will be ready to help me to go away to
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wait until like well, he can go now pending weather and technical checks, merging galactic is on track to be the 1st company to fly, private man based travel industry relief, which puts the world's richest man in the back earth. amazon founder jeff base has been working on his blue origin face project for years, and he will personally pilot the 1st flight expecting also on board basis from the market and 82 year old wally funk. come back down. we land gently on the desert surface. we open the hatch and you step outside was the 1st thing you say? i was saying honey, that was the best thing that ever happened. i sunk, went through astronaut training in the 1960 s, but never made it to spaces as women were not yet approved for nasa mission. the
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1st flight on new origin is scheduled for july 20th. i need no date has been set for the 3rd billionaire and the space race chancellor sondra, ellen musk has recently focused on launching satellites for online services for now using space to make money. not spend it. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. my son was major all producing countries of agreed to boost output, enjoying an effect. plus meeting on friday. the united arab emirates is the only one not to sign up something that could still derailed the deal. chinese regulators of band right hailing joint d d from signing up new uses. it comes just days after duty went public in the u. s . regulators that they were investigating the security of the app, but didn't say how long that review would take. so how do you make a big coin? computers crunch numbers in a 1st, that's called mining,
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and it's energy intensive. one study suggests miners are burning through more sierra to done the country of argentina. our more miners are turning to green energy to create crypto courts. the server sneed, no expensive cooling system as siberia cold air naturally regulates the high temperatures generated by the mining rigs. they are stored at the former alum minium plant in plots, and nearby hydro power plant generates electricity for the remaining elementary plants and the new crypto mines. with the media barrier and the it could screen was the location for several reasons. the 1st is the cheap cost of electricity. there are fundamental reasons for this, like the excess capacity of hydro, electric power plants built in this region, or an imbalance between electricity generation and its consumption. siberia, it could region, has many places similar to the soviet union has built many mines and hydro electric
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power plants alongside your in rivers to source elementary and other raw materials back in the 960 since seventy's bit river rows. the company behind this crypto mining site does not do the mining itself. it just provides equipment for the data center and technical maintenance customers from all over the world, use their services. we do see that our asian clients, our aeroplanes, more and more interested in how the electricity we consume is generated, whether it's green and for them to expand capacity to accommodate more equipment. this is a really important question. the only environmental, it's welcome to use of excess electricity. they also like that the crypto farms do not admit c o 2, but they're worn. not all hydro power plants are green. if this is so called plain
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blade should have power. not mounting by clay, it's a lot of disturbance of nature like assistance. huge water is that we've changed of climate damage for far as damage for nature. therefore, ecologists are very skeptical about large hydro dams, and they are very skeptical to speak, that electricity produced by the dams are green between roses, building new sites in russia, eastern siberia, bordering mongolia, and elsewhere. so nice clients, in particular, want to move their servers. they're using excess power generated by existing hydro electric plants and coal seberio seems to be a better way to mind bitcoin than using coal power mines in warmer china, which need a lot of fans. now the panoramic has meant a move outdoor of so many businesses events and even schools. but as countries seek
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to recover the burden based company, new tech, thanks. it has a way to make is all safer inside. oh, finally alsa and her sister can go back to their accordion lessons. they still need to mask up and use plexiglas walls to avoid contact though the music school director knows that some students won't comply with a rule. so a new device that sprays a disinfecting dry mist might remedy the situation. kirsten yackel is waiting for approval from the health authorities, but she's been able to convince most of the parents already get skipped history. stay for pickle at 1st, but that's normal. that's when they found out what it was made up. they all said yes, that's totally okay. it sounds great case and my mom, i'm at the hotel, i'm boise to him. it's already testing out the devices made by the berlin bass company, new tech. when guests come through the entrance, the disinfecting miss covers their skin and clothing. we are by to show you, but fancy. we've been working in this field for 20 years,
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so hum via cindy asked him to be a good call wife, develop an effective and low cost system, fallen cost and goes to good 15 and he can walk in the hotel staff filled the devices which cost several $100.00 euros with a special sailing solution. then it's electrolytic li, charged on site. it complains with you standards and is also well tolerated by the body of the machine was used here at the hotel in april of at an awards ceremony for wines. for just trying to reach you, it's important of course that again, feel good and they feel safe, especially when they come here for an event like this one is host, we have a certain responsibility. it would be a disaster for us if half the people at such an event were infected with a corona virus. one i could see him on the engineer. you on go is still looking for
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the green light from the health authorities for widespread use and for positive feedback from major concert promoters. just for a quick reminder of our top story, this, our us employer is created 850000 jobs in june, better than expected to come to me as continuing to rebound with panoramic restrictions and demand. so from us, the to the point for strong opinion, clear positions, international perspective. on the one hand, there's inclusion and pride on the exclusion hatred and fire issues surrounding the l. g. b t. t. community on the political agenda. so low possible and how can we create of divers future find out on to the point to the point. the details in the
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heart of berlin reconstructed controversy all the time to check it out. the opening is right around the corner. the serve as an educational platform for berlin and the world with the humble forum. 45 minutes on d, w. o. the news every day for us and for our planet global ideas, it's on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make the reader? how can we protect habits?
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what's into, with a ball our ways we can make a difference by choosing smartness solutions over said in our way, the global ideas, mental series in little 3000 on d, w, and online. how much freedom to members of the l g b t q. community enjoy? well, in recent weeks, gay pride marches and countries around the world have underlined the solidarity in the community discrimination violence and even the death penalty are still part of the global agenda of hate has been angry criticism of hungary, new anti l g b t q law and the european suckers blocking of the use of the movements rainbow colors. that's a big european championship match in music. so on the point on to the point we.


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