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i'd have a for the prize just so what, what is, who is medical really want me and want to people who follow along the way, admirers and critics alike. and how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg is showing us the macros last me. ah, this is the w news and these are top stories. us defense officials say the last remaining american and needle troops has left the bag or military base and ghana, stan and handed over to ask and forces bag room with the center of the u. s. and nato's war against the taliban and al qaeda. the move comes as the us prepares to and it's 20 year conflict and i found the stamps. un officials have warned the security council that more than 400000 people in the o. b as
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t gray region are now suffering from famine. the region has been cut off from aides from fighting broke out last year between the government and rebels force its top un officials warned of new clashes despite a unilateral cease fire by if the government german chancellor, uncle, america, and british prime minister, boers, johnson say there are countries we'll work together closely by britons exit from the e. u. after face to face talks in london, medical said she hopes britons have been fully vaccinated against corona. violence will soon be able to travel to germany without quarantine. it was her last official visit to the u. k. before stepping down later this year. so again, this is dw news from berlin. there's much more nor website. that's d, w dot com. the denied german chancellor anglo merkel in great britain,
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the optics at once routine and historic. it's the chancellor's 22nd official visit and after 16 years, her very last is driven leader on the agenda t with the queen, aware and privileged address to the u. k. cabinet and wide ranging talk with british prime minister boards, johnson, after 5 years of tension over breasts. it medical pleasures closer cooperation with the u. k. and handset loser restrictions for people arriving in germany. and michael oak, who in berlin, and this is the day the me to talk to the federal republic of germany. this is a good opportunity to open a new chapter in german press relations. i
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want to thank you for your trudy historic commitment. not just to the u. k, a germany relationship, but to global diplomacy, solas and we have different people are i'm make the best of us under works wonderfully about the village is behind us was also coming up the last us and nato troops leave their main air base. and afghan is stand with the enemy, they were fighting, still undefeated. where does this leave the afghan government and it's people are going to make a reminder on, i think the situation in afghanistan is getting worse by the day. we thought it would get better after 20 is done, but do the habit. nothing has happened for them and we're heading for another war. what are they all bonus john? good to go. we begin the day with angle and medical in
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britain on a mission to reset relation strain by bradford. it's your last official visit to the u. k. before she steps down, as the german chancellor nickle held wide ranging talked with the british prime minister. and there was, of course, time for tea with the queen at windsor castle, the forest johnson on a charm offensive as he well pims the use longest serving leader. this is angular mad, cause 3rd visit to check is the country residence. the british prime ministers far is johnson is the 5th british need a she's dealt with in her 16 years in german chancellor and her last. she prepares to step down in september angular on behalf of the u. k. i want to thank you for
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your truly historic commitment, not just to the u. k. germany relationship, but to global diplomacy. more generally, you can, this meeting was about researching relations between germany and the u. k. after the tensions of bricks it last him also after britain exit from the you. it's a good opportunity to open a new chapter in german, british relations and find practical ways to have close contacts. this includes regular government consultations which we've agreed on the hub and conduct so good the to also discuss the vaccine rollout among other issues. macros, signaling that battling could soon relax quarantine rules for britons traveling to germany, has been double job. it's no secret though, that the german chancellor has found johnson at times difficult to deal with. but she is the queen of diplomacy, sonus,
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and we look at how different people are and make the best of it. and that works wonderfully ah, macro, she finished her british visit with all the pomp and ceremony. a world leader would expect. good afternoon, windsor castle, she had an audience with queen elizabeth. and no doubt they had a good chat over a proper cup of tea. told them that spring and quinton peel and associate fellow with the europe program at the think tank. chatham house, why did medical make this trip? well i think that there's quite a lot of worry in berlin that the plays in the bricks. it could really upsets bilateral relations, clearly between britain and germany and the white european relations. so i think
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there's a real attempt to make an effort to make sure that the bilateral relations don't go off the rails and that they set up if you like, the structure of future relations. so what was said to me that the traditional closeness of our relations doesn't disappear. so so making the trip was just as important as what's actually said during the trip. i think so, yes, this was, there was a lot of symbolism from the british point of view. they were clearly using what the brits like to call their soft power. i mean t with the queen and the symbolism of mackerel addressing the cabinets. both those things the brits like to think they do these things rather well because it sort of binds people to us with eyes expanded with it's actually revealing the fact that britain is rather less influential today than it used to be. has anything
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really substantive come out of it or the leaders setting a tone really for the post medical error? yes, i think that it is more about tone than, than substance. but clearly what they talked about today included the travel relations between britain and germany with co bid. the fact that macklin been quite tough and saying we don't want to have an open door to british travelers while this delta very in to go bid is actually running rampant in britain. and we don't want to import it to germany. so at the end of that they agreed ok, i think they've agreed that if you have a double vaccination on the british side, you won't have to go into quarantine in germany. they didn't seem to say the same of the british, the germans. so there's a certain amount of comment that it's a rather unbalanced agreement. what does this trip tell us about the state of
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u. k. german relations post rex it? well, i think they are actually quite nervous about the state of relations, partly because of the way that johnson and his government have treated the european union in particular the europe in commission, in negotiations and above all the question of northern ireland and this know the land and protocol which johnson signed and got through parliament now seems to say he doesn't want to observe it. medical said very clearly that i'm sure the pragmatism can get us through this. that was a very clear message. the truth is that i think in berlin, a johnson is not seen is very pragmatic. you seen as rob, ideological in his determination not to pay much attention to the, the institutions of the earth in union. i'm curious, quinton, how do they get on at a personal level? much has been said about the boards. johnston's ruffled flamboyance if you will.
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and of course medical is a straight arrow. there's been suggestions even that the german chancellor believes johnson is a man not to be trusted. they are very different characters and i think that question of trust is absolutely fundamental. i think actually it's heart macro probably things that johnson just isn't very serious. that he seems to spend all his time making rather feeble jokes about things and doesn't do his homework. medical is absolutely the opposite. she's always had a reputation for somebody who does her homework before any meeting. so i think from that point of view, there is an element of mistrust. and she was very careful nonetheless, today when she was asked about her relations with all the district, british prime ministers, she's known to say, well, they're all very different. but things have gone quite well with the dear boris. otherwise, i wouldn't be here today, a very diplomatic dancer. i think it's
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a quinton peel from the think tank. chatham house, so very much appreciate your perspective. thank you. the public health experts are worried about a new corona virus, various or then 50 cases of the so called delta plus barrier have been detected in india. the variant has also surface in the usa and almost a dozen other countries. indian scientists say it could be more transmissible, more infectious, and resistant to life saving drugs. given to some coven, 1900 patients. but they need more data to confirm this. our correspondent measure joyful, sent us this report from india where the new varied has fueled fears. the country could be headed for 3rd way. the abs restrictions like ease, once again after another cool. now why does leave? crowds are going to the freshly opened markets in india already. it is hard to
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imagine that just 2 months ago, the country was recording over $400000.00 would be but the indian government is warning that all is not well yet. a mutation called delta has recently been declared a variant of concern and welcome message for many at this tele market. we should live in the presidents instead of worrying about the future, new i've been so long base to no one and a half years over. this is going to renew it every time it's going to be going to be there. so it's not like a place or something different from a normal covered by this is the dental variant was both detected in india last year and was instrumental in causing the massive 2nd beef of cases. it is now said beginning ground as a dominant variant around the wood driving and up certain cases in
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a number of countries. the new addition of this ready and the delta plot has even been detected outside of india. this time belly had been quick to react. after the think criticism of failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier of it, it seemed it has ministry. have want to see it that this vital mutation is more transmissible. i'm more likely to resist antibodies, but experts say it is far too fluent. doctor saw his senior biologist explains why this leave this radiant is causing concern. but it, because this mutation was seen in the radius of come some something earlier, cause the south africa beetle be. and he's able to evade pre existing immunity much better than all of the periods of concern. but he also emphasizes
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that more detail will be needed to confirm if this regina is more infectious. all the sleepers, cording, get something that's been caused for cynthia not missed. been more we did this one for now. at 1st, the vaccination are the best ways to fight off marian's, like the delta and as up last and after the sluggish couple months. the base of in the backseat drive is showing signs of improvement. the government urging people to get innocuous agent as soon as possible. the people reading in this blind spot a job, appears to have got the message. the us defense officials say the last remaining american and nato troops have left the bargain military base enough gonna stand. which has now been handed over to afghan forces by graham was the center of the us and narrows war against the taliban and
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al qaeda. with 100000 troops stationed there at its peak. that 20 year mission is now coming to an end. and a complete withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country is thought to be imminent. afghanistan, security situation is precarious. there are rising fears of the civil war as the taliban and local warlords battle for power. many afghans are now worried about what will happen when all the foreign troops have indeed gone. a journey through a war zone. here in a scanner stands capital cobble, barbed wire, and high walls, protect not just embassies and government departments, but banks and hotels to fear is ever present here. terror attacks take place daily government districts and residential neighborhoods. this western district is one of the cities most dangerous, mainly his czar,
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is live here. the minority group is under assault from the ton of an 85 people were killed in an attack on a school in early may, 9, the victims were girls between the ages of 11 and 15 after 20 years of foreign age, afghanistan is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world, the people that this bizarre tell me, they're afraid the situation will, i need to tear. we're when international troops withdraw the money to make it a mine day. when i think the situation in afghanistan is getting worse, by the day, we thought it would get better after 20 is done, but do the habit. nothing has happened and forgive me and we're heading for another war. what are there only thing that i fear? john, did they go up? this trader says he used to work with the u. s. military,
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like many afghans who worked for the foreign forces, he fears revenge, attacked by the taliban. i want to out from here because my family and i am not say that the here's what i want. and again, any country is actually i don't have money to go to our doctor on my plan because in here is very danger. place to cost us private security has risen sharply here, especially in recent months, businesses stepping up that protections not just not just fair as the taliban. and also growing crime. entrepreneur lay, he has a call center, an employment agency, and cobble the 46 year old says he's determined to stay in the country. thought the poor security situation is a problem and he doesn't know what will happen when all international troops
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withdraw. don't know about to court tomorrow. because in some provinces, we sleep at night when he, when in the morning when you wake up, this is the office is closed because it captured by turn it on the uncertainty and fear that pervades this country are only growing as the full withdrawal of all foreign troops nice. i'm joined by dr. bill and creamy. she's the executive director of center for international peace operations in berlin, which organizes civilian peace operations around the world. on behalf of the german foreign ministry. welcome to d. w. can the afghans hold off the taliban without international help to well, in the estimation of international experts, especially on the military side,
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none of them thinks that the security forces will be able to offer a business and to the taliban. i think if, if the situation continues as it is, i mean that the likelihood of war a civil war or the likelihood of takeover of the taliban in the very near future. and of course that will be a very difficult and very frustrating scenario. and both of them and the option of coming back to piece negotiate and cable would be much better than the government. and the top one would come together in the copper or whatever other place. but of course, that would need a lot of international pressure. i mean by the yes, by others, by then of course, facilitated by the united nations. but right now it's bother a very grim outlook and i will say probably tyler bumble game. even more districts
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and very, very near future take over control of, of signs of a foregone conclusion, appear to be everywhere. if the taliban, we take the country, what would that mean for a scanner and well, the implications are very severe. i mean, 1st of all, it would mean that we will be losing all the gains of the last 20 years, especially in the country, but also on the investments that have been done by the international community. for example, the, the gods to, i'm in the mechanic institutions that have been billed to the co nomic games and, and of course, the relatively fee media in the region, not only not mentioning human rights of women. right. it would also mean that that would be an insurgency of the taliban groups. i mean, we already see that now that many people they take up against the taliban and
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they're not security for their people in the villages. they don't want to have a situation back that they have already seen over in the late ninety's. it would also mean that they would be new, but we've already heard that the report your house screen right now. and of course, it also means that the west is losing or has lost the ability. we always have this image of the graveyard event bias. and this is the way that the biggest loses the atkins themselves after nearly 20 years in afghan or stan emitter deteriorating security situation. clearly there are plenty of people saying that nato has an actual responsibility to stay and help. what say you well, i would say it's in our own interest as need to members state. i mean,
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we have invested so much german soldiers international soldiers. we have given promises and how could we leave without making sure that that is the sustainable piece agreement. and i think the key problem, and the crucial mistake happened last year. it's not the big dog. last year, when the us had to buy the payment with the talib unsigned, labeled at the peace agreement without the participation of the government or civil society. and they have not really seen to this process of, of negotiations being successful. i mean, they have been stalled more or less. so there are no real talks between the government and the taliban, or other insurgent groups. and i think it is a big mistake to leave without a peace agreement because it's not only terrible for the atkins who frustrated who
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have fear, and we're losing losing faith in the west and made to his partners. but also a question why we would do that from a political to g g point of view. i mean, do we not have any interest to political interest in the each, in the neighborhood of china, russia, iran? what does it mean for our credit? don't keep that alma to villain commis from the center for international peace operations in berlin. thanks so much. thank you. the pentagon officials in the us recently returned and open verdict on extra terrestrial visitors to earth. they neither confirm nor rule out their existence, following a military probe into u. f o z. so on world u. f o day, we're asking do day or don't, they exist. the truth is out there,
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so they say, are fearless correspondence. stephan simons went to find out which traveling north of las vegas, nevada, our destination area, 51, the infamous us air force base that is routed in mystery and riddled with conspiracy. there is somewhat of a height about all things you f owes and extra terrestrial in the u. s. these days . following the release of a pentagon report on u. f o's, on our way to area 51 on the so called extra terrestrial highway. we came across this place here, the alien research center. of course, it's not really a research center. if the gift shop and our log has it, it's close today, closed or not so called us all tourists are stopping by. on one hand, fully aware that the alien research center is only about souvenirs. but on the
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other hand, also open to the idea that this is a place for a scientific research on adrian. you never know. i mean, we are pretty close to area 51. so you never, you never know it is this, you never know that inherent doubt many people have created by perhaps unwarranted secrecy. that is the problem for people like retired navy, pilot lieutenant commander alex t treatment we meter in boulder, colorado. so i had this experience in 2004, almost 17 years ago. that experience teacher gets referring to is known as the name . it's incident. it shows where dietrich and 3 of her colleagues encountered off the coast of san diego, california. it is just one of dozens of encounters by other pilots. they're all categorized as i then defied areas phenomena or u a. p. meaning the pentagon has no explanation for them and kept them secret for years. the trick proposes a different approach. i would hope to contribute to the reduction of stigma and to promoting or encouraging
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a deliberate and thorough collection and reporting process so that those individuals who are qualified to make the analysis have the information that they need and that they can conduct that thorough investigation. and analysis to come up with some conclusions. dietrich's plea for scientifically standardized data collection on a piece designated an absolute must in the future by ness or research scientists. robbie qu, marco put up and go from it's time to spec, to my take on the year fours is we don't know what they are. we cannot speculate what they are without having proper data collected on them to find out the nature of the 0 force. and my hope is we would focus on the science part of the scientific study of your force and avoid any speculation and be agnostic about investigating
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them back on the extra terrestrial highway in the van. we finally arrive at area 51, even if this u. s. air force base will perhaps never revealeth secrets, most experts and serious minds agrees when it comes to us, those we simply don't know what we don't know, but we should look into it. well, the day is almost done, but the conversation continues online. join us on twitter either and d. w. news or you can follow me at michael. okay. thanks for watching and have a great day. the news . the
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news, the news, the news news the do you like it? do you want the okay, then local up with the pedal to the metal and what dried the red on d w to the point. strong, clear positions,
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international perspectives on the one hand, those inclusion and pride on the exclusion hatred and violence issues surrounding the l. g. b t q, community on the political agenda. so low possible and how can we create the divers future and find out on to the point choices to the point, the dw, ah, was the field jewish life. that's what from the producer owner and journalist, east cuban moment are exploring, delving into history and the present. nice to i would never have thought they could
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be live, so i am jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on d w. the the the we are living during the most extraordinary time, the history for the electric reads, the also and mobility.


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