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the ah ah, this is the w news line from berlin. the end of the 20, your mission against islam. it's extreme. it's not gonna start the last us and nato troops leave background air based, but afghans here for the future as the taliban wait in the wings. uncle america. that aims to resets re strained relations by breakfast. on her last official visit to the u. k. a chancellor also hints at looser travel restrictions for persons arriving in germany and drama and disappointment, fain secures their place in the euro. 2020 semi finals was
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a penalty shoot out victory over switzerland. they'll face italy next after their when over belgium. ah, i'm aaron tilton, welcome to the program. the last remaining american needed troops have left the main international military base in afghanistan. bag room was the center of the 20 year campaign against tele and extremists. the taliban is celebrating the departure of western troops and has already overrun much of the country. off guns are worried about what will happen to them now that the international troops have gone. this is the sound of us troops leaving us gone down to its fate. in 2001 after the 911 terrorist attacks us troops stoned by graham into a key military base to hunt down militant groups responsible for the atrocity. now
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the afghan government is getting control back, even though talks between them and taliban militants have made no headway. president biden believes that can work. look, we're in that war for 20 years. 20 years. and i think i met with the african government here in the white house in the oval. i think they have the capacity to be able to sustain the government. africans do not have as much faith in their government as biden as military truth depart. day to are looking for a way out people are flocking to passport offices in capital to plan their exit. but on the very voted about a possible return of the taliban. so we want to leave the country before the situation gets worse. have a problem all for your most districts have fallen. there's not
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a single district without fighting. they've even reached the chief of police is office and provincial capital. i've come here to get my passport and get out of the stone. not safe for the soldiers of the african national and defense forces. that's not an option. some field, a country is finally their own and they intend to hold it. keeping the taliban at bay on this land belongs to you when the russians were here and they left than the americans came and now they have left. this country is ours and be be protected even without bay or equipment. meanwhile, the taliban are gaining ever more ground in afghanistan. over the past weeks, they've been on the offensive releasing propaganda video and taking control of many districts. it won't be until the last us food pull out on september 11th,
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that the world will finally load what the taliban have planned. what get more than that with us on a bus. he's distinguished professor at the national defense university in washington, d. c. mr. boss, welcome to d. w. news with the us and other allied troops moving out of canada. and how would you describe the situation there? right now? the situation is tense, of course, but it has nothing unexpected. we knew volleyball are forced to reckon whit, and they have strong support pace in the rural area, and they will ultimately grab more space. that's why the whole political div thought of bond was cut. but also we were expecting that the hon. security forces we hope will be able to hold on to cover the time there is an internal dialogue or internal settlement that takes place. so i am not as worried about gobble as about the other areas. hopefully, will be defended in a sense that the upon security forces will show that they also have enough courage
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and enough resources and training to be able to defend the hon. gum and sitting in gobble. so with the taliban gaining more and more ground, what does that mean for everyday people in the country shed little everyday people in many cases in the, in the south end, north of a $100.00 bond have support this without support based they were not there. they're not outside is i would argue they would not have been able to get intelligence information support based if they will not populate in certain areas in certain areas in rural areas, from small back in small segment such as i teach in some places and other places in significant areas they have their support based. yes, they are not democratic oriented. they use force also. but, but they have some linkage with some elements and society as well. so they
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even be able to now the issue is, is, is the same one, which was the most important one on the bottom. or are we seeing those doha negotiators who appear to be quite a more than in terms of the know how to negotiate communicate they have they have off after all, got to deal with united states after so many discussion. so is that new taliban will be that the leadership will be able to kind of establish their length and go back and take jobs off of the taliban. that taliban, perhaps you can talk to. and we don't know over the field commanders, some of the drug dealers, some of the other local insurgents will actually really grab that about leadership . and that's a big question. so international troops are leaving the country, but the situation is still highly unstable. so was the last 20 years for nothing.
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no, i think last 20 years were able to get to challenge either us and western alliance had gone into a blind on not to necessarily deal with thought, yvonne, but in principle to, to defeat a guy that's got is, has very small presence fair bashes this but a dollar bond would never be pine target, and one can debate that one can argue that should have been the case dollar bond. yes, but it turned out of public, they were pushed back and they were targeted as well. but the prime reason was to provide space to the army of hans in cobble today. the of on security forces to represent the not some of the educated people, women, they all are far more empowered now than fashion community cannot spoon feed bond forever. millions of dollars i should sit trillions of dollars but expected over spend. so now baby is the limit to all the rest and all can do there are mistakes
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committed, there are blenders committed. there's no doubt about it. i mean, this also tells you the limitation of international roles. perhaps we try to do too much of on this on which was not possible. maybe a different approach would have, but these are lessons to be learned also. and we must not shy away from accepting the beaver blenders and mistakes decor committed by the western length as well. which be honest that was on a bus from the national defense university in washington, d. c. thank you for your assessment. thank you so much. let's take a look now with some other stories making news around the world. un officials have told the security council that more than 400000 people in ethiopia as t gray region are now suffering from famine. the region has been cut off from aids and fighting, broke out last year. the un warned of new clashes despite the unilateral cease fire by you feel p as government on the rosie and leader alexander lucas shanker has
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ordered the complete closure. the border with neighboring ukraine, alleging that weapons were coming into bellows. at a ceremony marked 30 years of independence, you also said authorities have exposed sleeper, terrorist cells linked to germany, the u. s. and ukraine. more than 2008 workers have formed a human chain in northwestern syria, stretching from the border with turkey to the rebel held city of inlet. they oppose russia's efforts to close the only remaining border crossing that allows aid into areas held by steering and surgeons. hundreds of people have gathered in the germans city of hertzberg to remember the victims of a knife attack. a week ago, they created a human chain near the scene of the crime, a 24 year old somali immigrant is suspected of killing 3 women and injuring 7 others. on going to america has been in britain on a mission to reset relation strain by breakfast. it's her last official visit to
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the u. k. before she steps down. as the german chancellor, marco held wide ranging talks with the british prime minister. and there was time for tea with the queen at windsor castle, the forest johnson on a charm offensive as he welcomes the e u. the longest serving leader. this is angular mad, cause 3rd visit to check is the country residence. the british prime ministers far is johnson is the 5th british need a she's dealt with in her 16 years in german chancellor and her last. she prepares to step down in september angular on behalf of the u. k. i want to thank you for your truly historic commitment, not just to the u. k. a germany relationship, but to global diplomacy. more generally. this meeting was about when we searching
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relations between germany and the u. k. after the tensions of bricks it lost him also. after prisons exit from the you, it's a good opportunity to open a new chapter in german, british relations, and find practical ways to have close contacts. this includes regular government consultations which we have agreed on the hub and conduct so good. the to also discuss the vaccine rollout among other issues. macros, signaling that battling could soon relax quarantine rules for britons traveling to germany, have been double job school. it's no secret though, that the german chancellor has found johnson at times difficult to deal with. but she is the queen of diplomacy, solos, and we look at how different people are and make the best of it. and that works wonderfully about
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ah, macro finished her british visit with all the pomp and ceremony. a world leader would expect. good afternoon, windsor castle, she had an audience with queen elizabeth, and no doubt they had a good chat over a proper cup of tea. told the to football now and italy have set up a euro 2020. so my final, with spain, after beating belgium to one in a thrilling, matching munich goals from nicolo barella and randall and sidney put italy to nail up. and although aroma lucas penalty have the deficit just before half time, italy held on during the rest of the game, they remain on course for their 1st european title and more than half a century. that's after spain beat switzerland in a dramatic penalty shoot out in st. petersburg,
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spain's goalkeeper when i see more than me to save as his country 131, and the shoot out. the match had ended one all after extra time, despite switzerland plane, a man down after a red card. earlier we spoke to dave brenda from d. w. sports, he had this to say about spain's chances of winning the tournament. it was an incredibly close match with a real nail biter. and spain really are almost a bit lucky to squeak through. we do have to give switzerland all the credit they deserved. they really have punched way, way above their weight this tournament, and done a lot better than people give them credit for the least to say the least. but spain were clear favorites in this match and did struggle. and i think this match was really indicative of one of their broader issues where they have a boom bust attack in 2 of their matchers. they've scored 5 goals now. and 3 of their matches, they either were shut out or only scored one goal. so it's either kind of feast or famine. i think if they can get that figured out, then they really are one of the better teams in the tournament. there are also kind
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of in a transitional period. this isn't the same team that won the 282012 euros and the 2010 world cup. there are younger team, which means there's less pressure turning to tennis now and world number one, novak choker, which is through to the 4th round of wimbleton, after straight sets victory joker bitch. at the top of your screen here. didn't have it all his way against dennis. could lot, but he won the key points when it mattered to beat the american qualifier joker, which is chasing a record equaling 20th major title and 6 and wimbleton in the women's wrong. when his trouble became the 1st arab woman to reach the 4th rounded wimbleton, the tunisian came from a set down and overcame vomiting on match point due to nerves to be 2017 wimbleton champion gebrina's move a router shield next face pulling industry on robots
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will be here after a short break with the w business and a welcome boost to employment in the us and back at the top, the hour with more was news. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news informations around the clock on our website at c, w dot com. i'm here until berlin, thanks for joining us. the news? ah, that's hard. and in the end, if you are not allowed to see you anymore, we will send you back. are you familiar with these lions? what's your story? ready ready what, how much women, especially a victim to sign and take part and send us your story chain
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only to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not against you. want to become city into migrants, your platform for reliable information the the, the u. s. is getting back to work. employee is created 850000 jobs in june, not more than expected. texas a struggling to find workers speak back to neil the phases brunson or must, will show you which space is best. billionaire is boys the last themselves in the atmosphere? first mining for crypto currency is required as much energy as it takes of power.
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some countries will look at if you can do it agreement. this is dw business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. the u. s, jobs market. so and encouraging hiring spurt in june, import employers out at $850000.00 jobs. well, of the average from the previous 3 years economy is continuing to rebound with panoramic restriction fees and on demand. returning by days report from the labor departments just that workers are enjoying the upper hand, the desperate companies tempt applicants to higher wages. in june, average hourly pay was over $3.00 and a half percent on a year ago. president biden is clearly upbeat about how the panoramic recovery guy put simply our economy is on the move and we have co 19 on the run. yes, we have more work to do to get america vaccinated and everyone back to work. we're aiming for full employment. that means keeping our pace on job growth,
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including for black, hispanic and asian workers. let's cross financial correspondent in new york now young quarter young. 850000 jobs create a last month, but still, some employees are struggling to fill vacancies. why is that? well, i mean what we're still hearing at number one reason from an employee where it's still shy of returning to work. it's the fear of a coven. but then clearly what we're also seeing is that a lot of workers, they just decided to not go back to a pretty badly pe to jobs. if you look at some waiters in the country, some of them make less than $3.00 an hour. so that totally depend on tips, but also if we look at truck drivers, we're getting a report that for example, gas station, they're running out of gas because they don't get the deliveries. or if you look at over or lift the drivers also often we heard stories in the past that those jobs
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are really badly paid. and a lot of people are just hesitant to return to those low point a paying jobs at this point. and well, that is possible at the moment because we still get some extra weekly unemployment age and that will expire end of august. so that could change the dynamics of the labor market coming to fall. and just briefly, imports far outstripped exports. last month in the united states is, is that cause for concern? well, i mean, yeah, so there are trade deficit actually reached the 2nd highest level us history. it is regard to concern as to high deficit actually could put a damper on economic growth. but so far and economists are not too concerned because they believe the spending habits of americans will change less buying imported goods, but spend more on domestic services. and that should actually come to
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that would mean that we might actually see a certain patel when it comes to the trade deficit overall and go to new york. thanks. i showed him. virgin galactic sky rocketed to join friday trading. sorry. following news. it's next test flights will carry, found a richard branson into space. amazon's jeff pathos had looked on cars to become the 1st 1000000000 asked to leave the atmosphere. but now it appears he'll lose the space race by a matter of days. mm. it's the last test for the v. s. s. unity followed by us already is approving the space ship for manned missions. the 1st trip is scheduled for july 11th, and it will include mission specialist, richard branson. the british billionaire has been reading himself for a while. all i can say when they tell me that i can go to space, so i will,
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i will be ready to help the way to wait until like well, he can go now pending weather and technical checks. virgin galactic is on track to be the 1st company to fly private man space travel in his release, which is put in the world's richest man in the back earth. amazon founder jeff basal has been working on his blue origin face project for years, and he will personally pilot the 1st flight expecting also on board basis, brother mark and 82 year old wally funk. come back down. we land gently on the desert surface. we open the hatch and you step outside was the 1st thing you say? i was saying honey, that was the best thing that ever happened. i sunk, went through astronaut training in the 1960 s, but never made it to spaces as women were not yet approved for nasa mission. the
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1st flight on do origin, is scheduled for july 20th. i need no date has been set for the 3rd 1000000000 and the space race. chancellor sondra musk has recently focused on launching satellites for online services for now using space to make money. not spend it. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. most of those major over using countries have agreed to boost outputs showing an effect plus me thing. on friday, united, our amaris is the only one not to sign up something that could fill derailed the deal. chinese regulators of band right hailing giant d d from signing up new uses. it comes just days after duty went public in the u. s . regulators that they were investigating the security of the app, but didn't say how long that would take so how do you make a big coin? computers crunch numbers in a process called mining and its energy intensive. one study suggests minors are
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burning through more sierra to than the country of argentina. our more miners are turning to green energy to create crypto courts. the server sneak no expensive cooling system. a site barriers, cold air naturally regulates the high temperatures generated by the mining rigs. the store to the former la minium plant in plots, and nearby hydro power plants generates electricity for the remaining elementary plants and the new crypto mines. with the video barrier and it puts grades in the location for several reasons. the 1st is that cheap cost of electricity. there are fundamental reasons for this, like the excess capacity of hydro, electric power plants built in this region, or an imbalance between electricity generation and its consumption. siberia, it could region, has many places similar to past. the soviet union has built many mines and hydro
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electric power plants alongside your in rivers, to source elementary and other raw materials back in the 900 sixties and seventies bit river rows. the company behind this crypto mining site does not do the mining itself. it just provides equipment for the data center and technical maintenance customers from all over the world, use their services. we do see that our asian clients, our aeroplanes, more and more interested in how the electricity we consume is generated whether it's green and for them to expand capacity to accommodate more equipment. this is a really important question. only environmentalists welcome the use of excess electricity. they also liked that the crypt farms do not admit c o 2, but they're worn. not all hydro power plants are green. if this is so called,
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plain blade should have power. not mounting by clay, it's a lot of disturbance of nature cuz systems, huge water is that we've changed of climate damage for far as damage for nature. therefore, ecologist are very skeptical about large hydro dams, and they are very skeptical to speak that electricity produced by these dams are green bits. river rose this building, new sites in russia, eastern siberia, bordering mongolia and elsewhere. chinese clients in particular, want to move their servers. they're using excess power generated by existing hydro, electric plants and cold siberia seems to be a better way to mind bitcoin than using coal power mines in warmer china, which need a lot of fans. now the panoramic has meant a move outdoor for many businesses, events and even schools. but as countries seem to recover the burden based company,
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new tech, thanks, it has a way to make his own safer inside. oh, finally he also and her sister can go back to their accordion lessons. they still need to mask up and use plexiglas was to avoid contact though the music school director knows that some students won't comply with the rules. so a new device that's phrased disinfecting dry mis might remedy the situation. kirsten yackel is waiting for approval from the health authorities, but she's been able to convince most of the parents already. so get this my schedule. she's got to go at 1st and that's normal. when they found out what it was made up, they all said yes, that's totally okay. it sounds great case and my mom at the hotel on boise to him is already testing out the devices made by the berlin based company, new tech. when guests come through the entrance, the disinfecting mist covers their skin and clothing we are about to show you,
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but fancy. we've been working in this field for 20 years, so hum via yeah. in the off him to dig call, why develop an effective and low cost system? while him coughing goes to good $15.00 and he can walk in the hotel staff filled the devices which cost several $100.00 euros with a special feeling solution. then it's electrolytic li, charged on site. it complains with standards and is also well tolerated by the body . so the machine was used here at the hotel in april of at an awards ceremony for wines moscow snap. if you could use that to us, it's important of course, that the guests feel good and they feel safe, especially when they come here for an event like this one and is host, we have a certain responsibility. it would be a disaster for us if half the people at such an event were infected with a corona virus. one fits in engineer you one go,
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is still looking for the green light from the health authorities for widespread use and for positive feedback from major concert promoters. just time for a quick reminder of our top story, this, our us employers created 850000 jobs in june, better than expected economy as continuing to rebound with panoramic restrictions using demand. so from us, the news. this was the issue is shaping the continent. the news africa, the government, what's making headlines them, what's behind the way on the street to give you enough reports and insights all the trans my talk to you the next on
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the do you like it? do you want the ok then local us put the pedal to the metal and let's ride the read seems 60 minutes on d w o the news please listen carefully. don't know how to live in the field. the magic discovers the world around you.
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the who's subscribed to the w documentary on youtube. ah, this is the don't mean news africa from berlin is africa problem with isn't this terrorism getting was wrong? and to some extent, in west africa, there's joining forces. we'll find out if this is a game changer for the region. also coming up. we meet father kindnesses, a catholic priest in nigeria, who raised money of his neighbors could feel the most is to show that we can live together. we can work together well children of god, religion,
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and he's not for hatred. what to show love. and south africa has top court, the orders, former president and jacob zoom up to goes to jail over failing to attend a corruption inquiry. you declared that mistake you call to get the rumor is due to of the crime of contempt of glass put on a pair of c on her eye glasses and take a look at the high tech future through the lens of black culture. ah, hello, i'm a human home. it is good to have you with us. african nation have a growing problem. countries across the continent of facing attacks by isn't this inspired insurgencies, the so called a stomach state may have lost influence in syria and iraq. but it's now claiming
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voss territory across africa, expanding and strengthening its influence together with affiliated groups. i'll be talking to a security analyst in a moment, but 1st here's a look at northern nigeria where 2 foes are battling for a common cause. the violent rivals know, joining forces this to teach purports to show bullhorn fighters, pledging allegiance to the islamic state and west africa. problem long january. it would harold, the disturbing development for nigerian security forces. we have no during which one, but i've got some mistakes that has got in between us and we are now together. so we are central i who and we should not relent in the to fried the far junior years. the to militia had been fighting each other. that came to
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a head last month. when a tory, a leader backer chicago scene here in 2018, reportedly killed himself in a battle with i. yes. fighters and i like, i don't know. but you know that it's field fears that the so called islamic state is consolidating control of the insurgency in northeastern nigeria. that's at the heart of a string of conflicts involving various extremist groups from mauro, tanya, to chad. no, there are warnings i activities growing in the horn of africa and northern mozambique to became as the global coalition, against our yes metric room to discuss the resurfacing of the terra group, sometimes called dia sh. today we began, of course, with the meeting of the coalition to defeat isis, and what we have to do to eradicate what's left of the terrorist group. and very
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critically, as italy has been emphasizing to prevent its emergence in places like like africa, the italian foreign minister wants to sharpen the focus on the continent. democracy can provide a proposal. i proposed a working group dedicated to africa, which could identify install diane related terrorist threats on the continent. continuing feature at the end of the 1st and past and meeting in 2 years. the global coalition added 3 new african countries to their ranks. and the propaganda images of form, i suppose burying the hot you to night syria only served to underline the urgency of the situation. uh huh. well do i need to discuss this from london is belong because the senior africa analyst at the tony blair institute for global change. he's also a columnist for the daily trust. and i jerry newspaper. great to have you with us
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on d. w. news, africa, lama. thank you for being with us. thank you for having me. now our report touches on the growing presence of the so called a stomach states in africa, but i'd like to get your thoughts on how widespread the operations are. how are they growing geographically? unable to conduct these attacks, i mean unfortunately it is so widespread today and because you can see it across the continent now. i mean, you are not talking about countries, you are talking about also countries in each of the reasons i when you start, for example, with the region you have region range to give julia i need to come in and where the ice is called lamb. it's dead with africa probing for prius in this i hell nomics fit in grid is acting on it is it's an operator in my lee. i'm booking are possible. i'm just becoming to that now to
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start with african countries like pool ivory and guy now. and then when you go to south africa, it is mostly active in the northern part of b and b and i feel it in the most of it is pretty widespread. and unfortunately the, the, the, the model is robust is not, i didn't fight this wrong. or if i go to that and i've been fighting in best region for long and know they have very well how effective will this task force be to counter this thread. and what would this look like in practical terms? it depends on how it is out. if it grows out in the right way, which is, in my opinion, look at the lead. and it is actually to be to be effective.
1:37 am
priority to be again in the violent $110.00 in the violence require my look at the lead stand on is not on the group that is led by looks, but that is not technically supported by western countries. i think what it's mentioned region is not much the west presence is located but supported by that, what's been called in terms of logistics and technical support. but also in terms of, do you know, these insurgencies are driven by a number of grievances from humanitarian crises and poverty as well as the social and economic grievances as well. could you just expand on that and explain how i as is exploiting these grievances? yes, i did this duty to what is necessity, but it's got you content, the violence, it is insufficient. why do we need to do is to tackle the root cause is and the
1:38 am
root cause is paula employment. education. education in many parts are also this ability to either this or the affiliates on the ground exploit religion and norco says, and so you and you might think investment in education, investment in the economy impressed not job, but also, i mean was by no kind of lead and community lead to counter and reduce all of these groups. these as one of our abilities that i could that i had the ability like quarter borders like i mean and govern spaces in many parts of africa. that's what i, what about 5 big war and the international community and local government lab behind. unfortunately,
1:39 am
west africa has all the ability that med, i'm going to spend bit for terrorism now will be addressing the african governments and why they're all means have not been able to get this issue under control. what do they need to do to address better governance and tackle issues like poverty, local populations, dissatisfied with how government are delivering democracy would work well in that part of the country and it is high time, but it has started anybody. and so government, what invest in education, in infrastructure, in the, in the relationship between the government, the government. so that what that room is group will not be able to exploit. which kind of 3 months is to young people into violence. right? to pull up a car, see thank you very much for your time and analysis. thank you very much for having
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me. in nigeria, schools, churches, and villages have long been targeted by the armed group of boca harm. now one catholic priest is trying to help a community by building a school clinic under mosque in a muslim majority area, he w, a federal boonie traveled to the village of pagoda outside the capital of boucher. this every sunday christians gather to worship in these church. then they pray for their nation nigeria. they ask god for peace and harmony. but the priest has been doing more than just praying. his building a bridge between muslims and christians, through his actions. he helped raise funds to be the most in our climate that is very divisive. a lot of hatred, religious inter intolerance,
1:41 am
bigotry. we have shown through this singular act that we can work together that we as christians, muslims, we are all children of dot x, but the religious interagency is the main cause of tensions between christians and muslims. solvents have been killed in the interface by its recent years to pay the mom i do. the ministration has failed nigerians and they just called free have already been accept baited by poverty or lack of resources. this part of the touch towards these predominant museum community is seen by men and i did. and as a unifying factor between muslims and christians, the most was completed in may this year due to by museums and paid for with money raised by father. i used to doco people from the museum community can worship
1:42 am
for the kids, the village of pug had never had anything like this. so it means that great these to them. emily, who are they doing again? everybody will respect one another. got a dean is requiring anything what and they will respect each of his teeth mine up by the same with this or i didn't, i will not tonisha image of your religion a know will you tarnish mine? i wanna move in and christians have come to support the extended by the catholic church and i'm new law in glory. be to god look on when you that of course we are happy in the back and someone comes to build you a place of worship because that he would be happy to the lot. but i didn't see anything wrong by kristin didn't most our school was in because we actually did
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it by 44 that came to the work to view of the tory and society is work in progress. the essence is to show that we can live together. we can work together well children of god. religion is much for hatred or to show love every day. but that must be night. should he say. and he hopes every single nigeria and can do their part to the view, the united nation, free of coffee and watching d. w. nice africa still to come. it's a mash up of trash and fantasy a future future with african folklore tradition mixed with science fiction in africa futurism the how would be faithful to the republic of south africa?
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ended up they observe. hold and maintain the constitution and all the law you have followed the charges that have been put to you now from the document. am i correct? how do you do to them? i've played not data to it. you declare that mistake you cop dizzy? you says rumor is guilty of the crime of contempt of court. that was c c. compare. so the africa is constitutional. court judge sentencing, former president jacob zoom. now this is the 1st time a foremost african president will face jail time, zoom or is about to serve 15 months in prison on challenges of contempt for failing to attend a corruption inquiry. he's also come under fire for a series of financial scandals. while he maintains his innocence, he does have very few legal options left cuz the wind war has more from cape town. at the height of jacob zoom as president seems 2040 and he boasted an approval
1:45 am
rating of 69 percent. but soon, a string of corruption scandals emerged and he's popularity, nose dived. a court found that he used a 1000000 from the public for lavish upgrades to his private home. in 2017 opposition, m. p. 's heckled through maturing his state of the nation address here in parliament. not going to live. let he live within months, he was record from the presidency by his own party. the amc zoom it was out of office, but not out of the headlines. witness after witness alleged widespread corruption during his tenure whom i denied all wrong doing and refused to answer to specific education. even if i was ordered to do so. and the brits, the south african public people felt was above the law. so when the highest court
1:46 am
ruled that he wasn't content to court and hand it down that 15 months jail, it was why the welcome. when the victory, the petition and the rule of law floor in this less me to, for most of africa, public protect tooling modern fellow, she spent 7 years exposing corruption at the highest level of politics before that she was part of the team, a draft of the constitution for the news of africa over 20 years ago. professor, i don't sell it. welcome to d. w and use africa. good morning and thank you for that. now it's taking a long time kaylee a long period of development to get to this point. what's your assessment of the decision by the constitutional court? there are 2 things that come from the decision and the parent talk to call because on the one hand it, he's a moment of joy, a ground waiting moment in that is good enough for me. off the supremacy of the
1:47 am
constitution in better not law. and it gives us courage and encouragement that because the to so who is doing its job is anthony scott, the local institution that it is often momentum statements in 2 ways. 50 is that a person who has this country is a struggle veteran. and also the principal who have to go to change. because he doesn't want to account to a commission and to the cost. the cost has moved into the political realm and the muscle has a strong support based as many people who don't believe that he's guilty. is he able to challenge this and potentially drag it out even further? what options does he have politically and legally? even those who support him,
1:48 am
they do agree that he was guilty of contempt because it's a simple legal test. it's lucas, where is the difference is where the spanish should have been to send him to jail or action. and of course, he's going to continue is putting titian's due to mobilize him, but he will not be able to believe that he does the has to be the 1st one is efficient because i didn't, which was he's already saving time in me approach the principal for i didn't, and he must show quote, crease in the you also may take this south african into the, into the shop. if he's still in the land, has not, and behave lawfully and his finally,
1:49 am
this is right about upholding of own of law as you said. and charging a former leader, but what does it tell you about the states also the african judicial system, and simply the rule of law and democracy. when he does say that the south african legal system is in mortal to behold. i remember when i was to have it some of my colleagues complaining that they were not able to hold to the president at the time accountable because of the candles. and that's the thing. and he, we had a system that allowed in chapter 9 institutions such as the public for to hold the president. but it's not just, it left me a great constitution that his good for all seasons. we also have charges, but to take the job seriously that the prepared to and to do the tears and show of making findings that they know are going to spend. and someone in the me make them,
1:50 am
i'm popular, but they do so because we do understand enough law does not hold democracy, will crumble and peace. we could thus have winder implication for others accuse of corruption across the african continent. absolutely, it does have wider implications. i remember, for example, that when the public south africa was taking its job seriously and whole lot of similar to shoes in africa, hit their own spy and strengthened and, and things strengthened in those countries. them. if we look at the constitutional cause, it has influenced who actually quotes in kenya and tanzania. and, and i do think that this decision by the constitutional court, will have seen me as seen the last snowball effect in the court. if that means that if the courts are going to do the job properly, the nation should stand up and protect the courts against any politicians who
1:51 am
believe that they should be treated as above the law in the other. no more human beings. truly marcella. thank you very much. indeed for speaking to d. w unions, africa the now to a concept that is re imagining high tech future through the lens of black culture. after futurism dates back to the civil rights era of the 1900 fifties and sixties, african american musician, sun ra, made a link between the ancient egyptian and the space age. the trend and the highlights african traditions in music science fiction and art. take a look in the art of cyrus, bureau started technology is given new life, abandon radios become space,
1:52 am
age, communication devices, rusting, picks, beard bicycles, called black mumbles. i turned into sculptures that could have been left here by an alien civilization. bureau had been making art for years before a gallery in italy, gave it a label acro features. i didn't know about a full feature that my 1st time there was out for future. his theories of eyeglasses called c standards made rule famous, constructed from crash collected on his travelled are mash both different cultural traditions to me after that is for future late it's a combination of different culture. listen material different from like global. but it's how something new, clumsy be more often can a little small asia know it's more awful. pizza
1:53 am
with black panther, hollywood finally gave the world a new perspective on africa. the superhero movie set and the high tech african land of conduct brought afro futurism into the mainstream. a world away from hollywood in a boot nigeria, apple futurism, is also taking root. a new generation of african artists is looking at their own culture from a new angle, comic book artist. i use a g ma, kinda credits, black panther. awkward, for now. i've been known to be for about the 3rd, what's called 3. and then the black box up linked to the offload. it was power me did with technology. it was my applicant everywhere were wow. it's comics mckindoe's uses sy fi and fantasy to address real world issues and political power
1:54 am
corruption and abuse. lucky lou set in 2050 a de imagined africa as a world power battling on the global stage alongside china and the u. s. space ships modeled on cynical ease, fishing boats, a post apocalyptic world, inspired by west african folklore, a zimbabwe in super hero. just some of the comics published by qu golly, media, which brings the best an afro futurist art and animation to the world. well, also we didn't up the same price this just so much in there could be on this will be a waste if it was, you know, get to listen to the disney is listening. the hollywood giant is backing. he watches a sy fi animated series created by qu golly, details of the plot are still top secret. this is pretty much because that vision
1:55 am
story taking place in the book and going to be critical class inequality and other fields. i'm very careful. yeah, yeah, that's all i can say. whether in comics, movies, music, or design, the art of acro futurism, combines tradition with imagination, provision, a brighter future for africa and the world while this is d, w, news, africa, be sure to check out other stories on t. v dot com, forward slash africa. or you can also go on to facebook and on twitter. now we'll leave you with more afro futuristic artwork. by kenyan photographer osborne, much area. i'm home and take care. bye. the who's
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the news? the news, the
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news. the news, the, the the the do you like it? do you want it? okay, then put the pedal to the let's ride the rest in 30 minutes on the w to
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the point. strong, clear positions. international perspective. on the one hand, there's inclusion and pride on the exclusion hatred and violence issues surrounding the l. g. b t q, community on the political agenda. so low possible. and how can we create a divers future and find out on to the point? sure. to the point on the w. ah, the news was right in front of them. they were all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone here in the game. central europe $22021.00 strong off course. during the qualifying round, not least for sports heroes, actually it was
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a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the lucky you go to tokyo, july 19 dw. how does the virus spread? why do we panic by and when will all this 3 the topics that we've covered and a weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other science topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find us at the w dot com, forward slash science. can you hear me now? yes. yes, we can hear you and hello is german thompson? i will bring you angela mac, or you've never had to have
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a full surprise yourself with what is what it will do is medical re me and want to people who follow along the way, admirers and critics alike. and how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg is showing us the macros. last me the this is the w news, and these are top stories. us defense officials say the last remaining american and needle troops have left a bag or military base and can stand and handed over to ask and forces bag room with the center of the u. s. and nato's war against the taliban and al qaeda. the move comes as the us prepares, the end, it's 20 year conflict and i've got to stand.


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