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the voice, the only way i can be taught to create my own. ah, there i was standing still. women in asia this weekend on d. w. a poor one's children. when the future is uncertain. the pandemic threatened everything. health jobs, lifestyle, bad time for offspring expert want us including on our show about a year ago. we will both rates really full. i'm sure there will be some luck on babies born. that made a trend to affect future fertility rates. it's extremely unlikely, and i would say yes, birth rates are gonna fall,
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at least in the next few years in the next year. that was true in previous crises, in the wake of the global financial crisis. for example, for a few children were born in the united states. has the corona virus shock now also triggered a global baby crisis. or is the desire to have a child stronger than the virus in the long run? me and welcome to koby $900.00 special. i want to johnson berlin and today we revisit a topic we've covered a few times in this pandemic, and one that is crucial to survival as a species making babies. and here's the 1st surprise, while experts predicted a drop in birth rate. here in germany, we've seen a baby boom. nearly 66000 babies were born in march 2021. just the 3rd wave kicked in. that's the highest march birth rate in 20 years. if it comes back 9
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months, we see that those march 2021 babies were conceived in july 2020 just when the 1st lockdown measures east. in germany. for more i'm joined by natalie nature. deputy have often of oratory for fertility and well being of the max planck institute in ra stork. i talked about this topic before. good to see you again. what do we know a year later? well, that's the theme of this week's cobra. 1900 special and the whole birth rate story suddenly seems to be taking a different direction than expected. you certainly expected at birth rates will fall and now we see a baby boom. what's changed? yeah. hello, you're absolutely right with being a baby boom across many european countries like now for the march, for the data has come out. but the, sorry is quite dynamic. and i think in a way we were all right. so the development of the birth based across the
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country that we have data from, which is mainly europe, north america, and from asian countries. it's quite dynamic. and most companies have seen a baby bus during the birth months off say, november to january, february, so the decline in the birth predicted certainly arrived, but now they have many countries that have actually increased that to so. so basically during the lockdown period, not much happened. sitting on top of each other doesn't seem to be conducive to romance than while during the lockdown period, there were much fewer birth conceived than would have been expected compared to the birth rate before pretty much across all europe. besides press and the navy and germany, there were quite some decline. so for example, south europe been italy, friends, portugal they had seen drops in the birth of 10 to 1520 percent during the winter months. that would have been all work on the complete during during the 1st
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lockdown, and now the, the birth that were postponed are catching up a little bit, but not more than all countries. so you know, what is funny about research on top and behavior that we do know a lot about what happens as soon as we get the data where their birth. yes or no. but why? that's often a different question and quite complex to answer. really good question and i wish i had the answer but they are for the study. we can talk about it, can we can, we can, we can try and, and maybe 2nd guess because what you said, i mean, there was a birth rate bossed, certainly in the months that were connected to the lockdown. and now the whole of europe seems to experience higher birth rate this spring, which means if you look back 9 months, that brings us to mid some of us when europe more or less opened up again as soon
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as the locked down to 9 months later, we see more babies. is there a pattern? absolutely, this is the pattern we know from crisis literature and former times of us conceptions and then following 1st crises and catching up the birth point. well then happen in the confessions a few months or years later depending on when the crisis eases. what have interesting about this is that we can go month by month, and we can now follow how the ways and the using of the lockdown and the virus activity has kind of affected the conception. you know what i wanted to say about the lumens are in the lock them quite interesting because demographers have of course speculated that's the economy uncertainty that the crisis has brought would lead people to pony construction. and 1st studies we don't know much yet. but 1st studies indicate that we need the emotional factors. stress worries mattered quite
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a bit for how people meet their plans about having a baby now or postponing. so those who were worried about that uncertainty and who had relationship stresses. for example, for studies show that these people were the ones who did the decision. but now we've been through several waves and we have all learned the lesson that the end of one wave doesn't mean that the crisis is over. but the next wave can be around the corner and maybe another one after that. what will be the result there for couples and their wish for having kids will they just get used to the crisis and say, well, let's go through with it any way or will that put them off in a long run? yeah, let's take a look at a little bit here. i think we will see a variety of dynamics for partnering. what disrupted so i think the partners that didn't find each other, perhaps in the 1st lockdown, we will see the effects later in some decline. and i also expect the 2nd wave to
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lead to baby busts again, specifically in the countries that didn't see the bus during the 1st way. like germany, netherlands, scandinavia. i because they were hit harder by the 2nd wave. and i think this is still causing a bust later on, but i also think many people are now vaccinated and we've seen that the virus is dangerous for everyone. but certainly the risk of concentrated in the older age groups perhaps coupled slow, not make their decision dependent so much anymore on the worries about the virus and help and so on in the future. all right, we have half a minute. so a short answer, if you could, will, the, will population be bigger or smaller after this pandemic? oh, well, temporarily it will drink, fertility fall, mortality was high on devotee was cut off for some people. but i think in the very long run, the longer change dynamically seen the ball in words fertility rate will probably
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continue. and the panoramic may lead to temporary distortion, but perhaps not so long as far. alright, not only nature the facility exposed to the max planck institute in rostock, thank you so much. thank you. and clearly, a lot has changed since last year. for one, we have lack seems to help us fight the pandemic. and now we've passed the 3000000000 mach worldwide, we're getting them. now we know this an issue in some countries about pregnant women being vaccinated because about young mothers. time for one of your questions and over to derrick. paul. oh, can i get retreated 19 vaccine breast feeding my baby. oh, getting a clear answer to this question is an exercise in frustration for new mothers, and i totally get why? because authorities have kind of danced around the subject. the cdc in the u. s.
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for example, says that because lactating women weren't part of studies, it can't make a concrete prediction on any effects that vaccination might have on mothers, their milk or their newborns. but the agency also adds that there are no indications that breast note from vaccinated mothers poses a risk to their babies. and that women therefore can receive a vaccine. so an answer that place is the responsibility for making the decision squarely back on the shoulders of those women and the doctors who advise them. many experts expect a firmer official stands in the coming months as, as results from targeted studies roll land. but until then, here's a breakdown of what the data indicates so far. first of all,
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there is no evidence that vaccines harm, breast feeding mothers specifically and directly in any way, and a growing pile of evidence that they protect them from private 19 as effectively as they protect other people. second, research into authorized messenger r n a back seems, hasn't found any traces of them in breast milk. in lactating mothers, there's less data on other types of vaccines. but experts say, even if the traces the vaccine did make it that far, they'd be broken down by a baby digestive system. when it swallows the milk. what researchers are detecting in the breast milk of vaccinated mothers is a lot of antibodies to source code to which isn't a surprise since mother's milk doesn't just nourish a baby. but it also plays a key role in protecting it from
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a range of potentially dangerous pathogens. in the early, crucial stages of development. all in all, the evidence in favor of breast feeding mothers receiving vaccines is growing stronger by the day. and a lot of experts now recommended, but it's still lacks a blanket seal of approval from major health care authorities. me and of course apart from being protected from a severe case of covert 19 vaccination also opens the door to more activities. if you want to visit a ball restaurant in moscow, you need to get a q r code to prove you've been vaccinated. but only about 15 percent of the russian capital citizens have been vaccinated. and many a hesitant to do so. and that's led to a new black markets prosecutor say, website offering fake q r code. they don't come cheap where it's like the nation is free. but with moves on
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the way to extend the need for codes to shopping centers and public transit demands is growing and hopefully leading to more people getting vaccinated and not fake q r code. that's also the division of covey. $900.00 special thanks for watching. they say, ah, the taste and above all, how it feels jewish life in europe. oh, that's what killed the producer, owner and journalist. these are exploring, delving into history and the present. i would never have thought they could be live . so i constantly remind myself because i grew up in the completely different ways
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prod, explorer, the jewish in europe, the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d, w. i was secret, might be discover new adventures in 360 degrees. the explore fascinating world heritage sites, the v w world heritage 360 now hello guys. this is the 77 percent the platform for africa due to the issues and share ideas. you know, i know we are not afraid to capture and africa population. if we
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young people clearly have the solutions. the future belongs to 77 percent. now, every weekend on the w, the greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to our latest addition and heading into the weekend some food for thought on how cities can evolve to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. we'll look at some ideas and also in the pipeline. a long postponed exhibition of worked by british ours is henry moore, takes a radical post covered approach inviting visitors to touch the sculptures on display. while some of the world's billionaires are busy racing to
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get into space, the rest of us mortals have to do with living on this planet and increasingly challenging prospect in light of climate change with parts of the world burning up and the global populations still on the rise, which is why utopian visions of urban planning and sustainable cities are a hot topic everywhere. the dream was to create a place where people were playing real, were leaving the car manufacturer. toyota is building a tiny prototype city of the future by mount fuji. the project was developed by danish star architect, bianca, especially for over every project. the prototype is called woven city as it seeks to weave a multi layer transportation system. construction follows the latest environmental standards using wood, sam, and concrete. the foundations don't was just recently late at your professor,
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tatyana schneider says the futuristic projects are based on old ideas. for your time, what was his work in sci fi in sooner projects, a lab meeting laboratories, corey just mentioned, the live in the city will be out of workers comps, classes. and this was an actually also not fun. this is reminiscent of the classic industrial revolution. stepping over in northern saudi arabia, there are plans for me on the line 170 kilometer long, 0 carbon emissions city. further, smart cities have been designed for dubai and abu dhabi, many of which are green, or at least pretending to be the, the 1st was a carbon neutral city in abu dhabi,
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which was supposed to be completed by 2014 the then came the financial crisis. and the completion date was shifted to 2030 but except for the buildings designed by architects or norman foster, they're still little to see. the problem is that these utopia tarnish quickly, a spanish architect to be sent there. i was in my star and my studies over these was a good day. i ended year 2008 and they have a plan to do a cd data was in fact very expensive because he was only they do the on the podium in the same way that these, the line is how the avia it will not be done because it's impossible to do city that has a huge underwriting for structure. guajaro's is planning his version of smart cities in the hills near barcelona. rather than transfer a motor vehicles into tunnels. his plan is to avoid them in
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the architect. i just want to pay for john a new self sufficient city near beijing recycling energy production and food production will all be taken care of within the city limits. ah, our city should ab source your door instead of a meteor door. and in order to do it, we need to transform our buildings by that, and they should generate energy like i did 3, they generate their own energy. so the new globalization should be based on producing things locally. while we are connected with digital network. the other thing tanks are looking to accommodate the entire world's population in one small state, leaving space for nature to develop on the rest of the planet. utopia. ideas are
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booming because there's a desperate need for more living. he's been except years more than 1000000000 people need to be would have an eyes. and that means that we need to build a key balance of 150 or 3000000 people every mouth in the next 30 years. so that means that we are in the middle of a huge process. so for when you say sean i, we need to find solutions that need to be applied. not only to retrofit our cities, but to get new sheets and to create new cities. and i'm not sure those ideas of hyper urban ization are going to sit well with everybody abroad onward. now to look at some of the other culture headlines, starting with the arrival on thursday in new york of a scaled down version of the famous statue of liberty from france. well, the peace comes as a token of franco american friendship,
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135 years after the nation gifted its big sister to the us in sculptured in bronze. the new lady, liberty stands nearly 3 meters tall, and she'll remain on display at ellis island throughout the july 4th weekend. and then travel to washington dc where she will grace the gardens on the friends and bastards residence for the next 10 years. russia famous was showing ballet premier to modern adaptation of the classic checkoff play the siegel the valley is the 3rd joint worked for the company. by composer in the mood sky, choreographer you leave for so half and director unexplained or more largely cough and it was the final premier of its 200 and 45th season. a special one from both artists and fans alike. cuz it marked the reopening after covered $900.00 locked down in russia. and some classical moves, ic for cow, was in denmark when he was unable to perform. during the pandemic,
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british cellist jacob sha, convinced a music loving farmer instead about an hour of copenhagen to expose his beef cattle to classical music to improve their welfare while they experienced with so enjoyable that he's continuing it. even after the reopening of the theaters accounts and reported a quite happy repertoire and calmer and much more relax since the concert began last winter. ah, well, after over a year of refraining from tactile greetings like handshakes and hogs, were all very much aware of how much we've been longing for touch to be normalized again for a sculptor. hands are not only the artists main tool, they're also key for our connection to the world. so rather radically, this living hand and exhibition of work by the british artist henry moore invites visitors to touch. some of the displayed works. a treat
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a reconnection for its curator edmund, edmund deval has created a spot for visitors to wash their hands. not so much a hygiene precaution as a tactile ritual. it's part of his invitation into the world of henry moore, in perry green, where britain's most important sculptor lived and worked until his death in 1986. me. where to begin with henry moore. what do you begin with this living? how they can be clenched open. they can also solace, but they can also refuse solace cancer of central importance to the phone. a master potter, his hands shape the most delicate porcelain sculptures. and now he's able to bring the works of his role model. henry more closer to the public. when we see the show, i very much wanted to do this dangerous span of inviting people to touch of sculpture. he's chosen the bronze statue called king and queen because of
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the beauty in the way the hands of the 2 figures are poised. hands were recurring motif and henry moore's work. for him, hans were not simply sculptors tools. there are also frequent motifs in his drawings of himself. this was how he wanted to be seen, and how he saw himself with his living hands that allowed him to realize his artistic vision for 88 years. sebastian oberon, i see from henry moore foundation, says the living hand exhibition is very much true to the artist's intentions. and he appreciates that the works can be explored where they were created anymore was a strong believer in the important sold a more santorial experience of sculpture i need. he certainly believe that touching sculptures and nonsense, the experience of his works, like the sound of the feel and call knife edge. because this
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thin edge knife edge now stands in front of the houses of parliament. other works of his can be seen as un buildings for the former west german chancellor in bond. they're all of an imposing scale, but they started out quite small. all again for the small idea, because if they're small so that i can shape from all wrong junk kid from underneath the whole if in my hand, hold it against the ball sheet a distance that is get a complete control over it, 3 dimensional visitors to the exhibition are also invited to touch. this later abstract works sculpted from a stalactite. it depicts the mother protectively holding her child, so she must eventually like go. as a 3rd sculpture, deval has chosen a large bronze work. this is a pick a court hand. why did he call it hand?
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you only find that out by touching it. ah, the exhibitions planned opening in march 2020 was postponed due to the panoramic, which also limited our physical interaction with the world. so edmond devolves concept of connect through tactile experience has taken on new meaning we all have deprived facility to do that with people, but also with, with the object. it's a significant visitors approach. the sculptures respectfully appreciating the unique opportunity to grasp the complexity of moore's work that offered by being allowed to touch them strangely. it's not about the surface, how beautiful and seductive abroad, and might be, or
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a piece of stone might be discovering the story of the deep within the past, within the sculpture, the show was an invitation to get closer to the person, henry more and finally, he may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the deep, mournful croon of jim morrison, the late poet and lead singer of the doors had a foundational influence on rock music history. saturday mark the 50th anniversary of his death, just 27 years of age in paris. and so will lighter figures have candle with some bars of their hit riders on the storm. all the best you and hope to see you next time. just for a ride in the world
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like the the the show issues shaping the continent of africa, the government. what's making headlines? what's behind the way on the street to give you enough reports and insight all the trends my time to use in 30 minutes on t w t like the do you like
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it? do you want it? okay, then luckily put the pedal to the metal. let's ride the me 90 minutes on d, w. o o o . people to say matters to us in. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter in every weekend or on d. w. ah, hundreds of ease in life where i come from your remain unimportant, of transmitting meals and for mission. and when i was young,
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my country was in brought money on the war papers. most people with guys around denied us. it was my job to, to in one of the largest audio products, everyone in the town food. listen that days in nothing has been transferred to my long carrier in john 9 more than 10 wrong. even if i had i was, it was my choice in this car. it has given away full time. my name is gosh man, much. and i was d. o,
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a was ah, this is d w. news line from berlin. the end of the 20, your mission against islam. it's extreme. it's not gonna stop the lives us and nato troops leave background air based. but africans here for the future as the taliban wait in the wings. uncle america. that aims to resets re strained relations by breakfast on her last official visit to the.


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