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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm CEST

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not least for sports heroes, actually it was a lap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing super powers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during walk down the walking go to tokyo starts july 19th, dw me the hello, and welcome to the latest it he should have equal africa. the weekly environmental magazine brought you from uganda, nigeria, on germany. i am sandra to no view and i'm glad to have you along with us. and here is michael who? greece. hello everybody, i'm chris lives illegals. today for job picks, look up cells on what keeping up with the latest strength is not so and by remains
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to be friendly. but that's not all. we see how a muslim resistance may change. learn why decouple rate birds. so filter and visit, afraid to region suffering from a big shortage. muslim, vague is the country that has suffered greatly in recent years from extreme poverty coupled with political instability. now for many of the country's leaders and barbara, as a protection simply isn't on the agenda for the male bearer wants to start talking . the problem not least, the cost, the cost to city has been hammered by type loans. more and more often the they started before doing the shipping in the city of rita, need to be out in the water all day to make it was quite
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low. the w 9. he said from his father, he grew up in the fishing community over and over. today he hit up at the local fishing cooperative. and not just where to get the best crunch. that was, but i did bring it in. it's in but times they are fewer fish. no. the sea itself though, it is their biggest worry every in and did the me good to go, but i go through our our houses, entire villages. we need to leave, but where can we go? nowhere to grow and for them this and then the other one on
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the last one covered our houses in 10 meters. when you tell me, tell it's vision for the city obeta and it's fishing industry. the sea is a vital source of income, but every november, when the cycling season starts, it becomes dangerous. in order to absorb the destructive force of the flood waters, mcgrooves have been planted along the shore, which are flunked by ledge bucks. over the last 5 years, beta has begun to restore the natural water causes and bases the big green pack at the center covering for the for it cause of land is now almost complete city. ma'am albano crecia has come to the next part of the do not need to see this area again, it's dried out of this area i designed to observe the
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flood waters like a sponge holding back the one from the city. beta has become a pioneer in green infrastructure on the african continent. saw when we put them, we should be very nice. we need to think about how we can, to living in how we can cope with the challenges of climate change without creating even more programs for the city. we need to and sustainably develop a sustainable life data will be found and more and more attractive to be mice, the go to equal on the anti i prior to didn't go see but it moves deficient. community has to move prior nova is located in for my mom group one, which will now be the planted grid. it ends up being asked to move to the central mount aside in the edge of the city. like this one in dement rosie far from the sea for fishermen. leander mcguire lost his home and he's bought to take
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a day in 2019. so he moved here voluntarily. she now lives from funding and is building his own house before that and i will never go back. no one wants to return that way of life because it's difficult and dangerous. it's like fighting a will not against men, but against what we are and what is not an easy operant in our future is here, but not if we fall we have to walk hard to come, we should do. but i switched to my see, i didn't wish daddy the city. oh sir, it is offered him and $200.00 of a fisherman, small plots of land each on which to farm and build a home. it's an area that's safe from flooding and suitable from rowing rice, but no one she has. no. what of tim is in the hands of these neighbor bernardo, matilda was flattened by powerful winds. my pillow would have the fish like he used
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to. but that's not an option here. data, but even for the travel to the sea and by fish to sell it, no one will make a living best way when we are growing did attend to what was your site this year we had a lot of right. but because the rain filled everything has, we've actually got books that got a potential job for the children physic during a visit residential area. and the cost of goods for support for his plan has to be built in the see here on the protecting the city of some future. lots don't pay more local need for. he believes projects like the green pack and the location of play a nova out of vitals for the future. and he's hoping local residents will support
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him the launch, but it says me to please that it was not screen instrumentation. we didn't use our knowledge back to the city to stop and don't put this stuff up there. that's where we are going to be project. i'm going out to might not make your because you want to give and the better. but again, my, you know, with one of ensuring that to moderate, we are no longer on the list of sit and wait time. it was just these guys, mcguffey school marcus. on the other side of the base, sherman continued to walk on a moment to the settlement side is voluntarily many realize that it's too dangerous to stay here, but is out of the you and he's in the hospital believe there will make a good home. and i don't think moving to resettlement sites with an overview, maria, there's no point why not take the course from sean and we stay here and continue to
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finish. as the vision, cooperation of the lot is the question, the, the finding a place to live at that he was close enough to the water and affordable is certainly not realistic. on this report is about ready to go from egypt. i'll start off as found, the will of cycling waste food into new furniture and the results give new have of the office. humble beginning furniture making in egypt is expensive. ah, the country has no wood resources. everything has to be imported. normally scrap would get thrown away, but that's changed in shareef. alcholay is workshop. together with architect sarah
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about to t. he found the move on startup. they make luxury sustainable furnishings using scrap wood. and let me give them a hand to start the normal upside. it's very important that we up cycle and not only recycle we use and b furbished the scrap woods incorporated into a new product that also helps raise people's awareness with these products are made without heat treatment and without any harmful chemical motor de la. ah, they've made more than $120.00 pieces since newborn opened a year ago, setting them in egypt and as far afield as pirates in london. and how about you? if you are also doing your bit, tell us about his visit our website. oh, send us the tweaks hash tag doing your
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wish asked us to raise when we dress for work or an evening out in menu for us, have a whole rock of things to choose from. bodies hasn't always been like that in the past. it was pretty standard for people to have few of clothes than there was more of it. this is true crease foster fashion is the boss once it has made buying clothes cheaper and easier bought. it is terrible for the environment in germany, businesses and looking for ways to move towards a more sucking of business model and fashion. let's take a look. new t shirt new pants, another t shirt, a new hoodie booth, and may be another pair of sneakers on special offer. most likely, all these new garments will end up in the trash sooner rather than later. just like
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$92000000.00 tons of textiles, every year, only one percent of that gets recycled. the true price, so fast fashion. between 200-2015, the clothing production. meanwhile, the amount of time places useful individual items have been used for actually decreased by over this sorting facility and eastern germany takes in a lot of unwanted clothing. but here it's treated as a new resource every day workers sort of to 200 tons of items based on their condition style and type of material. it's one of the largest facilities of its kind in europe. garments come from all over the world. in stuart collection and recycling containers, they're either sent a 2nd hand shops or sold to recycling firms to create new fabrics and some $500000000000.00 us dollars could be earned every year worldwide. if the close
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industry would shift to a circular economy with valuable resource, the found in our clothing, and it is, it is, it would be a shame to not re utilize these resources. we are creating value again because we are identifying items that didn't have the demand of the customer privately owned it anymore. nonetheless, the other people who are demanding these types of governments and that's how the value is created. the need for more recycling is growing due to past fashion. now, power box is partnering with mild suffer from a berlin based initiative called circular fashion seeking move the industry towards a more sustainable bottle. we are dealing with also very high, valuable product, kashmir, for example, which we are able to identify by simply touching it. and this isn't a way is a showcase for what's about to come with regard to mature recognition because this
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we can identify however, when we're dealing with various mixes, we need more precise information. when the future is it will be relevant if it like 80 percent, bullet 90 percent will because the recycling hank rate, what's different quantity? if you know exactly this is one of the percent will or you can combine with 0 percent all 80 percent. so that the, the output of the recycling, it's really usable for the fascinated reagan. many of the items that end up here are no longer wearable, around 60 tons daily. right? now most of that goes to the automotive industry. but it's impossible to utilize the full potential of these textiles, while sorting everything by hand. this is where the technology developed by mal your miles and just colleagues comes into its own. this is x, the intelligence data, if equip perfect scanner and through to gather as soon as
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a garmin comes to the table with an idea insight, a circularity idea, it's automatically red out and we get all the product verification with this product. if in case we can calculate well this the right reuse case for this or what is the best recycling case? workers still have to decide whether the item is wearable or not, and the rest is shown on the screen. truly circular products will one day contain information from the whole value chain. the conventional textile industry is resource intensive, relies on oil chemicals and 93000000000 cubic meters of water every year. the difference in a circular model starts at the already beginning of the product. me, it's all about from the outset, from the design principles ensuring that you are eliminating waste and pollution that you are keeping products from materials in use and you're generating actual systems dying. the conventional approach uses water and chemicals. one reason why
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fashion is responsible for 20 percent of the world's wastewater vis touch companies . different it's facility and vietnam dies polyester without process chemicals or water leaders of water just to it today, and that's only one t shirt. so if you look at a t shirt, it will be 150 meters of water for kilogram of fabric. you need to die, textiles. this is what you save. we don't use that. ah, they work with reclaimed carbon dioxide instead. fabric is loaded into the dying vessel. c o 2 is added and brought to the right temperature and pressure. only pure dies are used with no additional chemicals needed. clean guy is currently producing around 10000000 liters and died fabric a year. that's not much compared to global demand, but all of lola hooks to skyrocket production as interest. and this is standard method grows. and this is also allowed to the rest of the barrel industry,
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but also to the consumer and, and the solutions on there and start to buy them. say, if you're a consumer retailer or brand it's, it's the same with resources becoming more scarce. many businesses are reconsidering waste in a circular economy. clothes are designed to be one for a long time. after that intelligence solutions can ensure the recycled for maximum benefit. the transition to this mentality is slowly getting underway. water is a precious resource anywhere and not only in regions of the planets struggling with high temperatures, like many places in africa, it is also an issue in europe. in france, for example, a large company is bottling local water to sell it around the world. and thus proving highly controversial, this is the fish firms, but you're more likely to find plans than fish, and it's still
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a little water. but that wasn't only sell for centuries. water cascaded down from the mountains near this farm here in the mossy central region. as recently as 2018 a stream said edward, if elegant hans with a steady supply of fresh clean water load the water from the cave used to stand at about this level. it was called today there's nothing left. today the water is bar lewis, and 70 percent of it is exported for some people. so the fish farmer now fears for his livelihood. he doesn't blame climate change for his plight, but rather international food processing giant done on it extracts mineral water from the surrounding region to bottle and fill worldwide under the brand name. volvic locals complained that despite repeated drought vegas, siphoning more and more water from the area with no regard for their needs, rejects their claims before you must keep in mind that we don't just do whatever we
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want. we're subject to and monitored by the authorities and the authorities might appear at any time to inspect all holes in order to confirm that the statements we make in our data correct. so no provider for secret became august 2020 for example . they were 2 such con, announce visitors when they did anything. ok, no one from one dominique de la rosier. a geologist is very familiar with this region characterized by extinct volcanoes. he says there are still plenty of natural water sources, but there dwindling as a result of general contracts awarded by the regional government to done on the prefect grants to many authorizations and more seriously. on the 31st of march this year, the prefect put in place a new drum decree in case of heat wave and water problems. and miraculously exempt, involving by saying it's underground water. it doesn't involve any. but many
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studies indicate the opposite. the flow rate of the small stream, which supplied edwards to philly gone fish ponds has fallen dramatically in recent summers. in part, due to the water extraction known the pacific gets us and we went from $470.00 leaders per 2nd or $510.00 leaders per 2nd, 960 to nothing at all to send all for the benefit of gannon cordova for now he hope summer rain will fill his ons, but the regional authorities will reconsider the agreements they've made with dunham in the long run. o 2 children. one giant problem. it normally be jason,
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how will climate change affect us and our children learn more at the w dot com slash water time know to head to another water. we the mighty combo river in the democratic republic of congo. one of the was deepest reasons, not thousands of people depend on need for their livelihoods, but it is on the threat. yes, sandra, experts say it's been polluted as an alarming rates due to poll was disposal. and that's the vicious circle. as we'll see in the capital more rubbish than water. that's the state of almost all of the con goes tributaries in concerto. and every day, the mountains of waste continue to grow because almost everyone disposes of their rubbish along the small rivers and drainage canals that criss cross the city.
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organic waste and plastic bottles suffocate, live in and around the water and clock the waterways causing severe flooding during the rainy season. it's a situation that horrifies alarm sabina after learning about the damage caused by plastic waste in his me to a logical science course. he founded an environmental n g o 2, just like you just saw on the rivers in can shasta polluted with run off from industries the plastic way to ship. we plan to clean up the rivers by collecting plastics which then turned into our object. i intend to start a business that will help to protect the rivers. so me, i will put this in a little bit and he's using a lot of imagination to do it. announcer bailer knows his initiative consult, can sha says overwhelming waste problem?
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but he sees the decorative objects made from plastic waste as a step towards raising awareness of environmental problems. but can just as waste problem also needs to be tackled at its roots. when belgium's belt the drainage system for focus, as you can see that it can know that to build for drainage system the outflow was towards the congo river and we still have the some system fortunately today. so which means any water that goes underneath, they saw again the direct to come out, it goes immediately to convert eva decades of conflict, a rapidly growing population and a lack of investment have all contributed to the cities failure to develop a functioning water and sanitation system for 15000000 inhabitants
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researchers at the university of consulting test, the water quality, twice a year. they findings are published in a scientific journal and also presented to local authorities to push them to take action. celine, sickly seymour is leading the research. rapid action is required because the results are cause for concern in the course that we find the industry are discharging their waste water into the congo river functions. i wanted to show, in fact the, the costs on man. there are a lot of factories situated close to the river, is it under dollars for the offends understanding or scientific research indicated that there is a lack of oxygen in the water. this is having a negative effect on people. and of course, on the fish and the river flow for whole life. in the laboratory,
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the scientists can detect the different toxins. but because government officials often side with factory owners not, not action has been taken so far, says celine sickly. seymour and plastic waste is just as harmful the sticks are very dangerous for the microorganisms in the water because they block the sun's rays from reaching the water. without the sun's rays from green plants and other organisms are not able to synthesize carbon dioxide and water, which is critical for their survival. fill up with those centers on in 2019, the government launched the kimball pater project aimed at making kinshasa cleaner and greener. on the last saturday of every month, contract, the citizens are encouraged to clean up the neighborhood of $300.00 truck troy to collect garbage and transported to the landfill. when the outskirts of the city was
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burned still to project any stretch of the surface, according to official figures, the city produce of 7000 tons of plastic waste every day. but environmental activists like, alas, availa, undeterred by the task ahead of them. even if it has to be removed one sack at a time. that's a pretty tough situation for the people in the bureau see, we do hope all sure has given you something to think about and you enjoyed watching . don't forget you can always check in with us anytime on social media platforms. i am standard twin audio signing go from compiler. here in uganda. thank sandra. it's time for me to say good bye to i live in lagos, nigeria. what do be sure to tune it again? let's see, until then they can me
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the the me, the, the oh the me ah, excuse
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me. the the ah ah ah, the news you tend to kick by turning into your own or your coach without any fiction was reactive in a clever way. d
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w. and above all, how it feels jewish life in europe. oh, that's what film producer, bona and journalists are exploring, delving into history and the present. i would never have thought that judaism could be open, and so i personally have to remind myself, because i grew up in a completely different way. broad explorer listed jewish in europe, the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d, w. ah,
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the merchant being the newer alive can prove you want to learn the new school you want to be put on the loud when you're sick. the doctor, when you fall in love, they will. you don't have children for fear they'll be. you assured me, you know, she, even when you died there's no every 10 us alexis, 10000000 people in the world, the state. they have no nationality and they don't belong, but everyone has the right. everyone has the right. ah,
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the who's . this is dw news life and berlin, the end of the 20 year mission against islamic extremists in afghanistan. the last us and nato troops leave the main bargain, airbase. but atkins, few for the future as the taliban take over. anglo medical aims to reset the relation screened by pressing on her last official visit to britain. the.


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