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ah, ah the the news, this is the the news mice i'm going to medical pays her last official visit to the u. k. german chancellor pledges close corporation even though the u. k. has less but the european union, and hence at loose a couple of restrictions for people arriving in germany. also on the program. the last of us and nato troops leave the main air base enough damage down the background is now empty. after
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a 20 year mission against the tyler about an hotline hotline extreme, it comes to annette. and will italy have something to share about it when they take on belgium in the euro's late, the belgium of graphing to fitness. what is over to that top players will preview that $45.00. gave me i'm so good. welcome to the program german chancellor. angling back in britain on her last official visit before she fell down. the german lena is held wide ranging talks with british prime minister barak johnson. afterwards they said that countries would continue to work closely together, even though britain is no longer a member of the european union. the chancellor also hopes people who have been fully fascinated against corona virus, will soon be able to travel to germany without quarantine. as you know, we are reviewing continuously and travel restrictions and we think that in
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a placebo future, those who have received double jobs will then according to our classification and our now britain obviously is. and high incidence area will be able to travel again without having to go into quarantine. we would like to encourage people to have access to be vaccinated in the beginning. we didn't have that much experience with this very end, but we're dealing with it. and we are approaching this in the spirit that i write down. and it's very, and it's actually spreading very quickly into many to for his daughter prime minister barak jones and paid tribute to anger back on her last visit as german chancellor angular on behalf of the u. k. i want to thank you for your truly historic commitment, not just to the u. k. germany relationship, but to global diplomacy. more generally. and i think over the last year, 18 months in particular,
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your scientific expertise has been instrumental in guiding the global response to the pandemic. and as i was saying, i think a commitment to science and research is something our countries share and want to develop together. it's no less get more on their should dw, the u. k. a correspondence get mass at windsor castle, just outside london, and from political correspondent, hands. brant. welcome both. let's start with the review budget mass. what did we got learned about the state of post bracket relations? i looks like we've, we've lost the signal to it's a burg muscle trying to recover that. and let me put that same question to you, hans broadband. what do we learn about that? the state relations between these 2 countries? well obviously because of the brick set because britain left the european union, the 2 countries not have to put their relationship on a bilateral basis that can no longer do it via the europe,
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ian union as it were. and that means finding a whole new set of instruments to do that. they talked a lot about to various instruments. the basis is going to be some sort of treaty of cooperation of friendship, which clearly does not exist at the moment between germany and great britain. but there were also mentioned things such as student exchange, youth exchange programs, cultural exchange programs. and i think as a signal of goodwill, the british prime minister instituted a prize for astrophysicists from woman astrophysicists from britain and germany. that is going to be awarded to you know, on the basis of a bilateral relationship between these 2 countries. ok, so with all about exchanging going on, that sort of brings us to the big topic of the century. really? the corona virus. lots of good. lots of quarantines. lots of restrictions between britain and germany at the moment is as regards corona virus. a hint we heard from
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the chancellor that the things might change if that's a pint at the moment. that is of particular dispute or particular concern to people in great britain because germany has declared great britain as a country of concern because there is a virus the delta via virus variant which is prevalent there. and as a result, people from prison are not law to, into germany at the moment with very, very few exceptions. but the point is in fact, what angle america has been saying that this variance is also spreading quickly in germany. so at some stage there's no longer any point in keeping britton's away because the, the, the virus is in germany already. and she also emphasized that people that have been fully vaccinated and comply with the regulations of the european union will be able to travel freely in europe. so i think this is likely to be resolved pretty quickly . ok,
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good bucket mass. now join us from outside the windsor castle just outside that london. welcome. get me last year a little earlier. the chances really is getting the fivestar treatments and she has that check us press conference address and the u. k. cabinet. and now be with the queen to come. so is, will this last appointment be just a courtesy visit or something more substantial? i think that will be definitely something that's very important probably for both ladies. but we know from angle america that she is definitely a fan of the british queen. she's so her recently at the g 7 summit. and she told us, reported that it was one of the highlight of the highlight, actually of her visit to be together with 3 generations of the royal family. and, you know, we can imagine that these 2 ladies who are face being around for, for quite a while, and different functions, but at the helm of the respective countries that they will have a lot to exchange because they've seen, obviously quite turbulent periods with
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a corona virus but also when it comes to the german british relations and with the brakes it, which was very emotional i think for, for a lot of a lot of germans that the britain left the european union. and i think there was this sense of abandonment that now politicians like anglo makeover coming and, you know, stepping towards the u. k. end and finding fragmatic solutions for, for all the issues on the table still. now, there was subtle grids amongst all these was if i can mix my massive, massive force that the know of an island protocol was brought up in questions. and this has been providing parish johnson with quite a lot of problems back home. and it was quite a, his response was actually quite testy. yes, i thought it was also really interesting that i'm going to america almost seem to sort of that back a little bit when she was also in the press conference about know the knowledge
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which is a big issue for the u. k. because northern ireland is of course, part of the united kingdom, and yet it cannot be, it's more part of the e u. and that causes all sorts of problems with goods that are coming from the mainland, from britain into northern ireland and both students. and as always saying that you need to act and you need to do something in order to, to help northern ireland overcome these issues. but when i interpret what i'm going to macula said, she said, well, that's just not over stretched out here. and i think she's expecting me also to engage with brussels more when it comes to this really quite test the issue. i thank you for that date of the correspondence bucket mass at windsor castle hunt branch. here with me, thank you. bye. us defense official saying the last remaining american nato troops of left the background military base, enough damage done which has not been handed over to afghan forces. background was
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the center of the u. s. and nato's war against the taliban and al qaeda with 800000 troops stationed at its peak. that 20 mission is not coming to an end and a complete withdrawal for foreign forces from the countries thought to be imminent . the taliban has welcomed the departure. time security situation is precarious in a rising fans of a civil war as a taliban and local warlords battle for power. many afghans and i worry about what will happen when all the foreign troops have gone. a journey through a war zone here and scanners, towns, capital, cobble, barbed wire, and high walls protect not just embassies and government departments, but bank and hotels to fear is at the present. here. terror attacks take place daily and government districts and residential neighborhoods. this western
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district is one of the city's most dangerous, mainly his czar, is live here. this year and minority group is under assault from the ton of an 85 people were killed in an attack on a school in early may. most of the victims were girls between the ages of 11 and 15 . after 20 years of foreign age, afghanistan is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world. people that this bizarre tell me they're afraid the situation will need to tear. we're rate. when international troops withdraw must make the mind they are going. i think the situation in afghanistan is getting worse. by the day. we thought it would get better off to 20 is done, but do the habit. nothing happened. forgive me and we're heading for another whar, what other than that? i fear, john, did they go up?
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this trader says he used to work with the u. s. military, like many afghans who worked for the foreign forces, he fears revenge, attacked by the taliban. i want to out from here is because my family and i am not say that the here's what i want. and again, when you any country is actually i don't have money to go through our our doctor i'm, i'm going to because in here is very danger. place the cost of private security has risen sharply here, especially in recent months. businesses stepping up that protections. not just not just fairs the taliban and also growing crime. entrepreneur lay, he has a call center, an employment agency, and cobble the 46 year old says he's determined to stay in the country, but the poor security situation is
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a problem. and he doesn't know what will happen when all international troops withdraw. they don't know about to or tomorrow because in some provinces we sleep at night. but even in the morning when i wake up, this is the office is closed because the caption invite, i live on the uncertainty and fear that vain this country are only growing the full withdrawal of all foreign troops. news let's take a closer look at this with title richard kemp. he's a military analyst and former commander of british forces in afghanistan. welcome to d. w. and what comes to mind as you consider the fact that us troops have now left background base? i think the, the problem that we face now is to the fact that the talent about have been research and have been seizing territory all around guns don't,
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particularly in recent weeks in the north and that they've been launching deliberate campaign of attacks on anyone who's been cooperating with international forces and anybody who potentially could provide the lead ship to work against that rule with a view of taking over the whole country or most of the country and bringing down the government in couple. and that's an unfortunate consequences of deciding to leave without any security conditions being taken as a consideration because effectively we're leaving now on the basis of a random date line. not on the basis of any conditions or any other considerations . and having last is there, is that as far as you're aware of a plan for what happens to the country, should the taliban actually become fully resurgent and take over? well, i would hope that the u. s. have got a significant residual presence. if not in afghanistan,
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the can react to events. and i've got a song which might include power supporting the the african national security forces and intelligence and maybe special courses. i would hope there is something that remaining in place to, to support short of that other than that, i don't really see what any other country can do to prevent the seller back from taking over. i think it's, it's not inevitable, but i think it's highly likely. and of course we've also seen many other regional powers, for example, pakistan who boys support the taliban iran who have been working with us. how about china and russia both. we've also been working on some of the taliban. we can see their influence increasing, and it's a possibility that you know, they could maybe mitigate an international interest could mitigate some of the worst aspects of the teller by bottom. not overly competent about that. right. yeah,
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and you do have considerable experience, not only of training countries, the police as well. and it just sounds as though you have you have little faith, but afghan forces will be able to resist a research and taliban. i don't think they will and we've seen them falling away in the face of taliban aggression over recent weeks. and in the past, that is not the cowardly that they're often very brave and tough fighters.


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