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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 2:45pm-3:01pm CEST

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of course, she later told the crowd she expects to advance much further into the germans. this time. like a change in growing why? i don't know last time i was on this score. i don't think any people knew my name just be. i mean, obviously after the venus match, a lot of people do buy, so like now i don't know if feels like a little bit at home here. now i'm enjoying the experience, but i'm also like really learning from it and really coming into these matches believing that i can win. i mean, i believe that when in the past that i feel like knowledge is so much more comp now on the core and confident and playing in front of you guys other tokyo olympics. now just 3 weeks away may yet be help behind closed doors. that from the head of the talk, you're organizing committee. faithful actually model admitted the committee might still reverse it specific enough. 10 days ago. that said a limited number of local fan would be able to attend. each event. japanese government, top covert 19 advisor has said repeatedly the safest option for the olympics is
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without any fans and track and field it was a world record breaking night in all low for norwegian, competing on home soil cost viral. seemed to know even at the starting blocks that it was going to be a special for 100 me to have in the diamond leak. and so he was chasing not only his fellow editor, but also 29 year old world right behind in the home from the line and 46.70 2nd to break that in the bus loaner olympics done in 92. and we're coming back to one about 2 stories public health experts worried about another new corona, virus variance, more than 50 cases of the so called delta plus the variant have not been detected in india. the variance is also surfaced in the us and almost a dozen other countries. indian scientists say it could be more transmissible.
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we're infectious and resistant a life saving drugs given to some covert 19 patients. but they need more data to confirm this of correspondent the message as well sent us this report from india where the new variant assume fit is country could be headed for 3rd wave. the restrictions like you once again after another couldn't know why the crowds are going to the freshly opened market in india. already, it is hard to imagine, but just 2 months ago, the country was recording over 400000 k through the b. but the indian government is warning that all is not well, yet a mutation called delta has recently been declared a variant of concern and welcome message for many at this tele market. we should live in the president instead of worrying about the future. new i've been
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so long based in one and a half years over. this is going to be new dated every time. so the variance are going to be there. so it's not like that. the place is something different from a normal forward. why this is the death of area and was detected in india last year, and was instrumental in causing the massive 2nd wave of cases here. it is now steadily gaining ground as a dominant bed and around the world. driving an upsurge in cases in a number of countries. the new mutation of this ready and the delta plot has even been defected outside of india. this time belly has been quick to react. after the think criticism for failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier dealt of it is the end it has the ministry has worn states that this virus mutation is more transmissible. i'm more likely to resist the antibodies. but experts say it is
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far too phone to that doctor saw his senior biologist explains why this lead this read and it's causing concern. but it, because this mutation was 1st seen in the area of concern something that was only, of course, the south africa, the beetle baby and is able to evade pre existing immunity much better than all of the levy and some concern. but he also emphasizes that more detail will be needed to confirm if this regina is more infectious or liter. since papers calling is something that cause the shouldn't be and our mist been more than one for now. exports the vaccination are the best way to fight off bad, like the delta and does up law. and after the sluggish couple months, the beast,
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when you're back seen dr. is showing signs of improvement. but the government urging people to get innoculated as soon as possible. the people reading and this lines of job appeal to have the message. so alarm is or is the danger real. we are now joined by profess on so on for a whole. he's the director of the institute of global health at the university in geneva, switzerland, professor, we know there's still not enough data on delta class, but what do we know for sure so far? yes, we don't know so much on these delta plus. we have to remember that in get media use to use this get us to the stem such as the mutant or no bill plus. so i don't know if it is a delta plus or if it's just valiant. so many moves. and
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for the moment, we have to follow it carefully as we did for the other. and we may have some supplies. it may appear that in fact, the plus know so many different from the other volume. so what most important questions, though, existing vaccines effective against delta plus in fact, again, if you, if you remember, we had to take a lot of time before attaining with precision value and the effectiveness of the vaccines against the previous volumes for the volume to 2 months to do really at the things that and of course you have some lab tests which may mention some escape immune escape and some concerns regarding vaccines. but joe hill life is probably the best
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experience to lead. and so when we will see some people having been vaccinated, fully vaccinated, which may have some complication of the disease, not just transmitting, eat occurring, eat, but having some complications living towards people is ation. this is a key element to obtain and to assess before saying that the vaccines escape to day the, to these volumes. so it could, does a plus give us a new wave, a new global wave. in fact, for the woman, the delta volume is giving us a new wave. so we have to be focus on this delta volume, which is also coming from india and no splitting probably who's a your match to all over europe from, from the you gave home ball to go home from worship,
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from wave today which are cooling just now. and we flip it by these waves, of course we have to keep an eye on all the new values. switch me away from values, regions of the world. india may be no more a hotspot, but a freak out for a moment or indonesia or then gladish. countries where these kind of new vines may emerge in the coming weeks and we have to be very, very careful on all of that. stay vigilant professor on flow. director of institute global health at the university in geneva. thank you very much, professor. thank you so much. us president joe biden has visited the community and florida our tar block collapse last week, killing at least 800 people at 145 others are still missing. is message to 1st responders and families of victims was never give up hope. but as the days passed,
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since the last victim was pulled from the rubble, that hope is starting to run out. as time goes on, hopeless finding survivors beneath well store it's a verbal and surf side, florida fades, still 1st responder. it worked long hours risking their lives under physical and emotional strain. loved ones of the missing russell with holding on to faith while preparing for the worst. us president, joe biden, and 1st lady, dr. joe biden met with survivors who are grieving and looking for answers. they had basic heart wrenching questions. will i be able to recover the body of my son or daughter? my husband. my cause is my mom and dad. how can i have clothes without being able to bury them? i don't get the body. why do i do? jill? and i want to know that we're with them in the countries with light and has
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promised help from the federal government. it includes covering 100 percent of the costs for rescue efforts for $30.00 days, providing temporary housing and expediting these us for victims. family members from other countries, more rescue teams are also on the way to give relief to cruise, who have been working since last thursday. they're tired and this is taking a toll on them. and so the fact that we now have that search and rescue team from virginia here, and i know we have some more on the way that's going to be helpful. what we just need now is we need a little bit of luck need a little bit of prayers and you know, we would like to be able to, to, to see some miracles happen. it's still unclear what caused the condo to collapse. but the mayor of miami dade promises an investigation that will find answers, answers to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.
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the euro 2024 to find a good on the way to day was perhaps the most important match up of the round coming to night between belgium and italy, the italians fail to even qualify for the last major tournament. i've been on fire this summer raising hopes that they would win the 1st year in title, in more than 50 years. yeah, football fans have become used to these images lately. italy have one every single game at euro 2020 so far calling unbridled joy in rome. the theme has firmly established itself as one of the tournament favorites. but the unforeseen austria pushed him all the way to extra time in the round of 16 . some pundits have begun wondering whether it's really all that cracked up to be coach. we're better. so mancini though, see, think differently about the that it was a very difficult match. there were moments where the team had to baffle tooth and nail will go before the match. i said the game against austria, that might even be
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a harder match than what we'll face in the quarter finals of the equality. that's a bold claim given the next opponents of the top rank team and well football belgium. the red devils could be limited by injury. the key player kevin did bruna and captain 8 in as our but with star strike rama lu cock who informed the azurie can't take anything for granted. a threat. italy's own go machine chiro in mobile. i know as well, from the battles in the italian league out again last the last time you said it was a mobile a versus a c i were playing into and he's going to go major. so please don't call it in mobile a versus luc copy of again, bad belgium versus italy instead and give it a chance every the style. flat composure.
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not just in that fashion choices. italy, other scene. everyone's got that i on at the moment. now they have to prove themselves in that tough is test. yes. and give the fans back home. another reason to celebrate the italy in belgium play tonight, spain will phase switzerland, spain explosives, the packet, and the tournament high 11 goals and the old, filled heavily in their favor. still switzerland will hope hope to come up with an upset victory, and their round of 16 win over world cup champion sprouts shows. they could have another shock install you're watching the them in the us press conference with john and chance to uncle michael. finish by mr. boyce johnson is about to begin in london. the to lead us have been holding talks in the u. k. at the 2nd, the prime minister country residents, top of the agenda,
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is expected to be panoramic travel restrictions as well as discussions on post breaks that relations. the 2 liters i've been talking about the corona virus pandemic, as well as that to governments cooperating on foreign policy issues. this is expected to be anglo max last official visit to the u. k. and we can see the picture, they're coming from the prime minister's countries. residents check us whether to lead us. we'll hold that statement in a matter of minutes and to cover that with me and listen to that. i am joined from windsor castle by our colleague. all is just hands for the moment. it's just my colleague, hans brant, w political correspondent. we later will talk to bigger mass who is standing by at windsor castle there as well. we're going to do to meet the queen. so because it will be the last visit of anglo america as
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a chance to the u. k. just run me through the, the most important topics that we'll have covered. i think from the british point of view, what's important is that britain is thinking about opening up again after the, in the course of the koran restrictions that have been in place. and obviously britain's like all other europeans and probably or other people in the northern hemisphere. i want to go on summer holiday. and so it's very important that they are actually welcomed in the holiday destination is mainly here in europe. germany itself, so far as defined britain as a country where a variant of concerned a delta of very and adult mutation is on the rise. and as a result, people from britain at the moment, not a lot of trouble to germany. and in fact, germany has tried to impose these restrictions in the hold of europe or rather to persuade other european countries to impose similar restrictions. unsuccessfully so
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far i think what bar as johnson is hoping is support.


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