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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 2:00pm-2:46pm CEST

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future, the 77 percent. now every weekend on the w ah was, ah, this is e w, new life from the end of an era they lost us and nato troops leads that main base and i've gone his background is less empty. after a 20 year mission against the taliban, and hotline, islamists comes to close. also coming off german trump mac means providence devoris johnson for a final time post breakfast time and then it travel restricts high up on the agenda
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on her last official trip to the u. k health officials in india sound the alarm over a new cove at 19 variance. some other thoughts spreading. delta plus strain could be better represents the community. and the 3rd wave could be on the pad on wells, u. f o j u. s. military authorities still have an open mind when it comes to experts arrest will encounter our reporter heads to nevada, the infamous area of $51.00, to try and set the record straight. ah, i'm going to have else as welcome to the program. us defense officials say the last remaining american and nato troops have less the background military base. i've
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gotten this done. the bass has been handed over to africa and forces background was the epicenter of the us, than nato's war against the taliban and al qaeda. at its peak, $100000.00 us troops less station that 20 year mission is now coming to an end. complete the role of all foreign forces from the country is thought eminence. the taliban has welcomed the departure. i'm not joined by w correspondence, terry shoals and brussels. we're ne to it's headquartered terry. the end is coming earlier than expected. why is that? we're not exactly sure. why the u. s. decided to speed up so quickly. the original date, of course, was, was september 11th, but it's been rumored for some months now that president biden did want to get out quicker. in fact, exactly by july. 4th, which is just a couple of days from now us independence day. so it appears that he is on track to succeed in that. and of course, without us support on the ground,
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there are other allies have to go to. so we've heard this week that the germans have completed their withdraw the italians and also the polls without us forces on the ground, the allies have to go as well. but back on ebay, it wasn't just for the military, it was important for all sorts of traffic as well. what's the view there at nato? h q? can the afghans handle security that nato has not made an official statement yet about the reports of the hand over. and in fact, i just read that the associated press says that it was done without coordination with local officials and that in fact there were looters running through the gate there that report from the a p. of course, i have not been able to confirm that myself, but this just speaks to the fact that, that things are very chaotic on the ground there, particularly now without international forces there. and there are some details that will prove troubling, for example, that it was us contractors who maintained the can air forces fleet of planes. and
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so without, without people to, to keep the air force in fighting form that certainly will undermine their ability to, to have any sort of hold on security. there. things are very much, very much uncertain there at the moment. while the overall security situation, of course is precarious to say the least, the rising fears of a civil war with the taliban of walls battling for power. many africans, as our report shows, worried that the future may hold once or foreign troops leave a journey through a war zone here and i scan us downs, capital, cobble, barbed wire, and tie. woof, protect not just embassies and government departments. good banks and hotels to fear is at the present. terror attacks take place daily government districts and residential neighborhoods. this western district is one of the cities most
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dangerous, mainly his czar, is live here. this year and minority group is under assault from the ton of an 85 people were killed in an attack on a school in early may, most victims were girls between the ages of 11 and 15. after 20 years, foreign age, afghanistan is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world. people that this bizarre tell me they're afraid the situation will need to tear. we're rate when international troops withdraw enough to make the mind going. i think the situation in afghanistan is getting worse by the day. we thought it would get better after 20 is done, but do the habit. nothing has happened to me and we're heading for another war. what are the only thing that i fear, john? did they go up?
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this 20 to says he used to work with the u. s. military, like many afghans who worked for the foreign forces, he fears revenge, attacked by the taliban. i want to out from here is because my family and i am not say that the here's the i want and again, when you, any country is accept the i don't have money to go out because in here is very dangerous place the cost of private security has risen sharply here, especially in recent months, businesses stepping up that protections not just not just fair as the taliban. and also growing crime. entrepreneur l a. he has a call center and an employment agency and cobble the 46 year old says he's determined to stay in the country. but the poor security situation is
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a problem. and he doesn't know what will happen when all international troops that draw they don't know about to court tomorrow. because in some provinces, we sleep at night. but even in the morning when i wake up, this is the office is closed because discussion by ton of on the uncertainty and fear that pervades this country are only rowing as the sole withdrawal row of all foreign troops. knees of her shells in brussels. after hearing this, after nearly 20 years, and i've got this done, come help of thinking that nato troops have a certain responsibility to stand. how are you hearing that in nate's headquarters? well, nato in the u. s. have have concluded that there wouldn't be any improvement by their staying longer. 20 years, as you mentioned, billions and billions of dollars poured into the afghan government poured into
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civil society. and they are still at this point. so the conclusion has been that it is up to the afghan parties, the taliban, the afghan government to make peace and nothing will be achieved without that. so while it's very disturbing to see those those scenes and to hear that including u. s. military commanders say that, you know, civil war could be looming. they've just decided that there's nothing more that they can do to help afghanistan, and it's going to have to take care of itself. no correspondent, terry shoals, in brussels. then thank you very l. german chancellor angle america is in england today for was likely to be her last official visit to britain . and i make travel restrictions and post briggs relations on. the agenda talks about johnston. she's also due to meet between since become a chancellor back in 2005, michael has outlasted for british prime ministers. ahead of her meeting with number
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5, we look back at how she's with it all those changes. yeah. one moment to visit england. the crowds are all ready cheering, but not because angle america is coming. instead, it's about beating gemini football. but the chancellor has seen all sides of this love hate relationship before this hearing. 16 years in office medical has dealt with 5 british prime ministers. you know, when she came to pat, tony blair was in number 10 downing street. they had big plans together to end poverty and start tackling climate change. leaders move their parties towards the center. both were at times hugely popular with voters. but as miracles, power grew black was replaced by his nemesis gordon brown. he was a very serious man. not unlike the chancellor, we now need to come together again with heightened cooperation with while germans
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appreciated sobriety. brown was soon heading for the feature oppose. medical flew in to provide some support. but she did not meet her fellow conservative. david cameron brown lost the election on the new prime minister at the chancellor with self diplomacy. in the british museum, the visitor was shown proof of the british love of german cars. but cameron's friendly overtures were undermined by his plan to hold a referendum on leaving the you. medical herself was briefly at the center of that debate. when the women, they called multi addressed the mother of parliaments, we need a strong united kingdom with a strong voice inside the european union. if we have that, we will be able to make the necessary changes for the benefit of all. but her appeals fell on deaf ears. the u. k voted to leave the rex.
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it also brought in medical's p. m number 4 way to resume it seemed to 1st there was hope of doing a deal to pragmatists working together even after the split in brussels. a shed sense of color and a shared sense of humour could the cement relations. but the deal on future co operation agreed by may medical and the other. a new leaders was thrown out by the house of commons. lost in the line of british leaders of america is boris johnson. his bullish bravado is a world away from her cool, analytical focus. but even he is willing on occasion to quote the gym and chancellor. we in the u. k. want a deal. we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do in the shop. and i think that is the phrase prime ministers have come and gone and medical has worked hard to
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smooth relations with the u. k. the politics aside, there's one british leader, anglo merkel, has always gotten on with perfectly well. macklin johnson, i do to hold a joint press conference at the prime minister's country residence check us in a few minutes. will be you that live when that happens. you are in the w still to come today as well. the us all day, all correspondent heads to the area 51 testing ground in the us on the trail of the fiber line object. and you are 2020 scenes back into action tonight with italy taken on belgium in the quarter finals match preview of the favorites versus the world number one, coming up the 1st public health experts worried about at another new corona virus very and more than 50 cases of the so called delta plus very and
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i've been detected in india, the very end has also surfaced in the u. s. and almost a dozen other countries. indian scientists say it could be more transmissible, more infectious, and resistant to life saving drugs, given to some covert 900 patients. but they need more data to confirm. this of course, bonded the message as well. sent us this report from india where the new van and has fewer fears, the country could be headed for 3rd wave. the abs restrictions like used once again after another cool, no way to leave. the crowds tonguing to the freshly opened market in india. already, it is hard to imagine that just 2 months ago, the country was recording over 400000 k through would be but the indian government is warning that all is not well yet. a mutation called delta has recently been declared a variant of concern. an unwelcome message for many at this deli market. we
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should live in the present. instead of worrying about the future, i've been so long going to be based in one and a half years over. this is going to be new. did it every time it's going to be, it's going to be there. so it's not like the place is something different from a normal forward. why this is the dental variant was both detected in india last year and was instrumental in causing the massive 2nd beef of cases. here, it is now said to be gaining ground as a dominant variant around the world. driving an upsurge in cases in the number of countries the new addition of the radiant, the delta plot have even been detected outside of this time. belly has been quick to react after faith and criticism for failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier dance of it. the and it has ministry have want to see it that this
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vital mutation is more transmissible. i'm more likely to resist the antibodies, but experts say it is far too soon to tell dr. shaw, his senior biologist explains why this leave this red and it's causing concern. but it, because this mutation was seen in the area of concern something that is only of course, the south africa, the beetle baby and is able to evade the existing community much better all of the levy and some concern. but he also emphasizes that more detail will be needed to confirm if this variant is more infectious all liter. since papers calling to get something that caused shouldn't be missed, then more with them. so at this one, for now, x for the vaccination are the best way to fight off marian's like the delta i ended
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up last. and after the last couple months, the peace of india vaccine drive is showing signs of improvement. that the government urging people to get innoculated as soon as possible the people reading and this blind spot, a job appears to have got the message. so alarm is or is the danger real. we are now joined by profess on so on for a whole. he's the director of the institute of global health at the university in geneva, switzerland, professor, we know there's still not enough data on delta plus, but what do we know for sure so far? yes, we don't know so much on these delta plus. we have to remember that in your media use to use this get us to the stem such as the mutant or no delta plus. so i don't know if it is a delta product, so if it is just valiant,
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either so many moves. and for the moment, we have to follow it carefully as we did for the other. and we may have some supplies. it may appear that in fact, the close as no so many different from the other volume. so, but most important questions, existing vaccines, effective against delta blas. in fact, again, if you, if you remember, we had to take a lot of time before attaining with precision value and the effectiveness of the vaccines against the previous volumes for the violence. it took months to do really at the things that and of course you have some lab test which may mention some escape immune
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escape and some concerns regarding vaccines. but joe hill life is probably the best experience to lead. and so when we will see some people having been vaccinated, fully vaccinated, which may have some complications of the disease, not just transmitting, eat or coding, eat, but having some complications leaning towards the television. this is a key element to attain and to assess before saying that the vaccines escape to day the, to these volumes. so it could, does a plus give us a new wave, a new global wave. in fact, for the woman, the delta volume is giving us a new wave. so we have to be focus on this delta volume, which is also coming from india and no splitting probably who's
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a your match to all over europe from, from the you gave home bought to go home from hershey, from waves today, which are cooling just now. and we are threatened by these waves. of course, we have to keep an eye on all the new volumes which made away from values, regions of the world. india may be no more a hotspot, but a freak out for a moment or indonesia or then gladish. countries where these kind of new volumes may emerge in the coming weeks and we have to be very, very careful on all of that. i've stay vigilant professor on flo director of institute global health at the university in geneva. thank you very much. thank you so much. have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. protests as in canada have pulled down statues of queen victoria and queen elizabeth the 2nd on
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the growth of canada, the treatment of indigenous children. the stresses were torn down to the city of winnipeg. canadians happen stand by the recent discovery of hundreds of graves that former residential schools for indigenous children. thousands of people have been evacuated from villages near the philippine capital manila, after nearby volcanoes started to erupt. the town volcano sent plumes of ash one kilometer to this guidance. those officials avoid crowded emergency shelters, could fuel the spread of the corona virus if you will. but if you government has rejected accusations, it's using hunger as a weapon of war and great day after a crucial bridge for delivering food to the northern region was destroyed. the u. s . says almost a 1000000 people phased elevation after some 8 months of fighting pentagon officials in the u. s. recently returned an open verdict on extra terrestrial
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visitors to earth and neither confirm nor brought out their existence following a military probe into u. f o z. so on, well the u. f o day. we are asking, do they all? don't they exist? the truth is out them. so they say are fearless, correspondent, stuff on demons went to find it. whichever north of las vegas, nevada, our destination area, 51, the infamous us air force base that is founded in mystery and riddled with conspiracy. there is somewhat of a height about all things you are foes and extra terrestrial in the u. s. these days, following the release of a pentagon report on us was on our way to area $51.00 on the so called extra terrestrial highway. we came across this place here, the alien research center. of course, it's not really a research center. it's
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a gift shop and our log has it. it's close to day, closed or not so called us tourists are stopping by. on one hand, fully aware that the alien research center is only about souvenirs. but on the other hand, also open to the idea that this is a place for a scientific research on adrian. you never know. i mean, we are pretty close to area 51. so you never, you never know it is this, you never know that inherent doubt many people have created by perhaps unwarranted secrecy. that is the problem for people like retired navy, pilot lieutenant commander alex d treatment we meter in boulder, colorado. so i had this experience in 2004, almost 17 years ago. that experience dietrich is referring to is known as the name . it's incident. it shows where dietrich and 3 of her colleagues encountered off the coast of san diego, california. it is just one of dozens of encounters by other pilots. they're all categorized as i didn't find areas phenomena or
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u a. p. meaning the pentagon has no explanation for them and kept them secret for years. the trick proposes a different approach. i would hope to contribute to the reduction of stigma and to promoting or encouraging a deliberate and thorough collection and reporting process so that those individuals who are qualified to make the analysis have the information that they need and that they can conduct that a thorough investigation and analysis to come up with some conclusions. beatrix please, for scientifically standardized data collection on a piece designated an absolute must in the future by ness, our research scientists robbie qu, michael put up and go from scientific spec to my take on the year for ease, we don't know what they are. we cannot speculate what they are without having
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proper data collected on them to find out the nature of the 0 force. and my hope is we would focus on the science part of the scientific study of your force and avoid any speculation and be agnostic about investigating them. back on the extraterrestrial highway in nevada, we finally arrive at area $51.00. even if this u. s. air force base will perhaps never reveal it secrets most experts and serious minds degrees when it comes to us those we simply don't know what we don't know, but we should look into it with, you know, the here are 20 and 20 quarter finals. get on the way to day with maps, the most important match up of the round coming tonight between belgium and italy, the italians failed to even qualify for the last major tournament that have been on fire this summer, raising hopes that they could win their 1st european title,
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in more than 50 years, football fans have become used to these images lately. italy have one every single game of years 2020 so far, causing unbridled joy and rhone. the team has firmly established itself as one of the tournament favorites. that the uncertainty, austria pushed them all the way to extra time. in the round of 16, some pundits have begun wondering whether it's really all that cracked up to be coach. we're both mancini though, see, think differently about it. it was a very difficult match. there were moments where the team had to baffle tooth and nail. go before the match. i said the game against austria, that might even be a harder match than what we'll face in the court. the final, the quantity. that's a bold claim given the next opponents of the top rank team and well football belgium. the red devils could be limited by injury. the key player, kevin,
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the bruna and caps in it in as off, but with stuff strike romilly, lou cock who informed he azurie can't take anything for granted. the threat italy's own go machine chiro and mobile. i know as well, from their battles in the italian league. our again was the last time you said it was a mobile a versus a new car. yeah, we're playing into and he's got 2 goals major, so please don't call it in mobile. a versus luc khaki. again, bad belgium versus italy instead and give it a chance every the style flag, the composure and not just in that fashion choices easily seen. everyone's got that i on at the moment. now they have to prove themselves in that help is test. yes. and keep the funds back home. another reason to celebrate the back to johnson uncle america visit to the u.
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k. on what's expected to be her last official visit that the german johnson, chuck is the country residence of british prime minister boys johnson, where the 2 holding tor stuff of the agenda expected to be. pandemic travel restrictions as well as discussions on post braces for exit relations between the 2 countries. macklin is also due to address the british cabinet. first for foreign liter, since us president bill clinton the the same in 1997. we will go to win the castle outside london to have tea with a queen. on the press conference with uncle macklin boys, johnson is due to begin in a few minutes. we have team coverage, of course. the w big mouth is when the coffee outside london, where uncle michael is due to me to clean a little bit later today and our political correspondent,
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husband here in rather mundane studio 3. beg it. let's start with you though. this is on the mac as last visit to the u. k. as a german chancellor, as the red carpet been rolled out, well, definitely t with the queen here into into cost a little later on this. still pretty much out of the ordinary. and we know that the angular magnets very fond of the queen. so she'll be really looking forward to this . but you know, more generally, she is seen by many here as one of the most successful, maybe the most successful petition in the west and such as johnson obviously wants to have a very close relationship with her. you can having just left the european union, he doesn't have a seat at the table in brussels anymore. so, more important for the u. k. to have strong bilateral relations. and germany is one of the most important partners for the u. k. something on the agenda also is connected to to cove it because uncle, i'm actually seeing somebody who has
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a tough line on coffee on british tour is visiting the rest of europe and boys, johnson will no doubt try and press her to that you k tourists into the youth out quarantining, so that will definitely be on the agenda. i think while they're talking and check us. but the big it is just mentioned just a few points. this isn't just about t with a clean is now it's also about football. mackerel is a fan and she would have been upset that the german team got kicked out of the european championship by the english team. but not seriously speaking, it's very much also about the bilateral relationship between germany and the united kingdom. that is no longer part of the european union. both countries still regard each other. it's very, very important countries that need to cooperate on a large number of issues, especially on the international level. there recently this week, in fact,
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germany and the united kingdom agreed on further corporation in the security matters. and for instance, in the united nations where britain is still the permanent member of the security council, they would also like to become a permanent member. and the britons are supporting that. then the issues such as relations with russia or china and so on. and there's a very large gamut of important international issues that also will play a role big. let's come back to you. michael is going to sit down with queen elizabeth 2nd for tea dust. is this just a courtesy visit? is there more meaning to it? normally? t with a queen is with for has a state not so much for has of government on a regular visit. well they the to have met before and we know from and get america that she seems to be really a fan of the queen when she was here recently for the g 7 summit,
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she told us john list that the most remarkable event at the summit was being together with 3 generations of royal say, maybe it's bit surprising that this leader who has this reputation of being very, very pragmatic. it still feels this closed bond with the queen. however, you can speculate that these 2 women might have something in common that they see in a sort of rock solid very reliable. and they have been leading quite a quite a steady shift. say there is probably quite, quite a few things that they like talking about when they are reaching here together later in windsor hands. there is more on the agenda today than what we we just mentioned big and has again mentioned a few things. yes. i think, you know, i'm not going to say are the german chancellor of course, but all the follow up from bricks and from britain leaving the european union. and
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certainly it's something that hasn't been completely cleared up yet. there have been recent disputes about northern ireland, about the protocol in the bricks that treaty, that concerns northern ireland and have been some quite acrimonious discussions between the europeans on the continent and great britain about what needs to be done. i'm sure they will be talking about that at the same time. great britain obviously is trying to build a relationship with countries such as germany that is independent of the european union because it's no longer is in the european union from the side of the germans . that is something germany also would well come in, but at the same time it needs to be very careful that germany is not in the sense pulled out of the european union. that's great. britain doesn't succeed in the sense, dividing the members of the union by developing special relationships with it's
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particularly close cooperation partners such as germany. so it's a balancing act. but obviously post breaks that things need to go on. people, countries, powerful countries need to continue have to have relationships with each other and to find that balance is going to be part of the next 3 years. this is a need just to start with that hands a big and thank you very much so far. we're still waiting for the press conferences for us, johnson and german chance the ongoing medical to begin. i will bring you that live as soon as it happens. but 1st, us president joe biden has visited the community in florida where the tower block collapsed week, killing at least 18 people. a 145 others are still missing. is message to 1st responders and families of the victims was never give up hope thought as the days passed since the last victim was pulled from the rubble that hope the starting to
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run out as time goes on, hopeless finding survivors beneath a well store. it's a verbal and surf side, florida fades. still 1st responders work long hours risking their lives under physical and emotional strain. loved ones of the missing russell with holding on to face while preparing for the worst. us president joe biden and 1st lady, dr. joe biden met with survivors who are grieving and looking for answers. they had basic heart wrenching questions. will i be able to recover the body of my son or daughter? my husband? my cause is my mom and how can i have clothes without being able to bury them? if i don't get dividing, why do i do? julian? i want to know that we're with them in the countries with light and has promised help from the federal government. it includes covering 100 percent of the costs for
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rescue efforts for $30.00 days, providing temporary housing, and expediting visas for victims. family members from other countries. more rescue teams are also on the way to give relief to cruise, who have been working since last thursday. they're tired and this is taking a toll on them. and so the fact that we now have that search and rescue team from virginia here. and i know we have some more on the way that's going to be helpful. what we just need now is need a little bit of luck need a little bit of prayers and you know, we would like to be able to, to, to see some miracles happen. it's still unclear what caused the condo to collapse. but the mayor of miami dade promises an investigation that will find answers, answers to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again. us into w news currently waiting for german chancellor and glum knock on british prime minister burst johnson to hold
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a joint press conference. the 2 leaders have been holding talks in the u. k. a checklist, the prime ministers, country residents, stuff of the agenda is expected to believe to be upon deming, travel restrictions, as well as discussions on post brags in relation to suspect uncle america's last official visit to the you. and while we're waiting for that, let's go back to our top story, us defense official say. the last remaining american, a nato troops have left the bagram military base in afghanistan, which has been handed over to afghan forces. background was the center of the us and nato's. war against the taliban and al qaeda at its peak, 100000 us troops were stationed. that 20 year mission is now coming to an end and complete withdrawal of all foreign forces from the countries thought, eminence. be italy bonner's. welcome for departure. and of course, the overall security situation is precarious to say the least there are rising fears of a civil war with
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a taliban and warlords battling for many afghans worries. while the future may hold, one's all foreign troops have left me a journey through a war zone. here and the scanner, stones, capital, cobble, barbed wire, and tie. woof, protect not just embassies and government departments, but banks and hotels to fear is ever present here. terror attacks take place daily in government districts and residential neighborhoods. this western district is one of the city's most dangerous, mainly his czar, is live here. this year and minority group is under assault from a ton of 85 people were killed in an attack on a school in the may notice that the victims were girls. between the ages of 11 and 15, the after 20 years of foreign age,
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afghanistan is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world. people that just bizarre, tell me they're afraid the situation will need to tear rate. when international troops withdraw could make the mind. they have one. i think the situation in afghanistan is getting worse. by the day. we thought it would get better off to 20 is done, but do that. nothing has happened. forgive me and we're heading for another war. what are there on bonus that i fear, john, did they go up? the trader says he used to work with the u. s. military, like many afghans who worked for the foreign forces, he fears revenge, attacked by the taliban. i want to out from here is because my family and i am not say that the here's the i want and again, when you and the country is actually but i don't have to go through our,
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our doctor, i'm going to because in here is very danger. place the cost of private security has risen sharply here, especially in recent months. businesses stepping up that protection. not just not affairs the taliban. and also growing crime. entrepreneur lay, he has a call center and an employment agency and cobble the 46 year old says he's determined to stay in the country, but the poor security situation is a problem. and he doesn't know what will happen when all international troops withdraw. they don't know about 2 or tomorrow because in some provinces we sleep at night. but even in the morning when i wake up, this is the office is closed because discussion by on the uncertainty and fear that pervade this country are only growing as the full withdrawal of all foreign
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troops. news went to turkey in our protest as have taken to the streets after president rest time added on formerly withdrew from the stumble convention. that's the well well 1st binding treaty to combat violence against women at once. that the convention had been hijacked by people trying to normalize homosexuality and was incompatible with traditional family values, but active se, withdrawing from the treaty, leaves women vulnerable at a time when family side is on the rise. i defiant crowd, soon met by riot police, firing t gas. thousands came together and outraged, and turkey formerly withdrew from the stumble convention, a binding treaty against domestic violence and famous sides was the 1st sign the convention 10 years ago. and now what's the 1st one to leave
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another message on the line until women and number already these rights groups have counted 189 women murdered. many protested say they're afraid. my mom back, i was abused by my ex boyfriend because of the convention. he went to jail. now i'm afraid he might be feed. this is a big problem for our rights, which as a transform. and it's very important for me to be here in the summer service to get to the situation of women was problematic. even when the sample convention wasn't place. authorities just couldn't provide the message protection, but unwilling, the convention means that they don't care about women's rights at all and have no
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interest in protecting those limits. but president tuan insists the withdrawal is not a step backward of his issued an action plan for combating violence against women, which he says will boost protection services and access to justice. while announcing his new plan early on, emphasized his focus on traditional family values, chicken making little molly, good kid, it should not be forgotten. she combating violence against women. i don't is at the same time john, unless you protect the right and the honor of our mothers wives. because the daughters who are a part of us on the, on a quote oh my god, it is. yeah. turkey exit marx and uncertain future from women's rights. but these protesters have shown, though, keep fighting the cycle of not some of the other stories making headlines around the world. attorney general or mary garland has stopped all federal executions
2:43 pm
while the justice department continues. it's a review of the death penalty the it comes after the historic use of executions at the federal level by the trump administration. 13 people are put to death and trumps last 6 months in office from trump's company. and it's a long time chief financial of them have pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges is accused alan bicycle burke, of personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income. the firms alleged to have run a quote, sweeping and or daisha schemes to keep executive pay and bonuses off the books there. in canada, the fast moving wildfire has destroyed more than 90 percent of the town at the central kind of this record breaking heath waive the mountain town of listen and british columbia repeatedly broke canada's old time temperature record this week. reaching 49.6 degrees celsius on tuesday,
2:44 pm
the flames have forced the towns where evidence flea are actually doing pretty well . and some sports news before italy and belgium play. tonight's spain will phase switzerland spades, explosive attacks of anthem autonomy and high 11 goals. and the old still heavily in their favor. still with the hope to come up with an upset victory and their round of 16 when over world compet champions france shows they could have another shock install. tennis and wimbledon. coco mania has taken over london once again. 17 year old cocoa gulf has pushed through to the 3rd round of the one on thursday. the american used par and finance to defeat the former finalist. as nina gulf did in 2019, when she defeated venus williams on the way before the final. she has won the love
2:45 pm
backing of center force. she later told the crowd she specs to advance much further into the gentlemen this. i feel like a change in growing why? i don't know last time i was on the score. i don't think any people knew my name just be, i mean obviously after the venus match, a lot of people do buy. so like now i don't know. i feel like a little bit at home here. now i'm enjoying the experience, but i'm also like really learning from it and really coming into these matters, believing that i can win. i mean, i believe that in the past, but i feel like knowledge is so much more comp now on the core and confident and playing in front of you guys of a tokyo olympics. now, just 3 weeks away may yet be held behind closed doors, that from the head of the talk, your organizing committee fake will ask you. model admitted the committee might still reverse that specific enough 10 days ago. that said, a limited number of local found would be able to attend each event.


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