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tv   Das Humboldt Forum  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 1:03pm-1:45pm CEST

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herman's, the italians and the pools also leave ahead of the final us troops there. so background a, it wasn't just for the military was, it wasn't important for sorts of traffic, diplomatic and such. can the africans handles security that yes, it was primarily military, but i've flown in and out of there more than once as a journalist, covering covering the war as have other diplomats. and here's one of the problems. when you hand it back to the afghans, the maintenance on the ask an air force was done by us contractors. so if they're not there, it's not even clear how well they can keep the, the helicopters and other aircraft running. so this is a really big question that we would really undermine the afghans ability to secure the airport even if all other things were equal. and that will move a lot of pressure to the civilian airport elsewhere in town. where there are talks underway with turkey to, to secure the military side of that airport so that there are still would be
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a place for, for diplomats and, and the troops that will remain to protect the embassies, to fly in and out of with some, some degree of confidence, of course, the overall security situation there is precarious to say the least there are rising fears of a civil war with the taliban, of warlords battling for palm. and africans worried what the future may hold one's all foreign troops leave as our report shows. a journey through a war zone here and a scanner, stones capital, cobble, barbed wire, and tie. woof, protect not just embassies and government departments, but banks and hotels to fear is ever present here. terror attacks take place daily in government districts and residential neighborhoods. this western district is one of the city's most dangerous, mainly his czar, is live here. the minority group is under assault from the ton of an
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85 people were killed in an attack on a school in early may. most of the victims were girls between the ages of 11 and 15 . after 20 years of foreign age, afghanistan is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world. people that just bizarre, tell me they're afraid the situation will need to tear. we're rate. when international troops withdraw must make the mind they have one. i think the situation in afghanistan is getting worse. by the day. we thought it would get better off to 20 is done, but do the habit. nothing has happened for them and we're heading for another war. what are their own? and then as the gang did they go up. this trader says he used to work with the u. s. military, like many afghans who worked for the foreign forces, he is revenge,
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attacked by the taliban. i want to out from here is because my family and i am not say that the here the so i want. and again, when you and the country is actually, but i don't have to go through our plan because in here is very danger, place the cost of private security has risen sharply here, especially in recent months, businesses stepping out that protections not just not just fair of the taliban and also growing crime. entrepreneur lay, he has a call center and an employment agency and cobble the 46 year old says he's determined to stay in the country. but the poor security situation is a problem. and he doesn't know what will happen when all international troops withdraw. they don't know about to court tomorrow. because in some provinces,
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we sleep at night. but even in the morning when i wake up, this is the office. this was because i got an invite to live on the uncertainty and fear that vain this country are only growing the full withdrawal of all foreign troops, knees, and nearly 20 years and have gone is done. i can't help thinking that nato troops have a certain responsibility to stand. how both of you there and brussels. well, gearhart, they've decided that there is not a military solution to the clash in afghan enough down to stand. that it is the atkins themselves who have to rise up against the taliban and defeat them if they wish, or make peace with them a little that peace process, of course is not going very well. but you know, this is, these are clearly not the, this is not the way it would have liked to leave the country. they built schools, they help civic society grow. and the taliban are encroaching on this
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territory. that the, that the us and nato fought to, to win. so this is not going to have a happy ending. and the u. s. rhetoric changed to saying this, you know, we want to make sure it's all been loaded was dead, and we wanted to make sure that no major terrorist attack could again be launched from afghanistan. those 2 things haven't happened. so now the u. s. says we accomplish those prov smaller missions and now we can leave the w. terry shows in brussels for us. thank you very much. terry public health experts are worried about a new corona, virus variance, more than 50 cases of the so called delta plus. the variant have been detected in india. the variance has also surfaced in the us and almost a dozen other countries. indian scientists say it could be more transmissible and more infectious, and resistant to life saving drugs given to some over 19 patients. but they need
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more data to confirm that all correspond the message as well. and as this report from india, where the new variant has fuel fears, the country could be headed for 3rd wave, the abs restrictions, but used once again after another. we don't know why the crowds are going to the freshly opened markets in india. already. it is hard to imagine, but just 2 months ago, the country was recording over $400000.00 would be but the indian government is warning that all is not well yet. a mutation called delta has recently been declared a variant of concern. and welcome message for many at this tele market. we should live in the president instead of worrying about the future. i spend so long it will be based on one and a half years over. this is going to be mutated every time it's going to i. so these are going to be there, so it's not like the place is something different from
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a normal over why this is the depth of variant. what was the detective in india last year and was instrumental in causing the massive 2nd of cases. it is now steadily gaining ground as a dominant, ready, and around the world, driving and up certain cases in a number of countries. the new addition of this ready and the delta plot has even been detected outside of this time, delhi had been quick to react. after the think criticism of failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier it is the end it has to have worn see it's the virus new taishan is more transmissible. i'm more likely to resist antibodies. but experts say it is far too soon to tell. the doctor saw his senior biologist explains why this lead this way and it's causing concern. but it,
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because this mutation was 1st seen in the gradient of concern, something or near cause the south africa, the beetle radians is able to evade pre existing immunity. much better than all other leave you in some concern. but he also emphasizes that more detail will be needed to confirm if this variant is more infectious. all liter papers calling get some things that cause shouldn't be missed, then more we did one for now. x 1st, c vaccination are the best way to fight off bad, like the delta and as up last and after the sluggish couple months. the beast, when you're back seen dr. is showing signs of improvement. but the government urging people to get innoculated as soon as possible. the people reading and
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disclaim spotted job appeal to have the message. so alarm is or is the danger real . we are now joined by profess onto on the whole he's the director of the institute of global health at the university in geneva, switzerland, a professor. we know there's still not enough data on delta class, but what do we know for sure so far? yes, we don't know so much on these delta plus we have to remember that in your media use to use this get us to the stem such as the mutant or no good a plus. so i don't know if it is a delta product. so if it is just valiant, either so many moves, and for the moment we have to follow it carefully as we need for the other. and we may have some supplies, it may appear that in fact, the plus know so many different from the other volume. so it was
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most important question. so now, existing vaccines, effective against delta blas. in fact, again, if you, if you remember, we had to take a lot of time before attaining with precision value and the effectiveness of the vaccines against the point. he was volumes for the volume, it took months to do really at the things that and of course you have some lab test which may mention some escape immune escape and some concerns regarding vaccines. but joe hill, life is probably the best experience to lead, and so when we will see some people having been vaccinated, fully vaccinated, which may have some complications of the disease, not just transmitting
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a dog eat, but having some complications leaning towards people is asian. this is a key element to sustain and to assess before saying that the vaccines escape today the to these volumes. so it could delta plus give us a new wave, a new global wave. in fact, for the moment the delta volume is giving us a new wave. so we have to be focus on this delta volume, which is also coming from india. and now splitting probably who's a, your match to all over europe, from, from the u. k from bowl to go home from hershey or from wave today which are cooling just now. and we are flipping by these waves of schools. we have to keep an eye on all the new volumes which may away from values,
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regions of the world. india may be no more hotspots, but a freak out for a moment or indonesia or english countries where these kind of new volumes may emerge in the coming weeks. and we have to be very, very careful on all of that. stay vigilant professor on the whole director of the institute global health at the university in geneva. thank you very much with us. thank you so much. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world protests in canada and have pulled down statues of queen victoria and queen elizabeth the 2nd. as it grows over canada. the treatment of indigenous children that has been torn down in the city of winnipeg, canadians happened stung by the recent discovery of hundreds of graves that former residential schools for indigenous children. justice department,
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us attorney general general mary garland has stopped all federal executions while the justice department continues its review of the death penalty comes of the story . use of executions at the federal level by the trump administration. 13 people were put to death and from last 6 months in office alone, donald trump's company and it's a long time she financial us, has pleaded guilty not guilty to tax fraud charges. prosecutors accused island vice personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income. the firm is alleged to have run a quote, sweeping out, or they should speak to keep executive pay and bonuses off the books. and when the trump univers germany is angela noch lives in london today for what was likely to be her last official visit to britain and travel restrictions and posts breakfast relations aren't the agenda i talked with barbara johnson. she's also due to meet
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the queen. since becoming transfer back in 2005, now collab out last that for british prime ministers ahead of her meeting with number 5. we look back at how she's weathered the changes. yeah, one moment to visit england, the crowds will ready cheering, but not because angle america is coming. instead, it's about beating gemini at football. but the chancellor has seen all sides of this love hate relationship before. during 16 years in office, medical is dealt with by british prime ministers. you know, when she came to pat, tony blair was in number 10 downing street. they had big plans together to end poverty and start tackling climate change. leaders move their parties towards the center. both were at times hugely popular with voters, but as macros. power grew, blair was replaced by his nemesis, gordon brown. he was a very serious man. not unlike the chancellor. we now need to come together again
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with heightened cooperation. that while the germans appreciated sobriety, brown was soon heading for defeat. the poles flew in to provide some support. but she did not meet her fellow conservative. david cameron brown lost the election. the new prime minister at the chancellor with self diplomacy in the british museum, the visitor was shown proof of the british love of german cars. but cameron's friendly overtures were undermined by his plan to hold a referendum on leaving the u. medical herself was briefly at the center of that debate. when the women, they called multi addressed the mother of parliaments. we need a strong united kingdom with a strong voice inside the european union. if we have that, we will be able to make the necessary changes for the benefit of all but her
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appeals fell on deaf ears. the u. k voted to leave the rec, safe also brought in medical's p. m number 4, where to resume it seemed at 1st there was hope of doing a deal to pragmatists working together even after the split in brussels. a shed sense of color and a shared sense of humour. could the cement relations. but the deal on future co operation agreed by may medical and the other leaders was thrown out by the house of commons lost in the line of british leaders by medical is boris johnson. his bullish bravado is a world away from her cool, analytical focus. but even he is willing, on occasion, to quote the gym and chancellor, we in the u. k. want a deal. we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do the shop and us, i think that is the phrase. prime ministers have come and gone and medical has
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worked hard to smooth relations with the u. k. the politics aside, there's one british leader, anglo miracle has always gotten on with perfectly well. 70 reporting that we have a team coverage off this visit here. d, w is big, massive standing by and loved it for us. know if there's a correspond husband is here with me in the studio. let's go to london 1st big. this will be macros last visit to the german chancellor. as the red carpet been rolled out for well, yes, in the way it has because he's seen as the most successful, one of the most successful, successful politicians in the west and boys johnson let it be known that he wants to pick her brain. so clearly, you know, sense of admiration there and you know, trying to charmer, getting his way because the u. k. having left the european union doesn't have
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a seat anymore at the table and brussels so it's relying more and more on bilateral relationships. and for example, with germany has just issued a joint declaration to work together on security and for an issues. but there's also one thing that's particularly on the agenda for boys johnson, and that's about vaccine. it's about that corona virus and he hopes that he can soften and go back of stands when it comes to letting britons travel quarantine free in the e u in the summer. so that's something where he particularly wants to use his charm to the chancellor. one small hands, this isn't just about sharma, long farewell. and t with the queen. is it there? be talking about football as well. i guess i could actually is a fan so she would have been disappointed by german by the german team being kicked out of the european championships on the serious not football in the sense of what it was just talking about. the large numbers of visitors of fans attending soccer
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matches at wembley stadium and in great britain and the fear that they will travel back to the home countries and spread the virus. so that's certainly will be one issue on the mac will also be addressing virtually addressing the british cabinet or top top ministers. that is an honor that has not been imparted to an international leader for 25 years. the last person who was able to do that was bill clinton. so it is at a high political level as well. it's not just t and soccer mentioned. and we've mentioned the corona virus, but as more of the agenda isn't yes indeed. obviously in the background there are issues such as brick search, although i'm going to is there is a driven leader of the. obviously she is an influential person in the european union. so the question of how the differences on northern islands are going to be resolved is certainly something that they're going to be talking about. their last
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met each other at the g 7 summit in june, not so very long ago and very large international issues. obviously play the role there as well. this is something that burger referred to as well. germany and the great britain are trying to establish a bilateral relationship that goes beyond what was possible with the european union . for instance, also united nations matters. germany would like a seat in the security council and great britain has recently said that that was that it would support that aim. and so yes, big international issues as one of the stuff stuff to discuss a big let's come back to you. she's going to meet the queen, she's gone through full prime minister, 5 prime, and it says, but only have a one queen and it is said that these 2 women get on very well. what do you know about that? what we see from the, you know, the pictures of cause there's not, not really leaking out that much detailed information there,
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but it's really seen as steady hands and, and women extremely reliable and extremely trustworthy, i think, and their respective countries. and probably also around the world, and we know that angle american is definitely a fan of the queen. so when she was here at the g 7 summit, just a few weeks ago, she told us journalists that it was really a highlight of her, of her troops to meet 3 generations of the raw. say, i can imagine that she's definitely looking forward to this part of the day. we shall see, of course, we'll cover this visit throughout the day. big mouth in london and husband hit in the studio. thank you both very much. sports is now the year 2020 quarter finals get underway today with perhaps the most important match up off around coming tonight between belgium and italy. the italians failed to even qualify for the last major turn tournament. but i've been on fire this summer raising hopes that they
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could win their 1st european title more than 50 years. yeah, football fans have become used to these images lately. italy have one every single game at year 2020 so far, causing unbridled joy in rome. the scene has firmly established itself is one of the tournament favorites, and fancies. austria pushed him all the way to extra time. in the round of 16, some pundits have begun, wondering whether it's really all that cracked up to be coach for both mancini though, see things differently about the that it was a very difficult match. there were moments where the team had to baffle tooth and nail. go before the match. i said the game against austria, the they might even be a harder match than what we'll face in the course of final, the quantity. that's a bold claim given the next opponents of the top rank team in well football,
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belgium. the red devils could be limited by injury to key player kevin de bruna and captain aiden as are. but with star strike, run lou lou cock who informed he azurie can't take anything for granted. a threat. italy's own go machine chiro in mobile. i know as well, from their battles in the italian league out again last the last time you said it was a mobile a versus a new car. see were playing in and he's going to go major. so please don't call it a mobile a versus luc cock of again, the better just say belgium versus italy instead and give us a chance every the style, flat composure. and not just in that fashion choices. it's really other team. everyone's got that i on at the moment. now they have to prove themselves in that topic. test. yes. and give the fans back home. another reason to celebrate
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the and that's it from me and the new scene. stay tuned. full to the point. well, palace discuss homophobia. and gay rice in europe, i'll have another update at the top of the, our office in berlin, washing the news. the news, the news news,
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news, the news to the point, strong opinion, clear positions, international perspectives. on the one hand, there's inclusion and pride on deals or exclusion hatred and violence issues surrounding g b, g to community on the political agenda. so if it's still low possible and how can we create the divers future to find out or to the point to the point, the
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ah, the news. jim, and with me at any time in any place, easy meals, videos. we have, i'd like to sing along to come from super lindsey, it's the interactive exercises. everything is online, mobile interactive, german with the w. we're all good to go beyond deals. yes. as we take on the world, we're all about the stories that matter to you.
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the police and i we are yours next to me on fire. for mines in the how much freedom to members of the l g b t to community enjoy? well, in recent weeks, gay pride marches and countries around the world have underlined the solidarity in the community discrimination violence and even the death penalty are still part of the global agenda of has been angry. criticism of hunger is new, anti l g b t q law and the european suckers blocking of the use of the movements rainbow colors. that's a big european championship match in music. so on the point on to the points we ask
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pate against l g b t q test to tackle exclusion news . oh, thanks so much indeed for joining us here on the show and my guests in the studio are joe hutchinson, who is a us lawyer and journalist who believes that symbolic gestures are a good start with what really helps to quit community meaningful reforms. to go for radio front internet is also with us. he argues that western europe is tolerant, but not quite as tolerance as it might think, found a very warm welcome to suburban 3, got the w correspondent in brussels. he says, not only hungary, many eastern european countries have problems with sexual minorities. thank you for being with me today. all 3 of you and i'd like to go 1st of all to joe and to
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suggest that there is something in the air that we've reached a certain juncture where there an awful lot of people who want to talk about gender inclusion, exclusion, all these aspects of of life, suddenly it's the top of the agenda. why? why i think my personal belief is that there's so many other priorities that governments should be focused on. but this is a convenient little way to distract people so hungry. this is the 2nd line, i think last year they made it possible. they made it impossible for trans people to change their genders from the one they were assigned at birth. this is absolutely a campaign they're following. what russia has done before them sexual minorities are a great scape go for a lot of social ills. and then even in, i say, in germany or in the united states, we always see these kind of stoking the culture wars. you know, there's, it's always a great thing to pick groups or society against each other to distract us, frankly,
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from the pressing needs of, you know, you cannot make crisis in climate change. what he says that passcode stoking the culture was, well, i think i agree. i think it's, i mean it's nothing new that fog of elements. it's very, it's a very easy politic to use or to misuse, to be arise, some minorities for a new roman people's sexual minorities, etc. maybe to, to develop a debate to come to focus on the, on the topic, which maybe is not the, the number one priority in the country. but so at the same time, it avoids maybe to talk about order with me. what would you say the surrounding developments in hungary, for example, that has been a very real political debate, of course. yeah. and i mean the, the politic which miss all been has implemented in the last years now is also can also concern sexual minority. and the n g
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t i q can minority but in the past we also had several ad tax legal attacks. so to say against cba, who writes, so it's also a new development in something which has been developed into last chosen. it's also, it's also we will hear it maybe it's also interesting, interesting that european union has these time was this time much more faster to react, done in the past, in, in which what hungary did. ok, we will go to boundary, gotten in brussels in just a moment. the tensions that it can be, no doubt about it. a running high between the hungarian government of victor, or the prime minister and the european union leaders over the controversial new law in hungary, widely described as an anti l g b t to law. here are some impressions of what has been going on. it was an unusual
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display and validated before the international magic and hungry. many driven fans waved the rainbow flag representing their support for the l. g. b t. q. community entire stadiums were also supposed to shine colorfully infallibility at the european championship. but it was prohibited by the u. s. a fact, by contrast, hungry fans were almost aggressive in their support for their team, which was eliminated from the european championship. the next day at the summit in brussels, victor or bomb was threatened with another expulsion. this time from the you for many me there's nothing for hungary in the european union, but unfortunately in the system we currently have, i can't do anything on my own about. i can only force them out with the support of the other members state the cause for the outrage. the hungarian parliament plans on banning materials in school meant to educate students on homosexuality. nearly all you members barring poland is lavinia considered the law to be
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a clear violation of the e values such as freedom from discrimination. consequently, it got a little bit lonely around victor, oregon at the summit. and yet he still sees himself as being unjustly targeted. i am defending the rights of the sexual guys, but the slope is not about that. it's about the rights of the kids and the parents . how homophobic is hungry, new love, really? federico, how homophobic is the lower and do you feel more comfortable that victor o, bonnie's now seeing himself as a champion of homosexuals for this new law is just the tip of the iceberg. in hungary, there's a tendency to discriminate more and more against gays, lesbians, transgender people. and this law is, shall prevent the young people get any information about the sexual minorities. it's meant to save the family values. this is a long process,
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and mr. all the navy himself, he's not against gays, industrial, but he sees that with this kind of policies. he caters to his audience, he's in an election campaign coming up and he sees that to society and hungry actually responds to this. he maybe has the feeling that as a society, once that, and this is a problem in hungry and in many other mostly eastern european countries, for example in poland in bulgaria and romania. so this still periods is against the energy d, d q i community. and he's using that, but he got very harsh criticism for the 1st time. the commission president said this is a disgrace and he was threatened by the dutch prime minister as you heard. and also the luxembourg is prime is savvy, better was himself, was very person and said that and understood nothing about the gay and just in community. but it didn't impress and i guess the law is still in place and hungary
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and now the commission has to su, hungry in luxembourg at the european court. so there's a long way to go and it's all political messier and brussels. it's interesting that you mentioned this battle of the, the prime minister of luxemburg. his comments were very, very much his own. they were very much, they were not just policy statements. they were emotions. can you tell us what he said? he was very personal. he told the 26 of the state governments in brussels about his own coming out about his the fights with his mother. she didn't understand that he's gay and stuff like that. and he said it's, it's hungry. and if all, by his pursuing these kind of policy, he personally feels and touched and threatened. and there was a very loud discussion and only the polish, and as levine in prime is about on the side of hungary and all others,
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is that the battle is right of cause that you cannot do this in europe in the 21st century the that, that has to stop and the part should be in the other direction, not going back, rolling back the rights of gays and lesbians. the other way round. pascal, what do you make these comments from the dutch prime minister mark wrote a saying that there is no place for hungary in the e u. we will see if it's only a sentence or if it, if we will have some consequences that we all know that it's almost impossible to get rid of a country and to exclude these country from the european union. it's very difficult also to agree on sanctions. again, country, so i prefer to wait if there will be consequences, but it's sure that these values and some other ones are the ground principles of should be the wrong principles of our modern european civilization.
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and it, but it's of course it's for people like like all but auto, auto ones in porn and elsewhere. it's of course, wonderful topic too because it's linked to identity. and so you can, with such a topic, increase the fear of the med, of a lot of people in the interpretation of a lot of heterosexual people, especially if they are more conservative, will have the impression, their own identity will be question. we have the same d bed with huge demonstration, 9 years ago in france when the hero sexual marietta was open. it a lot of people, a lot of friends in germany, told me how is it possible in france at the beginning of the 21st century? because these people think a new law for minority, we'll take them some rights they always have,
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but it's not about that. it's about getting some right to people who didn't have them. that's a different stroke. yes, i think what we see time and time again is and i don't want to just, i know things are difficult and easier, but i don't want to look to pretend that the problem is only in eastern europe. and so when i see people like, and i know he's, he's probably well intention, but we need to look at what can we change from that a societal level. because depending on where you go, it's not that we always have for i always experienced the same rights and privileges. no matter where i go, you know, living in berlin. i do not walk around the streets holding my partner's hand because i don't feel safe here to do that. you do full still. absolutely not. no, i will not do that because i have to constantly be scrutinizing are we going to be personally attacked verbally or physically that's happening? and so why understand we should apply pressure and countries like hungry. i think
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there are other ways to do it. i think at a super national level, so you know, the european leaders talking to themselves. i think business leaders could, threatens you know, to pull their factories out of hungry if they don't get in line with what your opinion values are. i think that's the proper way to do it, but not to assume that it's only a hungry work for people are under attack. will tell us, would tell us, tell us about where else you're aware of. you know, similar levels of threat around europe who anywhere else. well, so it definitely so you know, for my personal opinion, there's certain places where i feel more comfortable and for various reasons. so again, it's not generally for me, not a country. it's, you know, i might feel safer in an urban center than i would in the countryside somewhere because of various aspects of how i'm going to be perceived and how hostile potentially people are going to be to me. so i think when we're talking about, you know, the right, the sexual minorities, thank you for awesome. and she, you know, like racial minorities, ethnic minorities, there's a whole tapestry of,
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you know, we have, you know, europe's heritage is that it's all very varied and different. but i think we're also seeing now there isn't one i'm uniform european experience. it really depends on a day to day basis. you know, where are you and how you moving to society spent in this discussion between, between brussels and hungary. what is likely to happen next? where is that discussion likely to go by the commission? the open up an infringement procedure. going to read. this is to form a step and then take hungry to the cords. but the commission, i was trying to convince hungary with a threat, and that's about money because the disbursement of funds from the next you budget is linked to a state of law mechanism. it's called and this could be used for the 1st time in this case. but this is still a way to go because every mellow mental states have to agree,
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and poland and silvia on the side of hungary. so it's still complicated. but i also wanted to say that even in countries like doesn't here in brussels, you are not always as safe as, as a gay man. you can, of course, hold the hand of, you know, if your apartment and european quarter. but if you go downtown, the muslim communities, the migrant community live there, it's very advised not to do that. so they also problem in western europe. and it's a societal problem. it's not only politics because the rights in belgium, in the books are perfect for gays. bedroom is ranking on the 2nd place in the list that the rainbow and lobby groups do every year more to the 1st place in europe and best the 2nd. and so, but there's still problems. tell me about what we know about the situation of young members of the l g b t q community these days. somebody like say in their early twenties looking to
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sort of design the, the life they have ahead of them. all they want to have out of them. is that now easier than, than it used to be, let's say 20 years ago? or did the same kinds of problems that has always been there, remain. i would say, generally speaking, the situation has improved positively. we have more legal rights, more organizations which are active. you have more places which can offer certain protection. or give you advices, especially in bigger cities. but on the other hand, it depends where you live. it will be of course much more difficult if you leave in a little check village on gary and village.


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