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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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the me ah, excuse me, is data, but the news lies from berlin. it's the end of an era allows us and nato troops leave their main enough room is left empty, offer a 20 year mission against the telephone. hotline, islamists comes to a close, also coming up indian health officials that sound the alarm. i've renewed cove at 19 variant fair. the spreading bills and plus trying could be better existing immunity. and the 3rd wave could be on the way the world
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u. f. o t. a u. s. military or sorry, still have an open mind when it comes to extra terrestrial encounters, w had to nevada's infamous area, $51.00 to try and set the record straight. ah, me. i'm rebecca richards, welcome to the program. us defense officials say the last remaining american and nato troops have left the background military base in afghanistan, and had it over to ask and forces background was the center of the us and nato's war against the taliban and al qaeda. at its peak, 100000 us troops was station there. that 20 emission is now coming to an end and a complete withdrawal of all the foreign forces from the country is thought to be imminent. i'm joined now by dw correspondent terry schultz in brussel. terry,
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on wednesday we saw german troops as part of that nato contingent leave afghanistan . now the main nato bass in bag room is closing. it's all coming earlier than i expected. is it? why is that? hi, rebecca. it's not just the germans that have left, the italians also announced this week that they are completely withdrawn. and the pulls have gone home as well. typically they don't tell us that they're about to pull out. they only tell us when they're gone. and now with barbara close, this was, you know, a very, very important hub for operations as well as transportation. so this is really a big change when, when you'll no longer have that center point of american military power. and the thing about the allies is that without the us there, without the u. s. in strong force, they are, they can't stay, they simply don't have the capacity to state. once the americans are gone. what do we know then? i mean, you've mentioned the italian, the poles, the germans. what do we know about when all night her troops do to make a complaint with roll? i know that you said that they don't generally amount to beforehand,
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but what's the sort of timeframe are we looking at? well, as you mentioned, they have a sped things up quite a bit because the u. s. announced it wanted all of its troops out by september 11th, and that's what nato said it would do as well. and here we are. you know, 1st the 1st week of july. but we had been hearing behind the scenes that president bite. and in particular, actually wanted to be able to announce all us troops home by the 4th of july, of course, independence day in the united states. and it looks like he's going to get his wish, i'm told by diplomatic sources that an announcement on that is imminent. within the next couple of days, now the base in background was the main point for her to get its people in and out of the country, not only military staff, but also for example diplomats. what does this hand over of the base main for the future then, particularly where security is concerned? yes, also journalists go in and out of the bathroom, quite often when you're with us, us and nato troops. so this now is handed over to afghan forces, and i mean,
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nobody wants to say aloud that these troops that they've spent 20 years training are not capable of securing the airport. but it's a difficult job, even for nato troops. so now we'll be looking at the civilian airport, which is another part of town. and at the moment there is a military side to that airport. and there are discussions with turkey about taking over security of that military side, which would allow nato forces and the u. s to perhaps leave some equipment there, but those talks have not concluded as far as i understand it. so we really don't know. but that will be the only airport then that diplomats and arriving and remaining troops who will stay to guard the embassies, can you and terry the overall security situation in afghanistan is precarious. there. rising phase of civil war with the taliban and was battling for power after nearly 20 years in afghanistan, doug, nice, our troops have a certain responsibility to stay and help they will say that they've done what they can and that there is no military solution to this war so there's no reason for
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them to stay and continue fighting that it's up to the afghans, the afghan armed forces to secure their own country. but it is quite striking rebecca that we do here. the u. s. military commander saying that civil war is, is by no means out of the question, and perhaps even soon, it would have been the way the u. s. wanted to end this war. now they have scaled back what they say they accomplish, to making sure osama bin laden was killed and to ensuring that no terrorist attack from afghanistan has been launched since the u. s. and nato troops have been, have been in the country. and t, w correspondent carry shelton speaking to us in brussels. thanks very much. or change in our public health experts. a founding the alarm about a new corona virus variant, more than 50 cases of the so called delta plus the variance has been detected in india. the variant has also surfaced in the usa and was
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a dozen other countries. indian scientists say it could be more transmissible, more infectious, and resistant to life saving drugs given to some coven 19 patients. but they do need more data to confirm this. correspondent namisha giant swell sent us this report from india where the new variant has fuel fees the country could be headed for 3rd wave restrictions let us once again off to another good way to leave crowds tonguing to the freshly opened market in india. already, it is hard to imagine that just 2 months ago, the country was recording over 400000 cases would be but the indian government is warning that all is not well yet. a mutation all is dealt. our plan has recently been declared a variant of concern an unwelcome message for many at this deli market. we should live in the president instead of worrying about the future. i've been so
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long to know one and a half years over. this is going to renew it every time it's going to. so these are going to be there. so it's not like the place is something different from a normal forward. why this is the depth of variant was detected in india last year, and was instrumental in causing the massive 2nd beef of cases. here. it is now steadily gaining ground as a dominant bed and around the world. driving an upsurge in cases in a number of countries. the new addition of this ready and the delta plot has even been detected outside of this time. belly has been quick to react, after facing criticism of failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier of it, the end it has, the ministry has worn see it. the vital mutation is more transmissible. i'm more likely to resist the antibodies. but experts say it is far too soon to that doctor
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saw his senior biologist explains why this lead this read and it's causing concern . but it, because this mutation was seen in the beetle radiant of come something that is only of course, the south africa, the beetle baby and is able to evade pre existing immunity much better than all other levy and some concern. but he also emphasizes that more detail will be needed to confirm if this version is more infectious. all the papers calling is something that would cause the cynthia and are missed. then more region one. for now, at 1st the vaccination are the best way to fight off bad, like the delta delta. and after the sluggish couple months, the peace of in the backseat drive is showing signs of improvement. the government
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urging people to get inoculated as soon as possible. the people reading and this sort of job appeal to have got the message as take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. donald trump's company, and it's long time chief financial officer have pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges. prosecutors accused allan vital but of personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income. the firm is alleged to have run a quote, sweeping and or daisha scheme to keep executive pay and bonuses off the books. canaday celebrations has been overshadowed by the countries colonial pos favorite cities council barbecues, and fireworks shows. instead, holding rallies in support of indigenous people. after more than $1000.00 unmarked graves were found, the boarding schools meant to assimilate 1st nation children. pentagon officials in
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the us recently returned an open verdict on extra terrestrial visitors to us. they never confirmed or ruled out their existence following a military probe into us. so on world u. f o day, we're asking, do they all don't they exist? the truth is out this, so they say, our intrepid correspondence from simon went to find out which everything north of las vegas, nevada, our destination area, 51, the infamous us air force base that is founded in mystery and riddled with conspiracy. there is somewhat of a height about all things you were false and extra terrestrial in the us these days . following the release of a pentagon report on us was on our way to area $51.00 on the so called extra terrestrial highway. we came across this place here, the alien research center. of course, it's not really a research center. if
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a gift shop and our luck has it, it's close to day, closed or not so called us o tourists are stopping by. on one hand, fully aware that the alien research center is only about so veneers. but on the other hand, also open to the idea that this is a place for a scientific research on adrian. you never know. i mean, we are pretty close to area 51, so you never, you never know it is this, you never know that inherent doubt many people have created by perhaps unwarranted secrecy. that is the problem for people like retired navy pilot lieutenant commander alex d treatment. we meter in boulder, colorado, so i had this experience in 2004, almost 17 years ago. that experience dietrich is referring to is known as the name . it's incident. it shows where dietrich and 3 of her colleagues encountered off the coast of san diego, california. it is just one of dozens of encounters by other pilots. they're all
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categorized as either to find areas phenomena or u a. p. meaning, the pentagon has no explanation for them and kept them secret for years. the trick proposes a different approach, i would hope to contribute to the reductions of stigma and to promoting or encouraging a deliberate and thorough collection and reporting process. so that those individuals who are qualified to make the analysis have the information that they need and that they can conduct that thorough investigation and analysis to come up with some conclusions. beatrix please, for scientifically standardized data collection on a piece designated an absolute must in the future by ness. our research scientists, robbie coo, marco products, and go from its scientists while spec to my take on the year for ease. we don't know what they are. we cannot speculate what they are without having proper data
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collected on them to find out the nature of the z o force. and my hope is we would focus on the same spot of the scientific study of your force and avoid any speculation and be agnostic about investigating them. back on the extraterrestrial highway in nevada, we finally arrive at area $51.00. even if this us air force base will perhaps never revealeth secrets, most experts and serious minds degrees when it comes to us, those we simply don't know what we don't know, but we should look into it. man, it's from space to sport now in wimbledon tenants where cocoa mania has taken over london once again. 17 year old cocoa gulf has pushed through to the 3rd round of the tournament on thursday. the american youth power and finesse to defeat a former semi final elena, the nina of gal save in 2019 when she defeated the venus williams on the way to the
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court of funnel, who was the loud backing of center court. she later told the crown she expects to advance much further into the tournament this time around and in track and field, it was a world record breaking, not in all low for a weekend. competing on home soil constant fall home seemed to know even at the starting blocks than it was going to be a special 400 meter hurdles in the diamond league athletics to us. he was chasing not only his fellow competitive, but also at 29 year old record with the crowd behind him fall home, cross the line in 46.70 2nd, to break the record, sit in the boston line or and, and way back in 1992 watching data, but news is a reminder of the top story with the following for us, defense officials say all american soldiers and members of nato forces have left
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the bag from the military base in afghanistan. ivan was the main international during the 20 and mission, but it is now coming to an end watching data we need to know for our doc films series god else's will bring you the headlines next hour. i'm rebecca was involved and thanks very much for joining us. the news the goal was right in front of them. they gave it. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with 2020, from of course during the qualifying ground for sports heroes.


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