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the who's this is, do you have any news lines from berlin? it's the end of an era, laughed us and nato troops leave their main advice in afghanistan. bag room is left empty after a 20 year mission against the taliban. and hotline, islamists comes to a close also coming up indian health officials found the alarm over a new cove at 19 very, in some fee. the fall spreading, delta plus the drain could be better at resisting immunity, that a 3rd wave could be on the way. on world
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u. f. o day with military authorities still have an open mind when it comes to extra terrestrial encounters. they w, head to nevada of infamous area, 51 to try and set the record straight class will easily fans has something to cheer about when they take on belgium, in the euro 2020 tournament later today, belgium grappling with fitness, laurie's over 2 of the top players will printing their quota final ah, i'm rebecca written, welcome to the program. us defense officials say the last remaining american and nato troops have left the background military base in afghanistan and handed over to afghan forces. background was the center of the us and my toes war against the taliban and al qaeda at its p. 100000 us troops with stations in that 20
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mission is now coming to an end. and a complete withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country is thought to be intimate eminence. i'm joined now by dw nato correspondent in brussels, carry shields carry. on wednesday we saw german troops already removing the troops as part of that nato contingent. they have now left afghanistan. now the main nato bass in bag room is clothing. it all coming a little earlier than expected. why is that? hi, rebecca will ballroom isn't actually closing? it's actually, it's just being handed over to ask and force is 100 percent having been secured by nato and us forces all of these 20 years. so this is really a big step because this is of course, you know, where, where nato and the us forces staged a lot of their operations. and it remains to be seen whether the afghans can keep
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bol graham secured. now the base and background was the main airport for nice people to get its people in and out of the country. now that's not just military staff. of course we're talking about diplomats as well. what does this not closure as you say, but what does pulling out us and nato troops from that base mean for the future? and particularly when it comes to security. this remains to be seen because there is another airport, the civilian airport, elsewhere in town. and this too is, is primarily secured by afghan forces, but there have been talks now for quite some time with turkey. the turkey would secure the military side of that airport. and that would be a really important step because then of course, the u. s. could keep some equipment there when they're diplomats and, and troops fly in. and now do you would have a little bit more confidence in that side of the airport. but those talks have not concluded. i just checked this morning with sources. and it's really uncertain yet
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whether that agreement can be concluded with turkey. not every the security situation in afghanistan is of course, unstable. at the moment there a phase of a civil war with the taliban on the rise and was battling for power. after being nearly 20 years in afghanistan, tonight, her troops not have a certain responsibility to stay and help. that's certainly an argument that has been made and one that, that the u. s. and, and nato considered it once they made the decision. basically them came to the conclusion that this war was not one that they could win, that the taliban could not be finally vanquished militarily. they really did rush to the exit, and this moving up of the deadline of us troops to leave is something that we had heard rumored moving it up from september 11th, which was the official deadline. but i would not be surprised that within the next
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couple of days, by the 4th of july, we hear that all us troops are out of the country. that is quite a spade up, terry. tell us what nato achieved in its 20 years and if kind of phone the end chapter is not written yet, but signs do not look good. even us and nato commanders confirmed that the taliban is re taking territory. even before the pull out was announced. the taliban controlled half the country. i mean, i think that's a to do think that would shock a lot of people after 20 years of us and nato forces their people on the ground are very scared it without, without us and nato forces. there a lot of the security that had been fragile, but at least somewhat in tax will be gone. and i think nader would have a very hard time calling this a success story. and we've seen the u. s. dial back. what, what is expected to achieve their to saying, well,
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we got to some of been logged in and that's what we were there for. 1970 correspondent terry. she'll to embrace is russell. thank you very much for that. want to in, in our public health experts, the sounding the alarm about a new variant of the virus that causes coven 19 more than 50 cases of the so called delta plus. the variance have been detected in india. the variant has also surfaced in the usa and almost a dozen other countries in scientists. it could be more transmissible, more infectious, and resistant to life saving drugs given to some curve at 19 patients. they still need more data to confirm all of that. out correspondent namisha giants while sent us this report from india way the new variant has fuel fees, the country could be headed for 3rd wave restrictions let you once again off to another good way to leave crowds tonguing to the freshly opened market
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in india. already, it is hard to imagine that just 2 months ago, the country was recording over 400000 gifts. but the indian government is warning that all is not well yet. a mutation called delta law has recently been declared a variant of concern. and welcome message for many at this tele market. we should live in the presidents instead of worrying about the future. i've been so long, wheel base to no one and a half years over. this is going to be new dated every time explains the way. so these are going to be there, so it's not like that. the place is something different from a normal covered by this is the depth of area and was detected in india last year and was instrumental in causing the massive 2nd beef of cases. here it is now said to be gaining ground as a dominant variance around the world. driving an upsurge in cases in
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a number of countries. the new addition of this ready and the dead up law has even been detected outside of india. this time belly has been quick to react. after the criticism for failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier, the end of it is the end it has the ministry has worn see it that this virus mutation is more transmissible. i'm more likely to resist anti bodies, but experts say it is far too thornton. doctor saw his senior biologist explains why this lead this red and it's causing concern. but it, because this mutation was 1st seen in the area of concern something that was only of course, the south africa, the beetle radiant is able to evade pre existing immunity much better than all other levy and self concern. but he also emphasizes that more detail will
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be needed to confirm if this version is more infectious. since papers calling to get something that caused shouldn't be missed, then more than one for now x. but the vaccination are the best way to fight off marian's like the delta and does up law. and after the sluggish couple months, the peace of india vaccine drive is showing signs of improvement. the government urging people to get innoculated as soon as possible. the people reading in this blind spot is job appeal to have got the message from. or let's talk to rob a group that he's the professor of clinical micro biology at the university of cambridge professor. up to thanks very much for your time. we know that there is still not enough data yet on delta plus, but what do we know about it so far?
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well, we know that it has emerged, its, its potentially seated infections in the pull, i believe. and i believe that its seated infections in portugal. and some of which have landed in the okay, but i think that in general, this is a mutation that we have seen before, a number of times, even in the context of the alphabet. and the one that originated in the u. k. and those viruses did not really have an advantage over the b 117 to any degree. and so i would caution against getting worried about the delta plus and i think the delta v is reason enough to be really considering how we tackle this virus without having to worry about the extra mutation at the moment. so i think that it's a bit of a destruction. what we have to be dealing with globally is the fact that we have a virus that is rapidly spreading, that does evade immunity to a certain significant extent and autonomy transmissible and infectious. so that's
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the thing that we should be discussing. then how confident i, health officials that existing vaccines are going to be effective against this new varian, but also dealt her and all the variance that may be popping up. well, the, the vaccines that we have were designed against the, the original virus and they still, despite the variance, confer very high levels of protection against severe disease and death in the majority of people. however, there are vulnerable people who responded level to the vaccine who have lower levels of antibodies, and she will get severe disease and, and some will die, but in the main fees, but it's still highly protective. everyone should be back native possible, but they are all going to be people on the fringes, as i say, who becomes susceptible to the new berets because they are slightly less, somewhat less controllable by vaccine induced immunity. how concerned i like when we're seeing numbers rise again in parts of europe with these variants?
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this is also at a time when things particularly in europe are opening up with things sporting games . we're seeing travel sort of reopening. how worried should we be? are we walking blindly into a new way? do you think? certainly in the u. k, where we are experiencing significant rises in cases. and i'm not so sure about the data from europe, but i will imagine that europe will be lagging slightly behind. of course we have higher vaccination coverage than most of europe. so delta, the much bigger risk. countries that have low vaccination, right. and so yes, i'll be very concerned about this virus moving through populations that are on vaccinated because it is extremely infectious. the attack rate is high, we've shown in health care work because in india that the virus is able to transmit between health care workers who are vaccinated and therefore in hospitals is
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a particular risk, i believe. and of course in the u. k. with all these sporting events, starting up and opening up the restrictions there is going to be a further search and we all can't get huge numbers of cases. there's absolutely no doubt that they will, in a large part, the mild but some again, given that been the large numbers, you know, we will get, you know, they will have a cost attached to it, but that's going to be balanced against economic considerations. perfect, thank you. very much robin go to professor and clinical micro biology. it cambridge . thank and watching data abilene news is still to come today is world view f o day corresponding to the area of 51 testing ground in the us on the trail of identified flying object euro 2020 swings back into action tonight with elite taking on belgium. in the quarter finals match preview of the favorites versus the world number one, coming up the 1st germany's i'm going to michael,
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head to london today. what's likely to be her last official visit to britain panoramic travel restrictions and post breaks that relations are on the agenda, talks with barbara johnson. she's also due to meet the queen. well, since becoming chancellor back in 2005 medical has outlasted for british prime ministers. ahead of her meeting with the 5th, we take a look back at how she's whether the changes one moment to visit england. the grounds are all ready cheering, but not because angle america is coming in state. it's about beating germany football. but the chancellor has seen all sides of this love hate relationship before. during 16 years in office, medical is dealt with 5 british prime ministers. you know, when she came to pass, tony blair was a number 10 downing street. they had big plans together to end poverty and start tackling climate change. leaders move their parties towards the center. both were
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at times hugely popular with voters, but as medically power grew, blair was replaced by his nemesis gordon brown. he was a very serious man. not unlike the chancellor. we now need to come together again with heightened cooperation. while germans appreciated sobriety. brown was soon heading for the speak to oppose medical flew in to provide some support. but she did not meet her fellow conservative. david cameron brown lost the election. the new prime minister wooed the chancellor with self diplomacy. in the british museum, the visitor was shown proof of the british love of german cars. but cameron's friendly overtures were undermined by his plan to hold a referendum on leaving the you. medical herself was briefly at the center of that debate. when the women, they called multi addressed the mother of parliaments, we need a strong united kingdom with
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a strong voice inside the european union. if we have that, we will be able to make the necessary changes for the benefit of all. but her appeals fell on deaf ears, the u. k voted to leave the ranks. it also brought in miracles, pm, number 4, way to resume it seemed at 1st there was hope of doing a deal to pragmatists working together, even after the split in brussels. a shared sense of color and if she had sense of humour, could the cement relations. but the deal on future co operation agreed by may medical and the other leaders was thrown out by the house of commons. lost in the line of british leaders for america is boris johnson. his bullish bravado is a world away from her cool, analytical focus. but even he is willing on occasion to quote the gym and
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chancellor. we in the u. k. want a deal. we think a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do in the shop and us, i think it is the phrase prime ministers have come and gone and medical has worked hard to smooth relations with the u. k. the politics aside, there is one british leader, anglo miracle has always got on with perfectly well. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. donald trump's company and it's long time chief financial officer have pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges. prosecutors accused alan vice holberg, of personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income. the firm is alleged to have run a quote, sweeping and or daisha scheme to keep executive pay and bonuses off the books. us attorney general merrick garland has halted all federal executions while the
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justice department continues its review of the death penalty. it comes off to the historic use of executions at the federal level by the trump administration. 13 people were put to death in trumps. last 6 months. in office. canada day celebrations has been overshadowed by the country's colonial past. federal cities council barbecues and firework shows. instead, holding rallies in support of indigenous people, the hash tag council canada day trended on social media. after more than $1000.00 unmarked graves were found near boarding schools meant to assimilate 1st nation children. pentagon officials in the us recently returned an open verdict on extra terrestrial visitors to earth. they neither confirmed nor ruled out their existence, following a military probe into you. f o is so on a worldview f o day, where asking do they or don't they exist? the truth is out there, so they say,
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our intrepid correspondence diff i'm simmons went to find out which traveling north of las vegas, nevada, our destination area, 51, the infamous us air force base that is founded in mystery and riddled with conspiracy. there is somewhat of a height about all things you are false and extra terrestrial in the u. s. these days, following the release of a pentagon report on us was on our way to area $51.00 on the so called extra terrestrial highway. we came across this place here, the alien research center. of course, it's not really a research center. if a gift shop and our like has it. it's close to day closed or not so called us o tourists are stopping by. on one hand, fully aware that the alien research center is only about souvenirs, but on the other hand, also open to the idea that this is a place for
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a scientific research on adrian's. you never know. i mean, we are pretty close to area 51, so you never, you never know it is this, you never know that inherent doubt many people have created by perhaps unwarranted secrecy. that is the problem for people like retired navy pilot lieutenant commander alex d treatment. we meter in boulder, colorado, so i had this experience in 2004, almost 17 years ago. that experience teacher gets referring to is known as the name . it's incident. it shows where dietrich and 3 of her colleagues encountered off the coast of san diego, california. it is just one of thousands of encounters by other pilots. they're all categorized as an identified area phenomena or u a. p. meaning the pentagon has no explanation for them. and kept them secret for years. the trick proposes a different approach, i would hope to contribute to the reduction of stigma and to promoting or encouraging
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a deliberate and thorough collection and reporting process. so that those individuals who are qualified to make the analysis have the information that they need and that they can conduct that thorough investigation and analysis to come up with some conclusion. beatrix please, for scientifically standardized data collection on a piece designated an absolute must in the future by ness or research scientists. robbie qu, michael put up and go from a scientist. well, spec to my take on the year affords is we don't know what they are. we cannot speculate what they are without having the proper data collected on them to find out the nature of the 0 force. and my hope is we would focus on the same spot of the scientific study of your force and avoid any speculation and be agnostic about
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investigating them. back on the extraterrestrial highway in nevada, we finally arrive at area $51.00. even if this us air force base will perhaps never revealeth secrets, most experts and serious minds agrees when it comes to us, those we simply don't know what we don't know, but we should look into it. so space test for now and erode 2020 quarter finals get underway today. we're perhaps the most important match up of the round coming tonight between belgium and italy. the italians failed to even qualify for the last major tournament, but have been on fire this summer, raising hopes that they could when they 1st european title in more than 50 years. yeah, football fans have become used to these images late me italy have one every single game at year 2020 so far, causing unbridled joy in rome. the team has firmly established itself as one of the
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tournament favorites that unforeseen austria pushed them all the way to extra time. in the round of 16, some pundits have begun wondering whether it's really all that cracked up to be coach. roberta mancini though see, think differently about the that the it was a very difficult match. there were moments where the team had to battle tooth and nail before the match. i said the game against austria, that might even be a harder match than what we'll face in the quarter finals. the quantity. that's a bold claim given the next opponents of the top rank team in well football, belgium. the red devils could be limited by injury. the key player kevin did bruna and caps in it and as are but with star strike rama lou lou cock who informed he azurie can't take anything for granted a threat. italy's own goal, machine hero, mobile, i know as well from their battles in the italian league. our again,
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last the last time you said it was a mobile a versus lucas were playing into and he's going to go major. so please don't call it a mobile a versus luc khaki. again, the better just say belgium versus italy instead and give us a chance every the style flag the composure and not just in that fashion choices easily seen. everyone's got that iowa at the moment. now they have to prove themselves in that toughest, yes, pan, give the fans back home. another reason to celebrate the before italy and belgium play tonight, spain will faces switzerland, explosive attack, present them at tournament high 11 goals, and the odds kill heavily in their favor. still switzerland will hope to come up with an upset victory and their round of 16 when over the world comp champions from
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shows they could have another shock install. anyone in the tenants, roger federal quest for his 1st grand slam titles in 2018, continued with a victory in the 2nd round of wimbledon, phaedra at the bottom of your screen there showed plenty of dexterity in his when a guest de, despite undergoing multiple ne opperation last year, federal strike. when saved him advanced to a class where cameron nori, who will make his 3rd round view against the swiss legend and women's torment cocoa mania has taken over london once again. 17 year old cocoa gals has pushed through to the 3rd round of the tournament on thursday. the american used power and finesse to the fatal form. a semi finalist elena this, nina, as gown said in 2019, when she defeated venus williams on the way to the quarter finals. she has won the loud backing of center court fans. she like to tell the crowd she intends to
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advance much further into the tournament. this time, i feel like a change in growing why? i don't know last time i was on this course, i don't think any people knew my name just the. i mean, obviously after the mean as much a lot of people do, i feel like now i don't know, i feel like a little bit at home here. now i'm enjoying the experience, but i'm also like really learning from it and really coming in to these matches believing that i can win. i mean, i believe that going in the past, but i feel like now just so much more comp now on the court and confident and playing in front of you guys. you know, watching the news. he's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. us defense officials say all american soldiers and members of nato forces have left the bag or military base in afghanistan. agra was the main international air base during a 20 year mission, but now coming to an end now it's a global $3000.00 series. unseen takes a closer look at micro plastics and how they end up in food. and i've another
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update for you at the top of the hour. and don't forget, there's always latest news and information around the clock on our website that they w dot com. i'm rebecca, thanks very much for joining us. ah, was who's the news? the
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news. the news, the news. the new we don't want to see them, but they are, they're st. water. even now we're here. unseen about the threats you're facing. the heroes taking the stand to stop the d w. o. it's the balance 1000000000
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power. it's about the foundation of the new world border silk road. china wants to use the network and train with to expand its influence, including europe. conflicts are inevitable time this gateway to europe in 45 minutes on d. w. ah was are we can we carry climate change? i mean one for a station in the rain forest continued carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection.
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what impact will in change doesn't happen on it. don't the make up your mind. the phone lines the welcome tick labels 3 south wind from showing in abundance. how the dominican republic is turning its back on fossil fuels. we find out how a malaysian celebrity chef is raising awareness about an unseen but ever increasing stress. don't fall music is on the rise in jamaica.


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