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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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the who's this is do you have any news live from berlin? it's the end of an era. the last few s t o troops leave their main airbase in afghanistan. bag room is left to empty after a 20 year mission against the taliban. and hotline islam us comes to an end also coming up indian health officials, the found the alarm over a new covert 19 barrier, and some fear,
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the spreading bill supplies strength could be better resisting immunity. and that a 3rd wave could be on the way class, wherein assemble as thousands demonstrated against turkey's decision to pull out of a treaty against domestic abuse. love will easily fans have something to cheer about when they take on belgium, in the euro, 2020 tournament later belgium. i grappling with this, laurie's over 2 of the top players appraising for the final game. ah, i am rebecca riches. welcome to the program. us defense officials say the last remaining american and nato troops have left the bag or military base in afghanistan and had over to afghan forces. bad graham was the epi center of the u.
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s. and 9 toes war against the taliban. and at its peak, 100000 us troops was station fair. at 20 emission is now coming to an end. then a complete withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country is thought to be imminent. i'm joined now by dw correspondent, carry shields in brussels carry on wednesday. we saw german troops as part of that nato contingent leave afghanistan. now the main nato bass in bag room is closing its own coming earlier than expected. why is that? good morning. well, we have been getting signs that the u. s. wanted to end the mission earlier. we've even heard july 4th mentioned as a possible date, and now it looks like they are in fact trying to meet that 4th of july deadline, which of course is independence day in the united states. so that would make for
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a good storyline there, i would say that last week on, on capitol hill, we heard some members of congress expressed some discomfort that barbara would be vacated this early. but the us military officials said they don't need to keep control of the air base to do what they need to do there. so what we know is that any error strikes which the u. s. may still be making would now come from outside the country. so it is indeed a big shift in military policy, but not entirely unexpected. terry, what did nato achieve in its nearly 20 year deployment? is completely over yet. there are still a few 100 troops in the country. the us troops that will stay to guard the mission . they are guard the u. s. mission there. so i would say that the story isn't completely done yet, but nato will have to deal with the fact that this is a very mixed legacy. the taliban are re taking districts and very, very quickly and us and nato officials are confirming that it's,
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it's terrible for some of these troops who have expressed a lot of sadness and regret that this 20 years has come to this. that the taliban are now resurgent and that apparently no international troops are going to stay to, to fight back any longer and other still, there are still other nights trips. when are we expecting everybody to be pulled out by there's just a handful of troops at one point there were more than 3 dozen countries with troops there, but the italians mentioned just in the last couple of days that they had completed their withdrawal. so i expect, and i have had this confirmed by diplomatic sources even this morning that a complete pull out is likely within days. it's eminent on data. we've terry schultz and russell. thanks very much for that update of india. now, a public health expert, the founding, the alarm about a new variant of the virus that causes covered 19 more than 50 cases of the so
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called delta plus. the variance have been detected in india. and there's also surface in the usa and was a dozen other countries. indian scientists say it could be more transmissible, more infectious, and resistant to life saving drugs given to some over 19 patients. but they need more data to confirm that correspondent namisha jain fall into this report from india where the new variant has field phase. the country could be headed for a 3rd wave restrictions. but you, once again, the another way to leave crowds trunk to the freshly opened markets in india. already. it is hard to imagine that just 2 months ago, the country was recording over 400000 cases a, b but the indian government is warning that all is not well yet. a mutation called delta law has recently been declared
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a variant of concern. an unwelcome message for many at this deli market. we should live in the president instead of worrying about the future. i've been so long based in one and a half years over. this is going to renew it every time it's going to it. so the, they're going to be there, so it's not like that, that place is something different from a normal forward. why this is the depth of variant was 1st detected in india last year and was instrument causing the massive 2nd beef of cases. it is now steadily gaining ground as a dominant bed in around the world, driving and up certain cases in the number of countries. the new addition of this ready and the delta plot has even been detected outside of this time, delhi had been quick to react. after the think criticism of failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier it is the end it has to have worn see it that
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this virus, new taishan, is more transmissible. i'm more likely to resist antibodies. but experts say it is far too soon to tell dr. shaw, his senior biologist explains why this lead this red and it's causing concern. but it, because this mutation was 1st seen in the area of concern, something that are near cause the south africa, the median is able to evade pre existing immunity. much better than all other leave you in some concern. but he also emphasizes that more detail will be needed to confirm if this variant is more infectious all liter sleepers calling get something that caused shouldn't be missed. then more we did this one for now. x for the vaccination are the best way to fight off bad,
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like the delta and as up last. and after the last couple months, the priest, when you're back seen dr. is showing signs of improvement with the government urging people to get innoculated as soon as possible the people reading in display of job appeal to have got the message from. or let's talk to randy group that he's the professor of clinical micro biology at the university of cambridge professor group to thanks very much for your time. we know that there is still not enough data yet on delta plus, but what do we know about it? so far, well, we know that it has emerged it, it's potentially seated infections in the poll leave, and i believe that it's seated infections in portugal and some of which have landed in the u. k. but i think that in general, this is
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a mutation that we have seen before, a number of times, even in the context of the alpha baron to the one that originated in the u. k. and those viruses did not really have an advantage over the b 117 to any degree. and so i would caution against getting really worried about the delta plus and i think the delta v is reason enough to be really considering how we tackle this virus without having to worry about the extra mutation at the moment. so i think that it's a bit of a distraction. what we have to be dealing with globally is the fact that we have a virus that is rapidly spreading. that does have a dim unity to a significant extent, and it's highly transmissible and infectious. so that's the thing that we should be discussing then how confident i, health officials that existing vaccines are going to be effective against this new variable. so delta her and other variance that might be popping up. well, the,
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the vaccines that we have were designed against the, the original virus and they still, despite the variance, confer very high levels of protection against severe disease and death in the majority of people. however, there are vulnerable people who responded less to the vaccine who have lower levels of anti bodies, and she will get severe disease and, and some will die. but in the main, these boxes are still highly protective. everyone should be vaccinated if possible . but they're all going to be people on the fringes, as i say, who become susceptible to the new berets because they are slightly less, somewhat less controllable by vaccine induced immunity. how concerned i like, where we're seeing numbers rise again in parts of europe. we think these variance, this is also at a time when things particularly in europe are opening up with things sporting games we're seeing travel sort of railway putting how worried should we be? are we walking blindly into a new wave? do you think?
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certainly in the u. k, where we are experiencing significant rises in cases and i'm not so sure about the data from europe, but i will imagine that it will be lagging slightly behind. of course we have higher vaccination coverage than most of europe. so delta, the much bigger risk countries that have low vaccination, right. and so yes, i'll be very concerned about this virus moving through populations around vaccinated because it is extremely infectious. the attack rate is high. we've shown in health care work because in india that the bars is able to transmit between health care workers who have vaccinated and therefore in hospitals is a particular risk, i believe. and of course in the u. k. with all these sporting events, starting up and opening up and be restrictions, there is going to be a further search and we all can get huge numbers of cases. there's absolutely no doubt that they will, in a large part, the mild but some, again, been the large numbers. you know, we will get, you know, they will have
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a cost attached to it. but that's going to be balanced against economic considerations. professor to thank you very much, robin, go to a professor and clinical micro biology. it cambridge. thank you. let's take a look out some of the other stories making news around the world. donald trump's company and it's long time chief financial officer of pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges. prosecutors accused allan vital but personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income. the firm is alleged to have run a quote, sweeping daisha skiing to cape executive pay and bonuses off the books. and us attorney general merrick garland has halted all federal execution while the justice department continues its review of the death penalty. it comes off of the historic you civic education at the federal level by the trump administration. so team people were put to death in trumps last 6 months in office. canada day
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celebrations have been overshadowed by the country's colonial past, federal cities cancel, barbecues and fireworks shows. instead, holding rallies in support of indigenous people, the hash tag, cancel canada day trends on social media. after more than $1000.00 unmarked graves were found, the boarding schools meant to assimilate 1st nation children protested some taken to the straight across turkey after president retro time early, one form formerly withdrew from the stumble convention that was 1st binding treaty to combat violence against women one said the convention had been hijacked by people trying to normalize homosexuality and was incompatible with traditional family values that activists withdrawing from the tray. tea leaves women vulnerable at a time when fem aside is on the rise. defiant crowd soon met by riot police, firing t gas. thousands came together. an outrage. taking formally withdrew from the stumble
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convention, a binding treaty against domestic violence and famous sides was signed the convention 10 years ago. and now what's the 1st one to leave here in time? and then so women that number already these rights groups have counted 189 women murdered. many pre testers say they're afraid. my mom back, i was abused by my ex boyfriend because of the convention. he went to jail. now i'm afraid he might defeat. this is a big trouble for our rice, which as a transform. and it's very important for me to be here. let me talk to so this was
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a get ration of women was problematic, even when the sample convention wasn't place a product, it just couldn't provide the necessary protection. but another thing that convention means that they don't care about women's rights at all and have no interest in protecting. i was going to look over, you get me. the president of the one insists, the withdrawal is not a step backward. he issued an action plan for combating violence against women, which he says will boost protection services and access to justice. while announcing his new plan early on, emphasized his focus on traditional family values so you can make it a little more all over the case. it should not be forgotten, she combating violence against women is at the same time to protect the right and the honor of our mother's wives. because them of daughters who are a part of us on a quote them, i don't know if he's exit marks an uncertain future from women's rights. but these
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protesters have shown, though, keep fighting us. president joe biden has visited the community in florida where a tower block collapse last week, killing at least 18 people, 145 others are still missing his message to 1st responders and to the families of the victims was never give up hope bought as the days passed since the last victim was pulled from the rubble, that hope is starting to run out. as time goes on, hopeless finding survivors beneath a well store it's of rebel and serve side florida fades. still 1st responders work long hours risking their lives under physical and emotional strain. loved ones at the missing russell with holding on to face while preparing for the worst. us president joe biden and 1st lady, dr. joe biden met with survivors who are grieving and looking for answers. they had
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basic heart wrenching questions. will i be able to recover the body of my son or daughter, my husband, my cousin, my mom and dad. how can i have clothes without being able to bury them? if i don't get the body, why do i do? jill and i want to know that we're with them in the countries like and has promised help from the federal government. it includes covering 100 percent of the cost for rescue efforts for $30.00 days, providing temporary housing, and expediting visas for victims. family members from other countries. more rescue teams are also on the way to give relief to cruise, who have been working since last thursday. they're tired and this is taking a toll on them. and so the fact that we now have that search and rescue team from virginia here. and i know we have some more on the way that's going to be helpful. what we just need now is need a little bit of luck need a little bit of prayers and you know, we would like to be able to, to,
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to see some miracles happen. it's still unclear what caused the condo to collapse, but the mer miami dade promises an investigation that will find answers, answers to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again. who will govern your biggest economy and who will succeed? chancellor? i'm going to merkel off the german national elections. the september pulses in protest. a map have been asking the german voters just that have published its latest monthly results of the german political mood. now, according to the most recent findings, if elections were held on sunday, it's uncertain what the composition of germany's government would be. that's because german chancellor, uncle michaels conservative c d u c s u block would when 28 percent. that's unchanged to last month figures. and the grains remain at 20 percent. the social democrats gave one percentage point coming in at 15 percent. the far right, a f t pulling at 11 percent. that's down one point. and the business friendly f t p
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also on 11 percent, also unchanged. and the left party unchanged at 7 percent on to help us digest those figures that spring in political correspondent. humph. 500 . thanks for coming in. these polls of german voter intention have been on a bit of a rollercoaster in the last few months. what does your political crystal ball say if you can look into it, what do you, who do you think will be leaving the government of timber? things seem to have settled down a little bit. if you compare this paul than last month. paul, haven't been substantial changes in this month, and i think it's clear that the conservatives will be the strongest party. but the question really is, who's going to be 2nd and what coalition they are able to form at the moment with the greens, the 2nd strongest party, the conservative could form a government with the greens that would be unprecedented on the national level in germany. and in 3rd place, other social democrats who are currently in government with the conservatives. so
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as that context between those 3 parties, i think that's in the end going to determine what weight which party is going to have in a coalition government. and a certain that there will be a coalition. well, that was another question that the pulses i'll say said who they are to should leave the next german government, which party that is. now the result here when much clearer, a solid at 39 percent say they would prefer a government led by chancellor michaels, conservatives, $1.00 and $5.00 vote. 20 percent would like to say the social democrats at the helm and 19 percent almost the same. they want one to the grains to be in charge has. how would you interpret the, the findings that more voters prefer a conservative lead government that then would actually like to vote for conservatives? well, obviously the, i think this is mainly the voters for the liberal, free democrats, the business friendly, free democrats, their polling at about 11 percent. so if you add the conservators and the 11
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percent of the free democrats, they both would prefer the conservators to be in charge of government. and again, we're looking at 2nd place things. and here the social democrats and the greens are neck and neck. that's really the race that's going to and how things are going to look in future in germany. now finally, the post is asked german voters about actual policies and about how much change they'd like to see. the question was put, what should the next government aim for? and 34 percent want to say fundamental change. majority of 57 percent would like to say some policy adjustments and 7 percent won't change at all. the age of the thing that the number of demons who want to see fundamental policy change has increased by almost 15 points. what's your take on that? well, i think in the end, this shows the divergence of the spectrum of political opinion. the once the people that once upon the mental change are on both ends of the political spectrum, they're the supporters of the far right alternative for germany and the supporters
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of the socialist left. if you add these together, they will make up quite a large percentage of the people that one fundamental change. but then there is the increasing support for the green party and the greens to want to change fund a mental things as far as climate policies are concerned. so i think a 3rd element in this very strong support for of stronger support for fundamental change comes from the green party. yes, certainly be an interesting year in german politics hung from thanks very much for coming in. since for now, the euro 2020 quarter final get on the way today we've perhaps the most important match up of the round coming tonight between belgium and italy. the italians failed to even qualify for the last major tournament. but it has been on fire this summer . rising hopes that they could win their 1st european title in almost 50 years. yeah, football fans have become used to these images lately. italy have one every single
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game at year 2020 so far, causing unbridled joy in rome. the team has firmly established itself as one of the tournament favorites that unfound seed, austria push them all the way to extra time. in the round of 16, some pundits have begun wondering whether it's really all that cracked up to be coach. roberta mancini though see things differently about the that the it was a very difficult match. there were moments where the team had to battle tooth and nail. go before the match. i said the game against austria, that might even be a harder match than what we'll face in the quarter finals. the equality. that's a bold claim given the next opponents of the top rank team and well football belgium. the red devils could be limited by injury to key player kevin, there brianna and captain as are. but with star strike rama lou lou cock who
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informed he azurie can't take anything for granted. a threat. italy's own goal machine, chiro mobile, i know as well from their battles in the italian league out again last the last time you said it was a mobile a versus lucas were playing into and he's going to go major. so please don't call it a mobile a versus luc khaki again. they say belgium versus italy instead and give us a chance every the style, flat composure. and not just in that fashion choices. italy, other teen, everyone's got that i on, at the moment. now they have to prove themselves in that. yes. and give the fans back home. another reason to celebrate the before italy and was in play tonight, spain will face switzerland,
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spain explosive attack, has on them a tournament high 11 goals and the old still heavily in their favor. phil switzerland will hope to come up with an upset victory and their round of 60 when of a world comp champion, france, shows they could have another shock install him. a tennis roger federer is quest for his 1st grand slam title since 2018 continued with a victory in the 2nd round of wimbledon. federal saying there at the bottom of your screen shot plenty of dexterity in his when every shot guess day, despite undergoing multiple ne operations last year, better as strikes that when saves him advance to a clash we have cameron nori who make his 3rd round. they view again the swiss legend in track and field, it was a world record breaking 9 all slow for norwegian, competing on home soil constant fall home, same to know even at the starting blocks that it was going to be a special 400 meter hurdles. in the diamond league athletics too,
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he was chasing not only his fellow competitors, but also a 29 year old world record. with the crowd behind him fall home, cross the line in a 46.70 seconds to break the record in bus alona and then picks way back in 1992. the, the reminder at the top story was wondering for us, defense officials say all american soldiers and members of nato forces have left the bag room military base in afghanistan. background was the main international advice during the 20 mission that's now coming to an end navigate, you can always get the w news on the go. just download our app from google, play all from the app store. give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and a good part of a new story. you can also use the w app to send us photos and videos of what's happening way you choose a thank you. now to the point is,
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next we're out. panelists discuss homophobia and gay rights across europe. another update for you and to help them be out. i'm rebecca. thanks very much for watching . the news. news . news . the news news. the news
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from the the the to the point. strong opinion, clear positions, international perspective. on the one hand there's inclusion and pride on the
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exclusion hatred and bio issue surrounding the l. g. b t q, community on the political agenda. sophia lowe, possible and how can we create a divers future and find out on to the point to be point dw, we don't want to see them, but they are, they're in a restrict water. even now we're here. unseen about the hidden threats we are facing the heroes taking a stand just not on d w. ah news. the little guys that
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it's a 77 percent the platform is used. you know, on this channel we're not afraid to ask and then it gets tough. young people clearly have the solution, the future doesn't the 7 percent now every weekend on the w how much freedom the members of the l g. b t to community enjoy? well, in recent weeks, gay pride marches and countries around the world have underlined the solidarity in the community discrimination violence and even the death penalty was still part of the global agenda of hate has been angry criticism of hungary, new anti o g b t q law and the european suckers blocking of the use of the movements rainbow
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colors. that's a big european championship match in music. so on the point onto the.


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