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under the fund, a lot of people think they're wonderful, but we, well, we think the birds are great too, but when their feet is coming out of your pocket, it makes you mad. we farmers are used to dealing with a certain amount of damage from wild animals, but this is a pretty extreme case really. and these are wild animals that don't really have anything to do with us. and this is all not far from toy fields in the northern germantown of gold clay. now, there were one 6th grader rios kept in a private do. then some 20 years ago, the gate was left open and the birds who are native to south america, escaped from their enclosure and managed to breed successfully in the area. that makes them the responsibility of ranger mario axes from the shows they were nefco butte here reserve. he and his colleagues count the greater re as at regular intervals. as the result of that fateful oversight 2 decades ago, the birds population has grown to 600 individuals now mythic,
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whenever own the animals back then clearly wasn't paying enough attention and wasn't too concerned after the fact. these probably assume the situation with simply take care of itself. it isn't align reagan, it didn't. the birds even braved the cold german winters and took up residence in the region. it's really just the local humans who have adapted to them. miss status is still look unfamiliar to me in their lunch when you see the silhouette of one of these birds strutting along for me, it just doesn't really harmonize with the image i have of the northern german landscape in the north deutscher helps the rangers are trying to keep down the numbers of greater ria, for example by drilling holes into their eggs. but the birds just lay more of them . 3 years have no natural predators here. unlike in south
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america, where greater ria fall prey to jaguar's. but the rangers, in northern germany hope the local wild boar will start to take an interest in the re is x. there are so traditional going on try once more and tries an egg. this eyes will be it. it will be interested in finding more an open because you don't know matthew finn and wild boar is approaching. the nest won't be scared off by a male ria on the sign open, but they'll manage to eat the eggs again. we'll discuss that. and now people like district hunter, hiker, funk, are joining the effort to keep the ria population and check. they've shot more than $200.00 of the animals with official permission. of course. they are not trying to kill all of them. focus convinced that the real will continue to multiply. he says the clever birds are leaving the areas where they are hunted and counted detail counting the greater ria in the monitored areas. it does not provide the real
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numbers of the population. here. there are ria outside the counting zones, colon capital doesn't think they've evacuated the area hill. yes, they've moved 20 kilometers further east. that's no big deal for them over him. farmer toyed also thinks that the greater re is, are here to stay in northern germany and on his fields. not for sure. i can come, well, we can't chase them away, isn't they run a lot faster than we do? we've tried scarecrow some things like that choice on so they don't mind one bit on it. so there's no way to write them a way to shorten the greater we, as are certainly i categories for locals and tourists. but perhaps before too long, the new native will become a normal feature of this strange new world. europe's woodlands are under threat fires. storms and pests are wreaking havoc on the forests. health
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years of drought have amplified the problem and damaged huge ranges of timber. o people in eastern belgium are feeling the heat from the climate emergency. the forests were once a place for rest and relaxation, but now rangers and owners can only watch as the trees whither the forest is something that we are in for a quiet, almost magical oasis. in times like these where travel is often impossible. for many, it is a place of refuge sometimes for too many. but most of us do not realize europe's woods are in serious danger. the greatest foe is surprisingly small. is the past 3 years. the tiny bark beetle has spread through europe's spruce forests, attacking countless trees. the insect poses a grave danger, says belgian forest re expert hubert or toyed. even though technically, the beetle only attacked sick trees. threw up an official, but natural risk,
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spruce tree, or any tree for that matter against bark beetles is to produce and sat in the hot was in. the beetle cannot grow to maturity and then dies in the bottom of that land. water at their roots can produce sap done, can attend, are therefore defenseless against the insect and on an unreasonable and capable, there was also this though this year was rather crude and damp so far. that was not enough to offset 3 years of drought and drive away the people we meet at night as his family. his own this far as to the east in belgium for the past 100 years, about 60 percent of europe's forests, a privately owned and pose huge problems for their owners. the science had to cut down entire areas like this one to fight the bug infestation hallmark these really
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traumatic areas where trees 2 or 3 years ago are now bear. so boom, trees that had grown to maturity and we're ready to be felled. are suddenly dead mostly because of the drought. yet there's been a glass of fetal damaged wood, and timber processing companies are overwhelmed. those who cannot happy to set it off to china at a discount. europeans prefer impeccable timber, which is becoming increasingly costly and rather weld over. so the take home, hopefully deal. i think only the big players can live off there for our forest is a family as a big book with us, we are attached to it of course. and, but we also need to invest in it to work. if you have to keep selling enough timber to keep replanting on law, you're going to be economically viable if it weren't for climate change. so probably to keep it, we'll start,
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the forestry expert has recommended this nice to plan latches and douglas says, which are safe and bog beatles. both are also more robust than spruce trees. although only time will tell how they'll hold up against climate change. slanting you trees is a costly experiment that could lead to financial ruin. many people think forest common property and should be placed under protection. they oppose the timber industry and say this with guaranteed bio diversity. but europe needs forest stone is to look after and cultivate the forests. got an order putting some of the amber production is very important. but that's villa. there is already shortage. you know, of other soon we will have to import even more timbers. fit is including from region where it isn't treated sustainable. they want fund money of the sky is
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instance take sustainability seriously planting. different tree types selling selectively and planting use saplings is needed. after all, the family wants to preserve their forest for coming generations. have you ever uncovered something old while digging around in the sand or in the garden? a chart of clay, or perhaps the coin that looked to be ancient and valuable. while most of the time, what many hope is that historical find turns out to be worthless debris. but that doesn't stop numerous danish hobby, archaeologists to go treasure hunting, armed with the right tool. they hope that the next big fine is just a ping away. when this many people spend their free time sweeping a field, you know, there must be something special buried. they are all amateur archeologist from mid detect the 350 member metal detecting club in jutland in denmark. and today they're
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searching for treasures from the past. and i think you story, lots of danes are interested in history. and this is both an adventure and a history lesson. for me, it's a way of telling the next generation about our country's past fargo. he was the hobby has been booming. since the spread of the pandemic says miko had learned, it gets practitioners outdoors for once. of course they ask the farmers for permission to search 1st. wherever the detector beeps, they dig. it's always a thrill says 17 year old patrick. isn't i mean it's been that demick is the most exciting experience is to hold something old in your hands, which someone might have last held some 3000 years ago. knew a single system. it's so fascinating to think about who last stood here using that object. talk to then his story. most of the time the diggers just find unearth rubbish like cans or old tools made of iron or aluminum,
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says ornish banner. he's been doing this for 5 years now. but not this time i. today he gets lucky and find something very rare in the down to stamp seal probably dates to the middle ages. maybe even a little earlier around 1200 are valuable objects like this are photographed and registered and the digital portal daemon about 6. now the treasure hunters use the app to contact danish museums explains archeologist andre store, but at or whose university that way. experts are promptly informed of any new discovery and can evaluate it from the decision that here here in history is viewed as something very immediate. and hobby archeologist it's really bring that notion to life. it's like a hands on less than in history and stamp seal that almost bonner found has already been registered in or who's and will soon go on display search, find register,
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and give to a museum. that's how symbol uncovering the past can be in denmark. and i thought germans were organized, well, that brings us to the end of focus on europe. let me know your thoughts about this . we show on twitter. thanks so much for watching bye. for now. the news . the news, the news,
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the news, the news sustainable and trendy. the many companies are rushing for green solutions because they're popular with the customers. just how green are these solutions made in germany.
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in w whistleblower. the origin a traitor. julian assumes the price, the one thing hiding that arrested was he continues to fight. film team has been following him up close for 10 years. the 75 minutes on dw. ah, the news when i was speaking that's me. all the money and lunch and on
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the voice. the only way i can be taught to create my own. and i see their house standing stories in women in asia as weekend on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. the magic corner check hot spots personally and some great cultural memorial to vote w travel off we go. the fight against the corona virus pandemic has the rate of infection in developing what measures are being taken? the, what does the latest research say? information and context clues,
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special monday to friday from on d. w. the in the news . this is the w news lines from berlin, search and rescue teams resume their work at the collapse condo building near miami . it comes as president biden to florida. i meet with family members affected by the tragedy. 145 people are still unaccounted for. also coming up, the protesters clashed with police and assembled after turkey withdraws from the world's 1st money entreaty. prevent violence against women activists. say italy's
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women, vulnerable at time. when feminist size is on the rise, and remembering the printers, william and harry put aside their differences to unveil a statue of their late mother, would have been the princess's 60th birthday. ah, i'm here until than welcome to the program. rescue efforts have resumed at the sight of the collapse department high rise and search find florida. work had been halted while safety engineers examined the remaining structure. he was president joe biden is in search site at this hour where he brought a simple message for 1st responders and families. victims never give up hope. but as the days march on, since the last victim was pulled from the rubble, it seems that hope is starting to fade. as time goes on,
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hopeless finding survivors beneath well store is a verbal and surf side, florida fades. still 1st responders work long hours risking their lives under physical and emotional strain, loved ones at the missing russell with holding on to faith while preparing for the worst. us president joe biden and 1st lady, dr. joe biden met with survivors who are grieving and looking for answers. they had basic heart wrenching questions. will i be able to recover in the body of my son or daughter? my husband, my cousin, my mom and how can i have clothes without being able to bury them? if i don't get the body, why do i do? show them? i want to know that we're with them in the countries with light and has promised help from the federal government. it includes covering 100 percent of the costs for
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rescue efforts for $30.00 days, providing temporary housing and expediting visas for victims. family members from other countries, more rescue teams are also on the way to give relief to crews who have been working since last thursday. they're tired and this is taking a toll on them. and so the fact that we now have that search and rescue team from virginia here, and i know we have some more on the way that's going to be helpful. what we just need now is we need a little bit of luck need a little bit of prayers and we would like to be able to, to, to see some miracles happen. it's still unclear what caused the condo to collapse. but the mayor of miami dade promises an investigation that will find answers, answers to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again. the w correspondent oliver sell it has the latest for us from surf side. so all of our let's start off with president biden. what is the response been so far to his visit?
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wherein that's been a very emotional meeting there today, it was president biden, and the family members of the victims, several hours behind the closed doors. as you just mentioned, that it was really a balancing act for president biden, to express his sympathies on the one hand, but also find some encouraging words. but essentially what he offered is help on the federal level. so some of these us, for instance, expended visas for family members. many of the people who lived in the building are from latin american countries. he also vowed to deploy, fema federal emergency agency that's already operating here, but they will now provide shelter or for survivors of the collapse in some really we're thankful. some of the family members, others not so much because there's also fear that his visit here might have slowed down the rescue operations. all right, so it appears there is some more federal help on the way, but there is any hope that the missing residents will be found alive. many of the
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family members do whole, but exactly that, of course, especially now today, rescuers heard the voice of a woman under the rubble she was not found as of now. but of course, everyone who's missing a female relative is al, desperately putting his or her hopes up. really hoping for that miracle to happen. however, the last survivor was probably a week ago in the early hours of thursday, when the building went down. and so the hopes of corps are fading with every passing day. now, there had been earlier, some concerns about the structural integrity of the remaining building. what more do we know about the situation at the site itself? well, the rescue operations are. 2 continuing, as we speak, i have just been resumed a little while ago after that hold that you mentioned there was fear that the remaining structure could also collapse and structural engineers on the side throughout the day. and they eventually, okay,
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the continuation there of the rescue operations. so in 24 hour a 24 hour operation, essentially hundreds of fire workers are carefully going through the rubble. they are really, as long as there's a theoretical possibility there are trying to find people, it's an extremely difficult to enterprise, of course, all with the ultimate goal to avoid a secondary collapse. and this is essentially also why this all takes so much time . right. i'm afraid to leave it there. that was all over. sell it in search. i, florida. thank you for joining us tonight. stain in the us now where there has been another building collapse this time in washington d. c. a worker was trapped on a 5 story building that was under construction collapse during the storm rescue team saw through the rebel to free him or other workers were injured and neighboring homes were evacuated. here's a look now at some other stories making news around the world. us attorney general
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merit garland has halted all federal executions while the justice department continues its review of the death penalty. it comes after the historic use of executions at the federal level by the trump administration. 13 people were put to death in trumps last 6 months in office. donald trump's company and it's long time chief financial officer had pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges. prosecutors accused ellen and vice barrick of personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income the firm is alleged to have run a quote sweeping in deja scheme to keep executive pay in bonuses off the books. in canada, a fast moving wildfire has destroyed more than 90 percent of the town at the center of canada's record breaking. he'd waive the mountain town of life in british columbia, reportedly broke canada as all time, high temperature record this week ration 49.6 degrees celsius. on tuesday,
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the flames have forced the towns residence to flee. the east has launch digital covered nation certificate in that using travel across the block. it links up the various existing cobra 19 apps approved by each country as well as vaccination details. the system can store test results and evidence of recovery. the protesters have taken to the streets across turkey as president, wretch of type air. the one formerly withdrew from the simple convention, the world's 1st binding treaty to combat violence against women. as one said, the convention had been hijacked by people trying to normalize homosexuality and was incomparable with traditional family values, but activists a, withdrawing from the treaty. these women vulnerable at a time when fem aside is on the rise. i defiant crowd, soon met by riot police, firing t gas. thousands came together, an outrage as turkey formerly withdrew from the assembled convention,
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a binding treaty against domestic violence and famous sides was the 1st country sign the convention 10 years ago. and now what's the 1st one to me? then another window on the line and so in women, the number is already dcm rights groups have counted 189 women murdered. many protest is say they're afraid, my mom and i was abused by my ex boyfriend because of the convention. he went to jail. now i'm afraid he might be feed. this is a big trouble for our rights, which as a transform. and it's very important for me to be here. let me talk to someone says this again. this is ration of women was problematic,
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even when the sample convention wasn't place. authorities just couldn't provide the necessary protection. but another, the convention means that they don't care about women's rights at all and have no interest in protecting luck. whether you get the president on insists the withdrawal is not a step backward. he issued an action plan for combating violence against women, which he says will boost protection services and access to justice. while announcing his new plan early on, emphasized his focus on traditional family values can make it will tell mom all that a kid. it should not be forgotten, she combating violence against women is at the same time to protect the right and the honor of our mother's wives. because the daughter who are a part of us so all i don't know, quote them, i don't know, i did as techies, exit marks and uncertain future from women's rights. but these protesters have
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shown though, keep fighting british royal's princes william and harry have appeared in public together to unveil a statue of their late mother. princes deanna was killed in a high speed car crash in paris, in 1997 relations between her sons had been strained in recent months after prince harry and his wife megan with allegations of racism against the royal family. but at kensington palace in london, the brothers seemed to put their differences aside, as they led tributes. the woman up the people's princess unfailing a statue to their late mother. the prince, william and prince harry brought together on what would have been princess diana's 60th birthday? in the sunken garden at london's kensington palace a spot diana was sent to love. when she lived here. now has sons have
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put aside their differences to ensure she has a permanent place here. the statue i think, can clearly be taken as a sign of her son's twin commitment to their mother and what she stands for. and i think in the light of that we, we can hope they would want this event to have some meaning. and what better meaning could it have been for the 2 of them to start moving towards some sort of reconciliation i the lady diana spencer was 20 years old. when she married prince charles, in 1981, in what appeared to be a fairy tap romance, the relationship was anything but they push on a brave face, but by 992 they had publicly separated. 5 years later,
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disaster struck princess diana was killed in a car crash in paris. her death shocked the world. prince william was 15 years old. harry, just 12 although the siblings were close, their relationship has struggled in recent years. and the to have barely been on speaking terms. prince harry and his wife, the former hollywood actress mega marco, have now left the u. k. and their royal duties for california. but for one day, at least, these brothers have been re united as they remembered the mother, they both say they still mess every day. some
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sports now and in tennis, roger federer is quest for his 1st grand slam titles in 2018 continued with a victory, and the 2nd round of wimbleton, feder, at the bottom of your screen shot plenty of dexterity is when overcharged. by undergoing multiple me operations. last year fell asleep said when he, him in advance to a class with camera nori will make his 3rd round the view. again, this with legend and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. us president joe biden is in florida to thank 1st responders, uncomfort families of people killed are still missing in the rubble of a beef front apartment. building rescue efforts at the site were temporarily halted due to concerns about the stability of the remain instructions and stay tuned. for the daily covert special following,
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focusing around that are today. and how nurses have fared during the pandemic. we'll have another update at the top of the hour. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website as a t, w dot com, every children in berlin. thanks for joining us. the news. news . the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing what the us, the latest research information and contact the corona virus, not the 19th national neck, auntie w.


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