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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 3:30am-4:00am CEST

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in that case, i can tell, i don't believe the wrong word. the manning receive support from accident. however, on that pales in comparison to the fire power, some conservative commentators i handle. riley, thanks for watching. has been i, there are traders in america that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wiki leaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. whoever in our government leak that information is guilty of treason, i think anything less than execution is to kind of mentally bradley money was incarcerated in a high security military prison. during the trial,
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the soldier admitted leaking documents to alert the public. money was convicted of espionage and theft 35 years behind bars. that is the sentence for this man, bradley man, in the us soldier, convicted of the biggest reach of classified down the thing to brad, the manning did not prevent which leaks from continuing its mission site, began collaborating with the international media, including the guardian newspaper in person the news giant a headquarters to analyze over $90000.00 documents. this time about us going it's done. we set up a secret office on the 4th floor of this building, but nobody else was allowed to. and we have is dr. lynn to national bunker war room . and essentially what we found were there are some 92 isn't documents. these are
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incident logs, war reports in afghanistan into someplace, parts along the african pakistan border. we did a lot of work on going through these logs, trying to decode them. a lot of them were written in an almost impenetrable military jargon, full of abbreviations, of acronyms. one of the main findings that we came up with these documents was that the pakistani military intelligence service, the sy very closely supports the some of the taliban and other insurgent activities in afghanistan. as a way of keeping the coalition forces off balance whistle blowing. websites which leads to that again, last time it was iraq. this time it's gone. he's done. the revelations made the front page of the new york times dash beagle and of course
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the guardian. and in doing so, they validated the work because wiki leaks got in for me this morning. 40 pages about this topic. also concurrently in spiegel 17th. the real story of this material is that it's wall, it's one damn thing after another. and not surprisingly, washington was furious. united states strongly condemned to the illegal disclosure of classified information. in the documents published by wiki leeks, names of some american army collaborators of pairs, translate as used by the military in afghanistan and iraq. in the eyes of the insurgents. these men, what freighters, disclosing their identity,
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put their lives at risk and afternoon for the 1st like to depends again, denounced quickly, leaks as a criminal organization, the battlefield consequences or the release. the lease documents are potentially severe and dangerous respect of the day. and we hope it creates disincentives for engaging in immoral conduct. will addition faint gifts for engaging and walk in iraq and other places. it gives the victims of war in iraq. sense of justice, a better understanding of how or how will go wrong. the wiki needs was
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releasing one story after another. afghanistan, iraq and the media world was asking the same question. who is this an exotic julian? the week unique founder feature on the compass, this news magazine. the julian a sorry, was taking the world by storm, which proved to irritate his colleagues, i suppose, was to just rush things and to blast out those fuel big leaks and guns if you'd only on those weak. yes, because they there what gives you most popularity. you know, and that's not the approach i'm not into being popular, was the right approach. if you want to build a personality, if you want to become, i don't know, time magazine men of the year or something like this. but it's not the right
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approach. in respect to the ideals of this organization for associates colleague, it was a betray in the 40 leaks ideals. the 2 men clashed by way as online conversation, of course the the spend with me for being loyal and insubordinate, and stuff like this. so this is some kind of weird military terminology that he uses himself to deal with people. he is working with the trade. yes. because i did not betray him and i did never ever betray daniels don't shy bag left with unique in 2010 union songs may be criticized by his friends. but he hated by
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his enemies can sometimes cause his execution publicly. the dead man can't lease that this guy's a traitor, a treasonous, and illegally shoot the son of a. well, i think a song should be assassinated. actually, obama should put out a contract and maybe use a drawing or something. 20 people up by general who do nothing else but talk it us defense intelligence agency and internally called leaks forward ignited states at the moment there is an attempt to get up and there's been a prosecution against me and people united states intelligence community plus military is maybe $1500000.00 people. so 120 is actually perhaps the bit and the confidence of julian massage
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since 2010. the american authorities did in fact seek to arrest him and an opportunity presented itself in sweden. mm. in the summer of 2012 young women accused julia natasha, having consensual but unprotected facts. the press ram with the case and spoke of a suspicion of a judge opened an investigation without proof, the proceedings were cancelled. but then surprisingly revived me. julian, a sorry key was wikileaks political maneuvering. be highly irregular, and some kind of legal circus is clearly a smear campaign, and that too, is behind this. we do not know me behind kind of to us. however, julian,
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a song spoke of a destabilization operation aimed at extra dieting him to the united states. me the more you look at the case, the more you look at what really happened, particularly in sweden, where he was accused of. right. and here, the more you become aware of the extent of the manipulation of the fact that there really is an attempt by the intelligence services to bring about an extradition to the united states. and most of the more he has been portrayed is evil, which is also a construction by the intelligence services. the british police arrested the founder of the wiki makes the website. julian assault of wiki league, found that has been arrested by british police over sexual assault claims in sweden, in december 2010 british colonies. if you just swedish arrest florence imprisoned
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in london for a week, julian summers denied all accusations of rape. for a year and a half, he did everything in his power to not be handed over to sweden, which, according to him, would have been the 1st step of his extradition to the united states. when all legal remedies were exhausted, julian saw refuge in the ecuador embassy, and they decided that he had a reasonable fear of extradition to united states and granted him the safe haven in ecuador and embassy sash case. mobilized some of the most claim, lawyers in the world, among them a high profile figure in the judicial system for my investigating magistrate both cast on me, he agreed to coordinate just on the fence free of charge.
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why did he choose the embassy of ecuador? because at that time, the country was led by raphael, korea, korea was a popular government lot. i mean, clearly opposed to the expansion of policies in both the judicial and economic status of the united states. the government gone on because it was one of those latin american countries that could stand firmly against the united states without fear videos. she mir low me in june 2012 julian us dollars became the world's most protected political refugee barricaded in the victorian house in central london the president obama to do the right thing the united states,
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which comes against me, what appeared to be temporary was to continue on for 7 long years. in that time, julian somers received many visitors, lawyers, minister, journalists, always in the confines, the 4th in for took it to pieces, a photo that was taken in a room that julian assoni was able to use in the evening. i remember having dinner in this room with him on those arm chairs for you. at a job. i said, when you say embassy, you might think of a special hotel. in reality, the ecuadorian embassy in london is very modest. it was small, it was certainly bigger than a prison cell, but he was in prison. we picked up the room. he lived in was opaque pieces of cardboard, were placed over the windows,
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and we couldn't see outside at all. where you can see that in other words, he spent years without seeing the sun shone without any possibility of leaving its social bornea and placed him in a state of permanent psychological tension. fema julian, a sorry i was obsessed with the extreme power of america. the 2016 presidential campaign was to give him the opportunity to play a leading role. again. ladies and gentlemen, i am the writing of the united states and we are going to make our country grading america can't succeed unless you are 60 running president clinton birth is true. they
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campaign for me to be brutal. opposed to hillary clinton since 2010 wiki lake chose that side. an internal message sent by julian, astonish himself left no doubt about his views. the boy attention is that amazing transformation of hillary clinton and the democratic party into being the national security party and the national security candidate in american liberal press in falling over themselves to defend hillary clinton, erecting a demon that is going to put nooses around everyone. next, as soon as you will election,
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which he is almost certainly going to do the breaking news tonight, a shell from the emails and the more e mails released by from spring 2016. tens of thousands of emails from henry kenton and collaborators were published online. but the most sensitive documents did not come from wiki leaks. they were revealed by someone called gotcha. to point out one beautiful page on the web wiki leaks partner with the mysterious source to get more information. on june 22nd 2016 with the leaks and tim, this private message on twitter. like a new message on july. all
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the few asking again to claim you to trace a tray. and if the hackers behind this fictitious character with an, let's leave the russian secret service me might with leaks be complicit in an attempt to stabilize the situation. it is a wrongful depiction. julian has stated that the source of the information was neither russia nor a state where the materials came from. doesn't change the fact of the material. i mean, you get information and you analyze the information and you decide to publish. if it's newsworthy, that is the core of, of journalistic practice. so the thing that you, that we can use, or julia is in some friend of rock and interest or follows russia insurance. this
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is absurd. it doesn't hold up and screwed to me. that once one, however, you wrestled in the news about the recurrence and i'll tell you this wiki li stuff is believable wiki li quickie lee that came out on wiki li. wiki leaks. i love what the, the, the stabilize democratic candidates retorted as best she could in a debate with donald trump. the kremlin meaning and the russian government are directing the attacks, the hacking on american accounts to influence our election and wiki leaks as part of that as are other sites. in november 2016,
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donald trump was the next president of the united states. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. and this is so important to me. yeah, the west president did not remain prove wiki leaks the to long in 2017. the site published secret cia documents. consequently, the trump administration attitude towards wiki makes changed dramatically. we find the celebration of entities like wiki to be both perplexing and deeply troubling. because while we do our best to quietly collect information on those who oppose a very real threat to our country, individuals such as julian assad, seek to use that information to make a name for themselves. it's time to call out, we can explore what it really is. a non state hostile intelligence service is often abetted by state actors like russia.
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ah. in the same year, we can leeks and russia were involved in an attempt to stabilize another country from just sweat. and i hope to become your president because you don't do the president of all the people of france. if you don't, a president to protect transforms and bibs in the face of the threat of the nationalist genetic oh, your compatriots. manuel mac homes, campaign headquarters. everyone was busy preparing for the 2nd round of the presidential election when suddenly news spread. the in boxes of campaign workers from icons mash party had been it was may, 5th, 201-7730 pm.
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the me the funds towards the end of the day we starting to get room is on twitter. they say there are things that are going to get released then come the 1st elements that are being talked about. and one moment i see the download link being shared. so i downloaded immediately, i open it, and i see that it's actually e mails from people in the campaign, the, from the record, several 1000 documents and e mails from the own. most campaign where pirated and spread on the internet and social networks less than 48 hours before the 2nd round of the presidential election skin. the emails were posted on the $410.00 website by an unknown source. one and a half hours later, wiki leeks published these tweets,
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referring to the documents. this message made mccolan leaks. the main headline in the international media movement has been the victim and the email mac chrome, now surfacing everywhere online. it comes just hours, thousands of e mails, but most with little or no information of interest, and including some fake documents efficient in the morning compared to the stability show. this is obviously a campaign of stabilization helix is useful when it reveals information that is being kept hidden and helps democracy to exist and function better. but when you disseminate a person's data or communications between friends or partners on a search engine, you will no longer following democracies mission. this attack on the private life of a person who finds 10 years of their emails published. this is unforgivable wiki.
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lee strayed from its role there that we can nipple for the french police never formerly identified the hacker. but the most promising lead was once again, the russian secret service. me at this point, julian star had been living locked up for 5 years. in 2018, the founder, if we can, leaks, was officially accused of espionage. american pressure on ecuador was increasing. juliana thong had become a priority target. ah. on april 11th, 2019 ecuadorian president lyndon moreno appeared on national television. ecuador is a generous and open nation. today i confirmed that julian assigned just just courteous and aggressive behavior makes his asylum unsustainable and impossible.
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ecuador sovereignly decides to put an end to the diplomatic asylum granted to mister assange in 2012. the plymouth people altogether, a sense, use the government for everyone. the same day the police arrested julian within the compound, just a ecuador in the united states, immediately called his extradition ah, presidential office removal from the embassy. julian was sent to a high security jail, belmont prison, and placed in total isolation. absolute though, so much so we are concerned about his sanity so i can even hear them and i have visited him and the conditions of his detention a really bad,
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terrible calling. during this disoriented and solitary confinement 23 hours a day. you can only go out for one hour alone in a small courtyard. so without any way to communicate, when he has denounced these conditional safety, say in february 2020, the british judicial system got involved for the 1st time in junior authorities expedition request. his support is gathered and his father was present the. 8 8 exceptionally, the hearings took place inside the prison. when they show there was a tens atmosphere for you. we of course were totally supportive of julian, a song she we could see him. he seemed to be doing well. his strength of character
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was impressive high's cuz she had to talk to i remember the prosecutor talking about all the people endangered by a songs without being able to name a single one that he was unable to cite a single case. there are an inflated number of charges against the songs that are ultimately without relation to reality in the year to hop on among julian, she's unwavering support is bradley manning now. chelsea manning. good afternoon everyone. the former soldiers spent a total of 7 years behind bars of relief. incarcerated then released again here before the justice system has to for such a testify. principal objective a thing, jill again, potentially today doesn't change my stamps. the prosecutors are deliberately placed me in an impossible position go to jail or in the alternative. for
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foregoing, my principles, the, the strong positions that i have that i hold dear. so it doesn't matter what the, what it is or what the case is. i'm just not going to comply or cooperate. i think that's it. right. thank everybody. so we've got determination got chelsea manning another several months in jail. mission had a bearing on the case. should he be extradited to the united states? the wiki league founder risked 175 years in prison. 175 years for publishing intimation of public interest. there's only one journalist that has the pains and held him present for doing his job was a journalist in western europe. and let us do a song assign, celebrate, you can criticize a song, his personality is behavior. but if there's one thing you can criticize,
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it's just contribution to freedom of information and relevant. they're like hallmark on giving you what's central to the case is this contribution to journalism, and that's what makes it so dangerous. the breaking news go to london this morning. we found the julian associate cannot be expedited to the united states on january 2021 of british judge rules that given assumptions mental states should not be extradited just the partial they, teresa has supported the us did not seem likely to back down the lawyers for the us government to indicate or they was appeal decision. it's not, there should be a call out and pressure on the us side to drop the appeal. to say enough is enough. julian authorities, nothing clear just yet. the wiki leak found us still faces extradition to the
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united states. the, the refugees, the 3 island where their dreams. but for paul, assume a young joke. it is where one could begin to help them overcome the trauma of land. and he'll give it his all to become a professional european picker focused on europe. in 30 minutes on w,
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sustainable and trendy. many companies are rushing for green solutions because they're popular with the customers. just how green are these solutions made in germany. on the w. o, the jewish life. that's what from producer bona and journalist eve cuban money are exploring. delving into history and the present the i would never have thought the
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duties and to be live, so i and phone i jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on d, w ah, in ah, this is the w news, and these are a top stories. us president joe biden has promised federal help, offered condolences to the families of those killed or missing. after last week's florida, high rise collapse, search and rescue efforts were halted on thursday over fears that the rest of the building could fall. the death toll has risen the 18 with his.


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