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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 3:00am-3:30am CEST

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the the news . this is the w news lied from berlin. search and rescue teams resume their work at the collapse counter building near miami. it comes as president biden visit, florida, and tell the family members affected by the tragedy to never give up hope. 145 people are still unaccounted for. also coming up, china will not be bullied again. a warning from president sheeting, 10 of the countries celebrate to be 100 birthday of its communist party. she says china's rise is now reversible and remembering the other princess
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william and harry put aside their differences between vale, a statue of their late mother. and what would have been the princess's 60th birthday? ah, i never tilton welcome to the program. rescue efforts have resumed at the sight of the collapse. apartment high rise in suicide, florida work had been halted while safety engineers examined the remaining structure. us president joe biden is in surfside, where he visited at memorial for the victims of the tragedy. earlier he held a closed door meeting with the families of the victims biden, also met with 1st responders, and thank them for their work. the confirmed death toll has risen to 18 with as many as 145 and accounted for. no survivors had been found since last thursday
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at a press conference biden shared what family members are going through and the questions they had for him. the whole nation is born with these families. they see every day on television or gone through hell. and those are survive the collapse as well as those who are missing, loved ones. so many of them are suffering. you know, they had basic heart wrenching questions. will i be able to recover the body of my son or daughter, my husband, my cousin? my mom and dad. how can i have clothes without being able to bury them? if i don't get the body, why do i do, joe? and i want to know that we're with them in the countries with w correspondent, oliver, so it has the latest for us from surf side. so all of our let's start off with president biden. what is the response been so far to visit? lauren, that's been a very emotional meeting there today. it was president biden,
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and the family members of the victims several hours behind the close stores. as you just mentioned, that it was really a balancing act for president biden to express his sympathies on the one hand. but also find some encouraging words, but essentially what he offered is held on the federal level. so some, these us, for instance, expended visas for family members. many of the people who lived in the building are from latin american countries. he also volunteered employ fema at the federal emergency agency that's already operating here, but they will now provide shelter or for survivors of the collapse in some really we're thankful and some of the family members others not so much because there's also fear that his visit here might have slowed down the rescue operations. all right, so it appears there is more federal help on the way, but there is any hope that the missing residents will be found alive. many of the family members do whole, but exactly that, of course, especially now today,
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rescuers heard the voice of a woman under the rubble she was not found as of now. but of course, everyone who's missing a female relative desperately putting his or her hopes up really hoping for that miracle to happen. and however, the last survival was probably a week ago in the early hours of thursday, when the building went down. and so hopes, of course, are fading with every passing day. now, there had been earlier, some concerns about the structural integrity of the remaining building. what more do we know about the situation at the site itself? well, the rescue operations are continuing. as we speak, i have just been resumed a little while ago after that hold that you mentioned there was fear that the remaining structure could also collapse. and i've been structural engineers on the side throughout the day, and they eventually okay, the continuation there of the rescue operation. so in 24 hour and 24 hour operation,
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essentially hundreds of fire workers are carefully going through the rubble. they are really, as long as there is a theoretical possibility, there are trying to find people, it's an extremely difficult to enterprise, of course, all with the ultimate goal to avoid a secondary collapse. and this is essentially also why this takes so much time. all right, i'm afraid we're going to leave it there. that was all over. sell it in surfside, florida. thank you for joining us tonight. staying in the us. there's been another building collapse this time in washington d. c. a worker was trapped when a 5 story building that was under construction collapse during a storm rest routine saw through the rubble to free him for other workers were injured and neighboring homes were evacuated. there's a look at some other stories making news around the world. donald trump's company and it's long time chief financial officer has pleaded not guilty to tax fraud
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charges. prosecutors accused alan vital berg of personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income and the firm is alleged to have run a quote sweeping in audacious scheme. to keep executive pay and bonuses off the books. in canada, a fast moving wildfire has destroyed more than 90 percent of the town at the center of canada's record breaking heat wave. the mountain town of litan in british columbia repeatedly broke canada as all time, high temperature records this week, reaching 49.6 degrees celsius. on tuesday, the flames have forced the towns residence to flee. protesters have taken to the streets of this symbol after turkey formerly withdrew from the un convention in the protecting women and girls from abuse. president are the ones government cited is concerned, but the law was being used to quote, normalize homosexuality rights for se turkeys. withdrawal from the convention is
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well defined words and a warning from chinese president shooting ping and celebrations, marking the 100 anniversary of the countries communist party. speaking in gentlemen square, she said foreign powers attempting to bully china would have their heads cracked and spilled their blood on a great wall built of steel. she also promised to bring tie one back under mainland control observer. see his comments as a stark warning to western countries that have criticized vision for both of human rights abuses and it's crack down on hong kong. the it was a spectacle designed to impress, showing off the parties dominance. gentlemen square was packed with 70000 hand pick spectators. putting on a show of patry arctic fervor, the cannons roared $100.00 times. once each year the chinese communist parties
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existence did see on the streets of beijing lawyer. this gathered to enjoy what they could see of the celebrations being a 100 years since the party was founded. it is and authority. china has developed and people's lives have got better. of course, i'm happy with it and i was echoing the message of president she didn't ping perhaps the party's most powerful leaders since it's find my dog standing above my portrait and dressed in a suit to reminiscing of the chem and she praised the ccp for lifting the chinese people i just poverty, he hailed what he called the countries irreversible right from humiliation to global dominance. and he delivered a message of defiance to foreign powers. stronger than me. people will never allow any foreign force to bully,
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subjugated. save the one who try that will have their heads fasted in front of the great wall of steel foods with the flesh and blood of over 1400000000 chinese people hung the pole for sure. they all he thinks his language was perhaps chosen with the domestic audience in mind. but she backed up his warning with a pledge to beast, china's military mice, and a promise to bring south governing, tie one under china's control. a vision of an assertive china impervious to western criticism and uncompromising on strategic goals. the soccer now and the off season transfer window has officially opened. the number of big moves have been made. official. germany's bull risky adornment. introduce their new
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coach motto, who is a live to cope with the instant setback of the club simultaneously selling off superstar jayden santo head coach marco rosa has finalized his big bounce up from bruce yet mentioned. glad back to bruce. he adornment celebrated as one of the most exciting coaching talents rosa notes will have to be at his best to succeed at his new dig about don't, california is, is course, isn't cut by expert patients who are very high just like in glad boss. but if a player coach comes to bruce your department, they know how serious things are from. what's about fighting at the top of the table and battling for titles. it's like winning the cup last season has led to shadow with the color of the shaft. and if rosa wants to build on, dorman, german cap victory last season, he'll have to do it without one of his new clubs. best players dormant, confirm jayden. sanchez has been sold to premier the giant's manchester united. the
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21 year old blossomed into one of the bonus leagues, most exhilarating attackers in his 40 years at dormant, touching and incredible 50 goals and 64 assists. in 137 appearances. the england international will join manchester, united for a reported 85000000 euros, or dorman would have preferred not to sell him. central has long been looking to return to the premier league after coming up to the manchester city. youth ranks that nothing. fantastic father. nothing to her, never jayden was always very professional. he was really excellent for us late last season. so father basket were not happy about the money. the instead were sad, he's leaving the vegas at the very least market. rosa will have plenty to invest in his new squad as he prepares for the bonus league campaign. even with santo leaving pressure is high. british royal's princes, william and harry have appeared together in public to unveil
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a statue of their late mother. princes diana was killed in a high speed car crash in paris in 1997 relations between her sons had been strained in recent months after prince harry and his wife megan it, allegations of racism against the royal family. but at kensington palace in london, the brothers seemed to put their differences aside as they led tributes to the woman dubbed the people's princess. unveiling a statue to their late mother. the prince. william and printer harry brought together on what would have been princess diana's 60th birthday in the sunken garden at london's kensington palace. a spot diana was sent to love when she lived here. now has sons have put aside the differences to ensure she has a permanent place here?
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this statue i think, can clearly be taken as a sign of her son's twin commitment to their mother and what she stands for. and i think in the light of that we, we can hope they would want this event to have some meaning. and what better meaning could it have been for the 2 of them to start moving towards some sort of reconciliation. the lady diana spencer was 20 years old when she married prince charles in 1981 in what appeared to be a fairy tap romance. but the relationship was anything bought. they push on a brave face, but by 1992 they had publicly separated. 5 years later, disaster struck princess diana was killed in a car crash in paris. her death shocked the world.
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prince william was 15 years old. harry, just 12 although the siblings were close, their relationship has struggled in recent years. and the 2 have barely been on speaking terms. prince harry and his wife, the former hollywood actress mega marco, have now left the u. k. and their royal duties for california. but for one day, at least these brothers have been re united as they remember the mother. they both say they still mess every day. and here's a brief reminder of the top story we're following for you. us president joe biden is in florida to thank 1st responders, uncomfort families of people killed are still missing in the rubble of
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a beach front apartment. building rescue efforts at the site were temporarily halted due to concerns about the stability of the remain structure. stay tuned for our dock. so drilling us on the price of truth of another update at the top of the hour. and don't forget you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our website, w dot com. thanks for watching. the goal was right in front of them. then suddenly we agreed to postpone your olympic games that took your 2020 from of course during the qualifying ground for sports heroes. downtown during lockdown starts july 19th on dw
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the leslie. really wanting to liver i felt danger. all right. review concerns for julie the, the, the people who may
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patients of wiki likes you just want to just see collect come in at the women murder the the, the war doing has to be expedited for reporting. it was the the me the story of wiki leaks began in the middle of the iraq. cool. the us military's worst nightmare came true when a handful of hackers and a few journalists leak tech class, the find video to the well the me
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about me when i says or it actually didn't have that much because i didn't know where it was when it was what was this circumstances? who are these people would only buy anything, how relaxed and innocent, most of the people were in the cottage and became the footage was complex to decrypted, the wiki, founda and his team moved to reykjavik the capital of iceland bear. they rented a discreet house, they named the bunker to prepare the video for release. the
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footages from july 2007 and shoes and apache helicopter, flying over a neighborhood in baghdad. the on board cameras, boats, a group of iraqis on the ground to look to be carrying weapons or the pilot and radio contact with his face requests permission to fire. or once, once i started discovering more and more detail, this is when it became more emotional to understand that yes, this person was a journalist and this was a driver from res among the victims wiki leaks identified with each mall of reuters driver and photographer. now me an
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l d in the helicopter pilot, obviously season on site. the insurgent institute, the sites that the, the comment us weapons we are all on the right the the thing was 6th grade or one a lot of 2 minutes later the nature of the and then change is the ab or mission becomes a war cry lean a black van approaches to it with the wounded. inside,
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there are no come the can just 2 men with 2 children. the pilot reports an imminent threat and request permission to fire again. during the quarter clare around where on the grounds there are courses everywhere. the helicopter then captures on film the arrival if a group of soldiers among them,
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the son mccord. this is made here. i was one of about 6 who were dismounted at the time. running up on the scene. i had never seen anything like that before. i saw on the corner what appeared to have been 3 men and they were completely destroyed by the 30 millimeter 3 color. it almost to me didn't seem real. it kinda seems like something that you would see out of a bad horror movie where the soldier realizes the severity of the and then he approaches the he locates 2 wounded people, a 4 year old girl and a 10 year old boy in originally thought that the boy was, was deceased and he had a wound to the right side of his head and he wasn't moving. and when i went back
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out to the van, he made like a labored breath movement. and that's when i started screaming that the boys alive, boys alive, and i grabbed and started running them to the bradley, which was now me at this point he looks up at me and i looked down at him and i told him it's going to be ok i have, you don't worry, it's going to be ok in his eyes rolled back into his head and at that point i thought that he possibly had just died in my arms. mm. after this day, i couldn't justify what i was doing. and i rag any more, i became very angry with the war to death and destruction of innocent people. that's not what i joined the military for. on april 5th,
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2010. we can publish the video online with the title collateral murder. the public could see the true horror of this war in baghdad, the families of the victims learned the circumstances of what happened is the the man driving the van died that the boy you saved by ethan mccord, survived the 3rd 2007. just keep up with you because
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well, good afternoon to you. i am doing some breaking news this afternoon. a shopping and graphic video from iraq, apparently showing us troops gunning down innocent civilians and just had been dropping my kids up at school back in april 2010. i went home, grabbed a cup of coffee, sat down on the couch and turned on the news. and there i was running across the screen at my own television carrying a child. i knew immediately what it was. and it actually felt like a huge slab on the face. i had spent so much time trying to forget that incident. and then here it was being pushed to my face again. ethan mccord was discharged from the army in 2010, said then he has been an anti war activists testimony
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of a war cry and there was no question about it. and the people saw for little eyes what to the war and tailed. we literally something to eat. we helix is undoubtedly not above criticism, but we helix has revolutionized access to information and wiki league has enabled the revelation of war crimes perpetrated by the american army that would undoubtedly not have been revealed. without wiki lately, someone can spokesman for the project. we need to buy contributions from private people, $200000.00 for operational costs. it was built in a way that was the lowest, remain anonymous to the project itself. so whenever something was received, it was not the way it came from. the wizard or should feel secure in the way that if he feels something should be out in the public. there is not an instance that is
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then judging about his feelings, me, which was set up to guarantee anonymity to all its sources. but just one month after the video which released the us army, arrested, a young soldier near baghdad, with the soldiers name with bradley manning. he spent his days finding military documents and was suspected that the footage, the man is a young 22 year old army intelligence specialist only a couple of years in the army. he felt that there were operations going on. he felt that there had been civilian deaths and other things about war at the american people in the world should know about it. with high level of security clearance, bradley manning was able to download millions of confidential documents,
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military reports, diplomatic cable, strategy, memos about iraq and also afghanistan. bradley manning 1st off at the documents to the washington post and the new york times, but neither responded. oh, that's when he contacted wiki, neat, unknown. the soldier within a found her position. he chatted with adrian latino, a young hacker, telling him everything was all we
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all i'm saying you know, reportage, bradley manning, the f b i. this is how he explained to me during a meeting with other hackers. i is what i do believe i haven't 1st class manning doing which in acting one conscience . in that case, i can tell. i don't believe the wrong word. the manning received support from accident. however on that paled in comparison to the fire power, some conservative commentators the little riley, thanks for watching is tonight. there are traders in america that is the subject of
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this evening's talking points memo. whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wiki, which website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. whoever in our government leak that information is guilty of treason. i think anything less than execution is to kind of mentally bradley money was incarcerated in a high security military prison.


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