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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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for some of us record breaking on you to know also in book form the ah was, ah, this is the w news line from berlin. search and rescue teams resume their work at the collapse condo building near miami. it comes as president biden florida and tell the family members affected by the tragedy to never give up hope. 145 people are still unaccounted for. also coming up with china will not be bullied again or
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from president sheeting thing as a country celebrate 100 birthday of it's coming a party. she says, chinese wise, it's your 1st and remembering diana, princess william and harry put aside their differences between vale, a statue of their late mother. and what would have been the princess's 60th birthday? the marin hilton, welcome to the program. rescue efforts have resumed at the sight of the collapse department. high rise in surfside, florida. work had been halted while safety engineers examined the remaining structure. he was president, joe biden is in surfside tonight, where he has been speaking about the disaster and the recovery operations. he met with 1st responders and thank them for their efforts. and he held a closed or meeting with the families of the victims a confirmed as to has risen to 18 with as many as 145 on accounted for. no
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survivors have been found since last thursday at a press conference. biden shared with family members are going through and the questions they had for him. the whole nation is 40 with these families. they see every day on television. they're going through hell. and those are survive the collapse as well as those who are missing, loved ones. so many of them are suffering. you know, they had basic heart wrenching questions. well, i'd be able to recover the body of my son or daughter, my husband, my cousin, my mom and dad. how can i have clothes without being able to bury them? if i don't get the body, what do i do? jill and i want to know that we're with them in the countries with d. w correspondent oliver sell. it has the latest for us from surf side. so all of our let's start off with president biden. what is the response been so far to his
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visit? wherein that's been a very emotional meeting there today, it was president biden, and the family members of the victims, several hours behind closed doors, as you just mentioned. and it was really a balancing act for president biden to express his sympathies on the one hand, but also find some encouraging words. but essentially what he offered is help on the federal level. so some of these us, for instance, expended visas for family members. many of the people who lived in the building are from latin american countries. he also volunteer deploy fema at the federal emergency agency that's already operating here, but they will now provide shelter or for survivors of the collapse in some really we're thankful. and some of the family members others not so much because there's also fear that his visit here might have slowed down the rescue operations. all right, so it appears there is some more federal help on the way,
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but there is any hope that the missing residents will be found alive. many of the family members do whole, but exactly that, of course, especially now today, rescuers heard the voice of a woman under the rubble she was not found as of now. but of course, everyone who's missing a female relative, desperately putting his or her hopes up really hoping for that miracle to happen. however, the last survivor was probably a week ago in the early hours of thursday, when the building went down. and so hope so far is are fading with every passing day. now there had been really some concerns about the structural integrity of the remaining building. what more do we know about the situation at the site itself? well, the rescue operations are continuing as we speak. i have just been resumed a little while ago after that whole that you mentioned there was fear that the remaining structure could also collapse the structural engineers on the side
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throughout the day. and they eventually, okay, the continuation there of the rescue operations. so in 24 hour a 24 hour operation, essentially hundreds of file workers are carefully going through the rubble. they are really as long as there is a theoretical possibility. there are trying to find people, it's an extremely difficult to enterprise, of course, all with the ultimate goal to avoid a secondary collapse. and this is essentially also why this will take so much time . all right, i'm afraid to leave it there. that was all over, sell it in search. i, florida. thank you for joining us tonight. staying in the us. there's been another building collapse this time in washington d. c. a worker was trapped when a 5 story building that was under construction collapse during a storm rescue team saw through the rubble to free him for other workers were injured and neighboring homes were evacuated. here's
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. donald trump's company, and it's long time chief financial officer have pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges. prosecutors accused our vital burg personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income. the firm is alleged to have run a quote sweeping in audacious scheme to keep executive pay and bonuses off the books. in canada, a fast moving wildfire has destroyed more than 90 percent of the town at the center of canada's record breaking heat wave. the mountain town of litan in british columbia reportedly broke canadas all time high temperature record this week. reaching 49.6 degrees celsius on tuesday. the flames have forced the towns, residents to flee. protesters have taken to the streets of assemble after turkey formerly withdrew from a un convention into protecting women and girls from abuse. president air to one's
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government decided it's concerned that the law was being used to quote, normalize homosexuality. white group st. turkeys withdrawal from the convention is unlawful, defiant warns, and a warning from chinese president she jane, pain and celebrations, marking the $100.00 anniversary of the countries communist party. speaking a gentleman square, she said foreign powers attempting to bully china would have their heads cracked and spilled their blood on a great wall built of steel. he also promised to bring tie one back under mainland control observers. see his comment as a stark warning to western countries that have criticize vision for both his human rights abuses and it's cracked on on hong kong. the, it was a spectacle designed to impress, showing off the parties dominance. t animal square was packed with $70000.00 handpick spectators. putting on a show of patry arctic fervor, the
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cannons roared $100.00 times. once each year the chinese communist parties existence. you see on the streets of beijing lawyer this gathered to enjoy what they could see of the celebrations of it's been 100 years since the party was founded. it is under 30 china has developed and people's lives have got better. of course i'm happy that there was a good kind of god was echoing the message of president she'd been paying perhaps the parties most powerful leaders since it's 5 miles. i don't standing above my portrait and dressed in a suit to him and listened to the chem and she praised the ccp for lifting the chinese people i just poverty. he hailed what he called the countries irreversible right from humiliation to global dominance. and he delivered a message of defiance to foreign powers thrown going to me. yeah. people will never
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allow any foreign force to bully or subjugated. save money, want to try that will have their heads fascinated in front of the great wall of steel foods with the flesh and blood of over 1400000000 chinese people hung the poll porsha they all he think his language was perhaps chosen with a domestic audience in mind, but she backed up his warning with a pledge to beast, china's military might. and the promise to bring south governing, tie one under china's control. a vision of an assertive china impervious to western criticism, and uncompromising on strategic goals. to
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soccer now and the off season transfer window has officially opened a number of big moves have already been made official, germany's ballistic dockman and introduce their new coach marco was up, we'll have to cope with the instant setback of the club simultaneously selling off superstar jayden santo head coach, marco rosa had finalized his big bounce up from boucher mentioned. glad back to bruce. he adornment celebrated as one of the bundles leak. as most exciting coaching talent. rosa no to have to be at his best to succeed at his new gig. you have, i don't, how can you, is, is, course isn't cut by expert patients here are very high just like in class. and then, but if a player coach comes to bruce, your dormant, they know how serious things are from. what's about fighting at the top of the table and battling for titles like winning the cup last season of lead the shadow with the color of the shelf tubs. and if rosa wants to build on, dorman, german cup victory last season,
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he'll have to do it without one of his new clubs. best players, dartmouth, confirm. jayden. sanchez has been sold to premier league giant manchester united with 21 year old blossomed into one of the abundance leaders most exhilarating attackers in his 40 years at dormant, dodging an incredible 50 goals and 64 assist in 137 appearances. the england international joint manchester, united for a reported 85000000 euros or dorman would have preferred not to sell him. central has long been looking to return to the premier league after coming up to the manchester city. youth ranks that not the fantastic fathers not going to her, never jayden was always very professional and he was really excellent for us late last season. so for basket, we're not happy about the money. the, instead we're sad, he's leaving that because at the very least market rosa will have plenty to invest in his new squad as he prepares for the bonus league campaign. even with santo
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leaving pressure is high. british royal princes, william and harry have appeared in public together to unveil a statue of their late mother, princes, diana was killed in a high speed car crash in paris in 1997 relations between her sons had been strained in recent months after prince harry and his wife megan made allegations of racism against the royal family. but at the kensington palace in london, the brothers seemed to put their differences aside as they led tributes to the woman dubbed the people's princess. unfailing a statue to their late mother. prince william and prince harry brought together on what would have been princess diana's 60th birthday in the sunken garden at london's kensington palace. a spot diana was sent to love when she lived here. now has sons have
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put aside their differences to ensure she has a permanent place here? the statue i think, can clearly be taken as a sign of her son's twin commitment to their mother and what she stands for. and i think in the light of that we, we can hope they would want this event to have some meaning. and what better meaning could it have been for the 2 of them to start moving towards some sort of reconciliation. the lady diana spencer was 20 years old when she married prince charles in 1981 in what appeared to be a fairy tap romance. the relationship was anything but they put on a brave face, but by 1992 they had publicly separated. 5 years later,
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disaster struck princess diana was killed in a car crash in paris. her death shocked the world. prince william was 15 years old. harry, just 12 although the siblings were close, their relationship has struggled in recent years. and the to have barely been on speaking terms. prince harry and his wife, the former hollywood actress mega marco, have now left the u. k. and their royal duties for california. but for one day, at least, these brothers have been re united as they remembered the mother. they both say they still mess every day. and here's
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour. he was president joe biden is in florida to the bank 1st responders, uncomfort families of people killed, are still missing in the rubble of a beach front apartment. building rescue efforts at the site were temporarily halted to concerns about the stability of the remaining structure. rob, once we'll have business news for you next, we'll have another update at the top of the hour. don't forget, you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our website at t w dot com. thanks for joining us. the news, i got what people have to say to me. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every
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weekend on d. w. women in asia i, that's me for all the money and i mentioned on the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own story this weekend on d. w. me the making corporations pay their fair share of tax, the $130.00 countries who signed up to overhaul the global tax system. the aimed to shift the balance away from powerful multinational, here from germany, finance minister, and the trump organization, and its finance chief of been charged with tax related crimes corresponding to new
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york. we'll bring us like 50 w business sign robots in berlin. welcome to the program. under 30 countries have agreed to a global minimum tax on corporations of at least 15 percent as part of a wider plan to ensure multi nationals pay their fair share of taxes in countries where they, where they're heavily active. the minimum rate aims to and the practice of corporations shopping around for the lowest tax jurisdictions for their headquarters. thanks. but they, the reforms could raise an extra $150000000000.00 in taxes globally each year. but there are still some big hurdles in the way 9 countries refused to sign up, including ireland is tonia and hungry. this could provide a loophole in the new tax times. well, so each of the $130.00 government has to find a way to introduce legislation putting the agreement into law. and finally, many countries demanded special exceptions. the u. k, for example,
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wants to exempt its financial industry from the rules of the asked for car out like for the lights of manufacturing machinery and shipping. are germany's finance minister. all assaults without the cd meeting in washington. he's so d, w, the agreement between the countries is an important breakthrough. and it's also a huge success for democracy because the race to the button was also something which produced a situation where we could not decide on our national democratic level about the right way of fair and moderate taxation of culprits. we have had to look at what the others were doing and now we can do it in a common way and we understand that there is no chance for big companies. for instance, to avoid being text. we have to work on this agreement a bit more, but it is not something that cannot be avoided more we will have to now,
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and this will give us a chance for a better income from companies that and a lot of money, but forgot to pay taxes and they will have to have not donald trump's company, and if long time chief financial officer have pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges, new york, prosecutors accused john organization executive alan wife of personally avoiding tax on $1700000.00 of income, which is alleged to have run a quote, sweeping and or daisha scheme to keep executive pay off the books. these are the 1st criminal charges to come out of the years long investigation into the trump organization. the former president himself is facing charges at this time. let's get more on this from financial correspondence in new york in court. what exactly are out of life of the trump organization accused during well, basically the charges are that are vital burke and some other executives. some of
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their income was paid in a so called to perks, meaning they got, for example, apartments in manhattan, car leases or also for some of their grandchildren. for example, from ellen, vice of burke, the tuition for private schools. and those can be quite costly. and here in the city, and now the accusations are that vital burke and some of the kicks executives have not paid the proper texas on. those perks, well, prosecutors basically, they have to prove that there was intent to defraud them. and then they also have to prove as sort of what amount we're talking about actually the scheme, that's what prosecutors are saying is going on for about 16 years. then there's vital burke, for example, did not pay or avoided paying texas and the amount of up to $1800000.00. no charges against donald trump, but it's likely to fall out from this for the form of the former president.
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well not at this point, but what this whole case is about to build a pressure on vital burke. he has been an executive for the trump organization for a decade. so he has a deep inside and what prosecutors are trying to do, it built a pressure on him. i've heard from some experts that he actually could face up to 15 years in prison. and so what prosecutors will try to do, it's a, bring him on their side as a witness, and then given a better understanding, a deeper understanding of the finances and businesses of their organization and trump himself. if l in vital burke will give in that remains to be seen and the next couple of months because the trial is probably not going to start before next year. ok, any quarter in new york? thanks for staying on top of that was now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headline. french apple workers happy going to 5 day strike parents as to main air force,
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protesting against contract changes they argue, will lower that pace. underwrote their rice strike is expected to cause serious flight delays over a busy travel return. nissan has announced plans to build an electric vehicle battery factory in britain, japanese automakers together with its chinese pon. envision a e. s. c wants to invest 1200000000 euros in the north of england. about $6200.00 new jobs will be created for batteries. power $100000.00, e v 's per year. now the chinese communist party is celebrating it's 100 anniversary during the past century and in particular the last 4 decades the policy has reshaped the chinese economy and turned it into today's asian power house. back in 1978. china was an impoverished present state, so the communist party under dung shall ping decided to bring in a rural reform to increase agricultural production and reduce poverty. later the
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chinese leadership established special economic zones to attract foreign companies and grants. state owned enterprises, more freedom, china quickly became the factory of the world. then phasing gave a massive face to construction, building roads, bridges, housing offices, and railways. today, the economy of the world's most populous country is still growing. not even a global financial crisis or the cove in 1900 pandemic. i've put a stop to that. well, i've been discussing this with theresa fallon from the center for your russia asia studies. i asked her if you and the u. s. c. china's growth as a cause for concern. i think if we look at the recent series of summits, we've had the g 7 recently followed by nato than the u. u. s. dialog on china, which is held a bit previously. there seems to be
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a great deal of concern on china. so the main thing is china, china, china. so i think that this ability for president fighting come to have his 1st visit to europe, show that europe is their priority. they're trying to revitalize the transatlantic alliance and they want cooperation because only working with like minded partners. can they try to encourage china to make the much needed reforms and also to work in other international institutions like the w t. o to promote reform and in the past the us and you have tried to work with china to influence it to change space. but the us as an undoubtedly been more at the stereo in recent years. if you'll rip likely to follow the u. s. in that more adversarial approach we see how europe has described china since 2019 with the u. china white paper in 2018, which was endorsed as well by the european council. and they put into 3 basket. so
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it's systemic rival, a partner and a competitor, and so they uses compartmentalized approach. that's how they try to get the comprehensive agreement on investment through. so for example, they tried to agree on it in principal and then they could talk about human rights . but that really upset they should, as we saw with the supersized countries, sanctions that were implemented in march on march 22nd in europe. so this actually reverted to this kind of frozen the comprehensive agreement. and investment is like in the deep freeze now, and it might look, have lived differently if it had gone through by china doing that. it almost pushed europe to work closely with the united states looking for if they rang whatever the you and the united states do. china is going to continue to grow, at least in the, in the short term. when you see the chinese economy in 10 years, is that going to be the dominant super power? that's a really good question. what most economists are looking at will tend to be able to
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avoid the middle income trap. yes, they have grown dramatically over the last 3 decades, which is something i think everyone is very, very impressed by. and that was pretty much because the chinese communist party got out of the way we saw things. so pings reforms starting in 1978, you know the hard work and the innovation of the chinese people help them move them up the ladder. so now we're seeing kind of fell your of reforms. we've seen sheet and ping try to make these reforms, but he's gotten too much push back from the public. so this is a key issue for him. and if he doesn't tweak the economy and in implement these reforms, he's maybe got 2 or 3 years at the most to get the through. so he's also facing another challenge politically because he should be coming to the end of his term, which is supposed to be 10 years. but he is going to try to say empower so i think he has to keep the economy humming and will be far more difficult for him to make
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performs and finally to date of speech. and i can say that the big strategies really are more domestic. she jim ping as far as keeping the chinese people on side and also extending his term. whereas time i'm afraid. but thank you for joining us . theresa fallon from the center of russia europe asia studies. thank and finally, just under 10000 lines of code, not much to read, but they revolutionize the world. and the original source code for the world wide web has just sold $5400000.00 in an online auction of facilities. incredible to think, but the code was written by event of tim berners lee just over 30 years ago in 1990 . been as lee has now sold the code as a non fungible token no f t. that's the kind of digital assets that can't be replicated. the internet, of course, hasn't been sold, it can still be used, as usual, it will go to anywhere else on the planet. so that was
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a reminder of our top story. this are now $130.00 countries have agreed to a global minimum tax on corporations, experts they, the reforms could raise an extra $150000000000.00 in taxes globally. each year of 9 countries, including ireland and hungry refuse to sign up for me on the dw business team in berlin for more, do have to our website dot com slash business. you can also find us on facebook as we started watching. if i choose enter the conflict with tim sebastian americas, secretary of state, one's in a blinker was in craig last week. his name is lisa offer words and comfort zone. support for the country after washington mass in huge numbers close to it's laura, my guess is really cranes foreign ministers in nature. what did he get out of the
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business? and what was the conflict? on d. w to the point and strong opinion, clear positions, international perspective. on the one hand, there's inclusion and pride on the exclusion and bio issue surrounding the l g. b t q, community on the political agenda. so local civil and how can we create of divers future find out on to the point to the point dw, ah, cruise, the jewish
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life went through the producer of his own and journalist. these are exploring, delving into history and the present. nice to i would never have thought that to be live. so it's probably, it's julie, she, europe, the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on d w. this is our lives. we will be defending it if they had cross that border. what do you think the west would have done for you? our additional system is in bad shape. america, secretary of state, anthony lincoln, was in your crime last week with the family to offer words of comfort and support for the country. after rushing, she said, massed in huge numbers close to the border. my guess this week is ukraine's foreign
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minister demetrius who lay about. what did he get out of the visit? and what was he asked to give? the meet your welcome to contact zone. good afternoon, the us secretary of state was visiting last week and said he stand strongly with your country. what do you understand that to mean standing strongly with you? that means the political, me and military and the reforms support for you. great. we count on our partnership with the united states as much as we count on the partnership with the european union. and it's key capital's, your president was clear that he wanted more than that
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a few days before blinking to arrive. t posted a tweet, calling for a clear signal about the european and euro atlantic prospect. in other words, a clear signal about your big membership, the you and nato. did you get that clear signal? well, both for perspective, your atlantic and european membership are long over you. and i would like to recall that, for example, when it comes to nato, the promise was given by allies in 2008 summit. so we've been, it's been 13 years now and my president, to reiterate the ambition to achieve that. we have not heard affirmative positive response yet, but this is, you know, we aspirants, we are seeking membership so we will keep pushing the story forward. so you didn't get what you wanted to sell in effect. mister blink. and just bought
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a basket of fine words and that was it? no, it would be not entirely correct mister blinking was there is nothing to lead to it. well, he did not bring with himself a promise that ukraine will become a member of nita this year or next year. but he reaffirmed that the united states stand by the decision of 2008, where it says clearly ukraine and georgia because it applies to both countries, will be members of nato. and we will be working with our friends and partners or maturing this goal. but the problem is without a time table, it's meaningless, isn't it? well, what we need, we currently have a time table which is called national ano program of cooperation between the ukraine and nita. it is structured very much along the pattern of the membership
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action plan. but what we do need to, and i can agree with you here, is a clear timeline of granting ukraine membership action plan. and what will follow after that, this is the next step, you know, integration with their lines. how far did you get with your shopping list? because you are known to be looking for enhanced anti drone and anti aircraft capabilities. you also want the patriot missile? is washington going to meet those requests? while we did submit to the united states list of the most urgent needs for ukrainian army, some of the items on the list, i'm more easier to get some more difficult. we did not expect to get everything at a time, but we are making progress on those items on those positions which, which are feasible. and this at this point,
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you say you're making progress so you didn't get any of them. you haven't signed any deals to get them. it's not. it's not fixed. mr. mit and the secretary blinking did not bring an anti sniper complex with him. but know that he will give you one either nor a date. i have no doubt that we will, we will receive a number of items from our list. this does not require a reiteration. it's a meant a matter of cooperation of certain technicality is, but i have no doubt that we will give them this delay. but let's talk if we may about the frozen law in the eastern part of your country. if we can talk about it that way, there's been some de escalation intention with moscow. it withdrew many of its troops off to the southern and massive deployment close to your joint border. if they had crossed that border, what do you think the west would have done for you? expressions of condemnation, maybe some sanctions. well 1st,
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there is no withdraw low, adequate to the number of russian troops and military machinery assembled along the border of ukraine and in the occupied territories. what is happening can not be called. it was drove. all russian forces largely stay where they are. what has changed is a drop in military for x. this is true, but the threat is still then and you know, in the soviet union, the had to show trials, trials without justice. and now what we observe is a show withdrawal and withdrawal without removal forces and this we should be, we should be, we should remain vigilant on this. when it comes to your 2nd question in this, this is all and this our people, we will defend it. we will fight for it. we do not expect for the troops to arrive and help us. but we do expect from partners to provide ukraine was all the
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assistance they can offer to make us prevail in this struggle for our country. so you're not expecting nato to go to war with you. with russia, you're clear on that to defend you? absolutely, we are not a member of nato yet. and i would like to say again, clearly in squarely this is our land. we will be defending it. but partners can help us to defend our land, and i'm sure that this is what this will be happening when it comes to negotiations . your president has made it clear he no longer thinks the minister to agreement is laid down 6 years ago. is the way forward. is that because not, you know, of the russians know the separatists that actually done what you signed up to do? well, the key demand of russia in means is to recognize
1:38 am
so called a little dance, can donate the people's republic s party to the conflict which will effectively turn an international armed conflict between ukraine and russia into an internal armed conflict between ukraine and separatist. this is the cornerstone of the discussions that are taking place in in means. now my president is saying that our goal number one should be peace and security and lives of people and not the political, political recognitions. and we call on moscow to focus on the say on bringing peace to dumbass. and on making progress on a number of drug decisions which are ready to be adopted. they are pending green light from moscow. moscow can easily give the green light, but the continuous playing this game with the demand to recognize dawn,
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this can little down as part of the conflict. so this is an essence what is happening and means again, this is why we're making steps to ensure a way forward out of the stalemate. the mid stew agreement, as you know, contains political commitments on you. and on the other side, article for a dialog on local elections was supposed to start the day after a heavy weapons were pulled back from the contact line. article 11, the new ukranian constitution should have entered into force by the end of 2015. its key element was to have been the centralization. none of these things happened . did the end, each side blames the other for not fulfilling their side of the bargain? where do you go from here? you are absolutely right. this is, this is the word, the word by word russian narrative about means when moscow a meet the fact that item paragraph,
1:40 am
one of means is security. first you stop shooting. and then you proceed to political settlement. ukraine spared the no effort and made a number of painful concessions to ensure a safe fire. unfortunately, the she's fire has been violated on the systemic basis and more and more and many korean soldiers had been killed. i would like to assure you that we are absolutely committed to moving along the political part of the, of the main screen of the misc agreements. you really think you to defer, you think you get those through your parliament, those political aspects of them. it's do agreement. well, if we see, if we see that russia is not killing our soldiers is withdrawing it's heavy machine that have a military machinery from ukraine and that it's a bytes by security provisions. this will give us an additional argument in the
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parliament to convince that this is the road to the 2 piece. this is the road to settlement, and this is what my parliament once. but we will never accept any russian idea of federal zation of ukraine. because in, in this country we have a very advanced reform of decentralization. and by the way, i would like to thank the government of germany in helping us with this reform to really empower communities on the ground and to give them more right, rights and when shirts in the region. so don't ask and ask parts of ukraine, which are currently occupied by russia, the return to ukraine. they will enjoy all those vast possibilities for development and prosperity. yeah, but why does your president say he's not going to talk to them? russia says, talk to the separatists, your president refuses. i'm curious as to why he refuses because the people and then that's going to look at castille ukrainian citizens all day. why is your president refusing to talk to you graham's? if he won 5 area back under his control,
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my president will talk to legitimately elected ukrainians. in the currently occupied parts of dawn, it's going to move on. we will not talk to holder so fresh and passwords who vigorously in duly implement. only instructions coming from moscow the we should not mix these 2 categories of when we hold elections as provided by the means. agreements when there are legitimately elected representatives, they will be become part of the political system and we will talk to them. but today, the only party that makes decisions and instruct people on the ground, how to act is moscow. it's not the so called separatist, yes, but this process is going nowhere, isn't it? and the fact is that your out of ideas for how to pursue it, something that the president's chief of staff actually admitted at the end of last
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month and a year mark on television, he said it's necessary to continue working in all directions and it all formats because in the end, we don't know what format will bring peace to our land. 7 years after the seizure of crimea, that's an extraordinary admission of both failure and despair. isn't it? you don't know how to continue. there is no fate. neither failure no despair in key if we have not little while we are upset with the behavior of moscow with its unwillingness to play constructively into reciprocate. sincere willingness of ukraine and of germany and france to put an end to the war in don't us when it comes to crimea, we launched, we came up with a very good idea of a crimea platform. and they say, dia, this initiative is gathering more and more international support. so now we are not
1:44 am
running out of ideas. but unfortunately, russia has adopted a very, very unhelpful tactics of simply downplaying every, any idea that they did not like or ignoring them. but we will keep trying because as i said, just a couple of minutes before this is when we cannot sit down with our and lay down our hands. we have to come up. we have with new ideas, we have to be creative and we will be doing that. this is all lent and it may take some time. but in the end we will succeed. the fact is that your president was elected 2 years ago on a promise to end the war in the dumbass region. he didn't do it even blame the continuing conflict on his predecessor, president bar shanda saying it wasn't russian aggression. that was the problem. it was the ukrainian side being unreasonable that came back to bite him as well, didn't that in effect, he's over promised and delivered. the biggest send the politician can commit,
1:45 am
isn't it? while my president still has a couple of years in office to deliver on that and to before the end of his 1st or the 2nd point is that in just 1st year of his presidency, there were some very good achievements in our relations with russia. and they were promising, for example, the exchange of prisoners, including the return of the famous director or all x. and so who was a political prisoner in russia? russia during the, our vessels captured advocare straight. so there was a good period. now, there is the beth period, but it doesn't mean that we will not find a solution that will bring back the good period and we will find we will settle the conflict without crossing our red lines. miss clay, but it's clear that if you want more help from washington and the west, you're going to have to do more to deal with the rampant political corruption in
1:46 am
your country onto the state department says that's key to securing ukraine's democratic institutions. it's economic cross.


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