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tv   Pakistan  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2021 10:30pm-11:15pm CEST

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when young people clearly have the solution, the future loans the 77 percent. now, every weekend on the w an ancient chinese proverb says, if i say that a deer is a horse and if you agree you deserve to be deceived. for the past 50 years, the u. s. in europe invested in the growing chinese middle class, expecting a dividend of democracy. it never happened. instead, trying to is mailed the world's 2nd largest economy and it's acting more and more like a superpower today, and celebrated the 100th birthday of its communist party. and that democratic course, the west wanted to see. it remains what it has always been a dear,
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a communist, dear. i bring gulf and berlin. this is the day the army we chinese are people who are posed just this and we are not intimidated. i prefer to force what we have never bullied oppressed or enslaved the people of any of the country. the chinese people will never allow any phone forth to bully, suppress, subjugated. long lives the greatest, glorious and to really chinese people. me
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also coming up search and rescue crews at that collapse condo high rise near miami, had to stop their work today, fearing the remaining parts could give way. it came as us president biden arrived, promising more aid where no room you all because through as well as could be a lot of pain and suffering. and even the st. logical, helpless in the days and months that fall to our viewers on p b. s. in the united states into all of you around the world, welcome. we begin the day with china is warning to the world that we will not be bullied. chinese president, she's in pain marked the chinese communist party is 100 birthday today with 2 messages. one for the chinese people, the other for the rest of the world,
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especially the u. s. in europe to his compatriots, president, she spoke in superlatives. the chinese communist party is the largest political party in the world. it started with 12 members in 1921 expanded by 20 percent every year to its present 92000000 members who control 1400000000 people. she's in thing delivered his address from tiana min square. the irony last on a generation that has been denied the truth about its own history. president, she said nothing about the 1989 to get them in square massacre of students who dared to demand democratic reform. and for the world president, she issued a warning that his country will not be bullied. and that any foreign powers attempting to do so we'll run into a wall of steel. we have this report tonight. the it was a spectacle designed to impress,
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showing off the parties dominance gentlemen square was packed with $70000.00 handpicked spectators. putting on a show of patry arctic fervor, the cannons wrought $100.00 times. once the chinese communist parties existence did on the streets of paging, loyalists gathered to enjoy what they could see of the celebrations of it's been 100 years since the party was founded. it is under 30 china has developed and people's lives have got better. of course i'm happy that there was a good i was echoing the message of president she'd been paying perhaps the parties most powerful leaders since it's 5 miles. i don't standing above my portrait and dressed in a suit to him and listened to the chem and she praised the ccp for lifting the
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chinese people just poverty. he hailed what he called the countries irreversible rise from humiliation to global dominance. and he delivered a message of defiance to foreign powers, stronger than me. people will never allow any foreign force to bully, subjugated. save money, one who does try that will have the heads passive in front of the great wall of steel foods. with the flesh and blood of over 1400000000 chinese people hung up poll portia. they all think his language was perhaps chosen with a domestic audience in mind. but she backed up his warning with a pledge to beast, china's military mice, and a promise to bring south governing, tie one under china's control. a vision of an assertive china impervious to western
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criticism, and uncompromising on strategic goals. i'm joined now by sarah cook. she's the research director for china, taiwan in hong kong in freedom house. that's a washington based in geo. it's going to have you on the program. ms. cook, this massive spectacle on tiana mon square knowing what happens there in 1989. what does this tell us about the power of the communist party to totally control the narrative? i think it says a lot about aspirations of the part of the control, the narrative and control chinese people. because i think a lot of the political feeder is also to demonstrate that, you know, whether you would want to salute the party or not the party can make you do that. and i think one of the things we see on social media, we're obviously on tenements. where is the level of censorship and control and full
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mentation, an amplification of nationalistic narrative, like what the party would like, but very fierce depression. of anybody trying to remember? well, the alternative and very bloody history of the chinese communist party in china. do you think people standing on that square today? people born after 989? do you think many of them are even aware of the massacre that happened there? i think a lot of them are not. i mean, i think the thing to keep in mind in terms of the people on the square is that they were hand. and i imagine a lot of them are members of the communist youth league or other what have been, you know, particularly protected from, you know, uncensored information. but i think generally you do see situations where a lot of young people in china are not aware. and even chinese students who come here, i know students and people arrived and learned about, and to be honest, when they learned about it, they're really changed to how they think about china hardy. and that's exactly what the ccp doesn't want people doing, which is why it hides that, that,
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that one piece of really all of the history of the party in china. so fiercely and guard this the years. we heard president, she's paying today, deliver a very strong warning to the rest of the world. don't bully us or you'll bash your head and get it bloody. i mean, should the world fear this? china that is acting more and more like a super power? well, i mean, i think the question of how china is acting if this is the, you know, the way to act as a superpower is a question. right? because i think a lot of people would have hope for more responsible stakeholder. and i think that actually fall into a line, you know, ensure that agreement made for example, about hong kong or actually followed. but i think here what is signaling is the level of aggressiveness. and i think the issue in china is that you don't look but these all of the palm is actually one. 2 of the security and what the login really
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struck me as the parent of a young child was like, listen to the party, appreciate the party, follow the party. you know, that's not something you have to tell people if they're actually doing those things . and i think that's just one example along others where you see that, you know, even though she's consolidate power so much, there are people, even in the party that are not really satisfied with the direction you can china, because of domestic progression because of aggressiveness, internationally. and so there is an insecurity, but to be honest, we've seen this with other authoritarian regime. that insecurity can translate into really dangerous military aggression. and so i think when we see this kind of militaristic language according to the, the v, taiwan, which i think is also a key audience for, you know, in terms of that particular statement and warning. also, you know, it's not only coming from a position of strength, it's also, i think, coming from position up in security and needing to nationalism to short the legitimacy of the chinese congress already within. yeah, and it will be interesting to see if taiwan indeed becomes the newest and long
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lasting flash point between china and the us. we will see sarah cook from freedom house. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. my pleasure will still come on the day a u. k. royal birthday, forever bound to the tragedy of a young death and questions of what could have been today the late princess diana would have turned 60. there's never been any one like before and there's never been anyone like her since. and i think people are fascinated with the enigma of this woman. who was she? what made her take? what made her do the thing she did? and also, when someone leaves the unhappy life on the public stage, i think they that is an extraordinary thing as well. the surgeon rescue crews the top. the rubble of that collapsed condo building,
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your miami were forced to pause their work. today. engineers say that the ruins could collapse even more. today you as president, joe biden was in florida, and he met with those crews who have risked their own lives, trying to find survivors. he then held a closed door meeting with the families of the victims and those still missing. here's what the president had to say. i just got back for 12 days. they wonder whether we can do this. you're doing, i mean, just simple. of everybody doing whatever needs to be done, tell me what you need. and that goes for both the senators congresswoman, anyone florida is to pick up the phone real. i'm not joking. reassuring words they're from the us president. let's go to our correspondent now. oliver's, how are you standing by for is in sort of side, florida. getting me to you. oliver president biden. he really had a delicate balancing act today. did me. that's right,
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brand. we're going to put it that way. this hours long meeting with the families that he just finished behind closed doors, where he on the one hand had to express his sympathies, but then also find some rather encouraging words. perhaps because many of those family members still have hope that some of the relative, some of their loved ones are buried alive under the rubble of course. and all that wish and hope was reinforced today, when we heard reports of the fire department rescue worker said they heard the voice of a woman under the robber. they could not find her initial leave. that was then confirmed by the miami dade fire rescue chief. so everyone who's missing a female relative of course, now putting his or her hopes up desperately hoping for a miracle here in surfside. you know, we know that people don't want to give up hope, but it is looking increasingly unlikely that anyone will be found alive isn't
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well, the last survivor brand was found in the early hours after the building came down on thursday. so a week ago and of course, rescue workers have been reiterating that it is becoming more and more unlikely with each passing day. and adding to that the rescue operation had to be paused earlier today. there's fear of a further collapse of the still remaining structure of another tall or they are that has been moving by several centimeters today. so there's a lot of pressure on the rescue workers on the families on the residence as well. they told us, when we were filming, therefore, our report how frustrated they are. especially in all the reports, emerged about the existing damages off the champlain tower. and that of course raises many questions, and here's our report from sort of size. it's hard to think about anything else for diana, a winner. every time she takes the dog out, she passes by the collapse chimplan tower. us and survived. but hopes of finding
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more people alive or fading. she believes the tragedy could have been avoided. i feel sad. i feel sad that people didn't really step up and say, it's time we need to, we need to pay attention to this and do what we need to do. it's too many lives and probably been lost. as a result of it. for days, hundreds of firefighters were picking through the rubble. the rescue operation is now halted as expanding cracks in other instabilities in the structure post danger to their lives. digging was already slow because of the risk of further collapses for workers. emotion are another obstacle. it's very sad the times that i've been going up on the pile and you find strollers in baby bottles.
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it just brings a sense of reality to you know, it's very touching because i have, i have kids, myself, a 2018 inspection warrant structural damages to the building. the focus is now on similar, high rises in the county, 40 years, and older inspectors are now checking 40 other high rise buildings for damages, a large effort that could still be enough if the owners don't have enough money to get the necessary works done in case of the template towers and necessary repairs could have cost $100000.00 u. s. dollars per unit. darrow arnold, who lives opposite the champlin tower, is believe something has to change. he has his own theory on why the building was and repaired, despite the findings of structural damage. what happened in this case is the city official inspector said that there was nothing to worry about imminently. and people breath breathed probably
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a sigh of relief because they didn't want to find the money to deal with the problem. i assume that's going to change in light of this incident and you're going to have much more care and caution going forward. much healing is needed in surfside florida, but for now, the beach community is reeling from this historic tragedy. oliver, have we learned any more about the possible cause of this building collapsing? brenda, initially it looked like this building came down with no warning, just like that in the middle of the night over the last days. however, we're seeing as someone dramatic different picture, really, especially if we look at the 2018 inspection, those reports, they're saying the structural damage of the building was known. and then we also learned a few days ago that the president of the condominium association wrote to its
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owners in a letter about the significance, a deterioration of the conditions there. he said that $15000000.00 us dollars are needed to repair the building. and now if you look at the situation, there's a lot of senior citizens living in those condominiums and might not have this money as you heard in the report up to $100000.00 per unit. the city inspector had a different account also. he thought it was less urgent and that's probably what the owners went with. so it looks plowed laudable, certainly. but we have to see what the final investigation will say, and that will take several months from now. and what about this concern is that other buildings in the area may be at risk of collapsing? i mean, how widespread is that for you? certainly some conservative you speak to people who are on the street, the many that live in similar buildings to tell you that they they haven't, they don't have a good feeling right now. of course, there are many older buildings on that title on the east coast of the us, and many of them are checked right now are inspected. 40 of them just in this
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county where we are. the problem is that we've learned, we've learned that lesson from, from surf side is knowing the damages of a building doesn't necessarily mean that they're being fixed in the hopes that many people have right now is that some legal action will follow. i spoke to a board member of another condominium building and she told me that they should force owners to sell their apartments if they can't afford the repairs, which would certainly be a very tough measure. but perhaps one to avoid a situation like we've seen here and sort of drastic for sure. you w. oliver's now in surfside, florida. tonight oliver, thank you. the trouble organisation and its long time chief financial officer today pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges. new york prosecutors are accusing truck organization, cfo alan wizell burg, personally, avoiding taxes on $1700000.00 of income drums company allegedly ran a quote,
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sweeping and all dasia scheme to keep executive pay off. the books are, these are the 1st criminal charges filed against the trump organization. the former us president himself is not facing charges. at this time, the britney spears was only 16 years old when she released that smash hit the baby one more time as her as the hardest amount of the pump use. it. 20 years later, a court in the united states has denied the request by the senior to remove her father from a guardianship arrangement. that gives him control of her fair fears, testified just last week, that she has been abused under the arrangement and another storm making
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news, things to the court us. comedian bill cosby was released yesterday from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction for sexual assault. the court ruled that a prior deal with a prosecutor bard cause b from being charged. the former comedian was convicted in jail in 2018 for drugging in sexually assaulting a woman at his estates are k. j. matthews is an entertainment journalist following these stories for us. she joins me from los angeles. good evening to you. k j has been a busy week. the world sees bill cosby go free and many say if he had not been a celebrity, there would have been no deal and he would still be in prison. you know, that's a fair statement. that's a very fair statement. and a lot of people here in the u. s. have been saying the same thing or saying it quietly, so to speak. you know, bill cosby is rich bill cosby is famous. bill cosby has the money is
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a multi millionaire to hire a big team of attorneys. they can fit through this appeal process. you know, from the moment that he was found guilty about 2 to 3 years ago, he's had a team of attorneys that have been filing various paperwork to try to get him out of prison on appeal. so he's have the right team with the right lawyers doing all that. however, many people have said if he was another person of color, possibly black implored the u. s. he would really be under the thumb of a public defender where their funds come from taxpayer. so he wouldn't have the best legal defense. so yes, there probably are many people in this country who has had deals thrown at them from various district attorneys, and maybe what to, to present or with the jail. and just simply didn't have the resources to fight it . so that is a fair assessment. let me ask you about the judge's decision not to revoke the conservative ship of brittany spears. do we know why the court said no?
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you know, it was very weird. li word it, but to the best of my knowledge, it sounds like what the judge was saying is that he's feel is concerned about britney spears being acceptable to fraud and being taken advantage of financially. and because of that, at this point, he would like to, or the she, the judge would like to keep brittany spears father attached to this financial conservative shift to make sure that he's not taken advantage. said people are over spending most of her money and that things are still going steadily the way they have been for the last decade. for now. now the judge still hasn't made his final decision as to whether or not this conservatorship will in, in the near future. that will only come after brittany spears attorney officially file a resolution to in this conservative ship, which she has not done yet. and then of course, the judge would have to make a ruling on that. so that will come a couple months down the line. you know,
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we talked about this last week wondering if we really know all sides of the story. and apparently, there is much more that is not public much more maybe that britney spears has not disclosed. yes, yes. i mean, apparently we're hearing that she actually has been trying to in the servitor ship for years. i think people thought last week when they heard or was her 1st time coming forward saying i want out of this, but she's actually been fighting back and been wanting to get out of this conservatorship for years. and that there are a number of reasons she gave us 25 minutes last week of why she was very angry and why she was unhappy and why she wanted to conservatorship to in. but that's not everything. we still don't know a lot about her mental health. we know that at one point she was forced to get on, lithium and lithium is usually to use to treat a lot of disorders like bipolar disorders, depression mania. but we still don't know exactly what she's been diagnosed with and what she's currently on and why whatever she is on or taking in addition to
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therapy, would not be enough to send her on the road to recovery and possibly in the conservatorship at some point. so there are so many questions that are still to be answered, that we don't know everything just yet. yeah, that's true. that's very true. matthews in los angeles is always k j. it's good to talk with you. we appreciate the insights. thank you. thank you. the the prince, william and prince harry have been billed a statue of their late mother, diana. it was killed in a car crash in paris in 1997. the ceremony held in the gardens of kensington palace, briefly re uniting the 2 brothers who were at odds over allegations of racism within the royal family. today would have been diana's 60th birthday. we can say with certainty denied that she would not
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have been happy over her son's being a strange from each other. her love for them was undeniable. one can only wonder what her sons would be like today what the royals would be like today. what would the princess die be like today? had she lived? one can only wonder. well, the day is almost done. the can conversation if continues online. you can find this on twitter either w news or you can follow me at brent golf tv. and remember, whatever happens between now and then, tomorrow is another day. we'll see you then everybody. ah, the news news
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the news me because you isn't in this small. oh, no, no, no. the
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the news . this is the w news wire from berlin. tonight, rescue teams at the collapsed condo building near miami. stop their work hearing what's left of the structure could come down to it comes as president biden arrived in florida to david hill, rescuers. how much he appreciates their work and to meet with family members of the dead and missing a 145. people are still and accounted for. also coming up, shined. it will not be bullied again. a warning from president she's in pain of the country, celebrates the 100 birthdate of its communist party. she says, trying as rise is now reversible. and remembering diana,
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princess william and harry put aside their differences to unveil a statue of their late mother on what would have been, for instance, in 16 birthday? ah, i'm bring golf, it's good to have you with us. work has been halted at the sight of that collapse, department high rise in surfside, florida, amid fears that parts of the building still standing could give way. us president joe biden is in surfside tonight where he has just been speaking about the disaster and the recovery operation. he met earlier with 1st responders and thank them for their work and he held a closed door meeting with the families of the victims. they confirmed death toll has risen to 18 with as many as 145 and accounted for no survival have been
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found since last thursday. but he w oliver cell is in surfside forest. could he be to you, oliver? so president biden, they are in surfside or what has been the response to his visit? well, it was a very emotional meeting. we here hours several hours long behind closed doors with the family members were present, but really had this balancing act of expressing his sympathies. but then also finding some encouraging words, and he essentially offered all kinds of support on the federal level. evolved to come through bureaucracy, as he said, also offered some extended design for family members of the big of the victims. there are many former owners in that condominium from latin america also he announced to deploy a fema at the federal emergency agency here in the us to provide shelter for the
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survivors of this tragedy. so we hear a lot of people are thankful for his visit. others not so much because they say that his visits might potentially slow down the rescue process. that has been very slow in days. is there oliver? is there any hope that these missing residents that anyone will still be found a loss? well, that's exactly the point bro. many still have holds that someone could be buried alive under the rubber we heard earlier today, the rescuers heard the voice of a woman under the rubble took not found her. find her initially, the miami dade fire rescue chief confirms that report. so every one of course is missing a family relative now desperately is hoping for a miracle to help. what more do we know oliver about the situation at the site right now? right now the rescue operation has been pause. there is a fear that the tower and the remaining structures could collapse. we hear that the
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part of the structure was moving by several centimeters today. other than that, of course, during the last days, the rescue operation was continuing throughout 24 hours a day because as long as there's theoretical possibility of course, rescue worker are trying to extremely careful, go through the rubble and hope to find someone caught in one of the voids underneath the structure and beyond this complex oliver, how widespread is the concern that other buildings are also at risk of collapse? well the certainly is a lot of concern of you speak to people here on the street that live in similar buildings. they don't sleep well at night. they told us there are several older buildings of that time along the east coast are all being investigated and checked right now. we know, of course, from what has happened and saw that knowing the damages of a building doesn't necessarily mean they're being fixed. many people are hoping for
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some legal action, therefore to follow ok. d, w. 's oliver sell it with the latest tonight from surf side, florida. oliver, thank you. defiant words and a warning from the chinese president. she's paying celebrations, marking the 100 anniversary of the countries communist party speaking in t. m, and square. and he called for taiwan to be brought back under chinese control. and he said china will not be intimidated by threats from abroad. observer. see his comments as a warning to western countries that have criticize beijing for both it's human rights abuses. and it's correct down on hong kong. the, it was a spectacle designed to impress, showing off the parties dominance. gentlemen square was packed with 70000 hand pick spectators. putting on a show of patry arctic fervor, the cannons
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roared $100.00 times. once a year, the chinese communist parties existence you see on the streets of beijing lawyer the gathered to enjoy what they could see of the celebrations. it's been 100 years since the party was founded. it is under 30. china has developed and people's lives have got better. of course i'm happy that there was a good word, echoing the message of president. she didn't ping, perhaps the party's most powerful leader, since it's found my dog. standing above my portrait and dressed in a suit to him and listened to the chairman, she praised the ccp for lifting the chinese people out of poverty. he hailed what he called the countries irreversible right from humiliation to global dominance. and he delivered a message of defiance to foreign powers. stronger than me. people will never
11:07 pm
allow any foreign force to bully, subjugated, save the one who try that will have their heads fasted in front of the great wall of steel foods with the flesh and blood of over 1400000000 chinese people hung the whole part, you know, they all his language was perhaps chosen with a domestic audience in mind. but she backed up his warning with a pledge to beast, china's military might. and the promise to bring south governing, tie one under china's control. a vision of an assertive china impervious to western criticism and uncompromising on strategic goals. and he's looking out some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. protesters have taken to the streets of stem bull after turkey formerly
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withdrew from a un convention aimed at protecting women and girls from abuse. president are the ones government side and it's concerned that the law is being used to quote, normal lines. homosexuality. white groups is a turkey withdraw from the convention is unwholesome. a fast moving wildfire has destroyed more than 90 percent of the town that recorded canada as all time record high temperature this week. the mountain town of little in british columbia reached 49.6 degrees celsius on tuesday. the flames have forced the entire towns population to evacuate. authorities in the philippines are on high alert for a full blown eruption after an explosion. at a small volcano, you're the capital manila, the tall volcano. in baton gast province belch, they plume of steam and ash into the sky on thursday, forcing thousands of local residence to evacuate. the european union has launched
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its digital cobra, 1900 certificate aimed at easing travel across europe. it links up the various existing cobra, 1900 apps approved by each country, as well as vaccination details. it can store test results and evidence that you recovered from co british royal sprints is william and harry have appeared in public today to unveil a statue of their late mother. princess diana was killed in a high speed car crash in paris in 1997. a relations between your sons have been strained in recent months after prince harry and his wife megan made allegations of racism about the royal family. but at kensington palace in london, the brothers seemed to put their differences aside, as they led tributes to a woman dubbed the people's princes. unfailing a statue to their late mother. prince william and
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prince harry brought together on what would have been princess diana's 60th birthday in the sunken garden at london's kensington palace. a spot diana was sent to love when she lived here. now has sons have put aside their differences to ensure she has a permanent place here? this statue i think, can clearly be taken as a sign of her son's twin commitment to their mother and what she stands for. and i think in the light of that we, we can hope they would want this event to have some meaning. and what better meaning could it have been for the 2 of them to start moving towards some sort of reconciliation. the lady diana spencer was 20 years old when she married
11:11 pm
prince charles in 1981. and what appeared to be a fairy tale romance the relationship was anything but they put on a brave face, but by 1992 they had publicly separated. 5 years later, disaster struck princess diana was killed in a car crash in paris. her death shocked the world. prince william was 15 years old. harry, just 12 although the siblings were close, their relationship has struggled in recent years. and the 2 have barely been on speaking terms. prince harry and his wife, the former hollywood actress mega marco, have now left the u. k. and their royal duties for california.
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but for one day, at least, these brothers have been re united as they remembered the mother, they both say they still mess every day. the in tennis american cocoa golf has advanced the 3rd round of wimbleton. after a spirited victory over alina bess, nina, 17 year old golf, at the top of your screen, dispatched an opponent twice her age in st. golf and was the best. her electrifying 2019 run to the 4th round, but we'll have to beach levine calling to you then to get the soccer now in the off season, transfer window officially open today. a number of big moves have been made. official parisha dormant introduce their new coach marco rosa, who will have to cope with the instant set back at the club simultaneously. selling off superstar jayden santa head coach marco rosa has finalized his big bounce up
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from bruce. you mentioned. glad back to bruce. he adornment celebrated as one of the most exciting coaching talents, wrote the note to have to be at his best to succeed at this new gig on your course isn't expectations here are very high just like in class. but if a player coach comes to bruce, jo dormant, they know how serious things are from. what's about fighting at the top of the table and battling for titles like winning the cup last season as lead to shot and dimple cause of shaft up and a frozen wants to build on dartmouth his german cup victory. last season, he'll have to do it without one of his new clubs. best players. norman confirmed jayden santo has been sold to premier league giant manchester, united with 21 year old blossomed into one of the bonus leaders, most exhilarating attackers in his 40 years at dormant,
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dodging an incredible 50 goals and 64. in 137 appearances. the england international will join manchester, united for a reported 85000000 euros, or dorman would have preferred not to sell him. central has long been looking to return to the premier league after coming up to the manchester city. youth ranks that nothing. fantastic thought it not on her, never kayden was always very professional, and he was really excellent for us late last season. so for basket, we're not happy about the money. the instead we're sad, he's leaving that because at the very least market rosa will have plenty to invest in his new squad as he prepares for the bonus league campaign. even with santa leaving pressure is high. and his reminder of the top stories that we're following for you, you as president joe biden is important to think 1st responders and to comfort families of people killed are still missing in the rubble of a beach front apartment building rescue reference and beside the partially
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collapsed condo were halted a short while ago due to concerns about the stability of the remaining structure. watching the w news, rob watts, will have just w business news for your next to around. he will be right back to the news . i understand that that's hard and in the end, if you are not allowed to see any more, we will send you back. are you familiar with what's.


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