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by these dozens and dozens of women that came forward to the crushing it, this conviction has re ignited debate over the ability to hold a fair trial amid intense public pressure and the efficacy of the me to movement and holding powerful men to account. that's if you're up to date, we'll have more world news at the top of the our bread gulf with robots, we'll have your business update next, a decades. who's willing to go beyond deals? yes. as we take on the world,
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we're all about a story that matter. to us by policemen we are here is actually on fire made for mines the law, the from impoverished state to a global superpower, as the ruling communist party, celebrated 100 anniversary. we'll look at china's economic success. building crypto currency has less more people to seek that fortune mining fits coined. we report from argentine and europe in love,
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volley and mangos will meet the growers. make sure there are enough to go around the book and date of business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. the chinese communist party is celebration. it's 100 anniversary during the past century and in particular the last 4 decades the party has reshaped the chinese economy and turned it into today's asian powerhouse. so how's it done? it well back in 1978. china was an impoverished peasant state, so the communist party and the dang shopping decided to bring in a rural reform to increase agricultural production, reduce poverty. later on, the chinese leadership established by special economic zones to attract foreign companies grant state owned enterprises. more freedom, china quickly became the factory of the world, facing then gave a massive boost to the construction sector, building roads, bridges, housing officers and rail. today the economy of the world's most populous country
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is still growing, not even the financial crisis, nor the coven 19 pandemic have put a stop to it. john has been increasing its global influence. indeed, with investment in developing countries, africa has been a key battleground for that. so let's speak to jeremy gaines who is a business development consultancies based in the niger and capital, a boucher, thanks for joining us on t u. business. how would you describe china is influence on the way people do business in africa? i think the influence is predicated by the fact that it's been a win win seemingly china. so it's got a lot of construction contract. i think in 2019 it was something like 46000000000 in algeria, nigeria t t o kim manley, africa who's got infrastructure much needed. but in all of that,
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and despite total loan commitments of i think, $150000000000.00 model that same year there seems to be a lack of transparency in many loans. the contract involved. and that impact heavily on other players trying to come into the market, assuming they will because it means that up against projects where they may not be public 10. where the bank ability projects in question may be debatable and what things like contract premises on to know that general lack of transparency illustrated by railway project nigeria, the, the labels, the relationship between africa and china such now that african nations actively seeking out chinese investment. they have paid but so the stock to be moved back against that population
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realize putting heavy debt around the next for 30 years. the ball committing their resources to 30 years may not be the best part to go down, but it's up to the country, perhaps lead by biting now, which is initiative to try and count the belton road program. and france, in particular, under my call to drive business into africa, the european germany, united kingdom. what japan says here, the to be hesitant, always citing math correctly. so the law, but they need to actually come to africa to do this. i think done very success. she think europe and the u. s. can compete without road or they left it too late. no, they haven't left it too late because the infrastructure deficit within africa isn't meant. it's a matter of how your struck to those projects. so that the business side project,
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the non government project, primarily because that gets away from the areas where they will be lack of transparency. if the west is prepared to try and go that they can of course, become a major player in africa today. they'd like to do one term again. thank you so much for joining us on to to be business. thank. now the you has just introduced a new digital vaccine passport with the name of making travel within the block. easier. the pass takes the form of the queue archives that can be printed out or shown on an app that apples and hotels. it'll be given out free to travelers who have been fully vaccinated with a jap, approved by european regulators. passport is supposed to provide a much needed boost, but tourism businesses. let's get more on that from the financial correspondent, actually conduct the vaccine passport is meant to simplify travel, but airline and airport groups have one that it could actually lead to kiosk and
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longer use at airports. if the member countries do not coordinate its rule out efficiently, they've also called and taught it is to ensure that passenger are processed before they arrive at the airport to see some time. but even if the roll out bad happens smoothly is not going to lead to any major search in tourism. that's because not many people have been fully vaccinated. just the 3rd of their does in the open union have been fully vaccinated as of now. then there are also concerns around the data there in that is going to hold back to list. but it's not all human doom. tourists are going to travel this summer and is not going to be wash out to your like the way the saw in 2020. i still found that celebrity investment in crypto currencies have raised their profile and helped send prices. soaring tech likings must come to this jack dorsey are among those. in fact, the likes of bitcoin,
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the creation of bitcoin. and as mining is an enticing prospect in a country like ours in tina, where the national currency is depreciating rapidly. but there are risks attached people like argentinian alejandro. are hard to trace. he's afraid of the tax authorities. he's one of many who mines crypto currency from home, lupins. i'm going to come when i went in, but as a good investment in argentina because argentine as pain, so a so weak you can't get many dollars for it. and you often have to pay for things and dollars. but we have subsidized electricity in argentina, and here on the capital that makes crypto mining worthwhile and does, as isn't going to holler. but i mean that he, together with a friend on a 100, spent the equivalent of 5000 euros and pesos to buy computer equipment. they'll pay it back in $18.00 installments, interest free. they estimate that the crypto currency, bitcoin more strength, and better than the soft argentinian pay. so despite fluctuations,
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some companies also spend millions mining crypto currencies in the countries colder regions. so they don't have to cool the servers, tierra del f, wayne go and the deep south is especially popular against a background of rapid pace. so devaluation and foreign currency purchasing restrictions, a 1000000 argentinians have bought bitcoin mining and training them almost always happens below tax authorities. radar. last student manuel invests and crypto currencies. i bought a not a can. dina farrah many opportunities in argentina these days. and when you come across one like that, where you can see from a graph that an asset value has shut up 1000 percent for 300 percent inside a year. and then you say, i've got to try that. but a lot of basically it's a form of gambling, isn't it? that's what we call it in our language gambling, it's max of casinos and poker tables, not serious investments. economist and university lecturer ones on arity warns the
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crypto currencies are highly risky. investments don't want to throw currencies are generally highly voluntary. they have no bagging, they have no economic assets behind them or power. he says their scene is prone to financial bubbles. anyone who invest in these bubbles without knowing how they work is taking on a very high risk and stands to lose everything. even those who know the role. these are in the velocity and other is also worn about the phenomenal energy consumption of crypto currency mining. as well as the potential for laundering money from illegal activities. let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. a chief financial officer of donald trump's name, say, company has turned himself into new york, prosecutors and vice oberg and they trump organization are expected to be charged with tax fraud and court late to stay. they would be the 1st criminal charges brought us after a years long investigation and trumps company. the airbag plus group of major oil
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producers is expected to agree to increase output today, oil demand has 30 this year is economy is reopened from pandemic locked downs. that's driven prices above $75.00 a barrel for the 1st time since 2018 a french f o workers have going to 5 days, strike pairs of 2 main apples that protesting against contract changes that they all do will lower the pay and the road. right, strike is expected cause serious flight delays over a busy travelers can somali is one of the biggest mango supplies for the european market, providing up to 40000 tons of the fruit. each season. only specially planned to variety is are exported to europe. sasha gang can as this report, women in mommy, so baskets of mangoes for just one year. 50. molly's mangoes. he's in last, almost 4 months. $15000.00 farmers belong to a mangle. industry confederation has planted 5 factors. for him again,
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the plantation when they began the exports. initially we produced a little bit for export and the rest we sold here. now we export all of our production, hired a especially trained team of harvesters. they use a long handled tool with a blade. they catch the fruit that's cut off the branch, the harvesters then let each fruit drip sap on the ground. otherwise it will damage the fruit skin which should be flawless. at the a o. m export companies processing facility fruits are checked for maturity and firmness. the trained staff note all data, so the supply chain can be traced in the mangoes are inspected, washed several times, dried and polished before being packed into 4 kilo boxes. a o. m makes its own packaging this season as seen the worst harvest in
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decades. jenny bull, corny is the a o m processing plants. director fruit flies are our biggest problem now. they punch the skin and obviously we also have a shortage of mangoes this year. molly's mango industry spend some 60000 years a season on export licenses for europe. from all we train farmers and instruct him not to treat their fields in an event of any disease. outside of my life, they have to call us to send them what they need and train them to apply it themselves. customize the shipping documents make every pallet traceable to source olivia by my borrow keeps track of a whims produce on the when the pallets arrive in europe. and there's a problem. we can go back through these papers and find out where the man goes.
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originated was the terrain the very plot from which they were harvested and wants to get along. i did the pallets traveled 24 hours in a refrigerated truck to ivory coast port of b. jon from there europeans can soon enjoy. molly's succulent green gold. now it's time for this man to go. that's it probably need to be a business edition. thanks for joining us. and to check out our website, we dot com slash business and all the sites against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say information and context? the corona virus, not because the 19th next on dw, to the point, strong opinions, clear positions,
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international perspective. on the one hand, there's inclusion and pride on the exclusion hatred and violence issues surrounding the l. g. b t q, community on the political agenda. so low possible. and how can we create divers future and find out on to the point shows the point b, w, in the nurses have been on the front lines of the pandemic since the very beginning. every animal to d were working in a state of very high stress and shown in the psychological tension has gone through the roof. alistair led many paid.


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